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                      Define your own             Optimize
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Manage tasks
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Dr. Know              In Detail                   PC Doctor
Google Chrome,        Zero-ink printing           Troubleshooting
OLED, Beta Versions   mechanism revealed!         USB problems
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Thinking beyond the text ..........................................................4

Create video slideshows ..........................................................8

Optimize your PC .................................................................... 12


Making ringtones online for free!.......................................... 16


Tips & Tricks ...........................................................................18

Create your own functions!....................................................26

Manage tasks efficiently ........................................................32

Create your own animation ....................................................35

Create simulated drives.........................................................38

Manage your Downloads ........................................................42


Dr. Know .................................................................................45

Help! My USB device is not detected! ...................................46

Visual Glossary.......................................................................48

Portable and ink-free printing ...............................................50

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This month’s CHIP Plus has a lot to offer especially on some of the
most prominent and innovative programs. We start off with a feature
story on Windows Movie Maker. Learn how to create a collage of
images and save them as slideshows in different video formats.
   We then continue with a feature story that can help you thwart
and eliminate all windows errors. Keep your system healthy and
error free with the awesome features and tools in TuneUp Utilities
   This months AOG section exhibits a website which can be used to
create or edit your favorite ringtones. We show you how to use the
most helpful tools on this website that can help you compose or edit
your own ringtones absolutely free.
   We move ahead with easy-to-do workshops useful for all types of
users. Simplify the use of Excel by creating your own functions and
then use them when required. If you’re on a tight and busy schedule,
you ought to go through the Windows Vista workshop where we
show you how to manage all your system related tasks efficiently.
   If you’re annoyed with the prompts given by Windows to insert a
CD or DVD every time you start a game or application, turn to page
38 where we show you how to create simulations of your optical
drives and discs by means of images using Fantom CD emulator.
   We furtherm ove on with the Specials section. Get to know the
secrets behind the all new portable and ink-free printer introduced
by ZINK. Get an in-depth view of this awe inspiring mechanism
along with its pros and cons in this month’s InDetail. PC Doc brings
you multiple solutions that can help you troubleshoot all your USB
related problems. And last but not the least, if you’re confused by
computer jargon, refer to the Visual Glossary for an easy initiation to
the world of technology.

FEATURE    APPLICATION                                               4 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | NOVEMBER 2008

                                                                                                                                      Hemali Limbachiya
Thinking beyond the text
With the constant pressure of communicating the right idea through written
words, an appropriate tone is the need of the hour. Among a plethora of free
fonts and system fonts to select from, which one would fit the bill for your
written communications? BY KAMAKSHI VENUGOPAL

                                                                                      Understanding the
          hen it comes to interpersonal      Handwriting analysis reveals
          conversations, body language    one's vibes and mannerisms as               anatomy of a font
          and gestures have an avid       prevalent during the creation of the        While the term typefaces and fonts are
and essential role to play. Although      document. Similarly, the font face,         interchangeable, they are technically
they are complimentary to spoken          style, size, color, underline, and          not the same. A font is a family
words, they construct the mood,           borders determine the essence of your       of characters that follow a single
meaning and context of the content        communication.                              typeface. Hence, fonts can be refered
used.                                        The right font depends on three          to as a single typeface along with every
   In a similar way, the art of           major factors, the target audience,         kind of variation which can be applied
selecting the apt typeface plays an       the matter or text content and the          to it. Thus for example “Calibri” or
equally important role in setting the     anatomy of the font itself. Also one has    “Verdana” qualify as fonts. Fonts with
mood for online, printed or written       to be careful while selecting the font      specifications such as “Calibri, Bold,
communication. As the medium              style and font color. They also have a      pt 10” constitute a typeface. A typeface
changes, so does the usage of relevant    very strong impact on the mood of the       has a set of attributes such as style,
typefaces.                                document.                                   point size, font face etc. Thus typefaces
NOVEMBER 2008 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | 5                                                                 APPLICATION         FEATURE

The baseline is where a line of text rests. X-height is the distance between    Serif fonts have decorative strokes at the beginning and end of alphabets.
baseline and top line of lower case letters.                                    Here they are highlighted for your reference.

provide a more detailed and to the                      for headlines.                                     minor difference. The difference is that
point in description, whereas fonts                     Book Antiqua: Book Antigua is one of               characters appear to be placed closer
cover a much broader ground.                            the cleanest fonts and can to used for             to each other in comparison to Times
   The best way to pick a font depends                  body text for reports spanning multiple            New Roman. Not a smart choice for
on the legibility and the readability of                pages. This typeface is very legible and           high text kerning.
the text. You can choose any font from                  readable with smaller or lower font                Times New Roman: Although many
the three major font-families, namely,                  sizes.                                             argue about the legibility of this
serif fonts, sans-serif fonts or script                 Bookman Old Style: Just like Book                  font, no one can deny the fact that it
fonts. As a general notion, serif fonts                 Antigua, Bookman Old Style is a                    serves as the default selection for
enhance the readability of content in                   very good font for text books and big              older versions of Microsoft products.
print.                                                  reports. Since this font has a round               The text doesn’t go down too well for
   Serif fonts are those fonts which                    look, it is readable and good for                  online communication. But since the
have a short decorative line at the                     numbers or people who are dyslexic.                print medium offers higher resolution,
start or finish of a stroke in a letter.                 Cambria: Cambria is a new font                     it does not appear blurred or hazy.
Sans serif fonts are generally fonts                    available with Windows Vista and                   SANS SERIF FONTS: As described earlier,
used on the web. The word ‘sans’ is                     the Office 2007 package. Cambria                    sans serif fonts depict free flowing
of French origin, meaning, ‘without’.                   has features similar to Times New                  characters. Sans serif fonts are best
Thus, sans-serif fonts do not have a                    Roman, but scores a point over it due              suited for the web, but can be used as
decorative stroke, and have a very                      to better character spacing between                headline fonts for the print medium.
smooth structure.                                       consecutive characters.                            Listed below are the most used sans
   Script fonts are also known as                       Courier New: The Courier comes                     serif fonts available for different
contemporary or decorative fonts and                    under the monospace font family.                   occasions.
offer very little readability or legibility.            It can be used to depict any type                  Arial: Arial is the most classic sans
Such fonts are best used for invitations                of computing codes, technical or                   serif font available. Agreeable with
or greeting cards.                                      other instructions, examples and                   almost any website design, it is also
   Let us look at some of the fonts                     illustrations.                                     used as the default font by most of the
which you can use as an option for your                 Garamond: Garamond is a great                      web browsers.
online communication:                                   font for mail based communications                 Arial Black: Arial Black is a denser
SERIF FONTS: As explained before,                       which need to be eventually printed                version of Arial. It is best suited for
serif fonts have a decorative stroke at                 and stored. Such documents include                 headings and section breaks. Using
the beginning or at the end of a                        memos, circulars, leave notes,                     this font for the body text of your web
character. Serif fonts are best suited                  notices, etc.                                      page may not be a wise decision.
for the print medium, as they tend to                   Georgia: Like Garamond, Georgia                    Calibri: Calibri is a new default font
be abrupt on the screen because of                      is a very ideal font for web-based                 for Windows Vista and the Office 2007
their stroke. Listed below are the                      communication meant to be printed.                 package. Calibri is quite a soothing font
most desirable serif fonts available                    Additionally, it is very clear and is ideal        to be read online. It is quite readable
for different occasions.                                for numbers.                                       even with a negative kerning.
Baskerville: Baskerville is not a                       Minion: Minion is not a system font but            Franklin Gothic Medium: Franklin
system font, but can be downloaded                      can be downloaded from the Internet.               Gothic is a slightly dark font, which can
from the Internet for personal use.                     Although Minion is an extensively used             be used for captions. It is very clear
Although this font is used quiet                        serif font, you need to be careful while           and is ideal for numbers.
extensively, the x-height of the font                   justifying text.                                   Helvetica: This is a very good font
makes it appear a bit hazy. It is                       Times: Times and Times New Roman                   for people with dyslexia or learning
however a good font which can be used                   appear to be similar, but they do have a           disability. A substitute to Arial, this
FEATURE        APPLICATION                                                                6 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | NOVEMBER 2008

Unlike serifs, sans serif fonts are free of any decorative strokes. They are very   Kerning refers to the space between two characters irrespective of the
smooth and hence are used online.                                                   alignment or spaces. It is set as 0, + or - numeric values.

font stretches well without appearing                    improve the aesthetic value of your                   View the font before
disintegrated. It is very clear and is                   images but they offer little or no clarity            finalizing
ideal for numbers.                                       while reading.                                        It is always advisable to identify an
Lucida Sans: A good font which can be                    Stylish fonts: Most of these fonts, also              appropriate font for your text. One
used for headings in your web page,                      referred to as fantasy fonts, are used                way to achieve this is to first type
Lucida Sans appears to be slightly                       in fl ash based greeting cards or post                 text and apply every font available on
larger than other fonts having a similar                 cards. Examples: Forte, Monotype                      your computer. This can be both time
font size. Not advisable for image                       Corsiva, Vivaldi.                                     consuming and wasteful. Instead,
captions.                                                Script book fonts: This font family                   you can use various font viewer
Microsoft Sans Serif: Microsoft Sans                     is best used for children books or                    applications that can make it easy to
serif is an excellent font for body text                 creative work for kids. Examples:                     pick the right font to fit the occasion.
of a web page.                                           Brush Script, Lucida Handwriting,                     Two such applications are “The Font
Tahoma: Tahoma is a complimentary                        Comic sans.                                           Thing” and “Font Viewer”. Let us take a
font for Verdana. Not all systems have                   All Caps Fonts: This font family                      look at these applications in detail.
Tahoma installed, but it can be easily                   displays all characters in upper case,                THE FONT THING: The Font Thing is an
downloaded and installed on your                         irrespective of whether [Caps Lock] is                excellent application to view multiple
computer.                                                on or not.                                            fonts. To make it more effective, you
9Trebuchet MS: This font can be used                     Since all caps text is regarded as                    need to use it in a particular way. Just
for tutorials and explanation based                      abusive and insulting for online                      follow the instructions below.
content. A very effective font for                       communication, avoid using such fonts                     Finalize the fonts that you require.
forums and community websites.                           for body texts. Example: Bremen,                      Decide which font suits your need
10Verdana: A good font for sending                       Algerian.                                             based on the classification listed
mails. The Verdana font was actually                     Drop Cap Fonts: These fonts are                       above.
invented for web based content. An                       perfect for drop cap letters in                           This application is free to
excellent typeface which can be used                     newsletters, novels or story books.                   dowwnload. Visit “http://www.
in any part of your web page.                            The drop cap feature in most of these       
DECORATIVE FONTS: Decorative fonts                       fonts is available only for letters in                d7491.html” and click “Download
are also known as invitation card or                     the upper case. Example: Anglo text,                  Now”. Save the “” file. Unzip the
greeting card fonts. They are used to                    Gothic Flourish.                                      contents and double-click the “Setup.

Notice how characters and numbers appear on particular typefaces. You can           You can view fonts in a selective fashion by clicking on an appropriate sub-
choose a font based on this criteria.                                               category found on the base of the application.
NOVEMBER 2008 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | 7                                                                        APPLICATION        FEATURE

Click the “Multiple” tab to view an array of selected fonts. It is wise to use the      You can change the font color and properties to view how the typefaces can
“Quick Fox” line to ascertain apt typefaces.                                            suit your document.

exe” file to complete the installation.                    also check the character map by
                                                                                                                    PICKING THE BEST FONT
   Click the “TFT” icon to start the                      clicking the “Characters” tab.
application and to view the fonts of                      FONT VIEWER: Although the “Font                              Keep Headline fonts larger than
your choice.                                              Viewer” application is just like the                      the body text, but not larger than 18
   Presuming that the fonts finalized                      previous application, it is easier to load                points.
are decorative in nature, click “None”                    because it provides an all in one view                       Use a maximum of three to four
appearing on the base tray to clear out                   for all fonts and font variation. To use                  fonts in your document, unless your
selected fonts.                                           the application, carry out the following                  requirements are otherwise.
   Next, click the “Multiple” tab                         steps:                                                       It is always safe to use a serif font
on the top to view an array of selected                      Visit “”                     for body text and a sans serif font for
fonts.                                                    and click “Download Now” to download                      headings.
   By default, the text in the text box is                the applictaion.                                             Headline text having a contrast
“The quick brown fox jumps over the                          Double-click the setup file to install                  color makes the document more
lazy dog”. Add the same text in upper                     the application on your computer.                         effective.
case to check how all the alphabets                          In the “Text to Display” textbox, type                    Never use a decorative or script
look.                                                     the text “The quick brown fox jumps                       font for body text in documents or
   Click on all the fonts you need to                     over the lazy dog”.                                       mail communication.
compare by clicking the font name                            Click the “Go” button to view all the                     Colors have a very strong impact
while holding down the [Ctrl] key.                        fonts on your system in the text type                     on how a particular message is
   On the slider below, increase the                      above.                                                    received. Thus, it is safe to use
font size to “11”. This makes it easier to                   Click on a variation to load it in the                 neutral colors like black.
view the text.                                            “Font Selection” panel. You can also                         Try using complimentary fonts.
   Now you can compare and decide                         click the “Save” and subsequently load                    Don't use similar looking typefaces
which font you want to use. You can                       the saved selection to view it later.                     such as two scripts or two sans
                                                                                                                    serifs when using multiple fonts.
                                                                                                                       Either use all caps character for
                                                                                                                    headlines, or make the font face
                                                                                                                    bold. If using all caps, use a sans
                                                                                                                    serif font.
                                                                                                                       Don't type body text in all bold
                                                                                                                    or all caps characters. Don't
                                                                                                                    change the font style very often in
                                                                                                                    your document, unless absolutely
                                                                                                                    necessary. Many users do not prefer
                                                                                                                    italicized text as it reduces text
                                                                                                                    clarity and readability.
                                                                                                                       Make sure the character spacing
You can save selected fonts in a *.fv file. Click “Load” to re-load the saved selection in the application          or "Kerning" is adjusted properly.
window that appears.
FEATURE     APPLICATION                                               8 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | NOVEMBER 2008

                                                                                                                                       Sachin Pandit
Create video slideshows
Even though most people use different versions of Windows, very few have
discovered the presence of a full fledged audio/video editor in their systems.
This little surprise is called Windows Movie Maker and it is available with all
recent Windows. Let's discover some of the most beneficial features provided by
Windows Movie Maker. BY GARETH MANKOO

          indows Movie Maker can be        tips. Using these shortcuts helps you       clicking "View | Collections" or click
          found in "Start | Programs".     save considerable amount of time.           the "Collections" button on the toolbar.
          The software provides               On the left, we have the Preview         Make sure all the media files that
support to multiple audio, video and       Player. This player is capable of           you add to the Collections are of a
image formats. Here we will create a       playing back the clip from the selected     supported format.
brief movie using some images as an        point on the Storyboard. In the heart of
example. On launching Windows Movie        the Movie Maker window lies the most        Importing Media for editing
Maker you will come accross the            essential part, called the "Collections"    To add any media for editing you
various modules of the player.             segment. This includes all the media        need to add it to the Collections list.
   The bottom portion of the player        you have availible for editing. It serves   Only the files that are present in the
comprises of the Storyboard grid           as a basket that can hold all the media     Collections folder can be edited.
which will later accomodate your           content that you wish to edit or add        Click "File | Import into Collections".
audio, image and video files for editing.   to your final movie. If by any chance,       The files will appear in a tiled format
The left panel consists of shortcuts       Windows Media Maker doesn't display         in your Collections list. Clicking on
to different movie editing effects and     these Collections, you can view it by       each of the images displays a preview
NOVEMBER 2008 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | 9                                                                     APPLICATION         FEATURE

Click the “Multiple” tab to view an array of selected fonts. It is wise to use the   The images in the “Collections” folder can be added to the Storyboard by
“Quick Fox” line to ascertain apt typefaces.                                         dragging them to the Timeline section.

of the same in the preview player                         Rather than just flipping over from one               player. Click "Show Timeline" to switch
on the right. Click and drag each of                      image to another, many users prefer a                to the Timeline mode. Drag the slider
the images into the Storyboard. The                       transition effect like Dissolve or Fade              to the start of the file on the Timeline
image files will be enqueued in the                        Out in which the first image fades into               scale and click the "Play" button in the
Moviemaker Storyboard.                                    the second.                                          preview player.
   There are two different viewing                            Transitions are frequently used by               ADDING VIDEO EFFECTS: Besides
modes for editing with Windows Movie                      those who use Microsoft PowerPoint.                  styling up the image transitions in your
Maker namely, Storyboard view and                         The transition, in this case, occurs                 slideshows Windows Movie Maker adds
Timeline view.                                            between slides rather than images.                   another interesting feature that allows
   Click "Show Storyboard" to view the                    Click "Tools | Video Transitions".                   you to set the mood for your slideshows
Storyboard. (Clicking "Show Timeline"                     The different slide transition effects               with the help of some cool effects.
will once again switch the view to the                    offered by Windows Movie Maker are                   These are primarily video effects but
Timeline mode).                                           displayed in a list.                                 can be added to images as well. Select
                                                              Select individual effects that you               an appropriate Video Effect and drag
Add images to the                                         would like to add during the transition              it to the image tiles in the Storyboard.
slideshow                                                 of images. Selecting the right kind                  The little blank boxes at the left bottom
ADDING VIDEO TRANSITIONS: Once                            of transition effect is important and                of the images in the Storyboard will
in the Storyboard mode, the images                        subjective, depending upon what                      now show a blue star. This indicates
will appear as larger tiles with small                    message the image is meant to convey.                that the effect has been applied for that
rectangular boxes in between them.                        The entire effort put into adding these              particular image.
These boxes accomodate various                            transitions between images goes in                       These effects should be selected
transition effects between images.                        vain if the wrong effect is selected.                based on the theme of the image. For
Transition effects cause a patterned                          A preview of the entire clip created             instance: the "Sepia Tone" effect will
flow between two image transitions.                        so far can be viewed in the preview                  suit an image that indicates a memory.

Trainsition effects can be applied to the slideshow by dragging them to the          “Video Effects” can be applied to individual images by dragging them over the
small rectangles that lie between the thumbnails.                                    respective images.
FEATURE        APPLICATION                                                                      10 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | NOVEMBER 2008

Place the mouse pointer at the end of the audio track till it appears as a blue arrow. Click and drag this arrow inward till it is parallel to the end of the list of
enqueued images. The above image displays how the timeline appears before and after cropping the audio file.

The "Ease In" effect comes in handy                        image viewer and pressing the next                          The audio track will be added below
when you want to help the viewer to                        button to browse through them isn't                         the collage of images that form the
focus on the central part of the image.                    exactly exciting.                                           Timeline.
This effect gradually zooms into the                          Memories are meant to be                                 ADJUSTING AUDIO TRACKS: The
central portion of the image.                              preserved with a bit more love                              duration of the audio track can be
REDUCING INDIVIDUAL IMAGE DISPLAY                          and care and that's why we turn                             adjusted according to the length of
TIME: The time-limit of each image                         to solutions like those provided by                         the movie. Simply place your mouse
appearing in the slideshow may differ                      software like Windows Movie Maker.                          pointer at the far end of the audio file
from your expectations. Click "Show                        Now that your images are well                               in the Timeline till it appears as a red
Timeline". Place your mouse pointer                        formatted in a single video file it's                        bidirectional arrow. Click and drag this
between the image whose display time                       time to add audio to the slideshow as                       arrow inward, till it is parallel with the
you wish to reduce and the subsequent                      background music.                                           end of the list of enqueued images.
image. The pointer will change into a                         For this, you will have to add                           You can add multiple audio tracks to
a red, bidirectional arrow. Drag this                      the appropriate audio files into the                         the Timeline which can be adjusted
arrow inward, toward the left of the                       Collections folder. Click "File | Import                    using this technique.
image whose display time you wish                          into Collections" and add the song(s)
to reduce. This can be done on all                         that you want from the dialog box.                          Text Credits
images in the Storyboard, including                        The song file will be displayed among                        It is always a good practice to add
the last one.                                              other images in the Collection folder.                      some text to a slideshow so that it
                                                           Click "Show Timeline" to switch to the                      indicates what the content in the
Add background audio                                       Timeline mode if the Storyboard view                        images is all about. Credits can also
The prime objective of creating a                          is on.                                                      be used to acknowledge those involved
slideshow is to breathe life into your                        Click the newly added audio track                        in the making of the video. Windows
static images. Opening them in an                          and drag it down to the Timeline.                           Movie Maker gives you a choice of

Rolling credits are commonly used at the end of a video. Enter the subtitles on the left column and the names in the right column. A preview of the same will be
visible in the preview player.
NOVEMBER 2008 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | 11                                                                         APPLICATION          FEATURE

Click “Tools | Titles and Credits". Select the position in the file where you wish to place the credits. The next window offers a choice of various Title Animation
styles. The Preview Player displays the applied effect.

Click "File | Save Movie File". In the dialog box that opens click "My Computer"       “Video Effects” can be applied to individual images by dragging them over the
and then "Next".                                                                       respective images.

different credit styles, by means of                     you had selected for it in the Timeline.                  Computer" and then "Next". Enter the
which, you can add more meaning to                       i.e. either at the end of the file, the                    name of the file and the location where
your slideshows.                                         beginning or somewhere in between it.                     you want to save it and click "Next".
   Click "Tools | Titles and Credits".                                                                             The next dialog box will show you the
Select a point in the video clip where                   Save your files as a video                                estimated size of the created file along
you want the credits to be displayed                     The process of saving your file as a                       with other details of it. Click the "Next"
and fill in the grid with the appropriate                 video isn't as cumbersome as one                          button.
credits.                                                 would expect it to be. In fact it is a                       The conversion process
NOTE: The left column in the grid                        straight forward technique. Here we                       commences. During this process your
indicates the subtitle, while the right                  will save the slideshow of images as                      image files and the included audio
column is for the main credit name.                      a WMV file so that it can be played on                     file(s) will combine to form a single
   Once you are done filling the credits                  most media players.                                       video file. This will be in the standard
grid, click "Done, add title to movie".                     Click "File | Save Movie File". In                     WMV format and can be played by
It will be added at the position that                    the dialog box that opens up click "My                    Windows Media Player.

 The main function of Windows                              various available effects provided in                     techniques shown above. The final
 Movie Maker is to create movies                           the 'Video Effects' section. Windows                      video file can be saved in various
 by appending two or more video                            Movie Maker also allows you to add                        sizes depending upon the file format
 files, though it also provides other                      credits at the end of the video. The                      and a few other specifications. The
 facilities. Editing images by adding                      audio level of the video files can be                     advantage of using Windows Movie
 effects is one of the many features                       controlled and edited separately.                         Maker for video editing is that it
 of the software. Videos can be                            Background audio can also be added                        is freely availible with Windows
 appended to one another using the                         to a regular video using the same                         operating systems.
FEATURE     APPLICATION                                                12 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | NOVEMBER 2008

                                                                                                                                         Sachin Pandit
Optimize your PC
At some point of time, your systems performance might deteriorate. The main
cause behind this may be your registry or the systems configuration settings.
Using TuneUp Utilities, we show you how to thwart and eradicate this common
system problem. BY DOLWIN FERNANDES

                                                                                         What's in TuneUp utilities
          ith the continuous availability   unwanted Windows features installed,
          of innovative software, one       thus adding to your woes. Avoiding           2008?
          would generally tend to           these system problems is quite a pain        The default setting in Windows usually
uninstall an older or outdated version      staking process especially if you're a       tends to slow down your system.
of the software at some time. The           novice user. If you ever opted for a 'One    These settings can hence be tweaked
removal of software from time to time       click' solution to all these exasperating    by expert users to boost system
may tend to disrupt the registry thus       problems, you've got to get your hands       performance. But this becomes
leaving behind unwanted registry keys       on 'TuneUp Utilities 2008'. Apart from       difficult for a novice user. With TuneUp
which affects system performance.           its 'One click maintenance' option, it's     Utilities, you're just a few clicks away
You might also be unaware of the            loaded with a range of innovative tools      from completely optimizing your PC.
numerous temporary files that may            that's bound to boost up your system         The TuneUp Drive Defragmentor
accumulate in your system due to            performance and keep it free from all        checks for and fixes redundant errors
web browsing or other activities, thus      types of erros. You can download this        in the registry, thus accelerating
occupying more disk space. Moreover,        application from the website “www.           your system startup. The TuneUp
your system might even have some  ”.                                Optimizer module consists of a set
NOVEMBER 2008 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | 13                                                             APPLICATION         FEATURE

Select your connection type from the “Connection” drop-down box and click    Select appropriate options from the “Visual effects” and “Use of the
"Next" to optimize your Internet connection.                                 computer”drop-downs to optimize your system configuration.

of wizards that optimizes and boosts                      Now click the "Accelerate downloads             Click the "Optimize the configuration
your system as well as your Internet                   and Internet surfing" link.                      of your computer" link.
connection. The Registry Defrag                           On the next screen choose your                  Select an appropriate option from
module eradicates all registry fl aws                   connection type from the "Connection"           the "Visual effects" and "Use of the
and creates a new registry structure                   drop-down list and click "Next".                computer" drop-down list and click
altogether, hence optimizing your                      TuneUp Utilities will now analyze the           "Next". TuneUp Utilities will now scan
system by reducing fragments and                       TCP/IP and browser settings with                your system and recommend specific
recovering unused memory space.                        relevance to your connection type.              settings as per your input.
                                                          Click "Next" to optimize your                   Click "Next" and reboot your system
Using the TuneUp System                                settings. Once done, click" Finish".            for changes to take effect.
Optimizer                                                 You would probably require a system
The TuneUp system Optimizer                            reboot for changes to take effect.              Optimizng your system as
consists of a set of tools that help                      In the same way you can even                 per TuneUp's System guide
you thoroughly optimize your system                    optimize your system configuration as            TuneUp Utilities also acts as a system
as well as your Internet settings. By                  per your requirement. Whether you're            guide by directing you on several
using the optimization wizards you can                 a hardcore gamer or a workaholic,               optimization tips. Your system's
easily manage and use your system                      TuneUp Utilities allows you to                  wallpaper may require additional
more efficiently. For instance, you can                 configure and optimize your system               resources or some administrator
optimize the speed of your Internet                    as per your requirement with just a             settings may pose as a security
connection by using the 'Accelerate                    few clicks. To optimize your system             threat. You can even be notified
downloads and Internet surfing                          configuration:                                   about important system or software
wizard'. To do so:                                        Run TuneUp Utilities and click the           updates. To use this utility, run TuneUp
  Run TuneUp Utilities 2008 and click                  "TuneUp System Optimizer" link in the           Utilities and click the "TuneUp System
the "TuneUp System Optimizer" link.                    "Increase Performance" tab.                     Optimizer" link in the "Increase

This wizard helps you find and rectify Windows errors. Once the errors are   You can add prgrams to the startup using the TuneUp StartUp manager. Click
displayed, simply select the check box besides the error you want to fix.    the "Plan new program start" link and borwse for the appropriate program.
FEATURE       APPLICATION                                                         14 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | NOVEMBER 2008

Using the TuneUp Undelete wizard, you can recover files that have been       To stop particular files from being executed at startup, simply select the
permanently deleted.                                                         check box next to the program and click “Delete”.

Performance" tab. Click the "Optimize                Using TuneUp Repair                                 version of the file might be too old. In
the configuration of your computer"                   wizard                                              this case the TuneUp Undelete tool
link. Now click the "System Advisor"                 Certain Windows problems occur                      comes in handy. With this tool, you
link to view optimization suggestions.               from time to time. Your system's icons              can possibly recover a deleted file and
                                                     may have been wrongly displayed                     save a lot of your valuable work and
Defragmentation using the                            or the Recycle Bin icon might have                  time. To use this utility simply click on
TuneUp Drive Defrag                                  disappeared. These frequent errors                  the "Solve Problems" tab and select
At a point of time, the data on your                 might prove to disrupt your daily work              the "TuneUp Undelete" link. Select the
drive may tend to scatter. As a result,              routine. By using the TuneUp Repair                 drive from which the file or folder was
there would be a delay in program                    wizard, you can thus overcome these                 deleted and click "Next". In the next
execution. The TuneUp Drive Defrag                   errors as well as certain display                   screen, enter the name of the file or
utility scans for and arranges data that             issues. To use the Repair Wizard, click             folder in the "Search criteria" text box
has been scattered on the drive thus                 on the "Solve Problems" tab and then                and click "Next". Select the file and
increasing your system performance                   select the "TuneUp Repair” link. All                click "Restore". Once done, click "OK".
tremendously. You can also view the                  Windows related problems appear on
drive usage map in real time during                  the next screen. Select appropriate                 Accelerate Windows
the defragmentation process. To use                  check boxes as required and click                   startup
the Defragmentor, click the "TuneUp                  "Next" and then "Finish".                           In Windows, many applications tend to
Drive Defrag" link in the "Increase                                                                      execute automatically during startup.
Performance" tab. In the next screen,                Recovering deleted files                            These applications that run during
select appropriate drives which have                 with TuneUp Undelete                                startup are the applications you
to be defragged and click "Next".                    You may have accidentally deleted                   frequently use. In addition to these
Your drives will now be analyzed and                 an important work file permanently.                  applications, there are also unwanted
fragmented automatically.                            You don’t have backup or a previous                 and malicious programs that execute

TuneUp's Disk Doctor can remove Windows errors and keep your drives error    To find errors in reigstry and delete unwanted files, simply click the “1-click
free. Simply select appropriate drives and follow the simple instructions.   Maintainance” from the “Increase performance” tab.
NOVEMBER 2008 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | 15                                                                 APPLICATION         FEATURE

Click the “Correct problems” button to eradicate all Windows errors. Once         The TuneUp Drive Defrag arranges all scattered data on your system. Select
done, click “Close”.                                                              the drives to be defragged and click “Next”.

unknowingly during startup. These                       loss, annoying error messages and                   TuneUp Registry Defrag. This tool can
programs can be simply removed                          much more. These system errors can                  solely consolidate your registry and
by deleting the application's icon                      thus be prevented by checking for file               make it smaller, thus allowing windows
from the Startup folder in the Start                    system errors using the Tune-Up's Disk              to run more efficiently. To use this tool,
menu. But in the case of a malicious                    Doctor. To do so, click on the "Solve               click the "TuneUp Registry Defrag" link
program, the applications are directly                  Problems" tab and select the "TuneUp                and click "Next". Once your registry is
added to the registry, thus making                      Disk Doctor" link. Select the drives to             defragged, you'll be able to view your
them unnoticeable. Thus disabling                       be scanned and then click "Next". For a             registry details along with a graph.
applications from the TuneUp StartUp                    normal file analysis, click the "Normal
manager could be adequate since it                      analysis" radio button. For a thorough              One click maintainance
deletes entries from anywhere within                    file system check, click the "Thorough               The best feature embedded in
the system.                                             analysis" radio button and click "Next".            TuneUp Utilities is the "1-click system
   To use the StartUp manager, run                      All selected drives will now be free                optimization" option. This function
TuneUp Utilities and click the "TuneUp                  from all errors.                                    performs a set of tasks that can free up
StartUp Manager" link. On the next                                                                          disk space, eliminate invalid keys from
screen, simply select an unknown                        Using the TuneUp Registry                           the registry and optimize your hard disk
application and click "Delete".                         Defrag                                              for better system performance. To use
                                                        Whenever a new program or hardware                  the function simply run TuneUp Utilities
Eliminate file system                                   is installed, it registers itself in the            and click the "1-click maintenance" link
errors                                                  registry, thus creating a new key and a             at the bottom of the window. After a few
While working with Windows, many                        value. The more programs you install,               seconds, TuneUp Utilities will display
files are read and written continuously.                 the size of the registry would increase             all errors in the next window. Simply
Due to this, over time errors occur                     thus making Windows slower. This                    click the "Correct" button to remove
which may lead to permanent data                        problem can be resolved by using the                these errors

Click on a particular problem to view and its details on the right pane. Change   To restore changes made by TuneUp Utilities, select appropriate changes and
appropriate settings as required.                                                 click the “Undo changes” button.
AT ONE GLANCE    WEB                                                16 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | NOVEMBER 2008

      A great advantage of using to edit
      ringtones is that it supports multiple audio formats. The
      supported formats include MP3, AAC, OGG, MP4, MMF,
      etc. The first step is to upload an audio file for editing.
      Click the "Upload" button that can be found below the
      timeline. In the dialog box that appears, select the file
      that you would like to upload. Once the track is uploaded it
      will appear in the timeline as a waveform.
        Click “Play” to play the track from the beginning. A part
      of the audio file can be selected by clicking on a particular
      part of the waveform. You will see two handles that mark
      the start and the end of the selection. These handles
      can be moved to adjust the length of the selected region.
      You can play the selected part of the song by clicking the
      “Selected” button.
        Before you download the ringtone make sure that you
      have selected the right format and the best possible
      BitRate. Click the “Make a Ringtone” button to create the
      ringtone. The file can be downloaded to your computer,
      sent to your cell phone or can be directly mailed to you.

  Customizing your favorite ringtones normally involves downloading a third party application to edit and
  crop audio files. This can be painstaking, time-consuming and even expensive. is an
  online ringtone editing tool that simplifies the process of audio editing by means of easy-to-use tools and a
  basic user interface. BY GARETH MANKOO

                                                                  EASY MODE: This mode, as the name

                                                                  suggests, caters to basic audio editing needs
                                                                  of a user. This includes “Normalization”,
                                                                  a feature that amplifies the sound in the
                                                                  audio file and at the same time makes sure
                                                                  that there isn’t any unwanted audio. You can
                                                                  apply the “Fade” effect to the beginning, end
                                                                  or both of the song you uploaded.

                                                                     ADVANCED MODE: The Advanced Mode

                                                                     enhances the audio editing feature. Follow
                                                                     the same procedure as the “Fade” effect to
                                                                     apply the “No Silence” effect. The “Bass”
                                                                     and “Treble” effects can be applied to the
                                                                     file using the dropdown box and by adjusting
                                                                     the Frequency. “Reversing” inverts the
                                                                     uploaded audio file.

                                                                  EXPERT MODE: For additional effects to be
                                                                  added to your track click on the “Expert
                                                                  Mode” tab. “Pad” adds a silence break to the
                                                                  ends of the song. You can reject frequency
                                                                  bands to a certain level using “Band-
                                                                  Reject”. “Chorus”, “Echo” and “Reverb”
                                                                  effects can be added to any part of the audio
                                                                  track. Using the other effects available in
                                                                  this mode requires some expertise and
                                                                  knowledge of sound signals, their behavior
                                                                  and also the repurcussions of changing
                                                                  these settings.
                                                                    Tips & Tricks

HANDS ON         TIPS & TICKS                                                           18 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | NOVEMBER 2008

                                                                      TIPS &
Windows Vista                                              Enter the amount of space to be                   Once there, right-click on the right
                                                         reduced in the respective box.                   pane and click on “New|Key”.
 1       Reduce partition size                             Once done, click “Shrink”.                        Type in “{a2a9545d-a0c2-42b4-
                                                                                                          9708-a0b2badd77c8}” and press
In previous versions of windows,                                                                          [Enter].
during setup, you could allocate a
limited amount of space for every
                                                            2        Pin folders to Start menu               Once done, close the registry editor
                                                                                                          and restart the computer for changes
drive. Once done, it would be inevitable                 Windows Vista allows you to pin                  to take effect.
to reduce the size of any partition if                   your favorite or most frequently
required. But in windows Vista, this                     used applications to the Start menu.
can be feasibly done. Unlike previous
windows versions, Vista allows you to
                                                         This gives you instant access to
                                                         applications you frequently use. Since
                                                                                                            3      Turn on Remote Desktop

reduce the disk space of a particular                    this becomes void in case of folders,            In Vista, the Remote Desktop
drive as and when required. To do so:                    we show you how to pin folders to the            connection feature is disabled by
   Right-click the “My Computer”                         Start menu.                                      default. If you need to access your PC
desktop icon and select “Manage”.                            To do so:                                    from another system or vice versa, you
   On the right pane, click “Disk                           Click “Start” and type “regedit” in           can easily enable this feature.
Management”.                                             the “Search” box.                                   To do so:
   Now right-click on a particular drive                    Browse to the “HKEY_                             Right-click the “My Computer”
and select the “Shrink Volume” option                    CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shellex\                     desktop icon and click “Properties”.
from the context menu.                                   ContextMenuHandlers” key.                           On the left pane, click the “Remote
                                                                                                          Settings” link.
                                                                                                   1         Select “Allow Assistance
                                                                                                          connections to this computer”.
                                                                                                             To allow connections from any
                                                                                                          windows version, click the “Allow
                                                                                                          connections from computers running
                                                                                                          any version of Remote Desktop” radio
                                                                                                             Once done, click “OK”.

                                                                                                            4      Hide Icon Text

                                                                                                          In windows, you might probably not
                                                                                                          want to know the name of common
Right-click on a particular drive and click on “Shrink” to reduce the partition size.
                                                                                                          icons. For example, familiar icons like
NOVEMBER 2008 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | 19                                                                   TIPS & TRICKS   HANDS ON

                                                                                                                currently enabled.
                                                                                                        5          To enable or disable a particular
                                                                                                                feature, simply select or clear the
                                                                                                                respective checkboxes.
                                                                                                                   Once done, click “OK”.

                                                                                                                   7       Capture screenshots

                                                                                                                Previous versions of windows allowed
                                                                                                                a user to capture screen shots by
                                                                                                                hitting the [PrtScrn] key. This was
                                                                                                                quiet disquieting as it had limited
                                                                                                                options to further manipulate the
To insert an additional clock, simply select “Show this clock” and click on a particular time zone.             image. To overcome this problem,
                                                                                                                Windows Vista has introduced the
My Computer, Internet Explorer and                                                                              Snipping Tool.
Recycle bin need not have text below
them to know what they actually do.
                                                           6       Activating Vista features                      Using this tool, one can easily
                                                                                                                capture screenshots of the desired
Most windows users are used to these                    Windows Vista comes with a variety                      window, entire screen or by a
icons and hence can eradicate the text                  of features that can be enabled                         particular selection within the screen.
below if not required. To do so:                        or disabled by the administrator.                       Moreover, this tool comes absolutely
   Right-click on an icon, for example,                 Some of these inbuilt features which                    free with Windows Vista. To use the
“My Computer”.                                          may not be required by the user                         Snipping tool:
   Seelect the “Rename” option.                         are disabled so as improve overall                         On the desktop, click
   Make sure “Num Lock” is activated.                   system performance. But if you find it                   “Start|Accessories|Snipping Tool”.
   Now simply hold the [Alt] key while                  necessary to activate these features,                   The “Snipping tool window” appears.
simultaneously entering the value                       follow the steps below:                                    Click on the “New” drop down
“255” from the keypad.                                     Click on “Start|Control Panel”.                      arrow and select an appropriate
                                                           Double-click the “Programs and                       option. For example to take a
                                                        Features” icon.                                         screenshot of a particular window,
  5      Include additional clocks                         On the left pane, click the “Turn
                                                        Windows features on or off” link.
                                                                                                                select the “Window Snip” option.
                                                                                                                   Now simply place the cursor over a
In previous versions of windows, one                       The “Windows Features” dialog box                    particular window and select it.
could view only one clock at a time.                    appears with a list a activated as well                    The screen shot will now appear in
But in Vista, there has been a major                    as deactivated features.                                the editing window.
advancement towards this feature. By                       A selected checkbox next to a                           To save the file, select the “Save
just placing your mouse pointer over                    feature indicates that the feature is                   As” option from the “File” menu.
the clock, you can additionally view
two more clocks of different time zone                                                                                                                 7
thus helping you to keep track of time
around the world. To do so:
   Right-click on the System Clock and
select the “Adjust Date/Time” option.
   Click the “Additional Clocks” tab.
   Select “Show this clock”.
   Now, click on an appropriate time
zone from the “Select time zone” drop
down box.
   Enter a description for the clock in
the “Enter display name” text box. The
second clock is now activated.
   To activate the third clock, follow
                                                         Once you’ve captured the screenshot, click on “File|Save As” to save the file.
steps 3 to 5 and click “OK”.
HANDS ON        TIPS & TICKS                                                    20 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | NOVEMBER 2008

                                                                                                     Make the desired changes.
                                                                                          11         Click “OK”.
                                                                                                     Check the “Add to template”
                                                                                                  checkbox, if you want the modified
                                                                                                  style to be added to the template.
                                                                                                  NOTE: If you don’t check this box, the
                                                                                                  modified style will affect only the
                                                                                                  document you are working on.
                                                                                                     Once done, click “OK”.
                                                                                                     Your document will now have a new
                                                                                                  look as defined.

Select an appropriate option from the “Line spacing” drop-down box.
                                                                                                   11 Double spacing text
                                                                                                  If you feel that your text is cramped
                                                        The “Object” dialog box is now            up, and want to space it out, or if you
  8      Check system stability                      displayed.
                                                        Select the “Create from File” tab.
                                                                                                  just want to make your text stand out,
                                                                                                  double spacing your text will help you
If you think your system is running                     Click “Browse” and use the dialog         do just that.
well for a long time without any fl aws,              box to locate a sound file stored on              Word allows you to add extra spaces
you probably might have to take a look               your computer that you want included         between paragraphs and lines. You
at it again. There might be several                  in your document.                            can do so by simply following the steps
errors which may cause inevitable                       Click “OK”.                               given below.
damage later. These problems should                     An icon that looks like a speaker is          Select the portion of the document
thus be rectified. Windows Vista has a                inserted in your document. You can           that you want double-spaced.
prominent feature that can analyze and               listen to your sound file by simply           NOTE: To select the entire document,
check the stability of your system . To              double-clicking the speaker icon.            choose “Select All” from the “Edit”
check your system stability:                         NOTE: Apart from sound you can also          menu or press the key combination
    Click “Start” and type “reliability” in          add media like videos and images, by         [Ctrl] + [A].
the “Search” box. The “Reliability and               following the same steps as above.               Choose “Paragraph” from the
Performance” dialog box appears.                                                                  “Format” menu.
    Select “Reliability Monitor” from                                                                 Click the “Indents and Spacing” tab,
the left pane. You would see a system
stability chart.                                      10 Change page number
                                                                                                  then select a line spacing setting from
                                                                                                  the “Spacing” list.
    Double-click the red crosses to view                                                              Click “OK”.
further details. You can now rectify all             If you have tried everything to make         NOTE: You can change both the
system errors.                                       your document look different, chances        leading and trailing spaces as well
                                                     are you have not tried to change             as the space between the lines of the
Word 2003                                            the font style and size of the page          required paragraph.
                                                     numbers. Word allows you to do this in
  9      Adding Sound Files                          a few simple steps. Here is how you go

Do you find your text documents plain
                                                     about it:
                                                         Choose “Styles and Formatting”
                                                                                                  12 Creating an Index
and boring? If you are the type that                 from the “Format” menu.                      If you have a large document,
likes to give your documents a push                      In the task pane on the right side of    creating an index could be really
towards multimedia, Word allows you                  the screen, choose “All Styles” from         helpful in locating information within
to liven up your documents by inserting              the “Show” list.                             the document. An index lists all
sound files in your document. Here is                     From the “Pick Formatting to Apply”      the important points and topics in
how you can do it:                                   list locate “Page Numbers”.                  your document under one orderly
   Position the cursor where you want                    You could either right click on it or    alphabetical list. Hence, Word provides
the sound to be inserted.                            click the drop down menu provided.           you with an easy to use index maker.
   Choose the “Object” option from the                   Click “Modify”. The “Modify Style”           Select appropriate text that would
“Insert” menu.                                       dialog box appears.                          be marked as an index entry.
NOVEMBER 2008 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | 21                                                           TIPS & TRICKS        HANDS ON

                                                                                                            Check the “Fit Text” check box.
                                                                                                 12         Click “OK” to close the “Cell
                                                                                                          Options” dialog box.
                                                                                                            Click “OK” to close the “Table
                                                                                                          Properties” dialog box.

                                                                                                          Word 2007

                                                                                                          14 Custom Text Wrapping
                                                                                                          Even though Word provides you with
                                                                                                          a way to wrap text around an image,
                                                                                                          you may need to add some text over
                                                                                                          your image or leave some extra blank
Select text from the document to mark it as an index entry.                                               space near it. Word allows you to do
                                                                                                          so by altering the ‘Wrap Points’ of the
   Choose “Index and Tables” from the                                                                     image. These are small black boxes.
“Insert” menu, then click the “Index”
tab, or press [Alt] + [Shift] + [X].
                                                           13 Fitting Text into a Cell                       Each of the wrap points is
                                                                                                          connected with a small dashed red
   In the “Mark Index Entry” dialog box                    If you have finished editing your Word          line. The box made by the red dashed
you can add additional information like                    document, and then need to add                 line defines where the text will
a subentry or a cross-reference.                           some more text in a table, your entire         appear in and around the image. It
   Click “Mark” to add the entry to                        formatting may go hay wired. Word has          is possible to change the position of
the index.                                                 a way for you to add and format the            these anchors by simply dragging
NOTE: The dialog box remains open                          text in the tables without disturbing          them. Here is how you do it:
which allows you to scroll through the                     the formatting done in the rest of the            Insert your picture as you normally
document and add one entry at a time.                      document, by compressing the text in           would, and make sure it is selected.
   Place the cursor on the last page of                    the table and keeping the size of the             Click the “Format” tab.
the document (or the page where you                        tables the same. Here is how you go               Click the “Text Wrapping” tool
want to place your index), then open                       about it:                                      appearing in the “Arrange” group. A
the “Index” dialog box.                                        Select the cell or cells from the          drop down menu of wrapping options
   You can choose a “Format” from the                      table that want to add text in.                appears.
list that suits your document.                                 Choose “Table Properties” from the            Choose the “Edit Wrap Points”
   Click “OK” to create the index.                         “Table” menu. The “Table Properties”           option. Word displays the wrap points
NOTE: If any changes are made after the                    dialog box is displayed.                       around the picture.
index is created, you will have to follow                      Click the “Cell” tab to select it.            Move existing wrap points by
Steps 5 and 6 to refresh the changes                           Click the “Options” button. Word           clicking and dragging them to a new
that you recently made.                                    will display the “Cell Options” dialog.        position.

                                                                         13                                                                               14

Check the “Fit Text” box in the Cell Options dialog box.                        You can drag the Wrap Points and change the shape of the text wrap box.
HANDS ON         TIPS & TICKS                                                              22 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | NOVEMBER 2008

                                                                                                                   Set a value as per your requirement
                                                                                                       15       and click “OK” to save the settings
                                                                                                                   This will however remove all the
                                                                                                                files on the list, including the ones you
                                                                                                                require and the ones you had pinned.
                                                                                                                To avoid this you need to use a bit of
                                                                                                                caution. Use this trick listed below to
                                                                                                                avoid loosing existing file paths:
                                                                                                                   For the files that are existing and
                                                                                                                essential, check the tack pin mark
                                                                                                                appearing near the filename in the
                                                                                                                “Recent Documents” list.
                                                                                                                   Count the number of pinned files in
                                                                                                                the list.
By default, Excel 2007 stores 17 recent files. You can change this setting as per your requirements.               While setting the “Show this
                                                                                                                number of Recent Documents” option
   Add new wrap points by holding                       option, appearing on the left panel of                  numerical value, type the number as
down the [Ctrl] key as you click on                     the “Excel Options” dialog box.                         per your count in Step 2.
the dashed red line at the position                        Scroll down, till you reach the                         Click “OK” to complete.
where you want a wrap point. You can                    “Display” section.                                         You can check the tack pin option
then drag the new wrap point to the                        In the “Show this number of Recent                   to unpin the file from the “Recent
desired position.                                       Documents” option, click on the up/                     Documents” list.
   Remove an existing wrap point by                     down arrows to set the numerical
holding down the [Ctrl] key as you                      value to “0”.
click on the wrap point.
   When done adjusting wrap points,
                                                           Alternatively, you can manually type
                                                        the value in the text box. You can key in               16 Displaying negative time
click anywhere outside the picture.                     any number ranging from “0” to “50”
The wrap points disappear, and your                        Click “OK”.                                          While calculating difference in
text follows the texture you defined                        Your “Recent Documents” list will be                 your worksheet, you may require
when you edited the points.                             cleared.                                                subtracting two time values. If you
                                                           To start a new list, carry out the                   try subtracting a time elapsed earlier
Excel 2007                                              following steps:                                        from a recent time, you will not be
                                                           Click the “Office Button” and then                    displayed with a negative value as

15 Removing dead recent
                                                        the “Excel Options” button.
                                                           Select the “Advanced” option, and
                                                                                                                   Instead, Excel displays to you
                                                        go back to the “Show this number of                     a series of hash symbols (#). This
You might require accessing certain                     Recent Documents” option under the                      generally happens because Excel,
file repeatedly, while dealing with                      “Display” section.                                      for Windows users by default uses
certain projects in your everyday
work. You can view a list of recent                                                                                                                  16
spreadsheets in the “Recent
Documents” panel appearing in the
“Office Button” menu list. There might
be certain files which lead you to ‘Dead
Links’, because you changed the file
path or deleted the specific file. These
file continue to appear in the “Recent
Documents” panel. To delete these file,
just carry out the following steps:
   Start “Excel 2007” and click the
“Office button”.
   Click the “Excel Options” button.
   In the “Excel Options” dialog box
                                                         Using the 1904 date system, you can display negative time values with relative ease.
that appears, select the “Advanced”
NOVEMBER 2008 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | 23                                                                TIPS & TRICKS        HANDS ON

                                                                                                              out the following steps:
                                                                                                     17          Type the heading in cell B1.
                                                                                                                 Type the original / total value in
                                                                                                              “Row B” from cell B2 onwards.
                                                                                                                 In cell C2, type the formula as,
                                                                                                              “=INT(B2/15) & “-” & RIGHT(“00” &
                                                                                                                 In this formula, the INT() function
                                                                                                              returns the integer part of the division
                                                                                                              value. The MOD() function returns the
                                                                                                              remainder value, the RIGHT() function
                                                                                                              picks two of the right most values, and
                                                                                                              this value is then concatenated with
                                                                                                              the “.” sign appearing after the integer
 By using a base number, you can identify a total though the base number.                                     value. The result will appear as “12.09”
                                                                                                              NOTE: This result cannot be used as a
the 1900 date system. You can fix this                  minus (-) symbol to signify the negative               value for mathematical functions. It is
unwanted problem.                                      value.                                                 for reference only.
   Start “Excel 2007” and click the                       The TEXT() function, converts the
“Office button”.                                        result to a text value.
   Click the “Excel Options” button.
   In the “Excel Options” dialog box
                                                          The “&” is used to concatenate two
                                                       text values.
                                                                                                              18 Rearranging data series
that appears, select the “Advanced”                       If the IF() function returns false,                 While working with series in charts,
option, on the left panel.                             the difference of the two values will be               Excel creates a default order in which
   Scroll down till you reach the “When                displayed as it is.                                    the series would appear, depending
calculating this workbook:” section.                                                                          on the structure of the selection. You
   Check the “Use 1904 date system”                    Excel 2003 / 2007                                      can change the underlying structure
option.                                                                                                       or else manually format the chart. To
   Click “OK” to save the changes.
   Your time will now be displayed                     17 Displaying numbers with
                                                          a base
                                                                                                              manually affect the changes, carry out
                                                                                                              the following steps:
along with a minus (-) sign. The 1904                                                                            Select the data, and go to the
date system is used as the default date                You might have Excel sheets which                      “Insert” tab.
system for MAC users of Excel.                         deal with mutliple units clubbed as                       Create a chart as per your
   If you do not wish to change the                    one. If you deal with a number of items,               requirement.
default date system for Excel your                     you can figure out how many multiples                      Right-click anywhere inside the
machine, you can convert the value                     you need to order on the basis of a                    chart.
into a text equivalent. To do so carry                 single base number, with the help of                      In the context menu, select the
out the following steps:                               this simple trick. To do so just carry                 “Select Data…” option.
   Presume cell B2 has the earlier time
and cell A2 a recently lapsed time.                                                                                                                          18
   Go to the destination cell where the
difference should appear.
   Type the formula as “ =IF(B2-A2<0,
“-” & TEXT(ABS(B2-A2),”hh:mm”),
   As per this formula, you are using
three functions, that is, IF(), TEXT() and
the ABS() function.
   The IF condition checks whether the
resultant value is a negative number
or not.
   If the function returns a true value
the ABS() function converts the value
                                                        Through the “Select Data Source” dialog box, you can add, edit or remove data series from your charts.
to a positive number and we affix a
HANDS ON         TIPS & TICKS                                                           24 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | NOVEMBER 2008

                                                                                                            information from.
                                                                                                                Click the “Basic Info” dropdown box
                                                                                                            and then on “Customize”.
                                                                                                                Select the privacy options by
                                                                                                            clicking the appropriate radio buttons.
                                                                                                            Enter the name of friends who you
                                                                                                            do not wish to share your personal
                                                                                                            information with by entering their
                                                                                                            names in the textbox provided below.
                                                                                                            The names of these contacts will be
                                                                                                            listed above the textbox. To remove
                                                                                                            names from this list simply click the
                                                                                                            cross sign.
                                                                                                                Click “OK”.
Enter names of friends you want to deny certain profile views. Once the names are selected click “Okay”.        The same procedure should be
                                                                                                            followed to change the privacy settings
  In the “Select Data Source” dialog                     Log into your Facebook account.                    of videos, pictures, wall posts, etc.
box, click on the series you want to                     Once you are directed to your                          Once done, click “OK” to save the
move.                                                 homepage, scroll down to the bottom                   changes.
  With the help of the Up and Down                    and click on “Privacy”. This can be                       Doing this can enable you to freely
Arrow buttons, move the series to the                 found at the bottom, right-hand side                  upload as many videos and images as
desired position.                                     corner of the page.                                   you would please without worrying
  Click “OK” to save.                                    Facebook will display the list                     about someone unauthorized viewing
                                                      of “Principles” that explain how it                   it. It can also keep your profile safe
Facebook                                              secures your privacy and at the same                  from those who pose as a threat to
                                                      time allows you to share maximum                      your privacy such as hackers and other
19 Monitor your privacy                               information with your contacts, over
                                                      the internet. Go through these rules
                                                                                                            information thieves.

Facebook is a social networking site                  carefully.                                            Firefox 3
whose user base has grown to such                        Click “Click here to go to Privacy
an extent that it connects just about
everyone. This means that it’s no
                                                      Settings” once you are done reading
                                                      the rules, principles, etc.
                                                                                                            20 Smaller back button
longer a place for your friends and                      Click “Profile”.                                    Many users find the large “Back”
loved ones to catch up but a network                     Click the “Profile” dropdown box                    button in Firefox 3 as odd and
that links you to your colleagues as                  and select the names of those contacts                unnecessary. Unlike most other
well. This can pose as a problem for                  who you want to share your profile                     popular browsers, the back button, in
those who want to segregate their                     with and who you want to withhold                     this case, is keyhole shaped. The back
private lifestyle from their official
one. For instance, if your boss has                                                                                                               20
just added you in Facebook, there is a                                                                                                            19
chance that he will have a glimpse of
your holiday pictures that you would
rather not show him.
   Owing to this fact, Facebook
has come up with a strong privacy
protection scheme. This gives limited
access to those who you wish to keep
away from viewing your personal
collection of photos and your profile as
a whole.
   You can provide individual viewing
preferences for each of your contacts
to avoid a common, complete view for
                                                       Select the “Use Small Icons“ check box from the “Customize Toolbar” dialog box.
of your profile for all contacts.
NOVEMBER 2008 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | 25                                                                  TIPS & TRICKS         HANDS ON

                                                                                                                   In the search textbox type in the
                                                                                                      21        following line of text: “gfx.color_
                                                                                                                   By default it will display the Value
                                                                                                                as “false”. Double-click on it to change
                                                                                                                the value to “True” and enable high-
                                                                                                                definition color effects.
                                                                                                                   To undo this effect simply follow
                                                                                                                the same steps and double-click on
                                                                                                                the Preference Name to disable color


GTalk smileys include the classic smileys, the round ones and the square shaped smileys.                        23 Create profile badges
button alone causes the height of the                 This includes both, the hidden smileys                    Facebook helps you create Badges.
toolbar to increase.                                  and the one that are displayed in the                     Badges help you share your Facebook
   Mozilla has made a provision to                    pop-up.                                                   information on other sites and get
resize this oversized button. One can                                                                           updated automatically. These are
make it the same size as the forward                  Firefox 3                                                 customizable and can be created using
button by following some simple steps.                                                                          templates as well.
   Launch Firefox 3 and navigate to
“View | Toolbars”.
                                                      22 Advanced color profile                                    Go to your Facebook homepage
                                                                                                                   Click “Create a Profile Badge”.
   Click “Customize”.                                 By default, Firefox 3 doesn’t display                        Click “Create Badge”.
   Check the “Use small icons”                        images at their best possible quality. In                    Select the “Layout” radio buttons,
checkbox.                                             fact, it reduces the quality of images so                 stating you want vertical or horizontal
   Click “Done”.                                      that the page loads faster with lesser                    alignment.
   The Back button will reduce in size                CPU utilization. Loading images with                         Select the list of items from the
and take the same size as the Forward                 the best possible quality hampers the                     dropdown box.
button. You will also notice that the                 performance of Firefox by 10-15%.                            Click “Save”.
toolbar is comparatively smaller in size                 However, if you are a graphic                             Your Facebook Badge will be saved
since the button doesn’t take up all the              designer or if you need the displayed                     with the HTML code to add this Badge
extra space that it occupied.                         image to be of the best possible quality                  directly. Simply copy the code from
                                                      then follow these simple steps to                         your Badge page and paste it in the
Google Talk                                           activate the Color Management.                            source code of your webpage. The
                                                         Type “about:config” in the address                      Badge will be added there and will be
21 Use hidden smileys                                 bar and hit the [Enter] button.                           updated automatically.

GTalk has its own list of available                                                                                                                            22
smileys. Using most of them is simple
since they have the same codes as
their Yahoo! Messenger and MSN
Messenger counterparts. GTalk
smileys have an added dimension to
the way they express your emotions.
They are available in three different
styles, Classic, Round and Square.
However, the code remains the same
for each type. The problem is that most
of these aren’t available in the popup
that display the smileys.
   The table above displays the list
                                                       Enter the search string and double click on the value that is displayed as “false” to make it “true”.
of available smileys with the GTalk.
                    HANDS ON            WORKSHOP                                                 26 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | NOVEMBER 2008

                                                                               Create your own
                                                                               Have you ever tried working with extremely
Hemali Limbachiya

                                                                               complicated and nested functions, only to find
                                                                               yourself lost halfway through? One way to over
                                                                               come this is to create your own hassle-free
                                                                               functions! BY KAMAKSHI VENUGOPAL
                    REFERENCE                    STEP 1: Counting cells with fill colors
                    WHAT ARE MACROS              Background fill colors help you to summarize your worksheets effectively and enable you to highlight
                    AND USER-DEFINED             key points in your data. If there are many cells in your worksheet with similar fill colors, you might
                    FUNCTIONS?                   want to count cells based on them. Although there is no built-in function to achieve this task, you can
                    A macro is a recording of    create a formula for your reference. To do so, just carry out these following steps:
                    actions performed to
                    achieve a particular task.
                    By creating and saving a     Using sample cells
                    macro, you can automate
                    Excel for recurring tasks.
                    With macros, you can
                    automate formatting
                                                    1   Open the target
                                                        workbook.                                                                      4   In the drop-down
                                                                                                                                           menu, click
                    changes, create charts
                    and also create user
                    defined functions to make
                                                                                                                                       Alternatively, you
                    calculations easier.
                        User-defined                2  Select all the
                                                       cells containing
                                                    negative values.
                                                                                                                                       can use the "Format
                                                                                                                                       | Format Cells"
                    functions are typically                                                                                            option. In the
                    Visual Basic for                                                                                                   "Format Cells"
                    Applications (VBA)                                                                                                 dialog box, click the
                    program codes, which
                    evaluate complex
                                                    3   On the
                                                    toolbar, click the
                                                                                                                                       "Patterns" tab. Click
                                                                                                                                       "Yellow" under the
                    conditions and loops            "Fill Color" icon.                                                                 "Fill Color" section.
                    which cannot be done
                    otherwise using Excel.
                    Thus these programs
                    provide Excel with
                    flexibility and expand          5     Now you need to
                                                          create a formula
                                                    to count the number
                                                                                                                                       6   To create the
                                                                                                                                           formula, go to
                                                                                                                                       "Tools | Macro |
                    their working and
                    calculation capacity.           of cells with a yellow                                                             Visual Basic Editor".
                                                    fill color. You need to
                                                    create a Visual Basic                                                              Alternatively, you
                                                    or VB code to                                                                      can use the [Alt] +
                                                    evaluate this                                                                      [F11] short key to
                                                    formula.                                                                           activate the Visual
                                                                                                                                       Basic Editor.

                                                    7   Under the
                                                    VBAProject" panel,
                                                                                                                                       8   In the contextual
                                                                                                                                           menu that
                                                                                                                                       appears, click
                                                    right-click the                                                                    "Insert | Module".
NOVEMBER 2008 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | 27                                         WORKSHOP       HANDS ON

    9   Next, we create
        a formula
                                                                                                            MAKING USER-
                                                                                                            DEFINED FUNCTIONS
    Copy the contents                                                                                       GLOBALLY AVAILABLE
    given below without
    any changes.

                             Function CountYellow(CellRange As Range)
                                 Dim iCount As Integer
                                 iCount = 0
                                 For Each cell In CellRange
                                     If cell.Interior.ColorIndex = 6 Then
                                          iCount = iCount + 1                                               When you create a user
                                     End If                                                                 defined function for a
                                 Next cell                                                                  workbook, you will not be
                                 CountYellow = iCount
                                                                                                            able to use it outside the
                             End Function
                                                                                                            workbook you created it
                                                                                                            in. If you need to make
    10      The
    of the color Yellow
                                                                                11       To use this
                                                                                         function, go       these user-defined
                                                                                to cell N6, and type        functions global, you can
    according to VBA is                                                         “=Co orYellow               do so using this simple
    "6". You can play                                                           (A3:M37)", where
    around with this                                                                                        tip. Just follow the steps
                                                                                "A3:M37" is the cell
    value to create more                                                        range where you             mentioned below:
    functions with                                                              want the count of                Collate all your user-
    different fill colors.                                                      shaded cells.               1    defined functions in a
                                                                                                            single Excel file.
                                                                                                                 Search for a folder
                                                                                                            2    named “XLSTART”.
                                                                                                            NOTE: This folder
                                                                                                            can be found under
                                                                                                            “C:\Documents and
                                                                                                            Application Data\
STEP 2: Calculating the sum of absolute values                                                              Microsoft\Excel\ “ in your
If you wish to calculate sum of numbers ignoring the minus sign, Excel does not have any predefined          computer.
function that you can use. You can create a complicated nest of formulas and functions, or you can               Save the file as
simplify the task by creating a function of your own. Just carry out the following steps:                   3    “personal.xls” in the
                                                                                                            “XLSTART” folder.
    1   Open the target
        workbook.                                                               4   Press [Enter] at
                                                                                    the end of the
                                                                                previous function
                                                                                                                 To check whether the
                                                                                                            functions are available,

    2  Go to "Tools |
       Macro | Visual
    Basic Editor".
                                                                                and start typing the
                                                                                formula named
                                                                                                            carry out the following
                                                                                                                 Go to “Insert |

    3  Since we have
       already created                                                          5   Copy the
                                                                                    contents for the
                                                                                                            1    Function…”.
                                                                                                                 In the “Insert
    a module, we just
    need to type the
                                                                                formula "SumAbs()"
                                                                                given next without
                                                                                any changes.
                                                                                                            2    Function” dialog box,
                                                                                                            click “User Defined”
                                                                                                            in the “Or select a
                             Function SumAbs(CellRange As Range) As Double
                                 Total = 0                                                                  category:” drop-down list.
                                                                                                                 You will see all the
                                 On Error GoTo Done
                                 For Each element In CellRange
                                     Total = Total + Abs(element)
                                                                                We will use the
                                                                                same workbook
                                                                                                            3    functions you created
                                                                                                            in the “Select a function:”
                                 Next element                                   throughout this
                             Done:                                              workshop. A single          list box.
                                 SumAbs = Total                                 module can contain
                             End Function                                       multiple functions.
HANDS ON           WORKSHOP                                                 28 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | NOVEMBER 2008

USING MACROS IN                 6   To use this
                                    function, go to
                                cell N2, and type
                                                                                                                  8   Drag the formula
                                                                                                                      to consecutive
                                                                                                                  cells using the fill
EXCEL 2007                      the heading as                                                                    handle.
You can use macros in any       "Absolute Totals".
version of Excel from
Excel 97 onwards. If you                                                                                          9   To check if the
                                                                                                                      function is
                                                                                                                  working properly,
wish to use macros in                                                                                             notice the difference
Excel 2007, you require
using the “Developer” tab.
                                7   In cell N3 type
                                (A3:L3) ".
                                                                                                                  in values between
                                                                                                                  Row M and Row N.
By default, this tab is
hidden in Excel 2007. To
active the “Developer”       STEP 3: Displaying weekday names
tab, carry out the           Although Excel has functions to display weekdays with the help of the Weekday() function, it only shows
following steps:             you a numerical equivalent of the day in the week. If you require displaying weekdays as per their
    Start                    weekday names, you can customize Excel to do just that. Just carry out the following steps:
1   Excel 2007

2   Click the “Office
                                1  Go to "Tools |
                                   Macro | Visual
                                Basic Editor".
                                                                                                                  3   Press [Enter] at
                                                                                                                      the end of the
                                                                                                                  previous function
    Click the “Excel                                                                                              and start typing the
3   Options” button.
    Select the “Popular”
                                                                                                                  formula named

4   option on the left
pane.                                                                                                             4   Copy the
                                                                                                                      contents for the
    Check the “Show             2  Since we have
                                   already created                                                                formula
5   Developer tab in the
Ribbon” option.
                                a module, we just
                                need to type the
                                                                                                                  given next without
                                formula.                                                                          any changes.
    Click “OK” to save the
6   changes.
    The “Developer”
                                                      Function WeekDayName(dDate As Date)
                                                          Dim DayNumber As Integer

7   tab appears on the
application window
                                                          DayNumber = Weekday(dDate, vbSunday)
                                                          Select Case DayNumber
                                                              Case 1
without restarting the                                             WeekDayName = "Sunday"
                                                              Case 2
application.                                                       WeekDayName = "Monday"
                                                              Case 3
                                                                   WeekDayName = "Tuesday"
                                                              Case 4
                                                                   WeekDayName = "Wednesday"
                                                              Case 5
                                                                   WeekDayName = "Thursday"
                                                              Case 6
                                                                   WeekDayName = "Friday"
                                                              Case 7
                                                                   WeekDayName = "Saturday"
                                                          End Select
                                                      End Function

                                5  To use this
                                   function, type
                                "Date" in cell A1.
                                                                                                                  8 In cell B2 type
                                                                                                                  Name (A2) ".

                                6  Type date
                                   values in cells

                                      Type "Weekday
                                      Name" in cell
                                                                                                                  9   Type date values
                                                                                                                      in cells A2:A12.
NOVEMBER 2008 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | 29                                           WORKSHOP       HANDS ON

STEP 4: Calculating the number of weekdays in a month                                                         TIP
Excel has an excellent function called NetworkDays() which helps you calculate the number of                  ADDING CELL STYLE
weekdays in a particular period. What if you need to find out the number of Wednesdays that occur in a         ON THE QUICK
particular month? Although you can write a complicated and nested formula, you might either get lost          ACCESS TOOLBAR
halfway through or you may not be able to estimate the accuracy of the result. You can create a function      If you use cell styles
of your own to keep it simple. To do so, just carry out the following steps:                                  often and find it annoying
                                                                                                              or difficult to navigate
                                                                                                              back and forth to the
    1  Go to "Tools |
       Macro | Visual
    Basic Editor".
                                                                                  3   Press [Enter] at
                                                                                      the end of the
                                                                                  previous function
                                                                                                              ‘Home’ tab, you can create
                                                                                                              short cuts by adding the
                                                                                  and start typing the        menu to the Quick Access
                                                                                  formula named
                                                                                                              Toolbar. To do so, carry
                                                                                  Weekdays()”.                out the following steps:
                                                                                                                   Go to the
                                                                                                              1    ‘Home’ tab.
                                                                                                                   Right-click on the cell

    2  Since we have
       already created
                                                                                  4   Copy the
                                                                                      contents for the
                                                                                  formula “NumberOf
                                                                                                              2    style to add the cell
                                                                                                              style gallery on the ‘Quick
    a module, we just                                                             Weekdays()" given           Access Toolbar’.
    need to type the                                                              next without any
                                                                                                                   Click on the ‘Add

                           Function NumberOfWeekdays(dDate As Date,
                                                                                                              3    Gallery to Quick
                                                                                                              Access Toolbar’ option.
                           iWeekDay As Integer)                                                                    The cell style gallery
                               Dim dLoop As Date
                               If iWeekDay < 1 Or iWeekDay > 7 Then
                                                                                                              4    will be added to the
                                                                                                              ‘Quick Access Toolbar’.
                                    NumberOfWeekdays = CVErr(xlErrNum)
                                    Exit Function                                                                  To add the entire
                               End If                                                                         ‘Styles’ group to the
                               NumberOfWeekdays = 0
                                                                                                              ‘Quick Access Toolbar’,
                               dLoop = DateSerial(Year(dDate),
                           Month(dDate), 1)                                                                   carry out the following
                               Do While Month(dLoop) = Month(dDate)                                           steps:
                                    If WeekDay(dLoop) = iWeekDay Then _                                            Go to the
                                        NumberOfWeekdays =
                           NumberOfWeekdays + 1
                                                                                                              1    ‘Home’ tab.
                                                                                                                   Click on the ‘Cell
                                    dLoop = dLoop + 1

                           End Function
                                                                                                              2    Styles’ located under
                                                                                                              the ‘Styles’ group.
                                                                                                                   Right-click on any

    5   To use and
        understand how                                                            8  In cell B2, type
                                                                                     the formula as
                                                                                                              3    white space in the cell
                                                                                                              style grid.
    this function works,                                                          "=Weekday(A2)".
                                                                                                                   Click on the ‘Add
    type "Week" in cell
    A1.                                                                                                       4    Group to Quick Access
                                                                                                              Toolbar’ option.
                                                                                                                   The ‘Styles’ group will
                                                                                                              5    be added to the ‘Quick
                                                                                                              Access Toolbar’.

    6  Type date
       values in cells

                                                                                  9   Drag the
                                                                                      formula up to

    7   Type "Weekday"
        in cell B1.
                                                                                  cells B8 using a fill
HANDS ON            WORKSHOP                                                  30 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | NOVEMBER 2008

CREATING SHORTCUT              10    Type
                               Name" in cell C1.
                                                                                                                    11     In cell C2,
                                                                                                                           type the
                                                                                                                    formula as
KEYS FOR MACROS                                                                                                     "=WeekdayName

You can create keyboard
shortcuts to run your
macros, instead of
juggling back and forth to
the macros tool bar to
execute each macro. To do
so, carry out the following
    Go to “Tools | Macro |
                                                      12   Drag the formula up to cells C8 using a fill handle to
                                                           copy the same to the remaining cells.

1   Record New Macro…”
    In the “Record Macro”
2   dialog box, type an
appropriate macro name
                               13    Type
                                     "Number of                                                                     15       Drag the
                                                                                                                             formula up
                               Weekdays" in cell                                                                    to cell D8 using the
under the “Macro name:”        D1.                                                                                  fill handle.
    In the “Shortcut
3   key:” box, type any
character from your
keyboard that you want
to assign as the shortcut
    To use capital letters,
4   either use [Shift], or
keep the [Caps Lock] on.
    To make the macro
                                                                                                                    16      You will find
                                                                                                                            the number

5   global, select
the “Personal Macro
                               14    In cell D2
                                                                                                                    of weekdays that
                                                                                                                    appear in the
                                                                                                                    specified month
Workbook” option under         Weekdays (A2, B2) ".                                                                 appear in Row D.
the “Store macro in:”
drop-down list.
    Click “OK” to continue
6   creating the macro.
                               17      To confirm
                                       the result,                                                                  18      In cell D10,
                                                                                                                            type the
                               type "Total days in                                                                  formula as
                               the month of                                                                         "=SUM(D2:D8)". The
                               September" in cell                                                                   result will be 30,
                               A10.                                                                                 which is the number
                                                                                                                    of days in the month
                                                                                                                    of September.
                   NT ELLIGE
                   N LLL          M P UT
                  IN EL L IGENT COMPUTING       LU UPP
                                                L      P
                                             P PLUS SUPPLEMENT       1                                                                                                            WORKSHOP
                                                                                                                                                                                  WORKSHOP                HANDS ON
                                                                                                                                                                                                          HANDS ON

Yes! I would like to subscribe to CHIP for                                       1 Year             3 Years                                                 (PLEASE FILL THE FORM IN CAPITAL LETTERS)
Name: Mr. /Ms. ................................................................................................................ Male                       Female              Date of Birth:
Designation: ............................................................................... Organisation: ................................................................................................................
    Student            Professional               Self-employed               Other
Mailing Address: .........................................................................................................................................................................................................
City: .............................................. State: ................................... PIN                                   Tel: (O) ....................................... (R) ........................................
(M) ............................................. Fax: ...........................................E-mail: ...........................................................................................................................
Please find enclosed Cheque/DD No.................................. drawn on bank ...................................................................................................................
dated ........................................ for Rs ......................................... favouring Infomedia India Limited., payable at Mumbai.
Or charge my Credit Card:                    VISA              MasterCard                  Amex                          Date: ......................................... Signature .........................................
Card No.:                                                                                                  Card Expiry Date:
  For further details contact: Sunder Thiyagarajan INFOMEDIA 18 LIMITED: Subscription Dept, ‘A’ Wing, Ruby House, 2nd Floor, J. K. Sawant Marg,
Dadar (West), Mumbai - 400 028. INDIA Tel: 022-4030 2805/10 | Fax: 022-2430 2707 | @: | Website:

                                                                                                                                    Subscribe online: http: //
                    HANDS ON            WORKSHOP                                                32 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | NOVEMBER 2008

                                                                               Manage tasks
Hemali Limbachiya

                                                                               Are you on a tight schedule? Do you tend to
                                                                               leave out important tasks? If so, then Vista’s
                                                                               Task Scheduler might come in handy.
                                                                               BY DOLWIN FERNANDES

                    TIP                           STEP 1: Create a Basic task
                    ABOUT THE TASK                Windows Vista has an inbuilt feature known as the task scheduler. This feature enables you to execute
                    SCHEDULER                     a program, send an e-mail, play a particular music file or even turn off your system automatically at
                    The Task Scheduler in         the given date and time. We shall now see how to create a basic task.
                    Windows Vista is a helpful
                    feature that allows the
                    user to launch certain
                    event at a particular time.
                    This feature enables you
                    to run tasks periodically
                                                     1   Click on "Start|
                                                         Control Panel |
                                                                                                                                      2   Now, from the
                                                                                                                                          "Action" menu,
                                                                                                                                      select the "Create
                    which can be useful for
                                                     Tools| Task                                                                      Basic Task" option.
                    system administrators.
                    The Task Scheduler can
                    also wake the machine if
                    in ‘Sleep’ mode to run
                    important tasks. Other
                    than simply executing a
                    program, the task
                    scheduler can also send
                    an e-mail automatically at
                    a given date and time or
                    display a normal reminder
                    message. Hence suing
                    this feature can make the
                    system a full fledged
                    automated ad-hoc

                                                     3   Now, in the
                                                         "Name" text box,
                                                     enter an appropriate
                                                                                                                                      5   Once done, click

                                                     for your task.

                                                     4    Enter
                                                     regarding your task
                                                     in the "Description"
NOVEMBER 2008 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | 33                                              WORKSHOP       HANDS ON

    6   Click on a
        particular radio
    button. For example
                                                                                     Using the Tasks
                                                                                     Scheduler, you can          DELETE A TASK
                                                                                     trigger a particular
    "Daily" and click                                                                                            If your task is not a
                                                                                     event daily, weekly,
    "Next"                                                                           monthly, one time,          recurring one, you might
                                                                                     when the computer           no longer need it. Hence
                                                                                     starts, when you log        the task can be deleted.
                                                                                     on or when a
                                                                                                                 This can also save a small
                                                                                     specific event is
                                                                                     logged                      amount of disk space. To
                                                                                                                 delete a task:
                                                                                                                      Run the Task
                                                                                                                 1    Scheduler and click on
                                                                                                                 “Task Scheduler Library”.
    7   In the next
                                                                                     8   Click
                                                                                                                      Click on an
        screen, click on
    an appropriate
    radio button. For
                                                                                                                 2    appropriate task and
                                                                                                                 select the “Delete” option
    example "Start a
                                                                                                                 from the “Action” menu.
                                                                                                                 A confirmation dialog box
                                                                                                                 will appear.
                                                                                                                      Click “Yes” to confirm
                                                                                                                 3    the deletion.
                                                                                                                      To delete a
                                                                                                                 4    non- recurring
                                                                                                                 automatically, click on
    9   Now, click on
        "Browse" and                                                                 10      On the next
                                                                                             screen, you
                                                                                                                      Go to the “Settings”
    select the program
    to be executed and
    click "Next"
                                                                                     will be able to view
                                                                                     a detailed summary
                                                                                     of your task. Once
                                                                                                                 5    tab.
                                                                                                                      Select the “If the task
                                                                                     done, click "Finish".
                                                                                                                 6    is not scheduled to
                                                                                                                 run again, delete it after”
                                                                                                                 check box and click on
                                                                                                                 “Immediate” from the
                                                                                                                 drop-down box.
                                                                                                                      Once done,
                                                                                                                 7    click “OK”.

STEP 2: Manage a scheduled task
At a particular point of time, you might want to modify a particular task that executes daily. Modifying a
task allows you to change its execution time, waken the computer from sleep mode if a particular task
is to be executed and much more. To do so:

    1   Run the Task
        Scheduler and
    click on "Task
                                                                                     2   Click on an
                                                                                         appropriate task
                                                                                     and select the
    Scheduler Library".                                                              "Properties" option
                                                                                     from the "Action"
HANDS ON           WORKSHOP                                                  34 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | NOVEMBER 2008

DISPLAY RUNNING                 3   To change the
                                    execution date
                                and time of a
                                                                                                                   5  Modify
                                                                                                                   parameters in the
TASK                                                                                                               next screen as
                                particular task,
                                click on the                                                                       required and click
                                "Triggers" tab.                                                                    "OK"

                                4  Select the task
                                   and click the
                                "Edit" button.

                             Most computers probably tend to go to the ‘Sleep’ state if idle for a specific period of time. This may
                             prevent a particular task from executing if scheduled. To thwart this problem follow the steps below:

The task scheduler allows
                                6   Run the Task
                                    Scheduler and
                                click on "Task
                                                                                                                   8   Click on the
                                                                                                                       "Conditions" tab.

you to keep a track of all      Scheduler Library".
running tasks in your
system. You can get a
detailed view of currently
running tasks, the time         7   Click on an
                                    appropriate task
when the task started
executing, the amount of
                                and select the
                                "Properties" option
                                from the "Action"
                                                                                                                   9   Select the "Wake
                                                                                                                       the computer to
                                                                                                                   run this task" check
time elapsed and the            menu.                                                                              box and click "OK".
purpose of each of these
tasks. Moreover you can
even terminate a             STEP 3: Import or export a task
particular process if not    It may be a pain staking process to schedule another task with the same configuration on another
required. To do so:          machine. Hence to thwart this problem, you can use the ‘Export’ option replicate the task on another
    Click on “Start” and
1   type “Task Scheduler”
in the “Search Box”.
                             Vista machine. To do so:

2   Click on “Display
    All Running Tasks”
                                1   Run the Task
                                    Scheduler and
                                select an
                                                                                                                   4   Now transfer
                                                                                                                       the file to
                                                                                                                   another computer
located in the “Actions”        appropriate task.                                                                  via a flash drive or
pane. All running tasks                                                                                            any secondary
                                                                                                                   storage device.
will appear.
                                2   Select the
                                    "Export" option
                                from the "Actions"

                                3   Give the file an
                                name and save it
                                anywhere on your
                                                                                                                   5   Now run 'Task
                                                                                                                       Scheduler' on
                                                                                                                   the other machine.

                                6   Select the
                                    "Import Task"
                                option from the
                                                                                                                   7  Browse for and
                                                                                                                      open the
                                                                                                                   appropriate file.
                                "Action" menu.
NOVEMBER 2008 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | 35                                          WORKSHOP      HANDS ON

Create your own
We are often fascinated by the animated

                                                                                                                                          Hemali Limbachiya
characters shown in movies or in videos. But
have you thought that you can also create
an animation? Yes, you can do it using the
software called CrazyTalk! And it’s simple!
STEP 1: Creating a simple project                                                                            TIP
Using CrazyTalk you can animate humans, cartoons, and animal faces and also add voice to it. To do all       EXPORTING
this, follow the steps:                                                                                      ANIMATION TP A CELL

   1   Click on the
       "Model" tab.                                                              3   The "Open"
                                                                                     dialog box
                                                                                 opens. Select the
                                                                                 desired file and then
                                                                                 click on "Open".

                                                                                                             Using CrazyTalk, you can
                                                                                                             export any animated video
                                                                                                             you have created into a
                                                                                                             mobile phone. But you will
                                                                                                             need to do the output
                                                                                                             settings. Here’s how to do
   2    Click on the icon
        which has a
   girl's face in the left
                                                                                                                 Click on the “Custom”
   pane to import an
   image.                                                                                                    1   tab in the right pane.
                                                                                                                 Double click on
                                                                                                             2   “Project”.
                                                                                                                 Select the project
   4   The "Image
   dialog box opens.
                                                                                 5   Then click
                                                                                     "OK".                   3   which you want to
                                                                                                             export by clicking on it.
   Click on the "Crop                                                                                            Click on the “Output”
   Image" icon in the
   toolbar in the left to
                                                                                                             4   tab.
                                                                                                                 Click on the “Mobile”
   crop the relevant
   part of the image.                                                                                        5   tab.
                                                                                                                 Select the desired
                                                                                                             6   format from the drop
                                                                                                             down list.
                                                                                                                 Specify the “Output
                                                                                                             7   Size”, “Frame Rate”,
                                                                                                             “Video Quality”, and
                                                                                                             “Audio Quality”.
                                                                                                                 Then, click on
                                                                                                             8   “Export”.
HANDS ON            WORKSHOP                                                 36 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | NOVEMBER 2008

RECORDING YOUR                   6   The "Auto Fit
                                     Anchor Points"
                                 dialog box opens.
                                                                                                                   8   Then click on

                                 7   Drag the feature
                                     points, "1", "2",
                                 "3", and "4"
                                                                                                                   If you want to revert
                                                                                                                   any changes, you
                                 respectively using                                                                can click on the
                                 the image on the                                                                  undo arrow present
                                 right side as a                                                                   in the toolbar in the
                                 reference.                                                                        left pane.
You can use CrazyTalk to
record your own voice and
incorporate it with your      STEP 2: Animating an image
animation. To record a        After you are done creating a simple animation, you can modify it and add more features to it. To do
sound clip, follow these      this, perform the following steps
    GClick on the sound
1   recording icon (small
red circle) in the bottom
                                 1   To change the
                                     eyes, pupil, or
                                 sclera (white part of
                                                                                                                   2   Click on the
                                                                                                                       "Eye" tab.

                                 the eyes), click the
                                 "Advance Facial
    Choose the sound
2   device from the drop
down list.
                                 Settings" button.
                                                                                                                   3   You can choose
                                                                                                                       the appropriate
                                                                                                                   eye color for your
                                 You can either                                                                    character from a list
    Adjust the
3   “Volume”.
    Then click on
                                 individually define
                                 settings for pupil
                                 and the whites by
                                                                                                                   of eyes in the box by
                                                                                                                   selecting a
                                                                                                                   particular eye.
4   “Record”.                    selecting the
                                 options "Pupil" or

5   To listen to the sound
    clip recorded, click on
                                 "The Whites". You
                                 can also define
                                                                                                                   4   Click and drag
                                                                                                                       the pointer in
                                                                                                                   the pane to adjust
“Play”.                          settings to both                                                                  "Brightness",
                                 pupils and eyes by                                                                "Contrast", "Hue",
                                 clicking on "Both".                                                               and "Saturation".

                                 5   To increase or
                                     decrease the
                                 density of teeth, you
                                                                                                                   7  Adjust the color
                                                                                                                      settings as per
                                                                                                                   your wished.
                                 can drag the pointer
                                 to the left or right.

                                                                                                                   You can either
                                                                                                                   individually define
                                                                                                                   settings for pupil
                                 You can also define                                                               and the whites by
                                 settings for the lips                                                             selecting the
                                 of the character and                                                              options "Pupil" or
                                 the mouth.                                                                        "The Whites". You
                                                                                                                   can also define
                                                                                                                   settings to both
                                                                                                                   pupils and eyes by
                                                                                                                   clicking on "Both".

                                 6   To increase the
                                     length of the
                                 teeth, you can drag
                                 the pointer to the
                                 right side.                                                                       8   Then, click
NOVEMBER 2008 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | 37                                           WORKSHOP       HANDS ON

    9   To make your
        character speak
    in your words, click
                                                                                 12      To adjust the
                                                                                         volume, drag
                                                                                 the pointers to the
    on the "Script" tab.                                                         right or left.

    10      In the lower
            pane click
    on the "T" symbol.
                                                                                 You can also choose
                                                                                 any script from a set
                                                                                 of scripts displayed
                                                                                 on the right side.

             Add the text
             in the "text
                                                                                 13      Then click

                                                                                                              Every program you work
STEP 3: Adding different emotions                                                                             on has some predefined
Using CrazyTalk, you can apply a set of very realistic and predefined emotions to your character. To           settings. If you want
animate you character to display different sets of emotions, follow these steps:                              to change the default
                                                                                                              settings of CrazyTalk, you

    1   Click on the
        "Script" tab.                                                            3   Click on the
                                                                                     desired emotive
                                                                                 from the list.
                                                                                                              can do that by performing
                                                                                                              the following steps:
                                                                                                              Setting the Hotkey:
                                                                                                                  Click on the
                                                                                                              1   “Hammer” icon,

    2   Click on the
        "Emotives" tab.                                                          4   Then click the
                                                                                     "Play" button.
                                                                                                              present in the toolbar.
                                                                                                                  Specify the

Choosing a predefined character
                                                                                                              2   “Temporary” folder.
                                                                                                                  Set the “Workspace
                                                                                                              3   Image Size”.
    1   Click on the
        "Script" tab.                                                            4   Then select a
                                                                                     character by
                                                                                 double clicking on           4   Specify the “Enable
                                                                                                                  Undo” option.
                                                                                 the image.                       Then click on “OK”.

    2    Click on the
         "Template" tab
                                                                                                              5   The default settings
                                                                                                              will be changed.
    in the right pane.

    3   From the list of
        models, select
    one type from                                                                5   You can then
                                                                                     customize the
    "Animal",                                                                    character by clicking
    "Cartoon", "Doll",                                                           on "Advance Facial
    or "Human".                                                                  Settings".

Recording your own audio

    1   Click on the
        "Script" tab.                                                            3   Browse for the
                                                                                     .wav or .mp3 file.

    2     Click on the
          "Import Wav
    File" icon to import
    a .wav or an .mp3
    file.                                                                        4   Then click the
                                                                                     "Play" button.
                    HANDS ON             WORKSHOP                                              38 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | NOVEMBER 2008

                                                                              Create simulated
                                                                              Famtom isn’t a real physical drive but a
Hemali Limbachiya

                                                                              software simulation of one that can function
                                                                              just as well. It does the job of simulating a
                                                                              CD drive, creating images and burning discs.
                                                                              BY GARETH MANKOO

                    TIP                           STEP 1: Downloading and installing
                    USE MULTIPLE                  The trial version of Fantom CD emulator is available for download at “
                    FORMATS                       Fantom-CD-121-Build-1960_download-12102.html”. It is available as a Free Trial version and a Pro
                                                  version. We will use the Free version in this workshop.

                                                     1   Visit the link
                                                         provided above.                                                             3   Click "Download

                    Besides the MDS file
                    format Fantom also
                    supports additional disc
                    image formats. Files with
                    these extension will be
                    associated with Fantom’s
                    context menu. The
                    procedure to add these
                    files to the list of Fantom
                    supported formats is
                    simple.                          2  Once you are on
                                                        the download
                                                     page, click
                    1   “File | Options”.
                        Click “Shell Integrate”
                                                     "Download Link 1".

                    2   tab.
                        Check the extensions
                    3   that you wish to add
                    to the list. ISO image
                                                     4   Double-Click the
                                                         downloaded file.                                                            6   Click "Finish"
                                                                                                                                         once you are
                                                                                                                                     done with the
                    formats are the most                                                                                             procedure.
                    popularly used one and
                    it will be of great help if
                    a software like Fantom
                    could read such formats.
                    4   “OK”.
                         Additional formats
                                                     5   Follow the
                                                     procedure. Select
                                                     the "Complete"
                    can be added as well by          installation radio
                    enlisting them in the text       button when
                    box at the base.                 provided with the
NOVEMBER 2008 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | 39                                         WORKSHOP        HANDS ON

    7  Click "Start | All
       Programs |
    Fantom CD |
                                                                                 9   Click "OK" on
                                                                                     the splash             DISC READ ERRORS
    Fantom CD".
                                                                                 screen that appears.       DURING IMAGE
                                                                                                            Disk read errors are
                                                                                                            common during the Image
                                                                                                            making process as well as

    8    The trial version
         of the
    application will
                                                                                                            the copy process. These
                                                                                                            errors are enlisted in the
                                                                                                            list that provides with
                                                                                                            information on the status
                                                                                                            of the drive. They are
                                                                                                            marked in yellow in case
STEP 2: Create and load images                                                                              of single block errors and
The content from some discs cannot be copied to the hard drive. These contain files that have to be          in red if the disc reading is
played directly in a CD format. Putting the CD in the drive every time you want to run the                  canceled altogether.
application is cumbersome. Fantom comes to the rescue in such situations by providing with a                     These errors mostly
capability of creating images of your discs.                                                                occur because of
                                                                                                            scratched CDs. If such an

    1   Insert a disc,
        whose image
    you wish to create,
                                                                                 2   Click "Image
                                                                                     Making Wizard"
                                                                                 on the left pane.
                                                                                                            error occurs there isn’t
                                                                                                            much you can do besides
    into your drive.                                                                                        simple ignoring it. Click
                                                                                                            the check box that’s
                                                                                                            beside “Skip Reading
                                                                                                            Errors”. If this doesn’t
                                                                                                            solve the problem and
                                                                                                            if Fantom still nags you

    3   On the Image
        Making Wizard,
    select the
                                                                                 4   Click
                                                                                                            with the disk reading error
                                                                                                            messages then it means
    appropriate drive                                                                                       that your disc is damaged
    name that contains                                                                                      and cannot be copied or
    your CD/DVD.
                                                                                                            simulated. Avoid inserting
                                                                                 The "Separate
                                                                                 Image file every"          heavily damaged discs for
                                                                                 drop down list will        the safety of your drive.
                                                                                 allow you to create             Another reason
                                                                                 new image files
                                                                                                            why such errors may
                                                                                 after regular
                                                                                 intervals. The             occur is your discs
                                                                                 sessions will be           being encrypted with a
                                                                                 enlisted in the list       protection scheme check
                                                                                                            the check box next to
                                                                                                            “Skip Reading Errors”

    5   Select the
        location where
    you wish to save the
                                                                                 7  Check if the
                                                                                    space that your
                                                                                                            and “RAW Mode + Sub-
                                                                                                            Channel Information”.
                                                                                 image file will
    image files.                                                                 occupy is sufficient       This should solve your
                                                                                 and click "Start".         problem for good.

    6   Type in the
        name of the file.
HANDS ON              WORKSHOP                                                   40 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | NOVEMBER 2008

TIP                                The image creation
FINDING AN IMAGE                   process will
                                   commence. The
                                                                                                                       8   Click "Finish" on
                                                                                                                           completion. A
                                                                                                                       shortcut to the newly
                                   progress of the
                                                                                                                       created image will
                                   same, along with
                                                                                                                       appear in Fantom
                                   the errors (if any)
                                                                                                                       and the drive will
                                   can be monitored on
                                                                                                                       eject the disc.
                                   the list box.

If you had made an image
file and had stored it
somewhere on your hard
drive then looking for it
                                   9   Right-click the
                                       shortcut of the
                                   device and on the
                                                                                                                      The next step is to
                                                                                                                      load the image into
                                                                                                                      your simulated drive
using the Windows search           context menu click                                                                 that has been
                                   "Mount on device |                                                                 created by Fantom.
tool may be irksome and
                                   <The name of the
time consuming as well.            simulated drive>".
Fantom’s “Image Finder
                                                                                                                       If the your system
Wizard” makes it easy to
                                                                                                                       and your disc has an
look for image files since                                                                                             auto run then it will
the search is narrowed                                                                                                 start up immediately
down to only those file                                                                                                on loading.
extensions that the
software supports.
     Click “View | Image           10      To unload
                                           the image
                                                                                                                      The image will be
                                                                                                                      loaded and will be
1    File Finder” or click on
the icon that’s available
                                   right-click the drive
                                   that has a loaded
                                                                                                                      displayed in the
                                                                                                                      bottom section of the
                                   image and in the                                                                   Fantom window.
on the left pane,                  context menu click
     Select the location           "Un-mount Image".
2    where you want to
look for the file.
     Check/Uncheck the
3    formats that you do
not wish to look for.
     When the files that
4    are found are enlisted,
right-click on the name
                                STEP 3: Configure new drives
                                Fantom offers you with simulated drives that do not really exist. It provides with a capability to increase
                                the number of the drives to a certain limit. This can help you load more images at a time.
and click “Add files to
Fantom CD”.

5    A shortcut to the
     selected file(s) will
                                   1   Click "File |
                                       Options".                                                                       3   Select the
                                                                                                                           number of
                                                                                                                       Fantom drives using
appear in the main window                                                                                              the provided option.
of the software.

                                   2   By default, the
                                       "General" tab
                                   will be selected. If
                                   not, then click on it.
NOVEMBER 2008 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | 41                                              WORKSHOP       HANDS ON

STEP 4: Burn discs                                                                                               TIP
Once the image is saved on your hard drive as a MDS file it can be written as a new CD on a fresh disc.           COPY WIZARD
Fantom provides with a simplified, yet hassle-free disc burning facility.                                         It is common for disc
                                                                                                                 burning utilities to have a

    1   Insert a blank
        disc into your
                                                                                         2  Click "Image
                                                                                                                 copying facility for discs.
                                                                                                                 One may wonder what the
                                                                                                                 difference between the
                                                                                                                 Image Making Wizard and
                                                                                                                 the Copy Wizard is. The
                                                                                                                 Copy Wizard doesn’t only
                                                                                                                 make an image of the disc
                                                                                                                 but also burns it onto a
                                                                                                                 fresh, black one.
                                                                                                                      Click “Copy Wizard”
                                                                                                                 1    on the left pane.
                                                                                                                      Click “Next” after
                                                                                                                 2    selecting a location to
                                                                                                                 save your file.

    3   Select the
        image file that
    you wish to burn by
                                                                                         4   Click
                                                                                                                 3    Click “Start” to
                                                                                                                      commence the image
    clicking "Browse".                                                                                           creation.
                                                                                                                      Once the copying is
                                                                                                                 4    completed the image
                                                                                                                 burning dialog box will
                                                                                                                 open up.
                                                                                                                      Remove the old disc
                                                                                                                 5    and place a blank on
                                                                                                                 in the drive.
                                                                                                                      Select the write speed
                                                                                                                 6    as “Maximum” and
                                                                                                                 click “Next”.
                                                                                                                      Click “Start” to start

                            Fantom is capable of doing a quick search for MDF files in
                                                                                                                 7    burning the image on
                                                                                                                 your disc.
                            your system using the "Image Finder Wizard". Refer to the
                            respective side-bar reference on the same for more

    5   Select the write
        speed as
    "Maximum" for best
                                                                                         6  Make sure that
                                                                                            the "Write"
                                                                                         check box is
    performance.                                                                         checked.

                                                                                         7   Click
                HANDS ON            WORKSHOP                                                42 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | NOVEMBER 2008

                                                                           Manage your
                                                                           If you have an internet connection that tends
                                                                           to get disconnected quite often, you may have
Sachin Pandit

                                                                           trouble downloading large files. In this case,
                                                                           Fresh Download can come in handy.
                                                                           BY DOLWIN FERNANDES

                REFERENCE                     STEP 1: Download and install
                WHAT IS                       Fresh Download is a freeware and can be downloaded from the internet. Though it’s free, it is
                FRESHDOWNLOAD?                embedded with features that any paid download manager would have. You can download Fresh
                Fresh Download is a full      Download from the link website
                fledged download
                manager that can resume
                your file downloads
                efficiently. Though the
                software is free, it allows
                you to download any file         1     Click the
                                                       "Download Free"
                                                 tab and browse for
                                                                                                                                  3   Click the "I
                                                                                                                                      accept the
                                                                                                                                  agreement" radio
                type and provides
                features that any other          an appropriate                                                                   button and click
                paid download manager            location to save the                                                             "Next".
                would have. The                  file.
                Scheduling feature allows
                file download scheduling
                as and when required.
                Thus files can be
                downloaded in absence of
                the user. Fresh download
                also has an amazing              2   Once
                                                     downloading is
                                                                                                                                  4   On the next
                                                                                                                                      screen, click on
                                                                                                                                  "Browse" and select
                feature wherein the              complete, double-                                                                an appropriate
                system shuts down                click the setup file                                                             location to install the
                automatically once               and click "Next".                                                                application.
                scheduled downloads are
                completed. The best part
                about this software being
                free is that it has no
                banners or ads and is
                completely virus and
                spyware free.                    5   For easy access
                                                     to the
                                                 application, select
                                                                                                                                  6   Click "Install"
                                                                                                                                      and then
                                                 the "Create a
                                                 desktop icon" check
                                                 box and click "Next".
NOVEMBER 2008 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | 43                                         WORKSHOP       HANDS ON

STEP 2: Download a file                                                                                     TIP
If you have an internet connection that tends to get disconnected every minute, it becomes a tedious        INTEGRATING AN
task to download large files from the internet since a slight connection problem may disrupt the             ANTI-VIRUS
download process. But using ‘Fresh Download’ you can resume the download process from the point it
was disrupted.

    1   Click on "File|
        Add new URL".                                                           2   In the "URL"
                                                                                    text box, enter
                                                                                the appropriate link.
                                                                                For Example www.

                                                                                                            Nowadays the internet is
                                                                                                            the main source for virus
                                                                                                            intrusions. A downloaded
                                                                                                            file may not necessarily
                                                                                                            be the file you actually
                                                                                                            wanted. Hence Fresh
    3   In the "Save as"
        text box, enter
    the path where the
                                                                                5  To download the
                                                                                   file later, click
                                                                                                            download allows anti-
                                                                                                            virus integration, using
    download file would
                                                                                                            which, the downloaded
    be saved or click the
    "Change" button to                                                                                      file would be scanned
    browse for an                                                                                           before execution. To
    appropriate                                                                                             integrate an anti-virus
                                                                                                            with Fresh Download:
                                                                                                                 Run Fresh Download
                                                                                                            1    and select the
                                                                                                            “FreshDownload Options”
    4  Once done, click
       the "Download
    now" button.
                                                                                                            option from the “View”
                                                                                                                 Click on the
                                                                                                            2    “Download
Integration of Browsers                                                                                     Completion” tab and
Fresh Download can also integrate itself with Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla and other internet          select the “Virus
browsers, thus allowing you to download a file using Fresh Download the moment the download link is          Checking” check box.
                                                                                                                 In the “Virus scanner”
clicked. To do so:
                                                                                                            3    text box, specify the
                                                                                                            path to the .exe file. For
                                                                                You can also click          example “avg.exe”.
    6   Select the
        "FreshDownload                                                          the “Options” button
                                                                                                                 Once done
    options" option from
    the "View" menu.
                                                                                placed on the Tool
                                                                                bar for easy and
                                                                                quick access to the
                                                                                                            4    click “OK”.

                                                                                Options" dialog box.
HANDS ON           WORKSHOP                                                 44 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | NOVEMBER 2008

EXCLUDING                       7
                                       Click the
                                       "Integration"                                                              8  Select
                                                                                                                  check boxes as

                                                                                                                  9   Once done, click

Fresh download allows
you automatically block      STEP 3: Managing file downloads
downloads from websites.     Other than just resuming downloads, you can even schedule them as and when required. Scheduling
Using this, one can          downloads can helpful since the download process starts automatically in the absence of the user, thus
prevent the intrusion of a   making appropriate use of the bandwidth. To do so:
virus, spyware or any file
that can cause damage to
your system. You can set
one out of three rules to
                                1   Run Fresh
                                    download and
                                select an
                                                                                                                  2  From the
                                                                                                                  menu, select the
each entry. To do so:           appropriate entry.                                                                "Schedule" option.
    Run FreshDownload
1   and select the
“FreshDownload options”
from the “View” menu.
    Now click on the
2   “Excluded Site” tab.
    Enter the name of
3   the website in the
text box.
    Select an appropriate
4   rule from the drop-
down list.
    Once done,
5   click “OK”.
    Click on “Remove” to
                                3   Select
                                    appropriate                                                                   5   Once done, click

6   remove an entry.
    You can also modify
                                parameters in the
                                "" dialog box.

7   a website’s rule
by simply clicking the
“Edit” tab and specifying
appropriate parameters.

                                4   To re-download
                                    the file after
                                completion, select
                                the "Redownload if
                                                                                                                  6   Make sure the
                                                                                                                      "Shutdown When
                                                                                                                  Done" option is
                                completed"                                                                        selected from the
                                checkbox.                                                                         "Tools" menu.
                                                            Visual Glossary

NOVEMBER 2008 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | 45                                              VISUAL GLOSSARY     SPECIALS

Confused by computer jargon? Not any longer! Just refer to the visual glossary for an easy initiation into the
world of technology. BY KAMAKSHI VENUGOPAL

                   The Blue Screen of Death or BSoD is an error screen displayed
                   by an operating system (mainly Windows) when it encounters

                   a critical system error causing a system shutdown to prevent
                   further damage. Blue screens may appear for a variety of
                   errors which include poorly structured device drivers,
                   malfunctioning hardware, incompatible DLLs, physical faults
                   such as SMPS issues, overheating of components, hard disk
                   not properly connected, or malfunctioning buses and ports.
                   The term "Blue Screen of Death" was originally associated
with the operating system OS/2. When a Blue Screen of Death appears on your
screen, it is advisable to turn-off your system, check your
CPU cabinet for loose cables or devices, and reboot.                          Blue Screen of Death

                                                                                                     EDGE is an acronym for Enhanced Data

                  A digital signature is an encoded
                  signage which is used instead of an                                                rates for GSM Evolution. It is also
                  actual handwritten signature. It                                                   referred to as EGPRS or Enhanced
                  provides authenticity and security to                                              GPRS. EDGE is a digital mobile phone
                  a message in an online document. A                                                 technology which enables faster and
                  message can be any kind of data; an                                                more reliable data transfer. Although
                  electronic mail, a contract, an online                                             this technology is a part of the 3G
form, etc. You can also add a digital signature to                            definition, it is classified as a 2.75G technology. EDGE is
messages encoded with protocols that are more                                 compatible with GSM networks since 2003. EDGE benefits
complicated. Digital signatures are mainly useful for                         especially for users who work
programs on the Internet which transfers data local                           with data applications requiring
machines, requiring                                                           high speed, like multimedia
to confirm its identity                                                       programs. Unlike the 3G
to any third party                                                            evolution, which requires an
concerned.                                                                    entire network by itself, EGDE is
                                                                              a technology which is used as an
                                                                              addendum to mobile networks

  Digital Signatures                                                          using the GSM technology.

                Podcasts are similar to radio transmissions, but they are

                digital media frequencies distributed over the Internet to
                portable media players or a computer system, with the help
                of syndicate feeds. Podcasts may be media files either in the
                audio or video formats. The term Podcasts was first coined
                by Apple, as they were initially used to broadcast feeds on an
                iPod. Since Podcasts can now relayed on a computer system
as well with the help of feed readers like Atom and RSS feeds, the term
Podcasts was redefined by some as "Personal On Demand broadCASTS".
The most predominant player in the Podcasting
arena is the "Apple iTunes" player.                        Podcasts

                   RAR is a file format which creates file

                                                                                         VoIP is an acronym for Voice over
                   archives to support efficient data transfer.                          Internet Protocol. With the help of VoIP
                   RAR files support data compression, file                              services, the voice of a person can be
                   recovery and file spanning. RAR stands                                transmitted into digital signals to be
                   for Roshal Archive, named after the                                   transported over the internet. VoIP
                   Russian software engineer Eugene                                      enables you to make calls directly
                   Roshal. It is currently licensed under Win.                           from a computer through special VoIP
                   RAR GmbH. A RAR file uses the .rar file                               enabled applications or chat
extension for data                                                                       applications, or VoIP enabled phones.
archives and the .rev file                                        To use VoIP services, you would require a high-speed
extension for recovery                                            internet connection to transfer data packets. While some
archives.                                                         VoIP service providers charge for calls which are made out
                                                                  of a particular calling area, others may charge a flat rate on
                                                                  the basis of pulse or talk time.

            RAR                                                                               VoIP

                  Telecom: 3G stands for the third generation
                  of mobile phone standards and technology
                  as released by the International Mobile
                  Telecommunications programme (IMT-
                  2000). The 3G technologies will allow
                  various network operators to provide
                  more advanced services and better
                  networking capabilities. The 3G technology
will be able to support various hi-end features like VoIP
services, video calls, and hi-speed broadband. Unlike the
Wi-Fi technology which primarily supports only data
transmission, the implementation of the 3G technologies
would incorporate high-speed internet access and video
                                          telephony        to
Telecom: 3G                               cellular networks
                                          using          this
technology                                technology.
NOVEMBER 2008 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | 47                                           DR. KNOW     SPECIALS

                               Dr. Know
                                                        Get to know what the all new Google Chrome
                                                        has to offer. Learn what a beta version really
                                                        is and who wins in the battle between OLEDs
                                                        and LCD displays. BY CRAIG FONSECA

         What is a Beta                        product usually still has a few bugs       beta stage may last from a few weeks
         version?                              in them. The company may collect           to a few years. Some products don’t
The term beta version was first used            feedback from the users at this time       even make it out of the beta stage.
by IBM for their early hardware tests,         about the product, what they would
where the tests were done to check             like changed, and details of any bugs              How does OLED beat
whether the hardware performed all of          discovered by the users before the                 LCD?
the specified functions. The word beta          product is finally released.                OLED or ‘Organic Light Emitting
comes from the second alphabet in the              There are two types of beta            Diode’ is the next step in display
Greek language. When a product is in           versions, a closed beta version, where     technology. OLED technology was
development, it goes through several           the product is given to a selected few     first developed by the Eastman Kodak
stages. The first stage, or the alpha           to use and test, where the company         Company using techniques which
stage is when the product is tested            may directly contact the user for          proved to be more effective and
within the company and any problems            feedback, and an open beta version,        cost-effective than other methods.
are fixed at the company.                       when the product is open for general       A typical OLED display is composed
   A product is usually given a beta           public use, where feedback is usually      of thin films of organic molecules,
version tag, when it is released either        got through e-mail or a forum on the       which emit different color light when
free or at a reduced price to limited          company’s website.                         an electric current is passed through
users. It has all the features but is              There is no specified time period for   it. OLED displays produce brighter
not yet ready for release or sale. The         a product to be in the beta stage. The     and sharper images while consuming
                                                                                          less energy than the current LED and
 WHAT IS THE HYPE BEHIND GOOGLE CHROME?                                                   LCD displays. With a faster refresh
 Google Chrome is an open source,                appear on the top of the window          rate than LCD’s, OLED displays
 free to use browser developed                   and above the address bar.               are able to produce more natural
 and released by Google. A beta                     Chrome also introduces the            moving image than today’s LCDs.
 version is released and is available            ‘Omnibox’ which acts as the address          Currently OLED displays can be
 as a download for public use.                   bar as well as a search bar. Apart       seen as smaller displays in devices
     The main aim of Google Chrome               from this, it introduces new features    like digital cameras and PDAs but
 is to provide its users with security,          like ‘Incognito’ surfing, where          are slowly but surely making their
 speed and stability. The browser                the user can surf the net without        way into the home theatre arena
 was built from scratch by a team                storing anything in the Web History.     with huge displays. These displays
 from Denmark using code from                    Another very useful feature is           support the latest HD technology.
 26 different libraries of Google                the ‘Sandbox’ or isolated tabs, in           Using OLED technology, it is
 as well as from third parties                   which, if a tab stops responding,        possible to make displays that are
 such as Netscape and Mozilla                    only the tab can be closed and not       as thin as a sheet of paper and can
 Firefox. Google also redefines                  the entire browser. The default          be rolled. With such technology,
 the look of the browser with a few              home page of the browser acts            it is possible to integrate displays
 simple yet effective changes. Tabs              as ‘speed dial’ by displaying            in places like clothing, and
 appear on top of the address bar,               thumbnails of the nine last visited      electronic news papers which you
 instead of the traditional tabs that            web pages. It also displays your         can carry around with you and
 can be seen in Firefox, the tabs                recent searches and bookmarks.           roll it like a real news paper.
SPECIALS       PC DOCTOR                                                             48 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | NOVEMBER 2008

Help! My USB device
is not detected!
Since the use of USB flash drives has increased, the
number of problems caused because of compatibility
issues of these devices has also taken toll on users.
These problems are often because of outdated
drivers or other software related issues. Here we
will tackle both, hardware and software problems
related to USB devices. BY GARETH MANKOO

       Vista displays USB                           USB controllers are marked with a                         Safely Remove
       2.0 drive as USB 1.1                         question mark (?) then right-click on                     Hardware icon is
After upgrading the operating system                each of them individually and in the                      not displayed
of my PC Windows XP to Windows                      context menu click “Update Driver”.                 I have been using Microsoft Windows
Vista premium everything seems to                   To update the driver it is important                XP for sometime now and back-up
be working correctly except for my                  to have the latest driver software.                 my data on a fl ash drive. Lately, on
USB ports. They are now showing as                  Most manufacturers provide you with                 inserting the fl ash drive, i do not
USB 1.1 instead of USB 2.0, which is                a disc containing the Motherboard                   see the notification button on my
what they were before the upgrade.                  drivers. If you don’t have the drivers              taskbar. This makes it impossible
Is there any solution to this problem?              with you, do a little looking around                for me to unplug my device safely.
SOLUTION: Yes, there is a solution to               and get to know the brand name                      I have been told that it is not a good
this problem. One possible cause may                and exact model number of your                      practice to directly unplug a USB
be your system doesn’t recognize the                Motherboard. The drivers of the                     device from the computer and hence
USB ports correctly. Right-click My                 Motherboard should be available                     I do not know what to do now.
Computer and click “Properties” in                  for download at the companies web                   SOLUTION: This is a common problem
the context menu. Click “Hardware”                  site. Download the drivers and install              among most fl ash drive users.
and in that the “Device Manager”                    them into your PC. On detecting                     However, there are many solutions
button. Scroll down to the part of the              the correct Motherboard drivers,                    to this problem. The taskbar can
tree that expands to the “Universal                 Microsoft Vista will display your                   be set to hide inactive icons. Check
Serial Bus controllers”. If each of the             drivers as USB 2.0 instead of USB 1.1.              to see if your device is concealed
                                                                                                        among the hidden icons. You can
                                                                                                        do so by clicking on the arrow near
                                                                                                        the clock that can be found on the
                                                                                                        bottom, right corner of the screen.
                                                                                                           If the icon is there then you need to
                                                                                                        unhide it to avoid future scares of this
                                                                                                        nature. To do this,
                                                                                                           Right-click on the taskbar
                                                                                                        and click “Properties”.
                                                                                                           Uncheck the “Hide inactive
                                                                                                        icons” check box.
                                                                                                           Click “OK”.
                                                                                                           If the icon isn’t to be found, even
                                                                                                        after clicking on the arrow then you
                                                                                                        can invoke the dialog box by clicking
Click the dropdown box that’s beside “Safely Remove Hardware” and select “Always show”. Click “OK” to   on “Start | Run”. Enter the following
save the changes.
                                                                                                        line of text “RUNDLL32 SHELL32.
NOVEMBER 2008 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | 49                                                                     PC DOCTOR         SPECIALS

DLL,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll”
and hit the [Enter] key. The dialog
box will open on your screen. Though
this will serve your purpose, it isn’t
a permanent solution. It is better
to have the icon pop up every time
rather than type in this line of text
in the command prompt each time.
Here’s how to enforce its presence:
   Click “Start | Control Panel”.
   Double-click on “Taskbar
and Start Menu Properties”.
   Click “Customize”.
   Select “Always Show” from the
drop down list that corresponds                        The list of USB controllers can be found in the “Device Manager” dialog box. Right-click on a controller to
to “Safely Remove Hardware”.                           view its Properties.
   Click “OK”.
   The “Safely Remove Hardware” icon                  SOLUTION:  No, Windows 98 does not                      recognized by Microsoft Vista.
will now be displayed permanently                     support USB 1.1. It works perfectly                     However, if I reboot my machine
on the taskbar. The problem of                        fine for USB 1.0 devices though. Now                     the device gets recognized. It is
the missing icon is often solved by                   that you have already purchased                         painstaking since I need to reboot my
a simple reboot of the computer.                      the fl ash drive and are ready to                        machine every time. Please help.
However, it is best to follow these                   upgrade to a newer operating system,                    SOLUTION: This is a common problem in
steps rather than unplug your device                  Windows XP would be a good solution.                    systems that have corrupted system
directly and risk data loss and                       However, as far as supporting a USB                     files in them. Click the “Start” menu
corruption of the device altogether.                  1.1 device is concerned, you will need                  and type “Device Manager” in the
                                                      to install Windows XP with Service                      search field to open up the Device
       Operating system                               Pack 1. Also make sure that the                         Manager. Navigate to the portion of
       doesn’t support                                settings in the Device Manager are                      the dialog box that has all your USB
       USB 1.1                                        configured to accommodate the latest,                    controllers enlisted. Right-click
I have a new expensive USB device                     correct drivers for your USB port.                      on all of them and delete them.
that uses USB 1.1 but for some reason                                                                         Reboot Windows Vista. When
it is not detected on my Windows                               USB device not                                 Vista reboots it will detect the
98 operating system. Does this OS                              recognized by OS                               missing USB controllers and will
support USB 1.1 in the first place? If                 My USB drive when plugged into                          add the devices automatically.
not, then will upgrading to Windows                   my computer causes the sound                            This will take care of the problem
XP solve the problem for me?                          alert to go off but does not get                        if file corruption is the cause.
                                                                                                                  Another means of troubleshooting
                                                                                                              a problem of this nature is to enable
                                                                                                              Write Caching.
                                                                                                                  Reboot your computer so
                                                                                                              that the drive gets detected.
                                                                                                                  Click “My Computer”
                                                                                                                  Right-click on the external drive.
                                                                                                                  Click “Properties”.
                                                                                                                  Click “Properties” under
                                                                                                              the “Hardware” tab.
                                                                                                                  Click “Change settings”.
                                                                                                                  In the next dialog box
                                                                                                              click the “Policies” tab.
                                                                                                                  Check the “Enable write
                                                                                                              caching on the disk” checkbox.
Click the “Policies” tab and make sure that the “Enable write caching on the disk” checkbox is checked.           Once done, click “OK”
Once done click “OK” and reboot the system.
                                                                                                                  Reboot the system.
SPECIALS        IN DETAIL                                                            50 | INTELLIGENT COMPUTING CHIP PLUS SUPPLEMENT | NOVEMBER 2008

Portable and ink-free printing
With major advancements in technology, stationary printing might become
obsolete. Zink imaging has invented a portable printer that prints digital
photographs without the use of a cartridge, thus simplifying the printing
process and allowing you to print digital photographs anytime and anywhere.
Read on to get an in-depth detail of this awesome technology. BY DOLWIN FERNANDES

      ero ink printing or ZINK
      in short is a technology
      that has been researched
and developed by ZINK Imaging.
Pioneered by a group of scientists
this awe inspiring technology
provides an easy and convenient
alternative to bulky printers and ink
cartridges while maintaining high
quality printing.

Mechanism of Zero ink
ZINK uses a special paper with
embedded dye crystals known as                        which when affected low temperature                 Outcome of Zero ink
‘Amorphocromic’ crystals which                        releases a cyan dye that is formed into             printing
stimulates into different colors on                   the image. The third layer, which is                The prints obtained from ZINK
heating. These crystals respond                       the ‘Magenta imaging layer’ releases                printers can produce millions of colors
differently to heat impulses of varying               a magenta dye but only when heated                  with accuracy. Though this technology
duration and intensities, due to which                at a medium temperature. The ‘Yellow                is new, it’s known to give out vibrant
they take on different colors.                        imaging layer’ which is the fourth                  and clean prints that are waterproof,
   This paper is typically made up of                 layer tends to release a yellow dye                 durable and heatproof. The major
fi ve layers. The first layer which is                  when heated at a high temperature.                  advantage of using this printer is
known as the ‘Base layer’ consists of                 And last but not the least comes the                that it’s pocket sized and portable. It
an adhesive substance in which these                  ‘Overcoat layer’ which protects the                 has also proved to be eco-friendly as
crystals are placed. The second layer                 image from any sort of damage once it               the paper is recyclable and doesn’t
is known as the ‘Cyan Imaging layer’                  has been printed.                                   contain any toxic type substance.

 A cross section view showing five layers of the Zink paper. The mechansim of   The crystals known as ‘’ which is embedded in the base layer produces an
 zero ink prinitng lies between these layers.                                   image when heated.
Quick Tip - Outlook 2003
You may be getting many mails in your mail box daily. Although some of
them may be spam mails or forwarded mails, there are certain mails which
are necessary to be read. While some may be marked as critical and others
may not, how can you ensure that mails from specific recipients catch your
attention? Read on to find out how to achieve this task… BY KAMAKSHI VENUGOPAL

                                                             Start Outlook 2003. Since the colors are
                                                             applicable only to a particular folder, click
                                                             the required folder under the “Mails”
                                                             panel. Select a mail sent previously by
                                                             the sender whose mails you want to color
                                                             code. Go to “Tools | Organize” to organize
                                                             your folder. The “Ways to Organize
                                                             <folder_name>” panel appears above
                                                             the folder contents.

Check the “Using Colors” option. In
“Color messages”, select “from” in the
first dropdown list. The name appears
automatically in the text box since we
clicked on the sender’s mail before.
Select a color from the second dropdown
list. Click the “Apply Color” button. You
can also find out if the mail is marked
only to you. Select a color under the
“Show messages sent only to me in”
dropdown list. Click the “Turn on”

Write in to us at:  

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