Top Tools for Measuring Social Media Success by centreforebusiness


									             Top tools for measuring Social Media success

Facebook Insights -

Facebook provide you with a comprehensive analytics suite for pages that allows
you to get a full insight into your fans and how they’re interacting on the page.

Topsy -

Twitter’s own search tool is certainly pretty advanced, allowing you to search by
location, keywords you want to include and even sentiment on particular tweets.

YouTube Insight -

YouTube analytics can be accessed on YouTube channels by clicking on ‘Account’
then ‘Insight’ along the top of the page. Youtube have made a lot of changes to
their Insight product lately and it’s incredibly useful for channel owners.

  Twitter Analyzer -

Access tailored graphs that show you useful information such as your
conversation level, popularity (how many times you’ve been retweeted) and the
particularly useful ‘reach’ graph.

Klout -

Klout is very easy to use, just enter your Twitter name and you’ll be presented
back with your Klout score that takes into account your true reach (how big your
audience is), amplification (how likely people are to interact with your content)
and network (how influential your community is).

Backtype -

Backtype is an interesting social media measurement tool, that is helping
companies to understand the real business impact of activity through social
media. It gives you a comprehensive statistical overview of how people are
interacting with your content.

Hootsuite -

Hootsuite is a great tool for monitoring social media, particularly if you have a
larger amount of people using the same profiles.

                                  Source: SimplyZesty

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