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					New Era Interactive English

             Level 4

           Unit 12
   Just Being Honest
                 Liu Yan
       School of Foreign Languages
       Class-meeting Objectives
   Topic:         When you love somebody …
   Vocabulary:    Phrases with break
                   break a habit, break a law, break a promise,
                   break a record, break a story, break a sweat,
                   break new ground, break somebody's heart,
                   break the ice, break the news to somebody

   Function:      Talk about intentions and plans
                   Wish someone luck
   Pronunciation: Stress in phrasal verbs
                   Vowels followed by -r
            Teaching Steps
   Warm-up                   (3 minutes)
   Video Review (5 minutes)
   Activities                (27 minutes)
      Activity 1: Pair Work (1)

      Activity 2: Pair Work (2)

      Activity 3: Group Work

   Listening Task          (6 minutes)
   Appreciation            (3 minutes)
   Assignment             (1 minute)
                Warm-up: Brain Teaser

                    Solve this puzzle:
                    1.    Which letter
                          is not me?
                          U (You)

        Another two:                 Keep going:
        2. What dog
A hot       never can               4.   Who always
dog.        bite or bark?                drive his
                                                         A Taxi-
        3.   What flies                                  driver.
Time.        without
             wings?                 5.   How do
                                         movie stars    With all their
                                         keep cool?     fans.

                              Video Review
Retell the story    What does Patty suggest         Is Talia moving to Chicago for
                    Nick doing to Talia?            her new job? Why or why not?
health club
qualifying soccer
mews reporter
offer a new job
Talia’s office
spend more time
turn down
job offer
match                                               No. Because Tony matched
                     She suggests that Nick speak
honest                                              Newsbeat’s offer, she turned it
                     with Talia.
quality                                             down.
           Script 1
Announcer on TV: Glitter … the perfect toothpaste for
                    the perfect smile.
Jackie on TV:       Remember, all that glitters is not gold.
Nick:      Patty, could you ___________________
                               turn the volume down
            a little?
Patty:     Oh, sure, Nick. It seems like yesterday when
           you were asking me to ________ the volume.
                                     turn UP
Nick:      Huh?
Patty:                                        recognized
           You member! The day when you __________
           Jackie Bishop on TV.
Nick:      Oh, yeah, that! In a way it DOES seem like
just       yesterday. But a lot has happened since             turn the volume down: reduce the sound on TV
                                                                Patty:       Oh, you know who else I see
           then.                                               level of a TV, radio, or stereo etc.
                                                                             a lot now? _____________________
                                                                                          That reporter who broke
                                                               turn up: to intensify or increase
Patty:     Oh, I know. Like, now you can see Jackie                          __________. What’s her name
                                                                              the story
                                                               turn out: to happen, to have a final result
           Bishop on TV all the time!                                        again? Talia something?
Nick:      Yup, in that __________ toothpaste
                            ridiculous                          Nick:        Talia Santos. Yeah, I heard she’s
           commercial. Well, I guess things have                             been working really it
                                                                It seems like yesterday I feel like hard.
           worked out for her.                                               __________________________
                                                                              I haven’t had a chance to see
                                                                happened very recently (though it didn’t) her
Patty:     Seems so. And they’ve worked out OK for                            a sense, to a And now she’s
                                                                in a way: in__________.certain extent
                                                                              much lately
           you, too, right? I mean, you DID score the                        going to be moving.
                                                                Yup: (very informal) yes you need to speak
                                                                Patty:       It sounds like
           winning goal
           ____________ in the qualifying match.
                                                                             with her.
Nick:      Yes, but ___________, we DIDN’T make it
                      unfortunately                             Nick:        You’re right, Patty. I’ll see you
           to the finals.
Patty:     No, but there’s always next time.                    Patty:       Bye, Nick. Hey! ________________
                                                                                               Let me know how
Nick:      That’s right, there’s always next time …                           things turn out.
           Script 2
                                                        Talia:   No, Chicago.
                                                        Nick:    Right, Chicago. Anyway, she said they
                                                                 want you to start right away.
                                                        Talia:   True. But Nick, I …
                                                        Nick:    Wait, Talia. I have to tell you how I
                                                        Talia:   OK. Go ahead. I’m listening.
                                                        Nick:             I haven’t been in touch
                                                                 I know __________________, but
                                                                 it’s only because I didn’t want to
                                                                 ___________. I know how important
                                                                 get in the way
   go ahead: (spoken) to start; please do it                     your career is to you.
    be in touch (with): in continuing                   Talia:   What are you talking about, Nick?
    communication with someone by
                        I’ve been meaning to            Nick:    What I’m trying to say is, I want to
Talia:        Nick! Hi! ___________________ call you.
    phone/letter/e-mail                                          spend more time with you. I don’t
Nick:         Oh, hi. Well, Amy called me. She told
    get in the way: to obstruct; said she’s got your             want you to move.
              me the news. She to make things
    difficult job as a researcher.                      Talia:   Good. Because THIS is where I’m
Talia:        That’s right. Isn’t it great?
                                                        Nick:    Huh?
Nick:         Yeah, yeah ... she told me the news
     turn down: to refuse an offer or opportunity       Talia:   THIS, this is my new office.
              about you. When are you moving?
     in other words: to say it another way                          turned              down
                                                                  I _______ Newsbeat_______. Tony said
Talia:        Not until next week.
                                                                 he’d ________________.
                                                                        match their offer
Nick:make aOh. Is there somewhere we can go for
               fool of oneself: to do something
     silly or a few minutes? front of other
               embarrassing in                          Nick:    So in other words ... ______________
                                                                                         I just made a fool
     people Sure. Here, come in here.                            ____________
                                                                   of myself
                                                        Talia:   No. As usual, you were just being
Nick:                                  _________
              So Amy told me you got an offer from
                                                                 honest. It’s one of the___________ I like
              Newsbeat. Where are they? Atlanta?
                                                                 most about you.
                             Activity 1: Pair work (1)
                 Questionnaire – A Place where I go
   Step 1           Work alone. Fill in the blanks with where or when, Then write your
                     answers in the chart.
      Example
                    A:        Tell me about a year when you made a lot of changes.
                    B:        I made a lot of changes in 2001. I changed jobs.

   Step 2           Take turns finding out your partner’s answers. Take notes.
                                                                              Your partner’s
    Tell me about…                                             Your answers
    A year ______ you made a lot of changes
    A place ______ you spent a lot of time in your childhood
    A time of day ______ you work best
    The town or city _______ you grew up
    A place _______ you usually go with your friends
    A place _______ you go to be alone
    A time of day _______you relax

   Step 3           Find a new partner. Tell your new partner about your first partner,
                     using adjective clauses with when and where:
                    A year when Tanya made a lot of changes was 2001.
                     She changed jobs.
                           Activity 1: Pair work (2)
                              Roommate Wanted
Imagine that you and your partner are Jenna’s roommates. Jenna is transferring to a
new school at the end of the semester. You know she posted an ad on the web to
find a roommate. When you and your partner were surfing the web, you found the
information below. It’s all wrong! Take turns talking about Jenna’s information. Use
auxiliary verbs for emphasis to talk about what you know is true about Jenna.


   Find a Roommate                                               It says Jenna has a
                                                                 lot of furniture, but
     Roommate Profile: JEENA GREENE                              she doesn’t have a
     • I have a lot of furniture.                                lot of furniture.
     •   I don’t often invite friends to my apartment.
     •   I’m home most weeknights.
     •   I go away on weekends.
     •   I won’t use the kitchen much.
     •   I don’t play loud music.
     •   I keep my room neat.
     •   I’ll share phone and Internet expenses.
     •   I’ve always paid my rent on time.

                                       Reference answers
Reference Answers – Roommate Wanted

It says Jenna has a lot of furniture, but she doesn’t have a lot of furniture.
It says Jenna doesn’t often invite friends to her apartment, but she does often
invite friends to her apartment.
It says Jenna is home most weeknights, but she isn’t home most weeknights.
It says Jenna goes away on weekends, but she doesn’t go away on weekends.
It says Jenna won’t use the kitchen much, but she will use the kitchen a lot.
It says Jenna doesn’t play loud music, but she does play loud music.
It says Jenna keeps her room neat, but she doesn’t keep her room neat.
It says Jenna will share phone and Internet expenses, but she won’t share
phone and Internet expenses.
It says Jenna has always paid her rent on time, but she hasn’t always paid her
rent on time.
                        Activity 2: Group work
    Graduation Party – Keep in Touch
                     Directions:
   Imagine that you are graduating from college with bachelor’s degree in
   journalism. Now you mingle with each other at your graduation party. You
   are telling each other your future plans according to the situations listed
   below. You give your best wishes to each other. Work in groups of 4 to role
   play it.
Student A      You’re going to be doing an internship at
               Talkweek magazine over the summer.
Student B      You’ve applied to some graduate schools.
               You plan to get a graduate degree in
               business administration.
Student C      You’re going to be working as a broadcaster
               for Rainbow TV Network.
Student D      You’re going to be working as a
               photographer for New Life Daily.

      Useful Patterns             Sample dialogue
                                Useful Patterns
   Talking about intentions                                  Asking about plans
I’ve been meaning to …,         but things keep coming up.   What are you planning to do?
I’ve been planning to call you, but I haven’t had time.      What are you going to be
I’ve been wanting to …,         but I keep forgetting.       doing after this?
                                                             Do you have any plans for the
   Wishing someone good luck                                 What are your plans?

  Good luck.
  Best of luck to you.                                        Talking about plans
  I hope things turn out well for you.
  I’m sure everything will work out.                         I hope to get
                                                             I may just get
                                                             I intend to get            a job.
   Wishing someone good luck                                 What I plan to do is get
                                                             I’m thinking of getting
   Let me know what happens.
   Let me know how things turn out.
   Let me know how everything goes.
   Keep me posted.
   Keep in touch.
    Sample Dialogue – Graduation Party
A: Hi! Congratulations!
B: Congratulations to you, too. I’ve been meaning to call you, but I haven’t had time. So, what are you
   going to be doing after graduation?
A: Oh, I’m doing an internship at TalkWeek magazine for the summer. I hope to get a job there by the
   end of the summer. How about you? What are you planning to do?
B: I’ve applied to some graduate schools. What I plan to do is get a degree in business administration.
A: That’s great. I hope things turn out well for you.
B: Thanks. Best of luck to you, too.
C: Hey, Donnie. Are you enjoying the party?
D: Yeah, it’s great. This might be the last time I see some of these people for a long time, so I’ve been
   pretty busy. I haven’t had much time to taste the food.
C: I know what you mean. I can’t believe that all of us are finally graduating. Do you have any plans for
   the future?
D: Well, I’m going to work as a photographer for New Life Daily.
C: Cool! I know you have been dreaming to be a photographer.
D: Thanks. Do you have any plans for the future?
C: Yeah. I’m going to work as a broadcaster for Rainbow TV Network.
D: I’m sure everything will turn out well for you.
C: Thank you. Wish you make it as a big time photographer.
D: Let me know how everything goes.
C: OK. Keep in touch.
A & B: Hey, guys. Why not toast together?
C & D: Sure. Cheers!
Listening Task
       You don’t like me.

                            Excerpted from
                            Love Actually

  You don’t like me.
Juliet:   Banoffee pie?
Mark:     No, thanks.
Juliet:   Thank god, _____________________________ if
                          you would have broken my heart
          you'd said yes.
Mark:     Right, well. Lucky you. Check sth. Out: to examine
                                       or investigate, here, it
Juliet:   Can I come in?               means to find
Mark:     Er, yeah! Well, I'm a bit busy.
Juliet:                                    Swap we for sth.:
          I was just passing and I thought sth. might to
                                           exchange sth. for sth.
          check that video thing out. I thought I might be
          able to swap it for some pie or maybe munchies?
Mark:                                 serious
          Actually I was being ___________. I don't know
where     it is. I'll have a look around tonight.
Juliet:   Mark, can I say something?你对我一向都冷冰冰的。
Mark:     Yeah.                                                     Mark:     I've probably taped it over it. Almost
Juliet:   I know you're Peter's best friend and I know                        everything's episode of west wing on it now.
          you've never ________ warmed to me. Look, don't,                    Oh.
          don't argue. We've never got friendly. But I just         Juliet:   Oh bingo. That's lovely. Well done you. Oh,
          wanted to say, I hope that can change. I'm nice, I                         ________.
                                                                              that's gorgeous Thank you so much, Mark.
                         Apart from
          really am. __________ my terrible taste in pie and...               This is exactly what I' was hoping for. I look
          it would be great if we could be friends.                           quite pretty. You've __________________,
                                                                                                     stayed rather close
Mark:     Absolutely, absolutely.                                             haven't you? They are all of me.
                                I did make great efforts to look
Juliet:   Great.                for 我费了好大的劲找…                       Mark:     Yeah, yeah, yes.
                                                                                                    Don’t show off around.
Mark:     Doesn't mean we'll be able to find the video,             Juliet:   But, you never talked to me. You always talk
          though. I had a real search when you first called                   to Peter. You don't like me.
          and couldn't find any ________ so...
                                      choices                       Mark:     I hope it's useful. Don't show it around too
Juliet:   This one says Peter and Juliet's wedding.                           much. Needs a bit of editing. Look, I got to get
          Do you think we might be ________________?
                                           on the right track                 a lunch, early lunch. You can just show
Mark:     Err, yeah, well...on the right path; make the it.
                               wow. That- that could be                       yourself out, can't you?
                              right decision/choice
Juliet:   Do you mind if I...?                                                It’s a self-preservation thing
                                                                              __________________________, you see.
            Appreciation: Pretty Boy
   I lie awake at night
    See things in black and white
    I've only got you inside my mind
    You know you have made me blind

    I lie awake and pray
    That you will look my way
    I have all this longing in my heart
    I knew it right from the start

    Oh my pretty pretty boy I love you
    Like I never ever loved no one before you
    Pretty pretty boy of mine                   You stay a little while
    Just tell me you love me too                And touch me with your smile
    Oh my pretty pretty boy                     And what can I say to make you mine
    I need you                                  To reach out for you in time
    Oh my pretty pretty boy I do
    Let me inside                               Oh my pretty pretty boy I love you
    Make me stay right beside you               Like I never ever loved no one before you
                                                Pretty pretty boy of mine
    I used to write your name                   Just tell me you love me too
   And put it in a frame                       ….
    And sometime I think I hear you call        Oh pretty boy
    Right from my bedroom wall                  Say you love me too

Prepare for a two-minute speech on the topic:

                Online dating
Thank You!

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