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					         Opening Remarks for the4th Plenary Session of the 2nd Council Board
         and the 3rd Plenary Session of the 2nd Supervision Board of WFCMS

                                Prof. She Jing, Chairperson of WFCMS

                                                                                     May 16th 2009

Dear Vice Chairpersons, Executive Members and Members of Council Board;

Chairperson, Vice-Chairpersons and Members of Supervision Board;

Distinguished Guests:

Good Morning!

The 4th Plenary Session of 2nd Council Board and 3rd Plenary Session of 2nd Supervision Board of

WFCMS and 1st International Forum of Chinese Medicine Internationalization(Changsha China)

will be launched this morning, we greatly appreciate your attendance and show our sincerely

welcome to all of you, including Vice Chairpersons Executive Members and Members of Council

Board, Chairperson and Vice-Chairpersons and Members of Supervision Board and all other


The main subjects in this conference includes the following topics: ①working report: 2008

working report and working plan of 2009, introduction of current status of Chinese Medicine by

Vice-Chairpersons; ②discussion and review of the three standards: Working Regulation on

Formulation and Publication of Standard, World Standard of Chinese Medicine Undergraduate (Pre-CMD)

Education, International Standard Chinese -French Basic Nomenclature of Chinese Medicine (PartⅠ Basic

Theory); ③discussion on progress in Multilingual International Standard Basic Nomenclature of

Chinese Medicine, International Standard Chinese French/Spanish Basic Nomenclature of

Chinese Medicine; ④ establish Committee of Standardization construction, WFCSM. I do hope

all the attendees would totally concentrate on targets of the conference and try our best to

accomplish it, in order to improve the development of WFCMS and speed up the dissemination

of Chinese Medicine around the world. The 1st International Forum of Chinese Medicine

Internationalization will be held meanwhile, the theme of which is diagnosis of Chinese Medicine,

Power of Chinese Meteria Medica and Talent Education of Integrative Chinese and Western
Medicine, with discussion among the Chinese Medicine professionals to facilitate the process of

Chinese Medicine standardization.

Since the establishment of WFCMS, with the monitor and guidance of Council Board and

Supervision Board of WFCMS, all the society members have fulfilled the purpose of our society,

and achieved gratifying results for promoting spread of Chinese Medicine internationally and

academic development of Chinese Medicine depending on their efforts. Presently WFCMS has

186 society members from 56 countries/regions in WFCMS with its growing international


Currently, Chinese Medicine is most complete traditional medicine system, which is shared by

the largest population. Its nature is a complication of science, medicine, Chinese culture and

philosophy, which indicates the combination of humanity and nature. Basic theories of Chinese

Medicine have its unique understanding of physiology, pathology, disease prevention, and

discover the evaluations of life and disease from aspect of holism, function and changes. Chinese

Medicine will treat individual with syndrome differentiation for a balance of the body. The

treatment is based on syndrome, with application of various therapies, and natural medication,

and principle of balance and regulation. Based on the natural medication, medication can regulate

the body in the form of decoction from multiple-target, multiple-level, and multiple-way.

When entering into 21st century, Chinese Medicine has spread its academic due to its features of

good clinical effect, safety and cheap cost and been valued by people all around the world.   It is

now drawing the whole world’s attention, become more and more popular. Supported by WHO

and the governments, Chinese Medicine has been playing an important role in world medical care

system. It is believed that Chinese Medicine has more bright future. I do hope that all the

members of WFCMS work together to make Chinese Medicine enter to world and devote

ourselves to developing of Chinese Medicine worldwide and promoting human being’s health.

Finally, I wish the complete success of this conference. I wish every council member good health

and successful career!

Thank you!

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