Brisbane Southside Hash House Harriers 222nd Run

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					Brisbane Southside Hash House Harriers
                    222nd Run

        It’s time for BERGING at Fire & Ice
               6th & 7th August 2011.
         The 26th Berging Championships
 Where: Cedar Creek Pony Club – 1501 Beaudesert-
           Beenleigh Rd, Cedar Creek
    Cost: $ 70.00   –early birds before 8th July
              or $ 80.00 on the day.
  Wot ta bring: Warm Camping shit. (No dorms)
     Berg for berging (no larger than 5 litres)
  Wot ya get: Give-away, patch, booze, dinner &
  brekky. This year showers available as well.
               Sign on: 2pm - Sat 6th
NB: Give-away & patch guaranteed for early birds,
          then 1st in 1st served after that.
Contact: Muff Diver 0420960781 / Jock Strap 0407767006
  Brisbane Southside Hash House Harriers
        222nd Run -- 6th-7th August 2011

                          Rego Form
Hash Name:___________________________________________
Hash Kennel:__________________________________________
Phone #:_________________   email:_____________________
Preferred Brew:
BEER__________        CIDER ________    WINE__________
Method of payment: Cheque or EFT (circle one)
Cheques payable to:              EFT
Paul Beattie                     Heritage Building Society
P.O.Box 5287                     BSB: 638-050
Alexandra Hills. 4161.           Acc:   11184930
                            NB: If EFT, use hash name as ref

Contact: Muff Diver 0420 960 781 / Jock Strap 0407767006

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Description: The full name HASH HASH HOUSE HARRIERS, played by one person rabbits, prior to a line designed by the rabbit, in the park, field chalk or flour with a variety of marks left all the way, set the end. A group of dogs who play according to these markers is to find the end. Do not follow the sign that ran on the line, cunning rabbit will not make you so easy to find the end point! Sometimes a fork in the road there are several guidelines for the direction of the arrows, dogs have to separately find the right line, if it was found that the instructions wrong Road signs to inform his associates, but also to find the right way to inform! HASH reflects the community spirit of cooperation, dogs have to come together to find the rabbit's lair. But can not think to reach the terminal on OK, another important part of the game not play it! Irregularities in the course of the game who should be punished! Penalty for? Glass of beer!