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									Tele: 22166306/22181485                                       Naval Maritime Academy
Tele Fax: 22153516                                            Near KV-III
Email: namac@namacindia.com                                   RC Church, Colaba
Web: www.namacindia.com                                       Mumbai – 400 005

820                                                           11 Feb 2008


                                   TENDER ENQUIRY

Dear Sir,

1.   There is requirement of a 15 / 25 HP OBM (Petrol) of make Mercury / Mariner /
Yamaha for use in this academy.

2.     Request forward your quotation indicating the prices of OBMS that can be
supplied by you as per the terms and conditions mentioned in succeeding paragraphs.

Sl no.    Item Name    Specification       Make              Remarks
1         OBM          15 HP (Petrol)      MERCURY
2         OBM          25 HP (Petrol)      MERCURY
3         OBM          15 HP (Petrol)      MARINER
4         OBM          25 HP (Petrol)      MARINER
5         OBM          15 HP (Petrol)      YAMAHA
6         OBM          25 HP (Petrol)      YAMAHA

         (a)   Price must be quoted for destination basis by road inclusive of packing,
         forwarding, freight charges, Transit insurance and any other charges for
         respective destinations and including for testing and proving.

         (b)    Items of lower or higher specifications than tendered should not be

         (c)    Any other components / Accessories if considered necessary and not
         included in the tender enquiry should be indicated separately in your Bid along
         with justification. Non-indication of the same at the tendering stage would
         ultimately be considered as the supplier’s liability.

         (d)    Taxes & Levis.        Details of taxes if any, service tax / VAT is to be
         indicated. Statutory levy will be paid against proof of challan.
      (e)   Payment Terms. In no case advance payment will be made. The
      payment shall be made by this Academy in cheque after submission of bill on
      completion of testing & proving of the supplied OBM.

      (f)    Your quotation is to be valid for a minimum of 90 days from the date of
      tender opening.

      (g)    Please indicate on the sealed envelope as under, failing which, your
      quotation is subjected to be rejected.
      “TENDER ENQUIRY NO. 820 DATED 11 FEB 2008” opening on 04 Mar 08 at
      1500 hrs, Naval Maritime Academy, Colaba, Mumbai.

      (j)   The purchaser reserves the right to reject any tender including the lowest
      without assigning any reason thereof.

3.     In case your firm is not willing to quote for any reasons, your regret reply be
kindly faxed well before the due date failing which your firm will be de-listed from
vendor’s list.

4.    It is requested that you may forward fax number, telephone number, full address
and the name of the contact person for any further communications.

5.     Arbitration. In case of arbitration with the firm and this unit on any issue, the
final decision would be that of the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Naval
Command, Mumbai.

6.    Your offer should be as per the specifications at para 1. If the quote is not as per
the Tender Enquiry, the same will be rejected.

7.     You are requested to drop / post quotations complete in all respects to reach the
office of Naval Maritime Academy at Colaba, Mumbai latest by 1200 hrs on 04 Mar 08.
The cover containing the quotation should be prominently marked with TE No. and date
of opening. The quotations will be opened on the same day at 1500 hrs in the office of
Naval Maritime Academy at Colaba, Mumbai and company representative may attend it.

      Thanking you,
                                                              Yours faithfully,

                                                              (R Vaz)
                                                              Commodore (Retd)

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