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Saturday, January 6, 2001

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              It’s Good Luck:
  Fitness Clubs Jogging Upscale                                                                                                                                                                                                               The First Snowfall
  ‘Third Space’ Concept Combines Health, Relaxation, Socializing                                                                                                                                                                              Will Be Followed
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              By Snow Festival
                                                         By Joe Yong-hee                              ety of aerobic classes, indoor golf, squash and swim-
                                                             Staff Reporter                           ming.
                                          In a country where a home away from home is the                  The club also combines fitness with medicine and                                                                                                  By Kim Sae-joon
                                     office, fitness clubs cum drinking establishments cum            beauty. B & I Clinic takes a holistic view of fitness                                                                                                      JoongAng Ilbo
                                     leisure centers are gaining ground as the next -gener-           and offers a trained staff of physicians.                                                                                                    All the worries of last year are bygones
                                     ation retreat. The Marquis Thermal Spa and Fitness                    The spa opened Sept. 5. Joey Kang, a therapist,                                                                                    now. Seoseol, the first snow of the new year,
                                     Club is banking on what is known as the “third-place             describes the European-style spa as a “paradise retreat                                                                                 is believed by many Koreans to bring good
                                     principle” to put it on the top of the fitness industry.         within a city.” Later this month, the spa will introduce                                                                                luck. The light snow that fell on the first day
                                          The third-place principle “recognizes that one’s            O-LYS Light, a fiber optics-based skin treatment.                                                                                       of 2001 will surely cheer people up and renew
                                     club, along with the home and office, is one of the cor-         Currently, aromatherapy is one of the most popular                                                                                      hopes for a prosperous year.
                                     nerstones of life,” according to Peter Berry, leisure            treatments, especially calming scents. “Our clients                                                                                          Yongpyong Resort in Kangwon Province
                                     director of Marquis at the JW Marriott Hotel in Seoul.           want to relax. After all, we are a city-based spa,” Ms.                                                                                 is the nation’s most popular ski resort. The
                                          It’s a place to entertain colleagues, relax with fam-       Kang said.                                                                                                                              resort’s neighboring area, Pyeongchang-gun,
                                     ilies and spend time in a social and sporting atmos-                  Espopia, a sports center at Apgujeong-dong, is                                                                                     will hold its annual five day event, the Daek-
                                     phere, he said. Mr. Berry was previously with the                another fitness center that aims to make sports a                                                                                       wallyeong Snowflake Festival, beginning on
                                     American Club in Singapore.                                      lifestyle. Open until 2 a.m., Espopia, covering 11,550                                                                                  Wednesday.
                                          Today’s fitness centers are much more than just             square meters, offers outdoor and indoor basketball,                                                                                         The festival is in its ninth year, and as usu-
                                     gyms with exercise equipment. The centers embrace                outdoor in-line roller skating, outdoor roller hockey                                                                                   al, will be full of interesting activities. The
                                     all aspects of leisure, from fitness to socializing. They        and a cafe. Clients range from children to adults.                                                                                      festivities will begin with Manseolje, a cere-
                                     woo clients by offering a variety of expertise and facil-             Facilities at California Fitness Center may not be                                                                                 mony to bring in a good harvest for the year,
                                     ities. People head to a leisure center to map out an             as diverse as those at Marquis or Espopia, but the cen-                                                                                 and a market will be open to sell regional
                                     exercise regime with a trainer, to train for a sporting          ter recognizes the importance of community, whether                                                                                     foods and various products.
                                     event with a friend, to consult sports medicine spe-             participating live with other gym members or joining                                                                                         There will also be many sports events,
                                     cialists, to wine and dine business partners, to play            them online ( The link is in                                                                                     such as the National Amateur Ski Race, the
                                     snooker and even to sing karaoke.                                English; a Korean-speaking online community has not                                                                                     Children’s Sled Race, the National Snow
                                          The posh Marquis includes a spa, medical facili-            yet been set up.                                                                                                                        MTB Race for avid mountain bikers and the
                                     ties and even a lounge with dart boards and a karaoke                 “Our clubs are designed to reflect the future of fit-                                                                              International Naked Marathon Race. Family
                                     club.                                                            ness with the creation of a spacious, extremely clean                                                                                   activities include the snow sculpture Sowon-
                                          “We’re catering to the local clientele,” Mr. Berry          and well-managed environment,” the Web site says.                                                                                       tap (wishing tower) building, snowman con-
                                     says, smiling. The fitness center opened in July.                     California Fitness Center, which opened in July, is                                                                                tests, traditional Korean sledding and top-
                                          One result of designing a fitness center as a “third        reputed to offer training that is even tougher than at                                                                                  spinning.
                                     place” is an increase in cross-training options. The             Crunch gyms in the United States. Located in                                                                                                 The marathon event on Jan.14 is already
                                     Marquis, which covers 45,717 square meters on three              Myeongdong, the fitness club is part of a 24-hour fit-                                                                                  drawing a lot of attention. Male participants,
                                      floors, takes cross-training beyond mixing aerobic              ness network of more than 431 centers worldwide.                                                                                        who will run either a 5-kilometer or 10-kilo-
                                        classes with weightlifting. A members-only club,              California Fitness Center offers group exercise class-                                                                                  meter course, will be allowed to wear only
                                           Marquis offers wall climbing facilities, a scuba           es, cardiovascular and strength-training equipment                                                                                      short pants. Female participants will be
                                                 pool, under-water aerobics equipment, more           and personal trainers.                                                                                                                  allowed to wear short tops as well. Visitors to
                                                  than 200 exercise machines and a 86-meter                Older and more established, Seoul Club’s mission                                                                                   the festival on Jan. 14 can also watch a snow
                                                     circular indoor jogging track overlook-          statement includes fostering “friendship.” The Seoul                                                                                    car race. About 50 professional racers will
                                                       ing the pool atrium.                           Club, which opened in 1904, provides family, busi-                                                                                      compete on a 700 meter track.
                                                                “Cross-training is an exciting        ness, social and recreational facilities. There is even a                                                                                    The special feature at the festival this year
                                                               way of keeping in shape,” says         children’s area with a playhouse and a computer                                                                                         is the Igloo Cafe made of 3.5-meter-high and
                                                                 Mr. Berry, 48. While there           room. The club offers Sunday brunch in the                                                                                              7-meter-wide igloos where hot coffee and
                                                                  were no climbers to be seen         Kumkangsan Dining Room, full course meals at the                                                                                        snacks will be served. English and Chinese
                                                                   during the interview, he           Atrium restaurant, private rooms for business or social                                                                                 language guides will be available.
                                                                     said people do brave the         needs, and a library.                                                                                                                        The      festival’s official Web site
                                                                          winter temperatures              The club sponsors holiday parties, fun runs and                                                                                    ( has an English sec-
                                                                            to climb the 12-          children’s summer camps. Club members recently                                                                                          tion, and on the Web site’s Korean section or
                                                                            meter wall, which is      celebrated New Year’s Eve with a show by Rainbow                                                                                        at the Daekwallyeong Snow Festival Com-
                                                                          partly outdoors. The        Circus.                                                                                                                                 mittee (033-336-2555), package tour service
                                                                      Marquis also offers cer-             Fitness equipment is also moving with the times.                                                                                   and information for foreigners are available
                                                                      tificate-level training for     The latest treadmills often include a personal televi-                                                                                  although they may need some help from
                                                                      scuba divers.                   sion with a headset or a CD player with a headset.                                                                                      Korean-speaking friends.
                                                                            For people interest-      Those hesitant to leave their home for fear of missing                                                                                               
                                                                        ed in more mainstream         their favorite sitcom can cocoon at a fitness club. This
                                                                         exercises, Marquis           fitness equipment makes it possible to watch televi-
                                                                                   offers       a     sion while exercising.
                                                                                            vari-          Carrying the idea one step further, the concept
                                                                                                      behind Inchon International Airport, dubbed “The
                                                                                                      Winged City,” is that it should be “a community, a
                                                                                                         metropolis of sorts, to serve not only Korea but the
                                                                                                           entire region of north-east Asia,” according to
                                                                                                               vice-president and chief operating officer
                                                                                                                    Kim Hyo-joon. The Winged City will
                                                                                                                      have shops, restaurants, hotels and busi-
                                                                                                                       ness and recreation facilities.
                                                                                                                              The airport is scheduled to open
                                                                                                                              this month.

                                                                                                                                                                       Top: Children’s facilities at Seoul Club.
                                                                                                                                                                       Middle: Espopia advocates sports as a life style.
                                                                                                                                                                       Bottom: High-tech fitness equipment at Marquis.

                                                                                                                                                                       Left: Wall climbing at Marquis.                                        The snow sculpture Sowontap (wishing tow-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              er) building begins on Wednesday in Yong-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              pyong Resort.

     Hyundai Santa Fe: Diesel Power Makes It Exactly Right
                                                     power at 4,000 rpm but the real fun begins       Diesel technology is notoriously tricky to      off-road machine, let’s just say that com-      ments included a traction control system.     Hyundai had the luxury of time to get this
                                                     at a low 2,000 rpm where 26.5 kg.m. of           master and to date, despite its technologi-     promises have been made. First, it’s not a          If you’re not a bushwhacker but more      one exactly right. The Santa Fe will do
                                                     torque pours out. What do those numbers          cal independence in the realm of gas            purpose-built SUV but derived from the          of a pussyfooter when it comes to driving     well against such tough competitors as the
                                                     mean? Elation, pure and simple. Takeoff          engines, Hyundai has been relying on            Sonata platform. So while it lacks some of      an SUV, there’s a two-wheel drive ver-        Toyota RAV4 and Ford Escape.
                                                     isn’t exactly a neck-snapping experience         Mitsubishi for its diesel know-how.             the off-road ruggedness and sure-footed-        sion that’s priced at just 15.86 million          Price as tested: 25.16 million won.
                                                     but output is perfectly adequate for the              But with the arrival of this first small   ness of more expensive purpose-built            won ($13,220). For aficionados of LPG,
               By Oles Gadacz                        vehicle’s 1,840 kg weight.                       proprietary diesel, Hyundai no longer           SUVs, it more than makes up for that in         there’s a money-saving 2.7-liter DOHC             Next week: BMW Z3 Roadster
               Contributing Writer                        Recognizable by the distinctive air         pays royalties and is unencumbered by           civility and pleasing road manners.             but what you save in fuel costs you’ll lose
       Since the Santa Fe was launched last          intake scoop on the hood, the Santa Fe           Mitsubishi's restrictive licensing terms.            Up front, the Santa Fe is fitted with      in time looking for LPG fuel stations,               
  summer, this sports utility vehicle has            diesel delights with smooth and quiet            Expect to see more diesel offerings pop-        Macpherson struts, coil springs and stabi-      which are scarce outside the city.
  been selling fast. In the United States,           power delivery. Valve train clatter, vibra-      ping up fast across the entire Hyundai          lizer bar while the rear axle rides on tried-       In summary, as a
  where the SUV craze shows absolutely no            tion and the usual giveaways of a diesel         model range.                                    and-true double-wishbones with trailing         latecomer to the
  signs of abating, Hyundai dealers can’t            engine are almost gone. This one will                 A special word of praise for the H-        arm and coil springs for a pleasantly firm      SUV scene,
  get enough of them: Aided by rave                  have you wondering, as it did me, what           Matic gearbox. Developed with Porsche’s         ride. Power is distributed between the
  reviews and a bulletproof 5-10-year war-           exactly is under the hood: diesel or gas?        assistance, the H-Matic is impressive,          front and rear axles in a 60:40 ratio
  ranty, the Santa Fe has become the hottest         It’s that hard to tell. Just as the Hyundai      providing the best of both worlds, the          through a Kia-made viscous cou-
  selling model on the lot. Hyundai under-           America tagline says, driving is believing.      choice of fully automatic or clutchless         pling delivering full-time four-
  estimated domestic and overseas demand                  More good news comes at the pump.           manual shifting. In automatic mode,             wheel drive.
  and all of the first-year production is spo-       This diesel is a great alternative to the 2.0-   upshifts are nearly seamless and are prac-           The test unit was a
  ken for. Plans are already afoot to boost          liter DOHC gasoline engine and albeit            tically devoid of shift shock. The shifter      domestic specification
  capacity and output.                               slightly more expensive up front, the            slides through an H-style gate with the left    four-wheel drive model
       In December, Hyundai augmented                diesel is much cheaper to operate over the       bank in the usual PRNDL configuration           finished in top-end gold
  the Santa Fe lineup by offering a diesel           longer term thanks to the Korean govern-         and the right bank reserved for clutchless      trim that includes faux
  engine option that has been long awaited           ment’s skewed fuel tax regime that creates       manual shifting, a useful feature when          wood accents, leather seats
  by domestic and European customers, a              a two-to-one price differential between          negotiating steep ascents or descents.          (heated up front), power sun-
  move that will surely add customers .              gas and diesel. But don’t expect that to last         You could fall in love with the Santa      roof, automatic “set-and-forget”
        Cutting to the chase, this engine is a       forever.                                         Fe on its looks alone. Rippling with mus-       temperature control plus a pre-
  small gem. Turbocharged and inter-                      What’s also noteworthy is that this         cular lines, it’s the most testosterone-        mium audio system with a mul-
  cooled, its 2 liters rouse up 115 horse-           engine is a proprietary Hyundai design.          laden car in the Hyundai lineup. But as an      ti-CD changer. Performance enhance-                                    The Santa Fe is the most testosterone-laden Hyundai car.

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