Parkside Centennial General PAC Meeting by mmcsx


									                        Parkside Centennial General PAC Meeting

                                 November 16, 2010 6:45pm

                                           School library


Attendance: Gena Dombrowski, Wendy Alvaro, Jaci Boesner, Rose Messier, Erin Williamson, Jodi Van
Aert, Donna Robertson, Angie LeTexier, Chantal Tracy, Jaime Dickson, Tammy Hatch, Ian Dickson, Angela
Hernandez, Cathi Hiscock

Call to Order: 7:02pm

Topics of Discussion:
   1. Approval of Agenda
      1st Motion, Tammy Hatch, 2nd Motion, Angie LeTexier, Motion CARRIED

   2. Approval of Minutes from October 20, 2010
      1st Motion, Wendy Alvaro, 2nd Motion, Rose Messier, Motion CARRIED

   3. PAC Bylaw Section IV Election of Executive Officers Discussion
            The PAC has since done more research on the specifics of the wording
            amendment to the Bylaw Section (9)IV – Election of Executive Officers, and has
            proposed the following:

       The Executive Officers shall be elected from the voting members at the Annual General Meeting,
       with the exception of the SPC rep, who will be elected in the fall. In the event that an Executive
       member is an employee of a school district or the Ministry of Education, they are required to
       inform other members of the Council and may either choose to or be asked to be removed from
       voting on items which may be perceived as a conflict of interest.

               Parkside Centennial PAC Executive will post the suggested bylaw wording amendment
               on the PAC website to notify the General PAC of the intention of voting on the
               amendment at a Special General Meeting on Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at 6:45pm
               in the Parkside Library, Christmas social following.
4. Fundraising
         The Executive discussed a one day photo sitting in the spring of 2011 with
         LifeTouch photos. As we have already had our individual student photos done for
         the year, we will consider booking a one day sitting perhaps during a family
         movie night for family portraits. LifeTouch requires a minimum of 16 families
         booked and will offer the 8x10 photo for free. It will take approximately one
         month to produce the photos, so we need to plan accordingly if they are to be
         offered as a Mother’s Day gift.

          QSP orders were very successful, with an estimated $1,915 profit earned for the
          school. There was only one error with an order, and it was resolved easily and

          Purdy’s orders successful as well, with over $1,600 in profit. Because of the large
          order, Purdy’s gave us back $135 in gift certificates, and as our Ways & Means
          Coordinator Wendy Alvaro used her PC Mastercard, she received $40 in gift
          certificates for Superstore, which can be used for our hampers. Delivery date to
          Parkside is set for Tuesday, December 7, 2010.

          Poinsettia sales unfortunately are down. Wendy put returned orders in
          November 15 to receive 5% from the company. Late orders will be accepted for
          another week.

          Winter Raffle tickets and info went out to the students; 2 books of tickets per
          student, 5 tickets per book at $1.00 per ticket. Return date Friday, December 3,
          with basket prize draws on Saturday, December 11 at the Breakfast with Santa
          event. Donna Robertson and Erin Williamson are heading up this project and will
          be soliciting donations from the community. Any donations or ideas for
          donations, please check with Donna or Erin so there are no duplicate requests.
          Each prize basket will be worth $250. All proceeds go directly to our hampers.

          Gift Tree will be set up in the foyer again for families to choose a gift or gifts for
          the hamper families. Please send in purchased gifts unwrapped.

          Food Drive/Hampers for needy families will be a continued project this
          Christmas. There were 13 hampers created last year, with the same number
          anticipated this year – Principal McArthur will confirm shortly. Hampers will be
          created again to include food, necessities and gifts for the entire family. Once
            again another elementary school in the district is collecting food and/or gifts for
            our families; the school is reportedly excited about helping out others in their
            own community. Parkside has our food bin located outside the school office
            ready for donations, and will accept donations at all of our events such as the
            craft fair, Christmas concerts and Breakfast with Santa.

            Craft Fair slated for Saturday, November 20 has 30 tables reserved. We will need
            3 or 4 more people to help out, to include possible transport of borrowed tables
            from Betty Gilbert and decorating on the Friday, concession, etc. and tear down
            on Saturday after 3:00pm. Advertisements were sent to local papers and schools,
            and an info swap with Jackman Manor was arranged to encourage customers.

            Clothing Drive will officially begin December 13 and run through to mid January,
            but we have already received donations. Notice will go in the school newsletter
            the week before school is out to encourage closet clean-outs during the holidays.

            Feedback from fundraising info sheet should be directed to Margo McPhalen.
            Ask parents/friends on the playground what they thought of the information
            sent out and perhaps it will elicit suggestions or participation from others.

5. Events
            The Halloween Event provided a $350 profit, which is considered successful for
            such little effort and minimal cost.

            Next Movie Night is scheduled for Friday, November 26. Movie TBD. PAC website
            will be updated and notice will go in the school newsletter once confirmed.

            Breakfast with Santa is in the planning stages, headed by Secretary Gena
            Dombrowski, with the Township firefighters on board again. Date set for
            Saturday, December 11, 7 – 10am, with photos taken between 8-10am. Order
            forms just sent out to students. Photographer confirmed and will be donating
            their time as well as volunteered to have the pictures developed for us.
            Volunteers needed for the event approximately 12. Jodi Van Aert suggested that
            we ask the school divisions (19) to each create a centrepiece/table decoration
            for each of the tables for the event. Principal McArthur also suggested that the
            Art Club get involved. PAC has some art supplies to get them all started. Jodi also
            suggested that we create a presentation of our proposed intermediate
            playground, with an option to donate more money; this visual may encourage
             larger participation in events and/or fundraising for this project. Jodi reported
             that the intermediate playground funds need to be discussed and confirmed, as
             she is going to create a budget and proposal in anticipation of some encouraging
             support which could help move this project to completion after almost two years
             with no playground structure. As Treasurer Breanna Wheeler was not present,
             Jodi will contact her to discuss some concrete numbers.

   6. Emergency Preparedness Kits
            A parent on the playground had some questions and suggestions for the kits.
            Parent Tara Sutherland also had some ideas. Last year the PAC requested $2.00
            per student to purchase water and granola bars for emergency preparedness
            kits. We have not done anything yet with these supplies. Angela Hernandez has
            some information that she will share with us on supplies each student can
            provide themselves in a Ziploc bag, including food and a note from the parent.
            We will suggest these three work together to help create a plan.

   7. Principal’s Report
             Principal Greig McArthur noted the changes in the school parking lot. There have
             been some struggles with the changes, specifically the drop off areas and the
             new entrance and exits, but we did create more stalls with the reconfiguration.
             Principal McArthur suggested parent volunteers could be a presence out there to
             help with traffic flow. There will be a safer schools travel brochure in January
             provided to the students and parents that will have a diagram of the new parking
             lot and suggested tips on making it a safe area for everyone.

             Report cards out December 3. Principal McArthur is encouraged by the new
             ideas and enthusiasm from the staff that help create a positive school.

   8. New Business
            Wendy Alvaro brought up a letter sent from Boston Pizza encouraging the
            community to dine there, with incentives such as 5% back per receipt to the
            school if we register with them. Every little bit counts.

             Hot Lunch on Friday, November 26 will be hot dogs; order forms just went out to
             students today. Volunteers needed to help prepare food and distribute to
             classrooms. Contact Jaci Boesner directly, or anyone on the PAC Executive to
             help out.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:00pm.

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