Mifi mobile hotspot with Novatel Wireless Mifi 2372

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					   Mifi mobile hotspot with Novatel Wireless Mifi 2372

Keyword: Mifi mobile hotspot, Novatel Wireless Mifi 2372

Summary: Using the popular mifi mobile hotspot to bring us facility, convert the 3g signal to wifi
signal with portable Mifi router.

Mifi is a portable broadband wireless device
You may not know what the product looks like when you heard the name of Mifi, sometimes, it is
called as “the personal mobile hotspot”, its size can be comparable with the credit card, and it
combines the modem, router and access point function.

Mifi is produced by Novatel Company, the special point consists in the cute size, supporting up to
more than 5 hours, containing digital camera, notebook, games, multi-media, as long as these
devices could support Wi-Fi function, and people can enjoy browsing the internet. Mifi devices
are used to set the special internet for sharing the network together through cellular collection at
any time and at any place.

The combination of 3G modem and wireless router
Taking Novatel Wireless Mifi 2372 as an example, it could be regarded as the combination of one
3G modem and a wireless router, the concrete operating process appears the same with the
normal routers: insert one 3G card, configure the basic settings, press the button, you may
connect with the internet, and this Mifi 2372 will become a portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

It provides 7.2Mbps downlink speed
As the first intelligent mobile hotspot in the world, Mifi is the fastest and easiest way to get
online on the go, Novatel Mifi 2372 offers up to 7.2Mbps download speed for us to use, wherever
we are, we can share the internet with our friends, our families or our colleagues. The purpose of
Mifi design rests with enjoying the ultimate personal freedom.

The excellent performance
The performance of mifi could make people feel satisfied, the setting and usage is very easy, as
long as it captures the 3G signal, it will immediately achieve the Wi-Fi tethering, several devices
use simultaneously and fluently, without the compatible problem of hardware. Its lithium battery
supports up to 5 hours power, but if the accessing amount number comes up to 5 people, the
continuous ability of battery may be deducted a bit.

The conclusion is that if you want to build a good wireless network environment with your
partner in the car or outside, or make your iPod touch, UMPC, laptop to enjoy the wireless
internet, Novatel Wireless Mifi 2372-Mifi mobile hotspot is definitely a good choice.

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