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					Important dates
 Applications and CY12 fees                                        OPEN                                   CLOSE
Timely application:                    $25.00 (inc. GST)
                                                                  1 August (9am)                         30 September (5pm)
                       invoice fee: $10.00 (inc. GST)
Late application:                      $86.00 (inc. GST)
                                                                  30 September (7pm)                     11 November (5pm)
                      invoice fee: $10.00 (inc. GST)
Very late application:               $111.00 (inc. GST)
                                                                  11 November (7pm)                      9 December (5pm)
                        invoice option not available
SEAS application                                                  1 August (9am)                         11 October (5pm)

Scholarship application                                           1 August (9am)                         21 October (5pm)

 Change of preference
August-October                                                    1 August (9am)                         28 October (5pm)

November-December                                                 28 November (9am)                      21 December (5pm)
                                                                  28 November (9am)                      6 January 2012 (5pm)
(CY12 WA, TAS and IB applicants only)
 Supporting documentation
Closing date for SEAS supporting documentation                                                           11 October (5pm)

Closing date for Scholarship supporting documentation                                                    21 October (5pm)

Closing date for VTAC course application supporting documentation                                        9 December (5pm)

 VTAC Pi form
Closing date for submitting VTAC Pi form                                                                 9 December (5pm)

 VCE results and ATAR
Closing date for change of address to receive ATAR statements by mail                                    9 December (5pm)

VCE results and ATAR website service                              16 December (7am)

VCE results and ATAR mail service                                 19 December

IB Notional ATAR available                                        5 January 2012 (2pm)

IB Notional ATAR mail service                                     6 January 2012

Final payment date* to be considered for the following offers.                                           20 December (5pm)

International offers                                              10 January 2012 (2pm)

Round 1 offers                                                    16 January 2012 (5pm)

Round 2 offers                                                    3 February 2012 (2pm)

Supplementary offers                                              February 2012
*Note: Prompt payment of fees is recommended. The above payment dates are the final dates for payment of course application processing
fees. Only paid applications will be forwarded to course selection authorities at institutions. Allow three business days for payments to process.
Note: These dates refer to offers released through MyInfo at Applicants will receive offer letters by mail the following day.
                                                    of applying

The aim of this                          About VTAC                                 2
publication is to provide                Before you apply                           4
general information
                                         Choosing courses                           6
for current Year 12
students and their                               compare tertiary options           8
parents/guardians about                          check your eligibility             9
researching tertiary                             course codes and fee-types        11
                                                 cutting costs                     13
options and applying for
courses through VTAC.                    Completing your course application        15
                                         Changing your course application          17
For information on application
requirements for specific institutions   Plus:
and courses please refer to the                  students say                      19
VTAC website (
or VTAC Guide.                                   offers and enrolment              28
                                                 ATAR and results                  30
                                                 tertiary contacts and open days   31
                                                 career and education contacts     34
                                                 terms and definitions             36

    about VTAC

                 VTAC is not a selection
                 authority, does not determine
                 the selection criteria used
                 by institutions and does not
                 decide who receives an offer.

                 All decisions about
                 which applicants are
                 offered a place are made
                 by the course selection
                 authorities at institutions.

What is VTAC?                                          About selection
The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre               Selection is the responsibility of each
(VTAC) is the central office that administers          institution’s course selection authorities.
the application and offer process for places           When considering your application, course
in tertiary courses at university, TAFE and            authorities take into account published
independent tertiary colleges in Victoria              institutional and course entrance
(and a few outside Victoria).                          requirements, prerequisite studies and
VTAC receives and forwards application                 methods such as interviews, folios and
information and supporting                             supplementary forms. For a list of the
documentation to the course selection                  methods used for selection to a course, see
authorities at institutions.                           Selection mode in the course entries in the
After selection decisions have been made               VTAC Guide and on the VTAC website.
by the course authorities at institutions,
VTAC sends offer letters to successful                 Range of criteria
applicants on the institutions’ behalf.                Approximately 50% of all courses in the
                                                       VTAC Guide use a range of criteria that may
VTAC also:                                             include the ATAR as well as other factors
»   calculates and issues the Australian               such as interview, folio presentations,
    Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR)                     pre-selection tests, additional forms and so
    (previously known as the ENTER) for                on. Within this mix of criteria there may be
    VCE students;                                      different requirements for current Year 12
»   administers the application process for            students and adults.
    the Special Entry Access Scheme;                   ATAR and two-stage process
»   administers the application process for            with a middle-band of 20%
    some institutional Scholarships;                   For courses using this selection method
»   provides telephone and online                      about 80% of places are determined by the
    information and enquiry services                   ATAR alone. For the remainder of places
    for applicants;                                    in these courses, additional information is
                                                       considered for the applicants who do not
»   publishes a range of guides to                     have an ATAR high enough to guarantee
    tertiary study;                                    automatic selection, but have an ATAR
»   conducts information sessions for                  above that which leads to automatic
    secondary school students and their                rejection.
    parents, careers teachers and adults               These applicants are in the ‘middle-band’
    returning to study; and,                           and are evaluated in accord with the
                                                       middle-band criteria outlined in individual
»   co-ordinates sittings for Special Tertiary
                                                       course entries in the VTAC Guide.
    Admissions Test (STAT) and Deakin
                                                       These factors are used, in addition to the
    University Law Special Admission Test
                                                       Prerequisites and Extra requirements in
    (DULSAT). Note: Current VCE students do not need
                                                       course entries, to rank applicants in the
    to sit these tests.
                                                       middle-band and fill the balance of the
VTAC is not a government body – it is                  course quota.
funded by participating institutions and               For specific course requirements see course
processing fees paid by applicants.                    entries in the VTAC Guide or online.

    before you apply

                       Before you can apply you
                       must register via the VTAC
                       website (

                       If you have registered with
                       VTAC in a previous year you
                       must register again this year.

                       Do not register more
                       than once this year.

                                              Registration checklist
    You must register online                  When you register you must provide your:
    Before you can apply through VTAC you     » name
                                              » address*
    must register for a VTAC ID and PIN via
                                              » gender
    the VTAC website (
                                              » date of birth
                                              » citizenship
                                              » school
                                              » student number
What is the VTAC ID and PIN?                  *If possible provide an Australian mailing
The VTAC ID is an eight-digit number          address to ensure you receive correspondence
with a letter on the end. A VTAC ID will be   on time and have enough time to reply.
generated for you when you register. If       The details you enter will be matched
you are studying the VCE or International     against Year 12 enrolment records which
Baccalaureate in Victoria your VTAC ID will   have been provided to VTAC from VCAA.
be the same as your VCAA student number.      VTAC will only recognise you as a current
The PIN is a personal identification number   Year 12 student if the details you enter
which you choose when you register.           during VTAC registration exactly match the
Your PIN provides a level of security so      details you have already confirmed with
that no-one can access your application       your school (for the VCAA).
information online or over the phone
without your PIN.                             Registration help
                                              If you receive a message advising you that
When do I need it?                            VTAC cannot find a match it could mean
You will need your VTAC ID and PIN:           that you made an error when typing. If so,
» to apply for courses, scholarships and      you will have the chance to double check
   the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS)     your details and correct any errors.
   through VTAC                               If there are no typing errors it could mean
»     to access your application or other     that your details may have been recorded
      VTAC online services after you apply    incorrectly at your school. In this case you
                                              should check that the details you have
»     to access information about your
                                              entered on your VTAC application exactly
      application over the phone.
                                              match the details that you previously
Therefore it’s important that you write       confirmed with your school.
down your VTAC ID and PIN when you
register, keep them safely and make sure      Things to check:
you have them handy when you want to          »   check your first, second and last name are
apply or access your information online           spelt correctly and in the correct order
or by phone.                                  »   check the numbers and order of your
                                                  date of birth are correct (day/month/year)
                                              »   check your gender has been
                                                  recorded correctly.
                                              If the details you enter exactly match your VCAA
                                              record but you are still not recognised as current
                                              Year 12 (CY12), please contact VTAC.

    choosing courses

                       At there are
                       many ways to find the course
                       you want.

                       You can use VTAC online
                       services to search or browse
                       courses at university, TAFE or
                       ITC; at a specific institution
                       or campus; by ATAR range,
                       general field of study or
                       specific major study.

                       You can even find courses
                       based on your Year 12 studies.

Search or browse hundreds of courses to
find the course that’s right for you.
CourseSearch, available from the VTAC
homepage (, includes all
courses with applications through VTAC.

Use CourseLink on the VTAC website to find
courses based on your Year 12 studies.
If you are a VCE student you can login
under ‘Student Access’ using your VTAC
ID and PIN. If you don’t have a VTAC ID
and PIN you can use your VCAA student
number as the username and the first four
digits of your date of birth as the PIN. For
example, if you were born on 26th January
your PIN will be 2601.
Once logged in you will see your complete
VCE program and can:
» find courses for which you meet the
» list courses within a specified
     ATAR range
» sort tertiary courses by region, interest
     area or institution.
CourseLink is an invaluable tool especially
in the December Change of Preference
period just after you have received your
VCE results and ATAR. Knowing your ATAR
will enable you to refine your course search
to list courses between a specified ATAR
range (based on the Clearly-in ATAR for
offers made in January 2011) and for which
you have the prerequisites.
Also see the contacts list at the end of this
booklet for tertiary, career and education

To find out about any changes to the
courses you apply for, and to learn about
the latest courses available, sign-up for
the RSS feed via the VTAC website (http://

    Compare tertiary options
    There are three main types of tertiary institutions: university, TAFE and independent
    tertiary colleges. You will find information in VTAC Guide 2012 about each institution. On
    the pages following the institutional policy and general information, you will find all the
    courses they offer with applications through VTAC. It is important to note that providers
    may be offering vocational education and training (VET) courses only, higher education
    courses only, or both.

    Higher education courses                        Teaching styles
    Higher education courses provide                »   University teaching styles vary, however
    professional qualifications with an                 they generally include formal lectures,
    emphasis on theory and the development              tutorials, seminars, practical workshops
    of transferable skills. Some courses                and/or laboratory classes and work
    are vocational, leading to careers in               experience placements.
    clearly identified areas (e.g. Accounting)
    while others are ‘generalist’ with no           »   TAFE teaching styles involve small
    particular vocational skills component.             classes, individual attention and diverse
    Further training is sometimes needed                programs. They are devised to ensure
    on completion of these courses to gain              that they are highly accessible, provide
    workplace skills.                                   a range of pathways and ensure
    A basic undergraduate degree usually                practical learning while bridging the
    requires a minimum of three to four                 gap between work and education.
    years full-time study. Many courses             »   Independent tertiary colleges offer
    such as combined degrees and industry-              a diverse range of teaching styles
    based learning (work experience)                    including lectures, workshops,
    degrees are longer.                                 laboratory classes, seminars, small
    Vocational Education Training                       group tutorials, practical work
                                                        placements, industry visits and self-
    (VET) courses
                                                        paced virtual classrooms. Courses may
    VET providers offer both professional and
                                                        lead to employment or further study at
    para-professional courses with an emphasis
                                                        degree and/or postgraduate level.
    on practical skills and vocational outcomes
                                                        A number of these courses offer
    that lead into higher level training, higher
                                                        credit transfer arrangements with
    education and/or employment. All courses
                                                        other institutions.
    offer current training for employment
    involving expertise in a particular skill       For further information about higher
    area. The structure of these courses closely    education and VET courses through VTAC see
    matches the requirements of industry            CourseSearch on the VTAC website. For general
                                                    VET course enquiries telephone 131 823.
    and the variety of study areas reflects a
    wide range of employment areas. In all
    instances, qualifications are designed
    in close consultation with industry
    to ensure the training is current and
    relevant. They may also be work-based
    or involve a work placement.

Check your eligibility
Entrance requirements
There are three levels of requirements you            Special entry
must meet to be eligible for a course:
» tertiary entrance requirements                      If you do not meet minimum tertiary
                                                      entrance requirements or have had difficulty
»   institutional requirements                        meeting them you may consider applying
»   course requirements                               for special entry through SEAS (Special Entry
                                                      Access Scheme).
Meeting these requirements does not
guarantee you an offer because you will be
competing with other eligible applicants.             Applications for SEAS:
                                                      Open: 9.00am Monday 1 August 2011
Tertiary entrance requirements                        Close: 5.00pm Tuesday 11 October 2011
Vocational education and training (VET)
For 2012 entry to Certificate IV, Diploma
                                                      For more information see the SEAS booklet.
and Advanced Diploma courses with                     Copies of the SEAS booklet are available
applications through VTAC, the minimum                from the VTAC website (
tertiary entrance requirement for current             or your school.
Year 12 students is:
» the satisfactory completion of both
    the VCE and Units 3 and 4 English
    (any)* or equivalent senior secondary
    completion such as Senior VCAL or
    literacy requirements as stated in VET
    Training packages/curriculum.
For 2012 entry to Certificate II and
Certificate III courses with applications
through VTAC, there are no set minimum
tertiary entrance requirements however,
institutional and course requirements still
Higher education
For 2012 entry to higher education courses
with applications through VTAC, the
minimum tertiary entrance requirement is:
» the satisfactory completion of both
    the VCE and Units 3 and 4 English (any)*
    or equivalent.
Note: Some institutions may accept applicants
with equivalent senior secondary completion
such as Senior VCAL — check with individual
institutions for their entrance requirements.      *Any of the four VCE English studies – English,
VCE = Victorian Certificate of Education           English (ESL), Literature or English Language
                                                   – satisfies the requirement for English (any),
VCAL = Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning   however Units 3 and 4 must be completed in
                                                   sequence and in the same calendar year.

 Institutional requirements                         Course requirements
 Some institutions have specific                    Course requirements (if any) are listed
 requirements in addition to minimum                in individual course entries in VTAC
 tertiary entrance requirements.                    Guide 2012, under Prerequisites and Extra
 For example, some institutions have an             requirements, and may include completing
 English language requirement where                 a prerequisite study, submitting an
 applicants whose principal language of             additional form, presenting a folio or
 educational instruction was other than             attending an interview.
 English must provide evidence of their             Prerequisites
 proficiency in English.                            Prerequisites are VCE studies (generally
 Refer to each institution’s information pages in   Units 3 and 4) you must have completed in
 VTAC Guide 2012 for their requirements.
                                                    order to qualify for the course. For example:
                                                    » Units 3 and 4 — a study score of at least
                                                        30 in English (ESL) or 25 in any other
                                                        English is required.
                                                    A statement like this means that before you
 It is extremely important that                     are eligible to be selected for this course,
                                                    you must have achieved a study score of
 you have met Prerequisites                         at least 30 if you completed English (ESL)
 and complete all relevant                          or a study score of at least 25 in any other
 Extra requirements by the                          English at Units 3 and 4 level.
 dates specified in the course                      Unless stated otherwise, you must achieve
                                                    a minimum study score of 10 in any
 entries in VTAC Guide 2012 to                      prerequisite study before you are eligible
 ensure your application for                        to be selected for a course.
 the course will be considered.                     Please note: Scores listed for prerequisite studies
                                                    are VCAA study scores (not the VTAC scaled
                                                    study score).
                                                    Extra requirements
                                                    In addition to the institutional and
                                                    course requirements, many courses have
                                                    Extra requirements.
                                                    Depending on the course, this might mean
                                                    a folio, interview, or information session.
                                                    In most cases, these have to be completed
                                                    before a specified date.
                                                    Note: If you apply late (after 5pm, 30
                                                    September) or add courses at Change of
                                                    Preference always check due dates for Extra
                                                    requirements and if there are any alternative
                                                    dates for late applicants. If you don’t complete
                                                    requirements on time, your application may not
                                                    be considered by selection authorities.

Course codes and fee-types
Every course in the VTAC Guide (and VTAC website) has a VTAC course code. These codes
are extremely important when applying for courses. The code you include on your VTAC
Online Application tells VTAC which course, campus and fee-type you are applying for.

                       75682                              fee-type
VTAC course codes are 5 digit numbers. The last digit (1, 2, 3 or 4) indicates the fee-type.
Please note: Not every course offers every fee-type.

Type 1 (CSP)                                     Course fees
Higher education course codes that end           Tuition fees and other costs for Type 2
in ‘1’ are for Commonwealth supported            places will be determined by the institution
places. This means the Australian                offering the course. These fees are
Government pays the majority of the              calculated based on subjects or units taken
cost of your place and you only pay a            and may vary between institutions.
                                                 For information about domestic fees and
small portion of the cost (known as the
                                                 payment options see institution websites.
student contribution).
In course entries in the VTAC Guide 2012         Type 3 (IFP)
you will also see ‘CSP’ in brackets after Type   Course codes that end in ‘3’ are for
1 course codes.                                  international fee-paying places offered at
For more information see CSP student
                                                 university and ITC.
contributions on page 13.
                                                 In course entries you will see ‘IFP’ in
Type 1 (VGF)                                     brackets after Type 3 course codes.
                                                 For information about international fees and
VET course codes that end in ‘1’ are for VET
                                                 payment options see institution websites.
places with government funding. In course
entries you will see ‘VGF’ in brackets after     Type 4 (Fee type determined
the Type 1 course code.
                                                 by provider)
Type 2 (DFP)                                     Course codes that end in ‘4’ are for
Course codes that end in ‘2’ are for             applicants to VET courses who will be 20
domestic fee-paying places offered in            years of age or older at 1 January 2012.
undergraduate courses at TAFE and ITC.           In course entries you will see ‘Fee type
There is no government contribution and          determined by provider’ in brackets after
unless you receive a scholarship, you will       Type 4 course codes to indicate that the
be liable for the full cost of the course.       provider will determine whether the place
In course entries you will see ‘DFP’ in          is government subsidised or fee paying
brackets after Type 2 course codes.              (depending on the qualifications the
                                                 applicant has at the time of the scheduled
                                                 commencement of the course).

 CSP student contributions
     Each university or college sets its own student             HECS-HELP
     contribution for each unit of study. Therefore              The Australian Government offers a loan scheme
     the amount you pay is calculated based on the               called HECS-HELP that allows students to defer the
     units (subjects) of study you undertake. Student            payment of their contribution and repay it later
     contribution amounts may vary between institutions          through the taxation system. Students who choose
     and units but they cannot exceed the maximum                the deferred option are not required to begin
     amount set by the Australian Government. Units of           re-paying their debt until their income reaches the
     study are allocated to four bands and the maximum           minimum threshold, which is set at $47,196 for the
     amount your institution can charge you depends on           2011-12 income year. Institutions to which you
     the band.                                                   have applied must display on their websites the
     Student contribution ranges for 2012 have not               student contribution amount for all units of study
     yet been set, however the ranges for students               they propose to offer in the following half year. This
     commencing in 2011 were set as follows:                     information is updated on 1 October and 1 April
                                                                 each year.
         National priorities                       $0 – $4,355   For information about HECS-HELP visit the Going to
         Mathematics, statistics, science                        Uni website at or call the
                                                                 Going to Uni Student Enquiry Line on 1800 020 108
         Band 1                                    $0 – $5,442
         Humanities, behavioural science
                                                                         Tax File Number
         (including clinical psychology), social                         You must provide your tax file number
         studies, foreign languages, visual and
         performing arts, education, nursing                             (TFN) to the tertiary institution when you
                                                                         enrol in a Type 1 place. If you don't have
         Band 2                                    $0 – $7,756           a TFN, you should apply for one early to
         Computing, built environment, health                            have it available in time for enrolment.
         (allied health and other health),                               For information about getting a TFN see the
         engineering, surveying, agriculture                             Australian Taxation Office website at www.
         Band 3                                    $0 – $9,080  or call 13 28 61.
         Law, dentistry, medicine, veterinary
         science, accounting, administration,
         economics, commerce
     For 2012 ranges check later
                                                                   Find out more
     in the year.                                                  Department of Education, Employment and
     Payment options                                               Workplace Relations (DEEWR)
                                                                   DEEWR can provide general information on
     Australian citizens and holders of an Australian
                                                                   Commonwealth supported places, assistance
     permanent humanitarian visa in a Commonwealth
                                                                   under HELP, and the Commonwealth Higher
     supported place may:
                                                                   Education Student Support Number (CHESSN).
     »      pay the full student contribution amount up            General Enquiries: 1300 363 079;
            front to the institution with a 10% discount; or       TTY : (for hearing or speech
     »      pay some of the student contribution up front          impaired persons) 1800 554 609)
            (with a discount of 10% for payments of $500           Going to Uni website:
            or more) and use HECS-HELP to pay for the
                                                                   Australian Taxation Office
            remainder; or
                                                                   The Tax Office can explain what happens
     »    use a HECS-HELP loan to pay for the full                 once you have a HELP debt, including how
          student contribution.                                    compulsory repayments are calculated and how
     Holders of Australian permanent visas (other                  indexation works.
     than permanent humanitarian visas) and New                    Personal Tax Infoline: 13 28 61; Higher Education
     Zealand citizens are required to pay their student            Loan Programme (HELP): 1300 650 225;
     contributions up-front in full on or before each              ATO website:
     census date (or an earlier date set by their
     institution). They are not eligible for a HECS-HELP
     loan or discount.

Cutting costs
There are many options available to help cut the cost of tertiary education.

   You may be eligible for a scholarship which
   can help you with the costs of higher
   education. There are literally hundreds of
   scholarships available and you can apply
   for many of them via a single application
   through VTAC.

   Scholarship applications through VTAC:
   Open: 9.00am Monday 1 August 2011
   Close: 5.00pm Friday 21 October 2011          Centrelink payments
                                                 Centrelink supports students with a range
   For a list of available scholarships and to   of payments. The options available to
   find out if you are eligible, see the         students under 25 are outlined below.
   Scholarships booklet. Copies of the booklet
   are available from the VTAC website (www.     Youth Allowance or your school.
                                                 Youth Allowance is available to eligible
   A list included in VTAC Guide 2012.           full-time students aged 16 to 24; full-time
                                                 students aged 25 or over who were getting
                                                 Youth Allowance before they turned 25
                                                 and are still doing the same course; and
                                                 young people up to 21 who are combining
                                                 part-time job search and part-time study.
                                                 Indigenous students may be able to stay at
                                                 school or go on to further studies with the
                                                 aid of ABSTUDY payments.

                                                  Find out more
                                                  Youth and Student Services: 13 24 90
                                                  TTY (for hearing or speech
                                                  impaired persons): 1800 810 586
                                                  ABSTUDY: 13 23 17
                                                  TTY ABSTUDY (for hearing or
                                                  speech impaired persons): 1800 639 109

 Costs to consider                                Course materials
 In addition to course tuition fees, there        You may be required to purchase course
 are a variety of costs involved in studying      materials such as books and specialist
 at a tertiary institution. So it’s a good idea   equipment and materials directly
 to find out about additional course costs        associated with your course of study. It is
 when researching courses, and to consider        hard to estimate how much these will cost
 extra living costs you may incur.                as it will depend on the course you choose.
                                                  For example for science courses there may
 Accommodation                                    be a charge for the laboratory component/
 If you need to move to be closer to the          practical class. Often there is at least a
 campus, there are accommodation costs            partial refund at the end of the year if no
 to consider. Costs will vary depending           items have been damaged.
 on whether you decide to live on or off          Other costs can include items such as
 campus; whether the accommodation                computers, film, paints, camera, uniforms
 is furnished or unfurnished; whether             (e.g. laboratory coat) and consumables
 meals are provided; and whether the cost         (e.g. food for courses that involve food
 includes all bills or you need to pay these      preparation). You may also need to budget
 separately. Sometimes the set-up costs           for field trips and practical placements.
 can be quite large if you need to get gas,       How you can save money
 electricity and telephone connected.             Books and equipment
 How you can save money
                                                  The library usually has a number of copies
 Find out if you are eligible for an              of recommended books for students
 accommodation costs scholarship                  to borrow, but when an assignment is
 (see previous page).                             due, you have to make sure that you are
 Many institutions offer student                  organised and borrow early.
 accommodation services and will be able          Find out if you can buy second-hand copies
 to advise you about low-cost options.            or use class editions before purchasing
 Transport                                        new copies. Second-hand books are often
 There will also be the cost of travel            for sale at institution bookshops or through
 between home and the campus at which             student services.
 you are studying. Even if you are living on      Computers
 campus you may still need to travel to a         A computer could certainly be your most
 part-time job, to visit shops, and you may       useful tool, but there are ways around
 want to go home from time to time.               purchasing your own. You can often use
 How you can save money                           computers on campus or at your local
 Student concessions are available on public      library but you may have to book ahead.
 transport for full-time local students.          Internet access
                                                  You will find the internet an effective tool
 Student services fee
                                                  to assist you with your study. If you don’t
 Most tertiary providers charge a General
                                                  have access at home, most institutions
 Service Fee (GSF), which is used to provide
                                                  offer access through their libraries and
 services, social activities and recreational
                                                  study centres. Sometimes they may charge
 facilities for students. GSF range is from
                                                  a small fee for internet access.
 $50 to $400 (approximately) per year.

Completing your course application
                                                   Citizenship/residency status
    Login to apply                                 For VTAC to determine which course codes
                                                   you can include on your application you
                                                   must include your citizenship/residency
                                                   status on your application.
                                                   If you are an international student studying
                                                   Year 12 in Australia you must advise:
                                                   » your date of entry into Australia
                                                   »   your visa type.
                                                   This information should be in your
                                                   passport or on separate entry visa papers.
    To apply you must login to MyInfo on
                                                   Extension studies
    the VTAC website (             If you are studying an extension study as
    using your VTAC ID and PIN.                    part of your VCE – do not claim this as a
    To find out how to register for your VTAC ID   tertiary study on your course application.
    and PIN see ‘Before you apply’ on page 4.
                                                   Listing preferences
                                                   You must list a minimum of one course to
                                                   complete an application and you are able
What is MyInfo?                                    to list a maximum of twelve course codes.
MyInfo is a secure section of the VTAC             You must list courses in preference order
website where you apply and access                 (i.e. the course you want the most should
information and services.                          be listed as your number one preference).
When you have your VTAC ID and PIN you             To find out the types of codes you can include
can login to MyInfo to:                            on your application see the tables on page 17.
» apply for courses                                Acknowledgement
»     apply for scholarships                       At the end of the VTAC Online Application
»     change your address                          you will be emailed an ‘Acknowledgement
                                                   of Application’. You should keep this as a
»     change your PIN                              record of your application.
»     view messages from VTAC.
                                                   Application processing fee
To find out about additional services available    You must pay the application processing
in MyInfo after you apply, see page 18.            fee by the final payment date, to be
                                                   considered for your course preferences.
Apply online                                       Only fully paid applications will be
All course applications through VTAC               forwarded to institutions.
are submitted online using the VTAC                See inside front cover for dates and fees.
Course Application. This web-based
application form will be available
24-hours a day, seven-days a week
during the application period.
See inside front cover for dates.

 Audition fees                                  The types of course codes you can include
 Some courses have audition fees which you      on your VTAC application are shown below.
 must pay with your application processing
                                                  Higher education                         Type 1        Type 2        Type 3
 fee. The fee information will be shown           courses                                                    #            ##
 to you on screen, so check this carefully
 before you submit your application.              Australian citizen                                                   
 Payments                                         Australian permanent
                                                                                                                       
 If you apply before 5pm 11 November 2011         resident
 you can pay online via PayPal or credit          New Zealand citizen                                                  
 card immediately after you apply (or later
 through a link in MyInfo); or, request an        Temporary resident
                                                  -East Timorese Asylum Seeker*                                        
 invoice to be mailed to you.
 If you apply after 5pm 11 November 2011,         Temporary resident
 you can only pay online.                         -Temporary Protection Visa*                                          
 Important information about invoices             Temporary resident
                                                  -any other visa type*                                                
 » You can only request an invoice if you
      apply before 5pm 11 November 2011.          Will obtain a temporary
                                                  resident/student visa                                                
 »   If you request an invoice you will be      # Type 2 places (domestic fee places) are offered at TAFE and ITC only
     charged a $10 invoice fee.                 ## Type 3 places (international fee places) are offered at University and ITC only
 »   Invoices generally take up to 5 business
     days to be received by mail and may          VET courses                               Type 1       Type 2        Type 4
     take up to 10 business days during           Australian citizen
     peak periods. If you haven’t received
                                                                                           age<20                     age≥20

     your invoice, please wait 2 weeks            Australian permanent
                                                  resident                                 age<20                     age≥20
     before contacting VTAC.
 »   Invoices can be paid through                 New Zealand citizen                      age<20                     age≥20
     POSTbillpay by telephone or online           Temporary resident
     using a credit card; or at any Australia     -East Timorese Asylum Seeker*            age<20                     age≥20
     Post office or agency by cash, credit        Temporary resident
     card or cheque.                              -Temporary Protection Visa*              age<20                     age≥20

 Important information about online               Temporary resident
                                                  -any other visa type*                                                 
 credit card payments
 » To ensure secure processing of credit          Will obtain a temporary
                                                  resident/student visa                                                 
     card payments, you must carefully
     follow all instructions on the webpage.    age<20: younger than 20 years of age at 1 January
                                                in the year of the scheduled commencement.
     Failure to observe these instructions
     may jeopardise your payment.               age≥20: 20 years of age or older at 1 January in the
                                                year of the scheduled commencement.
 Check your payment status in MyInfo
                                                *If you are granted permanent residency you must
 You are advised to check your payment          contact your Year 12 Coordinator immediately and
 status in MyInfo to ensure your processing     contact VTAC prior to Thursday 22 December 2011
 fees have been received. Please allow 3        and supply evidence of your permanent residency.
 business days for payments to process.         Note: After 22 December 2011 you must contact the
                                                institution directly about residency changes.

Changing your course application
                                                  Change your PIN
 Login to MyInfo                                  If you wish to change your PIN from the
                                                  one you selected when you registered
                                                  you can log into MyInfo and choose the
                                                  ‘Change PIN’ option.
                                                  VTAC Pi form
                                                  The VTAC Pi (Personal information) form
                                                  is for applicants to provide to selection
 To access your application and the               officers any information relevant to their
 range of services available after you            application that was not collected as part
 apply you must login to MyInfo on the            of the VTAC Course Application. You will
                                                  have access to the VTAC Pi form via MyInfo
 VTAC website ( using
                                                  after you have submitted your VTAC
 your VTAC ID and PIN.                            Course Application.
                                                  » You can only submit one VTAC Pi
After you submit your VTAC Course
                                                       form, therefore you should address
Application you will have access to these
                                                       all your course preferences including
additional services via MyInfo at set dates
(see inside front cover for dates):                    any that you may add if you change
» view or change your application details              your preferences. You can also check
» complete and submit the VTAC Pi form                 the institution’s information pages in
                                                       VTAC Guide 2012 for institution-specific
» print your documentation cover sheet
                                                       instructions regarding completion of
» apply for SEAS                                       the VTAC Pi form.
» view your ATAR
                                                  »   After you submit the VTAC Pi form, you
» view your offers                                    can view and edit your information
» view messages from VTAC                             until the final VTAC Pi form closing date.
» pay your processing fees.                           See inside front cover for dates.
You will also continue to have access to the      »   To submit a VTAC Pi form, you must
following services via MyInfo anytime after           complete at least one section. Blank
you register for your VTAC ID and PIN:                forms are not accepted.
» change your address
                                                  »   If you are a current Year 12 student
» change your PIN                                     you must complete and submit a
» apply for scholarships                              VTAC Pi form only if it is listed in
                                                      Extra requirements for all applicants
Change your address                                   or under the heading CY12 for any of
If you have moved since registering your              the preferences on your VTAC Course
address you should notify VTAC of your                Application. You do not need to submit
change of address as soon as possible                 the form if it is not listed or if it is only
by logging into MyInfo and selecting the              listed as a requirement under the
‘Change address’ option.                              heading NONY12.
Note: VTAC recommends using an Australian
address if possible to ensure you receive         Note: If the VTAC Pi form is not listed as a
correspondence and are able to respond in time.   requirement for a course, selection authorities
                                                  may or may not consider the information
                                                  you supply.
 Assign a proxy                                 Change course preferences
 If you would like someone to be able to        During specified periods you will have access
 contact VTAC on your behalf regarding          through MyInfo to add, remove or re-order
 your course application, you can add them      course preferences on your application.
 as a ‘proxy’ in MyInfo. You will be asked to   If you are a current Year 12 student Change
 provide their details such as name, contact    of Preference can be a safety net to ensure
 information, relationship and date of birth.   that you have made realistic decisions
 Important note: There is a separate process    based on your results.
 to assign a proxy for enrolment. Please see    What if I miss Change of Preference?
 institution websites for instructions.
                                                If you miss a Change of Preference period
 Change offer publication status                your last submitted preference list will be
 If you want to change whether your offer       processed and your application will be
 is published in the newspapers or not, you     forwarded to the selection authorities for
 can change the status in MyInfo.               those courses (if you have paid your fees in full).
                                                Important note: There is no provision for you
 Add or change study claims                     to change your preferences after the closing
 If you omitted any previous/current studies    time and date under any circumstances.
 or recorded them incorrectly when you          See inside front cover for dates.
 were completing your course application        Withdraw your application
 you will have access to add or change your     If you do not wish to proceed with the
 study claims in MyInfo.                        application process you can write to VTAC
                                                for consideration of your request, but no
                                                refund will be given.

Students say
                                  YOUR VCE EXPERIENCE

                                  Was Year 12 what you expected?
                                  Yeah, it was what I expected, I thought my school
                                  prepared us pretty well for Year 12.
                                  What was the most difficult part?
                                  Probably being motivated to study during the
                                  exam period.
                                  Is there anything you wish someone had told you
                                  before you started Year 12?
                                  Talk to other students who have been through Year
                                  12; they are the best resource because they have been
                                  through it and therefore, can give you advice that the
                                  teachers can’t.
                                  If you could do it again would you do anything
Age: 20                           Yeah, I probably would put more effort in or try and be
                                  more motivated to study.
VCE studies:
                                  Who or what helped you keep going?
English, Further Mathematics,
Psychology, Physical Education,   My friends who I went through Year 12 with were a
Religion and Society.             good support group, as we understood what everyone
                                  was going through. My family also kept me going, just
                                  with their encouragement and keeping me motivated.

Now studying:                     What changes did you make to your life during
Advanced Diploma of Justice       Year 12?
HOLMESGLEN                        I didn’t make that many changes to my life during Year
                                  12. I guess the main change I made was balancing my
                                  social life with VCE. I still found it important to maintain
                                  that social life but I needed to put my VCE first because
                                  in younger years that probably wasn’t the case with me.
“ ...choose something             What advice would you give to others studying
                                  the VCE?
that involves your                Don’t let VCE take over your life. It is still important to
passion or hobbies.”              maintain your social life and have a job because I found
                                  these were my escapes when I found I was getting too
                                  stressed or had enough. I used these to reward myself
                                  after a good long study session.


 What were your reasons for choosing the course?
 I wanted to join the police force but not straight after school. So instead I did some research
 and came across the Advanced Diploma of Justice which leads into a career in the police force
 and went for two years. This fitted in perfectly and that’s why I chose it.
 What resources did you find really helpful in making this decision?
 I went to Holmesglen Open Day which is where I came across the course. Then I began to look
 on the internet and attend other uni open days to make my decision.
 What advice would you give other students preparing to choose their courses?
 My advice would be to keep your options open in case you don’t get the ATAR you wanted.
 There is always another way into the course or career you are aiming for so just try and
 research your options.
 Also, if you don’t know what you want to do, choose something that involves your passion or
 hobbies. Begin there because you can always change courses if you don’t enjoy what you are
 doing. If this is you I would probably recommend TAFE as it is more practical and would give
 you more of an idea of whether you like it or not.
 What value did you get from attending open days?
 I saw how many courses there were that would eventually lead me into the ideal career as a
 police officer. I could also talk to other students who attend the uni/TAFE and learn about their
 experiences at the campus and the courses.
 What (if anything) would you have done differently in researching your courses?
 Perhaps attend as many open days as I could in order to get all different information at
 different venues.

                                 YOUR VCE EXPERIENCE

                                 Was Year 12 what you expected?
                                 It was a lot more enjoyable than I expected. Everybody
                                 worked hard but we also had lots of fun at the same
                                 time. Teachers made classes more interactive which
                                 made learning all of the content seem less intimidating.
                                 What was the most difficult part?
                                 Finding the balance between sport, social life and
                                 studies. Playing football, being school captain and
                                 participating in various extracurricular activities took up
                                 time, so at times it was hard to manage all of them but
                                 at the same time I really enjoyed the challenge.
                                 Is there anything you wish someone had told you
                                 before you started Year 12?
                                 There are many pathways to get to whatever it is that
                                 you want to do. If you don’t get the mark you want,
Age: 20
                                 don’t worry. You can transfer from many courses
                                 and TAFE courses offer a good grounding for many
VCE studies:                     university courses. Too many students put too much
English, Physics, Mathematical   emphasis on their mark. Yes it is very important but it is
Methods, Further Mathematics,    not a ‘make or break’ situation.
Japanese, Psychology
BRIGHT P-12 COLLEGE              Would you do anything differently?
                                 Stress less; this is the last year you will spend with your
                                 classmates. You have spent the last 6 years (13 in my
Now studying:
                                 case) with some of these people so you may as well
Bachelor of Physiotherapy        embrace it and have as much fun as possible.
                                 Who or what helped you keep going?
                                 The rest of the state. There were times when myself
                                 and my friends around me lacked motivation, but
                                 knowing that the rest of the state is working hard
“...embrace it and               spurred me along and makes you determined to succeed.

have as much fun                 What changes did you make during Year 12?
                                 I made some sacrifices throughout the year. Sometimes
as possible.”                    missing footy training when studying for exams, cutting
                                 down hours on my part time job and not partying as
                                 much as everyone else all helped me considerably.

 What advice would you give to others studying the VCE?
 To be organised. Some things can creep up on you in VCE so it is important that you are
 well organised. For example: knowing when sacs are due, being prepared for tests, even
 remembering to bring a pencil to the exam. If you are well organised it can relieve a lot of
 unnecessary stress.

 What were your reasons for choosing the course?
 I have always been interested in the health sector. I enjoy the feeling of helping people and
 enjoy learning about our bodies and how they work. From a young age I have had numerous
 injuries so I developed an appreciation of what physios do and my interest grew from there.
 What resources did you find really helpful in making this decision?
 Past students who were studying Physiotherapy. VTAC Guide. University websites.
 What advice would you give other students preparing to choose their courses?
 Have a number of course preferences because you might not get your first preference. Choose
 something you know you will enjoy. If you don’t know what you want exactly you can choose a
 generalist course such as Arts.
 What value did you get from attending open days?
 You get a general feel for the uni. Everyone makes first impressions so you will get an
 indication as to whether you can see yourself there next year.
 What (if anything) would you have done differently in researching your courses?
 Probably more thorough research. Although I am very happy with my choice I think I went into
 it a little blind. I should have talked to many more people as I didn’t really know as much about
 physiotherapy as I first thought.

                                  YOUR VCE EXPERIENCE

                                  Was Year 12 what you expected?
                                  Yes, it knew it was going to be tough but I also knew
                                  that I would make it through. I knew that the teachers
                                  were always there to support me.
                                  What was the most difficult part?
                                  There weren’t many of my friends that tried hard in their
                                  studies, so I found it difficult to continue studying while
                                  everyone I was friends with went out while I stayed
                                  home. I found it stressful when I was feeling alone.
                                  Is there anything you wish someone had told you
                                  before you started Year 12?
                                  No, I knew what to expect. It was one of the best years
                                  of my life. There was both good times and hard times.
                                  If you could do it again would you do anything
Age: 21                           differently?
                                  Perhaps, a different subject. I probably would have done
VCE studies:                      Health and Human Development instead of French.
Mathematical Methods, English,    Who or what helped you keep going?
Biology, Chemistry, Physics and
French.                           My teachers were great supporters throughout Year
                                  12. My family was also amazing in supporting me and
COLLEGE                           helping me when they could.
                                  What changes did you make to your life during
Now studying:                     Year 12?
Bachelor of Midwifery             My social life suffered; however, on the times that I did
MONASH UNIVERSITY                 go out with my friends, I valued them more.
                                  What advice would you give to others studying
“It was one of the best           the VCE?
                                  Pace yourself. Find the time to take a walk, get some
years of my life.”                fresh air and continue with the sports or hobbies that
                                  you love. Don’t give up anything you can’t live without.


 What were your reasons for choosing the course?
 I had originally wanted to be a veterinarian. As this course required a high ATAR I knew that I
 was not able to achieve, I looked for courses that would assist me into getting into this course.
 For me, a Bachelor of Science was the ideal course.
 What resources did you find really helpful in making this decision?
 My school again was highly valuable in providing important information regarding university
 What advice would you give other students preparing to choose their courses?
 Write a list of every course that interests you. Look at the time frame of the course, the
 locations and the subjects it offers. These were all factors I looked at that aided in my choice.
 What value did you get from attending open days?
 The open day allowed me to meet with fellow students and with teachers as well. I was able
 to see the classrooms and equipment I would be using.
 What (if anything) would you have done differently in researching your courses?
 I feel that because I had wanted to be a veterinarian for so long, I forgot about all the other
 courses I was able to do. As I changed courses from a Bachelor of Science to a Bachelor of
 Midwifery, I wished that I had known that I would change my opinions on what I wanted to do
 with my life, so that I could have gone straight into a Bachelor of Midwifery. However, by doing
 a Bachelor of Science I was able to identify what my true passion is.

                                    YOUR VCE EXPERIENCE

                                    What was the most difficult part of Year 12?
                                    Knowing that ultimately, scores reflected my
                                    performance relative to the performance of my peers.
                                    I didn’t often enjoy being overly competitive with
                                    good friends.
                                    Is there anything you wish someone had told you
                                    before you started Year 12?
                                    Take what you do seriously, but don’t take yourself
                                    too seriously.
                                    Who or what helped you keep going?
                                    Goals, family and good weekends with friends.
                                    What changes did you make during Year 12?
                                    I developed my just-in-time management skills further;
                                    I ate a lot of instant noodles and had frequently varying
Age: 18                             sleeping patterns.
                                    What advice would you give to others in VCE?
VCE studies:
                                    VCE is not the be all and end all. However, if you are
Mathematical Methods, Chemistry,
History: Revolutions, Literature.   looking to maximize your score, start strong and
                                    maintain the rage throughout.
                                    CHOOSING TERTIARY COURSES
Now studying:
                                    What were your reasons for choosing the course?
Bachelor of Commerce
                                    I felt Commerce would complement Melbourne
THE UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE         University’s graduate Engineering which I intend to
                                    apply for after completing my degree.
                                    What advice would you give other students
                                    preparing to choose their courses?
“...start strong and                A good plan is one that you can develop, alter or
maintain the rage                   redefine. Very few of us are one hundred percent sure
                                    of the direction we want to head in. When the time
throughout.”                        comes though, choose something and listen to your
                                    gut as well as your brain.
                                    What (if anything) would you have done
                                    differently in researching your courses?
                                    Talked to current students about subjects within
                                    the degrees.

                                      YOUR VCE EXPERIENCE

                                      Was Year 12 what you expected?
                                      Yes and no. I think there was a lot more work involved
                                      than I initially expected.
                                      What was the most difficult part?
                                      Exams. I found it difficult to know what to study
                                      for exams.
                                      Is there anything you wish someone had told you
                                      before you started Year 12?
                                      Not everything is about your ATAR. If you really have
                                      a passion for something you will find a way to do it
                                      no matter what your ATAR is. There are always other
                                      If you could do it again would you do anything
 Age: 20                              Study more. Use my time more effectively. Not have
                                      such a focus on getting a high score. Don’t put so
 VCE studies:                         much pressure on myself. Talk to the teachers more;
 English, Further Mathematics,        they are there to help.
 Studio Arts, History: Revolutions,
                                      Who or what helped you keep going?
 Psychology, Health and Human
 Development                          My parents and family members were really supportive.
 HORSHAM COLLEGE                      My main motivation was knowing what I wanted to do
                                      at university.
 Now studying:                        What changes did you make to your life during
 Occupational Therapy                 Year 12?
 CHARLES STURT UNIVERSITY             No dramatic changes really. I just kept my life the same,
                                      just studying more and tried not to go out as much.
                                      What advice would you give to others studying
                                      the VCE?
 “Not everything is                   Try to enjoy your VCE as much as you can. Have a
                                      balanced life. Try to find that happy medium of work,
 about your ATAR.”                    leisure and study.


What were your reasons for choosing the course?
I just found it really interesting and something I could see myself doing 40 years
down the track.
What resources did you find really helpful in making this decision?
Going to see the uni. Getting a university tour and speaking to a student about the course and
what uni life is really about. Speaking to someone in the profession. Work experience.
What advice would you give other students preparing to choose their courses?
Go and see the university. Talk to someone who is in the course you are looking at; get their
perspective. Also talk to university lecturers or course co-ordinators if possible, as they will give
you an insight into what the course entails.
What value did you get from attending open days?
I attended a few open days and it really helped me decide what university I wanted to go to.
It also impacted on my decision of what course I wanted to study, as I had the opportunity to
talk to current students about the course and uni life.
What (if anything) would you have done differently in researching your courses?
I don’t think I would have done anything differently. I really encourage people to go to open
days or have a tour of the university. It really made an impact for me when deciding where I
wanted to study.

 Offers and enrolment
 Accessing your offers                                 Irregular offers
 When offers are released for each round               After Round 1 offers are released, if
 (see inside front cover for dates) you will be        you want to be considered for a preference
 able to access your offer(s) and enrolment            listed lower than an offer you received or
 instructions by logging into MyInfo on the            want to apply for a course not listed on
 VTAC website.                                         your preferences you may apply for an
 You will also receive an offer letter by mail.        irregular offer.
 If you receive a letter before the VTAC offer
 period you should contact VTAC to check
 the status of the letter.
                                                         !     This year, international students can
                                                               seek an irregular offer for a Type 3 course.

 Verbal offers have no status. If you receive          To find out if the course you wish to apply for
 a verbal offer you should ask for the name            accepts irregular offers refer to the institution’s
 of the person making the offer and contact            website or contact the institution.
 VTAC immediately.                                     For information on how to apply for an irregular
                                                       offer see VTAC Guide 2012 or VTAC website.
 Number of offers
 You can receive a maximum of one                      Supplementary offers
 offer per offer round (except in the                  VTAC runs a supplementary offer process
 supplementary offer round where you                   after Round 2. See inside front cover for dates.
 may receive multiple offers).                         The supplementary offer process is
 Accepting an offer                                    available to applicants who:
 To accept an offer you must enrol in the              » have not received an offer in any
                                                           previous offer round
 course. Enrolment procedures will be
 outlined in your offer letter. You should             » have not been granted an
                                                           Irregular Offer
 only enrol in one course and will be
 required to attend in person at a specific            » have given VTAC permission to
                                                           release their application to all
 date and time.                                            courses with vacancies.
 Your specific enrolment date will be in
                                                           Note: This permission is given at the
 your offer letter (or in an enrolment pack                time of applying or later via MyInfo.
 sent by the institution), however, generally
 enrolment is held in the last weeks of                After course selection authorities have
 January (for Round 1 offers) or second                considered your application they will
 week of February (for Round 2 offers).                advise VTAC whether they wish to offer you
 If you are unable to attend at these times            a place in the course. Supplementary offers
 you should check with the institution                 will be processed weekly. VTAC will advise
 whether a proxy (a person you choose) can             you of supplementary offers via MyInfo as
 enrol on your behalf.                                 well as sending you an offer letter by mail.
                                                       To accept an offer you must follow the
                                                       instructions in your offer message.

     Find out more:                                      ABC of Offers
                                                         If you apply through VTAC you will receive this
     VTAC Guide/VTAC website                             pamphlet when first round offers are released
     The offer process is explained in detail in the     in mid-January. It includes detailed information
     VTAC Guide and on the VTAC website                  on the offer process and the options available
     (                                  to you if you do or don’t receive an offer.

How the offer system works

                       You submit your VTAC Course Application
                   Note: Submitting an application does not guarantee an offer.

                        You pay your Application Processing Fee
         Note: You are advised to check MyInfo to ensure the fee has been received by VTAC

                  VTAC processes your application and supplies it to
                the course authorities for each course you have listed
                  Note: All decisions about offers are made by course authorities
                                  at the institutions, not by VTAC.

                      Course authorities consider your application

                              Course authorities advise VTAC
                             if they want to make you an offer

                              VTAC notifies you of the highest
                                offer for the current round

                You accept or decline the offer with course authorities

                  If there are still places available, course authorities
                      will consider applications for the next round

          All offers are provisional and are subject to you:
          •	   meeting eligibility requirements
          •	   having provided full and correct information on your VTAC application
          •	   attending the enrolment at the date and time specified in your offer letter.

Tertiary contacts and open days
Institution                           Contacts                                  Open days
Academia International                                                          By appointment (please telephone).
                                      Telephone: (03) 9671 4755
Academy of Interactive                                  Sunday 21 August (10:00am - 3:00pm)
Entertainment                         Telephone: (03) 9820 8201                 Saturday 19 November (10:00am - 3:00pm)
Australian Academy of Design                                                    Sunday 14 August (11.00am – 4.00pm)
                                      Telephone: (03) 9676 9000
                                                        Sunday 14 August (10.00am – 4.00pm)
Australian Catholic University
                                      Telephone: 1300 ASK ACU (275 228)         Ballarat:
                                                                                Sunday 28 August (10.00am – 4.00pm)
Australian College of Applied                           Sunday 7 August (10am-2pm)
Psychology                            Telephone: 1800 061 199
                                                                                Sunday 14 August (12.00noon-3.00pm)
Australian College of                         Wednesday 17 August (4.00pm-7.00pm)
Sports Therapy                        Telephone: (03) 9670 3735                 Sunday 11 September (12.00noon-3.00pm)
                                                                                Wednesday 14 September (4.00pm-7.00pm)
Australian Guild of Music Education                                             By appointment (please telephone).
                                      Telephone: (03) 9822 3111
                                                                                Melbourne City:
Australian Institute of Fitness                                                 Sunday 21 August
                                      Telephone: 1300 669 669
                                                                                Sunday 28 August
                                                        Beauty Point: 20 August (10.00am-3.00pm)
Australian Maritime College
                                      Telephone: 1300 363 864                   Launceston: 21 August (10.00am - 3.00pm)
Bendigo TAFE                                                                    See website
                                      Telephone: 1300 554 248
Blue Mountains International
                                                                                Telephone: 1800 257 360 or (02) 9437 0300
Hotel Management School               Telephone: 1800 257 360
                                                                                Sunday 28 August 2011
Box Hill Institute                                                              Campus tours available for schools
                                      Telephone: 1300 BOXHILL (1300 269 445)
                                                                                – contact (03) 9286 9464 to make a booking
Carrick Institute of Education                                                  See website
                                      Telephone: 1300 364 383
                                                                                At CSU it’s ‘open day every day’ (Monday to Friday,
                                                        excluding public holidays). To book a tour at any
Charles Sturt University
                                      Telephone: 1800 334 733                   campus, telephone 1800 334 733. (Three days
                                                                                notice is required).
Chisholm Institute                                                              See website
                                      Telephone: 1300 CHISHOLM (1300 244 746)
                                                                                Sunday 14 August (10.00am – 2.00pm)
                                                                                Geelong Waurn Ponds
Deakin University                                                               and Geelong Waterfront:
                                      Telephone: 1300 DEGREE (1300 334 733)
                                                                                Sunday 21 August (10.00am – 3.00pm)
                                                                                Melbourne Burwood:
                                                                                Sunday 28 August (10.00am – 4.00pm)
East Gippsland TAFE                                                             See website
                                      Telephone: 1300 133 717
Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy College                                               See website for session times. Bookings essential.
                                      Telephone: 1300 66 8888

     Institution                         Contacts                                    Open days
     Endeavour College of      
                                                                                     Sunday 24 July (11.00am - 3.00pm)
     Natural Health                      Telephone: 1300-4-NATURAL
     Footscray City Films                                                            Sunday 21 August (1.00pm - 4.00pm)
                                         Telephone: (03) 8387 1511
     GippsTAFE - Central Gippsland
                                                                                     See website
     Institute of TAFE                   See website for campus telephone numbers.
     Gordon (The)                                                                    Sunday 21 August 2011 (10.00am – 3.00pm)
                                         Telephone: (03) 5225 0500
     Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE                                                See website
                                         Telephone: 1300 468 233
                                                   Melbourne: 14 August 2011
     Grenadi School of Design
                                         Telephone: (03) 9663 0001                   Bairnsdale: 20 August 2011
     Holmes Institute                                                                By appointment (please telephone).
                                         Telephone: (03) 9662 2055
                                                      Chadstone, Moorabbin and Waverley:
                                         Telephone: 1300 MY FUTURE (1300 693 888)    Saturday 20 August (10.00am - 3.00pm)
     International College of  
                                                                                     Sunday 7 August (2.00pm – 4.00pm)
     Hotel Management                    Telephone: 1800 246 875
     JMC Academy
                                         Telephone: (03) 9696 4117                   Thursday 18 August
                                                                                     Every day is open day (please telephone).
     Kangan Institute                                                                Centre of Fashion @ Richmond
                                         Telephone: 13 TAFE (8233)
                                                                                     Sunday 14 August
                                                                                     Bendigo: 28 August (10.00am – 4.00pm)
                                                                                     Shepparton: 12 August (12noon – 7.00pm)
                                                         Mildura: 14 August (10.00am- 2.30pm)
     La Trobe University
                                         Telephone: 1300 135 045                     Albury-Wodonga: 21 August (10.00am – 3.00pm)
                                                                                     Melbourne: 7 August (10.00am – 4.00pm)
                                                                                     Mildura (Roadshow): 18 July – 9 September
                                                                                     (contact campus for times)
                                                                                     Sunday 14 August
     LaTrobe College of Art and Design                                               Private visits are welcome (please telephone or
                                         Telephone: 03 9606 0933
     Max Therapy Institute                                                           By appointment (please telephone).
                                         Telephone: (03) 9553 5959
     Melbourne Institute of    
                                                                                     Burwood: Sunday 28 August
     Business and Technology             Telephone: (03) 9244 5197
                                                                                     Geelong: Sunday 21 August
     Melbourne Institute of Technology                                               By appointment (please telephone).
                                         Telephone: (03) 8600 6700
     Monash College                                                                  Please telephone.
                                         Telephone: (03) 9903 4788
                                                                                     Berwick, Gippsland, and Peninsula:
                                                             Saturday 6 August (10.00am - 4.00pm)
     Monash University
                                         Telephone: 1800 MONASH (1800 666 274)       Caulfield, Clayton and Parkville:
                                                                                     Sunday 7 August (10.00am - 4.00pm)
     Moorabbin Flying Services                                                       See website.
                                         Telephone: (03) 9580 8822
                                                                                     August 14 (10.00am-4.00pm)
                                                            October 20, 7.00pm; November 17, 7.00pm
     Navitas College of Public Safety
                                         Telephone: 1800 783 661                     December 15, (10.00am – 8.00pm)
                                                                                     January 19 2012, (10.00am – 3.00pm)

Institution                                Contacts                                    Open days
Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE                                   Information Evenings/Super Thursdays
(NMIT)                               Telephone: (03) 9269 1200               
Oceania Polytechnic Institute of 
                                                                                       See website
Education                                  Telephone: (03) 9663 3129
                                                            Wednesday 10 August (10.00am-5.00pm)
Ozford College of Business
                                           Telephone: (03) 8663 7188                   Tours by appointment (please telephone).
                                                               Sunday 21 August (10.00am – 4.00pm)
Photography Studies College
                                           Telephone: (03) 9682 3191                   Tours by appointment (please telephone).
PIC - Photographic Imaging College                                                     Sunday 21 August
                                           Telephone: (03) 9804 6341
Qantm College                                                                          Saturday 15 October (11.00am - 3.00pm)
                                           Telephone: 1300 136 933
                                                                                       City, Bundoora and Brunswick:
                                                              Sunday 14 August (10.00am - 4.00pm)
RMIT University
                                           Telephone: (03) 9925 2260                   Free bus service from City campus to Bundoora and
SAE Institute                                                                          Saturday 15 October (11.00am - 3.00pm)
                                           Telephone: (03) 8632 3400
Sage Massage                                                                           Sunday 21 August 2011 (11.00am – 4.00pm)
                                           Telephone: 1300 889 889
South West Institute of TAFE                                                           See website
                                           Telephone: 1300 648 911
Southern School of Natural Therapies                                                   See website
                                           Telephone: (03) 9415 3333
Stott’s Colleges                                                                       By appointment (please telephone).
                                           Telephone: (03) 9663 3399
                                                                                       Open Week
Sunraysia Institute of TAFE                                                            Mildura: 21-25 November
                                           See website for campus telephone numbers.
                                                                                       Swan Hill: 21-25 November
                                                                                       Hawthorn, Lilydale and Prahran:
Swinburne University of Technology                                                     Sunday 21 August (10.00am - 4.00pm)
                                           Telephone: 1300 275 794 (1300 ASK SWIN)
University of Ballarat                                                                 Sunday 28 August
                                           Telephone 1800 811 711
                                                                                       Parkville: Sunday 21 August
University of Melbourne (The)                                                          Southbank: Sunday 21 August
                                           Telephone: (03) 8344 6543

                                                                                       Virtual Open Day (online)
                                                                                       26 June – 30 September 2011
                                                                Visitors will have the opportunity to interact
Victoria University
                                           Telephone: (03) 9919 6100                   online in real time with lecturers, current
                                                                                       students and graduates.

Victorian Institute of Technology                                                      Every Friday by appointment (please telephone).
                                           Telephone: (03) 9421 2013
William Angliss Institute of TAFE                                                      Sunday 7 August (10.00am - 4.00pm)
                                           Telephone: (03) 9606 2111
                                                       Please telephone
Wodonga Institute of TAFE
                                           Telephone: (02) 6055 6606                   or email

 Career and education contacts
     Australian Apprenticeships
     Australian Apprenticeships combine training and                   Telephone: 13 38 73
     employment in over 500 occupations and can lead to a    
     nationally recognised qualification.
     Australian Taxation Office                                        Personal Tax Infoline: 13 28 61
     The Tax Office can explain what happens once you have             Higher Education Loan Programme
     a HELP debt, including how compulsory repayments are              (HELP): 1300 650 225
     calculated and how indexation works.                    
                                                                       Career Information Centre–Melbourne
                                                                       Telephone/Email Service only
     Career Information Centres                                        FREECALL: 1800 048 525
     There are two Career Information Centres in Victoria, one in      Email:
     Melbourne and one in Geelong. These centres operate on a          Career Information Centre–Geelong
     self-help basis and contain a large variety of materials. Staff   170 Little Malop Street
     are also on hand for further advice.                              Geelong VIC 3220
                                                                       FREECALL: 1800 706 455
                                                                       Youth and Student Services: 13 24 90
     Centrelink                                                        TTY: 1800 810 586
     Centrelink is an Australian Government statutory agency           ABSTUDY: 13 23 17
     which provides financial assistance for students.                 TTY ABSTUDY: 1800 639 109
     Department of Education, Employment and Workplace
                                                                       General Enquiries: 1300 363 079
     Relations (DEEWR)
                                                                       TTY: 1800 554 609
     DEEWR can provide general information on Commonwealth
     supported places, assistance under HELP, and the Commonwealth
     Higher Education Student Support Number (CHESSN).
     Disability Support Services
     The Australian Government’s National Disability Coordination
     Officer (NDCO) program targets the barriers that people
     with a disability face in gaining access to, and successfully
                                                                       Telephone: 13 38 73
     completing, post-school education and training.
     The NDCO program works toward the Australia-wide
     coordination and delivery of transition services for people
     with a disability who are at, or who will be attending,
     university, vocational education and training or another
     training organisation.
     Job Guide
     The Job Guide provides an in-depth look at a range of             Online version
     occupations, and their education and training pathways. It
     aims to help you select the occupation that is right for you      Print/CD-ROM
     based on your interests and abilities and to make sound 
     decisions about any further education or training.
     Open Universities Australia
     Open Universities Australia provides a flexible education
                                                                       Telephone: 1300 36 36 52
     option for those who are unable or prefer not to study on
     campus. An open access policy allows anyone to register,
     regardless of educational background, location or age.

OZJAC–The Australian Courses and Careers Database                Online version
OZJAC provides information about accredited courses, their
providers and jobs. OZJAC’s aim is to provide information to     CD-ROM
assist you to make informed career decisions.          
Short Courses Victoria
Short Courses Victoria allows you to search for the course you
want, and find a course provider that is conveniently located
near your home or work.
Skills Victoria
                                                                 Telephone: (03) 9651 9999
The Skills Victoria website provides information on education
and training options.
TAFE Courses Directory
TAFE Courses Directory gives you an up-to-date listing
of more than 1400 accredited courses on offer from TAFE
Institutes and other training providers across Victoria.
TAFE Course Line                                                 Telephone: 13 18 23
The TAFE Course Line can refer you to courses offered by TAFE    (9.00am - 12.00noon and
Institutions, private providers, Adult Community and Further     1.00pm - 4.30pm, Monday to Friday)
Education (ACFE) centres, and universities.                      Email:
Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA)
Contact VCAA for all matters related to:                         Telephone: (03) 9651 4300
Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE)                         Email:
VCE Vocational Education and Training (VET)            
Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL).

Virtually                                                           Save the dates!
                                                    Join the VTAC online discussion
  SEP         Tuesday
                         Understanding the VTAC process,
                         a forum for adults returning to study

       6                 Podcast release: Friday 2 September 2011 at 12 noon
                         Seminar:         Tuesday, 6 September 2011 from 12 noon to 10pm.
                                              Topics covered will include: the course application
                                              process, understanding Special Entry Access Scheme,
                                              mature age consideration, applying for Scholarships,
                                              change of preference and the offer process.

  SEP         Tuesday    Getting the best out of your VTAC application,
                         a forum for all applicants

    13                   Podcast release: Friday 9 September 2011 at 12noon
                         Seminar:         Tuesday, 13 September 2011 from 12noon to 7pm.
                                              Topics to be announced.

Register online at
by 2 September at 5pm to secure your participation

 Terms and definitions
     ATAR                        Australian Tertiary Admission Rank
                                 » overall percentile ranking reflecting your comparative performance
                                     amongst the relevant age group in a given year.
                                 » allows tertiary institutions to compare students who have
                                     completed different combinations of Year 12 studies.

     campus                      location and grounds of an institution

     CSP                         Commonwealth supported place
                                 » place in a degree course subsidised by the Australian Government

     Commonwealth Scholarships   scholarships offered by the government for educational and/or
                                 accommodation costs

     CourseLink                  interactive program on the VTAC website that allows you to
                                 customise course searches based on your VCE program

     CourseSearch                function on the VTAC website that allows you to search or browse
                                 through all courses with applications through VTAC

     CY12                        current Year 12 students

     Extra requirements          course-specific requirements in addition to prerequisites that must
                                 be completed by applicants e.g. interview

     Middle-band                 additional factors considered for selection of approximately 20% of
                                 places in a course after the majority of applicants have been selected
                                 based on their ATAR alone

     MyInfo                      secure section of the VTAC website where you apply and access your
                                 application information

     Prerequisites               VCE studies that Year 12 students must complete for entry to a course

     quota                       number of places available in a course

     range of criteria           multiple factors considered for selection of all applicants to a course
                                 rather than selection based on the ATAR alone

     SEAS                        Special Entry Access Scheme
                                 » umbrella program for special entry to participating institutions

     VCAA                        Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority
                                 » government body that administers the VCE and VCAL

     VCAL                        Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning

     VCE                         Victorian Certificate of Education
                                 » Victorian Year 12 qualification

     VCE study score             calculated by the VCAA showing how well you have performed in a
                                 Unit 3 and 4 VCE study compared to everybody else in Victoria who
                                 took that study. The maximum study score is 50.

     VTAC                        Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre

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