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					Excellent products for excellent wines
Excellent products for excellent wines
SIHA enological enzymes
achieve an excellent juice clarification as well as extraction of colour, aroma and monoterpens and a better
- Wine enzymes for specific application: SIHAZYM Extro (granulate) for extracting colorants from red wine,
  SIHAZYM Claro (granulate) for must clarification, SIHAZYM A (granulate) for flavor release in white wine,
  SIHAZYM Fine (granulate) for mannoprotein release, SIHAZYM Flot (liquid) for flotation
- Wine enzymes for general applications: SIHA Pectinase W liquid (liquid) for must clarifying,
  SIHAZYM Uni (granulate) for extraction and clarification of grape juice

SIHA pure fermentation
for a secure, wholesome, typical and characteristical wine style.
- SIHA Active Yeast 3, SIHA Active Yeast 7 (Riesling Yeast), SIHA Active Yeast 8 (Burgundy Yeast),
  SIHA Active Yeast 10 (Red Roman) Redwine Yeast for Bordeaux, SIHA CRYAROME,
  SIHA WhiteArome Aroma Yeast, SIHA VARIOFERM, SIHAFERM PureNature
- for the second fermentation: SIHA Active Yeast 4 (yeast for sparkling wine) (fermentation in the bottle and
  in the tank)
- especially for the Méthode traditionelle (bottle fermentation): SIHA Active Yeast 5 (Agglocompact),
  SIHA Brillant liquid, SIHA Tannin liquid
SIHA yeast nutrient
optimum nutrient supply for archieving safe final attenuation.
- SIHA SpeedFerm – optimum rehydration of active dry yeasts
- SIHA Fermentation Salt – DAHP, pure diammonium hydrogen phosphate
- SIHA Fermentation Salt Plus – DAHP, vitamin B1 and cellulose for stronger, pre-clarified must
- SIHA Vitamin B1 – powder or sticks, reduction of sulfur concentration and for botrytis infected grapes
- SIHA PROFERM H+2 – special yeast cell wall preparation, DAHP
- SIHA PROFERM Plus – yeast cell wall preparation for white and red wine fermentation
Malolactic fermentation
special cultures for direct inoculation during biological acid decomposition for a variety of modern wine types.
- VINIFLORA OENOS – fast MLF for color intensive red wines
- VINIFLORA CH16 – MLF up to 16 vol. % alc. for red wines
- VINIFLORA CH11 – inocuclation at juice pH 3.0 and co-inoculation (< pH 3.5) for white wines
- VINIFLORA CH35 – for sequential inoculation of white wines
- VINIFLORA CiNe – citric-negative MLF strain, no production of diacetyl, for MLF in red and white wines
- SIHA BACTIFERM – special nutrient for bacteria
- SIHAZYM LYSO1) – to avoid spontaneous MLF
SIHA deacidification
special products for the safe, chemical deacidification of must and wine.
- SIHA Special Wine Lime
- SIHADEX double salt deacidification
- SIHA Potassium Bicarbonate
SIHA beverage treatment
selected products for the gentle treatment of must and wine according to specific requirements. Achieve
clear, sensorially pure and especially aromatic wines. Drastically reduces filter aid consumption.
- SIHA Tannin FC, SIHA Tannin QE, SIHA Tannin MOX, SIHA Must Bentonite, SIHA Gelatine Liquid,
  SIHA Gelatine Fine Granules, SIHA Flotation Gelatine, BEVASIL® 302), SIHA GESIL must fining (gelatine, silicate
  and PVPP), SIHA Isinglass Granulate
SIHA wine stabilization
ensures the quality of wine in the bottle, a long shelf life and maintains the brilliance by stabilization.
- SIHA PURANIT, SIHA Active Bentonite G, Divergan F3), SIHA Actiliq GE, SIHA CARBOGRAN FA and GE
  (active carbon granules), Metatartaric Acid, SIHA Potassium Metabisulphite, SIHA Potassium Sorbat,
  SIHA Gum Arabic, SIHA OPTISIL (silicate, isinglass), SIHA OPTISIL PLUS (silicate, isinglass, PVPP),
  SIHA CelluStab (CMC)
   From 31 December 2010 the use of milk (casein) and chicken (egg protein) products in wine production will be subject to labelling requirements. For further details
please refer to Commission Directive 2007/68/EC of 27 November 2007 regarding the amendment of Annex IIIa of the European Parliament and Council Directive
2000/13/EC relating to certain food ingredients. (effective 20 January 2009) • 2) BEVASIL® is a registered trade mark in Germany and many other countries • 3) registered
trade mark of BASF, Ludwigshafen/Deutschland

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