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									                                    Nitrous Oxide Sedation & Oral Sedation
                                    Saturday & Sunday, February 7 & 8, 2009
                                    Location (click for map):
                                    University of Toronto
                                    124 Edward Street, Toronto
                                                                                              Course Calendar: 2008/2009
                                                                                            For detailed course information click on the dates below.
#OSNO02-09 CDE Credits: 15 (6 hours lecture; 6 hours hands-on)
                                                                                            September 20: Radiology 2008
                                                                                            — Drs. Ross Barlow, Ernest Lam, Susanne
                                                                                            October 18, 19: Oral Surgery for the GP
                                                                                            — Drs. Reena Talwar, Albert Haddad, David Yarmand
                                                                                            October 29: Update in Dentistry
                                                                                            — 11 Speakers from Dental Disciplines
                                                                                            November 7: Do You Make Mythtakes? Myth: an idea or
Dr. Daniel Haas         Dr. Michelle Tang
                        With the assistance of the graduate anesthesia residents.
                                                                                            explanation which is widely held but untrue or unproven
                                                                                            — Dr. Byoung Suh and Dr. Tony Pensak
COURSE OVERVIEW                                                                             November 21: Endodontic Instrumentation and Obturation
Instruction in achieving conscious sedation in dentistry using:                             Systems That Best Suit YOUR Style of Practice
• Nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation                                                             — Dr. Manor Haas
• Oral sedation                                                                             November 22: How Do Your Crowns Fit? – A Comprehensive
Course content includes a review of:                                                        Course in Fitting and Adjusting Inlays and Crowns
                                                                                            — Mark Behar, RDT
• Conscious sedation  • Nitrous oxide equipment
• Monitoring          • Pharmacology & administration technique                             January 23, 24: Predictable Techniques for Total Esthetics
• RCDSO guidelines    • Respiratory physiology                                              — Dr. Robert Lowe
                                                                                            January 30, 31: Periodontal Surgery for the General Dentist
                                                                                            — Dr. Gerry Pearson and Dr. Steven Corber
Each participant will get experience in the clinical application of nitrous
oxide/oxygen sedation.                                                                      January 31 – February 7: Seminar at Sea
                                                                                            — Dr. Howard Tenenbaum and Mark O’Farrell
Please Note: The course on Medical Emergencies on February 6
is a prerequisite to the course on Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation.                         February 6: Medical Emergencies
                                                                                            — Dr. Dan Haas
Objectives and Outcomes                                                                     February 7, 8: Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation
Successful completion of this certificate course, which includes prior reading              — Dr. Dan Haas and Dr. Michelle Tang
assignments and multiple-choice tests, qualifies dentists to use nitrous oxide              February 20, 21: The Art of Temporization – The Blueprint for
sedation and oral sedation.                                                                 Predictable Facial Changes through Esthetic Dentistry
                                                                                            — Dr. Elliot Mechanic
Tuition *
                                                                                            March 6: Strategies for Successful Restorative and Implant
(includes continental breakfast, networking lunch, and afternoon refreshments)
                                                                                            Therapy Shifting Paradigms – Challenges, Considerations and
               Prior to January 23, 2009                      After January 23, 2009        Controversies
Dentists:             $1,015.00                                       $1,115.00             — Dr. Fred Muroff and Dr. Robert David
                                                                                            March 13, 14: Esthetic Dentistry – Title TBA
                                                                                            — Dr. Robert Margeas
Registration Time on Event Date: 8:30 am                        Course: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
                                                                                            April 17: Endodontics – Title TBA
*Register at the same time for 2 or more courses and receive a 10% discount                 — Dr. Cliff Ruddle
on each course.
                                                                                            April 24, 25: Ortho for the GP (Part 1)
                                                                                            — Dr. Gerry Solomon and Dr. Angelos Metaxas
Biographies                                                                                 May 8: Implants – Title TBA
Dr. Daniel Haas is Professor and Associate Dean at the University of Toronto, Faculty       — Dr. Mazen Dagher
of Dentistry, with a cross-appointment to the Department of Pharmacology at the Fac-
                                                                                            May 22, 23: Ortho for the GP (Part 2)
ulty of Medicine. He holds the Chapman Chair in Clinical Sciences, is Head the Disci-
                                                                                            — Dr. Gerry Solomon, Dr. Angelos Metaxas
pline of Dental Anaesthesia and Director the graduate program in Dental Anaesthesia.
                                                                                            May 29, 30: Advanced Technology in Aesthetic Surgery
Dr. Michelle Tang is Assistant Professor in the Discipline of Dental Anaesthesia at
                                                                                            — Dr. Robert Miller
the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry. She has taught local anaesthesia and
nitrous oxide/oxygen at the University of British Columbia, Faculty of Dentistry. Apart     June 12, 13: Esthetic Dentistry –Title TBA
from academics, Dr. Tang practices as a dental anesthesiologist in a private clinic in      — Dr. Ross Nash
Kitchener, Ontario.

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                            Register here or call: 416-979-4902
                   University of Toronto — Faculty of Dentistry, 124 Edward Street, Toronto

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