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 • Nona Schrader Awarded Herb                       School District
   Kohl Teacher Fellowship
 • Character Education Initiative

 • Featured School: High School
        JHS Launches Oklahoma! Production
        Transition: Focusing on New
        Freshmen                              APRIL                                                                                                                             2004
        Successful Year at JHS
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 • April Calendar of Events                                                                                                      (920) 675-1000

                                                                                                                           Public school recipients of the Kohl
     NONA SCHRADER AWARDED                                                                                                 Teacher Fellowship automatically be-
                                                                                                                           come candidates for the Wisconsin
       HERB KOHL TEACHER                                                                                                   Teacher of the Year (TOY) program.
                                                                                                                           A total of four Teachers of the Year

           FELLOWSHIP                                                                                                      are selected from the pool of Kohl Fel-
                                                                                                                           lowship recipients.

                                By Michael Swartz, Superintendent                                                          Ms. Schrader began teaching in the
                                                                                                                           Jefferson School District when hired
During the month of March, the Jef-                                                                                        in 1999 for a Language Arts teaching
ferson School District received the                                                                                        position at Jefferson Middle School.
exciting news that middle school in-                                                                                       She also provided instructional support
structor Nona Schrader had been                                                                                            as a special education paraprofessional
selected as a 2004 Kohl Teacher                                                                                            at the middle school from 1996 - 1999.
Fellowship recipient.
                                                                                                                           The School District is extremely proud
The Herb Kohl Educational Foun-                                                                                            of Ms. Schrader’s selection, and wish
dation Fellowship program rewards                                                                                          her the best as she competes for the
teachers who have demonstrated                                                                                             Teacher of the Year award!
superior ability to inspire love of
learning in their students, who have
motivated others, and who have provided meritorious service both inside and out-
side the classroom. Since the program was established in 1990, the foundation
has awarded 1,400 Fellowships to teachers throughout Wisconsin. The 100 Kohl                                                   EDUCATION
teachers and the 100 schools of those teachers will receive $1,000 grants from the
Kohl Teacher Fellowship program and will be recognized at a spring banquet.                                                     INITIATIVE
To be eligible to compete for a fellowship, teachers must be nominated by stu-                                              By Michael Swartz, Superintendent
dents, parents, other teachers, community members, or administrators. The appli-
cation process requires each nominee to submit four letters of recommendation                                              The Jefferson School District is pleased
outlining specific examples of the teacher’s skills and educational contributions,                                         to inform you of an exciting initiative
knowledge, or attributes. Additionally, the nominees are required to provide an                                            that is underway, namely the establish-
essay response to six questions regarding their individual teaching style and class-                                       ment of a Character Education Pro-
room preparation. Local nominees’ applications are then forwarded to a selection                                           gram for our schools and community.
committee in each of the state’s cooperative educational service agencies (CESAs).
If selected, the successful nominee’s application is then forwarded to a State                                             Character Education is a whole school
Selection Committee.                                                                                                                                          continued on page 4

                                                           April 14 - 11:00 a.m.              April 28 - 11:00 a.m.
                Senior Citizens
                                                                                                                            Lunch for senior citizens is provided at the High School
                                                                Salisbury Steak                 Chicken & Gravy             (675-1100) or Sullivan Elementary (675-1500). Please call the
                 Lunch Days                                    Mashed Potatoes                 Mashed Potatoes              appropriate telephone number to notify the Student
                                                                                                                            Nutrition staff of your interest to participate.
                                                            Mixed Vegetables & Roll      Green Beans, Cranberries & Roll

     “The School District of Jefferson, in partnership with our community, provides an environment of excellence and opportunity for all students to achieve their dreams.”
                            “In the Spotlight”
   Featured                      JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL

                        OF OKLAHOMA!
                           by Kathryn Steib, Drama Department Business Manager/Publicity Chair

                    Students and staff at     crews in the state last fall, the techni-   The third and final group of students
                    Jefferson High School     cal crew for Oklahoma! has a big job        involved in Oklahoma! is the pit band.
                     are now in rehearsals    ahead of them. Led by many veteran          For the first time in at least twenty-
                     for the classic Ameri-   juniors and seniors, many freshmen and      five years (if ever), a JHS musical will
can musical Oklahoma! by Rodgers and          sophomores have decided to try their        use a complete pit band. In the past, a
Hammerstein. Over sixty students will         hand at technical theatre. These stu-       small “combo” of piano, bass, and
be involved in the production as cast         dents are: Student Assistant Director       drums was the mainstay for JHS mu-
members, technical crew, or pit band          Alyssa Christ, Stage Manager Chasity        sical accompaniment. Pit Band Con-
members. The students are led by six          Juris, and Assistant Stage Managers         ductor and JHS Instru-
JHS staff members. Playing the fron-                                                      mental teacher Megan
tier love interests Curly and Laurey will                                                 Halinski has organized a
be Seniors Carter Wedl and Ashley                                                         talented group of students
Rollefson. Ado Annie, the girl who                                                        to play this immortal mu-
“Cain’t say no,” will be portrayed by                                                     sic. These students are:
Siobhan Schmid. Jordan Davids will                                                        Jaimie Nevins, Amanda
play Will Parker, Ado Annie’s beau, who                                                   Van Vuren, Ashley Weissman, Carolan
finds out that “Everything’s up to date                                                   Carlson, Cheri Biewer, Shelly Draeger,
in Kansas City.” Keeping the young                                                        Becky Giblin, Rachel Haberman, Chris
adults on their toes are Aunt Eller                                                       Carlson, Abby Ristow, Tiffany
(Marie van Lieshout) and Andrew                                                           Frohmader, Erin Catalani, Erin Giblin,
Carnes (Tyler King). Ali Hakim, who                                                       Kristin Beccue, Sarah Findlay, Alex
finds himself in a peck of trouble, will                                                  Brower, Lauren Olson, Ben Bisbach,
be played by Alex Schneider. As Jud                                                       and Amanda Wellnitz. Additionally, Jus-
Fry, the villain, Nate Rees has his work                                                  tin Enright, member of the JHS class
cut out for him. Rounding out the cast                                                    of 2003, will return to play percussion
are Rose Simon as Gertie, Peter               Jennifer Nilsestuen and Jenny Walther.      with the band.
Friederichs as Ike, and the following         In addition, Beth Wright will operate
chorus members: Nina Mallory,                 lights while Justin Langer will operate     Other students will also get involved in
Samantha Godkin, Kim Rowen,                   sound. Spotlight operators are Mollie       the production throughout rehearsals.
Theresa Racanelli, Jessica Enright,           Spangler and Peter Stark. Other tech        These additional students will serve on
Lauren Wleczyk, Ryan Schuenke, Staci          crew members are: Erin Catalani,            the costume and public relations com-
Groshek, Peter Babcock, Jon Fleming,          Megan Freund, Cassy Greenfield, Alex        mittees, as well as makeup assistants
Courtney Tomczak, Olivia Tackman,             James, Mike Redmond, Ellyse                 backstage. To have so many students
Rachel Gerstner, Courtney Bauer,              Schneider, Marcus Tauch, Alex Turner,       involved in so many ways will make
Ashley Lentz, and Ashley Rammelt.             Erin Giblin, Beth Fernandez, and Ben        for a wonderful production, and will
                                              Bisbach.                                    have a great educational impact on the
After earning first place among tech                                                      entire school.
JHS Staff Members involved in the pro-      This production is rated Y for youth       school guidance counselors focusing on
duction are Director Ryan Clarksen,         appropriate and for “Yee-hah!”             problem-solving skills, interpersonal
Music Director Kathy Tuinstra, Assis-                                                  skills, and goal setting. Two major ad-
tant Director/Pit Band Conductor            Oklahoma! performances are May 6,          ditions to 8th grade transition are the
Megan Halinski, Technical Director          7, and 8 at 7:00 p.m. in the JHS audito-   possibility of creating a freshmen sum-
Lynn Weyer, Costumer Kelly Traver,          rium. At the door, ticket prices will be   mer school course entitled Freshmen
and Business Manager/Publicity Chair        $7.00 for adults and $5.00 for             Focus and the possibility of holding a
Kathryn Steib.                              students and senior citizens.              Freshmen Only First Day of School.
                                            Tickets will also be avail-                Freshmen Focus is a course designed
Originally produced on Broadway in          able in advance from the                   by Shannon Mooney, high school guid-
1943, Oklahoma! is regarded as the first    following businesses:                      ance counselor, and Deanna Battist,
American musical comedy. Make plans         Astell’s Best Little Hair House,           middle school guidance counselor, to
to attend the JHS production. Take a        Jefferson’s Hometown Floral and Gifts,     help prepare 8th graders for high school
walk back in time to the Oklahoma           Council for the Performing Arts, Bon       success. The students involved with
frontier of the early 1900s, see toe-tap-   Ton Bakery, and Dave’s Piggly Wig-         this course may have the opportunity
ping dance numbers, and hear wonder-        gly. Prices at these locations will be     to earn .25 high school credit, if ap-
ful tunes such as “The Surrey with the      $6.00 for adults and $4.00 for students    proved by the school board. The Fresh-
Fringe on Top,” “Oh, what a Beautiful       and senior citizens. Children five and     men Only First Day of School is an
Morning,” and of course, “Oklahoma!”        under will be admitted free of charge!     option for the 2004-2005 school year.
                                                                                       During this event, high school staff will
                                                                                       dedicate their time solely to the accli-
        TRANSITION: FOCUSING ON                                                        mation of freshmen. This day may in-
                                                                                       clude an all-staff/freshmen lunch and
            NEW FRESHMEN                                                               presentations by high school clubs and
                                                                                       organizations in addition to helping with
             By Shannon Mooney, High School Guidance Counselor                         locker combinations, homerooms, and
                                                                                       other protocol.
Jefferson High School and Jefferson Middle School are collaboratively meeting to
start a formalized 8th grade transition program to help our 8th graders become         In summary, the new 8th grade transi-
successful high school students. Developmentally, middle school students are in a      tion program serves to provide many
flux of emotions regarding self-esteem, peer relationships, motivation, and aca-       functions including blending the gaps
demic success. It is our focus to create a program designed and geared towards         between the middle and high school lev-
guiding 8th grade students to make appropriate choices both academically and           els, streamlining academic expecta-
socially.                                                                              tions, and providing a sense of commu-
                                                                                       nity within our schools and our students.
The program is still in its planning stages, although several                          Most importantly, though, the 8th grade
components of the proposed plan will be introduced this school                         transition program provides a method
year. In past years, the high school and middle school guid-                           for making each student feel more se-
ance departments in addition to the parochial schools have                             cure in his/her ability to engage in and
arranged for the 8th graders to tour the high school in order to acclimate them-       be successful in the next step of life.
selves with the programs and physical atmosphere of the high school. Although
helpful, the new 8th grade transition program plans to merge the tours with several
other opportunities for 8th graders to experience the high school. For example, a
proposal has been made for an 8th grade Shadow project by which 8th graders are
paired with volunteer high school students for a “Day in the Life of Jefferson High           AT
                                                                                         YEAR AT JHS
School.” This will give 8th grade students the chance to experience high school
classes, lunch hour, elective options, etc. In addition to having the 8th grade stu-
dents come to the high school, the transition proposal also includes the opportunity       By Mark Rollefson, Principal
for a team of high school teachers to enter the 8th grade classrooms for a panel of
questions and answers about high school life. The purpose of this activity is to       The 2003-04 school year has not only
recognize the various comfort levels of the 8th graders and to exhibit a sense of      proven to be successful academically,
reciprocation between the schools.                                                     but a multitude of co-curricular groups/
                                                                                       teams has also had a strong showing
Other plans include small group discussions led by the high school and middle          this school year. Some examples of
success stories include the following:                year in a row. One individual placed       •    Varsity Girls Basketball Team: Best
                                                      third and three were district finalists.        record in several seasons. Won regional
•   Academic Decathlon Team: Placed first                                                             championship and advanced to sec-
    in regional competition; qualified for the    •   Varsity Girls Volleyball Team: The girls        tional play.
    state level competition for the first time        had a very successful season as they
    in school’s history.                              won the conference and regional cham-      •    Varsity Girls Swimming Team: Best
                                                      pionships.                                      team record in about ten years. Broke
•   Fall One-Act Play Cast & Crew: Per-                                                               the 200 free relay record twice this sea-
    formed Tartuffe at the 2003 WHSFA             •   Varsity Girls Tennis Team: Achieved             son.
    State Theatre Festival in La Crosse and           the conference championship and also
    earned a ranking of #1 in the state and           had one singles player and a doubles       •    Destination Imagination Team: Ad-
    the overall performance received a #2             pair qualify for state competition.             vanced to regional competition in
    ranking.                                                                                          March. Last year - World Champions!
                                                  •   Varsity Boys Basketball Team: Best
•   Forensics Team: Entire team advanced              season record in a few years. Won their         CONGRATULATIONS STUDENTS
    to district level competition for the third       first regional game.                               ON A JOB WELL DONE!

(Character Education Cont...)                     This presentation will illustrate Chatta-      each year.
                                                  nooga, Tennessee’s character education
effort to create a community of virtue where      initiative, now impacting over 250,000 citi-   Ms. Reed has made numerous professional
moral behaviors such as respect, honesty,         zens and 55,000 students in public and pri-    presentations and conducted workshops
and kindness are modeled, taught, ex-             vate schools. Ms. Reed will describe how       on character education throughout the
pected, celebrated, and continuously prac-        over 100 schools became involved, how          United States during the past six years.
ticed in everyday interactions.                   the initiative is being evaluated, and how     While serving in her present position she
                                                  the community has supported this effort        has assisted 17 school districts in imple-
You are cordially invited to join us on           during the last six years. The school dis-     menting character education as well as con-
Thursday, April 22, at 7:00 p.m., in the Jef-     trict was awarded the Tennessee School         sulting with educators in numerous states.
ferson High School auditorium, as Nancy           Board Association’s 2000 School of Excel-
Reed, Coordinator for Character Education,        lence Award in Character Education, rec-       We hope that you will join us for an
Hamilton County Schools, Chattanooga,             ognized by the Character Education Part-       evening of exciting information as we strive
Tennessee, shares with us “The Chatta-            nership in Washington, D.C., and co-spon-      to reinforce with our students the impor-
nooga Story: Character Education in the           sors the Southeast Regional Character Edu-     tance of morals, ethics, and values.
Schools, Communities, and Business.”              cation Conference held in Chattanooga

             APRIL                                                     Events
                                                  District Calendar of Events
1  *    Baseball (H) Milton                       15 * East PTO Mtg., 3-3:45 p.m., East          26 *    Golf @ Elkhorn
   *    G Soccer @ Cambridge                           Library                                      *    B Tennis @ Elkhorn
2 *     Softball (H) Milton                          * Softball (H) Monona Grove                    *    9th Baseball @ Milton
   *    9th Baseball (H) Milton                   16 * Softball (H) Whitewater                      *    G Soccer @ Columbus
   *    Forensics State                              * 9th Baseball @ Whitewater                    *    Sullivan Gr. 5 Choir Tour (all day)
3 *     Forensics State                           17 * Staff Recognition Banquet, 5:00 p.m.,        *    HS Academic Awards Night,
6 *     Softball @ L. Mills (Lakeside)                 Meadow Springs Country Club                       7:00 p.m., Auditorium
   *    Coed Track @ Palmyra-Eagle                   * G Soccer @ Delavan-Darien                       * School Board Meeting, 7:00 p.m.,
8 *     Softball @ Delavan-Darien                 19 * 9th Baseball (H) Fort                             High School Library
   *    Baseball (H) Delavan-Darien                  * Golf @ Stoughton
   *    G Soccer (H) Elkhorn                      20 * Softball @ Fort                               HIGH SCHOOL PROGRESS REPORT WEEK
   *    9th Baseball @ Delavan-Darien                * Baseball (H) Fort                                        APRIL 26 - 30
10 *    Golf @ Elkhorn (Invite)                      * Coed Track, Fort/Jefferson @ Milton
   *    B Tennis @ Janesville (Palmer Park)       22 * 3 Hr. Early Dismissal                     27 *    Softball @ Milton
12 *    Sullivan P.A.T.H.S., 3:15 p.m.,              * Baseball @ East Troy                         *    Baseball @ Milton
        Sullivan Cafeteria                           * Golf (H) Milton                              *    Coed Track (H) Elkhorn/Whitewater
    *   HS Booster Club Mtg., 7:00 p.m.,             * G Soccer (H) Big Foot                     29 *    Baseball (H) Elkhorn
        Room M1 @ HS                                 * B Tennis (H) Milton                          *    Golf (H) Delavan-Darien
   *    G Soccer (H) Columbus                     23 * Softball (H) East Troy                       *    G Soccer (H) Whitewater
13 *    West P.A.T.H.S. Mtg., 6:30 p.m.,             * 9th Baseball @ East Troy                     *    B Tennis (H) Delavan-Darien
        Library                                      * Golf @ Evansville                            *    Coed Track @ Lake Mills
   *    MS PTO Mtg., 7:00 p.m., Cafeteria            * G Soccer @ Watertown                      30 *    Softball @ Elkhorn
   *    Baseball (H) Watertown Luther Prep           * B Tennis @ McFarland                         *    9th Baseball (H) Elkhorn
   *    Softball @ Evansville                     24 * State Solo/Ensemble (all-day) at UW-         *    Golf @ Fontana (Big Foot)
15 *    Baseball @ Whitewater                          Whitewater                                   *    B Tennis @ Janesville Parker
   *    Coed Track Conf. Relays @ E. Troy            * Golf @ Milton                                *    Newsletter in Advertiser
   *    G Soccer @ Delavan-Darien                    * G Soccer @ Watertown

    The School District of Jefferson does not discriminate against any person on any basis prohibited by applicable law.

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