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					                                                    Job Description and Person Specification (HR5)
                                                                      Vacancy Number: 017911JW

Job Description

School/Department:           Psychology

Post Title:                  Chair in Health Psychology

                                    ERE                TAE               MSA               CAO
Career Pathway and Level:

                                          Academic Posts                   Non-Academic Posts
ERE Category                                                                        Education
                             Academic       Research       Teaching    Enterprise

Post Responsible to (and     Head of Psychology

Posts Responsible for (and   Supervisory responsibilities consistent with administrative roles.

Job Purpose:

To undertake research in line with the unit’s research strategy, to teach health psychology, and to
participate in Academic unit administration. To help develop, evolve and implement strategy to
ensure the success of CAHP.

Key Accountabilities/Primary Responsibilities (6-10 bullet points maximum)              % Time

 1. To provide leadership to colleagues and strategy to support the development of

 2. To develop and carry out high quality research, ensuring academic impact
    through high scientific quality and social impact through collaboration and
    dissemination as appropriate.

 3. To publish findings in high impact peer-reviewed journals, present results at
    conferences, and disseminate work at appropriate events.

 4. To conduct and lead research of the highest quality, write and collaborate on
    substantial bids for research funding.

 5. To support the teaching objectives of the School by delivering teaching and
    supervision to students at undergraduate and postgraduate level, including PhD
    studentships, MSc and undergrudate dissertations, lectures, practicals and

 6. To contribute to the efficient management and administration of the Centre for
    Applications of Health Psychology, the Academic Unit of Psychology, the Faculty
    of Social and Human Sciences, and the University, duties allocated by the Head
    of Psychology, and the Dean as appropriate. This may include senior
    management roles within the Academic Unit and/or Faculty.
Internal & External Relationships: (nature & purpose of relationships)

Member of the Psychology Board and such committees relevant to administrative duties.
Research priorities will be collaboratively agreed within the strategic framework of CAHP.
Teaching and administrative duties will be allocated by the Head of Psychology, within the context
of the teaching programmes agreed by the Learning and Teaching Committee.

Special Requirements:

To attend national and international conferences for the purpose of disseminating research
results, and contribute to prestigious national and international bodies (e.g. professional
associations, funding organisations, government bodies).
BPS and HPC registration desirable but not essential.

Person Specification

                                                                             How to be
Criteria                                             Essential   Desirable
Qualifications, Knowledge and Experience:

PhD or equivalent professional qualifications               
and experience in health psychology

Established record of outstanding research                  
and scholarship in Health Psychology that will
make a major contribution to the research
profile and the REF Unit of Assessment

Sufficient knowledge and experience of                      
quantitative methods and statistics to be able
to teach and supervise at undergraduate and
MSc level

Teaching qualification (PCAP or equivalent)                 

Proven ability to teach to a high standard at               
both the undergraduate and postgraduate

Planning and Organising:

Ability to develop and lead a programme of                  
research of international quality leading to
publications in major journals

Able to organise own research activities to                 
deadline and quality standards

Able to plan, manage, organise and assess                   
own teaching contributions

Able to contribute to the design of course                  
units, curriculum development and new
teaching approaches in school

Problem Solving and Initiative:

Able to develop understanding of complex                    
problems and apply in-depth knowledge to
address them

Able to develop original techniques/methods                 

Management and Teamwork:

Able to supervise work of junior research                   
staff, delegating effectively

Able to manage and deliver own course units                 
and contribute to team-taught course units

Able to directly supervise work of students          

Able to contribute to school management and          
administrative processes

Work effectively in a team, understanding the
strengths and weaknesses of others to help           
teamwork development

Communicating and Influencing:

Communicate new and complex information              
effectively, both verbally and in writing,
engaging the interest and enthusiasm of the
target audience

Able to present research results at group            
meetings and conferences

Able to write up research results for                
publication in leading peer-viewed journals

Deliver lectures and seminars in courses             
relating to different aspects of health

Able to engage counselling skills and pastoral       
care, where appropriate

Work proactively with colleagues in other            
work areas/institutions, contributing
specialist knowledge to achieve outcomes

Other Skills and Behaviours:

Understanding of relevant Health & Safety            

Positive attitude to colleagues and students         

Special Requirements:

Able to attend national and international            
conferences to present research results

Eligible for HPC registration                            

             Job Hazard Analysis Form - Appendix to Job and Person Specification

Please tick one of the following statements:

     This post is an office-based job with routine office hazards e.g. use of VDU (if ticked, no
     further information needs to be supplied)                                                             
     This post has some hazards other than routine office e.g. more than use of VDU

Please tick all those that apply, and put N/A if not applicable

     Environmental Exposures                                                            O*         F   C
     Outside work
     Extremes of temperature (e.g. fridge/ furnace)
     Potential for exposure to body fluids
     Noise (greater than 80 dba - 8 hrs twa)
     Exposure to hazardous substances (eg solvents, liquids, dust, fumes,
     biohazards). Specify ………………………………………………………….                                 ##
     Frequent hand washing
     Ionising radiation.
     Equipment/Tools/Machines used
     Food Handling
     Driving university vehicles(e.g. car/van/LGV/PCV)                           ##
     Use of latex gloves (note: prohibited unless specific clinical necessity)   ##
     Vibrating tools (e.g. strimmers, hammer drill, lawnmowers)                   ##

     Physical Abilities

     Load manual handling.

     Repetitive Crouching/Kneeling/Stooping
     Repetitive Pulling/Pushing
     Repetitive Lifting
     Standing for prolonged periods
     Repetitive Climbing i.e. steps, stools, ladders
     Fine motor grips (e.g. pipetting)
     Gross motor grips

     Repetitive reaching below shoulder height

     Repetitive reaching at shoulder height
     Repetitive reaching above shoulder height
     Psychosocial Issues
     Face to face contact with public
     Lone working
     Shift work/night work/on call duties                                         ##

O – Occasionally (up to 1/3 of time); F – Frequently (up to 2/3 of time); C – Constantly (more than
2/3 of time) ## denotes to HR the need for a full PEHQ to be sent to all applicants for this position.

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