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Job Description - Torfaen County Borough Council


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									                                         EMPLOYEE SPECIFICATION

Job Title:        Specialist Senior Educational Psychologist (Behaviour) Grade: Soulbury Scale B + SPAs

Department: Education

Division/Section: Inclusion / Educational Psychology Service Team.

No Criteria/Competences                                                               To be tested at:
                                                                                       (please tick)
                                                                              Form     Presentation   Interview


 1    A proven commitment to and expertise in promoting the
      safeguarding of children and young people

 2    Sound knowledge of recent legislation and practice relating to
      special educational needs, provision, disability and safeguarding.          √                     √

 3    Sound knowledge of the National Curriculum                                  √                     √
 4    The ability to provide a full range of relevant psychological skills
      including systemic analysis, understanding and intervention
      consultation, problem solving, assessment, advice, and in-service           √                     √

 5    Experience of working with children/young people with challenging
      behaviour and their families.                                               √         √           √

 6    The competence to engage with headteachers, members of senior
      leadership teams in school and senior professionals in other services
      to develop and improve services for children, young people and their

 7    The ability to work productively with other members of a multi -
      professional team, schools and other Children’s Workforce
      colleagues and to make creative/positive contributions to policy and        √         √           √

 8    Good verbal and written communication and the ability to facilitate
      appropriate liaison and involvement from other colleagues or
                                                                                  √         √           √

 9    Good organisational skills which enable you to work under pressure,
      prioritise tasks and meet deadlines.                                        √                     √

10    A sound understanding of “Equal Opportunities” for both service
      delivery and employment                                                     √                     √


      Successful experience of working with children and young people
1     with challenging behaviour and their families in a variety of contexts     √      √         √
      over time.
      Experience of working with children and young people through the
2                                                                                √      √         √
      age range of 2-19 years in a multiagency context.
3     Able to evidence experience of having work creatively and
                                                                                 √      √         √
      successfully at the pupil, whole class and whole school level.
      You will have worked with school senior management teams on the
4     implementation of training or systems to support pupil well-being          √                √
      and behaviour.
      You will have experience of working with colleagues from other LAs
                                                                                 √                √
5     on joint projects and or/ interventions.
      You will have training and experience in working with children and
      young people who have been subject to significant loss or
      emotional injury and be able to lead a collaborative plan to support
      these individuals.
      You will have developed, delivered and evaluated a wide range of
7     training on behaviour and well-being to a range of professional and
      lay audiences.

Other Factors
    1.   Honours Degree in Psychology(or equivalent) acceptable to the Health Professions Council (HPC).
    2.   Teaching or other appropriate experience of working with children and young people.
    3.   Postgraduate professional qualification in Educational Psychology.
    4.   Eligibility for registration with HPC.
    5.   Current enhanced CRB check.

Willingness to travel, current driving licence and available car.

Torfaen County Borough Council is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of
children, young people, and vulnerable adults and expects all staff and volunteers to share this


                                                     JOB DESCRIPTION

Post details
Job Title    :              Specialist Senior Educational Psychologist (Behaviour)

Grade             :         Soulbury B scale 2-5 with access to additional SPAs

Department        :         Education

Division/Section:           Inclusion/Educational Psychology

Line Manager:               Head of Inclusion/ Principal Educational Psychologist

Main purpose of the job
The core task is to provide specialist knowledge and consultative support to all schools with a particular
emphasis on KS3 and KS4, including pupils placed in the Pupil Referral Unit. In addition the postholder
will also engage with a small caseload of complex needs children and families in order to refine his/her
skills and model reflective practice. In addition to undertaking regular visits to secondary schools to
support the development of their capability and competence in meeting the emotional health and well-
being of their learners. The SSEP will also help co-ordinate the appropriate elements of the Las School
Effectiveness Grant work.

Supervisory responsibility

The SSEP will provide supervision to the proposed SEAL secondees that are part of the LAs SEG work.

Main responsibilities and tasks

The behaviour specialist EP will offer a range of work aimed at promoting the development and learning
of children/young people with challenging behaviour including:

1        Psychological consultations and advice to schools and peers on an individual and organisational
         level; there will be a clear emphasis on secondary schools aimed at supporting schools to update
         and refine their pastoral systems.

2        Specialist responsibility for guidelines and recommendations as to how the needs of
         children/young people with challenging behaviour may be met, including working with families
         and devising programmes, individual work with pupils and support/ advice to other professionals.

3        The development of interventions and ways of working based on sound psychological principles
         which actively support effective learning and promote meaningful inclusion wherever possible.
         This can include approaches to teaching children/young people with challenging behaviour
         through modifications to curriculum delivery and by reducing barriers to access; it can also
         include specialist advice to other agencies in a multi-professional context.

4        Disseminating the learning emerging from 3 to colleagues within and beyond the Inclusion

5        Offering an Educational Psychology perspective on the analysis of evidence-based interventions
         to increase appropriate behaviour and promote meaningful inclusion;

6        Liaising and working in active partnership with other agencies and professionals, within and
         outside the LA;


7        The development and delivery of training to schools and other professional groups.

8        Undertake analysis of the effectiveness of in-school based systems and responses to EHWB and
         pupil behaviour and to present these findings to a wind range of audiences.

9        Provide support to the PRU management team on their systems for promoting EHWB both in
         terms of pupils placed in the PRU and those receiving all forms of outreach support.

10       Prepare an annual report for the LA management team on what in the authority is proving to be
         effective in promoting good EHWB and what future steps the LA should engage in to improve this

11       Work as part of a multi-agency team with school based staff, PRU staff, EPs and other
         professionals on individual and systemic interventions.

To use IT in line with Council policies.


The Council expects the highest standards of conduct from its employees and at all times you must carry
out your duties with integrity and in accordance with the code of conduct for employees.

Equal opportunities

The council has a strong commitment to achieving equality of opportunity and expects all employees to
implement and promote its policy in their own work.

Health and safety

The council is committed to a healthy and safe working environment and expects all its employees to
implement and promote its policy in all aspects of their work.


The council is committed to maintaining privacy of all its staff and customers. It expects all staff to handle
all individuals’ personal information in a sensitive and professional manner. All staff are under an
obligation not to gain access or attempt to gain access to information they are not authorised to have.

Signatures – line manager and job holder

Signed…………………………………………………………… Dated:…………………………………………
                      line manager

Signed…………………………………………………………… Dated:…………………………………………


The duties of this post will change and develop over time. It is the jobholder’s responsibility, in
conjunction with their manager, to regularly review this document and amend it when necessary.



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