How to Write an Exploratory Essay

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					How to Write an Exploratory Essay
An exploratory essay is all about making an inquiry, investigating and offering some good
solutions for the problem chosen as subject for the essay. Read on for some useful tips on how to
write an exploratory essay...

As the name suggests, an exploratory essay is all about exploring the various view points and
arguments, in relation to the topic at hand, so that some viable explanations or answers for the
same can be offered. Thus, it can be said that for writing an exploratory essay on any given topic,
it has to be looked at from various angles, its advantages as well as drawbacks have to be
weighed and then finally conclusions have to be arrived at. The following Buzzle article further
explains in detail how to write an exploratory essay.

Tips on How to Write an Exploratory Essay

The Definition...
In an exploratory essay, you need to give in a lot of opinions and point of views, to explain and
evaluate the subject chosen. The more opinions and point of views are included in an exploratory
essay, the more complete and good it is considered. One peculiarity of exploratory essays is that
you need to only investigate, inquire about and explore the chosen topic. You do not have to
argue for or against the topic you are writing on. Due to this very reason, many people find
writing an exploratory essay very difficult. On the brighter side, writing such an essay gives you
full liberty to explore a topic, so if you want to gain an in depth knowledge on something,
without getting biased about it, exploratory essays are your answer!

The Topic...
To write an exploratory essay, the first thing that you need to do is to find a problem that you
want to investigate. Ideally, it should be something that you are familiar with and feel strongly
about, as only then you would be able to offer opinions and solutions on the same. Some of the
possible topics for an exploratory essay can be - "Is large scale immigration good for United
States?" "Low voter count", "Racial Discrimination in United States", "Economic Downturn",
etc. You need not always take topics of economic and political relevance though. Social topics
can be explored with equal elan while writing an exploratory essay.
The Introduction...
Unlike other types of essays, an exploratory essay does not have a thesis statement. It is written
in such a way that the author's thoughts and opinions on the subject at hand are presented
throughout the essay to the readers. The introduction of an exploratory essay should be very
interesting. It should bring forth the problem that is being investigated in the essay, in a very
lucid, appealing manner, so much so that the readers feel compelled to read the entire essay!

The Body...
During the course of the essay i.e. while writing the body, certain questions are raised with
regards to the topic and the same are analyzed and answered, by the writer. The writer presents
various solutions too, for the problem at hand and analyzes each one of them, till the conclusion
of the essay, where the most viable ones are presented. Let's take an example here. If the chosen
topic is gender discrimination, the various ideas and solutions to combat the same, that can be
explored in the essay are - Where does gender discrimination stem from? How to combat the
same? (A) By spreading awareness and educating people on it.(B) By giving women equal
opportunities in terms of education, experience and exposure, right from the childhood. Can
gender discrimination ever be overcome? etc. Likewise, all such ideas are explored and looked
into. Whatever solutions are suggested, their pros and cons are discussed in the body of the
essay. You can even add some real life examples, while discussing each of the solutions.
Creating hypothetical situations, wherein you write about what could possibly happen if a
particular solution is opted for, will make the essay even more interesting. You may further go to
how to write a good essay.

The conclusion...
To conclude an exploratory essay, write in brief about all that you have explored during the
course of writing your essay. Conclusion of an exploratory essay is all about highlighting the
main points, opinions, questions, answers and solutions, that were discussed in the essay.

Writing an exploratory essay is a great exercise for the mind, as it lets you study and write about
a topic from all angles. The very purpose of writing this type of essay is to inquire and
investigate. If you keep these things in mind as well as the tips on how to write an exploratory
essay suggested above, you would be able to write an excellent one yourself!

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