Camp John Mensinger Summer 2011

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					       Camp John Mensinger Summer 2011
                       (3/10/11 - GYC not updated yet)

Sunday, July 10 (arrive by 2PM) – Saturday, July 16 (leave by 8AM)
                      Summer Camp At Camp John Mensinger 2011
Location: Camp John Mensinger (CJM) is located in the Stanislaus National Forest, near the
Beardsley Reservoir off Hwy 108. (Quite a ways off.) See the attached map for complete details.
Nearby landmarks are Strawberry, Dodge Ridge, Pinecrest Lake and The Lair of the Golden
Cost: Due by February 14, 2011 a $50 per youth non-refundable deposit. Camp fees are due
by April 1, 2011. Camp fees are 220 + 50 = $270. An additional $50 has been added to cover
incidental expenses such as transportation, additional food and miscellaneous supplies. (If paying
after 3/28 & before 4/25/11 total = $290. If paying after 4/25/11 total = $310) Each Scout
should have $30-$40 in spending money for lunch on the way up and back and for craft materials
and “goodies” at camp. Please do not send your son to camp with any junk food to insure our
continued success of not having bears come into camp. Fees are made out to BSA Troop 237 and
sent to Patti Young, Adult Outing Advisor, 1 Ardilla Road, Orinda, CA 94563.
Troop Dues: Must be paid before the Scout is an official member of the Troop and eligible to
attend camp. When a boy joins the troop in March or later, the amount owed is 1/2 year’s dues
including t-shirt & admin fees totaling $100.
Forms: Each Scout must have an annual Health and Medical Records form with Parts A, B & C
completed and both the Troop 237 and the Camp John Mensinger Authorization and Consent
Forms. Medical forms can be downloaded from under Medical &
Safety. The Troop 237 Authorization and Consent form and the Camp John Mensinger
Authorization and Consent form are included in this packet. These forms should be mailed to
Patti Young no later than June 1st. Be sure that you and the doctor have signed the medical forms.
All medications must be in their original bottles and turned into the camp medical director for
dispensing upon arrival at camp.
Transportation: We will depart on Sunday, 7/10/11 at 9:00 AM from the upper, upper parking
lot at the Orinda Community Church. Scouts are to be in full Class A uniform. Make sure the
uniform is complete. We need parents to drive. Please sign up at the Troop meetings. All your
automotive information should have been submitted with your family’s personal information
sheet. Please update any new cars you may be driving as you sign up to drive to camp. The
Troop reimburses transportation costs at 0.25/mile.
Personal Equipment: See attached Camp John Mensinger Recommended Camper Equipment
List. Write your son’s name and Troop 237 on every article sent to camp, including socks!
Advancement: See attached Prerequisites For Merit Badges and 2011 Merit Badge Schedule
information. It is important for the Scout to complete the work recommended for merit badges
prior to camp since no partials will be given. Please fill out the Pre-Camp Merit Badge Sign Up
For Camp John Mensinger form.
Mail/Phone: The camp picks up mail on Tuesday & Thursdays at Strawberry. Parents, it is best
to send mail prior to your son’s departure or no later than the Monday of the week he is attending.
CJM’s website: click on Leader’s Guide. The
emergency phone is 209-545-6320 to the Modesto Scout Council office who will then contact the
camp. The mailing address is:
 Scout _________________ Troop 237, Valley View
 Camp John Mensinger
 General Delivery
 Strawberry, CA 95375                                                                           2
  Camp John Mensinger Recommended Camper Equipment List

Place in Duffle Bag, not a backpack:
Complete Scout Uniform
 (Field Uniform “Class A” of tan shirt, neckerchief & slide, pants/shorts, belt, scout socks)
Mess kit (cup & spoon minimum)
Hiking shoes
Tennis shoes
Extra t-shirts
Extra pants (1 pair) & shorts (2 pairs)
4-6 pairs of underwear
4-6 pairs of socks
Sweater (fleece is best) & heavy jacket
Swim trunks
Toilet kit (soap, comb, tooth brush, tooth paste, floss, etc.)
Towels 2 (1 for the pool, 1 to shower; NOT 2 large pool towels)
Notebook & pencils
Scout Handbook – (see chapter 8 for “the 10 essentials” and pack them)
Merit badge pamphlets you sign up for
Daypack (school backpack to carry items to Merit Badge sessions)
Water bottle (Nalgene or canteen work best)
Nylon cord 50’
Postcards already addressed & stamped
SMALL pillow (can just use cloths as a pillow)
Flashlight with extra batteries
Spending money ($35 to $40 per week; if staying the weekend an extra $30)
Rain gear
Fishing gear (optional)
Sleeping bag
Sleeping pad or air mattress (if not sleeping in Mensinger tents which have cots)
Insect Repellent
Sun-block lotion & lip balm

Other Equipment (you may wish to bring to Mensinger)
Bible or prayer book                    Camera with extra film
Watch                                   Pocket knife
First Aid Kit                           Sewing kit
Playing cards                           Folding chair

NOTE: DO NOT BRING any electronic devices to camp, this includes cell phones,
iPods, etc... Remember to LABEL EVERYTHING with a SHARPIE or engraver.
First Year Scouts Attend “Woodsman” Program

Woodsman is a program set up for first year Scouts to pass essential requirements to advance in
rank and serves to fulfill pre-requisites to other merit badge classes.

The Scout will spend all day from Monday through Wednesday with his Woodsman group
including lunchtime. During free time the Scout may work on perfecting the skills learned that day,
or spend time with friends at the lake, pool, art room, etc.

Then on Thursday and Friday the first year Scouts will take merit badge classes. Typically the first
year scout would choose amongst the Art, Basketry, Leatherwork, Woodcarving, Mammal Study &
Geology merit badges. (see pages 4 & 5 to select the merit badge classes)

Typical Woodsman And Merit Badge Program
Woodsman                    Handicraft                          Nature
Ropes and knots             Art                                 Archeology
Maps and compass            Basketry                            Astronomy
Nature                      Leatherwork                         Environmental Science
First aid                   Woodcarving                         Fishing
Cooking and Fire                                                Fish & Wildlife
Knife and Axe               Range                               Forestry
Swimming                    Archery                             Geology
                            .22 Rifle                           Mammal Study
Scoutcraft                  Shotgun                             Weather
Emergency preparedness      Pool
Indian Lore                 Swimming                            Waterfront
Orienteering                Life Saving                         Canoeing
Pioneering                                                      Motor boating
Wilderness Survival         Pendola                             Rowing
                            Climbing                            Small Boat Sailing
First Aid

                Merit Badges at Camp John Mensinger
Merit Badges Offered              Prerequisites For Merit Badges
High Adventure Trek___________ Age 14+, Rank 1st Class or Higher
Archery                       NONE - Read MB Book
Archeology                    NONE - Read MB Book
Art                           4&5      - Read MB Book
Astronomy               ______Study before camp 5B, 6, 7B, 9 - Read MB Book

 Backpacking (Wolfeboro)
Basketry                   NONE - Read MB Book, Purchase kits at the Trading Post
  Bird Study (Wolfeboro)
BSA Lifeguard ____________ _Must be 14+, must have Lifesaving MB

Camping                       _ 2, 3, 4, 5A, 5D, 7A, 7B, 8C, 8D, 9 - Read MB Book
Canoeing                      _ Study before camp 2A, 2B, 3, must be a swimmer - Read MB Book
Climbing                        1A,1B,2,7 - Read MB Book
 Cooking (Wolfeboro)

Emergency Preparedness    (Must have 1st Aid MB) 1, 2C, 6b, 8A, 8B, - Read Book
Environmental Science     3C, 3E, 3F - Read MB Book
First Aid                  2B - Read MB Book
Fish & Wildlife _________  5 (s,b,c,d – do one), 6 (a,b,c – do one) - Read MB Book
Fishing       __________ Practice knots, 7 (can bring note from home caught 2 fish) - Read MB Book
Forestry                   5 (a,b,c – do one), 7 - Read MB Book

Geology                         NONE -      Read MB Book
 Hiking (Wolfeboro)

Indian Lore                     NONE -      Read MB Book, Purchase kits at the Trading Post

Leatherwork                    NONE - Read MB Book, Purchase kits at the Trading Post
Life Saving 2nd Class Req 7A thru7C, & 1st Class req 9A thru 9C, Must have Swimming MB - BRING
           long pants & long sleeve shirt without holes. – Read Book

Mammal Study                5 - Read MB Book
Motor Boating           __ 1, 2, must be a swimmer - Read MB Book
Nature                     NONE - Read MB Book,
 Oceanography (Wolfeboro)

Orienteering                   7a, 7b, 8, 9 - Read MB Book

Pioneering                    2A, practice knots & splices before camp - Read MB Book
  Reptile Study (Wolfeboro)
Rifle Shooting .22 / Muzzle Loading    1f, 1i , Read & know rules, - Read MB Book
Rowing                        Read all requirements, must be a swimmer - Read MB Book

Shotgun (must weigh 100#s)     1f, 1i read hunting laws, - Read MB Book
Small Boat Sailing             Must be a swimmer - Read MB Book
Swimming                       3, must be a swimmer - Read MB Book

Weather                         8, 9 - Read MB Book
Wilderness Survival             5 - Read MB Book
Woodcarving                     NONE - Read MB Book, Purchase kits at the Trading Post

Blue (&/or indented) = those MB offered at Wolfeboro                                                 5
                              Camp John Mensinger
                            2011 Merit Badge Schedule
Leaders please be aware that this schedule is subject to change, please verify when you
arrive at camp.

AREA            MERIT BADGE               MON       TUE      WED   THU     FRI
             Art                Arranged Arranged Arranged Arranged Arranged
             Basketry               M           T       W
             Leatherwork                                W   Th        F
             Wood Carving           M----&-----T or W---&---Th
Field Sports Archery                M----&-----T or W---&---Th
             Black Powder Rifle                                       F
             Rifle Shooting (22) M am--&--T am-&-W am--&--Th am
             Pistol (Ventures only)                                   F
             Shotgun Shooting       M pm--&--T pm-&-W pm--&--Th pm
Misc.        Citizenship in the Nation                  W
             Climbing               M----&-----T or W---&---Th
             Law                                                      F
Nature      Archaeology                                               F
             Astronomy (overnight on Th)                     Th
             Environmental Science M----&-----T or W---&---Th
             Fishing                M
             Fish & Wildlife Management         T
             Forestry                                                 F
             Geology                                                  F am
             Mammal Study                                             F pm
             Weather                M
Aquatics    Canoeing                M am --&--T am -&-W am--&--Th am
             Lifesaving (need long pants/shirt)              Th---&---F
             Motor Boating          M pm--&--T pm or W pm--&--Th pm
             Rowing                 M am--&--T am -&-W am--&--Th am
             Small-Boat Sailing M pm--&--T pm-&-W pm--&--Th pm
             Swimming                           T ---&---W
Medical      First Aid              M am--&--T am or W pm--&--Th pm
               (Tenderfoot-First Class First Aid Competed)
Scoutcraft     Camping                          T
               Emergency Preparedness (need 1st Aid MB) W          or     F
               Indian Lore         M
               Orienteering                     T
               Pioneering                                           Th
               Wilderness Survival M          or        W

Greater Yosemite Council Boy Scouts of America

Additional Information on Merit Badges and Free Time

Merit badge classes are designated by session.
There is either session 1 or session 2.
Each session number represents a class.
The following merit badges will have ONE class per week...
Canoeing, rowing sailing, swimming, lifesaving, rifle, shotgun, weather, astronomy,
archaeology, fishing, fish & wildlife, pioneering, orienteering, Indian lore, camping.
All others will have two or more according to the schedule.

Canoeing Merit Badge will require four mornings to complete.

The Rowing Merit Badge will require four mornings to complete.

The Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge will require four afternoons to complete.

Motor Boating Merit Badge will require two afternoons to complete.

Additional Free Time Activities
There will be opportunities to participate in some other activities not included in
the merit badge program. Scouts are encouraged to sign up for these activities on a
first come, first served basis. These areas will be available during free-time periods.

Activity                      Area              Pre Requisites
Mountain Boarding             Pendola

Board Sailing                 Water Front       Must be a swimmer

Tomahawk Throwing             Pendola

               Pre-Camp Merit Badge Sign Up For
                     Camp John Mensinger

Scout’s Name ___________________________________________________________
                         Last                      First

Email __________________________________________________________________

Birth date    __________________                 Rank ________________________

             Monday         Tuesday        Wednesday    Thursday     Friday

1st Choice

2nd Choice

Merit Badge Fees for 2010:
Black Powder …………..$15.00
Shotgun Shooting ………$15.00
22 Rifle Shooting ………$10.00
Archery …………………$10.00
Indian Lore Kit Price …...$5.00 - $10.00
Leather Work Kit Price ...$5.00 - $15.00
Woodcarving Kit Price ...$5.00 - $10.00
Basketry Kit Price ……...$15.00
Troop 237 Boy Scouts of America                                                              8
          Troop 237 Orinda California Boy Scouts of America
          Authorization and Consent For Treatment of a Minor

(I), (We), the undersigned, parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of________________________
a minor, do hereby authorize Eric Jorgensen, or other adult Troop 237 leader, as agents
for the undersigned to consent to any x-ray, examination, anesthetic, medical or surgical
diagnosis, or treatment and hospital care which is deemed advisable, and is to be rendered
under the general or specific supervision of any physician or surgeon licensed under the
provisions of the medical practice act, or on staff of any accredited hospital, whether such
diagnosis or treatment is rendered at the office of said physician at said hospital.

It is understood that this authorization is given in advance of any specific diagnosis,
treatment, or hospital care being required, but is given to provide authority and power on
the part of the above agents to obtain care which a physician in the exercise of his best
judgment may deem advisable. This authorization is given pursuant to the provisions of
Section 25.6 of the Civil Code and Section 1283 of the Health and Safety Code of the
State of California.

(I), (We) also authorize the adult leader(s) as agents for the undersigned to give any First
Aid Treatment by the adult staff. I authorize the adult(s) to give over the counter
medications such as Tylenol, Pepto-Bismal, and Solorcaine spray to my son for
treatment of such minor problems such as headaches, stomach upset or allergic reactions
to plants or dust.

This authorization will be effective until one calendar year from date of signature unless
revoked in writing delivered to the above agents.

Parent/Legal Guardian/Person Having Legal Custody:

______________________________________ _______________
Signature                                 Date

______________________________________ ________________
Signature                                 Date

______________________________________ _________________________
Address                                   Home Phone

______________________________________ _________________________
City,       State,      Zip Code          Work Phone

______________________________           ________________________________
Cell Phone & Name                                Cell Phone & Name
Troop 237 Boy Scouts of America                                                                    9

                       Troop 237 Outing Signup Form

MAIL YOUR CHECK by April 1, 2011 for early bird payment made out to BSA
Troop 237 and this completed form, to Patti Young, Adult Outing Leader, 1 Ardilla
Rd., Orinda, CA 94563; Cell 510-910-0311, E-mail:
Or you can hand the form & check to Patti Young at a Troop meeting.

OUTING DATE (S)                   OUTING
July 10-16, 2011                  Camp John Mensinger Summer Camp

ATTENDEES: (Scouts & Adults):

   My Check for circle one ($330 by 4/1, $350 by 5/2, $370 after 5/2) per Scout and
Adult (made out to BSA Troop 237) has been sent to Mrs. Young.

Check #_____________ Date of check __________________
MEDICAL: List all current medications, plus any other medical needs that may not be
on the annual Medical Forms you previously submitted to the Troop. If your son needs his
regular medicine administered to him on the outing and you are not there, you should give the
medication to the adult leader of the outing who will take care of it for you. Scout policy is to not
have the scouts administer their own medication.

EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION: Alternate contact information for
________________________________ (if parents out of town or unavailable at the regular phone.)
Informed Consent and Hold-Harmless Agreement
I understand that participation in Camp John Mensinger Summer Camp outing offered
through Troop 237 of the Mount Diablo-Silverado Council, BSA, involves a certain
degree of risk, I have considered the risk involved and have given
_________________________, my son, my consent to participate in this activity from
July 10-16, 2011.

________________________________                __________________________ _________
Name (please print)                                    Signature                          Date

Parent’s Cellphones: Mom: ______________________ Dad: _______________________________
GEAR: See Summer Camp packet.
DRIVERS: An adult in our family can drive on this outing ____ There ____Back ____ Both
Total # of Seat Belts: _____   Vehicle Type: ____________________________________
Name of Driver ______________________________ CA DL # ______________________
Cell Phone # _________________________________                                         10
     Camp Mensinger Authorization & Consent for a Minor
    Pursuant to California Civil Code Section 25.8 Pursuant to California Civil Code Section 12552

I, the undersigned or legal guardian of , ____________________________________ do
hereby authorize the Camp Director of Camp John Mensinger, Greater Yosemite
Council, Boy Scouts of America or such substitute as he may designate as agent for the
under-signed, to administer any x-ray examination, anesthetic, medical, dental or surgical
diagnosis or treatment and hospital care for the above minor which is deemed advisable
by and to be rendered under the general or special supervision of any physician and
surgeon, licensed under the Provision of Medicine Practice Act, or of any dentist,
licensed under the Dental Practice Act, whether such diagnosis or treatment is rendered at
the office of said physician or dentist, at a hospital, Scout camp or elsewhere. Further, the
undersigned consent that the rifle and shotgun range instructors of the above named Boy
Scout Council may furnish a firearm to the above minor for the purpose of instruction in
the safe handling and shooting of firearms and related activities.

_________________________________________ ______________       YES NO
SIGNATURE OF PARENT OR GUARDIAN             DATE      Please Circle One

Further, the undersigned consent that the Black Powder rifle and Pistol range instructor of
the above named Boy Scout Council may furnish a firearm to the above minor for the
purpose of instruction in the safe handling and shooting of firearms and related activities.

_________________________________________ ______________       YES NO
SIGNATURE OF PARENT OR GUARDIAN             DATE      Please Circle One

Further, the undersigned consent that the Climbing and Rappelling instructors of the
above named Boy Scout Council may instruct my child in the safe procedures of
Climbing and Rappelling and related activities.

_________________________________________ ______________       YES NO
SIGNATURE OF PARENT OR GUARDIAN             DATE      Please Circle One

This authorization will remain effective while the above minor is in route to or from or
involved or participating in any Boy Scout program or activity of the Greater Yosemite
Council, Boy Scouts of America, unless revoked in writing by the undersigned, and
delivered to the aforesaid agent.

____________________________________________________ _________________

Home Phone (____ )________________ Cell Phone ( _____)__________________                             11
  Early Release Of Campers And Verification Of “No Shows”
                  (To be completed ONLY if your scout will leave camp early)

Any camper who leaves camp property during camp session must have this Release of
Campers form completed and turned in to the Camp Director or the Program Director.

A written letter al all unit leaders goes out prior to camp stating that responsibility for the
units to transport campers to and from camp lies with the unit.

The unit leader is responsible to get a camper to camp, and to secure the early Release of
Campers form and the tour permit.

All units prior to arrival at camp give the number of youth attending camp. This will be
checked at check-in and any discrepancy must be verified by the unit leader. If the
location of the missing youth is unknown, then the unit leader in conjunction with the
Camp Director will call the parents of the youth to verify the youth’s location.

                               EARLY RELEASE OF CAMPERS

As the legal guardian of, ____________________________________ I grant permission
for him/her to leave camp with the following people:

Name __________________________________ Relationship to Camper ____________

By signing this from, I release the Council and Camp of Liability once my son/daughter
has left camp with the above listed person(s).

Name (print)

____________________________________________ ___________________________
Signature                                             Date

Greater Yosemite Council Boy Scouts of America
Directions to Camp John Mensinger

I-680 S 16.0 miles  I-580 E 20.4 miles toward Stockton I-205 E 14.5 miles toward
Tracy/Stockton  I-5 N 1.1 miles  CA-120 E 6.2 miles toward Manteca/Sonora 
CA-120 E/CA-99 N on LEFT 1.7 miles toward Sacramento/Stockton  CA-120
E/Yosemite Ave 0.1 miles toward Sonora Turn RIGHT onto E Yosemite Ave/CA-120
19.8 miles to Oakdale.

From Oakdale

Take Highway 108 towards Sonora (36 miles from Oakdale to Sonora)
In Sonora, you will by-pass the town by staying on Highway 108, do not take the right
onto Mono Way.

25.7 miles to Strawberry

From Strawberry drive approximately 3.4 miles until you see the sign, “Beardsley Road”
and take that LEFT down the forest service road to the dam (8 miles)

Cross the dam and climb up the other side veering left around the camp ground. This
road is one lane wide in sections so be careful.

The Beardsley Dam to dirt road portion is 5.3 miles.

From dirt road to camp is just over 2 miles. Might see the Fire Marking sign “NF-5N02”

The new parking lot is down the gravel road to the left. Get directions to the Troop 237
campsite “Valley View” from the scouts on duty.

Camp Visitors
Visitors are always welcome, however, Camp Mensinger is not a family camp. Visitors
are required to stop by the Administration Building to check in upon arrival. They are
welcome to eat with their Unit, and may purchase meals at the following rates:

        Breakfast         $5.00
        Lunch             $6.00
        Dinner            $7.00

Troop 237 Boy Scouts of America                                                            13

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