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  February 2010

Farm Fund 2010—
The Power of Collaboration
Revolving Loan Fund Launched
for Local Farms
Jean Rogers, Board and Farm Fund Administrator
   Cooperation has been the lifeblood      for all business sectors. That’s
of the Community Food Co-op’s Farm         the beauty of our donor-advised
Fund. By combining resources, ideas        funds: when the funding op-
born around a meeting table or in the      portunity matches the donor’s
fields of a county farm can find the hu-   interests, we can respond in a
man power and infrastructure needed        timely manner.”
to flourish. Fledgling projects can re-       Adequate access to capital
ceive the backing to try new approach-     has been identified as a signifi-
es for strengthening local agriculture,    cant barrier for local farmers.
and food and farming advocates can         The Revolving Loan Program is
enhance rather than duplicate efforts to   designed to provide short-term,
creat a more equitable, sustainable food   low-interest financing to farm-
system. Working in partnership with        ers and food producers who may not
local farmers, non-profits, and Co-op      be able to secure a loan elsewhere. The     diversity in our local food and agri-
members, the Farm Fund has fostered        broader goals of the fund are to support    culture system. This much-needed
some wonderful food and farming proj-      and grow the local farming and food         capital will help grow businesses
ects that have become part of our local    processing economy and increase the         and increase the capacity of our local
landscape.                                 amount of locally, organically, and sus-    food economy.”
   This year is no exception, and per-     tainably produced products available           Thanks to shopper and Co-op
haps is the most exciting yet. We are      for sale to Whatcom County residents.       donations, the Farm Fund will also
delighted to announce that the Farm           The revolving loan fund has the po-      direct $6,000 in grants to projects
Fund is the recipient of a $12,000         tential to help local farmers meet their    that build the market for local farms,         You can donate to the Farm Fund
matching grant from the Sustainable        infrastructure needs, add to their prod-    encourage ecologically and socially         at any Co-op register. If you want to
Whatcom Fund of the Whatcom Com-           uct mix, increase environmental prac-       responsible stewardship of farmland,        specifically donate to the Revolving
munity Foundation. Paired with dona-       tices, fill gaps in the local food supply   and increase community access to and        Loan Fund or the Farm Fund’s Grant
tions from Co-op shoppers, the Farm        and create new markets. Funds may           awareness of healthy local food. While      Program, please contact Jean Rogers at
Fund will be able to direct $18,000 to     be used for purchase of machinery,          the revolving loan program focuses on       360-734-8148 ext. 217, or jeanr@com-
the creation of a revolving loan fund      equipment, construction, farm supplies      strengthening the ability of farmers to     munityfood.coop.
for local farms committed to using sus-    (plant materials, animals, feed, etc.) or   supply the market, the grant program                              Photos by Joanne Plucy

tainable practices.                        other resources necessary for increas-      seeks to stimulate demand for food that
   “The Foundation is honored to play a    ing productivity and social impact. An      is locally grown and produced. Grant
role in the Co-op Farm Fund’s revolv-      especially positive aspect of the pro-      and loan decisions will be announced
ing loan program by providing funds        gram is that donations to the revolving     by March 1, 2010, and funds will be
to meet a portion of the capital needs     loan fund will be used repeatedly. As       released by March 15. Look for more
of local farmers,” noted Foundation        the initial loans are repaid, donations     information about this year’s loan and
CEO Mauri Ingram. “It’s particularly       will be recycled to help the next farmer    grant recipients in our April newsletter.
exciting given that, in the current        borrow from the fund. Using the same           Our thanks go to the Farm Fund’s
economic environment, access to            dollars over again helps to grow our        skilled and dedicated volunteer advi-
capital is extraordinarily challenging     capital investments in farming. By
                                           continuing to raise money for the re-
                                                                                       sory committee, and the Co-op com-
                                                                                       munity for their generous support and
                                                                                                                                        40 Years of Co-op
                                           volving loan fund through grants and        commitment to the Farm Fund. Sup-                     History
                                           donations, the program will become a        porting local, sustainable agriculture         We’ve come a long way from the
                                           significant resource for local farmers      requires shifting our relationship with      days of hand-drawn ads to today’s
                                           for years to come. Representing 128 lo-     food—individually and collectively.          beautiful graphics produced by Co-
                                           cal food and farming businesses, Laura      By working together to create access         op graphic artist Joanne Plucy. If
                                           Leigh Ridenour, Sustainable Connec-         to capital and other resources for local     you have old photos or other memo-
                                           tions Food and Farming Manager and          farms and by choosing to grow and buy        rabilia from the early days of the
                                           Farm Fund committee member said,            local food we are one step closer to         Co-op, please send them to Laura
                                           “The Revolving Loan program sup-            realizing a viable local food system for     Steiger at lauras@communityfood.
                                           ports innovation, sustainability, and       our community.                               coop, 360-734-8158 ext. 129.

                        1220 N. Forest St., Bellingham WA • 315 Westerly Rd., Bellingham WA • 360-734-8158 • www.communityfood.coop
Co-op Community News           January 13, 2010
  is published every
     month by the              Board of Directors Meeting Summary
Community Food Co-op           Jean Rogers, Board Administrator
   1220 N Forest St.                                                                                                                                                                      The Co-op Board of Directors
                                  The Board and General Manager Jim Ashby         the Board approved a proposal to put all four
 Bellingham, WA 98226
                               reviewed the 2010 business plan. There were        positions on the 2010 election ballot, and let                                                                Meetings are on the
   315 Westerly Rd.            just a few minor changes since the Board           the membership know that the fourth-place                                                              second Wednesday of every month.
 Bellingham WA 98225           reviewed the plan at the Strategic Planning        finisher will get the two-year term.                                                                            Next Meeting:
                               Retreat in November. The Board approved the           Finance Manager Jon Edholm reported that                                                             Wednesday, February 10, at 7 pm
                               final 2010 budget and business plan.               the Co-op’s lawyer reviewed the Co-op Farm                                                                Co-op Connection Building
     (for both locations)
                                  The Board also conducted its annual self-       Fund’s new revolving loan program. The pro-                                                                   1200 N. Forest St.
 Co-op Community News          evaluation, agreeing that Board directors are      gram will be funded entirely with grants and                                                               Members are welcome to attend.
 is published as a service     respectful of each other’s views and work well     member donations. This funding mechanism                                                              If there is something you want to discuss
for members. Letters from      together. The Board did an excellent job con-      will be consistent with the Co-op’s Articles of                                                           at the meeting, contact Jim Ashby,
                               ducting the hiring process for a new General       Incorporation.
  members are welcome                                                                                                                                                                     General Manager (360-734-8158) or
                               Manager. Suggestions for 2010 included more           The Board appointed Jim Ashby as Presi-
  (see guidelines below).                                                                                                                                                            Steven Harper, Chair (360-650-9065) by the
                               thorough monitoring of Board policies, more        dent of the Community Food Co-op, which
 The deadline for submis-                                                                                                                                                             first Monday of the month so your item can
                               attention to confidentiality when required, and    had been vacant since July. They concluded
sions of letters is 8 pm on                                                                                                                                                                      be included on the agenda.
                               better separation between the Board and op-        their meeting with an executive session to hear
    the 5th of the month       erations. It was also suggested that the Board     a financial report from Finance Manager Jon                                                                    General Manager:
  preceding publication.       could have a more active, visible role in the      Edholm.                                                                                           Jim Ashby                   360-734-8158
                               community.                                                                                                                                                        Board of Directors:
                                  The Board approved a proposal by the Fi-           Complete minutes for this, and all Board                                                       Steven Harper, Chair          360-650-9065
      Diana Campbell
                               nance Committee to offer one percent of sales      meetings, and a complete copy of the govern-                                                      Jo Ann McNerthney, Vice-Chair 360-441-2728
   Design/Production:          for 2010 to Community Shopping Day groups.         ing policies are available at the service desk.                                                   Karen Thomas                  360-650-1397
      Joanne Plucy             Although finances are expected to improve          You can also find complete minutes of the                                                         David Given-Seymour           360-527-0598
                               over the year, the budget is still tight.          Board meetings posted on the Co-op website                                                        Brent Harrison                360-398-7509
     Opinions expressed in
                                  Board Director Karen Thomas reported that       at www.communityfood.coop.                                                                        Chuck Robinson                360-734-7567
   the Co-op Community         she will resign her position effective April 13,      The first 10 minutes of every Board meeting                                                    Brooks Dimmick                360-758-7610
 News are those of the au-     2010. She has served on the Board for many         are reserved for member input. Our next meet-                                                     Matt McBeath                  360-510-6908
thors and do not necessar-     years and feels it is time for her to step back,   ing will be held February 10, 7 pm in the Con-                                                    Deborah Craig                 360-738-9015
 ily represent those of the    although she may continue to serve on the          nection building at the Downtown store. Hope
  Co-op Board, manage-         Finance Committee. In light of this decision                                                                                                                       Store hours:
                                                                                  to see you there.
                                                                                                                                                                                               Open 7 days a week
  ment, staff or members.
                                                                                                                                                                                             Cordata—7 am to 9 pm
  Nutrition and health in-                                                                                                                                                                  Downtown—7 am to 10 pm
 formation is provided for
  informational purposes
                               Back In the Saddle Again                                                                                                                                      Swan Café & Deli hours
                                                                                                                                                                                              Cordata—7 am to 8 pm
only and is not meant as a     Jim Ashby, Co-op General Manager                                                                                                                              Downtown—7 am to 9 pm
 substitute for a consulta-                                                                                                                                                                    Visit us on the Web at
tion with a licensed health       It’s surprising how quickly almost three                                                                                                                   www.communityfood.coop
   or dietary practitioner.    years can go by, but that’s how long it’s
Acceptance of advertising      been since I left the Co-op to work for the                                                                                  Photo by Joanne Plucy
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Our Vision
                               National Cooperative Grocers Association.                                                                                                             A just and livable world with cooperatively
does not indicate endorse-
                               A lot has changed in that relatively short                                                                                                              owned enterprise as a cornerstone of a
 ment by the Co-op of the                                                                                                                                                                       sustainable economy.
product or service offered.    time: the Cordata store opened, the econo-
                               my tanked, and a general manager came and                                                                                                                           Our Mission
                               went. The other day an employee reminded                                                                                                                A consumer-owned grocery store serving
                               me of the saying about never being able to                                                                                                             our community with quality products and
                               step into the same river twice. And that is          Jim takes the opportunity to introduce himself                                                             honest information.
                               certainly true in this case. In many funda-            to Co-op deli staff member Jaime Salazar.
                               mental ways the Co-op is the same as when                                                                                                                            Our Values
                               I left, but in equally profound ways, it is                                                                                                              We are committed to maintaining the
                                                                                  managers) pulled together to bring the situ-
                                                                                                                                                                                     economic viability of the Co-op in order to:
                               completely different.                              ation under control and stabilize the busi-
                                  The most obvious thing that has changed,        ness. When I first started considering com-                                                            Promote cooperative ownership by
                               of course, is the addition of the Cordata                                                                                                                 fostering member involvement and
                                                                                  ing back to the Co-op in the late summer of
                                                                                                                                                                                            responding to member needs.
  Letters to the Editor        store. Getting to know the Cordata store,          2009, I anticipated that the business would
       Guidelines              renewing old acquaintances with staff mem-         be in critical condition. In the few short                                                          Build community by respecting diversity
                               bers who relocated to that store, and meet-        months between then and now, the manag-                                                              and cultivating connections within the
 Letters must include your     ing the new folks has been a real pleasure.                                                                                                                 Co-op and Whatcom County.
                                                                                  ers and department managers have worked
   name, address, and a        I’m looking forward to learning the rhythms        effectively to address many of the most                                                             Encourage informed choices by educating
  daytime phone number.        for the business in this new neighborhood          critical issues and put the Co-op on a much                                                        ourselves and our community around issues
Please respect a maximum       and figuring out how we can best serve the         sounder financial footing. I’m grateful to                                                         of food, healthy lifestyles, the environment,
   of 150 words. Due to        surrounding community. After having been           them for making my job much easier than I                                                                       and human rights.
 space considerations, we      in on the planning for the Cordata store, it’s     anticipated it would be.                                                                            Model ethical business and employment
regret that we may not be      fascinating to see it in the flesh, so to speak.      The thing I missed most about working                                                           practices by acting with honesty, integrity,
able to publish all letters.      2009 was a tough year overall and it was        with the Co-op was the sense of accom-                                                                    and respect in the workplace
                               especially challenging for the Co-op. One          plishment that comes from carrying projects                                                                     and marketplace.
Please send your letters to:   positive consequence of those events has           through from vision to completion. As I
    Newsletter Editor                                                                                                                                                                    Promote a sustainable economy by
                               been the way the interim General Manager           step into the current stream of the Co-op,
 Co-op Community News                                                                                                                                                                 supporting organic and sustainable food
                               Jon Edholm and the management team                 I look forward to experiencing that feeling                                                        production and other environmentally and
    1220 N Forest St.          (including other managers and department           again and in new ways.
  Bellingham WA 98225                                                                                                                                                                  socially responsible businesses locally,
dianac@communityfood.coop                                                                                                                                                                     regionally, and nationally.

                                                                                                                                     Photo courtesy of Einar Tapio

   Third Thursday Local Music Series:                                                                                                                                                             Take R E E
                                                                                                                                                                                                      one an
   Einar Tapio, Accordion                                                                                                                                                                                    d enjoy!

   Thursday, February 18, 6–8 pm                                                                                                                                                    Co-op Community News
   Downtown Community Food Co-op Swan Café                                                                                                                                            in the Community
   1220 N. Forest St.                                                                                                                                                                  We now distribute our fabulous
                                                                                                                                                                                    newsletter to locations around Bell-
                                                                                                                                                                                    ingham and Whatcom County. If your
      Born in Norway and now living in La Conner, Einar Tapio has
   played the accordion for more than 50 years. His repertoire in-                                                                                                                  business would like to be a distribution
   cludes traditional Scandinavian music, jazz, and all the classics.                                                                                                               site or if you patronize a business that
   He has placed multiple times in the Kimberley International Old                                                                                                                  would be a good location for our news-
   Time Accordion Championships and at the Leavenworth International Accordion Festival. He is active in                                                                            letter, contact Laura Steiger at 360-
   the Northwest Accordion Society, playing and volunteering at the Day of The Accordion. It is a special                                                                           734-8158 ext. 129 or lauras@commu-
   treat for us to present Einar Tapio’s music at the Co-op. Hope to see you there.                                                                                                 nityfood.coop. We’d love to add your
                                                                                                                                                                                    favorite location to our distribution list.

 2       Co-op Community News, February 2010
Vote to Support
Your Co-op                                                                                                                                     Volunteer Thanks
Deborah Craig, Board Director
                                                                                                                                             We want to express our grati-
   Once again it’s the time of year                                                                                                          tude to our regular volunteers
when we vote for our Co-op’s Board                                                                                                                and MAC members.
of Directors (BOD). This year we
will have another full slate of highly                                                                                                                Analeise Volpe
qualified, experienced, and interesting                                                                                                               Carol Waugh
candidates for the four open board po-                                                                                                                 Carrie Rolfe
sitions. These candidates are folks who                                                                                                             Chantel Murray
are willing to volunteer their time and                                                                                                            Elizabeth Thielicke
hard work for the benefit of the coop-
erative. As a current Board member I                                                                                                                  Ellen Murphy
want to thank all our candidates in ad-                                                                         Photo by Joanne Plucy                   Erika Jett
vance for running for the Board and for                                                                                                            Gabriella Andrews
their concern for the Co-op’s future.            The BOD has heard from some               to get their perspective. However you                  Ginger Oppenheimer
   Like any democratically run organi-        members that more information about          gather information and come to your                       Joanne Kearney
zation, not all members participate in        the candidates is needed for them to         decision, just make sure you vote.                          John Lawler
the Board election. Last year 832 mem-        really make an informed decision. This          Voting for the candidates that most
bers voted in the Board election. That’s                                                                                                            Judith Lockwood
                                              year we will provide members with            closely match your vision for the Co-
approximately 7 percent of our current        more opportunities to learn about the        op is how you, the member-owner,                             Kate Birr
12,406 active members. This year we           candidates—their qualifications, skills,     can participate in the direction that we                    Linda Blake
hope to increase participation and get        and motivations for running. We will         take as a community-owned organiza-                          Liz Evans
twice that many members to cast their         post candidate information on the Co-        tion. We urge you to participate in the                 Nathan Chapman
ballots. Voting in the BOD annual elec-       op website and encourage all members         election each year so that your voice is                  Sharon Souders
tion is your most immediate way to            to check it out. Read each candidate’s       heard. With your support and continued
effect change in the store that you own.                                                                                                                 Yogidevi
                                              statement and carefully consider his or      participation in your Co-op as a voting
Participation in the voting process is a      her qualifications. Attend the annual        member-owner, we can continue our
tangible reminder that the Community          meeting and hear the candidates speak        40-year mission of serving our mem-
Food Co-op is more than just a great          and answer your questions. Talk with         bers and giving them what they want.
place to shop—it’s your great place to        current Board members or Co-op staff
 It Takes a Community to                                                                                                                    Members who volunteer for Co-op

 Sustain a Small Farm
                                                                                                                                            activities or events receive one $5
                                                                                                                                           coupon each time they volunteer for
                                                                                                                                          1/2 hour or longer. Stop by the service
                                                                                                                                          desk to fill out a volunteer application
Steph Larsen, Grist Online magazine                                                                                                       and look for volunteer sign-up sheets
   These days it seems the most popular      driven out of business because she has                                                            for upcoming special events.
person to be in the food system is the       nowhere to take her pigs for slaughter,
“local farmer.” Farmers markets are          her grain to be milled, or her tomatoes                                                         Get on our volunteer e-mail list
popping up everywhere, and their size        to be “sauced.”                                                                              If you’re not already on the volunteer
and popularity grow all the time. Local         Small-scale, certified community                                                          e-mail list, please send your preferred
food is trendy—even the First Family         kitchens are beginning to fill some                                                           e-mail address to lauras@communi-
is in on it. But as anyone who has ever      of this need. There are a few mobile                                                         tyfood.coop. Once you’re on the list,
raised grain or livestock can tell you,      slaughter facilities gaining traction, but                                                     you’ll get an occasional update on
the farmer is not the only person in the     not enough to meet demand and too                                                             volunteer activities with the Co-op.
chain of players from                                    new to measure their long-                                                        It’s a great way to get involved with
her farm to your fork. In                                term viability. Not many                                                         your Co-op and meet other members.
addition to producers,              In addition          community colleges offer
your food chain includes                                 classes on how to humanely                                                                Prep recipes for Web
                                 to producers                                                                                              Resize quantities and format recipes
processors, distributors                                 kill and butcher an animal
or transporters, and re-       [farmers], your           anymore. How will we sup-                                                         for posting on our website. Requires
tailers.                                                 ply the food system with                                 Photo by Joanne Plucy   strong Word skills and attention to de-
   In other words, to           food chain in-           local meat or local flour if                                                      tail. Work from your home computer
have a truly local food                                  the nearest facility is too far   they want to live in active, thriving            or ours. Time commitment is a few
                               cludes proces-                                                                                                        hours each month.
system, we also need lo-                                 away or doesn’t exist at all?     communities too. Therefore, if we care
cal butchers, bakers and        sors, distribu-             I believe the answer lies      about local food systems, we should
millers, local truck driv-                               in the example we have set        all be concerned with the survival of                   Newsletter Distribution
ers, local grocers, and a        tors or trans-          for ourselves with beginning      rural communities regardless of where          Help us distribute the Co-op Commu-
community that supports                                  farmers. Society is beginning     we live. Rural development is often the        nity News to locations in Bellingham
                                  porters, and                                                                                            and beyond. We want to get our news-
them in all their efforts.                               to see farming as a dignified     red-headed stepchild of the Farm Bill,
In the world of farm and            retailers.           and profitable profession         receiving little attention and even less          letter into the hands of people who
food policy, we’ve paid                                  again, and with that comes        funding. For local food to expand, we            might not yet have discovered how
a lot of attention to the                                market demand for good            need to give respect and resources to           great the Co-op is, and how great our
production end of the food system. It’s      farmers, respect for the profession,          rural communities and their residents.          informative newsletter is. To sign up
an obvious place to start. We have pro-      government programs to encourage                 If growing a local food system is our         for a distribution route or to suggest
grams within the Farm Bill to develop        new farmers, and training and educa-          goal, it must begin with vibrant com-          possible distribution sites, particularly
new or “beginning” farmers, help them        tional opportunities. We need similar         munities, and then follow with genuine         outside of Bellingham, contact Laura.
secure loans and down payments,              opportunities for small-scale butchers,       opportunities for careers everywhere in
and transition to organic agriculture.       millers, bakers, and other types of pro-      the food chain. Expanding our policy                Annual Meeting and Party
But most products aren’t made to eat         cessors.                                      solutions beyond producers will help              This year’s bash will be March 6
directly out of the field. Even salad           I used to think there were four dis-       the idea of local food move forward             at the Bellingham Cruise Terminal.
greens or apples, things we typically        tinct pieces to a local food system:          from a trend to a permanent fixture of         There will be the usual need for many
eat raw and straight from the field,         production, processing, distribution,         our food system.                                  volunteers to help with setup and
must be washed and sorted before your        and retail. Now I realize there is a fifth:                                                    clean up, decorating, staffing kids’
local farmer will sell them.                 community. Without an involved com-              For the full article, see www.grist.        activities, voting and welcome tables,
   As Tom Philpott pointed out in his        munity of customers who believe in            org. Steph Larsen is the Rural Policy          and much more. We’re currently look-
early November Newsweek article,             what the local farmer, miller, distribu-      Organizer for the Center for Rural Af-          ing for face painters, too. E-mail or
the infrastructure for small-scale pro-      tor, and grocer is doing, none of them        fairs in northeast Nebraska, where she          call Laura, or sign-up at the service
cessing is woefully inadequate, hav-         will last very long.                          aspires to grow her own food. Previ-                     desk at either store.
ing suffered decades of atrophy and             Community is important in another          ously she spent three years in Washing-
consolidation—to the point where an          sense as well. Most of the farmers who        ton, D.C. advocating on food security           Contact Laura Steiger at 360-734-
otherwise profitable farmer can be           grow our food live in rural places, and       and nutrition issues.                                   8158, ext. 129 or

                                                                                                                         Co-op Community News, February 2010                    3
                               February 2010 Community Shopping Day Organization

                               Bellingham Washington Reading Corps
                               Robin Elwood, CCN Staff

   Eliza Harris and Pat Bateman,                        “And people often
from the Washington Reading Corps                    miss the economic
(WRC), were waiting for me at the                    effects of tutoring,”
Swan Café when I arrived for our                     Pat added, “WRC is
interview. As we talked about the                    a poverty-reduction
work they do to improve literacy in                  program; the effects
local elementary schools, I noticed                  of illiteracy can be
that their enthusiasm was infectious;                that severe. Literacy
the diners at the counter were paying                is a way of breaking
attention, and the young parents at                  the poverty cycle.”
the next table were smiling as they                     Eliza described
watched Eliza and Pat describe their                 the situation at Al-
work.                                                derwood and Roos-
   As VISTA volunteers at Alder-                     evelt Elementary
wood and Roosevelt Elementary                        Schools, saying,
Schools, their job is to recruit vol-                “We have about 22
unteer tutors to read with children                  tutors between the
throughout the day. They also orga-                  two schools, and
nize Family Literacy Nights, which                   they help the kids
get families invested in their chil-                 who would nor-
dren’s reading. And they coordinate                  mally fall through
book donations. And they tutor kids                  the cracks—kids                                    Alderwood Elementary fourth-grade teacher Jayme Rios
themselves. And they’re creating a                   who read below grade                               reads Where the Wild Things Are to a group of students.

cookbook. They’re also working on a                  level, but aren’t so
school garden. And the list goes on.                 far behind that they                       hour a week. The kids are so excited             immigrants. Sometimes the parents
   I asked Eliza what she found most                 qualify for the on-staff reading spe-      to read with the volunteers, and it’s            can’t read or write in English and
exciting about her work. She said, “I                cialists. Our tutors are there for those   really powerful to see kids learn to             so the kids don’t have assistance at
really love how quickly the improve-                 kids. We’d love to have 50 regular         love reading, to see them catch up               home. They’re the first generation to
ment happens, and how unexpected                     volunteers—even if it’s just for an        with their peers.”                               learn that skill, so they lack some of
it is for the kids. They don’t think                                                                                      Pat added, “It         the advantages other kids have.”
anything is changing but suddenly                                                                                       would be great             Along with the cookbook, the
they realize that it’s all coming to-                                                                                   to have consis-          Shopping Day grant will also sup-
gether in their minds. You can actu-                                                                                    tent presence            port their effort to start a school
ally watch their love for reading                                                                                       in every class-          garden at Roosevelt Elementary. The
switch on like a light.”                                                                                                room. Many               PTA, along with experienced volun-
                                                                                                                        of our students          teer parents from Common Threads
                                                                                                                        have self-es-            farm are creating a large vegetable
   Books donated by Village Books for a raffle are dis-
 played at Alderwood’s first Family Literacy Night (right).
                                                                                                                        teem issues              garden, and planning to work it into
  Helping out on Family Literacy Night, members of NW                                                                   with reading.            the curriculum of many classes. Stu-
 Washington Reading Corps give a thumbs up (below).                                                                     Being available          dents will learn about sustainable
 Left to right, Pat Bateman, Liz Young, Angela Snedker,
                 Katie Rupp, and Teo Crider.
                                                                                                                        for all the kids         agriculture while, at the same time,
                                                                                                                        that need assis-         growing food for their classroom. If
                                                                                                                        tance is a great         everything works out, the literacy
                                                                                                                        thing.”                  cookbook and the vegetable planting
                                                                                                                          Pat and Eliza          will coincide, providing another tool
                                                                                                                        were both ex-            for literacy.
                                                                                                                        cited about the            For those inspired by Pat and Eli-
                                                                                                multicultural cookbook they plan to              za’s energy, the next big event at the
                                                                                                produce this spring. Featuring reci-             schools will celebrate the birthday of
                                                                                                pes and stories by children in the               Dr. Seuss. You can be part of Read
                                                                                                program, the book will be for sale at            Across America on March 2, 6:30–
                                                                                                elementary schools, as well as on the            8:30 pm at Alderwood Elementary
                                                                                                WRC website (www.northwestwrc.                   School. Eliza put it like this, “We
                                                                                                org). The cookbook is a way of get-              want everybody to come. We will
                                                                                                ting the families involved with read-            have literacy games based on the
                                                                                                ing and writing in a way that values             books of Dr. Seuss, with food and
                                                                                                their cultures and experiences. Pat              prizes for everyone. You can read
                                                                                                described his vision for the publica-            to kids, and re-connect with all the
                                                                                                tion, “I’m really excited about hav-             great children’s literature. You can
                                                                                                ing the kids share their words and               hand out donated books—we want to
                                                                                                their recipes. It will be great to have          start home libraries.” For more infor-
                                                                                                it published with their names on it. A           mation about Read Across America,
                                                                                                big part of that is collecting the sto-          see www.nea.org/readacross.
                                                                                                ries that go with each recipe from the
                                                                                                families. Many of the students in our                       Photos courtesy of Washington Reading Corps
                                                                                                program are from families of recent

                                                                                                               2010 Community Shopping Day Schedule
            What are Community Shopping Days?                                                    January 16­     everybodyBIKE
                                                                                                 February 20     Bellingham Washington Reading Corps
 Each year the Co-op invites organi-                 Well-Being, and Peace and Human             March 20        Veterans for Peace, Corporal Jonathan Santos Memorial Chapter 111
 zations to apply for a Community                    Rights. The Co-op’s Member Af-              April 17        Maple Alley Inn/Opportunity Council
 Shopping Day (CSD). This year                       fairs Committee (MAC) reviews               May 15          Interfaith Community Health Center
 organizations were selected for                     and recommends 12 organizations,            June 19         Sterling Meadows
 their service to our community in                   and the Board of Directors gives fi-        July 17         Pickford Film Center
 the following areas: Community                      nal approval. For more information,         August 21       Friends of the Bellingham Public Library
 Health and Social Justice, Eco-                     contact Laura Steiger at 360-734-           September 18    The Center for Local Self-Reliance
 logical Issues, Education, Food &                   8158, lauras@communityfood.coop.            October 16­     Ferndale Community Meal
 Sustainable Agriculture, Health and                                                             November 20     The Arthritis Foundation
                                                                                                 December 18     Parent to Parent of Whatcom County

 4     Co-op Community News, February 2010
Greeting our Neighbors:
The Whatcom County Sikh Community
Diana Campbell, CCN Editor
                                                   Preparing and sharing food for community meals are part
   All kinds of people shop at the Co-             of the Sikh tradition. Women grill roti bread, while a male-
op—people of different ages and genders,                member of the community fries vegetable pakora.
people from different countries and races,
of different religions and cultures. But,
despite the diverse and wide-ranging
backgrounds of Co-op shoppers, a com-
mon thread ties us together—we’re all           When I
interested in good healthy food.             asked Yo-
   That’s exactly what I discovered upon     gidevi to tell
meeting recently with a member of the        me about her
Whatcom County Sikh community and            community,
Sikh Dharma International, based in New      the first thing
Mexico. A new member of the Co-op,           she men-
Yogidevi Kaur-Khalsa, has also become        tioned was
involved by joining the Co-op’s Member       food. Feeding
Affairs Committee (MAC). I met her at        people is of
the Dessert with the Directors forum in      primary inter-
October. A striking woman wearing white      est in the Sikh                                                                                                           Photos by Diana Campbell
clothing and a white turban, Yogidevi is     culture. Ser-
energetic, eager, and committed to her       vices held at their gurdwara (temple) are            with the Sikh community.” In January          our neighbors and opening ourselves to
community, and now to her Co-op.             centered around sacred sound or chanting             2010 I visited the Lynden gurdwara again      their wisdom, energy, and talents.” They
   With a personal interest in eating a      and always include langar (a community               on a Sunday when they were honoring           also noted that learning about and under-
vegan diet, Yogidevi found the Co-op         meal). A couple of years ago I had the op-           the recent death of a community elder.        standing other faith traditions builds trust
to be an excellent source of healthy         portunity to attend a remembrance service            Despite a slightly more somber tone, the      and facilitates cooperation on matters of
food items that suit her. But she wanted     at the Guru Nanak Gursihk Gurdwara in                same friendly welcome was evident and         mutual concern. We’re pleased to open a
more than a shopping experience; she         Lynden on East Pole Road—and was sur-                another delicious meal was generously         dialogue with our Sikh neighbors—clear-
also wants to share her understanding        prised to learn that the generous and tasty          offered.                                      ly we have many values of mutual con-
and appreciation of healthy food by          meal served to all comers was a regular                 The Sikhs regularly feed people at their   cern—caring for the land and for people,
building stronger connections between        occurrence. Some gurdwaras are open to               temples, but they also feed a much wider      building community, and especially good
her Sikh community and the Co-op             visitors throughout the day and serve food           population. They own and operate Gold-        healthy food.
community. Sikh populations every-           to the homeless and hungry.                          en Temple—the company that makes                 Based in New Mexico, the Sikh Dhar-
where enthusiastically participate in           Many members of the Sikh community                Yogi Tea, Peace Cereal, and other prod-       ma International organization serves
outreach activities and contribute to        are farmers or were raised in farming                ucts carried in stores all over the world—    their community of followers all over the
their surrounding communities in what        families. Growing and producing healthy              including our Co-op. This 40-year-old         world. For more information on the Sikh
they call seva or service. Yogidevi sees     food has long been an important aspect of            business holds the ideals of service and      community, see www.sikhdharma.org
her role in connecting and bridging          their community. With a strong sense of              community throughout their operation.         and www.3ho.org. For information about
these communities as her service.            connection to the land, many local Sikh              Their website states, “Golden Temple is       Golden Temple, see www.goldentemple.
   A teacher of meditation techniques and    families grow berries and other crops,               committed to supporting the health of our     com. Temples across the U.S. and Can-
yoga for more than 20 years, Yogidevi        raise animals, or work the land in jobs              consumers and community. We believe           ada are listed at www.worldgurudwara.
recently offered a class at the Downtown     such as landscaping.                                 the purpose of business is to serve.” For     com.
Co-op on Meditation for Stress Reduction        Inspired to reach out and expand her              more information on their products, see
and Pain Management. She is also inter-      sense of community, Co-op staffer Jean               www.yogiproducts.com.
ested in sharing the food of her culture     Rogers attended a service with Yogidevi                 Learning about other cultures and com-
and hopes to schedule a Healthy Connec-
tions cooking class soon. She said, “The
                                             in November at the Lynden gurdwara.
                                             Jean said, “It was a very interesting ex-
                                                                                                  munities can only help us see how much
                                                                                                  alike we all are in our human endeavors.       What is
class will include dishes typically served
including a vegetable dish called subgi,
                                             perience. Even with the language barrier,            An article by Nicholas Mele and Dilara         Community Food
which often includes carrots, broccoli,
                                             the service gave me a sense of peace and
                                             connection. I completely lost track of
                                                                                                  Hafiz in The Bellingham Herald in No-
                                                                                                  vember described the benefits of learning      Security?
potatoes, and Indian seasonings; roti, a     time.” Jean also noted that food, “really            about other faiths. They said, “Whatcom
flatbread similar to naan; and a yogurt                                                                                                             On the www.foodsecurity.org web-
                                             delicious food,” was a central part of the           County is becoming more diverse, both          site Mike Hamm and Anne Bellows
drink with black pepper and cucumber         gathering. She said, “The people I met at            ethnically and in terms of faith com-
designed to offset the spicy taste of the                                                                                                        define community food security as:
                                             the meal were so warm and welcoming.                 munities. By learning about other faiths       a condition in which all community
entrée.”                                     I hope the Co-op continues to build ties             through dialogue, we are both welcoming        residents obtain a safe, culturally ap-
                                                                                                                                                 propriate, nutritionally sound diet

New Food Systems Planning and Evaluation Tool
                                                                                                                                                 through an economically and environ-
                                                                                                                                                 mentally sustainable food system that
                                                                                                                                                 promotes community self-reliance
   The Community Food Security Co-         produce for the food bank, while                                                                      and social justice.
alition has released a new planning        a local composter gathers food                                                                           The World Hunger Year’s Food
and evaluation tool, Whole Measures        waste to be recycled. Farmers at                                                                      Security Learning Center describes
for Community Food Systems: Val-           the market may also run a coopera-                                                                    community food security: At a basic
ues-Based Planning and                                     tive distribution site                                                                level, community food security is
Evaluation. This new tool                                  for local restaurants                                                                 about making healthy food accessible
provides a lens for commu-          The spectrum           and institutions like                                                                 to all. It focuses on bringing fresh,
nity food projects to dia-        of those work-           schools and hos-                                                                      local food into low-income communi-
logue about how their work           ing toward            pitals, as well as                                                                    ties, thereby reducing hunger, and im-
affects whole communities.          community              hold a seat on the                                                                    proving individual health. But, as the
It includes a set of six core    food security is          local food-policy                                                                     definition above suggests, it’s about
fields of value-based prac-                                council that helps                     connections between these outputs,             much more than that.
tices against which projects
                                  culturally and
                                                           define priorities for                  the impacts of the relationships culti-           Community food security includes:
can measure the impact of         geographically           the area’s food system                                                                •	 Providing fair wages and decent
                                                                                                  vated, the reinforcement of underly-
their work.                           diverse...           development.                           ing values, and the ways in which                 working conditions for farmers and
   The spectrum of those                                      Complex relation-                   respect was communicated.                         food system workers.
working toward commu-                                      ships and connec-                        Whole Measures for Community                 •	 Promoting social justice and more
nity food security is culturally and       tions such as these are at the heart                   Food Systems is designed to give                  equitable access to resources.
geographically diverse, spanning a         of building whole communities.                         organizations and communities a col-           •	 Empowering diverse people to
broad range of people, places and          Because of their intricacy, however,                   laborative process for defining and               work together to create positive
activities. Organizations and indi-        they can also be difficult to measure.                 expressing their complex stories and              changes in the food system and
viduals working in the food system         Over the past eight years, Com-                        the multiple outcomes that emerge                 their communities.
and building food secure communi-          munity Food Project grantees have                      from their work.                               •	 Making nutritious and culturally
ties create complex relationships and      expressed interest in finding ways to                                                                    appropriate food accessible, not just
inter-related activities. For example,     communicate the story of their work.                     For more about Community Food                   any food.
an urban farmers’ market may also          In addition to counting the number                     Security Coalition, see www.food-              •	 Supporting local, regional, family-
house a job-skills program that trains     of pounds produced, partners en-                       security.org. The Whole Measures                  scale, and sustainable food produc-
young mothers to teach cooking             gaged, youth trained, and other spe-                   Community Food Systems tool is                    tion building and revitalizing local
skills. At the close of the market,        cific outputs, grantees are interested                 available at www.foodsecurity.org/                communities and economies.
gleaners come by to pick up extra          in sharing the importance of the                       pub/WholeMeasuresCFS-web.pdf.
                                                                                                                                Co-op Community News, February 2010                        5
 Why We Should All Eat More Organic Food
Organic Food is More Nutritious            (such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and              even after washing. Children are
   Organic foods, especially raw or        chromium) that are severely depleted                especially vulnerable to pesti-
non-processed, contain higher levels       in chemical foods grown on pesticide                cide exposure. One class of
of beta carotene, vitamins C, D and E,     and nitrate fertilizer–abused soil. U.K.            pesticides—endocrine
health-promoting polyphenols, cancer-      and U.S. government statistics indicate             disruptors—are likely
fighting antioxidants, flavonoids that     that levels of trace minerals in (non-or-           responsible for early
help ward off heart disease, essential     ganic) fruit and vegetables fell by up to           puberty and breast
fatty acids, and essential minerals.       76 percent between 1940 and 1991.                   cancer. Pesticides are
   On the average, organic food is 25                                                          linked to asthma and
percent more nutritious in terms of        Organic Food is Pure Food,                          cancer.
vitamins and minerals than products        Free of Chemical Additives                      •   Organic food isn’t ge-
derived from industrial                      Organic food doesn’t contain food                 netically modified. Un-
agriculture. Since on the                           additives, flavor enhancers (like          der organic standards,
average, organic food’s                               MSG), artificial sweeteners              genetically modified
shelf price is only 20                                 (like aspartame and high-               (GM) crops and ingredients are
percent higher than                                    fructose corn syrup), con-              prohibited.                                  increases the rate of E. coli contami-
chemical food, this                                      taminants (like mercury), or      •   Organic animals aren’t given drugs.          nation).
makes it actually                                        preservatives (like sodium            Organic farming standards prohibit         • Organic crops aren’t fertilized with
cheaper, gram for                                        nitrate) that can cause               the use of antibiotics, growth hor-          toxic sewage sludge or coal waste,
gram, than chemi-                                      health problems.                        mones, and GM vaccines in farm               or irrigated with E. coli-contami-
cal food, even ig-                                      Eating organic has the po-             animals. Hormone-laced beef and              nated sewage water.
noring the astronomical hidden costs       tential to lower the incidence of autism,           dairy consumption is correlated            • Organic food isn’t irradiated.
(damage to health, climate, environ-       learning disorders, diabetes, cancer,               with increased rates of breast, tes-         Cats fed a diet of irradiated food
ment, and government subsidies) of         coronary heart disease, allergies, os-              tis, and prostate cancers.                   got multiple sclerosis within 3-4
industrial food production. Levels of      teoporosis, migraines, dementia, and            •   Organic animals aren’t fed animal            months.
antioxidants in milk from organic cattle   hyperactivity.                                      remains or slaughterhouse waste,           • Organic food contains less illness-
are between 50 and 80 percent higher                                                           blood, or manure. Eating organic             inducing bacteria. Organic chicken
than normal milk. Organic wheat, to-       Organic Food Is Safer                               reduces the risks of CJD, the hu-            is free of salmonella and has a re-
matoes, potatoes, cabbage, onions, and     • Organic food doesn’t contain pes-                 man version of mad-cow disease,              duced incidence of campylobacter.
lettuce have between 20 and 40 percent       ticides. More than 400 chemical                   as well as Alzheimer’s.
more nutrients than non-organic foods.       pesticides are routinely used in              •   Organic animals aren’t fed arsenic.          You can learn more from Organic
   Organic food contains qualitatively       conventional farming and resi-                •   Organic animals aren’t fed byproducts      Consumers Association at organiccon-
higher levels of essential minerals          dues remain on non-organic food                   of corn ethanol production (which          sumers.org/organlink.cfm.

  The True
  Cost of

                                                                                                                                                                                 Photo by Joanne Plucy
     The Sierra Club established
  a campaign—the True Cost of
  Food—to spread the word about
  hidden costs in mass-produced
  food and about alternatives that

                                                                                                   We Can Make a Difference
  are kinder to the planet and
  better for us. Their efforts are
  intended to encourage people to
  think about the environmental                                                                   Most of the world’s problems can’t        processed food and eat less of it.
  impacts of their consumption                                                                 be fixed by individual action—disease,     • Buy organic whenever you can. Or-
  choices. Their hope is to promote                                                            war, and poverty require concentrated        ganic farmers don't use the chemi-
  more informed choices about how                                                              efforts by policy makers and govern-         cals that are polluting our water, air,
  the way we eat affects our planet and                            Photo by Joanne Plucy
                                                                                               ments. But only consumers can affect         and soil.
  our quality of life.                                                                         the way food is grown and transported;     • Start your own organic garden—you
     The list that follows points out      • If you care about global warming,                 this is an area where our actions make       can never get fresher food than by
  some ways we can make a difference         don’t buy food that is grown with                 a difference. If we buy food that’s          growing it yourself.
  along with a reminder that we vote         petroleum-based fertilizers.                      grown sustainably, supply will follow      • Eat less meat. Fruits, vegetables,
  three times a day. With every meal       • If you care about clean air, wa-                  demand and it will become more avail-        grains, beans, and seeds are healthier
  we can choose to help the environ-         ter and soil, look for food that is               able. When it becomes obvious that           and more sustainable.
  ment or to harm it. See how your           grown on farms where farmers                      small farmers can make a decent liv-       • Eat with family and friends, learn to
  food choices stack up with these sug-      don’t use chemical pesticides that                ing, more young people will be able to       cook, share recipes and your knowl-
  gestions.                                  are sprayed from the air and leach                start farming.                               edge of sustainability.
                                             into the water and soil.                             Here’s what you can do:                 • Buy grass-fed, free-range, or pas-
  Eat Local                                                                                    • Find out where the food you eat            ture-raised meat and dairy.
  • If you care about global warming,      Eat more vegetables, fruits,                           comes from and how it's grown,          • Try Sustainable Tuesdays—learn
    don’t buy food that has traveled       nuts, grains, and seeds                                raised, and processed. Get to know        more about this at www.sierraclub.
    hundreds or thousands of miles by      • If you care about forests, wild                      the farmers who grow your food and        org/sustainable_consumption.
    plane and truck to get to you.           places, biodiversity, and endan-                     support them.                           • Shop at farmers’ markets and farm-
  • If you care about open spaces, buy       gered species, you should know                    • Buy food that is grown locally. Fresh      stands; find one at www.localhar-
    food that is grown on small lo-          that a leading cause of deforesta-                   food from local farmers is more nu-       vest.org or sustainabletable.org.
    cal farms, which help keep open          tion in the Americas and elsewhere                   tritious and avoids pollution caused    • Join a CSA or a food co-op that
    spaces from being paved over.            is the raising of cattle and their                   by transporting food.                     supports a local farm. Check www.
  • If you care about stopping sprawl,       feed.                                             • Eat seasonally; you might find             csacenter.org.
    buy from local producers rather        • If you care about clean water and                    fresh blueberries and peaches in        • If you choose fish, eat fish that is
    than from big chain stores.              soil, don’t buy meat from factory                    northern supermarkets in February,        raised sustainably. Learn more at
                                             farms where animals are raised in                    but they've been shipped from far         www.seafood.audubon.org.
  Eat Organic                                confined operations so that their                    away—and they're probably taste-        • Ask restaurants, stores, and schools
  • If you care about biodiversity and       wastes poison the air, soil and wa-                  less, anyway. Wait for the delicious      where they get their food. Support
    endangered species, don’t buy            ter around them.                                     produce that's grown in your area         those that buy locally. See www.
    food that is produced with toxic                                                              and you'll enjoy the pleasure of an-      chefscollaborative.com, www.dine-
    pesticides, which kill all sorts of       For more information, see www.                      ticipation and learning the rhythm of     green.com.
    creatures.                             sierraclub.org/truecostoffood/take-                    the seasons.
                                           action.asp.                                                                                      Source: www.sierraclub.org/true-
                                                                                               • Eat the greatest variety of the least

 6     Co-op Community News, February 2010
 Wine Notes
 Country Wines of France
Vic Hubbard, Co-op Downtown Wine Department
   As wine lovers, we’re all enam-          This uniquely regional wine of South-      fied for centuries, pric-
ored with those big, ripe, and intense      western France combines floral notes       es for the top Burgun-
wines made in what has come to be           with sweet lime and mineral compo-         dies are astronomical,
called “international” or “new world”       nents to make a wonderfully fresh me-      and these wines have
style. One of the defining aspects of       dium-bodied white. While dry, it main-     a mystique that seems
international style wines is generally      tains just enough sweetness to keep        to defy logic. Al-
a higher alcohol content (determined        the light acidity in check. Try it as an   though this wine from
by ripeness of the grapes at harvest).      aperitif with hors d’oeuvres, or an easy   up-and-coming wine-
This adds viscosity and sweetness to        match for lighter foods like poultry and   maker Manuel Olivier
the wine, certainly not a bad thing, and    fish, or pair with ham or spicy foods.     doesn’t come from the
part of the reason these wines are so                                                  most prestigious ap-
popular with consumers and critics.         Domaine Laquirou ‘Les Quatre               pellation in Burgundy,
   However, the experience of drink-        Pins’ Coteaux de Languedoc                 this great 2007 vintage
ing these wines can be more akin to         Rouge 2005, $9.95, 12.5 percent            compares well with
drinking a cocktail than a glass of wine.   alcohol                                    many more expensive
Wine’s reputation as the most moderate         Domaine Laquirou is a 65-acre es-       wines and serves as
of alcoholic beverages may be in dan-       tate located just a few miles off the      a great introduction
ger, and the idea of pairing food with      Mediterranean not far from the Span-       to the wines of this
these wines may be in question. Drink-      ish border. It is surrounded by clas-      region.
ing these wines on an everyday basis        sic French garrigue—scrubland with            Plenty of color,
may result in not only overindulgence of    plants such as wild scrub oaks, pine       unfiltered, with a
alcohol, but also in “palate fatigue.” In   trees, rosemary, thyme, and juniper        slightly hazy quality,
other words, the overwhelming flavors       plants—as well as wild boar and other      this eminently drink-
may become tiring on a regular basis.       wildlife. The poor soils and arid cli-     able wine runs the
   In a wine with alcohol levels around     mate are ideal for low yielding vines      gamut between the masculine and the        wines become more and more ac-
12 to 13 percent, drunk slowly with a       of carginane, cinsault, syrah, and other   feminine. Delicate and subtle, it has an   cepted. And they make a lot of sense
meal, the alcohol is metabolized closer     varieties grown by the Hug-Harke fam-      underlying acid backbone. It is a wine     in terms of efficiency of transporta-
to the rate it is consumed. Think of        ily, owners of the estate.                 that can stand up to full-flavored foods   tion and waste reduction. This wine
a long drawn-out meal with multiple            I am not sure a wine could be de-       like lamb and other roasted meats,         is pure and simple—one of the best
courses taking place over conversation      scribed as arid, but this wine is shy      yet it matches well with poultry and       boxed wines I’ve seen. Dated with a
and imbibing. This is the epitome of the    on big lush elements. Medium-bodied        fish (try it with salmon). Suitable for    production date and an expiration date
Mediterranean culture of food and wine.     with red currant and mineral-spice         drinking now, it also has potential for    (boxed wines have about a nine-month
   The French have long specialized in      characteristics, it finishes dry and has   aging. Through special arrangements        shelf life) shows attention to quality
natural, non-manipulated wines that         aromas reminiscent of the land. The        with our supplier we are able to offer     and detail. Coming from one of the top
are terroir driven and unhindered by        beauty of this wine is in its distinctly   this wine at a special price. Be sure to   wine producers in the Cahors region
high alcohol levels. For this month we      French regional character, a quality un-   take advantage of this chance to try an    of France, this wine is enjoyable on its
highlight a few favorites that may be       duplicated anywhere else.                  exemplary wine from one of the great       own and an easy accompaniment to
appropriate for copious consumption                                                    wine regions of the world.                 foods of all kinds. Serve in a carafe on
over long repasts, but, hopefully, not      Manuel Olivier, Bourgogne                                                             the table; a classic French country wine.
suitable for overindulgence.                Hautes Cotes de Nuits 2007,                Cédre Heritage Malbec 2007
                                            France, $14.95, 12.5 percent               Vin de Pays, France, 3-liter bag
Domaine de Pajot, Vin de Pays               alcohol                                    in box, $19.95, 12.5 percent al-                   Wine Questions?
Blanc 2008, Cotes de Gascogne,                 No place in France is more steeped      cohol                                        Co-op Wine Buyers Vic Hubbard
$7.99, 12 percent alcohol                   in the culture of wine than the Bur-         A large supermarket in France may            and Tim Johnson invite your
  This wine is a certified organically      gundy region—a narrow strip of land        have an entire aisle devoted to boxed       questions or comments. Send email
grown blend of Columbard, Sauvignon         between Dijon and Lyon in Eastern          wines. Sales of boxed wines here at the      to vich@communityfood.coop or
Blanc, Ugni Blanc, and Gros Manseng.        France. Vineyard lands have been codi-     Co-op continue to increase as boxed             timj@communityfood.coop.

   Happy                       “fairly traded”                                           Pairing Chocolate and Coffee

                         Valentine’s Day
                                                                                         Beth Ann Caspersen, Quality Control Manager, Equal Exchange

                                                                                            Chocolate and coffee of-
                                                                                         fer a variety of flavors that
     Show your sweetheart how                                                            are nurtured through the
  much you care about him or her                                                         cultivation and processing
  and about the treatment of work-                                                       of the finished products

  ers around the world, by buying                                                        that you enjoy every day.
  fairly traded roses and choco-                                                         Both products are incredibly
  lates at the Co-op for Val-                                                            complex in flavor indepen-
  entine’s Day.                                                                          dently, but can also provide
     Fair Trade Certifica-                                                               us with delicious flavor
  tion is a guarantee that                                                               combinations when paired
  the farms receive a fair                                           Look for            together. Here are some
  price for their products,                                      Fair Trade              tips on pairing and tasting
  workers are paid and                                        roses in the Co-           chocolate and coffee from Equal
  treated properly, and the                                 op’s floral depart-          Exchange.                                by taking one square of choco-
  environment is cared for.                              ment and Fair Trade                Chocolate: Begin by breaking          late and put it into your mouth.
  Because of fair trade, com-                         chocolate bars from Equal          the chocolate into squares and put-      Chew the chocolate and coat your
  munities can reap the benefits                 Exchange in the candy aisle             ting them into a ceramic or glass        tongue with the chocolate flavor
  of global trade while building              during the week leading up to              bowl. Placing your hands on the          to feel the texture and let the
  sustainable social, economic, and         Valentine’s Day. For more infor-             bottom of the bowl, bring your           chocolate partially melt. Think
  environmental business practices.         mation, see www.equalexchange.               nose to the rim of the bowl and          about the flavors you are experi-
  Buying Fair Trade Certified™              coop.                                        inhale deeply to experience the          encing and then take a sip of your
  roses means a portion of your pur-           Supporting Fair Trade Certified           aroma.                                   coffee. Take your time and taste
  chase goes directly into a commu-         products means supporting sus-                  Coffee: Pour freshly brewed           the chocolate and coffee combina-
  nity development fund for work-           tainable business practices, human           coffee into clean ceramic or glass       tion again. Did anything change?
  ers who collectively decide how           rights compliance, and fair com-             cups to cool. Much like smelling         Are there new flavors?
  to use the money. Projects have           pensation for workers in countries           the chocolate samples, bring your
  included improving education,             all over the world. Buying fair              nose to the rim of the coffee cup to        For more detailed informa-
  building homes, and micro-enter-          trade is an easy way to use your             smell the aroma.                         tion about this pairing, see www.
  prises. For more information, see         power as a consumer to show your                The Pairing: When the coffee          equalexchange.coop/a-guide-to-
  www.oneworldflowers.org.                  support for human rights.                    is cool enough to drink, begin           chocolate-and-coffee-pairing.

                                                                                                                   Co-op Community News, February 2010                 7
                                                                                  Cooking, health, and well-being classes
   Healthy Connections                                                            offered by the Community Food Co-op
       All classes (unless noted) are held at either the Downtown Co-op’s Connection Building (on the south side of the parking lot on For-
     est Street) or the Local Roots Room, which is upstairs at the Cordata Co-op. Registration requires payment in full. Some classes are
                    co-sponsored with Whatcom Community College. To register for these classes, call 360-383-3200 or go online to www.
                            whatcomcommunityed.com For all other classes stop by the service desk at either store location, or call
                            360-734-8158 (credit card payment only). See each class listing for location and registration. For any other class
                          information, contact Kevin Murphy at 360-734-8158 or email kevinm@communityfood.coop.

       French Bistro Dinner                 knowledge you need to take control of         Tom Malterre as he shares
        with Karina Davidson                your hormonal health. Learn all about         the latest on how vitamin D
   Tuesday, February 2, 6–8:30 pm           the body’s endocrine system. Topics           helps prevent cancer, heart       Ana Dominguez Jackson
   Cordata Co-op/register at WCC            include thyroid health, the hypothala-        disease, and even colds and           shows a Healthy
          (360-360-383-3200)                mus, the pineal gland, the pancreas,          flu. What level is recom-         Connections class the art
  $39 members and non-members,              adrenals, and the pituitary gland. Jim        mended? How often should            of Mexican cooking.
           $7 for wine option               will discuss how hormones interact,           I be tested? What level is
  Just back from Paris, Bellingham          hormonal therapies, fertility options,        toxic? All these questions
chef Karina Davidson creates an au-         PMS, and more. Certified Nutrition-           and more will be covered.
thentic bistro dinner for your enjoy-       ist Jim Ehmke has been a practitioner
ment: French onion soup, Chicken            of diverse alternative therapies since          Wintering Raptors of
au Poivre, Purée de Pommes de Terre         1976.                                            Whatcom County
(French-style mashed potatoes), and                                                          with David Drummond
Haricots Verts (French green beans).              Cooking with Olive Oil:                   Wednesday, February 17,
For the full French experience, select               Beyond Salads                                    7–9 pm
the wine option for $7 payable at class.            with Mary Ellen Carter                     Downtown Co-op/
                                               Wednesday, February 10, 6–8 pm                   register at Co-op
The Creative Magic and Healing                 Cordata Co-op/register at WCC                      $10 members,
      Wisdom of Dreams                                (360-360-383-3200)                       $12 non-members
          with Jenny Davidow                   $35 members and non-members,                  Falcons, hawks, harriers,
  Wednesday, February 3, 6:30–8 pm                     $7 for wine option                 and eagles comprise the di-

                                                                                                                                                                                  Photo by Joanne Plucy
   Cordata Co-op/register at Co-op             With a menu boasting halibut               verse guild of raptors hunt-
Free Event—Registration Requested           poached in olive oil, marinated roasted       ing varied prey in our area.
   Explore the fascinating connections      red peppers, and tender sweet citrus          We will examine their field
between your dreams and your creativ-       madeleines, Mary Ellen Carter ex-             ID, habitat relationships,
ity, emotions, health, and relationships.   plores the virtues and varieties of the       behaviors, and conserva-
Learn and enjoy a simple 6-step pro-        liquid gold that has been treasured for       tion status in this imaged
cess to understand the helpful messag-      centuries. Learn all about this heart         program. Bring your hawk
es contained in every dream. Improve                                                      stories and questions to share at this       distinctive and healthy cuisine in a
                                            healthy oil—the origin, traditions, new
dream recall. No need to remember                                                         informative event. Join us to learn how      hands-on class from someone who has
                                            harvesting and pressing techniques,
your dreams to fully participate in this                                                  these amazing predators help maintain        practiced it professionally in both Ja-
                                            and blending of different olives. Op-
class. Jenny Davidow has been teach-                                                      a healthy ecology for us all.                pan and the U.S.
                                            tional $7 wine fee payable at class.
ing dream workshops for more than 30
years.                                          Asian Cooking for Vibrant                          Un Repas d’Hiver                             What’s the Beef?
                                                 Health: A Winter Menu                             (A Winter Dinner)                            with Robert Fong
          Year of the Tiger                                                                        with Karina Davidson                 Thursday, February 25, 6–8:30 pm
                                                        with Scott Paglia
            with Robert Fong                    Thursday, February 11, 7–9 pm               Thursday, February 18, 6:30–9 pm           Cordata Co-op/register at WCC
   Thursday, February 4, 6–8:30 pm            Downtown Co-op/register at WCC                Downtown Co-op/register at WCC                     (360-383-3200)
   Cordata Co-op/register at WCC                      (360-360-383-3200)                            (360-360-383-3200)                 $39 members and non-members,
           (360-360-383-3200)                  $35 members and non-members                   $39 members and non-members,                    $7 for wine option
  $49 members and non-members,                 Boost your immunity and vitality                      $7 for wine option                   Grass-fed beef from Whatcom
            $7 for wine option              with delicious recipes from China, Ko-           Have a warming evening of hearty,         County’s Fourth Corner Farms, done
  It’s Chinese New Year. Ring in the        rea, and Vietnam. Learn how to apply          healthy French food from the recipes         right. Eat this especially tasty and su-
Year of the White Tiger in style as         principles of Chinese Herbal Medicine         of Julia Child. We start with her classic    per nutritious beef braised with root
Chef Fong prepares world-famous             to your diet, as you learn how to cre-        leek and potato soup, followed by fish       vegetables, stir-fried with shallots and
Beijing Duck—crispy skin-style with         ate soup stocks fortified with herbs          with tomato, herb, and wine sauce, and       mushrooms, and pan-seared with ex-
scallions, plum sauce, and chun bing        selected for your unique constitution.        a simple bistro salad, before crowning       otic sea salts and herbs. Also, munch
pancakes. Hangzhou Westlake Fish;           Other dishes include chicken stir-fry         the meal with a lemon tarte. Live la         on Fong’s glorious hamburger deluxe.
Winter Melon Wolf Berry Soup; and           with garlic, scallions, and soy sauce; a      vie Française for the evening, and then      If you like beef, you’ll love this beef.
Dim Sum Coconut Pudding are also on         so-easy-you-can’t-believe-it pho reci-        share with family and friends. Optional      Optional $7 wine fee payable at class.
the menu. Bring your appetite for this      pe; and warming ginger and honey tea.         $7 wine fee payable at class.
festive meal. Optional $7 wine fee pay-     Scott Paglia is a licensed acupuncturist                                                           Ethiopian Cuisine:
able at class.                              and certified foodie.                                Financial Security—                          The Vegetarian Table
                                                                                              A Non-Traditional Approach                       with Mulu Belay
         Wines of Tuscany                                                                         with Susan Boskey                        Monday, March 1, 6–9 pm
                                                 World Tour of Pinot Noir                     Monday, February 22, 7–9 pm
          with Laurent Martel                           Laurent Martel                                                                   Cordata Co-op/register at WCC
    Monday, February 8, 7–8:30 pm                                                                 Downtown Co-op /                               (360-383-3200)
                                                Monday, February 15, 7–8:30 pm
   Cordata Co-op/register at WCC                                                                  Register at Co-op                     $35 members and non-members
                                                Cordata Co-op/register at WCC
          (360-360-383-3200)                          (360-360-383-3200)
                                                                                            $5 members, $6 non-members                   Mulu Belay’s Ambo-Ethiopian
   $39 members and non-members                  $39 members and non-members                  Susan Boskey, author of The Quality       Cuisine has delighted visitors at the
   Tuscany has been a wine-producing           Pinot Noir got a boost in popularity       Life Plan: 7 Steps to Uncommon Fi-           Bellingham Farmers Market for the last
region since ancient times and is dot-      with the movie Sideways, but many             nancial Security, presents an alternative    four years. Enjoy watching her make
ted with independent hill towns, each       wine connoisseurs have considered             approach to personal finance based on        classic vegetarian Ethiopian dishes the
with its own wine appellation. We’ll        it the Holy Grail of wine for years.          the big picture about money and wealth.      way she learned them from her mother,
taste our way through Tuscany’s most        Discover why wine educator Laurent            Traditional concepts must be updated to      including Spicy Green Lentils, Pump-
famous vineyards enjoying Chianti,          Martel refers to Pinot Noir as the wine       create similar financial security today as   kin Stew, Flax Seed Sauce, and injera,
Montalcino, and Montepulciano wines.        world’s “chameleon” of varietals as           in times past. Retool to eliminate debt,     the sourdough flatbread that accompa-
Wine educator Laurent Martel has            you sample pinots from Australia,             maximize purchasing power, and build         nies traditional Ethiopian menus.
been in the wine industry for more than     France, Oregon, and California. If you        wealth. For more information, see www.
twenty years and has traveled to 18 of      have yet to fall in love with this lus-       alternativefinancialnow.com.                     Tao Fawu Medical Qigong
Italy’s 20 wine-producing provinces.        cious grape, get ready to become an                                                             with Heidi M. Hawkins, LAc
You must be 21 to register. Picture ID      avid fan. Must be 21 to register. Picture             Yuki’s Kitchen:                            Wednesday, March 3, 7–9 pm
required at class.                          ID required at class.                           Japanese Home-style Cuisine                  Downtown Co-op/register at Co-op
                                                                                                     with Yukiko Helle                 Free Event—Registration Requested
 Take Control of Your Hormonal                                                                Tuesday, February 23, 6–9 pm                Tao Fawu qigong was created to
                                                           Vitamin D                         Cordata Co-op /register at WCC
            Health                                 with Tom Malterre, CN                                                               treat modern problems. This medita-
         with Jim Ehmke, CN                                                                            (360-383-3200)                  tive form of qigong is appropriate for
                                                Tuesday, February 16, 6–8 pm
      Tuesday, February 9, 7–9 pm                                                            $45 members and non-members               all ages and physical abilities. This
                                              Cordata Co-op/register at Co-op
 Downtown Co-op/register at Co-op                                                           It’s sushi and more as Yukiko Helle,       workshop is an opportunity to hear an
                                                $5 members, $6 non-members
    $5 members, $6 non-members                                                            a native of Kumamoto, Japan, dem-            overview of Tao Fawu, and try it your-
                                              As one of the hottest topics in nutrition
   The third in a series of six classes,                                                  onstrates Beef Tataki, Golden Baked          self. Heidi M. Hawkins has studied the
                                            and medicine, vitamin D information is
this session is designed to give you the                                                  Salmon, ChaWan Mushi, Gomoku                 applied philosophy of Traditional Chi-
                                            constantly changing. Join nutritionist
                                                                                          Sushi, and California Rolls. Learn this      nese Medicine since 1991.
 8     Co-op Community News, February 2010
 Healthy Connections
 Continued from page 8

         Flavors of Spain:               Get the Monkey Off Your Back                     The Mexican Kitchen—                  African Cuisine: North and South
              Tapas                     with Mialee Jose & Daniel Solomons                     Ole Pozole                                 with Assefa Kebede
          with Kristine Kager                Thursday, March 11, 7–9 pm                   with Ana Dominguez Jackson                Monday, March 22, 6–8:30 pm
     Thursday, March 4, 6–8:30 pm        Downtown Co-op/register at Co-op                Thursday, March 18, 6–8:30 pm             Cordata Co-op/register at WCC
             Cordata Co-op/
                                            $5 members, $6 non-members                  Cordata Co-op/register at WCC                        (360-383-3200)
    register at WCC (360-383-3200)
   $45 members and non-members,           Join us for two hours to work on a                      (360-383-3200)                   $35 members and non-members
           $7 for wine option           tough personal or professional problem          $39 members and non-members                Assefa Kebede—owner and chef
   Join Fools Onion Catering’s Kris-    that you really want solved. The work-          Ana Dominguez Jackson demon-            of Vancouver’s award-winning Nyala
tine Kager for an exciting culinary     shop will help you address your prob-        strates two fabulously hearty Mexican      African Cuisine—demonstrates clas-
journey to Spain as we explore the      lem effectively and with a new sense         soups: Pozole, a corn-based stew that      sic African one-dish meals: from Mo-
traditional “little dishes” known as    of ease. The workshop allows for dif-        includes chicken, pork, beef, or a         rocco, Couscous Marrakech (couscous
tapas. Kristine will showcase the ba-   ferent types of participation, depending     combination of meats, and Mole de          with lamb, vegetables, raisins and aro-
sic sauces such as aioli and Romesco    on your preference. If you enjoy shar-       Olla (beef stew in a pot), that includes   matic herbs); and from South Africa,
sauce as she prepares both hot and      ing your problems, there will be oppor-      not only meat, but lots of vegetables      Vegetarian Bobotie (a main dish with
cold tapas for your tasting enjoy-      tunity for sharing. If you would rather      as well. Both dishes are great for cold    barley, fruits, nuts, vegetables, tofu and
ment: Tortilla Espanola, Potinis with   remain private, quietly contemplating        weather and can be varied according to     a custard-like topping). Expand your
saffron aioli, and smoked salmon-       your options as we step through the          taste and available ingredients.           ethnic palate as you enjoy this fabulous
stuffed eggs. Optional $7 wine fee      process, that’s fine too.                                                               cuisine.
payable at class.
                                            North Indian Thali Dinner
                                                  with Sheela Bristol                      Karina Davidson whips up
   Rolfing Clinic for Children                                                            appetizers for a Co-op Roots
   with local Rolfing practitioners          Saturday, March 13, 11–2 pm
                                           Cordata Co-op/register at WCC                          Room class.
     Saturday, March 6, 12–4 pm
          Downtown Co-op                             (360-383-3200)
        Free Drop-In Clinic—               $35 members and non-members
     No Registration Necessary             Enjoy a traditional multi-course thali
  A no-charge treatment clinic for      dinner from North India. Sheela Bristol
children 14 or younger. Rolfing is a    will present naan with Palak Paneer
method of structural assessment and     (spinach cooked with Indian cheese
restructuring that uses the inherent    and served with an easy to make naan),
mobility of the fascial system of the   spicy Masoor Dhal over basmati rice (a
body to enhance balance and move-       spicy red lentil soup), Eggplant Raita
ment. This hands-on manipulation        (seasoned eggplant tossed in yogurt),
has great potential for working with    and Kulfi (a pistachio-based whole-
children, before patterns of injury     milk ice cream). Sheela Bristol is of
and misuse are deeply embedded.         East Indian descent, grew up in Malay-
                                        sia and South India, and now lives in
         Spring Cleaning                Bellingham.
         with Homeopathy
       with Monique Arsenault                  Greening Your Home                                                                                     Photo by Joanne Plucy

      Tuesday, March 9, 7–9 pm                     with Rose Lathrop
 Downtown Co-op/register at Co-op              Monday, March 15, 7–9 pm               Healthy Connections
                                          Downtown Co-op/register at Co-op
Free Event—Registration Requested
   Spring is an ideal time for a        Free Event—Registration Requested             Instructor Profile: Karina Davidson
cleanse and homeopathy can be part         Did you know that the residential          Kevin Murphy, Healthy Connections Coordinator
of the process. Homeopathy works        sector accounts for 22 percent of en-
by a kind of detoxification process.    ergy use and 74 percent of water use             Karina Davidson’s fascination         culinary ideas upon her return. She
Each of us has a unique vibrational     in the U.S.? Whether you are planning         with the culinary world started in       is “overjoyed to see the marvelous
pattern of energy and this pattern of   a new home, a remodel, or some basic          Italy, where her father was sta-         Julia Child becoming a household
energy shifts long before we actually   energy efficiency retrofitting, this class    tioned with the U.S. Army. She was       name for a new generation of
develop illness or decline. Come find   will give you ideas for greening your         there between the ages of 3 and          cooks.”
out about the principles of homeopa-    home. Topics include: energy and wa-          8. “Watching my Mom’s friends               Karina, who has spent the bulk
thy and how it really works, learn      ter efficiency; indoor air quality, mate-     plop egg yolks into the center of a      of her working life as a pastry
some simple techniques for how to       rials, and resources; and other sustain-      mountain of flour on the kitchen         chef and caterer, says, “In general,
strengthen the organs and help get      able building techniques and certifica-       counter and then mix and knead           the French have a much healthier
the body back to optimal functioning    tions. Rose Lathrop is a green-building       and cut the mass into long noodles       relationship with food than we
and vitality.                           consultant and urban planner. She is a        was mesmerizing—as were the              do. The French government has
                                        Certified Sustainable Building Advisor        huge dinners with Italian friends        banned all GMO foods. The les-
         Spotlight on Peru              and LEED Accredited Professional.             with everyone gesturing and talk-        sons we are learning via Fast Food
           with Robert Fong                                                           ing and laughing and, of course,         Nation and Michael Pollan’s trea-
  Wednesday, March 10, 6:30–9 pm             A Taste of Southeast Asia                eating.”                                 tises are lessons the French have
           Downtown Co-op/                         with Robert Fong                      Eventually, Karina found her          long known.”
   register at WCC (360-383-3200)           Tuesday, March 16, 6–8:30 pm              true culinary home else-
  $39 members and non-members,             Cordata Co-op/register at WCC              where on the continent—in
           $7 for wine option                        (360-383-3200)                   the bistros of Paris. “Dur-
  Peruvian cuisine—enhanced by the        $39 members and non-members,                ing that last year in Italy,
                                                                                                                       Karina’s French Classes
culinary traditions of Spain, China,               $7 for wine option                 we travelled to Paris and           This month, Karina teaches two cooking
Japan, Africa, and India—is exciting,     Chef Fong dazzles with Cambodian            I got my first look at the       classes through the Co-op Healthy Con-
eclectic, and flavorful. In this eve-   Fish Amok steamed with curry in a             Eiffel Tower. That did it.       nections series, both with a French theme.
ning, Chef Fong presents a stunning     banana leaf boat. Thai Baby Eggplant,         Love at first sight.” Karina
                                        Green Coconut Curry with Jasmine                                               You can learn how to make a French Bis-
and unique menu: Seafood Ceviche                                                      says her overriding pas-
                                        Rice, and Singapore’s street vendors’         sions are making soup and        tro Dinner on February 2 at the Cordata
with sweet potatoes, Langostinos con
Quinoa de Naranja (quinoa prawns        iconic Fragrant Chicken and Rice are          all things Parisian. She         Local Roots room, and on February 18,
with orange sauce), and Arroz con       on the bill of fare. You’ll enjoy eating      tries to visit her second        it’s Un Repas d’Hiver (A Winter Feast) at
Pollo Verde (green chicken and rice).   these home-style Southeast Asian dish-        home at least every couple       the Downtown Co-op Connection build-
Optional $7 wine fee payable at         es with fork, spoon, chopsticks, and          of years, always brimming        ing. Details for both classes are on the
class.                                  gusto to warm your heart and please           with enthusiasm and new
                                                                                                                       previous page.
                                        your palate. Optional $7 wine fee pay-
                                        able at class.

                                                                                                                 Co-op Community News, February 2010                      9
   Project Homeless Connect                                                           Bellingham Human Rights Film Festival
   Outdoor Clothing Drive                                                             February 18–27
   January 20–February 20, Drop site at Cordata Co-op                                 Films at 7 pm weeknights, noon on weekends
                                                                                         Celebrating its 10th year, this        weekend matinees begin at noon.
      You can help our homeless             The 2009 annual homeless census           film festival continues to bring          Admission and parking are free. In
   neighbors stay warm in the winter      indicates that about 2,500 adults and       viewers informative and inspira-          addition, films will be shown at Se-
   weather by donating outdoor cloth-     children experience homelessness in         tional films illustrating the struggles   home High School and Bellingham
   ing in good condition at the Cor-      Whatcom County annually. Condi-             for justice and equality across the       Technical College.
   data store starting January 20. We              tions of rising unemploy-          globe. This 10-day event features            The Festival is presented by com-
   need hats, gloves, socks,                       ment, mortgage foreclo-            documentary films and speakers            munity and student volunteers, and
   rain parkas or shells,                          sures, and high rents have         from around the world, highlighting       is sponsored by dozens of local busi-
   and rain pants in all                               increased the likelihood       timely human rights issues.               nesses, organizations, and church
   men’s, women’s, and                                 that others will be with-         Opening night of the Festival          groups. For film times, trailers, list
   children’s sizes. Your                              out housing in 2010.           starts at 6 pm on Thursday, Febru-        of speakers and directions, see the
   donations will be of-         Look for a            Locally, more than 35          ary 18 at the Pickford Cinema,            Festival website on Facebook.com
   fered to guests at the        collection            percent of all homeless        1416 Cornwall St. and continues           by searching for “Bellingham Hu-
   2nd annual Project
   Homeless Connect
                                 bin inside            individuals are under 18       daily, February 19–27, at the             man Rights Film Festival.” For more
                                                       years of age. We know          Fairhaven College Auditorium              information or to volunteer, email
   (PHC) event on                 the store            that almost 70 percent         (off S. College Drive). Films             bellinghamhrff@gmail.com or call
   March 4 at Depot               entrance             of homeless families           begin at 7 pm on weeknights,              360-734-5176.
   Market Square in
                                   at either           with children are single-
                                                       parent families and
      Bellingham/What-              Co-op              about 45 percent of all
   com Project Homeless           location.            homeless persons are
   Connect is part of                                  female.
   the Whatcom County                                     Persistent, long-
   10-Year Plan to End                                 term homelessness is
   Homelessness. Their mission is         unacceptable. We welcome your
   to engage the local community in       donations of outdoor clothing as
   support of the Plan by providing       one small part of the larger effort to
   periodic one-day, one-stop events      support people as they find their way
   at which homeless guests can ac-       back into housing. Together, we can
   cess high-value health and human       end homelessness. For more infor-
   services. The Co-op is a partner in    mation and to volunteer, see www.
   support of this project along with     whatcomvolunteer.org/events/proj-
   numerous other public, private,        ect-homeless-connect.
   and non-profit agencies.

                                                                                       Family Activities
                                                                                        Young children can’t fully com-          • Whenever possible, bring your
                                                                                      prehend the science behind the               kids’ friends and their parents
                                                                                      decisions to eat safe food—but               along. Peer pressure is so im-
                                                                                      that doesn’t mean it’s too soon to           portant to kids; getting your
                                                                                      involve them. Here are some tips             child’s class involved will help
                                                                                      to help them get started on healthy          enormously.
                                                                                                                                 • Get involved in your school’s
                                                                                       • Plant seeds and watch them                PTA and advocate nutrition
                                                                                         grow. You can grow lettuce or             education. Try to get local food
                                                                                         herbs in three-inch pots on a             brought to the school breakfast
                                                                                         sunny windowsill. If you have             or lunch program and start a
Top 10 Rules for Eating Right                                                            room, try squash or tomatoes
                                                                                         in the ground or in five-gallon
                                                                                                                                   school garden.

  Some basic guidelines for healthy         6. Take an extra ten minutes a day to        pots. No yard? Look for a com-         Kids and Vegetables
eating:                                          prepare healthy meals.                  munity garden.                           We’re not going to say that it’s
                                            7. Retrain your palate to new flavors.                                              easy to get kids to eat vegetables,
1. Use smaller plates.                      8. Stop eating before you feel full.       • Make composting a family               certainly not when their friends
2. Make half of every meal fruits or        9. Sit down to dinner with the entire        activity. Here’s a way to en-          are all eating sugar- and fat-filled
    vegetables.                                  family.                                 sure that your kids will get           foods. But here are some ideas for
3. Don’t eat on the run.                    10. You really are what you eat.             involved—add worms to your             veggies that many kids are happy
4. The shorter the ingredient list, the                                                  pile. Kids can’t resist them, and      to try:
    better.                                 Source: David L. Katz, MD. For the           they make explaining the com-
5. Nutritious food doesn’t have to be           complete article, see oprah.com.         posting process fun.                   • Dips and dunks; it’s more fun to
    expensive.                                                                                                                    eat a broccoli spear or a carrot
                                                                                       • Start a worm box; they’re avail-         stick if you’ve dunked it your-
                                                                                         able through most garden cen-            self. Try different vegetables—

Thoughts on Sustainability                                                               ters and worms teach kids about
                                                                                         sustainability—as well as being
                                                                                                                                  not every kid will like every
                                                                                                                                  vegetable—and try some dips
   Sustainability means living in such      and poorly tested genetically engi-          great fun.                               with special kid ingredients,
a way that there are enough resources       neered foods.                                                                         like sweet fruit or peanut butter.
to live well, in an alive, thriving envi-   —Source: www.sierraclub.org/true-          • Organize family outings to
ronment—indefinitely.                       costoffood/takeaction.asp                    farmers’ markets and to farms,         • Make your own pizza. Ask your
—Jon Jeavons, author of How to                                                           for apple and strawberry-pick-           kids to decorate it with veg-
Grow More Vegetables                           Getting rid of outrageous subsidies       ing, or helping with weeding             etables and they’re more likely
                                            and restoring family farms is only a         and harvesting. Introduce your           to find them palatable.
  A sustainable system is one that can      first, relatively easy step. Next comes      kids to the farmers and to farm-
be maintained with minimal use of           making serious public investment             ers’ kids. Joining a CSA—a             • Most important: do it together.
scarce resources from outside the sys-      in agricultural research, to put the         Community-Supported Agricul-             Involve your kids in preparing
tem; with minimal negative impact on        world’s cumulative, sophisticated            ture program in which consum-            meals—even a two-year-old can
the planet; and with maximum benefit        knowledge of plant ecology to work.          ers buy shares in a farm’s har-          tear up greens—and eating as a
for the producer. Substitute sustain-       —Carl Pope, author of Strategic Ig-          vest—make this especially easy           family.
able agriculture for the industrial         norance: Why the Bush Administra-            to do.
model based on pesticides, herbicides       tion Is Recklessly Destroying a Cen-                                                  Source: www.sierraclub.org/
                                            tury of Environmental Progress                                                      truecostoffood/takeaction.asp

10      Co-op Community News, February 2010

                                                                                                                                                                 Philosophical Counsel
                                                                                                                                                                  Dr. Phil. Andreas Hajos

     Community News
    Advertising Sign-up Dates
        Other Month
  Ad Sign-up Schedule
Issue                  Sign-up Dates          designated sign-up times only, and must be
MARCH                  Jan 25–Feb 5           prepaid. For ad forms and more complete
                                                     info, stop by the service desk
APRIL                  Feb 25–Mar 5
                                                        or call 360-734-8158.
MAY                    Mar 25–Apr 5
                                               Information to place an ad is available
 Ad space is limited. All ads are reserved      online at www.communityfood.coop/
 on a first-come, first-served basis during          resources/newsletter.htm.

Pollan meets with students
       at Western.

                                                                                                                      Disaster Relief Support
                                                                                           Photo by Diane Hollands

                                                                                                                        Haiti is already the poorest country   • Three Angels Children’s Relief:

Michael Pollan’s Sun Food Agenda
                                                                                                                     in the Western Hemisphere—a place           see www.threeangelsrelief.org has
                                                                                                                     where 85 percent of people live in          updates on their orphanage, their
                                                                                                                     poverty. The extent of the devastation      relief efforts, and how to donate.
                                                                                                                     from this disaster is severe—the need
   More than 1,000 people got a hit of        owner of the Polyface Farm in Vir-                                     for help will continue for some time      • The American Red Cross: text
energy and passion about food from            ginia. Salatin’s website (www.poly-                                    to come. The organizations listed be-       “Haiti” to 90999 and $10 will be
Michael Pollan’s appearance at West-          facefarms.com) describes the farm                                      low are working to make a difference        charged to your cell phone bill. To
ern Washington University on Thurs-           as “America’s premier non-industrial                                   in Haiti and need our support.              donate in other ways, call 1-800-
day, January 14. The event, sponsored         food production oasis.”                                                                                            733-2767 or see www.redcross.org.
by the Western Reads program on                  Pollan recently visited Will                                        • Doctors Without Borders:
campus, inspired and energized the            Allen’s two-acre urban farm in                                           Donations for Haiti efforts are be-     • Medical Advocacy Team: see
audience who frequently erupted in            Milwaukee called Growing Power.                                          ing taken at the registers at both        www.medicaladvocacyteam.
applause throughout the presentation.         In a maze of greenhouses and hoop                                        Community Food Co-op locations.           blogspot.com.
   A popular journalist, writer, profes-      houses, the farm supports 20,000
sor and author of several books on            plants and vegetables, thousands of                                    • Oxfam has four offices in Haiti and     • Childcare Worldwide: Dona-
food-related topics, Pollan has taken         fish, and a livestock inventory of                                       more than 200 highly experienced          tions can be made at any branch of
on the food industry with his analysis        chickens, goats, ducks, rabbits, and                                     aid workers on the ground. See            Peoples Bank in Bellingham.
of what’s not working in our food             bees—all sustainably in Milwau-                                          www.oxfam.org for information on
culture. His Sun Food Agenda exam-            kee’s cold weather. This two-acre                                        their efforts and how to donate.        • The United Nations World Food
ined three main topics: the energy cri-       farm produces more than $1 million                                                                                 Program: see www.wfp.org.
sis, the climate crisis, and the health       of product and employs 39 inner city                                   • Cooperative Development Fund
care crisis. Pollan believes that none        people at a fair wage.                                                   (CDF) has a special emergency           • The Salvation Army: see www.
of these problems can be addressed               According to Pollan, his Sun Food                                     fund specifically for assisting           salvationarmyusa.org.
without reforming the way America             Agenda involving change at the lev-                                      people in times like these. The
eats. His message connected the dots          el of the farm, the marketplace, and                                     Cooperative Emergency Fund              • Action Against Hunger: see
between food and health and intro-            the culture, promises to improve our                                     (CEF) was founded to give sta-            www.actionagainsthunger.org.
duced some of the visionaries who             health, cut our dependence on fos-                                       bility and constancy to CDF’s
are “resolarizing” the food system.           sil fuel, and help solve the climate                                     emergency relief efforts, many          • Project HOPE: see www.projec-
   The hopeful forward-looking as-            crisis.                                                                  of which are of a longer-term             thope.org.
pect of Pollan’s message focused on              Pollan’s book Omnivore’s Di-                                          rebuilding nature. The CEF will
visionaries Joel Salatin and Will Al-         lemma was chosen as the book of                                          donate all monies received until        • Partners in Health: see www.pih.
len. Salatin (featured prominently in         the year for the Western Reads pro-                                      July 2010 to help the rebuilding          org.
Pollan’s book Omnivore’s Dilemma),            gram. For information about Pollan’s                                     efforts in Haiti. See www.cdf.
                                                                                                                       coop.                                      Compiled from various local and
is a farmer, lecturer, author, and            books, see www.michaelpollan.com.                                                                                internet sources.

                                                                                                                                              Co-op Community News, February 2010                11
                                   Community Food Co-op
    Annual Meeting
      and Party    Saturday,
                                                                                                      March 6, 2010
                                                                                                             at the Bellingham
                                                                                                              Cruise Terminal

    The Real Cost
      of Food—
 Values and Choices
    Guest speaker— Derek Long
    Executive Director, Sustainable Connections
    5:30 pm—Doors open
                                                                                8–10 pm—
    5:30–6:30 pm—                                                               Live Music by Acorn                           Project
    Delish Dishes from the Swan Café                                              and Dancing
    6:15–8 pm—                                                              Bring your Co-op card to vote
    Meeting and Board Candidates                                                in the board election
       followed by Dessert                                               FREE for Co-op Members

  Dessert with the Directors
  Sustainable and Affordable Food                                                                                                             Local Farmer Mike Finger
                                                                                                                                               (left) and Co-op Cordata
                                                                                                                                              Grocery Manager Michael
                                                                                                                                             Elkins (below right) address
                                                                                                                                             members at the January 15
   A full house of enthusiastic Co-op       are for small farms to certify. Cordata                                                          Dessert with the Directors.
members gathered Friday, January 15         store grocery manager Michael Elkins
to talk about sustainable and affordable    talked about factors that determine how
food. Mike Finger, local farmer of 22       the Co-op sets prices and ways that we
years and the 34th farm to be certified     strive to keep costs down. Purchasing
organic in the state, spoke to the group    collectively with our national associa-
about the value we each place on food       tion, purchasing locally when possible,
and that affordability for each of us de-   and passing on supplier discounts are
pends on that value. He noted that Co-op    all ways that help. He also noted that
members have typically been willing to      members can save the most by plac-
pay for and invest in local, organic, and   ing special orders for frequently used
healthy food. The group was interested      items. Michael explained that the Co-op
in hearing what was involved in organic     strives to offer the fairest prices to the
certification and what the challenges       consumer, but also reflects a fair price
                                            to farmers, manufacturers, distributors,
                Co-op members
                enthusiastically            and Co-op staff.
                select goodies.                The question posed for the evening’s         Others reported buying bulk, shop-
                                            topic was whether we could have food         ping more often to reduce spoilage,
                                            that is sustainable and affordable,          buying non-organic for the least-treated
                                            and what strategies people are using         products, buying in season, and using
                                            to eat affordably. After a rousing and       coupons when available. One sugges-
                                            engaging discussion, several members         tion was to examine our options and
                                            noted that organic and sustainable may       how we participate in the larger food
                                            sometimes be more expensive in terms         system, such as switching subsidies
                                            of cash, but lower-cost food often           from big ag to small and local farm-
                                            carries different social and environ-        ers. Another member commented that
                                            mental costs, which is why they shop         she is able to shop successfully at the      At the end of the evening, the deli-
                                            at the Co-op. A member remarked if           Co-op on a very small budget because       cious array of fabulous Swan Bakery
                                            you believe that what you eat affects        she cooks often using raw ingredients      desserts were either consumed or boxed
                                            your health, then you re-evaluate your       instead of packaged items.                 up to take home.
                                                                                                                                                           Photos by Joanne Plucy

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