Desktop Publishing (PowerPoint) by jizhen1947


									   Desktop Publishing

Business Technology Applications
  What is Desktop Publishing?
• The use of a personal computer, special
  software and a printer to produce
  professional –looking documents suitable
  for publication.
• You can create, print and distribute
• Create a wide variety of advertisements,
  including flyers, signs, banners, and print
      Brochures and booklets
• Create brochures describing a product or
  service. You can make booklets on any
  topic imaginable.
  – What is a tri-fold brochure?
• Most how-to manuals are desktop
  published. The manual may include steps,
  technical information, tables, and other
           Business Forms
• Create professional business forms. You
  can make invoices or even your own
  business cards.
         Personal stationery
• Design your own stationery. Having a
  party? You can desktop publish an
  invitation. You can also create postcards
  and greeting cards.
 Other Uses of Desktop Publishing

• Calendars
• Flyers
• Banners and Signs
         Types of Programs
• Microsoft Publisher
• Print Shop Pro Publisher
• Adobe PageMaker
  Differences between a typeface,
        font, style and point
• Typeface – the letter style
• Font – entire set of characters of a
  particular typeface
  –   Times New Roman
  –   Courier
  –   Bookman Old Style
  –   Wingdings
  –   Arial
   Differences between a typeface,
         font, style and point
• Point – size of letters
   – 72 points=1 inch
   – The larger the number, the larger the letter
• Style refers to the enhancement
   – Bold
   – Italics
   – Underline
     Desktop Publishing Tools
• Computer
• Printer – must be able to print graphics,
  laser is best
• Monitor
• Additional input devices
  – Scanner
  – Mouse
• Landscape
• Portrait
     Places you’ll find desktop
• Small Businesses
• Publishing Fields – publishers, editors,
  writers, advertising agencies, journalists,
• Schools – school newsletter
      Features and Benefits of
    Desktop Publishing Programs
•   More economical
•   Greater text control
•   More text formatting options
•   Better graphics placement
•   Better output
•   Automatic references
•   Style consistency
   Understanding The Program
• Menu bar and formatting toolbar
• Object toolbar – text frames, drawing tables,
  adding WordArt, inserting pictures, adding clip
  art, and drawing common shapes (line, oval,
• Ruler – helps you align items in your layout
• Guides
• Wizard help
• Status Bar
• Create a flyer for your before prom photo
  – Need info, when, where, what to bring
  – Need at least one graphic
  – Must take up the whole page so organize
  – Add any borders or colors of your choosing

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