BCIU Mini-Conference SAFARI Montage by jizhen1947


									BCIU Mini-Conference
  SAFARI Montage

       Tech Tips
      Dale Roades
  Access Fiber Solutions
            Basic Tech Help
•   Accessing SAFARI Montage
•   Online Help
•   Admin Guide
•   Troubleshooting Guide
•   User Guide
•   Tech Support Escalation Process
    Accessing SAFARI Montage
•   URL
•   Shortcuts, desktop icon, web portal
•   User name and password
•   Changing your password
•   User types: student, teacher, teacher with
    upload, administrator, approver
              Online Help
• Tutorial
• Context sensitive help
• Searchable index
           Admin Manual
• Available through Safari Montage Help
• 29 page PDF
• Recommend district tech support copy to
  the desktop for quick reference
• Print only pages relating to common
      Troubleshooting Guide
• Available through Safari Montage Help
• 10 page PDF
• Designed for tech support team
              User Guide
• Available through Safari Montage Help
• 48 page PDF
• Recommend teachers save a copy locally,
  but only print specific pages as necessary
• Quick Start Guide also available
         Tech Support
       Escalation Process
– Generally contact your district IT support staff
– District IT staff will contact IU support
– IU support will contact Safari Montage tech
  support when necessary
– Access Fiber Solutions available to help when
  contacted by BCIU
  Tech Support
Escalation Process
Common Tech Support Questions
•   Basic features and functionality
•   Preferences
•   Macintosh helper application
•   Windows Media Player
•   Administrative preferences
•   Playlists
•   Software updates
Basic Features and Functionality
• Most content may not be downloaded-
  security is key to making top-quality
  resources available
• Videos can not be accessed outside of the
  network- possible future feature
•   Each user sets their own preferences
•   Check your name and email address
•   Closed captioning default
•   Enable whiteboard support
•   Set grade range for search defaults
Set your default preference, but
the setting can be changed at
any time for any particular video.
Whiteboard support is primarily
for using Safari on a “smart

   Set the default grade range to
   make searching quicker.
  Macintosh Helper Application
• Needs to be installed on each MAC
• When SM first opens, the alert and
  directions display below the video preview
• District tech support may need to install if
  security profile interferes with install
      Windows Media Player
• Needs to be configured on each
  workstation to display closed captioning
• Open WMP, R-click on icon, select Play –
  Captions and Subtitles – On If Available
• Possible problems with WMP 11
• To check version, R-click on WMP icon,
  select Help - About
Windows Media Player must be
configured on each workstation
to display closed captioning in
full screen view.
     Administrative Decisions
• Student access?
• Share playlists and original content across
  the district? Approval?
• Use LDAP to manage logins?
• Assigning upload privileges
• Assigning approver privileges
   Administrative Preferences
• Enable permanent links
• Enable whiteboard support
Permanent links must be
enabled by the district’s Safari
•   Recommend common naming conventions
•   To share or not to share
•   Be aware of “active playlist”
•   Moving clips from one playlist to another
•   Copy playlists- why and how
•   Merge playlists
•   Export / Import playlists
Each user can see his/her own
playlists as well as those shared   Always be aware of the active
by others.                          playlist, or you will add new clips
                                    to the wrong playlist.
         Software Updates
• Current and future updates delivered via
  CD rather than download
• Release notes available from
            Hardware Issues
• Backup, backup, backup
• Reboot and shut down
• WAN-1000 has distributed power supplies and
  redundant OS drives
• RM-800 and T-400 have single power supply
  and OS drive
• Allow remote access
• SM tech support is driven by server serial
  number, located on a label on the front of the
  server, also on the back of a rack server and
  inside the door of the tower server
Each district’s Safari administrator
must set up a backup system to
backup playlists, searches, user
accounts and locally-created content.
   If it’s necessary for Safari tech
   support to access the server
   remotely, access must be
   enabled by district tech support.

Server can be shut down and
rebooted from any workstation
on the network.

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