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YOUR PRINTABLE EXHIBIT KIT - The Wine Festival at The Plains Virginia


									                         THE WINE FESTIVAL AT THE PLAINS

                         AT GREAT MEADOW EQUESTRIAN CENTER
                                        SEPTEMBER 11-12, 2010
                      SATURDAY 11:00am – 6:00pm - SUNDAY - 11:00am-6:00pm

IT'S THE PERFECT PAIRING - Thank you so much for joining us to put on a spectacular culinary event,
featuring Virginia Wines paired with gourmet cuisine, fine art, fancy foods and Polo in the gorgeous
upscale venue of Great Meadow.

We're so excited to finally have a premier venue set in the rolling meadows of Virginia Wine Country that
we feel will upgrade the Virginia wine industry and is befitting the theme of discovering Virginia's award-
winning artisan wines.

We’re especially pleased to welcome the many sponsors and exhibitors who have caught our enthusiasm
and joined us to create a premier destination event for guests to enjoy.

We think the layout and amenities we’ve included will set the tone for a distinguished upscale experience
for participating wineries, restaurants, exhibitors and guests alike. We hope you like the concept and have
a great show!

          Setup Hours:
                                      Friday September 10 (10am – 7pm)

          Show Hours                  Saturday September 11 (11am – 6pm)
                                      exhibitors enter between 8am & 10:30am
                                      Sunday September 12 (11am – 6pm)
                                      exhibitors enter between 8am & 10:30am

          Exhibit Removal:            Sunday September 12 (6pm – 9pm)

                     Tel: 703-823-1868 | Tel: 703-966-0279 | Fax: 661-451-5491
                                 DIRECTIONS AND ACCOMMODATIONS

                                        5089 Old Tavern Road
                                       The Plains, Virginia 20198

                                                  BY CAR

From Warrenton/South: Take Rte. 17 north for 8 miles. Great Meadow is on the right. To enter main gate,
turn right on Rte. 245.

From Washington and Suburbs: Travel on I-66 to The Plains, Exit #31, turn left (south) on Old Tavern Rd.
(Rt. 245), Great Meadow one mile on left.

From Middleburg: Drive South on The Plains Road (Rt. 626) Right on 55, left on Old Tavern Road (Rt.
245), Great Meadow one mile on left.

From South/West: Take I-66 east to Exit #28 for Marshall. Take Rte. 17 south for 3 miles, turn left on Rte.

                                         HOTELS IN THE AREA

                   Enjoy the charm of one of the many B&B's near Great Meadow
                                    or choose a hotel close by.

                                          The Plains & Marshall

                             The Grey Horse Inn, The Plains- 540-253-7000
                          Bed & Breakfast at Foxgloves, Marshall - 540-364-4499


                                    The Black Horse Inn - 540-349-4020
                                       Hampton Inn - 540-349-4200
                                        Comfort Inn - 540-349-8900
                                    Holiday Inn Express - 540-341-3461
                                      Airlie Center - 1-800-288-9573
                  Middleburg, Paris, Upperville & Hume

                   The Ashby Inn, Paris - 540-592-3900
                  Marriott Ranch, Hume - 540-364-2627
                   1763 Inn, Upperville - 540-592-3848
                Goodstone Inn, Middleburg - 540-687-4645
                 Red Fox Inn, Middleburg - 540-687-6301
            Middleburg Country Inn, Middleburg - 540-687-6082
                  Welbourne, Middleburg - 540-687-3201


 Foster Harris House,, Washington - 540-675-3757

                         Casanova & Remington

           Poplar Springs Inn & Spa, Casanova - 540-788-4600
             Highland Farm Inn, Remington - 540-439-0088
             Inn at Kelly's Ford, Remington - 540-399-1779

Marriott has several properties in the area: Manassas, Centreville, Chantilly.

                        Hotels in Manassas, VA


                        Mountain View Campground
                            5605 Antioch Rd.
                          Haymarket, VA 20169

                       Greenville Farms Family Camp
                            14004 Shelter Lane
                           Haymarket, VA 20169

                       Mountain Lake Campground
                         127 Mountain Lake Lane
                             Paris, VA 20130
                          Phone: (540) 837-2134
                                          LAST MINUTE NOTES

We'll be out on the field starting Tuesday September 7 , so please ask us all of your last minute questions
before then or forever hold your peace - we'll have the phone with us but can't guarantee we can answer
as we will be carrying tents and paint and string and things.


On Friday you will be coming in through GATE 2 off of Old Tavern Road - from I-66 take exit 31, turn left
off the exit ramp. Drive past the front of Great Meadow and past the little store to GATE 2 on the left hand
side of the road. We will meet you there.
We will run one way traffic on the polo road to get you right behind your booth space for unloading. No
driving on grass for any reason please. Pull your car slightly off the road so other cars can get past you
on the road while you unload.
Please unload quickly and move your car to exhibitor parking in the lot at the end of polo road before
you start setting up so we can get other cars through in an orderly fashion.
On Sunday evening we will do the entire move-in process backwards and in sequential order.
Exhibitors in tent D will be moved in first, followed by C and so on. Cars will move in one way on
the polo road from exhibitor parking to your space for move out. You will then exit through GATE
8. All cars must stay on the polo road - no driving on grass will be permitted.


Don't forget - how you choose to decorate your boutique, tasting bar or restaurant creates the impression
people get about your business and helps them make a decision to stop or not to stop to see what you
have to offer. You are getting beautiful space at Great Meadow but it is raw space – a professional set-up,
enticing display and a few fall decorations can really set you apart. PS - We know straw is a popular fall
decoration but the fire marshal will make you remove it. No straw will be allowed in the big tents.


10x10 EXHIBITORS – If you are not placed in one of the large tents, A, B, C, D – you will need to bring
your 10x10 tent and you will be located in the pavilion area of the field.
We will fill the allocated 10x10 spaces on a first come basis, so you will be able to select your spot from
those specified as exhibit spaces delineated with paint only when you arrive on Friday September
10 . We will do it this way to ensure that we can get you as close to the action as possible and not leave
anyone alone in a remote spot.
WINERIES - you will be located in the middle of the large tents. You will need to bring 3 or 4 8’ tables
(depending on how many are drawn on your space in the floor plan) to form your tasting bar.
Your inventory must be placed in the designated space inside your booth. The “inventory
scattered everywhere” affect that some wine festivals do will not be acceptable at this event.
Remember, this is your tasting room. Make sure it draws people’s attention and shows your brand
in a good way.
You will need the banner hanging contraption you've been using with us for the past several years if you'd
like to hang your banner as a backdrop in your bar. The other option is to hang the banner on the side of
the tent a few feet from your tasting bar.
The PVC Banner Hanging Contraption – 3 PVC pipes (I think they come 8 or 10 feet long and that’s
perfect- get sturdy ones) 2 PVC corners (to fit the pipes together in a U) 2- 2 foot long stakes/nails (to nail
into the ground). Nail the stakes in the ground enough to stick up as far as they can and be sturdy. Place
the PVC pipes over the stakes. Hang your banner on the horizontal pipe and viola – you have a banner
hanging contraption.
Come through GATE 2 when you arrive for set up and we'll see you out there with smiles!
                                      BEFORE THE EVENT

   WINERY AND FOOD EXHIBITORS - You must contact your liability insurance provider and
    obtain a rider naming the following as additionally insured for the dates of September 11-13, 2009:
    Farm Wineries Council Inc., 25378 Whippoorwill Terrace, South Riding, VA 20152 and Great
    Meadow Foundation, 5089 Old Tavern Road, The Plains, Virginia 20198 .

   WINERIES - you will need to order your ABC remote license for this event. CLICK HERE TO

   FOOD SAMPLING AND SERVING - Restaurants and gourmet food vendors conducting sampling
    must obtain a temporary event health permit.

    click here for Temporary Health Permit click here for Health Inspection Guidelines

   WINERY AND FOOD EXHIBITORS - Please fax a copy of your ABC remote or health license and
    liability insurance rider to us at 661-451-5491.

   Sales Tax / State Dept. of Taxation - Click here to download the Virginia sales tax Form.
    Exhibitors are responsible for the collection and payments of all sales tax. The current tax rate,
    County and State combined, is 5% for Fauquier County, Virginia.

   VIRAL MARKETING OF THE EVENT - The best marketing of an event like this happens in a viral
    marketing manner. Please help make this a successful event for us all by letting your fans know
    you will be there and posting the event on your website. Here is a note you can use to send all of
    your fans. They'll love you for getting them a $10 discount. Please hyperlink to the show in your


    Here's a blurb you can post on your website:

    Meet us at The Wine Festival at The Plains, September 11-12, 2010 for Great Wine,
    Great Art, Great Food & Great Polo at Great Meadow in The Plains! Click here for a $10
    discount coupon for the event -


    Here's an EMAIL NOTE you can send to your customers

    Meet us at The Plains September 11 or 12 for some great Virginia wine, fancy food, fine art and
    world class polo. This is the ultimate Autumn picnic in the Meadow - Great Meadow, that is ...
    everyone's favorite location just out I-66. Click here for a $10 discount coupon for the event -


    Here's a TWITTER NOTE you can send to your followers

    Meet us in The Plains Sep11-12 for #vawine & polo. Use coupon code EM323 to get a $10
    discount here -

Inside the Big Tents
EXHIBITOR LIST AS OF SEPTEMBER 1 2010 (will not be updated again until day of show)

                      C8          All About The Beverage
                      D12         Amazing Skylights
                   Promenade      American Cancer Society
                      A17         American Laser Centers
                      B11         Amiga Designs
                       B          Aspen Dale Winery
                       D          Athena Vineyards
                      D1          Augusta's Pimento Cheese
                       B8         Avante Art
Promenade   Bardangle Jewelry
     C      Barrel Oak Vineyards
   D10      Bay Island Jewelry
    C2      Beijo Handbags - Tess
     D      Belle Mount Vineyards
   C10      Bev Hills Photography
Promenade   Black Dog Coffee
 Sponsor    Blue Ridge Transport
    A9      Boxes by Boudreau
     A      Bright Meadows Farm
Promenade   Brooke Road Designs
     C      Burnley Vineyards
    C1      Cabot Creamery
     D      Castle Gruen Vineyards
     C      Chateau Morrisette Winery
     C      Cooper Vineyards
   C16      Cyndi's Gourmet
     D      Davis Valley Winery
     B      Delaplane Cellars
     D      Delfosse Vineyards
Promenade   Diane Rose Designs
Promenade   Disfunctional Design
    A1      D'Marie
   A13      Dragonfly Native American Jewelry
   C12      Emily Parker Jewelry
  D14-15    Essence de Provence
     A      Fabbioli Cellars
Promenade   Father's Table
    B9      Flavor Magazine
    D2      G Jewelry Design
     B      Gadino Cellars
   A16      George Mason University
   food     Get Fired Up Pizza
    A3      Heartland Home Foods
  B14,15    Heavens Gate Catering
     A      Hill Top Berry Farm
   C13      Honest Tea
   C17      Hosted Wine Tasting
     C      James River Cellars
     D      Kluge Estate Winery
   D13      K-Trinkets
    C7      Laconiko
  C14,15    Living Out Loud with Mia
     A      Loudoun Valley Vineyards
    A8      Magnetic Connections
    B1      Manhattan Club
   A11      Mastershield VA/MD
     B      Mattaponi Winery
  A14,15    Ma-Yu-Ree Womens Accessories
     B      Miracle Valley Vineyard
Promenade   Molly's Jewelry Box
    A2      Nature's Gems
                       B10             Nature's Select DC Metro
                         C             New Kent Winery
                    Promenade          Obrien Fine Art
                    Promenade          Obrien Fine Art
                        D7             Owens Corning
                        A7             Paiges Promotions
                       B12             Palermo Enterprises
                         B             Pearmund Cellars
                       B17             Peony's Envy
                     Sponsor           Pepsi
                         C             Philip Carter Winery
                       B18             PML Cigars LLC
                    Promenade          Private Quarters
                       food            Red Hook Lobster Pound
                       B16             Riina Mettas Jewelry
                        C9             Sara England Designs
                        B7             Sequoia Springs
                       D18             Shenandoah Growers
                        D8             Silkutopia
                       D16             Silpada Roop
                        B6             Simply Stones
                        D9             Sir William Seasonings
                        C6             Slumber Parties By Mia
                       food            Strudel and More
                     Sponsor           Sunshine Promotions
                       C18             Sweets By Greeks
                        D6             The Nut Lady
                       D17             The Virginia Sportsman
                       A18             Thousand Oak Barrel
                       B4,5            Through The Garden
                    Promenade          Tie Dyed Feet
                       A12             Todd's Dirt Seasonings
                    Promenade          Travel Cruise and Tour
                         A             Unicorn Winery
                        A6             Vacation Village
                         D             Vincent's Vineyard
                    Promenade          Virginia Wine of the Month Club
                        B3             Waddell & Reed
                       gate            Washington Examiner
                         A             White Fences Vineyard
                       C11             White Oak Lavender
                       D11             Wildtree
                    Promenade          Wildwood Carver
                       B13             Wingo Wineworks
                       A4,5            Workhouse Arts Center
                       A10             Wowfactor7

All placements are subject to change based solely on the subjective opinion of the event producer.
                            SET-UP FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 10, 2010

 SPACE ASSIGNMENTS - Placement on the festival grounds is being assigned by management
    selection to ensure a good mix across the field. We have tried our best to provide everyone with
    their preferred placement but we do not guarantee any placement on the field. All placements
    are subject to change based solely on the subjective opinion of the event producer.

 ARRIVAL LOCATION - Please enter through Gate 2 at Great Meadow. The Exhibitor registration
    desk will be located just inside that gate. We will have signs to lead you in.

 SET-UP TIME - Move in and set-up must be completed on Friday, September 10, between the
    hours of 10:00am and 7:00pm.

 PAVILION OR PROMENADE AREA – If you opted to bring your own 10x10 tent you will be
    located in the area near the pavilion (the only permanent structure on the field). These spaces
    will be filled on a first come basis so that we know each of you will be as near the main part of
    the event as we can get you located with a group and not left out in a lonely spot on your own.

 CREATE YOUR OWN GALLERY - Space provided for exhibitors consists only of the purchased
    space assigned by space number. The parameters of your designated space will be clearly
    marked on the ground. Exhibitors must create a professional appearance with their own
    display equipment. All tables must be skirted to the floor. If you are in an “in line” booth -
    not on a corner - your display must be a three-sided display, giving you complete
    separation from the displays around you. Use your creativity to display your work, attract
    the attention of customers and draw people to your boutique. The 40’ sides of tents A, B,
    C, D will have tent walls. The back of tents A, B, C, D will not have tent walls. Please be
    sure to bring a backdrop (a pop-up tent wall) for behind you if you would like a backdrop
    and to protect your inventory at night. You may put your pop-up tent inside the large tent
    if you would like.

 MOVE-IN - Every exhibit space in the event is in very close proximity to the polo road. Driving on
    grass to get to exhibit space will not be allowed under any circumstance at this event. Exhibitors
    will be guided to the spot closest to their space on the road on a first-come basis. All exhibitors
    must unload from the road and return to the parking area without driving on grass. Forklifts will
    be available for winery use on a first come basis. A crew will be available to help you move in if
    you reserve assistance ahead of time at a cost of approximately $60 per hour.

 BANNERS, DECORATIONS - Nothing may be taped, nailed or other wise affixed to provided
    tents, including but not limited to: decorations, banners, signs, adhesive-backed (stick-on) or any
    other material. Banners must be attached to your own exhibit material in a professional
    manner. We reserve the right to require removal of unsightly decor. Wineries – you will
    need the banner hanging contraption you’ve been using for a couple of years with us if
    you would like to hang your banner as your backdrop in your booth. Otherwise you
    may hang your banner on the side of the tent a few feet away from your space.

 The PVC Banner Hanging Contraption – 3 PVC pipes (I think they come 8 feet long
    and that’s perfect- get sturdy ones) 2 PVC corners (to fit the pipes together in a
    U) 2- 2 foot long stakes/nails (to nail into the ground). Nail the stakes in the
            ground – slightly to stick up as far as they can and be sturdy. Place the PVC
            pipes on the stakes. Hang your banner on the horizontal pipe and viola – you
            have a banner hanging contraption.

         TENTS and/or CANOPIES - may not be larger than your designated area. All structures must be
            flame retardant and shall have the proper documents and certification attached and available on
            site at all times.

         FLAME RETARDANT MATERIALS ONLY - All decorative materials must be flame retardant in
            accordance with the Public Safety and Fire Regulations and County Fire Safety Code. This
            includes drapes, banners, all decorative fabrics, poster paper, foam cores board as well as
            hangings, curtains and drops, projection screens, plastics and all other decorative materials. No
            flammable material such as bunting, tissue paper, crepe paper, straw, hay, etc. shall be used as

         DAMAGES - No holes may be drilled, cored or punched on the property. Damage fees will be
            assessed for all replacements and /or repairs to any one who damages provided tents, furniture,
            fences, grass or the road on the field grounds.

         Set-up must be completed between the hours of 10:00am and 7:00pm on Friday,
            September 10th. An additional VIP fee of $400 will be charged to exhibitors who find it
            necessary to set up exhibits outside the hours of the allocated set-up time.

                                     STAFF ENTRY FOR THE SHOW

We do not need a list of the staffers who will be coming to help you at the show. Instead we will
have a sign in roster where everyone who is coming through to help you will sign in under your
company name as they enter the event. We do not want to limit the number of people you think
you need to run your business, but please keep your staff to a minimum number. If an overly
large number of people sign in under your company name claiming to be working in your 10x10
booth, we will come to see how you are getting them all in there …. And, if they are not there
working your booth, we’ll have you pay for their entry.

Here is a note you can copy and pass to your staff about getting into the event.


Thanks so much for helping us out at The Wine Festival at The Plains September 11-12 at
Great Meadow Equestrian Center. The facility is located at 5089 Old Tavern Road, The Plains,
Virginia, 20198. Click here for - Directions to Great Meadow Equestrian Center.

                 Please print the VENDOR sign below – PRINT PAGE 12

Put the Vendor sign in your windshield on the driver side so that event staff can guide you to
the right spot for parking. Please plan to arrive before 10:15am so that you do not get stuck in a
traffic jam or guest line. After you park, you will enter through the gate under the banner that
says Vendor. Sign in on the staff roster under our company name. You will be given a vendor
button that allows you to come and go through the show as you need to and shown where to
find us. You must sign in at the front gate each day you are working as you arrive.

                                      DURING THE SHOW

 Aisles and walkways must remain clear throughout the entire show.

 All exhibits must be staffed and open during all hours of the event.

 Sound equipment is not permitted at exhibitor booths.

 Exhibitors may only display and sell items approved and specified in their show

 Proper exhibitor identification credentials must be worn at all times while staffing the

 Food items may not be part of your offering unless you have been officially approved to
    do so.

 All Emergency exits and required aisles shall be kept clear of obstructions at all times.

 NO OPEN FLAME allowed in tents. Candles shall not be lit at any time.

 No live animals, reptiles, fish or birds are permitted to enter the grounds unless a written
    permission has been obtained in advance. Only a properly muzzled “guide dog” accompanying a
    person in need of assistance is allowed in the festival venue.

 Written permission is required for any collections, donations, whether for charity, business or

 Exhibitors are responsible for the securing of their own booth space. The field will go into lock
    down at 7:30pm Friday and 6:30 Saturday nights. Overnight security will be on site. However,
    festival producers, venues, sponsors, and partners will not be held liable for any lost, stolen or
    damaged items.

 SOFT PACK IN/OUT SUNDAY MORNING - We will have an opportunity Sunday morning
    from 6:30am to 9:30am to allow you to do a soft pack in/out if you need to bring in extra
    inventory or would like to reduce your inventory on the field. You will need to request this
    Saturday evening before you leave if you foresee a need to do it as we will obviously not have
    time to allow everyone to bring cars in. The ability to drive onto the polo road Sunday morning
    will be available on a first come basis. You must obtain a SOFT PACK tag from the Vendor desk
    after the show closes on Saturday if you would like to bring your vehicle onto the festival road
    Saturday evening or Sunday morning. Tags will be available only to the first 30 exhibitors who
    ask for them Saturday evening. All others will be placed on a waiting list and may be able to
    service their tent after all tagged vehicles have been removed from the road.

 Clean-up is the responsibility of each exhibitor. All trash (empty boxes, bottles, etc.) must be
    properly flattened and discarded in designated recycle bins throughout the day so that on-site
    staff can keep up with clean-up as it happens. Any items needing disposal Saturday evening
    must be flattened and placed beside the road or inside designated recycle bins nearest your
    booth space Saturday night for removal.
       Large items brought in by exhibitors must be taken out by exhibitors. If you need to discard items
          that do not fit inside a recycle bin, please place them beside the road nearest your booth
          Saturday evening or Sunday evening after the crowd has left the event. A stakebed truck will
          come around the road Saturday evening and Sunday evening. You will be able to discard your
          items in the stakebed.

       Exhibitors who trash the field at the end of the day, making it impossible to clean in the dark, or
          leave large items such as pallets on the field which are not removable, will be charged a $500
          cleaning fee and will not be allowed to exhibit in any future Farm Winery Council events.

                                                  MOVE OUT

       Tear down may not be started before 6:15 PM on Sunday, September 12. Per our contract,
          a penalty fee of $1000 will be charged to any exhibitor who dismantles an exhibit prior to
          close of the show.

       Clean-up is the responsibility of each exhibitor. All trash (empty boxes, bottles, etc.) must be
          properly flattened and discarded in designated recycle bins throughout the day so that on-site
          staff can keep up with clean-up as it happens. Any items needing disposal Sunday evening must
          be flattened and placed inside designated recycle bins nearest your booth space, or at the
          side of the road nearest your booth space.

       Large items brought in by exhibitors must be taken out by exhibitors. If you need to discard
          items that do not fit inside a recycle bin, it is your responsibility to take it home or get it to the
          stakebed truck. We do not have the staff or facilities to handle your large pallets.

       All exhibitors will be required to move out of the field Sunday evening. There is a road that runs
          the length of all exhibit spaces and there will be no driving allowed on grass in the exhibit
          areas at any time.

       Exhibitors who leave large items such as pallets on the field which are not removable, will be
          charged a $500 cleaning fee

      IN THE CASE OF INCLEMENT WEATHER exhibitors will not be allowed to roll inventory or vehicles
      anywhere on the festival grounds without a management permission tag. We will be enforcing
      contingency move in and move out plans to protect the field. Please be patient while we conduct a
      responsible entrance and exit. Exhibitors who do not comply will be charged a $500 penalty fee at the
      minimum and/or entire cost of damage caused, whichever is higher.

                                              REFUND POLICY

No full refunds will be given after we have received your application to exhibit at the event. Partial refunds
will be given based on number of days before the opening day of the show we receive your cancellation:

                         150 days or more notice - 80%        120-149 days notice - 60%

                          90-119 days notice - 40%              60-89 days notice - 20%

                          30-59 days notice - 10%               under 30 days notice - 0
No refunds will be given for bad weather, booth location on the show floor, less than desirable sales of
your product, feuds with neighboring exhibitors, last minute booth location changes, show cancellation
due to weather, acts of nature or any other unforeseen circumstance.

Although we encourage exhibitors to look at the show floor plan and suggest to us their
preferred placement, your location on the show floor is made solely by the show manager. We do reserve
the right to place all exhibitors where we envision the best fit based solely on our subjective opinion.

                     MOST ASKED FAQ – how many people will be there ….?

                                   Wish I had a crystal ball for this ....
                 We need to have an attendance pool .... my vote would be 8000.
   Be aware I am not all that good at the guessing thing ... I thought we'd have 11,000 at last
 Feb's showcase and we got 363 (snowmageddan). The year before that I thought we'd have
   17,000 at the fest and we had 23,000. That was no fun. Ever since then we try to target a
 crowd of under 10,000 we know will bring money and not end up with 23,000 with no money.
              Last year this event had a bit over 7000 - all brought money - soooo ...

                          we’re making progress toward the ultimate show!
                             I will have 8000 glasses ready and we’ll see!

                      Enter your guesses on set-up day and we’ll have a prize!
                               WINERY-SPECIFIC NOTES
                     Thanks for signing up to participate as a featured winery in
             The Wine Festival at Great Meadow Equestrian Center September 11-12.

Winery participation in this event is limited to a maximum of 26 wineries in an effort to reduce
winery competition and maximize ROI for each participating winery. Because we are limiting the
number of wineries you will each have a double booth tasting bar from which to adequately
service the crowd.

Wineries will be placed in large 40’x140’ tents for this event.

You must bring either 3 or 4 8’ tables (according to the number drawn on the layout for
your particular booth) to form your tasting bar. Your tables must have skirting covered to
the ground for this event.

        Set-up must be accomplished September 10 between 10am and 7:00pm
        Show hours are 11-6 Saturday and Sunday, September 11 and 12.
        You will need to apply for a remote for this event. A hyperlink directly to the remote form
         you’ll need to submit to ABC and the answers you’ll need for the form are located by
         clicking here - Remote for Great Meadow Sep 11-12
        Information you will need for your insurance liability rider for this event is located by
         clicking here - Insurance Liability Rider for Great Meadow
        Farm Wineries Council will purchase the wines you use to serve tastings to our
         wrist banded guests. Each Winery will be reimbursed a flat $100 at the end of the
         show for wine used to serve tastings. Any winery that does not service the event
         for the entire duration of the event will be paid $10 for wine used to serve tastings.
        You may do tastings and sell by the glass and open and closed bottle at this event.
         Tastings may only be poured to wrist banded attendees who have purchased a tasting
         ticket. You are not allowed to charge extra for tastings at your table.
        Farm Wineries Council will supply the tent.
        Farm Wineries Council will supply glasses for tastings. No other glasses or cups may be
         made available to guests at the event. No non-event glasses may be used for tastings.
        Farm Wineries Council will have a fork lift available for load-in use on a first come basis.
        Farm Wineries Council will provide a Wine valet service to make it easy for guests to
         purchase your products.
        Farm Wineries Council will perform an ID check and wristband guests who will be doing
        Farm Wineries Council will provide potable water and coordinate to have ice available for
         purchase on the field.
        Your wine exhibit area will be delineated by paint to show you where to set your tables
         when you arrive. All tables must be covered to the floor with decorative cloths. Your
         inventory must be placed against the back of your space to form a “wall” between
        Please unload your vehicle in the designated area as quickly as possible and
         immediately park your vehicle in the exhibitor parking area. Actual booth setup should
         begin only after your vehicle has been parked to ensure all exhibitors can get to their
         space in a timely manner.

Wineries should bring:

YOUR GOOD WINE … we know some of you bring only festival wines to festivals. Save that
for the others and bring some of your good stuff here. We are not inviting the busloads of
21 year olds. Sommeliers will scout the show floor looking to feature Virginia’s best wine in
our “Virginia VS The World” Taste-off and Varietal Tastings. Some of the wineries chosen
can tell you people zoom out of the seminar and buy you out if you win the smackdown.

TABLES – you will need to bring 3 or 4 8’ tables depending on how many are drawn in your
specific booth on the floor plan to form your tasting bar.

Decorative table cloths to brand and distinguish your space. (We recommend one set for
Saturday and one set for Sunday so that you can refresh and cover any spills).

Decorative and functional items you would normally have on your tasting bar – pitchers for
rinsing, oyster crackers, decorative containers for crackers, rinse bucket, floral accents, etc.
We will have rinse stations throughout the show floor but you will want your own right there so
people don’t leave your table during their tasting.

Coolers for under the table and a tabletop chill bucket to showcase your whites.

Bottle Openers, rags, water container and any other tools you normally use for tasting bar

Wine accessories and gift items from your tasting room that you would like to sell

Company identification signage you would like to place. All signage must be professional in
appearance (no hand-lettered signs).

Professional sign hanging contraption

ICE – Ice will be available for sale on the floor all day Saturday and Sunday.

WATER – Rinse tables will be positioned throughout the show floor for guest use. Potable water is
also available on the floor and we do suggest that you provide a way for folks to rinse their glasses
at your tasting table as well.

SERVING ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES – It is against Virginia law to serve alcohol to anyone
under 21 years of age. The pourer is personally responsible for individuals they serve. If an
individual is under the age of 21, the person who pours or sells them alcohol goes to jail. This is
very serious business. Do not serve minors. The legal birth date for drinkers at this event must be
prior to today's date, 1989.

WRIST-BANDS – Every guest eligible to do wine tastings wine at this event will be wearing a
colored wristband. Do not serve tastings to any attendees wearing a WHITE NON-COLORED

The Definition of "tastings" is the sampling of any wine before making a purchase.

New info - we have added a new ticket - GENERAL ADMISSION - General admission guests
do not get to sample any wines. They will be able to purchase wine from you to drink at the
event without doing tastings. They will be wearing a WHITE NON-COLORED wristband. Do
not serve tastings to anyone wearing a WHITE NON-COLORED wristband. You must check
ID to sell by the bottle to people over the age of 21 wearing a WHITE NON-COLORED

ID CHECK - We try diligently to ensure no one gets into the event without properly having ID
checked, but on occasion we have heard of a wristband getting onto the wrong wrist. If you are
ever in doubt of someone’s age, ask “Are you over 21?” then ask to see proof in the form of a
drivers license or other legal photo identification document (a business card is not proof).

TASTERS VS DESIGNATED DRIVERS – Only “tasters” equipped with a colored wristband are
permitted to do tastings at this event.

Do not allow any guest to give alcohol to a second person.


Wine will be picked up at your booth to be taken to the designated Wine Check
station in the parking lot. Guests who make large purchases and do not wish to carry
wine around the show floor should leave their wine in your booth with their wine check
number taped to it. When they are ready to exit they can pick up the wine at the parking
lot. This service is provided so that our guests can enjoy the day and make purchases
without lugging boxes around the show floor or running back and forth to the car.

                  MOVE OUT IS 6:15pm SUNDAY, SEPTMBER 12, 2010

Please know that by signing your contract to participate in this event you have
committed to attend and serve tastings for the entire duration of the event. Wineries who
pack up and move out of the field earlier than 6:15pm on Sunday, September 12, 2010,
will be charged a $1000 penalty for vacating the field early, will only be paid $10 for wine
used for tastings at this event, and will not be accepted to exhibit and sell wine at any
future Farm Wineries Council events. Guests and other exhibitors expect to have the
event intact through the duration of the show. Please bring extra marketing materials for
the likely event that you will sell out of wine early and be available to chat with folks
about the passion for making fine wine.

If you do sell out and would like something fun to do come to the gate and we will get
you involved with some fun varietal tastings!
                                   WHAT'S NOT ACCEPTABLE

Here's an example of how our festival WILL NOT LOOK. This is me, doing a tasting at one of
Virginia's wine festivals this summer. This is what all guests faced while they were tasting Virginia's fine
wine at this event. Um - do you think this set-up strategy affected our impression of Virginia wine? This
"decorative look???" will not be allowed at The Plains or any other Farm Wineries Council event.

                   Here are a few examples of set-up and signage that looks nice ...

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