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    Matters               Fall Issue 2003

         Disease Management
         Programs Now Available!

         Member   Check Up
         US Family Health Plan ID   Cards
Letter from the President . . . . . . . . . 1             Special Offers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

Member Check Up . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2               Rx Rejections . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

New & Improved . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3            Genovese Stores . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

New ID Number . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4           Calling All Reservists . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

Military ID Card Update . . . . . . . . . 5               Satisfaction Numbers . . . . . . . . . . . 15

Disease Management                                        Ask the Doctor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
                                                          Claritin & Claritin-D. . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
Flu Shots . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
                                                          Food For Thought . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
Help Us Help You . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

HIPAA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
A Happy Family,
                              A Healthy Family

 US Family Health Plan Family,
 With the return of fall comes both the stress and the excitement
 of kids going back to school, yet this season can also be rich and
 fulfilling for every member of the family. After all, the carefree
 lifestyle of summer is a full seven months away. So why not make the
 best of the time you have now by focusing on your family’s health.

 At the US Family Health Plan, we recognize that a happy family
 is a healthy family. That’s why our member families’ health is so
 important to us. Our goal is to ensure that you—our uniformed
 services families and retirees—remain not only healthy, but also
 satisfied with the care we provide. Thus the “Family Matters.”

 We pledge to keep you and your family satisfied with our service and
 care. Thank you for being part of the US Family Health Plan Family.

 Your feedback is important to us, so let us know whether this
  newsletter is providing the information that you need. You can
     contact us via e-mail: or you can
         write to us: US Family Health Plan
                      450 West 33rd St.
                      New York, NY 10001.


                                    Stanley A. Glassman, FACHE
                                                   check up          
  Important Tips and Reminders!
                                                        If you receive a bill,
                                                            you should:
 Look for an updated Provider Directory in
    the month of November.
    order to access benefits through US Family            Contact your provider to
    Health Plan, you need to use a participating           verify that they have the
    provider. Please verify that the provider              correct billing information
    you are referred to is participating with              on file.
    US Family Health Plan before making
    your appointment.                                     Confirm with the
                                                           provider’s office that the
   Do not pay the provider out-of-pocket for              claim has been submitted
    services. You are only responsible for                 to US Family Health Plan at
    applicable co-payments and co-insurance.               the address on the back of
    When you receive care, please remind your              your US Family Health Plan
    provider to send the claims to the address             ID Card.
    on the back of your ID card. Services for
    which you pay out-of-pocket will not be
    reimbursed by the plan.

 If your provider has forwarded a claim for
    the services to the health plan, please note
    that processing time is typically 30-60 days
    from the date the claim is received.
    Therefore, we recommend that you keep
    the bill on file for future reference.

 If you have other commercial insurance
    that is primary, the provider must submit
    claims to that insurance first. When the
    provider receives payment, they should
    then submit the primary insurance
    Explanation of Benefits (EOB) with the
    claim to the US Family Health Plan to
    provide any appropriate secondary
    coverage. Remember…you must follow
    the US Family Health Plan guidelines—
    receiving care from a participating provider
    with appropriate referrals—in order to
    receive secondary coverage through the
    US Family Health Plan.

                                                             F A M I LY M AT T E R S   • 2
  By now, you have received your new US Family Health Plan ID card. You will
  see that it has a new look designed to make it even easier to use. Thanks to
  great input we received from you, our members, we have redesigned the
  cards and removed the TRICARE logo in an effort to alleviate some of the
  billing errors that may have occurred at the provider sites.

  This new card also has our new US Family Health Plan logo on it. Our
  commitment to caring for the uniformed services and the doctors who treat
  them is a 20-year tradition. To reflect that ongoing commitment, the
  US Family Health Plan has adopted a new symbol for the plan—a heart
  within a star—which reflects the value placed on high quality health care
  and superior customer service. And, although the official name has not
  changed, a new way of saying it has been adopted—US Family Health Plan—
  which puts the emphasis on caring for the military family and the doctors
  and health care practitioners who provide members with excellent care.

  We would like to take this opportunity to thank our members for the input
  we received on the new look for the US Family Health Plan card. Your ideas
  are important to us!

  If you have not already done so, you should destroy any old US Family
  Health Plan cards. Remember to carry your new ID card with you at all
  times and present it for all health care services—at your doctor’s office,
  hospital, pharmacy and for ancillary services. And keep in mind that you
  never should present your Medicare card for services…just your US Family
  Health Plan ID card.

  Please let us know if you have any questions concerning your new ID card
  or any other issue.

  You can reach our Member Services Unit at 1-800-241-4848, or by email at

3 • F A M I LY M AT T E R S
to Use Your New ID Number When Filling Prescriptions

                                                        Please pay your
                                                       enrollment fees on
                                                         time and avoid
                                                        disruption of your

Your new US Family Health Plan ID card    number when processing your
will have a reformatted member-ID         prescription. Make sure that you
number. If you remember your old          present your new ID card when you
card, you’ll recall that your previous    are having a prescription filled, and
member-ID number was nine digits          if you don’t have your new ID card,
followed by a separate two-digit          just tell your pharmacist to enter the
person code. The new, reformatted         old nine-digit member number plus
ID number combines the nine-digit         the two-digit person code into the
number and two-digit person code into     member-ID number field.
a single eleven-digit member number.
                                          If your pharmacist has any questions
So remember, when you go to a             or difficulties in processing claims,
participating pharmacy, your pharmacist   contact Maxor at 1-800-687-0707.
must input the new eleven-digit

                                                            F A M I LY M AT T E R S   • 4
  When it comes to your BENEFITS,
  be sure to keep you DEERS eligibility up to date!

  The Department of Defense has changed its policy on the
  grace period they allow for you to update your ID cards.
  *You no longer have a grace period to update your military
  ID and remain enrolled in the US Family Health Plan! When
  your military ID expires, you will be disenrolled from the plan

  By updating your military ID card, you are notifying DEERS
  that you are still accessing your earned benefits through the
  US Family Health Plan.


5 • F A M I LY M AT T E R S
Disease Management
Programs Now Available!

The US Family Health Plan is pleased            Q: How do I enroll?
to announce the availability of Disease
                                                A: Every identified member receives an
Management Programs for asthma,
                                                introductory packet with information
diabetes, heart failure, chronic obstructive
                                                regarding the program. At that point,
pulmonary disease (COPD) and coronary
                                                you decide whether or not to participate.
artery disease (CAD) and depression.
                                                You can then call 1-800-416-8136 to
                                                enroll, or return the business reply card.
These programs are a part of a free,
                                                Identified members will also receive an
voluntary service that offers education,
                                                introductory phone call inviting them
counseling and monitoring to members
                                                to participate.
with specific chronic diseases. The service
provides information and counseling
                                                Q: How are patients identified for
resources to help keep you healthy
                                                the program?
between physician visits.
                                                A: We examine inpatient, outpatient
A team of physicians, nurses and other          and pharmacy claims data for condition
experts with extensive experience in            or condition-related codes to identify
managing these conditions developed             members who may benefit from these
the US Family Health Plan Disease               specialized Disease Management
Management Programs. The service is             Programs. Our US Family Health Plan
based on national guidelines to ensure          Case Managers also provide names of
that participating members receive              eligible members. In addition, we welcome
consistent, medically sound and important       referrals from US Family Health Plan
information about their condition(s).           participating physicians. Before enrolling
                                                any identified members in a program, a
Q: What are the benefits of this service?       letter is sent to your physician notifying
                                                him or her of your eligibility.
A: These programs are designed to fit
your specific needs in helping you live with
                                                Q: Whom do I call if I have a question?
asthma, diabetes, heart failure, COPD, CAD
and depression. Specially trained nurses        A: If you have any questions or
provide education that is personalized for      concerns regarding the US Family
you. These nurses will also tailor plans that   Health Plan Disease Management
include scheduled callbacks, educational        Programs, you can call the US Family
mailings and a toll-free phone number           Health Plan Disease Management
that you can call anytime with questions        Program at 1-800-416-8136.
or concerns. It’s all free and confidential,
providing you with the tools to help you
make good health decisions.

                                                                   F A M I LY M AT T E R S   • 6
                         FLU Shots...
                         Who Should Get One?

  The influenza vaccine can be given
  to anyone over the age of six
  months who wants to avoid illness
  from the flu. But getting a flu shot
  is especially important for older
  members and those who have chronic
  conditions, such as lung and heart
  disease, and are at increased risk
  for flu-related complications.

  According to the Centers for Disease
  Control and Prevention, the following
  categories of people are at increased
  risk for complications from the flu
  and should get a flu shot each year:         When Should I Get The
  • Adults age 50 and older;                      Flu Vaccine?
  • Adults and children who have           The flu vaccine is offered each fall and is
    chronic lung diseases, such as         intended to target the varieties of flu
    asthma, or heart disease;              expected to be in circulation that winter.
  • Adults and children who have           The vaccine is 70% to 90% effective in
    needed medical care in the last        preventing the flu and, when it doesn’t
    year for a chronic metabolic           prevent the flu, can make the illness less
    disease (such as diabetes mellitus),   severe and reduce complications.
    kidney disease, sickle cell disease
    or other hemoglobin problems           Members younger than age nine who
    (including severe anemia);             are receiving the flu vaccine for the first
                                           time need two shots, one month apart,
  • Adults and children whose              to develop adequate immunity. Others
    immune systems are compromised         need only one shot. Protection typically
    by disease, such as human              develops two weeks after the shot, or
    immunodeficiency virus, or who         after the second shot for children needing
    are undergoing medical care,           two doses.
    such as chemotherapy;
                                           If you have any questions about the flu
  • Children who are on long-term
                                           vaccine or wonder if you need it, talk to
    aspirin therapy, which puts them
                                           your participating US Family Health Plan
    at risk for Reye’s syndrome
                                           physician. He or she can answer your
    following the flu.
                                           questions and let you know if you are an
                                           appropriate candidate for the flu vaccine.

7 • F A M I LY M AT T E R S
Help US
    HELP   YOU
           Fill out the enclosed form
           and keep your
           records current
           The Department of Defense requires all
           medical service providers to collect any
           monies for services rendered from other
           non-government insurance companies you
           may have. As a part of this requirement,
           US Family Health Plan coordinates benefits
           with other commercial insurances.

           In order to update our records, we need for
           you to fill out the enclosed form. Please list
           any other insurance you or your family
           members may have, other than the US
           Family Health Plan. Examples of insurance
           companies are those usually obtained
           through employment, such as Blue Cross
           Blue Shield, Aetna, etc. Specifically excluded
           are Medicare, Champus, Medicaid and
           income maintenance plans.

           Insurance is very important, but can be a
           complicated subject. At US Family Health
           Plan, we urge you to call whenever you
           have questions about coverage. Our staff is
           willing and waiting to help you find doctors,
           manage your health care, discuss medical
           procedures and work through claim problems.
           After all, we’re here to make sure you get the
           best benefits possible from your coverage.

                                F A M I LY M AT T E R S   • 8
  Get to Know
  Your Rights To PRIVACY
  under HIPAA

  Beginning April 14, 2003, new laws regarding how your private
  health information is used and disclosed were enacted. An act
  passed by the US Congress, the Health Insurance Portability and
  Accountability Act, also known as HIPAA, mandates that all
  health care providers take reasonable measures to ensure that
  your personal health information will be safeguarded.

  Under the HIPAA privacy rule:

• Patients have a right to know how their        • Pharmacies and other covered entities
  private health information will be used and      cannot sell patients’ personal medical
  disclosed. Without specific authorization        information to a business or business
  from the patient, private health information     associate for the purposes of marketing
  cannot be released for non-routine               their products or services.
  purposes, such as to an employer.
                                                    There are some situations when we do
• Patients have a right to ask                             not need your written authorization
  questions about privacy,                                   before using your health
  and have those questions                                   information or sharing it with
  clearly and promptly                                       others. These exceptions generally
  answered.                                            fall within the following categories:
                                                      treatment, payment and health care
• Patients have a right to                           operations.
  expect that their private health
  information will be kept secure                   With the enactment of HIPAA, you will
  and used only for legitimate                    be provided with a written notice of your
  purposes.                                      privacy rights as well as the privacy practices
                                                 of your health care provider. In some cases,
• Patients have a right to complain to           you will be asked to sign or otherwise
  the facility’s privacy officer or privacy      acknowledge receipt of these privacy notices.
  office—as well as to the Department of         Be sure to read each document that you are
  Health and Human Services’ Office of           asked to sign very carefully, so that you fully
  Civil Rights—if they believe that their        understand your rights.
  rights have been violated.
                                                 Should you have any questions regarding
                                                 HIPAA or US Family Health Plan’s privacy
                                                 practices, please feel free to call us at
 9 • F A M I LY M AT T E R S
 Special Offers
 to our members

Arch supports (orthotics) are the
treatment of choice for a variety of
foot and skeletal-related problems,
including arch pain, heel pain, pain when
you first get out of bed in the morning,
heel spurs, bunions, hammertoes, calluses,
arthritis, leg cramps, shin splints, low
back pain and metatarsalgia or pain in
the ball of the foot.

US Family Health Plan is offering its
members an opportunity to purchase
deeply discounted orthotics or arch
supports through The Good Foot Store,
a unique company that, through modern
technology, is able to offer custom-made
arch supports at discounted prices.
Custom-made arch supports normally
cost from $350 – $650. At The Good Foot
Store the most expensive ones are $199.95
plus shipping and handling. An easy-
to-use kit to make the foot impressions
at home is sent to the member. The
completed impressions are then sent
directly to the state-of-the-art podiatry
orthotic lab. Two weeks later, the arch
supports arrive with complete
instructions for their use.

The Good Foot Store fully guarantees the
arch supports and even has a toll-free
phone number to speak with someone
at the lab to assist you in the process, if
necessary. The arch supports and other
foot care products and shoes can be
ordered with an order form, which can
be obtained by calling 1-877-SOR-FEET
or online at
                                              F A M I LY M AT T E R S   • 10
                                                any time. In addition to the discounted
                                                monthly dues, there is a one-time
                                                affiliation fee, which is paid in two
                                                installments of up to $69 each,
                                                depending on the health club selected.
                                                The convenient monthly billing is handled
                                                by GlobalFit and billed to a member’s
                                                checking account, savings account or
                                                major credit card. Interested individuals
                                                can receive a free guest pass to check
                                                out any health club in the GlobalFit
                                                network. GlobalFit members can also
                                                use other participating clubs when they
  Create a Healthier Lifestyle with             are away from home through the

        Global Fit                              GlobalFit travel program.

                                                TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS NEW
  In our continued effort to provide            HEALTHY PROGRAM AND TO SEARCH
  healthy options to our members,               FOR PARTICIPATING GLOBALFIT
  US Family Health Plan is pleased to           HEALTH CLUBS IN YOUR AREA, PLEASE
  announce that we have partnered with          GO TO
  GlobalFit Fitness Solutions to offer you
  new health club memberships at a              GlobalFit also provides a toll-free
  discounted rate!                              Health Club Helpline, 1-800-294-1500,
                                                to help our members find a club that
  Effective immediately, US Family Health       best suits their needs as well as handle
  Plan members will have access to this         all membership enrollments, transfers,
  healthy opportunity. GlobalFit is not a       freezes and cancellations.
  health club facility, but a membership        Please note: This program is intended
  provider that has secured savings of 25       for first-time members and participation
  to 60 percent on monthly fitness club         for current club members may not be
  dues at over 1,000 of its affiliated health   available at all clubs. A conversion fee
  and fitness clubs nationwide. GlobalFit       may apply for current members.
  offers flexible, month-to-month contracts,
  membership transferability and the            We are thrilled about this opportunity,
  capability to “freeze” memberships.           and hope that many US Family Health
  Because there are no long-term                Plan members will take advantage of
  contracts to sign, GlobalFit members          the savings!
  can also cancel their memberships at

11 • F A M I LY M AT T E R S
   Rx Rejections
   at the local Pharmacy...
   What should a member do?

As you know, all refills for
maintenance medications should be
filled by Maxor Mail Order Pharmacy.
However, acute medications and the
first-time fill of a maintenance
medication may be filled at your local
network pharmacy. Occasionally, when
you fill a prescription at a network
pharmacy, your pharmacist may receive
a rejection message. The rejection
message may be because the drug is
non-preferred, it is too soon to refill
the prescription, etc. If you have an
urgent need for a medication and
your local pharmacy gets a rejection
message, your pharmacist should call
MaxorPlus to discuss the reason for
the rejection. If your pharmacist cannot
call, please call MaxorPlus at
1-800-687-0707 for assistance.

                                           F A M I LY M AT T E R S   • 12
   New Name for
   Genovese Stores!
 You may be aware that the Eckerd pharmacy chain purchased the Genovese
 pharmacy chain some time ago. Effective August 2003, all Genovese stores in
 New York began using the Eckerd name. Please be advised that this has no
 effect on your pharmacy benefits or your pharmacy records at the former
 Genovese stores. Eckerd is a participating US Family Health Plan pharmacy
 provider and your US Family Health Plan ID card will be accepted at all
 Eckerd locations.

13 • F A M I LY M AT T E R S
Calling all
Reservist Families!

                                               Kudos to our US Family
Operation Enduring Freedom has
presented many challenges for                    Health Plan Nurses
active duty families and the families
of those reservists who have been         Our US Family Health Plan nurses receive
called into action. We are pleased        many compliments from members, but
to inform you that we have been           this compliment was so special that we
provided the opportunity to serve         wanted to share it with you. Early this
these reservists’ families. As the        summer, Nancy Hansen, one of our US
reservists are called into duty, health   Family Health Plan nurses, received a
coverage may be a very important          note from an active-duty US Air Force
issue left unattended, and we can         lieutenant colonel. He wrote to Nancy
now enroll the families of these          expressing his appreciation for the
reservists so that they receive the       support she had shown his family during
benefits of the US Family Health Plan.    the stressful time he was deployed in
                                          conjunction with Operations Enduring
IF YOU KNOW of a reservist family         Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. In recognition
who would benefit from the                of that support, the lieutenant colonel
US Family Health Plan, please have        presented Nancy with a citation and a
them call us at 1-800-241-4848, or        small American flag that had been flown
call us with their contact information.   over Baghdad, Iraq, during a combat
We are on the front lines making          mission associated with Operation
every effort to support the reservist     Iraqi Freedom.
families and to make sure they are
aware of this benefit provided by         We would like to take this opportunity
Department of Defense. We want            to thank Nancy and all of our US Family
to make sure that deserving service       Health Plan staff for their dedication in
families are not left unaware of          supporting those who currently serve and
the Plan.                                 have served our country so steadfastly.

                                                         F A M I LY M AT T E R S   • 14
  Satisfaction Numbers
  Are Important!
         We are pleased to announce that the US Family Health Plan’s
         satisfaction numbers compare favorably to TRICARE, according to the
         satisfaction statistics attributed to the 2003 TRICARE Stakeholder’s
         Report and Market Street Research 2002 Findings. While all providers
         within the Department of Defense umbrella work hard to earn your
         trust and confidence and are committed to your good health, we are
         proud that the numbers for the US Family Health Plan are impressive.
         Our national satisfaction numbers compare favorably to TRICARE as
         a whole by 19 percentage points. And our program is higher than
         national norms by over 26 percent! We won’t rest until you are
         wholly satisfied, but we are proud to report our ratings lead.

             US Family Health Plan                                 88%
                               TRICARE                  69%
                               National              61.8%

15 • F A M I LY M AT T E R S
                                Ask the

                                Dr. John Burkhart,FAAP

   US Family Health Plan is pleased to introduce you to our new
   Medical Director, Dr. John Burkhart, FAAP. Dr. Burkhart will oversee
   the direction and supervision of medical services provided to our
   members including utilization management, quality management
   and medical reporting activities. We are excited to add Dr. Burkhart’s
   successful background to the expertise of our Plan. His keen perception
   of medical trends and vast experience will aid in our care for our
   members. We look forward to achieving even greater growth and
   success with him on our team.

Dr. Burkhart has over 30 years of medical     FAQs
and health care leadership experience
both as a pediatric specialist and as a
medical executive. He recently retired        Q: Dr. Burkhart, with fall weather right
from the US Navy, most recently serving       around the corner, is there anything I can
as the Deputy Commander at the Naval          do to prevent a nagging backache from
Ambulatory Care Center in Groton, Conn.       raking leaves?
During his Navy service he has been a
                                              A: A healthy back is one that is supported
Commanding and Executive Officer,
                                              by strong abdominal muscles and proper
Director of Occupational and Community
                                              posture. Often, when we are tasked with
Health and a senior analyst for the Deputy
                                              repetitive upper body movements such as
Under-Secretary of the Navy. While
                                              raking leaves or shoveling snow, the arm
working full-time in pediatrics, prior to
                                              muscles fatigue and we tend to lose proper
these military positions, he developed an
                                              body alignment resulting in that nagging
expertise in medical staff affairs, quality
                                              backache and, in some instances, more
management and patient safety resulting
                                              serious back problems. A good rule of
in Director of the Quality positions at
                                              thumb is to routinely do exercises that
three hospitals and a Navy Region. Dr.
                                              strengthen your abdominal muscles, use
Burkhart graduated from the University
                                              good body mechanics and maintain
of California Irvine Medical School and
                                              proper posture. For example, when you
performed his pediatric residency at
                                              challenge your back with leaf raking and
Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth, Va.
                                              snow shoveling, use your larger muscle
He is board certified in pediatrics and a
                                              groups. Use both arms and legs, and keep
member of the American Academy of
                                              good body alignment by not twisting or
Pediatrics and of the American College
                                              turning at the waist. These proper body
of Physician Executives.

                                                             F A M I LY M AT T E R S   • 16
  will keep you out of trouble. Your health    suggest that Americans should aim for
  care provider or local physical therapist    60 minutes of moderately intense exercise
  or trainer can provide you with a good       daily. Daily activities such as climbing
  back-strengthening routine. Remember,        stairs, house cleaning, gardening and
  the time to start is now, as those leaves    taking out the trash all count toward the
  will be turning colors all too soon!         total. If exercise is new to someone, they
                                               should consult their health care provider
  Q: Dr. Burkhart, I just celebrated my        to be screened for medical problems and
  80th birthday. When am I too old to          receive recommendations on the best type
  exercise?                                    of exercise for them. Happy birthday.
                                               Here’s looking at 81!
  A: Congratulations. It sounds like you
  have found one of the secrets to
                                               Q: Dr. Burkhart, I’ve recently read some
  longevity and good health—exercise!
                                               articles about hormone replacement
  You are never too old to exercise as long
                                               therapy for menopausal and post-
  as you are not overdoing it and practicing
                                               menopausal women—how safe is it?
  a safe exercise program incorporating
  both a warm-up and cool- down period.        A: As you may know, there is a great
  To gauge your level of exertion, try         deal of discussion in the medical
  holding a conversation with someone          community about the pros and cons
  while you are exercising; if you are too     of these drugs. If you have a question
  breathless to talk, you are probably         about hormone replacement therapy,
  overdoing it. Remember, it’s not how         ask your doctor. Together you can make
  hard you exercise, but how long that is      an informed decision about what is best
  most beneficial. Recent recommendations      for you.
  from the Institute of Medicine (IOM)

17 • F A M I LY M AT T E R S
Claritin & Claritin-D
are now available over-the-counter!

                                     Due to the fact that Claritin
                                     and Claritin-D are available
Claritin products can now be         over-the-counter, these
sold over-the-counter without        medications are no longer
                                     eligible under any Department
a prescription. Claritin and         of Defense prescription benefit
Claritin-D are available at retail   plan, including the US Family
drugstores in the same strength      Health Plan. You may continue
                                     your therapy by purchasing
and formulations as the
                                     Claritin or Claritin-D over-the-
prescription products.               counter from your local drugstore
                                     without a prescription.

                                     Because these medications can
                                     now be purchased without a
                                     prescription, Maxor will be
                                     unable to fill the prescription
                                     under your prescription plan if
                                     you have recently submitted a
                                     prescription for Claritin or
                                     Claritin-D to the Maxor Mail
                                     Service Pharmacy. If you send in
                                     a new written prescription to
                                     be filled for Claritin or Claritin-
                                     D, your prescription will be
                                     returned to you.

                                     Should you have any questions
                                     about this information, please
                                     contact your Maxor Mail Order
                                     customer service representative
                                     at 1-866-408-2459.

                                              F A M I LY M AT T E R S   • 18
 For thought

                               After a summer of sweltering
                               heat, cooking in the fall is a
                               beautiful thing. The weather
                               has turned colder, and there is
                               something about the smell of
                               pumpkins baking in the kitchen
                               that is good for the soul. Here is
                               a recipes you will enjoy this fall
                               and all through the year.

                               Give this recipe a try the next
                               time you’re in a bind.


                               2 cups of whole wheat pastry flour
                               1/3 cup of light brown sugar
                               1 teaspoon baking soda
                               1 teaspoon baking powder
                               1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
                               1 cup whole-berry cranberry sauce
                               3/4 cup cooked mashed pumpkin
                               1/4 cup apple or orange juice

                               Combine the flour, sugar, baking soda,
                               baking powder and pumpkin pie spice, and
                               mix well. Add the remaining ingredients,
                               and stir until the dry ingredients
                               are moistened.

                               Coat an 8x4-inch loaf pan with nonstick
                               cooking spray. Spread the mixture evenly.
                               Bake at 350 degrees for about 50 minutes,
                               or until a toothpick inserted in the center of
                               the loaf comes out clean. Remove the bread
                               from the oven and let sit for 10 minutes.

19 • F A M I LY M AT T E R S
                                            Help is Just a
                                            Call Away
                                            • Questions about enrollment,
                                              specific benefits and coverage areas

                                            • Information about how the
US Family Health Plan                         US Family Health Plan works

Member Service Representatives              • Changing your Primary Care
If you ever have a question about the
US Family Health Plan and the benefits it   • Updating your address and/or
provides you and your family, pick up the     telephone number

phone and call a Member Services            • Appealing decisions concerning
Representative toll-free at                   covered benefits
                                            • Obtaining a new membership card                        • Adding a family member to the Plan

                                            • Getting an enrollment application
                                              for a friend

Return Address Goes Here                                             US POSTAGE
                                                                         PAID                                                   PERMIT 6214
                                                                     HOUSTON, TX

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