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The Pale horse text


									Pale Horse Released In Egypt
Its Shocking Fulfilment In The JULY 29th, 2009 VISION fulfilled

I   n the hope of arriving at an awakened church, GOD Almighty in heaven dispatched to the earth a deputation of horsemen that would stir up the bases of
    humanity’s lifestyle, and cause them to rethink their course. Since this delegation of well prophesied first, second and third apocalyptic horsemen
    approached the earth, they have indeed shaken the life of mankind to the core. In doing so, these first three horsemen of the apocalypse, namely white
    (the first horseman ), red (the second horseman), and black (the third horsemen), expressed an air of profound authority that was not designed to
impress mankind, but to command the difference between GOD’s requirements and man’s haughtiness. Yet their preaching to the inhabitants of the earth
has now become the direct biblical announcement of the Coming Messiah! It was in this very context that on July 29, 2009, while at the airport in
Johannesburg in South Africa, The LORD of Hosts Spoke with me regarding the coming of the pale horse. It was on that day, as I awaited the trans-atlantic
connecting flight, that I fell asleep on the airport floor and within the milieu of its busyness, I saw the vision of the LORD concerning the Rider of the pale
horse. In that Tremendous vision, the Voice of The LORD Spoke from heaven saying,
    “Look and See
    WHO is Coming.”
Already shaken by the enormity of The Voice Of The LORD in that vision, in a great panic I immediately turned left and saw a humongous, gigantuam horse that
was coming with such a ferocious wrath towards the earth. The impunity of his advent was very obvious as it was well demonstrated in the most revered rage
of his pacing. Firstly, it was his sheer size that stunned me beyond description in that vision. And secondly, it was the cruelty of his mean appearance and
demeanour that struck me speechless, with a deathly awe. At this point in that vision, I was already beginning to well perceive that indeed this is the fiercest of
the four horsemen. Within that vision, it was already becoming a very serious issue on how to maintain my composure, and yet still be able to tap on this most
crucial message the LORD was conveying to the earth. It was in that nick of time that finally the LORD drew the pale horse with his rider very close to me. With
the movement of respect and almost of fear, I stood on his way causing him to come to a complete stop right in front of me.

Radiant Face
The magnitude of this gravity though did not dawn until that very moment when the LORD of Hosts commanded me to touch his face (the pale horse). In placing
my hand on his face I noticed two major features that conspicuously stood out. Primarily, he, the pale horse, and his rider, presented like the great ancestral men,
in their rich robes, in the pride of their ranks and the powers of their reign, as when they stood to provoke the awe that they indeed held. Moreover, it would have
been more difficult to lose sight of the great radiance of the glory that was abound his face. This fourth horseman of the apocalypse sported splendent patches
of brilliant glory that directly radiated from his vicious face onto his surrounding domain. It was with such command that he without a doubt, took charge of the
area of his jurisdiction. In that monumental vision, as I continued to touch his over-bearing and totally domineering face, it was then that I realized that the
glorious patches on his face were as a matter of fact in round clusters that totally engrossed and lit up the fury of his visage. Still totally caught up in this grand
standing and impediment with this horseman in the vision, I then began to clearly see his eyes lighting through that over-powering glory of his face. It was the
scrutiny of the keenness with which I noticed that he eyed me, that caused me to now perceive the enormity of his sending. The super courageousness that this
pale horse exuberantly exuded was greatly enhanced by the adorning glory that consequently lit up the straight long hair of his cheeks. In this vision, I then
realized that this is when heaven indeed bore witness to his discharge.

His Long Mane

I    n what clearly displayed a hardened and darkened heart, the rider of the pale horse in this mighty prophetic vision, orchestrated his horse to display a
     unique feature that is out of this planet concerning horses as we know them. This fourth horseman of the apocalypse caused his horse to display its long
     outstretched mane right in front of me. The act of stretching this long unique mane appears to have been a great demonstration of his supernatural
     might, and power. It equally relayed a message of his accumulated thrust that would eventually have to be unleashed upon his flash release, one day.
The mane I saw in this stunning vision was assuredly and extremely glorious, therefore forming a very distinctive feature of this apocalyptic horse. What
particularly became most baffling is the accordion role that the mane seemed to play in synchrony with the discharge of this horseman’s appointed duties.
The long mane that the pale horse spotted unmistakably articulately underscores the thriftiness and swiftness with which he is meant to operate, both in the
physical and spiritual realm. In his appointed role, this angel of Death appears to have been delegated with speed and precision, both of which functions the
mane reserves key role. In this vision, I could not help but notice the duo functional role that the mane critically plays. It emerged very clearly that in the
most threshold moments right before dispatch, the pale horse would charge up his mane causing him to accumulate both a mechanical advantage and
momentum with which to thrust out at a supernatural pace. This I witnessed as the mane became very crucial in generating a muscular strength and push by
working the air around the horse in order to create a positive pressure that catapulted his velocity. In the spiritual realm, this implies that his awful effects
of death upon the earth, is supposed to be achievable in the shortest possible time. Secondly, in that perplexing July vision, it became vividly clear that the
outstretched mane essentially derived its structural support from the gigantic shoulder muscles of this enormous apocalyptic pale horse. In that way, the
mane also functionally denoted the wings of this shocking horse of the endtime. I could then easily envisage how at high velocities this mane practically
can help the horseman to fly over rivers and get to its target territory. The spiritual message therefrom, becomes the added supernatural ability with which
this fierce horseman can gain more ground on the earth, and do greater exploits within a relatively very short time span.

His Furious Rider
W            ith the ears of the pale horse straightened and raised up, the Spirit of The LORD then led me to pay particular attention to the rider of this
             ferocious heavenly beast. Suddenly, as the glance of this fourth horseman’s eyes swept over me, his glare kindled an incredible form of evil
             that eyes had never been turned to, nor had ears even listened to. Such was the impunity with which he would come to encounter mankind,
             upon the fullness of his time. A severe prophetic utterance was at this time beholding! Of particular interest though were the sharpness of his
eyes and the fact that they presented such an unmatched scrutiny that swept through like a searchlight. A total scan of his face is what would send
agonizing chills down ones spine. This look of terror owed its sting from the bizarre tear-like bloody strips of markings that ran down his cheeks in a near
vampire or ghostly presentation. While with these bizarre observations, one would easily run into a state of near denial, but that the countenance of the
rider of this pale horse had deeper meaning on death oncoming, is an argument no one can ever easily gainsay. During the moments that followed, when
the privilege availed in this vision, the LORD GOD then permitted me the grace with which to look slightly above his most dreadful eyes. It was at that very
instance that I was hence able to observe the manner in which the rider of this apocalyptic horse had well covered, and fully-draped himself with a shawl.
The shawl with which the rider of this pale horse covered himself terminated at his forehead as it was held in position by two well rolled strings of knit
cloth. Each knitting was carefully consigned to ring around his head, thereby exposing only a minimal area of his face. This in the vision, alluded to his
desire to maintain a bizarre obscurity towards mankind. Probably, this attribute of this fourth horseman of revelation can be directly linked to the fact that
he does not well relate with the realm of the living, being entirely confined to the agency of the dead. His name is DEATH and he takes away the living into
the dominion of the DEAD (hell). The shawl that this deadly fourth horseman adorned, appeared to have been deliberately designed in such a way that it was
well tucked in between the two rings of light bundles, to the extent that this rider of the pale horse in earnest portrayed his great eager of readiness to
encounter the earth’s headwinds at take-off. It is the length and breadth of this heavenly conversation with the LORD that spoke it all on the gravity of the
pale horseman and his consequent coming. At this place in the vision, a moment came when the LORD intended that the rider of the pale horse enact the
process of his release in a manner that would convey extreme urgency to this prophecy. Then the Spirit of The LORD swiftly lifted me back to the earth in
a flash second, and I found myself standing. All this happened while I was still in that shocking vision of GOD Almighty. It was then that, while still in this
vision, I saw the rider of this pale horse of the apocalypse, this time pacing his way towards the earth. As he swiftly galloped down the sky, this nasty fourth
horseman moved with lightning speed to the extent that I, all of a sudden realized the prominence of his arrival on the earth. It was upon the cruelty of his
advent on the earth, that I quickly noticed his overwhelming impact upon humanity, even as he galloped from one rooftop to another. At that time, I saw the
fear and terror of his visitation grip the entire humanity. Considering his conscripted tomblike countenance of some portions of his face in putrefied decay,
it then indeed became an utmost stern event to behold.

Church sighted inside heaven

A         s all these spiritually hefty events unfolded right before the Throne of GOD in heaven, a totally new scenario was again beginning to rapidly roll
          out. After witnessing the entire course of the actions of this deathly pale horseman, the Spirit of the LORD took me back into heaven in this
          apocalyptic vision. This time around, I found myself again standing right before the Mighty Throne of GOD Almighty in heaven. It was then that
          the LORD graced my eyes further to witness the church of Christ just at the instance of her entry into the kingdom of GOD. They had just been
raptured into the kingdom of GOD Almighty as the cloud of His glory lifted them off the surface of the earth, and closed the entrance into heaven. This
presented an indescribable spectacular moment of all lifetime combined. Following this startling observation in heaven, I must say that the Saviour’s
presence was indeed on that day revealed through eternal peace, joy, comfort, courage and everlasting blessings. With awe and wonder I gazed upon that
church of Christ who had just been raptured into the kingdom of GOD, with such adoration and sense of heavenly purpose. One awesome thing that clearly
towered high in this endtime vision of the gathered saints, was that being taken up into heaven by the LORD had seen their countenance totally transfigured
into the light of heaven. In their glamorous dressing and bearing, there was indeed nothing at all that betokened sin on that day. However, it became evident
that this heavenly bride had just taken her rightful appanage in the kingdom of GOD. The most distinguished sight and melody then followed, and totally
consumed the entire expanse of heaven, when those raptured saints began to effervently worship the Lamb of GOD and HE that Sat on the Mighty Throne.
To say the least, the amount of joy that animated among the raptured church on that day, directly apportioned to the gospel having successfully achieved
its desired end by victoriously bringing down every mountain and hill, and exalting every valley of their hearts. Imaginations and every high thing that had
earlier exalted itself above the wisdom of GOD’s grace, had indeed on that day been cast down with their every thought being brought into the directly
captivity of solemn obedience to Christ. This state of affair was extensively happening among these heavenly saints. The holy church that I was privileged
to observe at the wedding feast of the Lamb, astoundingly exhibited an enormous glory upon their being and gowns. This caused the reading of the glory
from the gowns of these precious saints, to unmistakably radiate the exuberance of holy flashes of light in all directions. Put together, sweet unparalleled
worship of melody, continued to saturate the expanse of GOD’s heaven. When I looked there, I saw that the Lamb of GOD was on that day being glorified
by the minute. As that historic worship peaked, it developed into a high worship of historic adoration, with such an ambience of extreme joy that throbbed
their hearts, in a true sign and wonder of this momentous age. Such a sign and wonder of joy unspeakable, consumed the saints in heaven, particularly
owing to their eminent defeat of death. It was a process that had just been shortly realized over their lives, at rapture. One could not escape noticing the
sense of accomplishment with which this glorious worship before the Lamb of GOD, healed the sighing of their hearts. In this vision, I further realized that
as this beloved heavenly church continued to worship, it vividly emerged that they endeared lifting up their holy hands, in a synchronized crescendo that
befitted their feat. It greatly bespoke a unison of faithful purpose that highly registered in the heart of GOD. Moreover, with every occasion that this group
had to worship the Lamb, they seemed to effortlessly sway from one direction to another, with their hearts permanently glued to the Lamb that is seated on
the Throne. It presented as though the long awaited dispensation at which no further distraction would steal their hearts away from their Redeemer, had
finally dawned. However, with every sway, I saw their glorious gowns emit marvellous flashes of light, as though myriads of lightning was abound. The
nearest synthesis of this heavenly phenomenon into our physical realm could be just to the meagre fraction equitable to thousands of camera flashes
splashing in tandem at one go. It was such a blinding and glamourous happening that heaven beheld upon the church on that honorable day. In their heart
of hearts, the true revelation of being created in the image and likeness of GOD Almighty in heaven, had on that day finally come for this precious saints
(Gen 1:26). It was hence at the tail-end of this magnificent segment of that July 29, 2009 vision, when I got awe-struck at how two distinctively very
different and opposite events could occur together in one vision. Upon waking up, I realized that I had been at the airport in Johannesburg, and that these
two extremely antagonistic endtime events in one vision, was very revealing. Prudence has it that the presentation of these two extremely antagonistic
events in one vision, directly points to their being very related in the timing of their occurrence. Verily, Verily, on that day, GOD Almighty clearly
presented unto mankind the choice between life and death, joy and suffering, worship and yelling, comfort and terror, and ultimately heaven and hell.

The Horseman of Death
     ors          ath
Three seals prepare his way


2And Pharaoh said, Who is the Lord, that I should obey his voice to let Israel go? I know not the Lord, neither will I let Israel go (Ex 5:2)

W            hen the king of Egypt chose to engage in a bitter contestation with Moses regarding Israel’s freedom, never did the slightest of thought wink his
             mind that Egypt would in her sunset days, come to symbolize the endtime wrath of GOD. And never was it ever envisaged of, the horrific form
             that GOD’s wrath would assume in the last days, upon the face of this aging earth. In spite of possessing the highest technology then, ancient
             Egypt had to come face to face with the full-blown wrath of GOD owing to their profane secularism and idol worship. That Egypt was not
spared the fullness of the fury of JEHOVAH , indeed goes a long way to underscore just how much heaven cannot tolerate the heathenism of man’s
heedlessness and lawlessness. Today we can, with certainty, say that when JEHOVAH struck the land of Egypt in those ancient of days, it certainly
registered the catalogue of GOD’s most revered fury. Courtesy of the August 19, 2008 vision of the discharge of the black horseman , the corresponding
fulfilment of that prophecy on global economic meltdown, is what remarkably shook the earth’s core. Upon his release, this third horseman from heaven
literary crashed the global financial order from west to east, and north to south. When the first spiritual horseman of the apocalypse prided himself as ‘bent
on conquest’, it was very stunning to witness this third horseman do the actual conquering of the entire global financial systems.

Black horseman prepares his way

H         umanity had never well perceived that in the post-modern world, it would eventually be the events trailing the 2008 release of the black horseman,
          that would paint the true picture of GOD’s endtime wrath against sin. As the third seal was broken in heaven, the black horseman galloped from
          heaven across the ends of the earth, bringing in its wake a historic dispensation of global financial crunch. This awful unfolding totally gripped the
          four ends of the earth with the fear of the unknown. It is a situation that quickly grew ominous in the west to the extent that unemployment catapulted
beyond the reach of fiscal planning. Austerity measures then took centre stage worldwide, causing such a dreadful sting whose contagion swept across the EU,
including France, UK, and the US, among other developed economies. However, Greece and Ireland today designate those nations that were not fortunate
enough to escape the wrathful vengeance of this shrewd horseman, hence succumbing. As the perils of the global financial downturn persisted on by deeply
entrenching themselves into national budgets, credit lines were virtually rendered frozen. In this way, the third horseman of the apocalypse appeared to have
had his way in demolishing man’s economic defences, a culmination that clearly portrayed his field day. Undoubtedly, this is what thoroughly shook humanity
from a state of complacency, comfort, and slumber. This awakening did not spare the church either. With such an economic meltdown reigning its full course
upon the major economies, all speculated that the Arab world with its enormous petrol-dollars, might escape this menacing peril. Nonetheless, it is the
misgivings with which the Arab world maintained a suspicious tranquillity at the height of such a historic economic turbulence, that drew global interest onto
just how far their resilience would hold. Even so, when the real moment of reckoning manifested, the whole world was very stunned to realize that it had just
been a matter of time before the harsh economic melancholy would weigh down on the Arab world. Hence, the initial attempts by the Arab economies to
pronounce immunity was now quickly dissipating away, more like a lull before the storm. As the economic stability across North Africa began waning and
dwindling away, all knew it too well that things were headed south; though no one could envisage the exact manner and form it would take. Aware that he was
coming in as the most immediate forerunner to the fourth horseman of death, the rider of the black horse of the apocalypse sustained relentless pressure upon
these Arab economies, causing things to finally break loose. This was for all intent and purpose meant to demolish the backbone of those nations. To pave way
for the coming of the pale horse of death, the black horseman ensured that the structures which held those nations together, were totally demolished. This
rendered every household spiritually marked, so that when the angel of death came on his mission of death, he might unleash tragedy. ‘What meaning then, is
attached to these protests? Such must have been the question lingering in people’s minds as they watched in disbelief, the sudden turn that the global economic
distress was taking in the Arab world. But because the nations did not see through the veil; they did not read the mystery beyond this economic distress that was
now sweeping North Africa. Day after day, people poured into the streets to protest corruption, and gross economic mismanagement. By registering their
mighty presence in the streets, the peoples of the Arab nations were essentially enrolling their attestation to the demolishing of the foundations of those
economies. This is how the nation of Tunisia finally succumbed to pressure and everything broke loose. Tunisia then became the first casualty of the ‘one quart
for a day’s wages’ as the black horseman of the apocalypse charged on. The collapse of Tunisia immediately catalysed a domino-effect of historic uprising that
swept across the entire Arab world. Egypt in her former and present day supremacy in that part of the world could not escape the wrath of this third horseman.
When things began to fall apart, it had been long since Egypt had witnessed an open public rumpus of the magnitude that was now shaping up, against the
establishment. However, the can of worms did not open until multitudes of unemployed youth who had spent countless hours on facebook and twitter, began to
co-ordinate protests at the Tahrir Square. The hue and cry finally exploded resultant from the harsh economic truth of the day. Many people began to pour into
the streets with a form of rage and tirade that had not been experienced in Cairo before. Such a reformation as was now shaping, had not been witnessed in the
land of Egypt at all. However, this did not come without a price. As a matter of fact, a heavy price was paid to the extent that live gun-fire was the order of the
day in Tahrir Square.

The Angel of death released in Egypt

A         s the protests in Cairo gathered momentum, multitudes of relentless Egyptian youth and adults began flocking into the Tahrir Square to vent their
          anger, in their millions. With crowds already charged-up, things immediately turned more sour, causing a violent form of bloodshed to visit the
          streets of Cairo. This violence quickly picked up, rapidly transforming itself into a more hideous and ugly kind, when pro and anti-Mubarak
          protesters began to engage each other using petro-bombs and live gun-fire day and night. It was at the height of such violence in Cairo that the
LORD stunned the entire world in a manner never ever witnessed before. As petro-bombs were being hurled from all possible directions by pro-Mubarak
supporters, the unemployed despondent protesters equally stepped-up their rock-throwing in the Tahrir Square. A heavy pressure had now mounted to the
extent that a massive blood-spilling profusely covered the streets of Cairo. As this bloodshed peaked, with dead bodies of victims littering the streets of
Cairo, and the sound of gun-fire rumbling across the skies, surely the LORD GOD couldn’t have found a better moment to capture the attention of the entire
globe. In the fear of re-living the Tianamen Square incident live, almost the entire earth was glued to their television screens watching the events as they
unfolded in Egypt. People across the globe wondered whether a special red-brigade would be unleashed on the Tahrir Square to cause a most gruesome
massacre of this age. Of sorts was the anxiety that mounted globally. As all viewers paid attentive scrutiny to the events rolling out of Egypt that night, the
sound of gun-fire climaxed and the global viewership was treated to shock and horror as they watched live gun-shots take out lives one by one. It was like
watching a movie, though this time around actual human beings were being slain by the assassins’ bullets. It was then that the LORD decided to release an
astonishing heavenly beast right infront of the global television news network cameras. The perplexity and stun that greeted the appearance of this
heavenly beast is what indeed defined the shock of the day. Pale in colour, and riding a similarly pale beast, it quickly became apparent that this was the
pale horseman. Just prior to this episode, an event of extraordinary importance took place that changed the course of human history. Mankind enters into
the earth by life, and here comes one to take away that very life. While trying to get his momentum, it became vividly clear that by sheer size alone this was
indeed a gigantic horse of unparalleled proportion. And the long hair that sported his face presented a true beast of heavenly magnitude. By this, GOD
Almighty assuredly intended to arrest the hearts of men and cause the entire globe to live a biblical moment. JEHOVAH deemed it right to fulfil His
revelation prophecy by releasing this most deadly rider of the pale horse.

Weird Horseman

S       piritual things demand spiritual discernment. With all the secularism and the excessive indulgence that this post-modern world has to offer, it
        became most baffling to realize that nearly all who watched the pale beast released in Egypt, quickly recited the holy bible in the book of Revelation
        chapter 6. With all due respect to humanity, one could not escape prescribing to the notion that today’s sophisticated lifestyle of intellectualism and
        liberalism, would have most easily led many to decipher a spooky phenomenon of this magnitude, with ridicule, mockery, and a total rejection. It
was most shocking though, to realize that the majority of those who watched this heavenly beast released, voluntarily submitted to his biblical prescription.
This is what in essence merited the first sign and wonder, even before delving into the person of the horseman. The million-dollar question then becomes,
how could such a post-modern generation, from whom the Shekinah had departed, even decipher such things of spiritual depth, about which the angels of
heaven bow before the LORD? Even for the most secular unbeliever, but though they attempted to neither see value, nor respond to this unfolding, GOD’s
act in releasing this horseman to the world was still indeed acknowledged. GOD Almighty in His infinite wisdom, perfectly timed that most critical moment
when all eyes were glued on television, and then released the rider of the pale horse of the apocalypse right in the eyes of television cameras. Unusual
uproar of exclamation then ensued, rippling across the globe, and resonating to the four ends of the earth, as millions could be heard asking the horseman;
‘who art thou?’ Because it was He who declared Himself to Moses as the Great I AM, and it is He who was in the pillar of cloud and of fire that had been
the guide of Israel, then this time around also it is He who has sent this heavenly host to guide mankind on the dispensation of the endtime. A massive
historical global conversation then consumed with most saying, ‘a ghost horseman has been caught live on camera?’ While some referred to this heavenly
beast as a phantom horse, others instead were quick to read scripture and discover his name. Millions rushed into reading the scripture out the book of
Revelation, that says;

     And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. 8And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his
    name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword,
    and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth (Rev 6:7-8; KJV).

Facing backwards
Pondering on the broader and far-reaching implications of the arrival of this pale horseman, millions across the globe began to watch, and re-watch that
stunning roughly 6-sec news clip. It was however upon the repeated scrutiny of that news clip featuring the pale horseman, that his weird demeanour came
to bear. First and foremost, his eerie appearance bespoke that indeed human apostasy had now appeared in its most heinous form. Secondly, the LORD
seems to have deliberately intended that the whole global viewership catch a proper glimpse of him at that most critical moment. And that is the reason why
upon his release from heaven, this horseman of death stood still infront of television cameras for close to 3 seconds. In that way, a rare snap opportunity
availed itself making it possible for the first time in the entire biblical history, for mankind to capture a birds-eye-view of a very serious heavenly event,
that would in the normal case never manifest in the physical realm. This is the flash 6-sec motif window upon which the peoples of the earth employed
every opportunity in order to closely examine this spiritual heavenly beast. However, it was absolutely shocking to realize that this fourth horseman of the
apocalypse as a matter of fact sat on his pale horse facing backwards. Moreover, as he faced backwards on the pale horse, he appeared holding the strings
with which horses are ridden (reins). Such a bizarre picture, was quite disturbing though, because one would have expected the rider of a horse to hold the
strings facing in the same direction as that in which the horse is riding.

Another odd countenance of this horseman, arose from the position at which he sat on the back of that peculiar horse. The pale horseman the LORD
presented, particularly sat far-off at the back of the horse and very close to the tail-end of his terrifying heavenly beast. Whilst one may have thought that
a near state of jeorpardy almost befell when this pale horse took off, then one were shocked to learn that, that backward jerking of this horseman was infact,
a clear demonstration of weathered skill. It however wasn’t over yet, with this horseman’s display of competence, until he finally had the privilege of
exhibiting the aptness with which he has mastered horse-riding. This he did by instantly turning to face forward, as the horse raced on. It was like a mid-air
event as DEATH turned from facing backwards to facing forward. His evidence did not begin until he commenced to work the strings of the reins in his
hands, and this giant pale horse instantly responded to the command. What especially stole ones breath away was the reality that dawned owing to the
presence of this real heavenly spiritual being, now working the strings of this horse, with the movements of his arms vividly clear to the ordinary human
eye. One could almost feel the human spirit within the viewship, agonizing in a struggle to understand this unfathomable heavenly phenomenon. It is as
though in watching this weird horseman of DEATH, most people must have asked, that if surely GOD Almighty holds the whole world in His Hands, and He
is truly good, how then can He allow such an outrage. And outrageous, it was indeed, to see this strange horseman work the strings of his ride while facing
backwards. And the GOD to whom the sufferers were accustomed to turning to in moments of need, Himself now became the overwhelming enigma on that
night. The release of this horseman of DEATH in the public has thence become a shock upon which humanity now agonizes over the crisis of faith. Many
who read the book of Revelation chapter 6 after watching that 6-second clip, demanded to be persuaded as to why GOD would release that monster of death
on them. Meanwhile, incapable of contending with just standing still, the pale horseman began to whack this sturdy horse by pulling the reins back and
forth, in an event that surely fired up the horse. The pale horse then broke out of the tight logical mode in which he had been for the past 3-seconds, and
began to violently flap his long mane. That became the moment of revelation as his radiant mane showered the vicinity with such a tremendous magnitude
of glory. Coupled with its startling magnificence, the sheer length of this mane, from the shoulders across his entire length, is what served to disqualify this
beast from being earthly. By repeatedly fiering-up his long glorious mane, the pale horse of the apocalypse got himself fully charged-up in readiness for
what would be nothing less than a flight. The horseman then portrayed his boldest and most radical move when he all of a sudden officially left for his
earthly mission, upon instruction. That is when his rider called DEATH, still facing backwards , was violently jerked backwards as they took off for the

His disorder
The central theme of this horseman’s ways appear to have been well-geared at openly proclaiming the institution of DEATH; and to keep alive the cunning
elements that behold the dominion of the DEAD. While the calculus of his habits may have seemed easily discernable, nonetheless, the truth of the matter is
that one may never know what else remained totally concealed to human eyes in this physical realm and lifetime.
For instance, we may just never know what he could have been communicating to Hades as he faced backwards . It is a well-established truth that this pale
horseman does not come alone, but maintains a tightly knit association with HELL, who as a matter of fact closely follows him. Nevertheless, his act of
facing backwards is in great regard to the dispensation of reverse order which he brings upon the life on earth. It can be advanced that the backward ways
of this adversary of life undoubtedly portend to the state of disorder that he reigns-in on human life. Observing this ghostlike evil creature take special
delight in sinister craftiness to assail mankind, directly translates into such an abomination that has not been witnessed in recorded history. It is as though
GOD’s major purpose in disclosing this pale horseman of DEATH, was assuredly aimed at causing the whole global community to long for a worship that
could sanctify their hearts again. The LORD Jesus in his most noble capacity as the Redeemer, wilfully condescended into the agony of this sneaky
horseman’s dominion, thereby pronouncing, that one day His lowly lesson might teach the humble at heart to evade the sinister wickedness of this age.
Considering the orthodox faithfulness of the pale horseman to his commissioning instruction, it is clear that he comes to destroy those disobedient ones
who have rejected Christ. The reason being that if GOD Almighty would only let this most wicked pale horseman to massacre the righteous, then it would
expose all the holy saints as a fraud.

Midst of death
Self-evident and unassailable is the reality of the anomaly that pervades the location of the release of this angel of Death. Adding to the pain and inner
turmoil of suffering that went on in the streets of Cairo that night, the LORD found it fit to discharge the pale horseman of DEATH right in the midst of a
spine-chilling bloodshed. The sights and sounds of live gun-fire and eminent death that had began in a sporadic way, finally eclipsed life in the streets of
Egypt that night. Whilst people of all walks of life got caught up in a desperate attempt to salvage the bodies of those who had been shot dead, GOD
Almighty was on the hand set to tip the scale on the endtime clock.
With loved ones at a daring gun-fire to reach their fallen colleagues, more were indeed felled by the spewing gun-barrels. A grisly picture hence beheld
with young men seen pulling the dead bodies of their colleagues that had been brought-down by live fire. As this went on, the sounds of gun-fire continued
to rumble, blasting the skies of Egypt with pure terror. Coupled with their deadly lightening flashes of the bullets, a state of horror hung over Egypt from
the sky. With people pulling those who had been shot dead on the tarmac, a massive trail of blood marked the streets of Cairo. It became the signature print
that attested to DEATH that had now crept into the land of Egypt. It is the combination of all these dreadful unfoldings that indeed ripened-up the historic
land of Egypt as the place at which JEHOVAH was just about to release the pale horseman of DEATH . In that fullness of time, then GOD Almighty released
the rider of the pale horse right in the midst of gun-fire, petrol-bombs, wailing, mourning, weeping, and the relentless gnashing of teeth. Whereas in many
places the impact of the pale horseman may be difficult to translate into our daily lives, one thing however remains plainly clear. Because he was released
in the midst of a deep agony of mourning and tears, it then becomes true that his advent on the earth must bring forth a very deep agony of mourning and
non-stop tears.
The LORD appears to have deliberately set out to have the fourth seal on the scroll of GOD broken in heaven at the most conducive environment for the
mission of this horseman. His name is DEATH and he is released at a place and time that is synonymous with the wrathful vengeance of GOD against sin.
This suffering as was now consuming the streets of Egypt provided an ample occasion like none other that the LORD may release this deathly pale
horseman when tears had covered the faces of men. If the environment in which the rider of the pale horse was released were anything to go by, then surely
‘the writing is on the wall.’ The release of this pale horseman only rubs salt in the wounds and creates a stumbling-block to faith owing to the suffering he
brings to the face of the earth. While the world may have thought that the release of this pale horseman is intended to be a contribution to an ongoing
high-level discussion regarding apocalyptic horsemen, to say the least he comes to summarize their act in that zero-countdown to rapture. This is a wisdom
no one has rational arguments to marshal. Appearing in a flash of 6-seconds and receiving an entire global attention, GOD Almighty intended that mankind
now appreciate what a flash of a second in the twinkling-of an-eye can accomplish. Likewise, the rapture of the church will verily take place in a flash of
a second. Big lesson to learn from!

His pale color
This generation has paid host to a progression of most adverse and calamitous situations that have today dissipated upon the face of the earth. This is
because the heavenly horsemen of the apocalypse have continued to debouch-on forward totally unimpeded. This tenor will continue on because of the
critical endtime era that the nations have now stumbled into, towards the most momentous coming of the LORD, the Messiah. Estimating from the style
with which both the heathen and the believers have scripturally responded to this strange pale horseman, it appears as though the abeyance of their souls
has now been awakened. Surprisingly, following that auspicious release of the fourth horseman, humanity has somehow instantly perceived greater
wisdom to the fact that in the day of the final judgment, every lost soul will understand the nature of their own rejection of the TRUTH. And they all seem to
now well concede that the cross will be presented as the standard yardstick, with its real bearing on each individual life being seen by every mind that has
been blinded by iniquity and transgression. It is the only acceptable rationale as to why such a post-modern humanity would cite Revelation chapter 6 after
watching such an odd and entirely spooky heavenly being in their newsflash. Chief among the features of this horseman is his pale color. The key identity
of this fourth horseman comes from none other than the fact that, he is the only one out of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, whose real name is given
in the bible. His name is DEATH and HADES follows him very closeby. However, the main symbol that this fourth horseman carries around on his mission
is the color pale. Arising from the deleterious squelch his hooves unleash upon the face of the earth, this fourth horseman is essentially referred to as ashen
in color. The pale ashy appearance of this fourth horseman is what marks the unfortunate characteristic of the DEAD that he carries. It has been common
practice to hear people referring to those who are very ill as having gone pale. This is owing to a condition in which they experience a limited blood-flow
to the surface of their skin. The pale color has hence served as a good indicator of a deathly appearance. In the Greek nomenclature, the color pale is
employed in reference to green leaves. When a leaf has no defect or blemish, it is normally known to bear the dark green color. This caused the Greek to
associate the healthy green leaf color with the healthiness of man. However, on many occasions, when the healthy leaves are infected or lack nutrients or
are struck by environmental insults, they often will present a condition known as chlorosis. It is interesting to highlight that chlorosis fundamentally refers
to the yellowing or whitening of plant leaves and stems caused by a lack of the green pigment, chlorophyll. Moreover, in humans, severe iron-deficiency
causing a condition known as anaemia, is also responsible for the greenish tint in the skin. This condition has also been referred to as greensickness. This
iron deficiency has been well catalogued in medical encyclopedias as the cause of anaemia in young women and mostly characterized by weakness and a
green color to the skin. A diet lacking in iron or loss of iron as a result of chronic bleeding have also been known to cause the greensickness. The pale
horseman hence bears the pale green color as a testimony that his mission brings death to the earth by taking away human life. This he does by engaging
all the weapons previously employed by the first three horsemen of the apocalypse. Such weapons include deceptions, wars, rumours of wars, famines,
floods, pests, earthquakes, disease, and the wild beasts of the earth.

The breaking of the seven seals on the scroll of GOD in heaven earmark a very critical hour on the earth. The bible chronicles the seven seals on the scroll
of GOD as seven systematic steps that were meant to ripen the earth for GOD’s order. However, among the seven seals on the scroll, it is the first four seals
that designate the prophetic timeline of GOD towards the rapture of the church. While the breaking of the first of the seven seals spells a consignment of
deception upon the face of the earth, the breaking of the second seal defines bloodshed. The third seal on the other hand catalyses all instruments of
economic breakdown and collapse, and entrenches global poverty through famine, unemployment, market meltdown, etc. With the prophecies regarding
the breaking of each one of the first three seals now well fulfilled across the globe, then came the most important and last seal on the scroll of GOD. Each
one of the four seals on the heavenly scroll of GOD clearly prescribes an apocalyptic timeline. Perhaps even more indicative are the idealized heavenly
depictions of each horseman with a particular countenance that bespeaks his mission. These horsemen are like royal servants of the LORD whose reign
promotes godliness and covenant faithfulness to only the imperishable realm. This is because they appear to have been sent to devastate man’s
over-reliance on earthly prosperity. However, as the first three horsemen pride themselves in the excellence of their aptitude for achieving victory, they all
seem to have been a prelude precursor and forerunner entourage for this fourth most deadly horseman. While the first three horsemen are skilful in
transforming post-modern world into a despicable gaunt, the fourth horseman comes to directly swallow the dead into eternal hell. The accession of the
rider of the pale horse without any competition or detracting incidence is what most baffles mankind. The LORD ensured that his release would be in the
public place, and ever since that February 2, 2011 discharge, he has quickly laid the ground work for the accomplishment of his task. Being immediately
available, the nation of Libya became his first real mission field.
The release of the pale horseman on television news screens highlights a great milestone in the fulfilment of biblical prophecy. This pale horseman,
together with his heavenly beast, clearly testifies to humanity that the bible is the true living Word of GOD Almighty. So alive that the fulfilment of its
predictions are displayed in the public place at the viewing of all. Such a dramatic prophetic juncture not only portrays the bible as the true Living Word of
JEHOVAH , but also that its entire content regarding the coming of the Messiah is trustworthy and must also be fulfilled, soon. The eternal value of biblical
legacy as the only faithful truth is hereby highlighted by these horsemen, in the fulfilment of their prophecies. In writing their account of human reign,
these horsemen demonstrate just how sin always brings judgment in the form of disasters. Either illness or defeat in war or poverty and famine, whereas
repentance, righteousness, holiness, obedience and trust will always yield peace, safety, victory and eternity. In this hour, the pale horseman has come to
do nothing else, but to destroy and kill disobedient mankind, whom also, GOD created. Armed with such a galactic crusade at his heart, this awful fourth
horseman, has been granted raw and virtually unchecked powers to summarily take away life, of upto to a whole one quarter of the earth. This is absolutely
evident in the way he is going about initiating his mission in Libya, Morocco, Yemen, Egypt, Algeria, Bahrain, etc, and Japan.

with rapture
At the very centre of the release of these four troubling apocalyptic horsemen, and especially the rider of the pale horse, is the supreme gift of GOD to
mankind through the Messianic covenant. That gift is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb of GOD. For that reason, biblical account of the reign of the four
horsemen is largely devoted to the church’s preparation and rebuilding of the temple for the coming Messiah. While not portrayed as flawless, the holy
church that constitutes the heavenly bride is biblically presented as the prime example of the Messianic ideal, i.e., as the royal bride whose presence on the
earth promoted godliness and covenant truthfulness. Thus they served in the sanctuary as types, foreshadowing the Messiah to come, of whom the Prophets
have spoken, and their remembrance of him is what nurtured hope in the face of a much discouraging world. As matter of fact, the restored holy church is
at this hour, viewed as the remnant of the LORD, both north and south of the equator, and east and west of the Greenwich Meridian.
It is for that reason that in the July 29, 2009 vision depicting the release of the pale horseman , his dispatch remarkably coincided with when the holy church
of Christ was taken up in the rapture. Owing to the enormity of the global distress generated by the release of this pale horseman , it is prudent that the holy
christians focus on GOD’s word that expresses his view succinctly saying; ‘Have faith in the LORD your GOD and you will be upheld.’ To have faith in the
LORD at this perilous hour essentially implies compliance with the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit alone, whose continued presence on the earth is able to
ward-off the holocaust instigated by this pale horseman. This protection the Holy Spirit will faithfully offer on the account of his reign on the earth which
is devoted wholly to the building of a radiant mature bride for Christ. Therefore, the antagonistic schism that appeared in that July 29, 2009 vision of the
concomitant release of the pale horse and rapture, is in itself a resounding message to the nations of the earth. The LORD is asserting here that there is a
temporal (time related) aspect to the two events featuring concurrently. The appearance of the pale horse directly correlates to the closeness with which the
earth has drawn towards rapture.

Radiant gown
There is a little conclusive evidence aboard the July 29 vision, that holds the golden key on this matter of the pale horseman. This is the point at which the
church was sighted in heaven during that visitation. In the official courts of heaven, the church presented herself as a radiant bride whose countenance had
been totally transfigured by the glorious word in which she had imbibed herself. That celebratory church at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb clearly
implies in reference to the remnant holy and righteous clique of believers. These must be the radical followers of Christ. It is also questionable whether the
official courts of heaven would have been readily accessible to the modern worldly church of this day. Since the saints in heaven worshipped with their
glorious gowns emitting such a splendor of heavenly radiance, then without a doubt there is a message for today’s christians. Reflection on their radiance
clearly reveals that the LORD selected and arranged this vision in a manner that provides sequel to the requisite standard of the righteousness in heaven. The
Holy Spirit must have been showing that the annotations of GOD’s writings in heaven regarding His righteousness are eternal, and must be met. What a
clear call to repentance! And hence anything in the church’s being that might tarnish her image as the royal bride must now be urgently omitted in worship
(Gen 1:26). The subsequent difficulties that the pale horseman of death may plot against the inhabitants of this earth, will be greatly diminished by the
church’s impending flight from the realm of the earth. Presumably, all must be aware that the Holy Spirit will not continue to parry and thwart the efforts
of this evil pale horseman indefinitely, owing to the LORD’s preset endtime clock. Because established scriptural consensus acknowledges the church as
the principal apportioning of the Holy Spirit’s habitation , then a lot is indeed at stake at this perilous hour.

     Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready. 8And to her was
    granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints (Rev 19:7-8; KJV).
The burning issue has hence narrowed down to the desperate need for a rapid reformation in today’s church. Such a transformation must tersely affirm the
uncompromised return to holiness and righteousness in the lives of today’s believers. And no room must be given to the chance of any other theological
perspectives that have long entrenched the systems of heathenism, lawlessness, heedlessness and godlessness in the lives of today’s christians. The pale
horseman of death would then be categorized as a blessing in disguise because he presents to the world two clear choices; i) to either be righteous and get
counted as the priestly bride of Christ, or ii) reject Christ and be his client. This is fitting since he is referred to as a merchant of DEATH or prince of DEATH ,
and his co-associate HELL is his corporate accomplice in that trade. All the clients of this horseman of DEATH are swallowed up by HADES/HELL which is the
dominion of the DEAD. However, on the other hand it must be said that to be a priestly bride unto the high priest, is such a tribute that more often than not
also presents a serious challenge. There are scripturally well defined nascent required benchmarks of GOD that must be achieved, and adherenced to in
these last days of the pale horse.

Like a thief...
Most of the events referred to in the release of the pale horseman in Egypt indeed caught mankind by surprise. Nevertheless, the LORD had earlier warned
in His infallible Word, that sin would bring the captivity of death at the hands of the lawless. The visitation of this heavenly envoy of DEATH hence set the
stage for the fulfilment of these biblical predictions. Although the final judgment of disobedient man will not take place until the breaking of the 7th seal on
the day of damnation, the LORD however had earlier foretold on the restoration of today’s fallen church. Such a reformation was destined to accomplish in
the days prior to that final calamity. It can only imply that, even with such a public outcry on this pale horseman’s bearing, the church as at now can
virtually undergo a radical transformation if she so wishes. A radical ‘surgery’ of that nature is what would remove the spiritual tumours of sin as observed
in today’s body of Christ. And this is a process that must happen sooner than later, before it gets too late. GOD Almighty promised that he would redeem the
believing church from sin and DEATH just as he rescued Israel from Egypt. Today’s release of the pale horseman in the land of Egypt fundamentally unveils
the full spectrum of GOD’s judgment and salvation. This is especially in the stealthy manner with which he was discharged, like a thief. It vividly appeared
that no one on the entire face of the earth had the slightest foretaste of that day on which the pale horseman was most unexpectedly released. Without any
prior announcement whatsoever, GOD Almighty unilaterally deemed the time ripe to release the man of this deathly pale horse. This apportioned credence
to the Almighty’s Sovereignty by essentially rewriting a historic calibre of the unassailable unilateralism of His reign. JEHOVAH GOD hence needed not to
consult with any man on the matter of this pale horseman’s release.

In six seconds...
Until the day of his showing unto the whole world, the pale horseman must have anxiously grown weary in waiting for his appointed hour. He must have waxed
strong in the spirit for that moment of reckoning. Nevertheless, that hour of his manifestation remained a highly-guarded secret and total preserve of the LORD GOD.
More than any natural endowment upon the face of the earth, the sudden and surprising release of the pale horseman indeed registered very highly in the spiritual
realm. Appearing on earth under such absquatulate and most suspicious circumstances, this rider of the pale horse surely stunned the earth. When the fullness of
time for his showing had come, it was absolutely amazing to observe that in a flash of only 6 sec, GOD Almighty had fully accomplished presenting the pale
horseman before the entire globe. It was incredible to witness what a flash of 6 sec can achieve in the physical realm. If this kind of humongous act is attainable in the
physical, how much more influence then can 6 sec accomplish for enduring-eternity. Uninterrupted by the clamour of the multitude in the streets of Cairo, this
horseman unquestionably illuminated the complete clarity on the perception of what a flash in the twinkling of an eye will achieve on the day of rapture.
     Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed — 52in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the
   trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed (1 Cor 15:51-52).
And so will it be with the eminent return of Christ the Messiah at rapture. As the whole global community veritably focused on the perilous pangs of the
black horseman and his economic woes across the Arab world, their whole attention was drawn to just how deadly that economic meltdown can get. Then
all of a sudden, with no announcement whatsoever, the LORD caught the entire global community totally off-guard when he suddenly released the pale
horseman, in a flash of 6 sec, like a thief. This has now become the grand prefiguration and foreshadowing of how the glorious day of rapture will behold!
Going by this, one can now clearly see that the whole earth will be literally caught unaware, like a thief. The first test that the pale horseman occasions
upon humanity inescapably involves the aptitude to spiritual alertness. The spiritual message from this pale horseman, once raised in the full glare of
global media like this, cannot be ignored or silenced, not even destroyed. The LORD is using the release of this horseman to quicken man’s heart about the
goings-on in GOD’s council chamber. Because the church belongs to a race of creation endowed with wisdom, understanding, and spiritual insight, GOD
Almighty goes on to use this fourth horseman to Speak on how at rapture, He will only delight in those who are spiritually alert and hence vindicate their
godlikeness (godliness; Gen 1:26).
      Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your LORD doth come. 43But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch
    the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up. 44Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an
    hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh (Matthew 24:42-44 ).
When the LORD exclaimed of Israel as a nation gone blind and deaf (Isaiah 6:9-10; 42:7), and a vineyard to be trampled upon (Isaiah 5:1-7), he principally
enjoined in, all the nations that defy GOD and people devoid of justice or righteousness. The present day body of Christ seems to have arrived at this very place
of heedlessness, in this critical hour. The reason being the awful spiritual deafness with which today’s church cannot even hear from the LORD. Since July 29,
2009, when the LORD confided in me that he would soon release the pale horseman, the global community together with the church, have acted as though they
were spiritually very deaf. In this condition, she definitely needs a healing miracle. Then, when the LORD further led me to describe the mane that defines these
bizarre horses of the apocalypse, it must have sounded to this post-modern generation, just like a man who plays an instrument well and sings a good song. That
whole description was actually quite spooky that it was unfathomable in this day and age. By breaking the third seal on the heavenly scroll, GOD Almighty
certainly intended to raise a banner to summon the nations to bring worship unto Him, yet unfortunately nobody seemed to pay any attention. The LORD
purposed that the discharge of these four horsemen of the apocalypse would preach to the earth through the impact of their tumult upon humanity. Famines,
earthquakes, wars, rumours of wars, bloodshed, are just but some of the weapons these horsemen wield, for purposes of shaking the earth. And their
communique is that, many of the children of GOD shall turn to the LORD their GOD by laying to absolute vanity the intoxicating excesses of this world. This
sounds more like a heavenly delegation whose discharge should go before the face of the LORD to prepare his ways.

Antidote of faith...
Like a thief, these four horsemen of the apocalypse were sent with the goal of appearing and destroying anything that has lately exalted itself over and
above Christ, here on the earth. In biblical scripture, the faith of Job during the height of evil, was purposed to teach this present-day church a great spiritual
truth, a truth that many are so often slow to learn, and yet ready to quickly forget. Until the day that these unforgiving perils began to befall the earth, little
attention had otherwise been placed on Job’s form of endurance.
     On the left hand, where he doth work, but I cannot behold him: he hideth himself on the right hand, that I cannot see him: 10But he knoweth the way
    that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold. 11My foot hath held his steps, his way have I kept, and not declined (Job 23:9-11).
Such perseverance amidst extreme cruelty has today become an asset in the christian walk especially considering the humongous destruction of property
and life, that the earth is currently experiencing.
For those devout christians that shall successfully prevail through the cruel commotion of these unforgiving horsemen, these believers who dwell in their
quiet and holy lives, the light of faith shall shine forth from them like a star amidst the darkness of these evil days. To this godly lot was long promised the
gift of sonship at the marriage supper of the Lamb. For they shall be great in the sight of the LORD and shall touch neither sin nor iniquity as they shall be
filled with the Holy Ghost during these last perilous days. However, it is the extreme cruelty with which these four apocalyptic horsemen treat mankind,
that can at times perplex one. Nonetheless, it is the mayhem which these horsemen unleash on earth, that hence essentially preaches the refiners fire upon
humanity. This is a call for mankind to observe a lifestyle of complete purity and separation from the things of the world. What a contrast between unbelief
and the sweet childlike faith of a godly believer! The manner in which the four apocalyptic horsemen are ravaging and demolishing the earth, is what
particularly devastates all those that had trusted in the things of this earth. Japan earthquake and tsunami, coupled with the Haiti and Chile earthquakes
indeed have come to announce the fulfilment of biblical scripture about this dispensation. Faith and righteousness have indeed become the antidote for this
hour of distress.
      And the fruits that thy soul lusted after are departed from thee, and all things which were dainty and goodly are departed from thee, and thou shalt
    find them no more at all (Rev. 18:14).
It was as though the LORD was saying to Japan and Haiti that, ‘because thou believest not my words, which shall be fulfilled in their season, then the words
of Rev 18:14, shall behold your days.’ And assuredly, it is the cruelty of the ruthlessness with which the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami struck, that
aligned Japan’s current condition to Rev 18:14. With all the sophistication of the top-notch electronic technology, electronic panels for aircraft
manufacture, car manufacture, cellphone industry, medical industry, telecommunication, aerospace science, name it, the nation of Japan had indeed
accumulated for herself all the dainty and goodly stuff for a comfortable earthly living. However, because the mercy of GOD seemed too far for them to
credit, there then befell the humongous March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami that re-wrote the meaning of human sorrow and suffering. Faith in Christ
Jesus has now been tested and approved as significantly more valuable than the earthly treasures whose perishability has truly been exposed.

    Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal (Matthew 6:19).

Before the advent of the pale horseman, a righteous and holier living was considered a way of beckoning public ridicule and open mockery. Coming forth
then to torment mankind, the rider of the pale horse is now credited with causing people to begin to fear for the wounds of wickedness, for lest they be cut
down by the judgment of GOD. But emerging forth from the holy place of GOD, with his radiant face shining with the glory, the pale horseman now causes
mankind to further appreciate the seriousness and gravity with which JEHOVAH receives the meek and righteous of this age. Such are the neglected elect of
GOD Almighty. It is the reason GOD Almighty decreed that these horsemen go out from heaven before him in the spirit and power of His commissioning.
If no one was moved even when the global economies crashed , how then can the church and the nations claim outrage at the release of this pale horseman
called death? The only hope now rests with the promises of GOD. The LORD pledged to make streams spring up in the deserts and to graciously lead His
people home through the highway of holiness. Only this promise remains high as the last minute optimism for the church in these dying seconds. Such a
hopefulness will however only throb in the church when it is channelled through the sufferings of the saints in this dark world, so that salvation in its fullest
sense is attained.
    You deceived me, LORD, and I was deceived; you overpowered me and prevailed. I am ridiculed all day long; everyone mocks me. (Jeremiah
Such a meek salvation nevertheless, will only come unexpectedly like a thief, to the faithful ones. A new and more insidious threat that looms over
mankind is a fact that at the moment of his release, the warring crowd in the streets of Cairo were totally oblivious of this pale horseman’s presence. And
so it will be with the coming of the Messiah when all will be fully engaged with their personal chores and busyness of fending for their lives, only to wake
up one morning to realize later that the church has been snatched up by the LORD.

The Interlude
The current interlude flanked by the release of this fourth horseman and the awful slaying of one quarter of the earth’s population, is essentially one of
ferment and effervescence. If events in Libya, the entire Arab world, New Zealand, and Japan are anything to go by, then for sure this is a session of real
action. It also becomes the most critical period in the church’s calendar since it offers the most prime spot for a complete transformation in the house of the
LORD. Such a reformation would have to salvage today’s body of Christ from the defiled church one sees now, into the glorious church at the Marriage
Supper of the Lamb. With the snatching away of the righteous church, the Holy Spirit’s regime will automatically come to a cessation on the earth.
Because the church that is lifted up into heaven will have largely devoted themselves to personal purity and preparation for that final hour, they
fundamentally represent the Holy Spirit habitation that is vanished. Approximately at that same time is when the pale horseman must make significant
advances in the massacre of those attempting to maintain the testimony of the LORD. Of great importance then, is the dissipation of the dispensation of the
GRACE as the earth ripens up for the great tribulation and judgment day. There is no compelling reason to doubt that the real underpinnings beyond the
overwhelming outrage of the sighting of the pale horseman in the news, is indeed the tragedy that will befall those who will miss the rapture. Beyond the
rapture is a composition of calamity and     DEATH.   It is totally reprehensible that the present day church should miss the rapture given that she has been
preached to on the concurrence of the release of the pale horseman and the sighting of the church in heaven in that July 29, 2009 vision. Tragically, with the
release of this pale horseman, and the way things are shaping across the globe; the church that is smug in her sinful stronghold will be humiliated because
anytime now the Marriage of the Lamb will take place. Yet, as GOD’S loyal vassals, the zeal with which these four horsemen have ravaged the earth, only
points at a serious prophetic quickening in heaven. The edge has now become those christians who are gifted with the powerful spiritual intellect and
capability of grasping that upon the breaking of the fifth seal, testifying Christ equals beheading. This is what might allocate today’s interlude as a prime
spot for evangelism and preparing the way of the LORD. Other than wait to witness how the christian faith will crumble under the blows of a resurgent evil
of lawlessness, today’s believers must now prepare their apparel for heaven. The time to plead for a righteous preparedness is now during this critical
interlude before rapture. The message has much to do with the temple of GOD which is the church, and sacrifice of worship. For as long as the church is
present here on earth, she will always be eligible to worship and testify Christ. This is owing to the fact that she is bound to offer priestly ministration to the
heathen. Heart-rending and hope-crushing mutilation of worship of the kind being foretold in the great tribulation, can therefore only imply a post-rapture
session. These repetitions of warning have an unforgettable hammering effect that the fourth seal is the final and terminal one right before the Messiah
takes the church away. The proposed suppression of worship of the kind that the great tribulation fronts, virtually constitute the practical taking away of
the word. But that is also very consistent with the onset of the image that will be set up in the house to cause an abomination of the desolation. Zero worship
signifies an utter desolation in the sanctuary of GOD. The mere presence of the church on the earth, is testimony unto Christ Jesus as Saviour.
Therefore, it is no surprise that in this vision, the LORD presented the release of the rider of the pale horse concurrently with the gathering of the church,
hence uniquely focusing on the close proximity of the two events, on the timeline. Central to this, is the unfolding of GOD’s saving purposes in the entire
history of the world–from the time in which He presented Christ on the Cross, to the culmination of this grand design of REDEMPTION .

And Hades (Hell) Follows Closeby

           he pale horseman’s release on that February 2, 2011, only further deepened and formally crystalized the profound human creed in the existence of
           HELL,   the dominion of the wicked DEAD . This is paramount owing to the lonely relationship that this angel of DEATH maintains with the ascetic
         gloom and doom of HADES.
     And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over
    the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth (Rev 6:8).
In a nutshell, HADES without a doubt, presents the trepidation and manifestation of that dreaded dominion of solitude in HELL. Mankind can here be shrunk
at the suspicion, unbelief, impurity, misery, impunity, despair, sadness, and dejection, that become well-nigh-all-pervading in this state of judgment that
strikes the disobedient. Fire and worms have indeed never ceased to designate HADES. By the burden of his mission therefore, this horseman of DEATH
unmistakably affirms the immortality of the soul and the existence of life beyond the earthly realm. In closely relating to HADES, this angel of DEATH today
trumpets a stern warning to the wicked since an eternal punishment awaits them in HELL. Whilst the bible decrees that ‘no eye has seen, no ear has heard and
no mind has imagined what GOD has prepared for those who love him,’ this pale horseman of the apocalypse contrarily displays what awaits those who
disobey GOD. Simply going by the tempest and mayhem of bloodbath, pain, agony and mourning that the pale horse has initiated today in Libya, Yemen,
Syria, name it, it is possible to clearly envisage the agony that awaits the unrighteous in HELL. Likewise as HADES betokens the Hebrew word for sheol,
sheol in itself is considered to be HELL. The release of this pale horseman of the apocalypse, verily confirms that a life of sin and iniquity inevitably makes
HELL    unavoidable. On the other hand, the absence of HELL in this evil duo would have served reckless injustice, because it would be to concede the same
end for both the righteous who forgo the enjoyments and luxuries of this life, for the stern discipline of holiness, and the wicked. During his release, this
angel of DEATH purely testified that even as the kingdom of heaven draws nearer, the faithful believer cannot however afford to forget that the underworld
kingdom of darkness too, stands to realize (Num 16:30). If divine good presupposes forgiveness and conciliation, then by all standards, this pale horseman
indeed acclaims the continuity and transposition of earthly vices and errors into the immortal realm, as the due consequence of an unrepentant heart.
Although a repentant and holy life does not exempt from temptation, it however so far as possible closes every avenue by which satan could enter and
assail the soul. That is the only way by which righteous believers are counted foolproof to the deathly perils of this angel of DEATH. The inevitability of the
BLOOD    of the Lamb of GOD as the life-saving power at the door posts of the hearts of faithful believers, cannot be taken for granted anymore at this hour.
Attesting to His wielding of this power, were the words ‘I AM the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me even though they die like everyone
else, will live again. . . (John 11:25-26). With these words, the LORD Jesus Himself inscribed GOD’s seal of victory over death, on the salvation of

      Thy dead men shall live, together with my dead body shall they arise. Awake and sing, ye that dwell in dust: for thy dew is as the dew of herbs,
    and the earth shall cast out the dead. 20Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a
    little moment, until the indignation be overpast. 21For, behold, the LORD cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their
    iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain (Isaiah 26:19-21).

Dedicated to the LORD as a Nazarite from birth, christians make the vow of their own in a life-long consecration of holiness. Their dress is that of the
ancient righteousness, and separated from the excesses of this world as the camel’s hair that the voice in the wilderness wore. Just as the voice that
clamoured for repentance in the wilderness eat locusts and wild honey, so does today’s body of Christ require that original unadulterated spiritual locusts
and honey. And because even the voice that proclaimed His way also required a drink of pure water from the hills, today’s church too thirsts for that clear
fresh Dew from the throne of GOD. This is the Dew of joy that turns the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of GOD to
make ready a people prepared for the LORD. More than before, it is now evident that it is the fresh morning Dew of this hour that mitigates on the evil and
cruelty of the pale horseman and his companion. There would be no better way to preach Christ Jesus as the resurrection and the life, than to release this
pale horseman of    DEATH   into the earthly realm. The LORD Jesus himself spent quite a significant portion of His ministration dwelling on hell and
punishment for heedlessness. Now that the agency of DEATH has been revealed right in the face of the human realm, then inescapably everyone on the earth
is keenly watching the unfolding of events. For those enlightened by the fresh Dew of this hour, a vision indeed illuminates those rooms that Jesus went to
prepare for them as the realistic alternative to these marauding HADES. Embedded in the enlightenment of these anointed holy elect, is the grand gathering
in the clouds that would deliver them into the marriage supper of the Lamb. The righteous believers of this hour do still experience joy unspeakable, even
within the backdrop of the current tempest of the trampling of the nations by the pale horseman. With awed yet exultant spirit, these holy elect search in the
prophetic scrolls of revelation on the Messiah’s coming, and locate the promised SEED that bruised the serpents head, as their only Peace-Giver whose
advent is nigh! This angel of DEATH is echoing that if HELL is following him closeby, then there must also be heaven, and the choice is in the heart of the
beholder. The Almighty’s rapt portrayals of this malevolent horseman were His study of the evil world and that judging with equity for the meek of the
earth, would serve a covertness for those righteous saints. From time to time, this is how the Holy Spirit has always promised to safeguard GOD’s elect
from the tempest and shadow of this agency of DEATH . Having been rendered desolate by the world, the hearts of today’s lonely meek believers must have
been indeed filled with the glorious vision of rapture, and hope when they saw this pale horseman released. To them one thing rang out, that no longer
would they be termed forsaken nor declared desolate by the world’s standards anymore. And that this was a signal that their Redeemer’s coming has now
drawn much closer. As this fourth horseman beheld the impunity of his mission, GOD’s delight must have rested on the fact that from that day on, nobody
would ever again afford to ignore His message on the momentous return of Christ, and more critically so, the signs of the times. Millions upon millions of
the inhabitants of the earth, who witnessed this fourth horseman crystalize right within their news, were drawn to ask of him “who art thou?” This question
became the great object of their hope, especially that every answer to who art thou? would directly point at the biblical signs of the coming Messiah. Upon
being led to the holy bible on the matter of the identity of this horseman , then many nations were compelled to ask the second order question, “Art thou
then the ghost horseman of death?” Emanating from this, a global discourse on Christ’s return, has now ensued. The unfolding events in Libya, Yemen,
Syria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Cote D’ivoire, indeed attest to the pale horseman’s squelch.

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