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  Volume 76, Number 1                                                                                                          January 2011

                                                  captains. Your Vice Commodore,                               with 29 boats, a wonderful
                                                  Don Wilson, spent a lot of time and                          Captains' Dinner by the Tarrettes,
                                                  effort to get them into this year's                          two nights of lighted boats, a
                                                  annual so we could put a name to a                           children's Christmas party by Sandy
                                                  face. Kathy Fish did another great                           Werner, a WIC Luncheon and our
                                                  job getting this together. We need                           monthly meetings. While I write
                                                  your feedback on how many                                    this I realize how many of our club
                                                  annuals we mail you. We have                                 members have chaired and
                                                  historically sent two, but these are                         participated in making these events
                                                  slowly climbing in price and if you                          happen. Thank you.
                                                  only need one let us know. In the
                                                  future we may only mail one and                              We have a contract with an electrical
                                                  charge for the second one.                                   engineer to examine our existing
COMMODORE GEORGE AUSTIN                                                                                        electrical system so we can fix as
    COMMODORE’S REPORT                            As I write this we are in the middle                         necessary or plan for replacement.
       JANUARY 2011                               of a whirlwind of events.                                    We have been talking about this for
H   appy New Year!                                Thanksgiving was wonderful with                              six years and your Planning and
                                                  family and friends and at the club                           Finance Chairman, Gary Stone, said
Start marking your calendar for                   we had tree lighting at Von's by the                         let's get to it. The cost of this is being
2011. We have lots going on at our                fleet captain, decorating the Xmas                           covered by way of $.04/kilowatt
club. Look for your new annual with               trees and the clubhouse, Breakfast                           hour surcharge, so only those who
all of the upcoming events and take               with the Bridge with 80-90 people, a                         use power on the docks are paying
notice of the new photos of the                   Special People's Holiday Cruise                              for this project. John Alving has

        Clamp Lamp Dangers . . . . . . . . . . 8        Outstation Report. . . . . . . . . . . . . 5                     January 2011

        Club Managers Report . . . . . . . . . 8        Rear Commodores Report . . . . . . 3                             Jan 8-9     Past Comm. Cruise-In Winslow
                                                                                                                         Jan 9       Bowling at the Garage
        Commodore’s Comments. . . . . . . 1             Regatta Power Report . . . . . . . . . 6
                                                                                                                         Jan 15-16   Officer’s Cruise-In Winslow
        Docks Committee . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6     Ship Store . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
                                                                                                                         Jan 21-29   Seattle Boat Show
        Fleet Captain Report. . . . . . . . . . . 4     Special Peoples Holiday . . . . . . . . 7                        Jan 22      QCYC 1st of Season Race
        Looking Ahead . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11    Tarette’s Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9                   Jan 29      Martini Madness
        New Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10      Vice Commodore’s Report . . . . . . 2

been and will continue monitoring         this inspection project. Thank You.
the contracted work. Look for their
                                          The issue of “ Storage Boats” has              FEBRUARY
findings in about two to three
                                          been an on-going item for a couple           BILGE PUMP
                                                                                        BILGE PUMP
                                          of years and by February we hope to
What's coming up?           We have       have the language in our rules made
bowling on Jan 9th. Last year we          more clear and we will be taking            JANUARY 10TH
                                                                                      JANUARY 10TH
had a great time, so get your name        some action. If you have not been
on the list. Winter is still here so      part of the active club and have in-
                                                                                     QCYC EMAIL NOTIFICATION
keep an eye on your lines and cold        station moorage we will probably
                                                                                   If you are not currently receiving E-mail notification
weather problems. There are a             be talking to you. Come to the next       from Queen City YC of timely news and informa-
                                          two board meetings. They are open        tion, and would like to be included, please send an
couple of cruise-ins at Winslow, one                                                       E-mail to:
by the Past Commodores on Jan 8 &         to all members, and we will be
9 and then the current Grand 14           discussing this issue.
Bridges will be having theirs on Jan
                                          I keep mentioning The Bilge Pump.
15 & 16. Both of these events will be
                                          This is one of the key ways we
using the clubhouse for meals and
                                          communicate with all of you and we
presentations but feel free to use the
                                          would like to know who doesn't
docks and all the facilities: it's your
                                          need a mailed copy and would just
clubhouse. On the weekend of Jan
                                          like to access it by email. Please let
22 & 23 we are hosting the Predicted
                                          Deborah know so we can update the
Log Racers “1st of the Season” Race
                                          mailing list. These last couple of
and Mike Cochran will be making a
                                          issues were packed with upcoming
special spread on Friday night the
                                          events. Pick one: if nothing else get
21st. If you're thinking of coming or
                                          your plans ready for the summer
can help let Mike know. The Big
                                          cruise, and let's have some fun.
Seattle Boat Show starts on Friday
the 21st and runs through the 30th.       George Austin
We have our booth at the show so          Commodore
sign up for a four hour shift. We
need a few new members.
                                             VICE COMMODORE'S REPORT
Remember to wear something with
our burgee on it.      How about a
Martini on Jan 29th? This is a well        H   ere we are already in the new
attended event. Let Scott McPhee          year. Where in the world did 2010
and Traci know so they have plenty
of olives.                                December was filled with activities:
                                          parties and cruises kept everyone
We have finished the dock                 busy.
inspection so Art Mauldin has             Kudos to Bill Field and his crew for a
started making the list of Waterfront     great job in organizing and
Construction items to repair and          implementing the Special People's
                                          Holiday Cruise.
getting materials for these. We had
at least 25 members who helped on         The Lighted Boat Parade was great
                                                                                                                                    PAGE 3

fun as usual. Fortunately I chose to             could even remember all of those                   into in December.        Both boats
go out on Friday night, the night it             involved. Please accept my thanks                  sustained some damage. Tom's boat
didn't rain and blow, and had a                  as a group. The club would not be                  had a portable TV stolen. Rod
great time. Luckily I wasn't able to             the same without you!                              Hilden, our security chairman, is
go out on Saturday night when the                                                                   following up to see what we can do
weather changed for the worse. I                 As most of you know, we are adding                 to minimize the situation. We all
know that everyone had a good time               pictures of the members to the                     need to be aware of the people
in spite of the weather.                         annual this year. The annual should                walking around the grounds and
                                                 arrive in January. I took about 170                docks. Be sure to question anyone
The Captain's Dinner was a great                 images this year and worked closely                you don't recognize. Don't be afraid
evening. The Tarettes, along with                with the publisher. I learned a lot of             to call the police if you suspect
Chef Willie, put together a delicious            new techniques and look forward to                 anything. It is always better to err on
steak dinner.          After the                 getting everyone's picture in the                  the side of caution.
entertainment, the gift basket                   annual next year. Thank you, Kathy
auction took place and, of course,               Fish, for all the time that you put into           Club keys are issued only to captains
Judy bought a basket when I                      the annual. Kathy and I are going to               and their mates. They should never
stepped out of the room to take                  work together and try to improve                   be lent to vendors, relatives, friends
someone's picture.                               our annual each year. Thanks to all                or anyone else. If someone needs to
                                                 of you for making the effort to come               be on your boat you should
The Kid's Christmas Party was a
                                                 to the club so that your picture                   accompany him or her to your boat.
success thanks to Sandy Werner.
                                                 would be included this year. I really              The captains are responsible to the
This year there was a clown for the
                                                 appreciate it. I will begin taking                 other members to maintain our
kids' entertainment and all the kids
                                                 pictures again in a few weeks. My                  club's security.
seemed to enjoy the change. I am
                                                 goal is to have everyone pictured in
always impressed by the energy and                                                                  With that said, Judy and I would like
                                                 next year's annual.
work done by club members and the                                                                   to wish all of you Peace, Love and
Tarettes to make our club activities             We have had two boats broken into                  Laughter in the New Year.
so good. I would like to thank all of            this month. Dee Dee May and Tom
you individually but am not sure I               Phelps both had their boats broken                 Don Wilson

                                                                                                    Vice Commodore
                               GALLERY MARINE
                                        On Seattle’s Lake Union
                                                      Since 1983                                      REAR COMMODORE'S REPORT

 • Westerbeke Engines and Generators      • Complete engine room service on Gas or Diesel Engines
 • Universal Engines                                       • Fuel Tank Replacements                  H   APPY NEW YEAR! When we
 • Ford Lehman                                    • 50’ Dry dock for Shaft and Prop Repairs
 • Hino                                                 • Electrical Repairs & Upgrades             look back on the month of
 • Yanmar                                                     • Repower or Rebuild
 • Crusader                                                    • Our dock or yours                  December, it's pretty astonishing to
 • Cummins                                                • Knowledgeable parts staff
 • Marine Power                               • Open Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm        see the amount of activities and
                                                                                                    energy that QCYC members
   717 NE Northlake Way                                        (206) 547-2477
                                                                                                    generate at that time of the year.
     Seattle, WA 98105                                       Fax (206) 547-2180

                                                                                                    Thank you to Nancy Austin and her
                                I specialize in residential lending.                                team on their successful “New York,
                                                    Scott D. McPhee                                 New York” New Year's Eve dinner
                                                    Mortgage Originator
                                                                                                    dance. Queen City members were
                                                    License # 510-LO-35016
                                                                                                    treated to great evening of fun, food
                                                    8341 10th Ave NW
                                                                                                    and dancing to welcome in and
                                                    Seattle, WA 98117
                                                                                                    celebrate the New Year based on
                                                    WK (206) 931-4445
                                                                                                    New York time.
                                  Get the QCYC Guarantee with your next refinance or purchase.
                                                                                                    MEMBERSHIP:         Kudos again to

Capt. Chris Benson for adding two       SECURITY - There are no QCYC               HOLIDAY SEASON.
new memberships at the December         security issues to report at either the    Lois and I extend our best wishes for
general meeting. Welcome aboard         Winslow outstation on Bainbridge           Happy and Prosperous New Year.
to our new members. QCYC has            Island or the Seattle In-Station
many activities to offer, and I         facility.                                  Regards,
encourage our new members to
become actively involved in the         Recently, we were alerted that the         Bob Stettner
club.                                   Seattle Yacht Club (Portage Bay)           Rear Commodore
                                        had reported that a 32 ft. Bayliner
Our membership at the end of Dec.       was stolen in mid-November from
was 476 which include both Sr. Life     the SYC moorage at Portage Bay.                 FLEET CAPTAIN’S REPORT
& Active members.       Our 2011        Fortunately, the stolen boat was
planning goal is to add 45 new          recovered by the Seattle Police who        TREE LIGHTING—DOWNTOWN
memberships: we are currently at 27     had located it somewhere on Lake           SEATTLE
% of our goal.                          Union. It has now been returned to
                                        the SYC owner with no noted                Thanksgiving week started out on a
                                                                                   very sour note with snow, ice, wind
The Seattle Boat Show will open on      damage.
                                                                                   and 14 degree temperatures. As
Jan 21 and run through Jan 30. Mark
                                                                                   turkey day approached there
your calendars.     Chris Benson,       There was one other incident that
                                                                                   remained a serious doubt in my mind
Membership Chairman, will be            SYC reported that involved a small
                                                                                   that my planned get together for the
busy setting up and attending our       dinghy which was stolen and has
                                                                                   Christmas Tree Lighting would
boat show booth. Chris is always        not yet been found. The dinghy had
                                                                                   actually happen. Fortunately the
looking for volunteers to join the      been tethered to the main yacht            normal rain and temps of November
boat show teams to promote QCYC         without the benefit of a cable and         showed up on Thursday and Friday
membership.         Members are         padlock security attachment.
encouraged to drop by and join in on
the fun.                                Our Security Chairman, Rod
                                        Hilden, is currently exploring with
GROUNDS : Mark your calendars,          SYC the possibility of starting a
our winter grounds cleanup is           regular security dialog to see if there
planned from 10:00 to 12:00 AM on       is any interest in setting a common
Saturday, February 12, 2011.            emergency notification system with
Captain Becky Garvie will be            SYC.
looking for volunteers to assist her
in sprucing up the clubhouse            REMINDER- It's important to again
grounds and parking lot area. I         emphasize keeping a close watch on
suggest that you dress warm, wear       your precious investment tied to the
rubber boots, gloves and hat. Bring a   dock. Cold wet weather constantly
bucket for weeds.       The winter      hammers away at the boats during
spruce-up makes our beautiful           the winter months, and we all are a
clubhouse grounds look very             little prone to put things off. Let's be
inviting as we get ready for our        sure to check our boats often, and
“Prospective Members“ Open              especially the shore power electrical
House which will be hosted by           connections.
Captain Chris Benson at 10:00 AM
on Saturday, February 19.               In closing, I want to again express
                                        appreciation to all of our club
Volunteers can contact Becky at         members and volunteers for their
(425) 778-4823 or                       help in December. Your generosity
R/C Bob Stettner at (206) 372 -5819     of time really contributed to the
                                        success of the Queen City
                                                                                                                              PAGE 5

turned out great with just a few light    north. Things froze hard, and fast.        Winter boating can be challenging
showers and 40 degrees.                   Just before Thanksgiving, the whole        but a short trip to Bainbridge Island
                                          Island lost power and many didn't          is always worth the trip! We look
Last unofficial count of 27 hardy         get it back for five days . When the       forward to seeing you out here.
souls showed up at Von's for              warmest temperature of the day is
cocktails and Puu Puu's. Von's did a      only in the teens, it doesn't take long    Barb Wood
great job and set us up in a semi-        for someone's home to get very cold.
private area for us to carry on like a    Thank goodness we live on our boat
yacht club does and not bother the        and could stay cozy and warm - I
rest of the customers. Kudos to           almost felt guilty as I looked at all of
Von's!                                    the darkness around us.             The
                                          Outstation was without power for
The tree lighting, Macy's Star, and       about 48 hours, and we kept the
fireworks were all what they were         water faucets trickling so pipes
supposed to be, and the preceding         wouldn't freeze in the clubhouse.
entertainment was very well done.         The docks have an automatic system
Thanks to all who attended and to         that keeps water flowing when the
those who decided not to come it          temperature is below 34 degrees,
was your loss. A good time was had        and it works perfectly, but we still
by all! Also, a special thank you to      had one faucet outlet crack. So until
Commodore George Austin and               that's repaired, water is shut off on
Nancy and Vice Commodore Don              dock "B".
Wilson and Judy for gracing this                                                      42’ Ocean Alexander Sedan 1993
event.                                    The holiday lights are up and the            The 1987 to 1993 model was probably
                                          clubhouse looks very festive. We're          the finest OA model run ever. Bird of
                                                                                         Paradise was one of the last of this
Looking ahead to January “Bowling         getting ready for several upcoming           model run and one of the finest. She is
with the Commodore” is scheduled          events.     As I write this, the             in perfect condition. Twin 3208 Cat’s
for the 9th. The first time this event    Bainbridge Police are decorating the         w/1600 hrs. Westerbeke Bkw Gen Ste.
was held two years ago it was a big       inside of the clubhouse and getting          Full instruments. Diesel Heat. Natural
success and plenty of fun. Then           it ready for their annual Christmas             Teak & Incredible Workmanship
                                                                                        Throughout. Teak Parquet Flrs. Up
coming in February is “Underworld         party. They really appreciate being           Galley. $275,000. 206-853-0802 or
Tour” which is an adult themed tour       able to use our facility for their              OceanAlexander42Sedan.Com
of Seattle's Underground. Please          party.
read upcoming Bilge Pump issues for                                                       Canvas • Upholstery • Carpets
details or check out our web site for     In January, there are two big events
information on dates and times.           planned. The Past Commodores'
                                          Cruise-in is scheduled for January 8-
Steve Weiss                               9 and the Grand 14 Officers' Cruise-
Fleet Captain                             in is scheduled for January 14-16.
                                          The docks and parking lot will be
                                          full as the Grand Fourteen arrive by           Custom Canvas & Enclosures • Yachts
                                                                                           Full custom Boats Tops & Enclosures
                                          boat and car. These events do not               Dodgers, Covers, Cushions, Mattresses,
                                                                                               Curtains, Helm Seats, Galleys
       OUTSTATION REPORT                  preclude QCYC members from                             Carpets • Foam • Repairs
                                          tying up to the dock and visiting the             Free Estimates • Mobile Service
I don't know about you, but I'm tired     Island - you just may have to side-tie          Fast Quality work • Insurance Claims
of this winter weather already. All       to another boat.                                        Craig Carleton
of you "snowbirds" have the right                                                                  (206) 783-1696
idea!                                                                                             Cell (206) 661-1172
                                          All the permits are in hand, and
                                                                                                  Fax (206) 781-0539
                                          work is progressing at Marine Floats
In November we experienced the            on the last section of new dock (the                    5015 15th Ave. N.W.
                                                                                                   Seattle, WA 98107
worst weather since we've been out        south end of Dock "A"). Best guess
                                                                                                Also Autos & Furniture
here - it was the first time there were   is is still for an early February
winds (30 knots plus) from the            installation - weather allowing!

    REGATTA POWER REPORT                        DOCKS COMMITTEE                    members.

First of the Season Race, Jan 22, 2010   The under docks inspection was            The following persons are held in
                                         fabulous, dahling! I am so proud of       high regard by all: Richard Larsen,
The QCYC FOS race will be held on        the achievement of so many of my          Rick Ashleman, Dick McGrew, Kent
the weekend in January, the 21st         fellow members and I believe every        Soffel, Pete Collins, Dave Svendsen,
thru 23rd.                               one of them discovered just how           Arthur Mauldin, Chuck Gould, Ron
                                         rewarding it is to have given so          Stevenson, Mitch Garton, Tim Dies,
Predicted Log Racing Classes                                                       Dick Dow, R/C Bob Stettner, Dave
                                         much value to the club along with
                                         new friends and old ones with             Tregoning, Dustin Bago, Marv
We will again offer classes in                                                     Elbon, Jim McFadden, Richard
                                         whom they've grown closer. I'm the
January. The classes will start with                                               Thymian, P/C Carl Weiss, Pete
                                         ugliest Zsa Zsa you've ever seen, but
the basics and proceed through the                                                 Clarke, Rick Sweezy, Bob Myers,
                                         what I saw is fabulous. It got cold
steps in laying out the race,                                                      Ray McGrew, Commodore George
calculations, currents, running the      out there during the final day, just
                                                                                   Austin, V/C Don Wilson, Larry
course and the use of the computer       before the Thanksgiving freeze. If
                                                                                   Keeler, Rod Hilden, Kendall Hilden,
with demonstrations of Excel             you had not shown up in the
                                                                                   Mark Nance, Dave Armstrong, Bob
calculation programs and Coastal         numbers you did, some of us would
                                                                                   Collier, Steve Driscoll, Rick
Explorer, Nobeltec (and other)           have suffered much worse trying to
                                                                                   Anderson, Ray Huggins, and Bruce
charting programs. Weekend boat          complete the task. We have a work
                                                                                   Ramon. Thirty-five people in all.
timing demonstration(s) will also be     list that will require at least two
                                                                                   Well done!
offered at a convenient time. You are    years to complete, as it is 51 items in
also encouraged to sign up as an         length. The need for these                Cold weather always brings
observer for the First of the Season     inspections is very real. We'll be        concern about heat in your boats
race to see how a race is run; or sign   back every year for more, but the         and power on our docks. Balance
up as a racer; use the classes and       plan is to do only a third of the         please. We each need to keep our
skull session to plan your race.         marina each year. The whole               boats above freezing, but it's also
Meetings will be at 6:30 PM.             inspection in one dose is very            crucial to keep interiors well above
                                         overpowering. Special thanks goes         condensation levels. Condensation
Mon Jan 10 – Lay out, Tactics,           to Captains Dick McGrew and Bob           is terrible on fabrics and finishes,
Nobeltec & Coastal Explorer              Myers who took so much pressure           induces mildew and mold, and is
                                         off me and actually made me feel          murder on electronics. It increases
Thurs Jan 13 – Calculations,             like I could be away from it at some      maintenance costs on everything.
Currents                                 times. Please express your                Yet we have precious little
                                         appreciation to all of these devoted      electricity to share. Please be as
Tues Jan 18 – 7 PM– Skull session for
the First of the Season Race – learn
from the “pros.”

All club members and friends are
invited. Please join us. To inquire or
SIGN UP - call or email Bob Lindal
at 206-892-1234 or or P/C Jeff
Ewell at 206-407-1717.

Bob Lindal
Regatta Power Chair

                                         GATE SECURITY: In order to improve club security, the driveway gate will continue
                                         to open weekdays at 6 AM, but will now close at 7 PM. The gate will remain closed
                                         on weekends.
                                                                                                                       PAGE 7

efficient as possible and carefully       SPECIAL PEOPLE'S HOLIDAY CRUISE                  CLAMP LAMP DANGERS
monitor your boats in freezing
weather. I was present to watch one      On Sunday, December 5, QCYC had            Clamp-style lamps are handy devices
boat take the sickening plunge to the    one of the best turnouts in my             for providing portable light on boats
bottom on Thanksgiving Day.              experience for the annual Special          for many things – repair projects,
Freezing temps and then the thaw         People's Holiday Cruise. 29 boats          cleaning, etcetera – but they can be a
that follows can do that. We had a       and skippers and too many other            serious fire hazard if used
second potential victim here that had    elves to count or thank individually       improperly.
gotten unplugged, probably during        hosted 116 special people and
                                                                                    Some boat owners use clamp lamps
the Monday night windstorm. Do           chaperones. This is an increase from
                                                                                    as heat sources, and that's not a good
monitor your vessels carefully. I've     the 17 boats we had last year. Chuck
                                                                                    idea for a number of reasons. Even
asked Captain John Strong to let you     Gould handled the boats and
                                                                                    with a small light bulb, the clamp
know why clamp on type lights            skippers, Tim and Nadeane Rutledge
                                                                                    lamp can still start a fire on board if it
cannot be allowed for unattended         guided the dock elves and Diede
                                                                                    falls off whatever it's clamped to, and
use. They are a hazard and I was         Janel did her usual incredible job
                                                                                    lands on something flammable, like
present some years back helping deal     getting the folks off and on the buses,
                                                                                    bedding or carpeting.          And the
with the astonishing results.            coordinating with the dock elves.
                                                                                    danger increases if a heat lamp bulb is
                                         Each of these folks had elves to assist
                                                                                    used in a clamp-style fixture. Even if
Some tasks need your help. Dave          them. There were goodie bags to
                                                                                    it's a good quality clamp lamp, with a
Svendsen and Ron Stevenson have          pack, gifts to be handed to Santa,
                                                                                    ceramic socket and a bulb guard, the
led an effort to modify the end of       instant photos of each special person
                                                                                    spring clamp can be weakened by
Dock 2. It needs some real dedicated     with Santa a phone Santa, the food
                                                                                    heat conducted from the bulb. These
persons to make it complete. Please      elves, a harbormaster to keep the “U”
                                                                                    clamp-style lamps are at their most
let Ron know if you can help. There      organized, even folks to shepherd the
                                                                                    dangerous when clamped to
are still some downspouts that need      special people to and from the
                                                                                    something overhead, pointing down.
to be reconfigured. Yes, I know about    facilities.
                                                                                    The heat generated by the bulb will,
the dock 2 leaks. Dick Dow will be
                                                                                    of course, travel upward, and when
doing something about that. We have      We have received a number of
                                                                                    the spring clamp itself gets warm, it
the first parts for a lumber storage     compliments on how things went;
                                                                                    will lose some of its spring tension
rack fabricated and on site. After the   but, as is often the case, these
                                                                                    and possibly fall off the object to
first of the year, I hope a team will    compliments were misdirected. It
                                                                                    which it's clamped.
form up to get that project underway.    took fully 100 volunteers to make this
There's a fair amount to accomplish      event successful, and everybody            There are several safer sources of heat
and it should be done as rapidly as      contributed. Members gave up their         that should be used instead of clamp
possible to keep the weather out of      Sunday afternoon and cranked up            lamps. Davis makes the Air-Dryer,
that area of Dock 3. Chuck Gould and     their snoozing boat engines to give a      and West Marine makes a similar
Mitch Garton are now teamed up to        treat to people who may not have           dehumidifier; they draw very little
start making planking replacements.      much fun the rest of the year. To top      current, don't get hot enough to
They could use more hands as the         it off, the Commodore was able to          ignite flammable materials, and don't
need has grown pretty large. That's      provide benign weather, which is not       contain thermostats, so they're safe
one issue where we just can't let up.    always the case. We didn't even need       for use in gasoline engine and tank
There is no set schedule with our        a tent. One of those people was heard      spaces. They produce just enough
primary docks contractor as I write      to say that Queen City is their favorite   heat to provide convection currents
this on December 15. We're still         place to come to for SPHC. It's not        that keep air moving.
hopeful that work can be underway        hard to see why.
by around mid January. Several boats                                                We all remember the disastrous fire a
will need to be moved. I think your      All you elves, thanks for what you         few years ago at the Seattle Yacht
receipt of this Bilge Pump should be     did. See you next year!                    Club. That fire started on a boat that
fairly timely notice in this regard.                                                had a clamp lamp attached to a deck
                                         Bill Field                                 beam in the forepeak. The lamp fell
Arthur Mauldin                           SPHC Chair                                 off, landing on the bunk, and dozens
Docks Chairman                                                                      of boats were destroyed or damaged

as a result.

So, please remember, while clamp
lamps are handy items aboard boats,
they should never be left plugged in
and turned on when there's nobody
on the boat. After all, boats aren't
puppies! They don't need to be kept
warm when nobody's aboard. They
need just enough heat to prevent
mold and mildew, and to protect
against freezing.

John Strong


If any of you would like to get
involved and become a bartender,
please contact Judith Pippin or Andy
Gerde to get you started. For most of
you that are currently licensed as
bartenders, your license will be
expiring on 1/1/2012. Stay tuned for
more information on group or
individual renewal throughout 2011.
In the meantime, please contact
Judith Pippin if you are interested in
bartending for any of our upcoming
club events or private parties. We
always need bartenders, and
currently have about 20% of the
licensed bartenders doing 80%
percent of the work.

Get signed up, I look forward to
seeing you behind the bar.

Andy Gerde
Club Manager
                                                                                                                PAGE 9

                                        Tarettes’ Corner

By the time you read this we will       to thank Tim & Nadeane Rutledge          being served at noon. Tarettes may
have enjoyed the Captains'              for helping with the auction. We         wear festive holiday attire instead of
Christmas Dinner. Willie outdid         were able to raise over $600 which       the usual Tarette uniform.
himself with the meal and the           will go far to support those in need.
Dickens Carolers were fabulous.         Thanks to all you generous
                                                                                 Happy Holidays to you all, and a
Kelly said he's never heard a room      bidders!!!
                                                                                 Happy New Year!!!
full of Queen City people so quiet,
even when they were asleep!!! We
got to request songs, sing along, and   The Tarettes are hosting the WIC         Sharon Benyon
enjoy some marvelous traditional        Luncheon on Tuesday, December
Christmas carols. I want to thank       14. It is a gala event, and is a great
Shirley Rogers and her crew for         way to wish seasons greetings to
their hard work in making the           our counterparts in the other Grand
dining room look wonderful and          Fourteen Yacht Clubs. The social
the tables a work of art. I also wish   hour is at 11:00 AM with lunch
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Jan 8-9 Past Comm. Cruise-In Winslow
Jan 9     Bowling at the Garage                                        947 NE Boat St. (Bob Picot Bldg, water level), Seattle, WA 98105
Jan 15-16 Officer’s Cruise-In Winslow
Jan 21-29 Seattle Boat Show
Jan 22 QCYC 1st of Season Race
Jan 29 Martini Madness
                                                                                         Bruce F. Ramon                            Dick Storey
                                                                                  CERTIFIED PUBLIC YACHT BROKER                       DLN MARINE
                                                                                                (206) 949-6209 Cell                (206) 713-1073 Cell

                                                                              (206) 633-0701                          (206) 633-0716 FAX

  When your boat insurance
        renews it is your
 responsibility to provide the
     club with an updated
   Certificate of Insurance to
  remain in compliance with
         moorage rules.

 QCYC Club Hours
 Main Gate:             Open 0600 - 1900
 Docks:                 24 hour lockdown and card
 Clubhouse:             Doors open 0800 - 1800
                        Member Access 0500 - 2400

                                              Toll Free
BUSINESS FORMS 1.800.541.2232
        • Checks •
        • Unit Sets •                   Lancer Ltd
  • Laser Printer Forms •
                                        • Hi-Res Scanning •
  • Promotional Printing •
                                • Imagesetting & Platesetting •
   • Tab Sets & Binders •         • Letterhead & Envelopes •
 • Stock & Custom Forms •             • Business Cards •
   • Continuous Forms •                 • Newsletters •
                                         • Brochures •
                                          • Manuals •
    Lancer Ltd                            • Catalogs •
                                We print and design the Queen City Annual
  Web:              and your monthly Bilge Pump.
   Fax: 1.509.922.8539         PRINTING & GRAPHICS

           RUSS OBERG, CLTC, CLU
                   Independent Insurance Broker
          Long-Term Care Insurance
                      Should you consider it?
                                                                                                       Fishermen’s Terminal
          Call me for honest straightforward advice.                                    3824 18th Ave. W. Seattle, WA 98119
          5650 24th Ave NW, Ste 603 • Seattle, WA 98107-4155    Dean A. Lentgis
                                                                                         206 283-1000 tel 206-284-3450 fax
                          (206) 362-5913                        David B. Carlson

                                                                             LEWIS O. TITLAND, CPA PS
                                                                               CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT
                                                                                  FISHERMEN’S TERMINAL
                                                                                     3824 18TH AVE. W
                                                                                    SEATTLE, WA 98119

                                                                                      TEL: (206) 789-5433
                                                                                      FAX: (206) 284-3450

                      Scott Anderson             206-769-1192
                      Knowledge Integrity Service
                              Specializing in
                        Residential, Condominium
                         & Investment Properties.

                                   REAL ESTATE


                                                                   Dean Simonson
                                                                   Marine & Auto Upholstery
                                                                   Quality Upholstery since 1970

                                                                                             12529 3rd Ave N.E.
                                                                                             Seattle, WA 98125

                                                                                             phone: (206) 390-0774
                                                                                             Fax:    (206) 362-3357
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                    SHIP'S STORE


  The crew at your Ships Store wishes you a bell
 ringer of a new year filled with friends, family
                  and prosperity!

     Thank you for your support in 2010. QCYC has
    provided a wonderful space for us to share our
  wares. It's the envy of most other yacht clubs.
   It was an investment in funds and faith for our
 store area's renovation. So again, we're grateful
for all of you who are shopping with us and showing
                  it was all worth it!

OK, I've already been asked a number of times if we
will be having an “after Christmas” sale. Yes! It
 will be in January. But you'll have to show up at
meetings and Friday lunches in January to know what
   the “sale of the day” will be! As they say…….
               BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!
    Oh, come on, most of you were around when we
 actually talked like that and the rest of you have
             at least heard the phrase!

 The point is, we're looking forward to seeing you
in January at the QCYC SHIP'S STORE. For the sake
     of auld lang syne, don't forget about us!

  CHEERS!   Here's a toast to YOU, our loyal QCYC

         The crew at the QCYC Ship's Store
                                         PAGE 15

H a v e a n E x c i ti ng N EW YE A R!

                                                                 JANUARY 2011
         Sunday                Monday                    Tuesday            Wednesday               Thursday              Friday               Saturday

 2                       3                         4                   5                       6                   7                      8
                                                                                                                   Friday Lunch           Saturday Breakfast-0900
                                                                                                                   Start: 1130            Past Comm. Cruise-In

 9                       10                        11                  12                      13                  14                     15
                                                                                                                   Officers Cruise-In     Saturday Breakfast
 Past Comm. Cruise-In    AAC Meeting                                   General Membership                                                 Start: 0900
                         Start: 1800                                   Meeting - Start: 1930                       Winslow
                                                                                                                                          Officers Cruise-In Winslow
 Bowling in the Garage   Board Meeting                                                                             Friday Lunch           all day
 Start: 1500                                                                                                       Start: 1130
                         Start: 1900

 16                      17                        18                  19                      20                  21                     22
                                                                                                                   Friday Lunch - 1130    Saturday Breakfast-0900
 Officers Cruise-In      Dancing With the Bridge                       SSPS Meeting
 Winslow                                                               Start: 1900                                 Seattle Boat Show      Seattle Boat Show
                         Start: 1900
                                                                                                                   Power Regatta Event    Power Regatta Event
                                                                                                                   Seattle Night Social   QCYC 1st Season Race
                                                                                                                   “Chef Mike” - 1800

 23/30                   24/31                     25                  26                      27                  28                     29
                                                                                                                   Seattle Boat Show      Saturday Breakfast-0900
  Seattle Boat Show      Seattle Boat Show         Seattle Boat Show   Seattle Boat Show       Seattle Boat Show
                         all day                   all day             all day                 all day             all day                Seattle Boat Show
 all day
                                                                       Tarette Board Meeting                                              all day
 Power Regatta Event     Dancing With the Bridge
                                                                       Start: 1630                                 Friday Lunch           Martini Madness
                         Start: 1900                                                                               Start: 1130
                                                                       General Membership                                                 Start: 1800
                                                                       Meeting - Start: 1930

     The Queen City Yacht Club                                                                                                                     PRSRT STD
            2608 BOYER AVENUE E.                                                                                                                  U.S. POSTAGE
         SEATTLE, WASHINGTON 98102                                                                                                                   PAID
                                                                                                                                                 Permit No. 5544
                                                                                                                                                   Seattle, WA

     Phone: (206) 709-2000     Fax: (206) 709-8924
             Winslow Phone: (206) 842-8822

     George Austin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Commodore
     Don Wilson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vice Commodore
     Bob Stettner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rear Commodore
     Eric Wood . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Secretary
     John Rogers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Treasurer
     Stephanie Weiss . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Photographer
     Paul Frodesen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Photographer
     Bill Field (e-mail: . . . Editor

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