; Troubleshoot Hydraulic Valves Failures
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Troubleshoot Hydraulic Valves Failures


Troubleshoot Hydraulic Valves Failures

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									      Troubleshoot Hydraulic Valves Failures 

                                    hydraulic    valves     are   key     pieces   of

                                   equipment which establish control over

                                   the pressurized fluid systems. A hydraulic

                                   cylinder shall take a fluid, usually oil

                                   which creates pressure in the shell. As

                                   pressures, hydraulic cylinder is displaced

                                   and that is ultimately lifts from the shell.

                                   The     cylinder   is   normally     attached   to

                                   another device as a means of lifting or the

                                   carriage of a weighted load. I usually find

                                   hydraulic systems on passenger lifts and

industrial machines. Valve non-is common problem, but it is a you to quickly

remedy if you follow a logical order.

   1. shall be monitored the gauge pressure for the hydraulic valve to see if

      there is any reading. Determine the correct pressure for the piece of

      equipment you working on the operator manual referring to. test of

      the system with the activation of side pump for the pressure

      recommended, if not reading is this. Return the equipment in service

      only if the pressure holds for 15 minutes without unchanged.

      Investigating for further defects.
2. release of any pressure from the system and to switch off the coast of

  oil supplies. Isolation of hydraulic valves electrically from decoupling

  by battery sources or mains supply. Notes with hexagonal important

  package and to eliminate the screws from the front face of the valve

  until the aluminum block slides away to expose the ballasts and valve

  seats. Withdraw the ballasts and place toward one side. Remove all 'O'

  rings from the valve seats and replace with new. Control of the seats

  optical for any signs of barriers or metal deposits which may be shows

  excessive cylinder wear.

3. shall be reduced the hand pump and pressure relief valve shell using

  an appropriate size -. Remove old 'O' rings and replace with new.

  Remove the control valve Convention by the headquarters of the

  pressure relief valve seat and replace with a new element. Ensure the

  new control valve Assembly shall meet at the headquarters properly.

  refit of hand pumps and pressure relief valve shell.

4. Control of ballasts for symptoms chipping or losses. Replacement if it

  is necessary. Check walking backwards from the ballasts and remove

  all the old 'O' rings before replacement by new elements. - the ballasts

  in front of the valve and to ensure that will resolve correctly in seats.

  Replacement of aluminum block in front of the valve and to reinforce

  in a position, using the screws you removed earlier.
5. calibration of ballasts by introducing a hexagon key at every inspection

   screw on the face of the valve. Use of the operator manual to check

   the proposed arrangements. row relating to the oil supply and to add

   pressure for the hydraulic valve with hand pump. Monitoring for

   symptoms of the liquid leakage, and again-seat new "O" if you find

   rings leaks. Successive power supply and the return of the valve at the

   service. In view of the equipment through various circles to ensure

   pressure is maintained and calibration levels is correct. 

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