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					Mira Vista LP
  limited partnership investment
        256-unit multifamily
            Dallas, TX
               TABLE OF CONTENTS

   i.   Overview
  ii.   Property Highlights (sidebar)
 iii.   Property Background
iv.     Market/Neighborhood
  v.    Business Plan
vi.     Investor Return Summary
vii.    Exit Strategy

   i.   Unit Mix/Floorplans
  ii.   Photos
 iii.   Maps


   i.   Rents – including vacancy and expenses
  ii.   Sales – per unit and per sf
 iii.   Variance Analysis

   i.   Key Features
  ii.   Strengths/Opportunities - Weaknesses/Threats
 iii.   Financing Structure – Debt/Equity
iv.     Property Specific Management
  v.    Capital Improvement Plan
vi.     Execution/Timeframe
vii.    Exit Strategy




   i.   Background
  ii.   Philosophy
 iii.   Organizational Structure
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY                                             PROPERTY HIGHLIGHTS

                                                              ADDRESS: 7651 CF HAWN FWY
+OVERVIEW                                                                  DALLAS, TX
                                                              YR BUILT/RENOVATED: 1970
Mira Vista represents an opportunity to purchase and          PURCHASE PRICE: $6,600,000
aewefweffssdfsfdsfsdsfsdfsddsfsdfsfsdfsdfsfsdfsdfsdfsdfsfs    PRICE/UNIT: $25,781
dfdsfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsfdsfdsfsdfdsfsdfsdfsfsdsfdssdfs    UNITS: 256

dfdsdfsdfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfsdfdsfdsfdsfdsfsdf                 NRSF: 218,126 SF
                                                              AVE. SF: 852 SF
                                                              LOT SIZE: 7.1 ACRES
+PROPERTY BACKGROUND                                          # OF BUILDINGS: 15
                                                              UTILITIES: CENTRAL 2-PIPE HVAC
Mira Vista Apartments is a 256-unit C+ Class multifamily      ROOF: PITCHED COMPOSITION
complex in Dallas, TX nearby major retail with immediate      CONSTRUCTION: BRICK/CONCRETE
access to CF Hawn Freeway. Rehab work was completed           AMENITIES: LAUNDRY ROOM, BBQ,

recently including new roofs, hardy plank siding, exterior    BASKETBALL COURT, LUSH

paint, and an HVAC overhaul. Dallas Area Rapid Transit        LANDSCAPING, RECENT
(DART) is slated to develop a transit point near the
property which will enhance the transportation
infrastructure and fuel job growth within the immediate
area by providing access to the DFW Metroplex. The
multiple opportunities to add value to the property at the
management level and the redevelopment that’s occurring
in the immediate area make it a compelling acquisition.


The South submarket of Dallas is one of the larger
submarkets within Dallas. We have identified a pocket
within South Dallas that presents compelling reasons for
investment. In addition to the freeway access and DART
developments, we are seeing positive signs of growth while
the fundamental rental market indicators are strong.
Submarket Vacancy remains steady at 6.8% while
                                                                             UNIT MIX
submarket rent growth is at 3.0%.
                                                             UNIT    # OF     AVE.   TOTAL       MO.   AVE.
We are seeing supply remaining in check as                   TYPE    UNITS    S.F.      S.F.    RENT   S.F.
absorption/demand has been increasing steadily within the    EFF
submarket. Additionally, submarket rent growth is            1BD      40      616       24640    505    .82
forecasted at 3% annually over the next 5 years.             2BD      176     867    152592      590    .68
Overall, submarket dynamics are strong as we will see        3BD      40     1026       41040    821    .80
continued growth in the submarket.                           TOTAL    256     852    218126      612    .72

Our business plan calls for structured and market-driven
executions to achieve our financial objectives. We have
conducted extensive research and exhaustive inspections to come
to the following conclusions on the best course of action for
maximizing NOI over the term of the investment:
    qwpodjqwdojqd
    oiawejhwqijeqw
    aoidshaidjaasijd
    aksodasdioasjda


The aforementioned executions will effectively position us to
achieve the following pro forma figures on equity investment.

Equity Investment: $100,000
Cash-on-Cash Return: $80,000(cumulative)
Cash-on-Cash Return: $15,000 (annualized)
Equity Appreciation: $160,000
Total ROI :          $240,000

Principal Payback equal to original investment. Limited partners receive
priority on payback.

IRR: 20.94%

The investment time horizon is 3-5 years which provides enough
time to stabilize operations and maximize NOI thereby
generating an equity cushion to either cash-out refinance or sell.
                    REFINANCE SCENARIO
Total Cash-out            $2,000,000         (assuming 80% LTV, 1.2 DCR)

                          SALE SCENARIO
Total Sale Proceeds        $8,000,000                       (assuming 8% cap)
        UNIT MIX

TYPE               NUMBER        TOTAL SF   AVG SF              RENT             RENT / SF

 EFF                      -         0       #DIV/0!          #DIV/0!
 1BD                                0         684               -
 2BD                                0         994               -
 3BD                                0        1284               -
TOTAL                    0          0       #DIV/0!          #DIV/0!              #DIV/0!

        UNIT MIX BY # OF UNITS                      UNIT MIX BY SQUARE FOOTAGE

               EFF                                        3BD EFF
           3BD 0%                                         13% 0%     1BD
           10%           1BD                                         26%



MARKET PROFILE                                                       DALLAS HIGHLIGHTS

                                                                 POPULATION: $6 MILLION
                                                                 POPULATION GROWTH: 3.1%
DALLAS                                                           JOB GROWTH: 4.6%
Dallas continues to have one of the strongest economic           UNEMPLOYMENT: 4%
bases in the nation. Outlined below are some of the major        MEDIAN INCOME: $38,276

economic drivers within the DFW Metro area.                      COST OF LIVING: 91% OF NAT. AVG.

                                                                 MAJOR EMPLOYERS:
Population – A significant support to the ongoing strength       -VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS
of the local economy and to its future prospects is the strong   -RAYTHEON CORPORATION
population growth that continues to add new residents in         -LOCKHEED MARTIN
large numbers. Moody’s reports an average            -WAL-MART STORES
annual increase on the order of 2.3% for the five-year span      -AMERICAN AIRLINES
concluding with 2006 with future increases to be in the 3%       -SOUTHWEST AIRLINES

range.                                                           -UPS
                                                                 -HCA HEALTHCARE
                                                                 -TEXAS INSTRUMENTS

                                                                 +DFW IS 5TH LARGEST FORTUNE 500
                                                                 METRO IN THE NATION. 22
                                                                 COMPANIES IN THE DFW AREA ARE
                                                                 ON THE FORTUNE 500 LIST.

Employment – Job growth has been accelerating at a               +GEOGRAPHIC EPICENTER
healthy clip. Job growth over the preceding 12 months ran at     BETWEEN NY, LA, CANADA & MEXICO

the high rate of 3.6% (a gain of 71,200 jobs), the latest
growth numbers indicate considerable residual vigor.             +MAJOR TRANSPORTATION HUB
                                                                 WITH MAJOR INTERSTATE
Financial services recorded undiminished—and strong—job
                                                                 HIGHWAYS AND INTERMODAL RAIL
growth. The 4.6% (8,400-job) gain recorded over the 12           LINES
months at issue duplicated the rate of growth for the
preceding 12. BLS reports unemployment at 4.3% for the           +DFW INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT IS
Dallas Metropolitan Division.                                    WORLD’S 3RD BUSIEST AIRPORT

In addition, corporate relocations to Dallas has fueled the      +IN 2006, DALLAS PROVIDED

growing employment rate due to a lower cost of living index      LARGEST BOND IN CITY HISTORY AT
                                                                 $1.35 BILLION FOR
and a higher standard of living compared to the national
                                                                 INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENTS
average. Other fundamentals including increasing household
formation, educated workforce, and low cost of living all are    +HOUSEHOLD FORMATION TO
positive factors contributing to the future growth of the        INCREASE BY 200,00 BY 2030
Dallas metropolitan area.

Overall, Dallas has a strong and diversified economic base
with exceptional prospects for growth. In particular,
multifamily as an investment is positioned well to benefit
from the positive market dynamics present in Dallas.


Texas’ robust growth over the past decade can be largely
attributed to the many initiatives stimulating economic
development at the state and local level. Outlined below are      TEXAS HIGHLIGHTS
some of the major economic drivers within the state.
                                                               POPULATION: 23,507,783
                                                               POPULATION GROWTH: 1.8%
Population – According to US Census estimates Texas            COST OF LIVING INDEX: 90.3% OF
grew by 2.7 million people from 2000-2005 edging out           NATIONAL AVERAGE
California as the fastest growing state in the nation. By      JOB GROWTH: 2.2%
2040, Texas will grow to a population of 35 million with       UNEMPLOYMENT: 4.3%
Hispanics accounting for the majority of this growth. Texas    MAJOR EMPLOYERS:

became a ―majority-minority‖ state in 2005 with Hispanics      +EXXONMOBIL

representing 50.2% of the state’s population.                  +CONOCOPHILLIPS
Employment – Texas continues to outpace the nation in          +JC PENNEY
employment growth posting 5.4% in 2006 compared to the         +DELL
nation’s paltry 0.1%. All Texas’ major employment sectors      +USAA
have been growing faster than the national average. On         +SOUTHWEST AIRLINES
average, Texas has seen job growth at 2.2% compared to         +BLOCKBUSTER

1.8% at the national level. Couple this growth with the        +WHOLE FOODS MARKETS

diversification of industries within the Texas economy
reduces the vulnerability of the state’s economy to            +POPULATION, HOUSEHOLDS, AND
                                                               WORKFORCE PROJECTED TO
recession.                                                     DOUBLE BY 2030

Exports – In 2006, for the fifth year in a row, Texas was      +LOW COST OF LIVING COUPLED
ranked as the number one state by export revenues largely      WITH HIGH STANDARD OF LIVING
attributable to the strategic alliances and trade agreements   HAS SPURRED JOB GROWTH AND

through NAFTA.                                                 FAMILY HOUSEHOLD FORMATION

Corporate Climate – Texas’ progressive business climate
                                                               +PRO-LANDLORD STATE WITH
has spurred corporate relocations to the state in record       LEGISLATIVE CLIMATE THAT IS
numbers. Texas was #1 for new corporate offices and            PRO-BUSINESS
expansion in 2006. Since 1978 Texas has finished in the
Top Ten more than any other state – a record 26 times          +NO STATE INCOME TAX WHICH
Texas has now displaced California as the only state with      INCREASES POPULATION’S

two regions in top five Fortune 500 metros (Houston and        DISPOSABLE AFTER-TAX INCOME

DFW). Texas is second only to the state of New York in
                                                               +TEXAS’ TRANSPORTATION
Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the state.
                                                               INFRASTRUCTURE IS RANKED IN THE
                                                               TOP 5 IN THE NATION
Texas has demonstrated continued growth that will see
future increases and be sustainable through its low cost of
living, population growth, and diversified economic base.










In order to maximize cash flow and add value to the property, our asset
management will execute a specific business plan to achieve results that
are aligned with the financial objectives of the partnership. Our business
plan was developed after conducting extensive due diligence on the
property from a financial and physical conditions standpoint in addition to
a thorough assessment of existing property operations. Our business plan
is developed as a gameplan and roadmap for maximizing the value of the


 Discounted price below replacement cost
 High barriers to entry
 Great location
 Great condition

 Community Involvement
 DART Rail station
 Employer Rental Contract
 Growing demand
 Supply remains in check
 Marginal tenant base
 Needs upgrades
 Existing Management ineffective

 Potential market downturn
 Seasonal employment

Our capital improvement plan was developed after extensive due diligence
on the physical condition of the property. Additionally, the selection of
features and amenities to upgrade was derived from market research on
comparable properties to not only determine market norms in these areas
but also what would differentiate our property.

The following capital improvements are listed in order of importance and
highest impact to return on investment:



The business plan calls for the following executions:

Expenses are exorbitantly high at 81% of GOI. Market expenses are in the
45% range. We intend on reducing expenses on immediate items
(insurance, management fees, taxes, etc) as well as phased expense
reduction measures (utilities, repairs & maintenance, etc).

We will look to substantially burn-off collection loss by primarily
modifying the tenant profile. We will have strict policy regarding late
payments and bad debt in order to weed out the problem tenants. In
addition, we will institute effective tenant screening policies so that we are
ensuring that we occupy our space with tenants that have a track record
and good payment history. We will also implement tenant retention
programs as we have in our other properties that build a sense of
community and provide incentives for good payment history.


We will implement tax optimization strategies to increase after-tax cash
flow by almost 20%. As in our other properties, we will use accelerated
depreciation to increase depreciation deductions in early years to
significantly improve cash flow for our investors. Additionally, we intend
on reducing property taxes through the county appeal process to reduce
our property tax assessment and increase before-tax cash flow.






The property will have 6 employees with 5 onsite.

Regional Manager - Bobbi
Bobbi is an integral part of our team and brings over 20 yrs of property
management experience. She will oversee all personnel at the property and
is responsible for the property’s financial performance, budgeting,
planning, and business plan execution.

Property Manager – Traci
Traci will be the onsite general manager coordinating leasing activity,
move-ins/outs, contractor operations, collections, policy enforcement,
and special events at the property. She will be responsible for the day-to-
day operations of the property and will oversee the rest of the onsite
personnel. Additionally, she will be primarily responsible for ensuring
tenant retention and community goodwill.

Leasing Agent

Lead Maintenance

Asst. Maintenance


Exit strategy is of vital importance in our investments. We strategically
select our assets based on return on investment and, more importantly, the
return of our investment. Utmost importance goes to selecting property
that preserves our capital and provides us relative liquidity on our invested

-Great location
-1980’s vintage – the pool of investors looking for
-Growing submarket –
-Future job growth –
-Upgraded Improvements –
-Prospective takeout candidates -

Despite the current credit market turmoil, we believe that liquidity will be
restored in the commercial real estate debt markets. Additionally, our
financing is to a certain degree immune to the credit troubles as its
investors are backed by the government. Accordingly, we have provided a
cash-out refinancing analysis based on their underwriting requirements
that have been invariably consistent for a significant time.

LTV Analysis:
DCR Analysis:
Cash-out Analysis:

In Yr. 5, our pro forma sale price is $5,000,000. Although we cannot
guarantee a future sale price we believe this is a reasonable expectation
considering we are using an exit cap rate that is significantly higher than
market norms. Also, our NOI assumption uses expenses that are higher
than normal and growth rates that are more conservative than REIS data.

Exit Cap Rate: 8%
Cap Rate Value:
Liquidity: We anticipate a sale timeframe of 3-6 months. There is no
guaranteed liquidity before we complete a sale.

In conclusion, there are viable exit alternatives using conservative
measures to ensure we can execute a successful exit strategy that is aligned
in the best interest of the partnership.

Debt will come in the form of permanent financing. We have secured preliminary
term sheets at 80% LTV, 1.2 DCR, 6%, 30-yr am from multiple sources of capital.

There will be no mezzanine funds used in this transaction.

We will raise equity capital equal to or above 20% of the purchase price on an
invitation basis to our existing investor base.


Sources & Uses

1st Lien                                     $5,700,000
2nd Lien / Mezzanine
3rd Lien / JV Equity                         $1.5-1.8MM
4th Lien / Investor Equity                   $200-500K
Total                                        $7,700,000

Purchase Price                               $6,600,000
Capital Expenditures / Development Budget    $1,050,000
Interest Reserve
Financing Costs
Closing Costs                                $50,000
Total                                        $7,700,000

    Critical Dates Timeline

    Prospectus Distribution                               7/11/2008

    Purchase Contract Signed and Effective                7/15/2008

    Capital Commitments Received                          8/02/2008

    Wiring Account Opened                                 8/07/2008

    Offering Closed to Outside Investors                  8/12/2008

    Offering Closed/Sold-out                              8/30/2008

    Property Closing                                      9/15/2008

    Cash Flow Check Commencement                       12/02/2008


The management team draws from its family’s 55 years of real estate
ownership and management of multifamily, self-storage, industrial, and
retail properties. Our experience is rooted in proven fundamentals and
enhanced through innovative practices that have been implemented on
investments ranging from stabilized properties to development projects.
We pride ourselves on the new brand of management we have created as
an extension and enhancement of our famiily’s past successes.

The Mas Management brand is a specialized form of managing
multifamily properties. Our unique ability to attract and retain the
Hispanic demographic gives us a competitive advantage from an
operational standpoint as we have realized a sharp decline in
delinquencies, less turnover which translates into reduced make-ready
expenses, and the property enjoys a better sense of community with the
Hispanic renter. Furthermore, the particular focus of our investment
group is acquiring undervalued properties at total capitalizations ranging
from $2 MM to $15 MM. This capitalization range enables our group to
be agile enough to capitalize on transactions that are too large for the
smaller investor and below the capitalization threshold of the institutional

Our group concentrates on acquiring properties below replacement cost
from distressed owners. Our business plan calls for investment into
growing areas that are economically viable and show signs of sustainable
growth over the long term. Our group has developed aggressive
management practices that institute measures to allow effective
repositioning of a property in order to differentiate the property and
command a higher rent in the market. In conjunction with differentiation,
we normalize expenses and implement innovative ways to increase traffic
to the site and improve tenant retention. These practices have maximized
NOI at our approximately 500 units under ownership. Exposure to
varying conditions of ownership ranging from turnkey to substantial
redevelopments has evidenced a proven track record of superior results
for the management team.

We have taken the liberty to invite additional investors to leverage our
past successes by partnering with us to grow a portfolio, generate
economies of scale, and achieve extraordinary results.

Proactive management of the firm’s investment activities enables our
portfolio to generate superior risk-adjusted returns for its investors. Quez
Fulcrum’s investment philosophy revolves around focusing on the
fundamentals of property management, targeting the growing Hispanic
demographic, capital markets expertise, and enhancing value through
creative asset management.


    Fundamentals
Quez Fulcrum is looking to hit singles and doubles to consistently
outperform its relative benchmark. Our core philosophy is to focus on the
fundamentals of real estate first. Our priority is the return of our investor’s
capital and then the return on our investor’s capital. Our primary objective
is to preserve our partners’ invested capital and we ensure that we satisfy
that objective through investing in fundamentally strong markets where
there is a historically strong and diversified economic base with prospects
for future growth and historically low market volatility. The return on our
investor’s capital comes from a combination of future growth prospects at
the market level and adding or enhancing value at the property level. We
concentrate first and foremost on the basics of practical, hands-on
property management and build our value-add program from that core.

    Value Add
Our approach to adding value is accomplished primarily through
identifying abnormalities in an acquisition target relative to market norms
and discounting a property’s acquisition price accordingly. We conduct
extensive due diligence before acquiring our properties to understand their
history and identify the reasons for which they were underperforming. We
only acquire properties where the abnormalities that exist are controllable
and able to be managed effectively in order to take the appropriate steps
to improve operations and maximize value. We use innovative practices to
reduce expenses and increase income while fostering a strong community
spirit at our properties. From installing an income-producing billboard to
―green‖ initiatives, we think outside of the box to enhance our returns and
improve the communities that our residents live in.
    Hispanic Renter Base
Quez Fulcrum is uniquely positioned to tap into the growing Hispanic
demographic leveraging its 20 years of experience in marketing to the
Hispanic market. The team has been able to capture the Hispanic renter
base through employing the strategic practices that proved
overwhelmingly successful in their previous capacities at the largest
Hispanic-owned food and entertainment company in the United States,
with gross revenues in excess of $850MM.
The Hispanic renter represents an underserved demographic in the
context of the multifamily market. 52% of the 40 million Hispanics in the
United States are renters and have been shown to prefer to rent than buy a
home. In addition to being the fastest growing renter segment, Hispanics
control $700B in purchasing power and are expected to double in
population, household formation, and labor force by 2030. Particular
cultural characteristics within the Hispanic demographic make it difficult
for operators to effectively capture and sustain this segment of the market.
Our background and past experience within the Hispanic marketplace
affords us a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining this tenant
base. We have built a niche through creating a sense of community and
having programs that cater to this underserved market. Through these
programs we have realized tenant retention at our properties improve
dramatically while tenant turnover has reduced with a corresponding
reduction in costs associated with turnover and collection losses.
We are positioned to capture this growing market as it will differentiate
our multifamily product and support our unique ability to generate
superior risk-adjusted returns.

    Capital Markets Expertise
Financing of real estate is considered the lifeblood of any investment.
Financing a property the wrong way can have devastating effects on a real
estate investment. Our sister company, Quez Capital|REIB, is a full-
service real estate investment bank that arranges debt and mezzanine
financing for some of the largest real estate investors and developers in
the country. Quez Capital|REIB leverages proprietary capital relationships
within the debt markets to obtain the cheapest cost of capital available
with the best terms for the benefit of Quez Fulcrum’s investments. Quez
Fulcrum’s accessibility to the cheapest cost of capital with the most
attractive terms significantly improves the performance of our real estate
investments and increases cash flow to our investors using Quez Capital’s
proprietary real estate investment banking platform.

Messrs. Schoff, Booker, and Marquez are the officers of the Managing
General Partner, Elite GP1, Inc. They have worked together in various
capacities for nearly 10 years. Together they own numerous commercial
properties; from multifamily to self storage and industrial buildings.

Rachel B. Marquez – Managing Partner
Serves as the President/CEO, Director, and is a co-founder of Elite
Investments Group, Inc. His expertise is in assessing the viability of a
potential investment property as well as the process of acquiring the asset
- both of which have provided the Elite Investments Group with the
foundation for their success in controlling over 700 multifamily units and
over 50,000 SF of retail/office space in closed and pending projects. Prior
to forming Elite Investments Group, Inc, Mr. Schoff syndicated a
successful real estate partnership for a redevelopment project in San Luis
Obispo alongside notable partners: Michael Schoff (Chairman, The
Schomac Group, Inc) and Robert H. Schoff (President, National Self
Storage). Mr. Schoff’s area of real estate practice include: Syndications,
Real Estate Sales, and Commercial Lending. Mr. Schoff holds a California
Real Estate Brokers license and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in
Business Administration from Orfalea College of Business at California
Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

J. Antonio Marquez – Managing Partner
J. Antonio Marquez serves as chief investment officer and director of
capital development and acquisitions. He is responsible for capital
formation of debt, mezzanine, and equity financing in addition to sourcing
acquisition opportunities, namely, off-market transactions of fee simple
real estate or distressed debt. He is also an integral component in
transaction-specific business plan development relative to repositioning
execution and Hispanic marketing. Mr. Marquez holds a California Real
Estate Brokers license, is a CCIM Designee, and is a principal at Quez
Capital|REIB which is a commercial real estate financing intermediary
and commercial lending correspondent. He has been involved in over
$130MM in commercial/multifamily real estate transactions. Mr. Marquez
has over 20 years of experience managing his family’s commercial
portfolio totaling more than 1,000,000 square feet of office, retail, and
industrial space and valued over $65MM.
Mr. Marquez’ extensive experience within the Hispanic marketplace
provides an invaluable contribution towards the management team’s
Hispanic marketing and tenant retention programs. His experience in
developing effective and compelling Hispanic-oriented marketing plans is
derived from his previous position as an executive in the largest Hispanic-
owned food and entertainment company in the nation with revenues in
excess of $875 MM and advertising expenditures above $15 MM annually.
Demetre Booker, Jr.- COO/Executive Asset Manager
Demetre serves as the COO/Executive Asset Manager and is a co-
founder of Elite Investments Group, Inc. He is responsible for executing
a properties business plan, establishing management procedures,
negotiating vendor contracts, hiring, training, and coordinating personnel,
as well as controlling the accounting and administrative functions for each
property. During his term with Elite Investments Group, Inc, Mr. Booker
syndicated eight partnerships nationwide. Mr. Booker’s area of real estate
practice include: Commercial Lending, Real Estate Sales, Asset
Management for the Company’s properties, and Director of the formation
of Company’s partnerships.
+Due Diligence
+Asset Management
+Tax Optimization
+Value Enhancement

Quez Fulcrum A/D is the acquisition and development arm of Quez Capital Interests,
Inc., a fully integrated real estate investment bank, and serves as general partner in the
firm’s principal investment activities. Quez Fulcrum A/D invests in value-add
multifamily/commercial real estate for the benefit of its limited partners.

Innovative management of the firm’s investment activities enables the portfolio to
generate superior risk-adjusted returns for its investors. Quez Fulcrum’s investment
philosophy revolves around off-market deal sourcing, stringent financial underwriting,
thorough due diligence, and creative asset management to add value to the investments
we undertake. Additionally, Quez Fulcrum A/D enhances returns through real estate
tax optimization strategies which maximizes after-tax cash flow to the investor.

Quez Fulcrum commands distinct competitive advantages within the markets that it is
actively investing in. Off-market deal sourcing is integral to our philosophy of acquiring
quality properties that our competition does not have access to. We expend many
resources in cultivating relationships with ―on-the-ground‖ deal sources that present
off-market opportunities in the markets we invest in. Once we gain access to these
opportunities, we apply stringent financial analysis using conservative underwriting
criteria and meticulously detailed due diligence that is comprehensive and thorough.
Asset management that is fundamentally sound used in conjunction with innovative
business practices is the cornerstone of our value-added asset management expertise.
Our own brand of management integrates the practical with the creative elements of
effectively maximizing NOI. Through these practices we ensure that our partners are
achieving superior risk-adjusted returns that maximize after-tax cash flow and value.

We pride ourselves on our track record of stable, consistent returns, partnership
integrity through being trusted stewards of our principal and partners’ investments, and
giving back to the communities that we invest in.

We are proud of the proven investments and the success we have had in the past and
look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead with our future partners.

                                                                      1150 J St. Ste. 315
                                                                    San Diego, CA 92101

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