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					Gaming Servers

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       How Gaming Servers Work
• When a person is
  playing a game from
  his or her computer
  on the net, it connects
  to game servers such
  as these 

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    How Gaming Servers Work
• The following is a basic idea of how information
  is sent from your computer to the server as well
  as other computers on the network:
• When a person is playing a game online, what’s
  a little more important is not the speed but
  rather the amount of hops, traceroutes, that the
  data packets from the computer have to bounce
  through (routers/switches) to get to its
            How Gaming Servers Work
• The moment When you input information from your computer it bounces.
• Here is a technical example:

Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

1 10 ms 10 ms 10 ms
2 17 ms 13 ms 34 ms []
3 14 ms 17 ms 24 ms []
4 132 ms 130 ms 127 ms []
5 114 ms 111 ms 120 ms []
6 110 ms 104 ms 102 ms []
7 135 ms 131 ms 142 ms []
8 152 ms 171 ms 168 ms [64.1
9 148 ms 153 ms 206 ms []
10 145 ms 148 ms 144 ms []
11 175 ms 177 ms 178 ms [207.
12 137 ms 143 ms 135 ms

Trace complete.
    How Gaming Servers Work
• The route that the data packet takes would be
  from a house in Southern Idaho to several
  places across the country until it reaches the
  game server in Pasadena.
How Gaming Servers Work
           How Gaming Servers Work

                                        The data packet is then sent to
                                        the server, via traceroutes. The
                                        server then receives the
                                        information and sends another
                                        data packet known as a reply
You tell the computer to shoot          packet which confirms the
(Normally by pressing the left button   packet has been received.
on the mouse)
           How Gaming Servers Work
While at the same time, the server
calculates your position in 3D                                 ENEMY HERE
space, the direction of the
projectile, and takes the position of
the enemy in 3D space and his
movement speed and direction. It
will then calculate whether or not
you successfully hit your target.

The server decides that you successfully hit your target.
It then sends data packets (hit points lost, armor, etc.) to
both you and the enemy telling you that the enemy has
been hit.

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How Gaming Servers Work

   How Gaming Servers Work
• This is the basic idea of how information is
  sent between gamers and the server.
• KEY TERM: Replication – Taking data
  from a given client and replicating it
  (duplicating + adding to it) back to all the

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