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  Have you joined our Facebook group? “Real Babies, Real Diapers” - it’s a great place to see
                   what’s new and swap/sell/buy diapering related products!

Reusable Wipes Now Available!
  Now you can add soft, chemical free reusable wipes to your weekly service to your service for
                                                                                                                                    Volume 2, Issue 4
 only $10 per month!* This cost includes all of the wipes (8 x 8 double sided terry) you need and a
10g package of Monkey Doodlez Wipes Cubes so you can easily make your own wipes solution! Just
                                                                                                                                    March 2009
 toss the dirty wipes in with your dirty diapers and your supply will be replenished! A great option
  for your baby’s Tushee, your pocket book and the environment! Contact us to add wipes to your
                                               service!                                                                                The items contained herein are
                                                                                                                                      provided for general information
                       *Based on one child, additional children are $3 per month each                                                purposes only. This information is
                                                                                                                                       not advice. Readers should not
                                                                                                                                    rely solely on this information, but

Activities for Local Moms & Little Ones                                                                                                should make their own inquiries
                                                                                                                                      before making any decisions. No
                                                                                                                                     responsibility is accepted for any
                                                                                                                                      errors or omissions or results of
BABY TALK- is a great drop-in group          PARENT TALK- held at The Boys &
                                                                                                                                    any actions based upon this infor-
for babies and parents. These informa-       Girls Club (same address as above)       MOM & TOTS-every Wednesday at the
                                                                                                                                     mation. This newsletter may con-
tion sessions are a great way to learn       every Friday from 9:30-11am, a talk on   Trinity Baptist Church on Springfield
                                                                                                                                       tain links to websites that are
about baby care and also to meet other       a different topic each week. It includes from 9:15-11:00. It's totally casual, just
                                                                                                                                     created and maintained by other
new moms and their babies. These ses-        free childminding, coffee, muffins and   a drop in whenever, play, leave whenever        organizations. We do not neces-
sions are all free.                          yogurt.                                  you want. There are TONS of toys and          sarily endorse the views expressed
                                                                                      things to play with and really nice for           on these websites, nor do we
 Rutland Health Center: on Gray Rd         STROLLER SIZE-If you are interested those that have another child because                guarantee the accuracy or com-
  every Tuesday from 1:30-2:30               in really working off those post-baby    there are lots of    toddler ride              pleteness of any information pre-
                                             pounds, check out Kasie's group Stroller on/climb on things and mats and stuff.                    sented there.
 Kelowna Health Center: on Ellis St.       Size! She runs stollersize classes in    There is no fee and no registration or
  every Wednesday from 1:30-2:30pm
                                             Mission Creek Park every Monday and      anything -- just show up!!
 Westbank Health Center : (sorry,          Thursday for $10 per class. For more
  don't know where this one is located)      info, you can contact Kasie at 859-2431. BABY SONG & RHYME- is held every
  every Tuesday from 1:30-2:30.
                                             SPLASH TIME- is held at the Y in
                                                                                      Friday from 10:15 - 10:45am at the
                                                                                      downtown library on Ellis St. This is a
                                                                                                                                     Together we
BREASTFEEDING CLINIC- for those              Rutland every Tuesday, Thursday, and     fun interactive half hour to spend with
breastfeeding moms out there, the            Friday from 11am-12, and is lots of fun  your baby and connect with other moms.          have saved
Rutland Health Center offers a drop-in       if your little one enjoys the water. For Be prepared to get these songs stuck in
Breastfeeding clinic every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday from 9am-12pm.
                                             ages 6 months to 5 years.                your head for the next week after
                                                                                      attending! Baby song and rhyme time is
The nurses are fantastic at the clinic,      MOMMY MOVIE-every Wednesday at           also at the Rutland Library every Tues-
and will help you with latch issues, low     12:30pm at the Grand 10 theatre. Ad-     day from 10:15-10:45, and in the Mis-                   3000
milk supply, and any other breastfeed-       mission is $5 per adult - babies are     sion at the CNC on Mondays from 10:15-
ing issues. Again, this is a free service.   free.                                    10:45.
                                                                                                                                     diapers from
The Boys and Girls Club, located at
                                             Mommy Movies now at the Capitol Thea-
                                             tre in Westbank (West Kelowna). Start-
                                                                                         Fun n Run Drop In Thursdays from 9-
                                                                                         11am—FREE drop in for parents and            the landfill
1434 Graham St (off of Bernard Ave)          ing at 12:00 noon and admission is $5.00    their toddlers & preschoolers at the
every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30-
11:30am. It is a gym full of toys for the
                                             for each adult. Like the Grand 10’s         Salvation Army on Sutherland. A chance      in February!
                                             program, it is geared to allow parents of   for parents to connect, have coffee, let
little ones, snack is provided with a        young children to have a better chance      the kids play. or
circle time at the end.                      to see movies. Each week’s feature will     call 250 860 2329 for further details.
                                             be posted at
The truth is...if they told you how hard motherhood was going to be….you probably wouldn’t do it! You’re not alone!

Whether you're becoming a mom for the first          baby blues run their course and pass.              Women who have battled depression at another
time or the fourth, the days and weeks                                                                  time in their lives or have one or more relatives
immediately following your baby's birth can be as    When to Call the Doctor                            who have had depression might have a genetic
overwhelming as they are joyful and exciting.        If baby blues linger longer than a week or two,    tendency to develop postpartum depression.
Many women experience major mood shifts after        talk to your doctor to discuss whether             Most postpartum depression is thought to be
childbirth, ranging from brief, mild baby blues to   postpartum depression may be the cause of your     related to fluctuating hormone levels that affect
longer-lasting, deeper clinical depression, which    emotional lows.                                    mood and energy. Levels of estrogen and proges-
is known as postpartum depression.                                                                      terone that have increased during pregnancy
Feelings of sadness and depression are more          Postpartum Depression                              drop suddenly after delivery. In some cases a
common after childbirth than many people may         For some women, the feelings of sadness or         woman's thyroid hormone may decrease, too.
realize. It's important for new mothers — and        exhaustion run deeper and last longer than baby    These rapid hormone shifts affect the brain's
those who love them — to understand the              blues. About 10% of new mothers experience         mood chemistry in a way that can lead to
symptoms of postpartum depression and to reach       postpartum depression, which is a true clinical    sadness, low mood, and depression that lingers.
out to family, friends, and medical professionals    depression triggered by childbirth.                Stress hormones may have an added effect on
for help.                                            Postpartum depression usually begins 2 to 3        mood. Some women may experience this more
With the proper support and treatment, mothers       weeks after giving birth, but can start any time   than others.
who are experiencing any degree of postpartum        during the first few days, weeks, or months
depression can go on to be healthy, happy            post-delivery.                                     When to Call the Doctor
parents.                                             A woman with postpartum depression may feel        If feelings of sadness or depression are strong,
                                                     sad, tearful, despairing, discouraged, hopeless,   if they linger throughout most of the day for
Baby Blues                                           worthless, or alone. She also may:                 days in a row, or if they last longer that a week
Up to 80% of women experience something called                                                          or two, talk to your doctor. A new mother who
                                                        have trouble concentrating or completing
the baby blues, feelings of sadness and                                                                           feels like giving up, who feels that life is
                                                     routine tasks
emotional surges that begin in the first days                                                                     not worth living, or who has suicidal
after childbirth. With the baby blues, a woman           lose her                                               thoughts or feelings needs to tell her
might feel happy one minute and tearful or           appetite or not                                              doctor right away.
overwhelmed the next. She might feel sad, blue,      feel interested                                              Postpartum depression can last for
irritable, discouraged, unhappy, tired, or moody.    in food                                                      several months or even longer if it goes
Baby blues usually last only a few days — but can        feel                                                   untreated. With proper treatment, a
linger as long as a week or two.                     indifferent to                                               woman can feel like herself again.
                                                     her baby or not                                              Treatment may include talk therapy,
Why It Happens                                       feel attached                                                medication, or both. In addition, proper
These emotional surges are believed to be a          or bonded                                                    diet, exercise, rest, and social support
natural effect of the hormone shifts that occur                                                                   can be very helpful. Some women find
with pregnancy and childbirth. Levels of estrogen
                                                       feel
                                                                                                                  yoga to be beneficial. Some research
and progesterone that have increased during                                                                       suggests that expressing thoughts and
                                                   by her situation
pregnancy drop suddenly after delivery, and this                                                                  emotions through certain writing
                                                   and feel that
can affect mood. These female hormones return                                                                     techniques can help relieve symptoms of
                                                   there is no
to their pre-pregnancy levels within a week or so.                                                                depression.
                                                   hope of things
As hormone levels normalize again, baby blues                                                                     It may take several weeks for a woman
                                                   getting better
usually resolve on their own without medical                                                                      to begin to feel better once she is being
                                                   feel like she is
treatment.                                                                                                        treated for depression, though some
                                                   just going
                                                                                                                  women begin to feel better sooner. Ask
                                                   through the
What to Do                                                                                                        your doctor about how soon to expect
                                                   motions of her
Getting proper rest, nutrition, and support are                                                                   improvements and ways to take care of
                                                   day without
quite important — since being exhausted or sleep                                                                  yourself in the meantime.
                                                   being able to
deprived or feeling stressed can reinforce and
                                                   feel happy,
fuel feelings of sadness and depression.                                                                         Postpartum Psychosis
To cope with baby blues, new moms should try to                                                                  A more serious and rare condition is
                                                   pleased, or joyful about anything
accept help in the first days and weeks after                                                           postpartum psychosis. It affects about 1 in
                                                   Feelings and thoughts like these are painful for a
labour and delivery. Let family and friends help                                                        1,000 women who give birth and occurs within the
                                                   woman to experience — especially during a time
with errands, food shopping, household chores, or                                                       first month after labour and delivery. It may
                                                   that is idealized as being full of happiness. Many
child care. Let someone prepare a meal or watch                                                         include hallucinations, such as hearing voices or
                                                   women are reluctant to tell someone when they
the baby while you relax with a shower, bath, or                                                        seeing things, or feelings of paranoia.
                                                   feel this way. But postpartum depression is a
a nap.                                                                                                  With postpartum psychosis, a woman can have
                                                   medical condition that requires attention and
Get plenty of rest and eat nutritious foods.                                                            irrational ideas about her baby — such as that
Talking to people close to you, or to other new                                                         the baby is possessed or that she has to hurt
mothers, can help you feel supported and remind                                                         herself or her child. This condition can be
                                                   Why It Happens
you that you're not alone. You don't have to                                                            extremely serious and disabling, and new mothers
                                                   Postpartum depression can affect any woman —
stifle the tears if you feel the need to cry a bit                                                      who are experiencing these symptoms need
                                                   but some may be more at risk for developing it.
— but try not to dwell on sad thoughts. Let the                                                         medical attention right away.
Why It Happens                                                                                            mental health professional. Sometimes a woman
Women who have other psychiatric illnesses,         Getting Help and Helping Yourself                     is reluctant to seek help or may not recognize
such as bipolar disorder or schizoaffective         Tell your doctor if you're having trouble with        her own symptoms right away.
disorder, may be at greater risk of developing      postpartum moods, thoughts, or feelings. Let          Consider giving the new mom some information on
postpartum psychosis.                               someone else you trust know, too. This might be       postpartum depression, and offer to read
                                                    your partner, a friend, or a family member. This      through it together. You might offer to make an
When to Call the Doctor                             is a time to reach out and accept help and            appointment for her and go with her if she wants.
Postpartum psychosis requires immediate medical     support from people close to you.                     Once she's receiving the care she needs,
attention and, often, a brief hospitalization. If   In addition to getting treatment for postpartum       support, love, and friendship are good medicine,
you or someone you know is experiencing             depression, small things you do can make it easier    too. Here are a few things that you can continue
symptoms, don't delay getting medical attention.    to get through a difficult time. You might find it    do for her:
                                                    helpful to:                                              Check in with her regularly to see how she's
Understanding the Changes After Childbirth
                                                       Take time for yourself. Schedule a baby-         doing.
New mothers experience many layers of change
                                                    sitter for a regular time. This way you'll be sure
in the days and weeks immediately following la-                                                              Listen when she wants to talk.
                                                    to get time for yourself and know that it's com-
bour and delivery. In addition to the sudden drop
                                                    ing.                                                     Go for a walk with her (every day if
in estrogen and progesterone — which can affect                                                           possible!).
mood — there are other huge physical, emotional,        Focus on little things to look forward to
and domestic changes that can affect how a new      during the day. This might be a hot shower,              Make her a nutritious meal (regularly!).
mom feels.                                          relaxing bath, walk around the block, or visit with       Give her some breaks from housework and
                                                    a friend.                                             child care responsibilities.
Physical Changes                                        Read something uplifting. Since depression         Let her take a nap or a relaxing bath while
Pregnancy brings many physical changes, and         may make it difficult to concentrate, choose          you care for her baby.
labour and delivery are physically intense and      something light and positive that can be read a
challenging. It takes time for the body to          bit at a time.
                                                                                                              Be patient, be kind.
recover, and a new mother might feel exhausted,                                                           Believe in her — and remind her of her true
emotionally drained, or uncomfortable after
                                                       Indulge in other simple pleasures. Page          qualities and strengths.
                                                    through a magazine, listen to music you enjoy, sip
                                                    a cup of tea.                                         Brighter Days Ahead
Personal and Emotional Changes                         Be with others. Create opportunities to          Like all forms of depression, postpartum
A woman's role and responsibilities may change      spend time with other adults, like family and         depression creates a cloud of negative feelings
quite a bit when she becomes a new mother. It       friends, who can provide some comfort and good        and thoughts over a woman's view of herself,
can take time to adjust — even if she felt          company.                                              those around her, her situation, and the future.
prepared for the change. Some women may feel                                                              Under the cloud of depression, a woman might
                                                       Ask for help. Don't shy away from asking         see herself as helpless or worthless. She might
isolated, worried, or scared.
                                                    for emotional support or help with caring for the     view her situation as overwhelming or hopeless.
Some new mothers face added stresses related
                                                    baby or tackling household chores.                    Things might seem disappointing, uninteresting,
to difficult circumstances or lack of support.
Enduring a tough relationship, a                       Accept help. Accepting help doesn't make         or without meaning. Keep in mind that the bleak
precarious financial situation, or some other       you helpless — by reaching out you help yourself      negative perspective is part of depression.
major life event at the same time — like a move     and your baby.                                        With the right treatment and support, the cloud
                                                                                                          can be lifted. This can free a woman to feel like
or a job loss — can add stress.                        Rest. Give your child a quiet place to sleep,
                                                                                                          herself again, to regain her perspective and
Pregnancy-related stress — such as difficulty       and try to rest when the baby does.
conceiving or complications during pregnancy or                                                           sense of her own strength, her energy, her joy,
labour — can add to a new mom's feeling of being
                                                       Get moving. A daily walk can help lift mood.     and her hope. With those things in place, it's
depleted. Sometimes (but not always) these          (Check with your doctor before starting any new       easier to work with changes, to see solutions to
stresses can pave the way for depression.           exercise program.)                                    life's challenges, and to enjoy life's pleasures
                                                       Be patient. Know that it may take time to        again.
Changes in Routines and Responsibilities            feel better and take one day at a time.               Reviewed by: D'Arcy Lyness, PhD
A newborn brings special demands on a mother's                                                            Date reviewed: May 2007
                                                       Be optimistic. Try to think of small things
time, attention, and energy. For first-time
                                                    you're grateful for.                                  ppd.html
mothers, there can be lots to learn about
meeting the baby's most basic needs, like             Join a support group. Ask your doctor or
sleeping, feeding, bathing, and soothing. There     women's center about resources in your                LOCAL RESOURCES
are lots of new routines to establish.              community.                                  
The baby's sleeping, waking, and feeding                                                                  RSN=139&Number=12
schedules can make it hard for a new mom to get     Helping Someone With Postpartum Depression
the sleep and rest required to help handle all      If you're concerned that your partner or
these new stresses and responsibilities. And        someone else you know is experiencing
without a good night's sleep, even small things     postpartum depression, it's important to
can seem overwhelming.                              encourage her to talk to her doctor and to a

Clean Green Tip For Microwaves!                       Fill a bowl with water, place a couple slices of lemon in the bowl, microwave on high for 3
minutes, leave in for an extra minute after - wipe clean with cloth. Cleans even the stickiest messes and it leaves your microwave smelling
lemony fresh!
Customer Classifieds
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monthly cycle? Would you like to save
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March 4 with payment (cash or cheque).

Disinfecting Cleaner
To make a kid safe and economical disinfecting               * We use a few drops of
cleaner, combine...                                          peppermint and lemon
3 cups distilled* water                                      essential oils
1/4 cup food grade* hydrogen peroxide
essential oils of your choice                                Thanks Michelle!
*Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide can be purchased               For more of Michelle’s great
at your local health food store                              tips,check out her blog:
* Distilled Water must be used otherwise the
reaction of the chlorine in the water with the
peroxide will make your bottle leak!

They’re here!
Our favorite disposable products are      Diapers—all sizes $18.99 per package,           Nature BabyCare products are bio-
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Win, Win, Win!
We’ve made a few updates to our                  Prizes to be won include:                         For our service customers only!
website and one of the areas that                      Milky Paws Gift Basket—full of            If your baby is not yet featured in
we’d really like to “snaz” up is our                     amazing products!                         our photo gallery, send us his/her
testimonials/photo gallery section!                                                                picture and we’ll enter you to win a
                                                       Nature BabyCare Gift Pack
                                                                                                   free week of service!
                                                         (package of diapers or training
So send us your testimonial about our                    pants and package of wipes)
customer service (in general), our                                                                 All photos and testimonials are
products, or our diaper service                                                                    posted with only first names to
                                                 Already on our testimonials page?
(specifically) and a photo of your                                                                 ensure privacy.
                                                 Send us a recipe, tip or trick for our
babe in his/her Tidy Tushees related
                                                 next newsletter and we’ll enter you to
product (i.e. diaper, swim diaper or                                                               Thank you in advance!
Naty) and we’ll enter you to win one
of a variety of gift packages!
                                                                                                   Deadline for entries is March 30!

Parent– Job Description
                 POSITION:                       challenges, such as small gadget repair,                    PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE:
Mom, Mommy, Mama,! Ma                            mysteriously sluggish toilets and stuck           None required unfortunately.
Dad, Daddy, Dada, Pa, Pop                                                                          On-the-job training offered on a continually
                                                 Must screen phone calls, maintain calendars       exhausting basis.
                                                 and coordinate production of multiple
            JOB DESCRIPTION:                     homework projects.
Long term, team players needed, for              Must have ability to plan and organize social           WAGES AND COMPENSATION:
challenging, permanent work in an often          gatherings for clients of all ages and mental     Get this! You pay them!
chaotic environment.                             outlooks.                                         Offering frequent raises and bonuses.
Candidates must possess excellent                Must be a willing to be indispensable one         A balloon payment is due when they turn 18
communication and organizational skills and be   minute, an embarrassment the next.                because of the assumption that college will
willing to work variable hours, which will       Must handle assembly and product safety           help them become financially independent.
include evenings and weekends and frequent       testing of a half million cheap, plastic toys,
24 hour shifts on call.                                                                            When you die, you give them whatever is left.
                                                 and battery operated devices.
Some overnight travel required, including                                                          The oddest thing about this reverse-salary
                                                 Must always hope for the best but be              scheme is that you actually enjoy it and wish
trips to primitive camping sites on rainy        prepared for the worst.
weekends and endless sports tournaments in                                                         you could only do more.
far away cities!                                 Must assume final, complete accountability
                                                 for the quality of the end product.
Travel expenses not reimbursed.                                                                                     BENEFITS:
                                                 Responsibilities also include floor maintenance
Extensive courier duties also required.          and janitorial work throughout the facility.      While no health or dental insurance, no
                                                                                                   pension, no tuition reimbursement, no paid
                                                                                                   holidays and no stock options are offered;
            RESPONSIBILITIES:                         POSSIBILITY FOR ADVANCEMENT &                this job supplies limitless opportunities for
The rest of your life.                                          PROMOTION:                         personal growth, unconditional love, and free
Must be willing to be hated, at least            None.                                             hugs and kisses for life if you play your cards
temporarily, until someone needs $5.                                                               right.
                                                 Your job is to remain in the same position for
Must be willing to bite tongue repeatedly.       years, without complaining, constantly
Also, must possess the physical stamina of a     retraining and updating your skills, so that       ** AND A FOOTNOTE: THERE IS NO
                                                 those in your charge can ultimately surpass       RETIREMENT -- EVER!!! * *
pack mule and be able to go from zero to 60      you
mph in three seconds flat in case, this time,
the screams from the backyard are not
someone just crying wolf.
                                                                                                      Hoping we helped you laugh today!
Must be willing to face stimulating technical

                                                                                                                                           Page 5
Tidy Tushees Diaper
                                                     Reminders for Service Customers...
                                                      If you don’t fill out your tag, we don’t know how many diapers to
7695 Falconridge Cres.                                  deliver! You should have a maximum of 8 diapers & soakers left
Kelowna, BC V1P 1J1                                     each week. Let us know if we need to adjust your order.

Phone: 250-870-4106                                   We don’t want you running out of diapers! Call or email us if you are
Fax: 250-870-4503                                       running low!
E-mail:                           Our machines are not designed to launder q-tips, bio-liners, toy
                                                        cars or disposable diapers.
We make the choice to cloth                           Send us a picture of your baby and details (date, weight, name) to
diaper easy!                                            be entered in our monthly draw for a free week of service! For
                                                        those new to service or those who have just had their baby.
                                                      For every person you refer to Tidy Tushees who completes 4 weeks
                 e web!
     We’re on th                                        of service, you’ll receive a free week of service or a $10 Gift
     www.tidytu                                         Certificate!
                                                      Service for your baby’s” birthday week” is free!
                                                      We love to hear how we’re doing! Suggestions, comments, feedback
                                                        are always welcome!
                                                      Shop online, email us or call to have items added to your next
                                                      Join our Facebook Group “Real Babies, Real Diapers” for news, tips,
                                                        classifieds and more! Invite your friends to join as well!

  Frugal Diapering Tips
  These tips are designed to save you money,     Don’t use disposable diaper liners, rather,           Refer your family and friends, if they sign
  take heart, by using cloth diapers, you’re      cut your own from Polar fleece, or old                  up for service, you’ll receive a free week
  already literally saving thousands by not       sweaters                                                of service or $10.00 product gift
  using disposable diapers.                      Flannel Shirts make great absorbent                    certificate once .
                                                  fabric for diapers                                     Register for your favourite products or
  But there is more you can do to save!!         Microfiber Cleaning cloths make fantastic              service and then be sure to tell family and
  Sew your own diapers, from recycled           inserts for Pocket Diapers, and can be                  friends about us when they’re asking what
   fabric. Jersey T-Shirts make fantastically     used as boosters for regular diapers                    you need or what would make a great gift!
   soft and absorbent dipes
  Towels can be recycled into diapers   Sell your diapering related products
  Dry Pail - don’t use soaking solutions                                                                (covers, etc.) as your baby outgrows
                                                                                                          them—unless you’re planning to have
  Wash using an ecologically friendly
                                                 But what if you use our Diaper Service?                  another baby of course!
   solution, you’ll use less, and spend less
  Dry your diapers in the sunshine. (It gets   Add reusable wipes to your weekly service, Purchase your accessories used! Covers,
   rid of stains, and costs nothing)              they’re cost effective and much kinder to               etc. are often used only for a few months!
  Flat diapers are the cheapest                 your baby’s Tushee and the environment!                 Check our classifieds and other resources
                                                                                                          such as Diaper Swappers & Castanet for
  Buy second hand diapers - check out our      If you use your own wipes, make your own               great deals!
   used service diapers! You can purchase         solution or try Monkey Doodlez Wipes
   them for as low as $2.00 per dipe!             Cubes!                                                 Buy in bulk—Wonder Wash in the 18kg box
  Practise elimination communication - not                                                              takes the cost of laundry detergent down
   really a diaper tip, but it costs NOTHING      Prepay for your service! Prepay in full for           to .14 per load!
                                                  26 weeks and receive a 5% discount, Pre-
   and saves on diapers!
                                                  pay in full for 52 weeks and receive a 10%             Enter our contests—we’re always trying to
                                                  discount! Contact us for details!                       give away free service and/or products!

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