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					September 22 - 26, 2008
    Class Notes & Warm-ups
           Ms. Jong
          U.S. History
Monday    • European Pop Culture Scavenger Hunt
Agenda       – Student questions?
             – Samples of student work
             – How to access the SVMS website if you are
               absent or for resource links
          • Chapter 2, Section 1-3 (Practice Quiz)
             – 15-20 minutes
          • Notebooks:
             – Check / return notebooks received on Friday
             – Collect late notebooks
          • HW for tonight:
               Finish project & create an outline of key points
               from the “Seven Pillars of Colonialism”
              • What if you don’t have the internet? A
                printer? Were absent?
                 – Tutoring and resources at lunch and nutrition
Notes on  • Use to find images (use
European    the “Image” search engine) and thumbnails
Pop         (small versions of the picture) to collage
Culture     onto your project.
Scavenger    – 5 images per section, plus any words or
Hunt           additional information you would like to include.
                 – If you don’t have a color printer, you can colorize
                   your pictures using color pencil on black-and-
                   white print-outs.
9/23/08   • Turn in
Tuesday      – European Pop Culture Scavenger Hunt
             – Grading monitors: check HW
                  • “Seven Pillars of Colonialism”
                  • 7 sentences - main ideas
          •   Notes on how to format notebook
          •   Pass back quiz: Chapter 2, Section 1-3
          •   Choose top 5 projects to display for each class
          •   HW for tonight
              – Chapter 2, Section 4: Beginnings of Slavery in
                America, pp.76-79
              – Pre-reading & Section Assessment p.79
9/23/08     • All students should get their notebook stamped
              (finished or please finish), otherwise
Tuesday       assignments will be marked missing.
format &
missing work • Label missed work “make-up” when you get to it,
              with the date and description of the assignment.

            • Top left corner of each page should be labeled.
              If your work is continued from the last page,
              copy the date and description of the assignment
              (HW, agenda, notes, warm-ups, etc.) followed
              by “cont…”

            • Questions? Let’s look at some samples of
              students’ notebooks
                Chapter              Chapter__ & section __
 Update on
                Title                Section title
 pre-reading    Pages                Pages
 (p.76-79)      Focus Questions      Main Idea
                                     Why it matters now
                Subtitles            Subtitles
                Bold Words           Vocabulary (in the margin)

                Visuals              Visuals (only maps, charts with skillbuilder)

Ch.2 Sec. 4    1.       Terms and names
               •        _____________ -
Section        •        _____________ -
Assessment     •        Vocabulary -
               •        Vocabulary -
               2.       Main ideas
                Chapter & section     Chapter 2 & section 4
 Update on
                Section title         Beginnings of Slavery in the Americas
 pre-reading    Pages                 76-79
 (p.76-79)      Main idea
                Why it matters now
                Vocabulary (in the
                Visuals (only maps,
                charts with

Ch.2 Sec. 4    1.   Terms and names
               •    _____________ -
Section        •    _____________ -
Assessment     •    Vocabulary -
               •    Vocabulary -
               2.   Main ideas
Wednesday   Q: Was Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley alive
            to “hear the crack of the whip”? When
Warm-up     did slavery begin in the Americas? When
            did it legally end?
                 Skip one line after the question.
9/24/08        • Every time I hear the crack of a
Wednesday        whip…
Song:          • 400 years of slavery, blood and
“Catch a Fire”   bravery(?)…black survivors…catch
Artist:          a fire
Damian “Jr.
Gong” Marley • Every time I hear the crack of a
Album:           whip, my blood runs cold
“Halfway       • I remember on the slave ship, how
Tree”            they brutalized my very soul
               • Today they say that we are free,
                 only to be chained in poverty…
Wednesday   Q: Was Damian Marley alive to “hear the
               crack of the whip”? When did slavery
Warm-up        begin in the Americas? When did it
               legally end?
                 Skip one line after the question.
                 Page 77:
                 Slavery began in the Americas in
                 Page 523:
                 Slavery was abolished in 1865 (abolition).
                 If it is 2008 today, when did slavery begin
                 (how long ago?)
                 Slavery began in 1509, about 500 years ago.
9/24/08   Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley
Wednesday How old do you think he is (2001)?

                              QuickTime™ and a
                     TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor
                        are neede d to see this picture.

            Date of Birth: July 21, 1978
9/24/08   • Warm-up
          • Discussion (p.77): The Slave Trade
Agenda    • Dictionary
               Pass out materials, check HW
              – P/Q
              – UVWXYZ
            • Words to Know:
              Arab               Election           Patriot
              Ballot             Independence       Ratify
              Chronological      Islam              (Ratification)
              Colonialism        Muslim             Veto

            • HW for tonight: Ch.1, Sec.3, pp.39-43
                                Societies of West Africa
               – Pre-reading & Section Assessment
           • Why is it important to know that there
9/25/08      were kingdoms in Africa? Why is it
             important to know about your ancestors’
             history? How is knowledge power?
           • Tonight:   Back-to-School Night
                        » Class FAQs (WKST )
                 OR     Chapter 2 Assessment
              •I know I can
9/25/08 •Be what I want to be
Thursday      •If I work hard at it
Song: “I Can” •I’ll be where I wanna be
Artist: NaS   •Be, be, 'fore we came to this country
Album: “God’s •We were kings and queens, never porch monkeys
Son”          •It was empires in Africa called Kush Timbuktu,
              •where every race came to get books
              •To learn from black teachers who taught Greeks and
              •Asian Arabs and gave them gold when
              •Gold was converted to money it all changed
              •Money then became empowerment for Europeans
              •The Persian military invaded
              •They heard about the gold, the teachings and
              everything sacred
              •Africa was almost robbed naked
              •Slavery was money, so they began making slave ships
           • Egypt was the place that Alexander the
9/25/08      Great went
Thursday   • He was a'shocked at the mountains with
             black faces Shot up they nose to impose
             what basically
           • Still goes on today, you see?
           • If the truth is told, the youth can grow
           • They learn to survive until they gain control
           • Nobody says you have to be gangstas,
           • Read more learn more, change the globe
           • Ghetto children, do your thing
           • Hold your head up, little man, you're a king
           • Young Princess when you get your wedding
           • Your man is saying "She's my queen"
9/25/08    • Choose projects to display (period 1 only)
Thursday   • Warm-up
           • Old business
Agenda             • Check HW
                       (grading monitors)
           • New business
               – Back-to-school night preparation
                 (folders, pass back work)
                   •   Personal Timelines
                   •   European Pop Culture Project
                   •   Class rules & procedures (WKST)
                   •   Old participation cards
                   •   Learning style inventory
           • HW or Back-to-School Night
          • Back-to-school night
                 • confirm attendance for extra credit
9/26/08   • Hand-outs:
Friday       – Columbus and the Indians, p.8-11
Agenda           Highlight:
                 • Telling Columbus’s Story, p.8-9
                 • Spaniards treated the Indians… p.9
                 • Genocide - the deliberate killing of an entire ethnic or
                   cultural group. (p.10)
             – How the Indians discovered Columbus
                 • 2nd column, bottom 2 paragraphs (Columbus tried to
                   reap profits from…)
                 • 3rd column
             – Columbus’ quincentenary and Africa
                 • 2nd column, last full paragraph (However, it was the
                   sympathy…Indians were either being exterminated or
          • Weekend HW:
             – Essay on the relationship between colonization and
9/26/08       Standard 8.7
              Slavery: beginnings, growth,
Notes on HW
              Essay on the relationship between
              colonization and slavery:
              How did Christopher Columbus’ famous
              voyage lead to the beginnings of African
              slavery in the Americas?

              3-5 paragraphs, due Monday
              Be prepared to peer edit, otherwise you will
              most likely have a quiz!
              Typed essays are encouraged but not required.
              Students also have the option to use a sentence strip
              and illustrate their response, with sentences that
              describe their illustrations.
Friday        What happened when Christopher Columbus
Notes on HW   went to the Americas? What happened to the
              indigenous people? (Chapter 1, Section 5, pp.49-53 &

              What is slavery? (p. 76)
              What is genocide? (“Columbus and the Indians,” p. 10)

              Why did the Spaniards need to look for other slaves?
              (top of p. 77)

              Why did the Spanish and Portuguese enslave
              Africans? (top of p. 77)

              Feel free to include your opinion on whether you think
              Christopher Columbus is a “hero” or a “villain.” Why do
              you think the truth is not usually told about him?
               • In Mexico and Peru, the Spaniards /
                 conquistadors grabbed the resources,
9/26/08          including land, from the people who
Friday           lived there.
Notes on
               • Indigenous people were forced to mine
7 Pillars of
                 minerals like gold and silver, and work on
                 plantations to grow cash crops like
                 tobacco, rubber, and sugar. Having
                 colonies made the European colonial
                 powers rich.
               • Colonies provide raw materials and
                 become a market for the finished goods
                 that are made from these materials.
                  – The unprocessed, natural resources (raw
                    materials) are brought to Europe.
                  – There they are manufactured and processed to
                    make products (finished goods).
                  – These products are more expensive than the
                    raw materials, and are then sold in the colonies
                    for Europe to make money.
9/26/08        • In the colony, they had a system
Friday           (hierarchy) with a few rich and
Notes on         powerful European colonists at the
7 Pillars of     top and most of the population at the
Colonialism      bottom, doing the hard labor and
                 living in poverty or in slavery.
               • The conquistadors made everyone
                 learn their language and their
                 religion, and give up their own
               • Indigenous people in the Americas
                 were forced to be slaves. They
                 ended up dying because of disease,
                 overwork, murder, and malnutrition.
          What was assigned this week?
          Monday       European Pop Culture Project
9/26/08                (assigned Friday, due Monday)
Friday                 7 Pillars of Colonialism - main ideas
                       (7 sentences - one per box)
          Tuesday      Ch.2, Sec.4 (p.76-79)
                       Beginnings of Slavery in the Americas
                       Pre-reading, Section Assessment
          Wednesday    Ch.1, Sec.3 (p.39-43)
                       Societies of West Africa
                       Pre-reading, Section Assessment
          Thursday     Back-to-School Night
                       Ch. 2 Assessment (p.80)
                       Terms & Names, Review Questions,
                       Critical Thinking (1.Using your notes)
          Friday       Essay on the relationship between
                       colonization and slavery

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