Newsletter Dec 2005

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					                                  True Jesus Church
                                Central Region Newsletter
                                      December 2005

                           Chicago Church
1.    We are thankful that GA sent Dn. C. Y. Kuo of Elizabeth, NJ Church to assist the
      pastoral work, 11/4 – 11/6.
2.    Sis. Patricia Chen, RE Specialist of GA, joined Dn. Kuo to conduct a RE Teachers’
      Workshop on 11/5 and 11/6. RE teachers from Urbana/Champaign, IL and St. Louis,
      MO also attended the workshop.
3.    This month’s Midwest Youth Fellowship Service was held on 11/19. After the
      service, the youths went to Sis. Doreen and David, her husband’s place for other
      activities and sleeping over.
4.    A post Thanksgiving dinner and service were held at the church on Friday night,
      11/25. Many church members and friends participated, including Bjorn Johnson from
      Connecticut, and Sis. Dores Chang of Milwaukee, WI and her mother who came from
      Taiwan to visit her. We shared the grace and blessings that we received from the Lord
      during the year.
5.    We are all very happy for Sis. Rebecca, Sis. Amy Wang’s daughter, for the birth of a
      baby boy on 11/13. The baby’s name is Felix Tan. His weight at birth was 7 lb 3 oz.
      Sis. Amy went to New York to help her daughter for a month. May the Lord bless the
6.    We are very happy for Sis. Shinta Jong, Fort Wayne, IN, for starting the medical
      internship this summer. She came for the internship interviews with several teaching
      hospitals in the area. We hope that she would decide to have her internship in
      Chicago, which is closer to her family in Indiana than other major cities.
7.    Pastor Yeh went with a brother to St. Louis, MO for a pastoral visitation on 11/5.
8.    The family services this month included Bartlett, Buffalo Grove, Chicago Downtown,
      and Hawthorne Woods.
9.    The out-of-state visitors this month included Sis. Shinta Jong, Sis. Dores Chang and
      her mom, Br. David Jeng, Br. John’s mother, Bjorn Johnson, and Sis. Katy Cheng, Br.
      Terry’s mom, from Baldwin Park, CA Church.

                       Dallas Church
1. Jonathan and Hannah Chang, along with their two children, Paul and Rebekah, have
   moved from Dallas to New York City. We will miss them, and our prayers follow them
   to their new home.

                        Houston Church
     1. We had our Autumn Spiritual Convocation and Evangelical Services on
        10/27-10/30. Praise God for sending Pr Wen-Chuan Yeh and Pr Jonathan Chou for
        helping us. The main theme for evangelical services was on how the Holy Bible
        relates to Science, Morality and Salvation. We had more than 10 truth seekers
        visiting us. Pr Yeh also shared with us the messages in the Book of Joel during our
        spiritual convocation. Thank God for all the edifying messages.
     2. Our church has signed the land purchase contract for a piece of land. The seller
        co-signed on 11/10. Some works have been started to find out if the land is suitable
        for church building construction. May the Lord guide the progress of this holy work
        so that everything will be done according to His will.
                             True Jesus Church
                           Central Region Newsletter
                                 December 2005

3. Three Houston Church members attended the National Adult Theological Seminar
   (NATS) at Irvine. After they came back to Houston, they testified the grace of the
   Lord on 11/19 and shared with the congregation what they have learned at the
   seminar. They were all spiritually refreshed and encouraged more members to
   attend the seminar next year. Praise the Lord.
4. A Choir Workshop and Fellowship was held on 11/19. A total of 12 members
   attended. It provided a great opportunity for the church members (particularly choir
   members) to learn and improve the quality of the choir, as well as learning the
   experiences from other church choirs. We also reviewed our past choir
   presentations through video clips. A survey was also done aiming to provide
   suggestions and improve the organization of the choir. May the Lord bless our
5. A special thanksgiving service was held at Bro Paul Lee's house on 11/24. We
   started with a worship service, followed by a wonderful dinner. Bro Calvin Chen
   (East Bay) and his family also came to join us. A total of about 40 members and
   friends attended. After the dinner, we played games, shared testimonies and our
   talents. Thank God for this opportunity for everyone to enjoy the fellowship!

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