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									                                                  January 2011

          The NGRC Space Park Enology Club was founded in 1974 by a group of dedicated wine lovers.
               Since that time, the Club has met regularly to taste, evaluate, and discuss fine wines.

Kathy Broten & Barbara Wolford–Editors

2011 Wine Tasting Program
             Date                                  Event / Winery                                   Chairperson(s)
          01/14/11                              “Pinot Days” Strikes Again!                     Mark Anderson &
          (Fri)                                   Doubletree El Segundo                         Marc Levy
          02/18/11                            Barolo and other Italian Delights                 Allen Wilson
          (Fri)                          with Ronnie Grant from The Wine Country
          03/18/11                                  Wines with a Cause                          Joyce & Jared Stout
          (off Fri)                                         TBD
          04/16/11*                                    Spring Dinner                            Lenora Jackson &
          (Sat)                                             TBD                                 Kathy Broten
          05/20/11*                          Edna Valley/Arroyo Grande Wines                    Barbara Wolford
          06/17/11*                                 Famous Winemaker                            Tom & Kathy Broten
          (Fri)                                             TBD
          07/22/11*                       Spanish Wine Pairing w/Wine Educator                  Dennis Heck
          (Fri)                                             TBD
          08/20/11*                                    Summer Picnic                            Board
          (Sat)                                         Private Home
          09/30/11*                                   Spectacular Reds                          Marc Levy
          11/04/11*                            The Zins of Sonoma/Napa/Paso                     Bruce Barwick
          12/10/11*                       Holiday Champagne Tasting and Dinner                  TBD
    * = Tentative Date

Upcoming Events:

        January 2011 – Pinot Days Strikes Again! Our popular tasting from last year is back! It will be held at
         the Doubletree Hotel, El Segundo.

             1985 East Grand Avenue
             El Segundo, CA 90245-5015

        February 2011 – Allen Wilson hosts Ronnie Grant from The Wine Country for an Italian red wine
         tasting, featuring a flight of highly rated Barolos.                                                     
Our Sister Club’s 2011 Calendar:
           Date              Event                                                     Cost
           January 28        Champagne with Guest Host                                 $63.25
           February 25       Can You Hail Me a Cab!                                    $63.25
           March 25          Blind Tasting                                             $57.50
           April 29          South America                                             $51.75
           May               No Tasting
           June 24           Tempranillos – Domestic and Spanish                       $57.50
           July 29           Women Winemakers                                          $57.50
           August 26         Down Under Tour – Australia & New Zealand                 $57.50
           September         Gondola Ride                                              $TBD
           October 21        Unique Varietals                                          $57.50
           November 18       Italian                                                   $63.25
           December          Date and Place TBD                                        TBD

Our Sister Club’s tastings are held at the Manhattan Beach Bristol Farms. Prices include a gratuity for the
server. Contact Helen at for information.

We have a new membership chair, Kim Nesbitt. So, if you change your email address, please send an updated
address to

Hint: As soon as you receive a flyer for an event, send an email to the person taking reservations (see the flyer
for information). That will hold a spot until you can get your check to us. We ask that it show up within a

We have now merged in to the Northrop Grumman Recreation Club (NGRC) from the Space Park Site Council
(SPSC), so now we are the NGRC Space Park Enology club. In the future, checks are to be made out to the
“Enology Club.”

Tasting pictures have been compressed to keep this newsletter a reasonable size. If you would like to see higher
resolution pictures, see the external website:
In January, we will be hosting our event at the El Segundo/LAX Doubletree Hotel. See the map and address:

                                  El Segundo/LAX Doubletree Hotel
                                  1985 East Grand Avenue
                                  El Segundo, CA 90245-5015

The 2011 Enology Club Board has been selected!

The board has played a little bit of musical chairs, some have “retired,” we have some new faces. New board
member, Kim Nesbitt, is taking over as the membership chair – you may have noticed that she sent this
newsletter to you. Her husband, CJ Nesbitt, has joined the board as the internal (to NG) webmaster. Mike
Bilinski has joined us as our new photographer; he will also be creating the photo collages, a job previously
done by the newsletter editor. See his terrific work below. If you’d like a softcopy of any of the pictures,
contact him at Joyce and Jared Stout are taking over as newsletter editors starting
next month (thank you!) – Barb Wolford is still providing the content (thank you too!).

We also have two new board positions this year, Membership Outreach, headed by Stephanie Herczog and
“floater,” Bruce Barwick. Stephanie will be reaching out to the younger/newer wine tasters, hosting
introductory wine tastings in a more casual atmosphere. She’ll be bringing in the next generation of wine
lovers! Bruce will be filling a desperately needed function as “floater.” Many of the board positions make it
difficult to take time off, now we have Bruce to step in and save us!

We say goodbye to our board members Jim Belt, Ron Polidan and Jayne Lange. They have gone back to being
“regular” members. Thanks to them for all their hard work and we look forward to seeing them at future
               The Space Park Enology Club Presents…

                                Pinot Days II, Strikes Again!
                                    Friday, January 14th, 2011, 7:30pm
                                    At the El Segundo DoubleTree Hotel
“Pinot Days” has been organizing Pinot Noir events in San Francisco and Chicago for many
years. Our January event will help kickoff the second “Pinot Days Southern California”
weekend. Several winemakers will join us, each representing one of California’s top Pinot Noir
regions: the North Coast, Santa Cruz Mountains and Santa Barbara County. Come and meet the
winemakers, hear their stories, and immerse yourself in noble grapes from their highly acclaimed
2007/8 vintage!
For more information on Pinot Days, visit:
This event will examine the influences of terroir and climate on wine by comparing each region’s
Pinot Noir side-by-side. For the first flight, each winery will provide a regional wine. Our second and third flights will
focus on single vineyard wines from each region. This tasting event will also include a wine glass specifically crafted for
Pinot Noir - which you can take home with you. Meet our winemakers:
                         La Follette Wines handcraft small lots of Pinot Noir from Sonoma Mountains and Mendocino
                           Ridge area. Greg La Follette favors cool vineyard sites that yield a maximum expression of
                         Thomas Fogarty Winery is a 325 acre winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Winemaker
                           Thomas Fogarty produces small lots and has been perfecting his fermenting skills for more than
                           30 years.
                         Hitching Post Wines makes elegant, refined wines from the finest Santa Barbara County
                           vineyards. Hartley Ostini HP winemaker wines were featured in the hit movie “Sideways” and
                           the rest was history… Just plain great tasting Pinot Noir wines.
To get a taste of hand-crafted “artisan” Pinot Noir from California’s top regions, join us on January 14th at 7:30pm at the
new venue El Segundo DoubleTree Hotel, 1985 East Grand Ave., East of N. Sepulveda Blvd, between El Segundo
Blvd & Mariposa Ave. An assortment of bread, fruit and cheese will be served. Reservations are required. Deadline for
reservations or cancellations is Friday, Jan 7th!

(if you plan to pay for 2011 Club membership dues, provide separate check with forms)

                                                                         The price of the tasting is:
           EMAIL TODAY:
                                           $20 for members
                                                                                 $25 for guests
           and then mail reservations to:                                Please make checks payable to the
              Atten: Mary Ann Hetherington                                   Enology Club
              One Space Park S/1156 (Enology)
              Redondo Beach, CA, 90278                                   Must be at least 21 years old to
              (310) 332-4262                                             participate.
    Pinot Days II, Strikes Again! January 14th, 2011
    Name                                                                       Member? Yes  No
    Name                                                                       Member? Yes  No
    Please select confirmation option:
     Email                                           Day Phone                                          _                                            
Whimsy, Humor, Trivia, Quizzes, and Quotes


      30 million gallons of wine were lost in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.
      wine is fat-free and contains no cholesterol?
      the higher the alcohol in a wine – the more body (weight) it will usually have
      a bottle of wine is 86% water
      more acres of grapes are planted than any other fruit in the world
      planting of vineyards for winemaking began more than 8,000 years ago


How did brewers tell the ideal temperature of a liquid to determine if it was neither too hot nor too cold, when
adding yeast?
          A. By the aroma of the liquid
          B. By dipping their thumb into the liquid
          C. By visually observing the liquid
          D. By tasting the liquid

   (B. By dipping their thumb into the liquid. From this we get the phrase "rule of thumb.")

Funny and Famous Wine Quotes and Toasts
Great Writers Have Paid Homage to Wines Throughout History

Wine, the nectar of the Gods - the inspiration of the muse - the fruit of the vine. All of those and more have
been said about wine as it has been romanticized in prose, uttered in jest or memorialized in the pages of
history. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote, “Wine is bottled poetry,” while Dom Pérignon said “Come quickly. I
am tasting the stars.” Both were trying to put into words the very nature and essence of the premium crushed
elixir of the wine grape.

Quotes, Idioms, and Sayings About Wine

From the dawn of time, wine created a sensual experience. When a glass of wine was poured the senses were
engaged -- the sound of the popped cork, the splash made in the glass, the smell of nature, the hues from golden
to ruby, and the tickle and weight of the wine on the tongue all added to the imagery of the mind as these senses
found their way to paper. It was said, "In water one sees one's own face, but in wine one beholds the heart of
another.” No other drink has inspired so many poets and writers!

The skill of master winemaker created the essence of wine, but the journey of wine was chronicled by the
thousands of quotes and saying penned or uttered by history's most notable characters. Quotes, quips, idioms,
and sayings were passed down from Jesus, Homer, Plato, Shakespeare, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson,
Mark Twain, Wm. Butler Yeats, Virginia Wolfe, W.C. Fields, Erma Bombeck, and a host of others.

Many quotes relating to wine have been attributed to Anonymous, French and Chinese Proverb, and Irish Toast.
These writers are more often quoted than some of the world's most prolific literary greats. Unfortunately, many                                     
sayings appear to have been muddled versions from prior times and authors. Sayings are also attributed to
several authors or historic icons, leading to duplications and mis-quoted versions.

Such is the case of this quote, “One of the disadvantages of wine is that it makes a man mistake words for
thoughts," originally made by Dr. Samuel Johnson. Reference credit is sometimes given to James Boswell, as it
was written in Boswell’s book The Life of Samuel Johnson, yet Johnson himself previously wrote it. When
curious about quotes checking with Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations, it has been a definitive resource for quotes
for more than one hundred years.

While Bartlett’s Quotations has quotes from history's greats, it doesn't address some of today's notable
unattributed witticisms that often come out while drinking wine such as:

      Due to the heavy wine fog all further thoughts have been temporarily suspended
      Wine improves with age, the older I get the better I like it
      Like a fine wine I'm not getting older, I'm becoming more complex
      I only drink on days ending in "y"

Many of the above quotes are referenced in the book: Wine and Sweet Words, a collection of quotes, sayings
and toasts.


When toasts are needed, famous authors and those “ Proverb” and anonymous people are often referenced. The
Irish seem to have been very prolific quoters and toasters, at least based upon the amount of credit given to Irish
Proverbs. You would expect these quotes and toasts to pay less homage to wine or drink and more to the
occasion, however, the wine drinker will find that quotes were inspired by the essence of the grape's nectar as
much as the person that was being regarded with a toast.

"Here's to friendship, the wine of life, let's drink of it and to it," does justice to the wine and the person being
toasted. Others that have been frequently quoted include:

      May our wine brighten the mind and strengthen the resolution
      May we always have old wines, old friends and young cares
      Pour deep the rosy wine and drink a toast with me; Here's to three: wine, thee and camaraderie

There are thousand of quotes to be found and read in both old and modern literature. To borrow a quote from
Samuel Butler, “Letters are like wine; if they are sound they ripen with keeping. A man should lay down letters
as he does a cellar of wine.” It is obvious that many have taken this to heart and committed the essence of wine
to paper for the wine drinker’s enjoyment. Cheers!

--(stolen off the web…originally written by Margo Dillard)                                       
What is the Oldest Wine Discovery?

This is a little tricky as several locations can claim this title, depending on the definition of wine and whether
the criteria of actual liquid or residue is used. Any of the following are accurate for wine trivia.

      The oldest traces of a wine-like substance were discovered in China. The pottery jars and the rice, fruit
       and honey mixture residue inside the jars date this find to over 9000 years ago. The drink that was
       contained in these jars is not what wine would be considered today, but a combination closer to a wine
       mead drink.
      In the area that is now Iran, wine jugs were discovered that dated from around 7000 years ago. These
       jars contained a residue that was closer to the foundation of larger grape concentrations used in modern
      While older wine residue has been found, the actual oldest bottles found intact and with wine still in one
       of the bottles was found in two Roman stone sarcophagi in Germany. Scientists have dated the wine to
       325AD. The bottle is on display in Speyer, Germany.

Wine Origins

For those would be oenophiles that believe wine came from Europe, that would be false, not fact. Wine didn't
make the way to French and English soil until thousands of years after its birth, as the discovery of wine bottles
and jugs prove.

      Middle Eastern areas now known as Iran, Israel and Georgia are the earliest origins of modern day wine.
       It wasn't until 1500 years later that the Greek's culture expanded and brought wine with the growing
      The Romans began the documentation of winemaking and spread the basis of modern day winemaking.
       Bottles have been found along with the classification of grapes and wines.

Other Fun Facts

      There are more than 10,000 grape varieties used in wines around the world.
      A wine must contain 75% of the main grape to avoid being labeled as a blended wine.
      Egyptians used pine tar, oil and rags to seal wine bottles thousands of years ago before the use of cork.
      Wine grapes are the world's largest fruit crop based upon the number of acres planted.
      Lead poison was a common cause of death in ancient Rome due to the use of lead in wine to help
       preserve the wine.
      Old world wines from Europe use the wine's region to denote the wine's name such a Bordeaux while
       new world wines use the grape's name such as Pinot Noir.
      Wine quotes have been around almost as long as wine. Written records have quotes dating back more
       2500 years.
      Finally, the most important fact is that the best wine in the world is the one you are drinking now!

Wine Sulfites

This term covers the use of sulfur-based preservatives, sodium and potassium metabisulphite, as well as sulfites
and sulfur dioxide gas. These are all closely related or derived compounds of such. Sulfur is a very common
element naturally occurring in foods, nature, and the human body.                                      
Sulfites are used as a preservative and antioxidant in various food products and in wine as well. For the
winemaker it is extremely important as it inhibits both oxidation and the growth of infections. In the low
concentrations used, it is non-toxic to humans.

Oxidation is among the greatest problems the winemaker deals with. In every day life, when you cut an apple
and leave it out, it quickly turns brown due to oxidation. Oxygen helps break the complex sugars and other
chemicals down into smaller component parts. Once the skin of a fruit is punctured, oxygen gets in easily and
starts breaking the area surrounding the puncture to the noticeable brown color. It is in this same manner that
sulfites are used to preserve the fruity flavor and freshness in wine.

For the winemaker preparing the must, it is very effective in killing or inhibiting all unwanted bacteria prior to
the point when the alcohol production commences. Then, the sterilizing agents in alcohol assist it in the fight
against bacteria. Campden tablets are a common sterilizing agent and anti-oxidant (containing approximately
60% sulfur dioxide) used to kill unwanted bacteria in wine. Sulfite is also a popular sterilization substance as
winemakers often use a sulfite solution (Sodium metabisulphite) to wash their equipment. One of the main
reasons that it is such a great sterilizing agent in winemaking is due to its effectiveness against all known
infections in wine.

So how do you measure the level in your wine? Sulfite measuring kits are available for purchase. They are
perfect for a home winemaker and make it very easy to measure the amount of sulfites in your wine.

Declaration of Sulfites
The government put a “Declaration of Sulfites” requirement on wines bottled after July 9th 1987. FDA requires
food and beverage manufacturers to disclose the presence of sulfite agents in concentrations of at least 10 parts
per million. This declaration must be on one of the labels on each bottle. Since sulfur naturally occurs in fruits
and grapes and is a byproduct of yeast fermentation, all wines have sulfite. As such, you see this declaration on
your wine bottles.                                      
                2010 Holiday Dinner at the Tin Roof Bistro in Manhattan Beach

On Saturday evening at 7:00, our group was greeted with a glass of Zonin Prosecco as we walked into the
banquet room at the Tin Roof. The wine was crisp and refreshing and paired well with the passed hors
d’oeuvres of Wild Mushroom Pizzettes and spicy Tuna Spring Rolls. The volume increased as food was passed
around and a second glass of Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs was poured. Everyone was having a good time
greeting friends (old and new) and getting situated for an evening of food and wine.

In fact we were having so much fun that it was difficult to get everyone seated so we could start the evening off
with a brief speech by our president, Gregg Jackson who announced the 2011 board members. Once he
finished, the servers were quick to get out our first course: Jumbo Lumped Crab Cakes with Arugula and Aioyo
paired with Frank Family Chardonnay. Once again, an excellent pairing of food and wine. The wine was not
too oaky and complimented our crab cakes. We did have a few people on special diets who received different
plates, each well pleased with their substitutions.

We had our choice of 3 entrees, each paired with its own wine selection. The first entrée was the wine braised
shortribs – delicious fall-off-the-bone short ribs balanced with soothing carbohydrates and a delicious soft
Hunnicut cab. The second choice was a Woodfired Roasted Jidori Chicken – crisp skin enveloped a moist
chicken entry paired with an excellent Gargiulo Sangiovese. Our last choice was organic Chinook Salmon
served on a bed of wild rice paired with Tyler Pinot Noir. The wine had a cherry nose pairing well with the
sauce and rice. While I didn’t get a taste of every dish, everyone at my table appeared to enjoy each of their
meals. I would like to thank Marty Flannery for providing each of the tables with an extra bottle of wine.
Marty has always been a generous supporter of our club.

Dessert was served family-style so everyone could have a taste of everything. The women kept pace with the
men over a large slice of apple tart, mustard seed cheddar and drunken pears. Apple Tart Tatin was passed
with a jug of crème fraiche, the crust was light and the apples well toasted, the crème added just the right flavor.
The red wine poached pears were dark red and had a slight spicy undertone followed by a selection of cheeses
all complimented the Fonseca Bin 27 Port.

Between courses, everyone was welcome to get their photo taken in front of the Christmas tree in the front of
the room. As spectacular as everyone was dressed, I am sure several of these will find themselves framed in
individual’s living rooms or dens. Thanks to Mike Bilinski, the new club photographer, for providing this
luxury. The restaurant’s service was excellent and our group did not want for anything. A great place to hold a
party or just drop in for a bite before or after shopping in the mall, Tin Roof provided our club with an evening
to remember.

Thanks to all that attended, Carol Underwood                                       
                            December 2010 – Champagne Dinner                 
                            December 2010 – Champagne Dinner                 
                            December 2010 – Champagne Dinner

             These photos can be seen online at http:/ /TastingPics.html                             
   Date Received (Club use only)       NGRC Space Park Enology Club
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            One Space Park S/1156                     2. All members must sign the “Agreement and Release
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2. I voluntarily forever release, discharge, waive and relinquish any and all Released Claims wherever or
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4. I, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, expressly waive the benefits of Section 1542 of
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I, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns agree that, in the event any claim for the
Released Claims shall be prosecuted or presented against any of the Released Parties I shall indemnify,
defend, exonerate, pay, and save harmless such Released Party from any and all such claims or causes of
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Notwithstanding the foregoing, this Agreement and Release of Liability does not extend to any claims for
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       I have carefully read this agreement and fully understand its contents. I am aware that this is
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NGRC Space Park Enology Club Members,

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   I will not over-indulge in alcohol at our events. I will drink responsibly.

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   I will treat my fellow members, team captain, other players, officials and fans with respect
    regardless of ability, race, sex, creed, age, national origin, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation
    or other personal characteristic and will expect to be treated accordingly.

   I will refrain from the use of foul or inappropriate language.

   I deserve to participate/play in an environment that is free of un-lawful or un-prescribed drugs,
    tobacco and alcohol and expect others to refrain from their use at all activities/sports events.

   I will follow the NGRC bylaws.

   I will remember that activities/sports are an opportunity to learn and have fun.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand the above and agree to be held bound by the
Member’s Code of Conduct. If I fail to act as described in the Member’s Code of Conduct, I fully
understand that I will no longer be able to participate in activities associated with any NGRCs.

Print Participant’s Name                       Signature                         Date                                 
                          NGRC Space Park Enology Club
                                        2011 Board Members
  Position                     Name                       Contact                            Phone No.
  President                    Gregg Jackson                310-812-0527
  Vice-President               Tom Broten                        ---
  Program Chair                Dennis Heck                         ---
  Treasurer                    Marc Levy                          310-813-5125
  Secretary                    Lenora Jackson                                                ---
  NGRC Commissioner            Valerie Nesbitt              ---
  NGRC Co-Commissioner         Vicki Bilinski                ---
  Membership                   Kim Nesbitt                      310-813-4908
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                               Joyce Stout                  ---
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  Drawings                     Lenora Jackson                                                ---
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  Webmaster (external)         Kathy Broten                    ---
  Membership Outreach          Stephanie Herczog          310-812-7397
                               Bruce Barwick    
                               Jim Belt         
  Executive Council                                                                          ---
                               Steve Lunny      
                               Carol Underwood  

If your mail station or home address changes please contact the Membership chair listed above.

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