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in the garden


									Eating Raw
Learn to prepare produce straight from
the garden when it is in its most vital state.

Eating raw food in season offers an amazing
culinary experience- while giving you maximum
nutrition. If your summer has been too hot
to cook, but not too hot to eat– come join us!

                                                                                in the garden
Instructor: Michelle Cerise is a graduate
of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute and a Raw
Food Chef and Instructor. She shares her passion
for food through classes, consultations, retreats
and as a personal chef.

Saturday July 23 1:00p to 3:00p
$35 includes material fee

                                                                                  Whether you are new to

                                                                                    gardening or want to

                                                     1630 Hawthorn Avenue         expand your repertoire of
                                                     Boulder Colorado 80304
                                                                                    gardening skills, we

   Gardening feeds                                        303.443.9952            have something for you!

   the body, mind

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    and spirit...
Intro to Gardening I                                 Gardening with Kids                                     Intro to Worm Composting
This workshop is designed to give garden-            Come learn and explore with your kids in the            Vermiculture, worm composting, is an efficient
ers a fresh look at planning their garden spac-      garden! Learn about garden design, seed selec-          and year round method to composting your
es for maximum production and efficiency.            tion, starting and transplanting. Take home your        kitchen scraps, and plant leftovers. Learn how
Participants will also learn the basics of                                                                   to set up your own bin, done indoors in an apart-
                                                     own seed starts and build a tool kit of fun kids gar-
                                                                                                             ment, garage, basement, or under your kitchen
organic and biodynamic gardening. Topics and         dening activities. We’ll incorporate art, discovery,    sink. The worms do all the work and you will
materials will include: Starting Seeds, Soil Prep-   insects, and animals into our garden morning.           lower the volume of garbage generated in your
aration, and Transplanting all with a focus on       This workshop is open to adults and children.           home and you have beautiful compost to use in
Planning. We will have discussion and practical      (Children must be accompanied by an adult)              your garden or indoor plants.
hands-hand on activities!                            There will be discussion and practical hands on
                                                     fun for both children and adults.                       Instructor: Zala Habibi is a dedicated Commu-
Instructor: Ben Turner is the energetic                                                                      nity Gardener and Master Composter and has
Grower for the Cultiva Youth Project. He             Instructor: Annie Sweeney is the Director of the        been teaching and composting with worms for
has a wide variety of skills and experience          Children’s Peace Garden. Annie was first hooked         years.
growing food.                                        on gardening while growing pumpkins with her
                                                     Grandfather; she hopes to pass this joy to you and      Wednesday June 22 6:00p to 8:00p
Saturday February 19 9:00a to 11:30a                                                                         $35 includes material fee
                                                     the children in your life.

                                                     Saturday May 7 9:00a to 11:30a
                                                     $35 for one adult, one child and all materials          Intro to Preserving &
Intro to Gardening II                                Each additional child is $10 (this fee includes         Freezing Summer Produce
                                                     material fee)
This workshop will introduce soil Fertility and

                                                                                                             Learn to extend the garden season by putting up
will help gardeners to incorporate the care of the                                                           the fresh produce of summer months to enjoy in
soil in to their gardening practices to increase                                                             the winter. Join us to make the most of your gar-

production. Participants will also learn some                                                                den and farmers market. Demos and hands-on
basic organic and biodynamic gardening skills.                                                               activities will prepare you to start canning and
Topics and materials will include: Composting,                                                               freezing at home. Chef Deb will demonstrate

                                                     through gardening
Cover Crop use, and Compost Tea. We will have                                                                how to preserve chutney, jelly, and salsa. We will
discussion and practical hands-hand on activi-                                                               also cover freezing preparations for fresh garden
ties!                                                                                                        herbs by making a variety of creative and tasty
                                                                                                             pestos-and take home some of the creations!
Instructor: Ben Turner is the energetic
                                                                                                             Instructor: Chef Deb has worked as a corpo-
Grower for the Cultiva Youth Project. He
                                                                                                             rate and personal chef, culinary instructor, and
has a wide variety of skills and experience                                                                  is a tireless supporter of fresh food and farmers
growing food.                                                                                                markets.
Saturday March 26 9:00a to 11:30a                                                                            Saturday July 16 9:00a to 12:00p
$35 includes material fee                                                                                    $35 includes material fee

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