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									Our Philosophy
Big Trees on Lansdowne was started just under 10 years ago by Richard and Leanne Ford. As a
family owned business we take great pride in our nursery, having seen it grow from nothing to what
it is today with over 14,000 top quality trees and shrubs to choose from. We love what we do and
that shows in our trees!

We are not just about selling trees. We are about matching the right trees to the right location and
situation. We listen to you, our customer. Your needs are important and we offer solutions and
suggestions to enhance your property and it’s environs. When you visit our nursery we want you to
be inspired and amazed at what you can achieve with a little help from us.

Our Promise
We take time caring for all our trees ensuring they meet our very high standards.   We know that
when trees leave our nursery they are in the best condition possible.

We believe in giving you the very best advice on how to care for your trees once they have left our
nursery. This includes planting tips, how to stake your trees where applicable and how to water
your trees to give them a great start in your garden.

Once trees leave our nursery however, we have no control over their welfare. If you find that you
have any issue with your trees we are more than happy to discuss this with you and together work
out possible solutions. Any replacement of trees will be at our discretion.

Opening Hours
We value family! And Sunday is family day for us and our staff. Visit us any other day of the week
though at 82 Lansdowne Road, RD1, Appleby (just down from Hoglunds Glass) – we will be here
Monday to Saturday, 9am to 4.30pm and would love to help you. If you live out of town, or
unable to visit us, simply phone (03 5444736) or email ( your enquiries and we
will get back to you. We are happy to take photos of any trees you are interested in and email
them to you.

Starting from just $55 our prices are very affordable. More mature trees are priced accordingly and
give you that instant, ready made look in your garden. All our prices include GST. Feel free to
email, phone or even better, visit our nursery to find out more.
Payment can be made with cash, cheque, eftpos and credit card.
All trees remain the property of Big Trees on Lansdowne until paid in full.

Growing Containers
At Big Trees on Lansdowne we care about our environment and to ensure we do our part, we have
chosen to grow the majority of our stock in tubs instead of plastic bags. These tubs are recycled and
reused. For this reason, we charge a bond on the tubs (extra to the cost of the tree). However, this
bond is fully refundable when returned to our nursery.
If you live outside the Tasman region, we are happy to arrange transport for these tubs to be
Acacia melanoxylon (Blackwood)
A tough, hardy, drought-resistant large tree suitable as a specimen tree. It has a spreading bushy crown and showy pale yellow
clusters of flowers from late winter to early spring. Timber is highly valued for cabinetwork. 10 m

Acer “Autumn Blaze” (A x freemanii “Autumn Blaze, syn “Jeffersred”
A very popular, wind tolerant maple ideal as a specimen tree or avenue planting. Vibrant autumn shades of red, orange and
scarlet. Deciduous.

Acer buergerianum (Trident Maple)
A small, bushy tree with long leaves that turn to brilliant red, yellow and orange in autumn. Mature trees have appealing
reddish-brown, flaking bark. Deciduous. 8 m

Acer campestre (Field Maple
Ornamental medium sized tree with light greenish/brown bark often referred to as "corky". Clear yellow foliage in autumn may
be tinted red. Deciduous. 10 m+

Acer capillipes (Red Snake Bark Maple)
Known for its scarlet shoots and leaf stalks this stand out tree has the added advantage of bright green and brown striped bark.
Flowers are very prolific and leaves turn orange to scarlet in autumn. Deciduous.

Acer cappodocicum “Rubrum” (Red Coliseum Maple)
An erect growing tree with a compact rounded crown. Blood red spring growth gives way to dark green summer leaves,
changing again in autumn to yellow. Drought tolerant. Deciduous. 7 x 4 m

Acer circinatum x palmatum (Hybrid Maple)
Beautiful small tree with stunning autumn colours of red and orange. Has thicker stems than Acer palmatum. Cold hardy.
Deciduous. These are available with a single leader or with an interesting curved trunk to add that little bit of interest! 5 x 4 m

Acer Davidii (David’s Maple)
An attractive snake bark maple with vertical silvery white stripes on green bark. Autumn tones of yellow, orange and purple.
Deciduous. 8 x 5 m

Acer elagantulum
Broadly columnar in shape. New leaves have a light purple shade turning green. This is quite a rare tree only recently imported
from China. Grows in sun or partial shade. Prefers wind protection. 6 x 3m.

Acer griseum (Paper Bark Maple)
Attractive year round specimen tree with cinnamon brown peeling bark and green foliage in spring. Leaves turn fiery reddish
orange in autumn. Deciduous.

Acer japonicum “Aconitifolium” (Fern Leaf Maple)
Distinctive fern like leaves, deeply cut lobes and margins which are toothed. Lovely crimson autumn colours. Deciduous.

Acer palmatum atropurpereum (Purple Japanese Maple)
Wine red foliage with a tiered growing habit, this tree is ideal for most garden situations. Leaves turn brilliant red in autumn.
Deciduous. 5 x 3 m

Acer palmatum bloodgood (Red Leaved Japanese Maple)
A small spreading to rounded tree with burgundy foliage throughout summer. Bright crimson autumn colour. Protect from
strong winds. Deciduous. 5 x 3 m

Acer palmatum Dissectum ‘Crimson Queen’
A delightful weeping maple with rich crimson spring foliage which turns a deeper purple-red over summer. Brilliant
autumn colours of scarlet-red. Deciduous. 1 x 1 m
Acer palmatum Dissectum “Viridis”
A fresh green foliage with deeply lobed and finely serrated leaves. Yellow and orange autumn colours. Strongly cascading
branches. Deciduous. 1.5 x 1.5 m
Acer palmatum green (Japanese Maple)
Dainty soft green foliage in summer & scarlet-orange in autumn; red & green branches in winter. Drought tolerant. Protect
from strong winds. Deciduous. 6 x 4 m

Acer palmatum Osakazuki
Wide leaves of bronze green through summer become the most intense glowing crimson in autumn. One of the best know
Japanese maples. Deciduous. 8 x 4 m

Acer palmatum pink (aka Shigitatsu Sawa)
New leaves are a delightful shade of pink before darkening over summer. Autumn tones of crimson and red. Broadly
columnar in shape. Deciduous. 5 x 3 m

Acer palmatum senkaki (Coral Bark Maple)
Attractive reddish pink stems which are vivid in winter. Autumn colours are soft yellow and orange. Cold hardy. Deciduous.
Available with a straight or curved trunk. 4 x 3 m

Acer pentaphyllum
An elegant small tree for a sheltered position. Bright yellow shades in autumn. Deciduous. Medium hardy. 8 m

Acer platanoides “nigram” (Purple Norway Maple)
A vigorous, columnar tree with very dark purple leaves throughout the growing season, and turning to reddish purple in
autumn. Deciduous. 10 – 15 m

Acer rubrum “October Glory”
Vivid autumn colours of orange-red from large deep green leaves. Bright and compact habit. Deciduous. 8m

Acer sacharinum (Silver Maple)
Vigorous growing maple with silvery undersides to the leaves and autumn tones of red yellow and orange. Establishes quickly
but avoid overly windy sites. Deciduous. 10x 8 m

Acer saccharum (Sugar Maple)
Rich green leaves in spring and summer are replaced by stunning autumn colours of vivid scarlet, red, orange and yellow.
Source of maple syrup. Hardy. Deciduous. 10 x 6 m

Aesculus carnea ' Briotii' (Red Horse Chestnut)
With attractive dark green foliage and dark red flowers in late spring, this tree is ideal as a specimen or shade tree. Deciduous.

Aesculus hippocastanum (Common Horse Chestnut)
Hardiest of the chestnuts, this stately spreading tree has candles of white flowers in October. Produces cankers used for games.
Deciduous. 7 x 6 m

Aesculus indica (Indian Horse Chestnut)
Medium sized specimen or shade tree prized for its luxuriant foliage and large spectacular panicles of white, tinged yellow and
purple flowers early summer. Deciduous. 6 x 6 m

Agathis australis (New Zealand Kauri)
With a neat pyramidal shape, Kauri normally takes 50 years to reach 15 metres. Protect from frost and wind when young. Can
be grown in containers. 6 m

Agonis flexuosa “After Dark” (Willow Myrtle)
Delightful small tree with weeping burgandy coloured foliage, cream flowers in spring. Good for dry, warm sites. Evergreen.

Albizia julibrissin ‘Rosea’ (Silk Tree)
Hardy spreading tree. Excellent as lawn specimen or for shade. Dappled shade does not inhibit underplanting of grass or shade
loving shrubs. Pink fluffy flowers in summer. Drought and wind tolerant. Deciduous. 5 x 6 m

Alectryon excelsa (Titoki, New Zealand Ash)
Great small to medium evergreen native tree. Dense compact round headed shape makes an excellent specimen or
screening tree. Tolerates range of conditions except extreme frost. 5 x 4 m
Alnus cordata
Medium to large, conical tree which adapts well to boggy conditions, as well as hard, dry situations. Bright green glossy foliage.
Excellent shelter tree.

Alnus glutinosa imperialis (Fine Cut Leaf Black Alder)
Very finely cut feathering type leaves, giving a striking appearance. Smaller than most alders, this tree tolerates wet sites.
Deciduous. 7 x 3 m

Alnus incana pendula (Weeping Grey Alder)
A stunning small weeping tree with grey-green leaves. Tolerates both wet and dry soil. Deciduous. Hardy. 4 x 2 m

Alnus jorullensis (Evergreen Alder)
Fast growing hardy tree with pale grey bark and mid green foliage. Will survive severe drought once established. Evergreen.
10 x 5 m

Amelanchier canadensis (Shad Bush)
Abundant white flowers are produced in spring before leaves develop. Oblong leaves woolly when young, and rich orange-red
in autumn. Tolerates frosts and wind. Deciduous. 4 x 3 m

Arbutus unedo (Irish Strawberry Tree)
Large evergreen shrub with dark foliage, reddish stems and Lily of the Valley flowers during autumn and winter. Stunning red
and yellow strawberry like edible fruit. Tolerates wind, coastal conditions and alkaline conditions. 6 x 4 m

Astelia chathamica (Silver spear)
A beautiful evergreen native with silver sword like foliage. A hardy and versatile contrast plant which forms a compact clump.
1.5 x 1 m

Azara microphylla (Boxed Leaf Azara)
Covered with masses of yellow vanilla scented flowers in spring, this dainty shrub has shiny, dark green leaves. Suitable as a
screening tree. Likes sun or light shade. Evergreen. 4 x 2.5 m

Beaucarnea recurvata (Ponytail Palm)
A graceful slow growing palm. Has long slender leaves growing from a swollen trunkA great container plant. Prefers full sun.
Avoid frost and overwatering. Evergreen. Brazil. 2 x 1

Beilschmedia tarairi (Taraire)
A handsome tree with large leathery leaves aging to dark green. Prefers moist soil but tolerates some dryness. Sea level to 360m.
Evergreen. 6 x 3 m

Beilschmedia tawa
Attractive pale green willow like leaves. Large purple fruit loved by Kereru. Evergreen. Native. 6 m

Betula platyphylla v japonica (Japanese White Birch)
Handsome pure white bark to ground level. Brilliant yellow autumn colours. Deciduous. 8 x 5 m

Betula utilis “Jacquemontii” (Sweet Birch)
A medium sized tree with powdery white bark and an erect habit. Large tapering dark green leaves turning yellow in autumn.
Deciduous. Hardy. 6 x 4 m

Butia capitata (Jelly Palm, Pindu Palm)
A native of South America, this palm is frost hardy and prefers full sun. 3 m

Buxus sempervirens (English Box)
Slow in growth, very hardy. Good for formal effects whether singly or in groups.

Camellia “Ariel's Song"
Excellent for espalier, this taller growing camellia has small delicate pale pink flowers mid season with graceful branching.
Camellia “Bob Hope”
Japonica hybrid. Large showy deep red semi-double blooms with irregular petals and bright yellow stamens. Lustrous dark
green foliage. Mid-late season. Compact grower.

Camellia “Brushfields Yellow”
Flowering mid season this lovely camellia has white petals surrounding pale primrose-yellow petaloids. Evergreen.

Camellia "Choji Guruma"
With a vigorous upright habit this gorgeous camellia has rose pink flowers with stamens turning into a mass of rose-pink heart
shaped petaloids. Evergreen.

Camellia “Cinnamon Cindy”
White miniature rose form flowers with pink tinges. Beautiful fragrance for this early-mid season camellia. Strong slender
upright growth.

Camellia "Early Pearly"
Sasanqua. This early season camellia has small white, formal double flowers with a tinge of pink. Average, upright growth.

Camellia "Fairy Wand"
Small, semi-double blooms of bright rose, mid season. Upright growing shrub with dark green foliage. Evergreen.

Camellia "Fragrant Joy"
Small pink formal double flowers with mass fragrant flowering. Mid-late season. Tall slender growth. Evergreen.

Camellia "Fuji No Yuki"
Sasanqua hybrid. Early-mid. Medium white informal double flowers, strong dense upright habit. Excellent hedging. Evergreen.

Camellia ‘Gay Border’
Sasanqua. Large semi-double blooms are white with a broad rose pink border. Early flowering and extremely hardy.

Camellia “Gwenneth Morey”
Beautiful anemone flowers with double centre. White outer petals and primrose petaloids.

Camellia ‘Ltd’
Japonica. A stunning, upright growing, moderately vigorous camellia with pinkish red flowers borne mid October.

Camellia “Little Lavender”
Has a pale pink to lavender anemone double, flowers from July till October. 2.5 x 1.5 m

Camellia "Midnight Lover"
Sasanqua. Early season. Medium size dark red anemone form flowers. Strong upright slightly open habit. Good hedging,
tolerates sun. Evergreen.

Camellia “Paradise Joan”
Medium to large informal double, watermelon red flowers. A medium sized shrubs reaching 3m but can also be kept as a low
hedge. Sasanqua. 3 m

Camellia “Reticulata”
Rose-pink flowers with foliage slightly darker and narrower than japonica. A long lived tree. Evergreen.

Camellia “Setsugeka”
Sasanqua. Early season. The bloom is pure white, semi-double and larger than average, with distinctively rippled and fluted
petals. Vigorous and upright, but the flower should be protected from the morning sun. Evergreen.

Carpinus betulas fastigata (Upright Hornbeam)
Suitable as a specimen or avenue tree, this medium sized tree is very hardy with a neat pyramidal habit, which is quite narrow
when young and becoming wider with maturity. Deciduous. 7 x 3 m
Carpinus japonica (Japanese Hornbeam)
A broadly spreading tree with grey fissured bark. Leaves toothed and turn yellow-orange in autumn. Deciduous. 8 x 7 m

Carpodetus serratus (Putaputaweta)
Small evergreen tree with green marbled leaves, zigzagging branches and white flowers. Frosty hardy. Will tolerate all soil
conditions from wet to dry. 5 x 3 m

Castanea Sativa (Sweet Chestnut)
Broadly columnar with edible nuts which are roasted and eaten hot. Needs good drainage.

Castanea 1005 (Sweet Chestnut)
A vigorous, medium sized tree producing relable high yields of large nuts. Ripens early March.

Cercidiphyllum japonicum (Katsura Tree)
A very ornamental, multi-stemmed small tree of dense habit. Distinctive smoky-pink leaves turning deep, blue-green upon
maturity. Autumn tones of scarlet and yellow with a sweet, spicy fragrance. Deciduous. 7 x 5 m

Cercis canadensis (Redbud)
Hardy small to medium tree with lilac pink pea shaped flowers on bare branches in spring.      Deciduous. 5 x 5 m

Cercis canadensis "Forest Pansy" (Purple Leafed Redbud)
One of the most spectacular of all small trees. Masses of small pea shaped lilac pink flowers on bare branches in spring followed
by rich purple bold heart shaped leaves turning to beautiful autumn tones. Protect from strong winds. Deciduous. 4 x 4 m

Chorddspartium Stevensonii
A very graceful tree with weeping branches and typical broom foliage. Summer brings a profusion of mauve pink flowers.
Evergreen. 3.5 x 3 m

Choisya ternata (Mexican Orange Blossom)
An evergreen shrub of rounded habit with aromatic leaves. Spring sees this shrub covered in clusters of sweetly scented white
flowers. Tolerates sun and light shade. 1.5 x 1.5 m

Clianthus puniceus (Kaka Beak)
A fast growing, semi-evergreen shrub with red parrot beak shaped flowers in early summer. Regular tip pruning after flowering
preserves shape and vigour. Attractive to birds. 2 x 2 m

Coprosma rugosa ‘lobster’
Flat spreading coprosma with gold/orange stems and small green needle like leaves. 1.5 x 1 m

Cordyline australis (Cabbage Tree)
Excellent well known native icon which lends itself to many landscape uses. Stands wet or dry soils. Quick growing. Evergreen.

Cordyline australis “Kasper” (Cabbage Tree)
A short, broad leafed cordyline on stout trunk. This plant originates from the Three Kings Islands and is well suite to the small
garden. 3 m

Cornus controversa (Wedding Cake Tree)
Distinctive tiered branching habit with autumn foliage of red, orange and yellow make this an interesting avenue and specimen
tree. Clusters of cream coloured flowers in early summer. Hardy, but avoid extreme windy sites. Pyramid shape. Deciduous.

Cornus “Eddies White Wonder” (Dogwood)
This American Dogwood is a superb hardy shrub or small tree producing large white flowers in spring. Very highly prized. Red
berries in winter. Deciduous. 4 x 4 m

Cornus kousa “China Girl” (Dogwood)
Masses of snowy white flowers in early summer. Red autumn colour. Hardy. Deciduous. 4 x 2.5 m
Corokia ‘Geenty’s Green’
A compact evergreen shrub, with bright green foliage and silvery undersides. A hardy native. 2 x 1.5 m

Corokia Mangitangi
Attractive narrow leafed silver foliage with small star-like flowers in summer followed by berries. Hardy, native. Evergreen.
1.5 x 1.5 m

Corynocarpus laevigatus (Karaka)
An extremely handsome upright tree with dark green leathery and glossy leaves. Small greenish flowers followed by orange
coloured fruit summer and autumn. 7 x 5 m

Cupressus sempervirens “Swains Gold” (Italian Cyrpress)
A tall, pillar shape golden cypress, which is hardy and easy to grow.. Narrow slim habit. Evergreen.

Cyathea dealabata (Silver Tree Fern)
New Zealand icon. It has beautiful green fronds which grow out horizontally from the plant up to 3m in length. It prefers semi
shade or filtered light in a moist position. Native. Evergreen. 3 x 3 m

Cyathea smithii (Whe)
A fern with beautiful foliage which needs to be sheltered from the wind and sun. Very cold hardy Evergreen. Native.

Dacrydium cupressinium (Rimu)
A graceful tree with drooping branches and foliage. Slow growing preferring cool, moist conditions. Protect from strong winds
until well established. Easily accommodated in small area for 3-4 decades. Evergreen. 6 x 3 m

Dacrycarpus dacrydiodes (Kahikatea)
Tall slow growing native tree. Loves wet conditions. Narrow and conical shape. Evergreen. 8 x 4 m

Daphne odara (Winter Daphne)
Sweetly fragrant pink to white flowers in late winter. Evergreen. 1 x 1 m

Davidia involucrata (Handkerchief or Dove Tree)
This beautiful medium sized tree is most conspicuous in spring when draped with its large white flowers. Best in fertile soil with
some shelter from wind. Deciduous. 8 x 5 m

Dicksonia fibrosa (Wheki ponga, Wooly tree fern)
A hardy native tree fern that will grow in shade or full sun. A little slower growing than most. The trunk thickens out with age
to a dense mass of fibrous ariel rootlets. Does best with some shade at the roots and moisture in the summer months. Natve
Evergreen. 2 m

Dicksonia squarrosa (Wheki)
Commonly seen tree fern. Easy to grow. Will tolerate full sun if the roots are in a cool and shady spot. 4 m

Dodonaea viscosa (Ake Ake)
Ideal for hedging this hardy, fast growing tree tolerates coastal conditions. Has white flowers in summer. Protect from hard
frost and trim well. 5 x 4 m

Dodonaea viscosa 'Purpurea' (Red Ake Ake)
Vigorous growing native shrub tolerating windy and coastal conditions. Prized for its rich purple foliage, this selected form has
good colour all year, especially during winter. Evergreen. 5 x 4 m

Escallanoia “Red Night”
Lovely deep red flowers. Excellent for hedging or screening. Evergreen. 2 x 1 m

Eucryphia x nymansay (Plumwood)
Upright ornamental tree with masses of strongly fragrant flowers in late summer and autumn. Hardy. Evergreen. 5 x 2 m

Eugenia australis (Lilly pilly tree)
Fast growing ornamental tree. Has white flowers followed by purple fruits. Evergreen. 5 x 3 m
Euonymys alatus (Burning bush, corkbush)
A densely spreading deciduous shrub with bright red leaves in autumn. Small red fruits hang below the branches. 1.5 m

Fagus sylivatica (English Beech)
A noble, large tree with structural, fan-shaped branches. Needs space to achieve full potential. Easily grown, but best in deep,
well drained soils. Deciduous. 8 x 6 m

Fagus sylvatica purpureum (Copper Beech)
Large, long lived tree eventually reaching magnificant proportions. Rich copper-purple leaves in spring to early summer. Can
be used for espaliering, pletching and hedging. Hardy. Deciduous. 8 x 6 m

Fagus sylvatica ‘riversii’ (River’s Copper Beech)
A selected form of Copper Beech with large foliage, deep red in spring. Holds its colour nearly constant until autumn then
dropping most foliage. Deciduous. 8 x 6 m

Fraxinus griffithi (Evergreen Ash)
Small compact evergreen tree with glossy leaves, silvery on undersides. Neat, hardy tree becoming semi deciduous in colder
areas. 5 x 4 m

Fraxinus ornus (Mana Ash)
Large fluffy white sprays of flowers and yellow-orange autumn foliage make this a worthwhile small-medium tree. Hardy.
Deciduous. 6 x 4 m

Fraxinus oxycarpus “Raywoodii” (Claret Ash)
Spectacular foliage of bright red to deep claret-purple makes this one of the best autumn trees. Upright habit when young
becoming more rounded in maturity. Used for avenues. Hardy. Deciduous. 8 x 6 m

 Fraxinus velutina "Glabra" (Arizona Ash)
 Very hardy. Glossy foliage and an upright habit makes this a very worthwhile tree for exposed or dry sites. Deciduous.

 Gingko biloba (Maidenhair Tree)
 A conifer with leaves resembling the fern of the same name which turns a rich yellow/gold in autumn. Upright formal pyramid
 shape makes this a very stately lawn specimen. Hardy. Deciduous. 10 m

 Gingko biloba “Autumn Gold”
 A conifer with leaves resembling the fern of the same name which turns a rich yellow/gold in autumn. Upright formal pyramid
 shape make this a very stately lawn specimen. Hardy. Deciduous. 10 x 6 m

Gleditsia “Ruby Lace”
A beautiful tree with a deep purplish /red colour before turning a green/purple colour. Deciduous. 6 x 5 m.

Gleditsia “Sunburst” (Honey Locust)
With bright yellow foliage turning lime green in summer then vibrant yellow in autumn, this tree is a stand out in any garden.
Prefers sunny position to colour well. Generally hardy. Deciduous. 6 x 5 m

Gleditsia triacanthos “Inermis” (Thornless Honey Locust)
An excellent dappled shade tree with spreading branches, making this a very good lawn shade tree. Hardy and drought
tolerant. Deciduous. 6 x 8 m

Gordonia yunnanensis (Gordonia)
A smaller leaved form of Gordonia. Has glossy dark green leaves and camellia like flowers from late autumn until spring. Has a
reddish tinge to the new growth. Is well suited to either being grown in a hedge or on it's own. Tolerates shade and drought.
Evergreen. 4 x 2 m

Gordonia ssp (South Vietnam) (Gordonia)
A stunning plant with dark green glossy leaves, smothered in large white flowers in early winter. Evergreen.    3.5 x 2 m
Grevillea Robusta (Silky Oak)
Fern-like foliage, deep rooting, this tree has the added bonus of nectar laden flowers in spring and summer. Semi-deciduous.

Griselinia littoralis (Kapuka)
Handsome shrub to small tree with rich green glossy leaves. Grown for its simple beauty of form. Tolerates coastal conditions
and heavy frosts. Evergreen. 3 x 2 m

Griselinia littoralis "Broadway Mint"
An attractive dense bushy tree with deep green foliage which is thick and very shiny. Suitable for coastal plantings, this is a
hardy, evergreen tree. A NZ native hybrid. 3 x 2 m

Griselinia littoralis “Whenuapai”
Shiny deep green leaves on a dense compact bush. Excellent for hedging. Responds well to trimming. Hardy. Evergreen.

Griselinia lucida (Puka)
Impressive evergreen native with leathery glossy deep green leaves, inconspicuous flowers. Protect from frost when young.

Hoheria angustifolia (Hungere)
Distinctive shaped tree with small finally toothed leaves. Small white flowers from December to March completely cover the
tree. Grows in any soil type and can be pruned as a shrub or left to form a tree. Evergreen. 5 x 3 m

Hoheria populnea (Lace Bark)
Attractive green foliage smothered in white flowers in the summer. A hardy plant. Evergreen. Native. 5 x 3 m

Hoheria populnea purpureum (Purple Lace Bark)
Fast growing bushy native large shrub or small tree with masses of white flowers late summer. Purple undersides of leaves
create beautiful effect when blowing in the wind. Hardy evergreen. 5 x 3 m

Hymenosporum flavum (Australian Frangipani)
A graceful, erect growing, slender tree. Covered in sweetly scented yellow creamy flowers in spring-summer. Protect from
wind. Pinch tips to encourage branching. Hardy. 6 x 3 m

Ilex meserveae "Blue Angel" (Holly)
A slow growing compact evergreen plant with dark green foliage. Produces glossy deep red berries through winter if pollinated
by male form, e.g. Blue Prince. 1 m

Jacaranda mimosifolia
A lovely deciduous tree, with mauve blue tubular flowers, spring to summer. Requires a sheltered, sunny position. Will tolerate
mild frost. 7 x 5 m

Knightia excelsa (Rewa rewa)
Lovely NZ native with bold striking green leaves and stunning red flowers in summer. Tall narrow shape. Evergreen. 5 x 2 m

Kunzea ericoides (New Zealand Kanuka)
An evergreen native with small narrow leaves and an abundance of white flowers in summer. Very hardy, drought and frost
tolerant. Grows in poor soils. 5

Kunzea ericoides “Awanui”
An evergreen native with small narrow leaves and an abundance of white flowers in the summer. Very hardy of drought, frost
and poor soils. 2 x 2 m

Lagerstroemia faueri (Crepe Myrtle)
Stunning reddish peeling bark on older trees. Great display of white flowers in summer. Deciduous. 6 x 6 m

Lagerstroemia indica "Tango" (Crepe Myrtle)
A deciduous dwarf shrub with masses of purple flowers in summer. Very hardy. Plant in full sun. 1.5 x 1.5 m
Lagerstroemia indica 'Soir D'ete' (Crepe Myrtle)
Great display of salmon pink flowers in summer. Prolific flowering. Very frost hardy. Deciduous. 4 x 4 m

Lagerstroemia subcostata (Crepe Myrtle)
White trunk with an open canopy. White "crepe paper" type flowers in summer. Hardy. Deciduous.            3x3m

Laurus nobilis (Bay Tree)
A compact hardy, evergreen tree which thrives in coastal conditions. Has small yellow flowers followed by dark purple berries.
Leaves are used in cooking. Bush and standards available. 4 x 3 m

Leptospermum nitidum "Copper Sheen" (Australian Manuka)
Vigorous growing hardy shrub with weeping rich purple foliage and large creamy flowers in profusion early summer. Excellent
as specimen tree or for screening. Can be pruned up to form small tree. Evergreen. 3 x 2 m

Leptospermum “Rose Glory”
Upright growing form which has rosy red flowers borne from late winter till mid summer. Bronzy foliage. Evergreen. Native. 2

Libocedrus bidwillii (Kaikawaka or Southern Cedar)
A beautiful slow growing cedar with an erect form. Great as a container plant or as a feature in the garden. Evergreen. 4 x 2 m

Liiguilaria reniformis (Tractor Seat Plant)
Huge glossy green leaves and yellow daisy like flowers in late summer.

Liquidambar acalycina (Chinese Sweet Gum)
A rarely seen Chinese tree with notable foliage which is burgandy and becomes fiery red in autumn. Deciduous. 10 x 5 m

Liquidambar "Little Richard" (Dwarf Liquidambar)
A dwarfing liquidambar with all the appeal of its bigger counterpart. Dense and slow growing with smaller leaves that still give
the traditional autumn shades of gold, orange and red. Great for the smaller garden. Medium hardy. Deciduous. 4 x 2 m

Liquidambar styr. “Aurora” (Sweet Gum)
A slower growing deciduous tree with large maple like leaves and brilliant autumn displays in shades of yellow, red and orange.
A great selection for the small garden. 5 x 3 m

Liquidambar styr. “Gumball”
Very dense shrubby habit, makes for an ideal topiary. Leaves turn orange-red and wine-purple in winter. Needs an open,
sunny position to colour well. Deciduous.

Liquidambar styr. "Lane Roberts" (Sweet Gum)
Specimen tree with neat upright pyramid shape and rich autumn tones of blackish crimson-red. Hardy. Deciduous. 7 m

Liquidambar styr. "Worplesdon" (Sweet Gum)
Vigorous neat upright pyramid growth and autumn tones of yellow, orange-apricot and red make this a worthwhile specimen
where quick establishment is needed. Hardy. Deciduous. 10 m

Liriodendron tulipifera (Tulip Tree)
A stately tree of magnificent proportions, upright when young, becoming spreading with maturity. Inconspicuous green/orange
flowers appear in summer. Very hardy and establishes quickly. Deciduous. 12 x 10 m

Liriodendron tulipifera aureomarginatum (Variegted Tulip Tree)
Strikingly variegated, large green leaves are heavily bordered with rich, golden-yellow. As the season progresses, they gradually
turn to a greenish-yellow in autumn. Deciduous. Hardy. 8 x 5 m

Liriodendron tulipiforum ‘fastigiatum’ (Upright Tulip Tree)
Narrow upright columnar shape tree well suited to avenue planting or confined spaces. Deciduous.        8x3m

Lonicera splendiden (Honey Suckle)
Highly perfumed vigorous climber. Masses of rosy pink/yellow flowers throughout summer. Very showy. Likes sun or shade.
Very hardy.
Lophomyrtus "Black Beauty"
With very deep red-black shiny leaves, this evergreen native is stunning in all settings. Upright slender habit. 1 x 1 m

Lophomyrtus bullata (Rama rama)
Green leaves take on a bronze-purple appearance in full sun. Great screening plant with added bonus of small puffy cream
flowers in summer. Evergreen. 3.5 x 2 m

Lophomyrtus 'Indian Chief'
The dark reddish brown foliage makes this decorative evergreen native a real asset in any garden. Fast growing with an upright
habit. Flowers in mid summer with small creamy coloured blooms. 2 x 1 m

Lophomyrtus “Kathryn”
Native shrub with rich glossy purple/red leaves. Used for floral work. Avoid really dry sties. Hardy evergreen. 2 x 1 m

Lophomyrtus “Red Dragon”
A medium growing evergreen native with new shoots a brilliant reddish pink maturing to blackish red. Excellent for floral
arrangements. Hardy.

Luma apiculata (Chilean Myrtle)
An upright, multi-stemmed fragrant shrub with dark green leaves that are bronze-green when young. Clusters of attractive,
creamy-white fragrant myrtle flowers late spring-summer followed by red berries turning black.
For something extra special take a look at our cloud trees. These luma’s have been carefully pruned and shaped to produce an
amazing look – like clouds (hence the name!) Add something different to your garden. Hardy. Evergreen. 4 x 4

Magnolia ‘Athene’
Large richly fragrant cup shaped flower with white rim shading to rosy purple. Ivory white interior. Deciduous. 6 x 4 m

Magnolia “Campbellii”
A noble tree from Nepal, China border with smooth gray bark and large leaves. Large cup and saucer flowers 30cm across.
Pale to deep pink appear late winter/early spring. Deciduous.

Magnolia “Charles Rafill”
This magnificent tree carries spectacular deep rose-pink giant flowers during August and September. 7 x 5 m.

Magnolia ‘Denudata’ (Lily Tree)
This small rounded tree is covered with fragrant pure white cup shaped flowers in early spring. Among the most beautiful of
white flowering magnolias. Deciduous. 4 x 3 m

Magnolia ‘Elizabeth’
A delightful small tree of conical shape. Primrose-yellow cup shaped flowers full of fragrance and colour which appear mid
season. Deciduous. 7 x 4 m

Magnolia ‘Genie’
A mass of deep velvety blooms early season changing through shades of rich purple and red, developing delicate pink edges.
Also produces flowers in summer. Tight pyramidal habit. Deciduous. 3.5 x 2 m

Magnolia grandiflora "Russet" (Evergreen Magnolia)
A tree deserving of a prominent place in the garden, setting huge creamy white fragrant cup-shaped flowers over a long period
in summer. Very hardy, tolerating a range of conditions including wet. Evergreen. 6 x 5 m

Magnolia grandiflora “D D Blanchard” (Evergreen Magnolia)
A hardy evergreen tree with dark green glossy leaves and a coppery indumentum underneath. Flowers are large and creamy
white borne in the summer. Has a compact pyramidal form. Evergreen. 5 x 3.5 m.

Magnolia 'Heaven Scent'
A lovely small tree with scented, narrowly cup-shaped, lavender pink blooms carried in profusion over mid spring. Deciduous.
Magnolia ‘Iolanthe’
Flowering from early spring, this New Zealand hybrid has very large bowl shaped rose pink blooms with a creamy white
interior. A magnificent variety which blooms from an early age. Deciduous. 6 x 4 m

Magnolia “Koban dori”
Beautiful yellow blooms, flowering with foliage. Smaller than other yellow varieties. Deciduous. 4 x 2.5 m

Magnolia ‘Little Gem’ (Dwarf Evergreen Magnolia)
Upright bushy growing variety suitable for smaller gardens. Cup-shaped creamy white flowers are produced most of the year.
Very hardy, tolerating a range of conditions including wet. Slow growing evergreen. 5 x 3 m

Magnolia ‘Red As’
Prolific deep reddish blooms on a smaller growing tree, making it ideal for smaller gardens. Flowers over a long period.

Magnolia ‘Serene’
Massive rounded bowl-shaped slightly fragrant blooms, deepest rosy-pink shaded purplish, carmine towards the base, ivory
white inside. Deciduous. 5 x 4 m

Magnolia ‘Star Wars’
Very large clear pink flowers with pointed petals which open quite early in the season and continue for weeks. A vigorous
growing tree with large dark green foliage. Deciduous. 6 x 4 m

Magnolia stellata (Star Magnolia)
Among the first to bloom. Forms a compact dense bush smothered in spring with masses of starry pure white fragrant flowers.
Slow growing and hardy. Deciduous. 2.5 x 2.5 m

Magnolia stellata Rosea (Pink Star Magnolia)
Masses of pink buds and pale pink flushed fragrant flowers in late winter to early spring, gradually fading to pearly white. A
vigorous grower. Deciduous. 3 x 2.5 m

Magnolia ‘Sweetheart’
Deep coloured, mid pink blooms. Rich sweet fragrance and early blooming. Upright growth. A seedling of Caerheys Belle. A
very desirable popular plant. Deciduous. 4 x 3 m

Malus Golden Hornet
Upright pyramidal habit with white spring blossoms and clusters of small, shiny golden ornamental fruit borne in great
profusion, lasting well into winter. 2 x 2 m

Malus ioensis ‘Plena’ (Prairie Crab, Betchels Crab)
A beautiful crab apple with large double flowers. Pink buds open to palest pink blossom. Very fine autumn tones of orange
and red. Small greenish-yellow fruit. A desirable vase-shaped small tree. Hardy. Deciduous. 3 x 2 m

Malus Jack Humm
A brilliant red crab apples which is flushed orange and yellow to give a magnificent display right through winter. Deciduous.
4 x 2 m.

Malus Red Top
Striking upright growth when young, spreading with age. Dark pink blooms mid spring with small red crabapples appearing
around Christmas. 5 x 3 m

Maytenus Boaria (Mayten)
An evergreen shrub with graceful drooping branches, finely serrated leaves and white tinged green flowers in spring. Hardy.

Melia azedarach (Bead Tree)
A small but quick establishing shade tree tolerating extremes of wind, heat and dry. Excellent for small gardens. Sprays of
small lavender flowers in early summer are followed by berries that turn yellow after leaf fall and persist through winter.
Deciduous. 5 x 5 m
Melicope ternate (New Zealand Wharangi)
A beautiful plant which has glossy bright green foliage. Has a very distinctive sweet smell when leaves crushed. Seeds eaten by
birds. Evergreen. Native.

Mertya sinclairii (NZ Puka)
A handsome, small, round-headed tree with big, bright, glossy green paddle-shaped leaves. Protect from frost when young.
Native, evergreen. 4 x 3 m

Metasequoia glyptostroboides (Dawn Redwood)
Strong growing slender pyramidal form with shaggy cinnamon-brown bark. Bright green ferny leaves in summer.

Metrosideros x umbellata 'Mangapeko' (Pohutakawa)
An attractive glossy leaf evergreen, with an abundance of scarlet flowers in summer. A great container plant. Hardy. Cross
between umbellata and excelsa. 3 x 2 m

Metrosideros x robusta ‘Mistral’ (Pohutakawa)
An attractive plant with slightly bronzed green glossy foliage. Blood red flowers are borne as the plant matures. A cross
between M robusta and M excelsa. Evergreen. 5 x 3 m

Metrosideros excelsa ‘Maori Princess’ (Pohutakawa)
An upright form of pohutakawa, with lovely scarlet coloured Christmas flowers. Hardy. Evergreen. Native. 5 x 3 m

Metrosideros excelsa Vibrance (Pohutakawa)
A spectacular selection of pohutakawa with large orange red flowers in summer. Glossy green foliage. Evergreen. 4 x 3 m

Metrosideros robusta (Northern Rata)
A hardy densely foliaged tree which grows well in any well drained soil. Red flowers are not produced until the tree is many
years old.

Metrosideros ‘Scarlet Pimpernell’
A magnificent tree covered in brilliant red-scarlet flowers slightly later through summer. A selection of the NZ pohutakawa tree.
Protect from frost when young. 5 x 3 m

Metrosideros umbellata (Southern Rata)
A stunning sight when in bloom with brilliant blood red flowers in summer. A very slow growing plant. Hardy. Evergreen.

Michelia figo (Port Wine Magnolia)
Creamy yellow and purple small magnolia type flowers during spring combined with a rich port wine or banana fragrance.
Evergreen. 3 x 2 m

Michelia ‘Mixed Up Miss’
A small evergreen tree with perfumed, oval, bubble like flowers. Abundant white flowers with violet edges in spring which are
strongly scented. (Cross between figo & doltsopa) 3 m

Michelia yunnanensis
The perfumed white flowers in the spring are dainty and prolific. An evergreen plant with compact habit and glossy green
foliage. 1.5 x 1.5 m

Muehlenbeckia astonii
A densely interlaced shrub growing in coastal to lowland river beds and river terraces. Hardy. Evergreen.

Nandina domestica "Richmondii"
A compact plant with scarlet and red berries in winter. The leaves change through yellow, to vivid hot pink in winter.
Evergreen. 1.8 x 1 m

Nestigis Montana (Oro oro, Maire)
Single trunked, round headed tree. Very rare. Loves rich well drained soil. Great specimen tree. Evergreen. NZ native. 5 x 3 m
Nothofagus fusca (Red Beech)
An erect narrow pyramidal evergreen native. Slower growing in the garden with attractive deep bronzy red foliage prized for
floral arrangements. 6 x 3 m

Nothofagus menziesii (Silver Beech)
Small tree suitable for smaller native gardens with soft foliage and silvery trunk. Very hardy. Evergreen. 5 x 4 m

Nothofagus solandrii (Black Beech)
An elegant evergreen native developing into a slender tree with graceful flat spreading branches. Slow growth habit. Hardy.

Nothofagus solandrii Cliffortioides (Black Beech)
An elegant evergreen NZ native developing into a slender tree with graceful spreading branches. Slow growth habit. 5 x 3 m

Nothofagus truncata (Hard Beech)
One of the largest of native beeches. Upright when young forming a rounded crown in maturity. Red leaves in winter mix
with new lime green leaves in spring as they fall. Often confused with Red Beech. Hardy. Evergreen. 10 x 6 m

Nyssa sylvatica (Tupelo)
A handsome slow growing medium sized tree with spectacular autumn foliage of vivid scarlet-orange. Regarded as one of the
showiest autumn trees. Very hardy, withstands wet sites. Deciduous. 7 x 5 m

Nyssa sylvatica 'Autumn Cascade' (Tupelo)
A selected form grown for its showy autumn foliage and its lovely pendulous habit. Deciduous.         3m

Olearia traversii (Chatham Island Ake Ake)
A very hardy screening plant. Tolerates salt winds. Evergreen. Native. 3 x 2 m

Parrotia persica (Persian Witch Hazel)
Small tree with red flowers like feijoa and wide spreading horizontal branches. Autumn leaves of mainly yellow and orange.
Attractive flaking bark. Hardy. Deciduous. 5 x 6 m

Philadelphus virginal (Mock Orange)
Strong growing shrub with highly fragrant, pure white, double flowers. Arguably the best double flowered cultivar. Deciduous.
2 x 1.5 m

Phoenix canariensis (Canary Island Date Palm)
A very hardy palm which grows very long graceful fronds, up to 5m long. Evergreen. 6 m

Phoenix ruebbelenii (Miniature Date Palm)
Dwarf Date Palm is very versatile. It is well suited to being either container grown or planted in the ground. It grows in full sun,
but prefers some light shade. Also prefers nitrogenous fertiliser. Native to Laos. Evergreen. 2 m

Phormium ‘Platts Black’ (Flax)
Dark red to black selection prized for its dark colour and compact habit. Tolerates pool soils and wind. Evergreen. .5 x .8 m

Photinia ‘Red Robin’
An attractive evergreen shrub, with lovely bright red young growth. A fast growing plant, excellent as hedging. Pruning will
help produce new red shoots. 4 x 2 m

Phyllocladus trichomanoides (Celery Pine)
A handsome tree with straight trunk and bark that is light grey and smooth. Leaves often reddish bronze in colour turning rich
green when mature, shaped like fans. Slow growing. Evergreen. 6 x 3 m

Pieris formosa “Wakehurst” (Lily of the Valley Shrub)
A strong vigorous shrub with brilliant red growth which comes in flushes several times a year. Has white flowers in panicles like
lily of the valley. Evergreen. 2 x 2 m
Pistacia chinensis (Chinese pistachio)
A small to medium tree with stunning pinnate foliage which emerges orangey before turning green. Vivid autumn foliage
display of red and orange. Deciduous. 6 x 4 m

Pittosporum crassifolium
A thick leaf pittosporum which forms a large shrub or small tree with dark brown bark. Excellent in exposed conditions and
used extensively for coastal shelter. Benefits from annual pruning. Evergreen. 4 x 3 m

Pittosporum eugenioides (Tarata or Lemon Wood)
Taller, vigorous growing shrub. Excellent for screening and shelter. Hardy. Evergreen. 5 x 3 m

Pittosporum eugenioides “Variagata”
Noted for its attractive variegated leaves. Ideal garden shrub or as a lawn specimen. Evergreen. 4 x 2 m

Pittosporum ‘Mountain Green’
An evergreen shrub with attractive soft green foliage. Suitable for hedging with a small to medium rounded habit. Compact
and bushy. Evergreen. 3.5 x 2 m

Pittosporum ralphii
Dark green leaves with reddish-brown small flowers over summer. A smallish tree suitable for hedging or shelter. Evergreen.

Pittosporum tenufolium (Kohuhu)
One of the best screening shrubs available. These selected forms have compact habit which responds well to occasional pruning.
Hardy. Evergreen. 5 x 3 m

Pittosporum tenufolium “Stephens Island”
An evergreen compact shrub with dull deep green foliage. Hardy in most conditions and tolerates coastal conditions. 2 x 1.5 m

Pittosporum tenufolium x Stephens Island
A beautiful hybrid with glossy grey green leaves. Hardy in most conditions and tolerates coastal conditions. Evergreen.

Pittosporum tenufolium “'Variegata”
An attractive ornamental evergreen native shrub with green and white leaves. Can be used for hedging. 3 m

Plagianthus regius (Ribbonwood)
Slender small to medium tree with bright green leaves with paler undersides. Masses of tiny yellow-green flowers in dense
clusters in spring. Hardy. Evergreen. 5 x 4 m

Platanus x Acerifolia (syn Px Hispanica)
A desirable shade or street tree this hybrid is fast growing, forming a round headed tree with a lovely clean trunk eventually
flakes to leave a mottled effect. Large maple-like leaves. Takes hard pruning. Deciduous. Very hardy. 10 x 7 m

Platanus Orientalis “Autumn Glory” (Oriental Plane)
Strong growing large, wide pyramid shaped tree with long 5 lobed maple-like leaves. Autumn tones of yellow, orange, copper,
red make a brilliant display. Very hardy. Deciduous. 10 x 7 m

Podocarpus henkelii (South African Totara)
A distinctive, attractive evergreen tree with pendant branches carrying foliage which emerges a light pink colour in spring,
turning green and hanging with a sickle shape. A stunning tree which is also moderately salt tolerant and grows well in
containers. 6 x 3 m

Podocarpus parletorii (Argentinian Totara)
A large growing totara with circular branches and leaves that are spirally arranged and crowded. 10 x 5 m

Podocarpus totara
Dense green foliage and beautiful rounded form, used as a feature tree or hedge. Very hardy native. Evergreen. 6 x 4 m

Podocarpus totara “Aurea” (Golden Totara)
Very hardy NZ native with golden foliage year round. Great garden specimen. Evergreen. 6 x 3 m
Podocarpus salignus (Willowleaf podocarp)
A South American tree with interesting sickle shaped green glossy leaves. A graceful slow growing tree of conical shape and
pendant branches. Evergreen. 6 x 3 m

Prumnopitys taxifolia (Matai)
The matai is a slow growing handsome tree with distinctive juvenile foliage. Bluish-black fruit are popular with wood pigeons.

Prunus amanogawa (Poplar Japanese Cherry)
Dense clusters of fragrant semi-double shell pink flowers in mid-late spring. Green foliage turns orange yellow in autumn. A
small columnar tree with erect branching suitable for small gardens. Hardy.       Deciduous. 5 x 2 m

Prunus cerasifera “nigra” (Purple Leaf Flowering Plum)
Masses of double pink flowers in early spring followed by purple foliage which fades over summer . Orange, yellow, red
autumn leaves. Hardy. Deciduous. 5 x 4 m

Prunus lucitanica (Evergreen Cherry)
Handsome evergreen cherry forms small tree or large shrub. Distinctive red stems on new growth carrying bright green leaves.
Masses of ivory coloured, hawthorn scented flowers in early summer.      Available in bushes and standards.

Prunus pendula rosea (Rose Bud Cherry)
Stunning small mushroom shaped tree. Branches droop to the ground. Masses of pink blooms in spring. Hardy, deciduous.
2.5 x 2 m

Prunus pink perfection
Fantastic rosy pink double blooms displayed in long drooping clusters in late spring. Vase shape with orange autumn colours.
Hardy. Deciduous. 6 x 4 m

Prunus shimidsu sakura
Double pink flowers becoming white during October/November. Wide spreading branches. One of the most popular Japanese
cherries. Hardy. Deciduous. 4 x 4 m

Prunus shirotae (Mt Fuji)
Wide spreading growth with profusion of pale pink, turning to pure white flowers in spring. Excellent spreading shade or
specimen tree. Hardy. Deciduous. 5 x 5 m

Prunus subhirtella autumnalis (Southern Gem)
Small tree producing masses of large semi-double white blooms with pink flush. Yellow, orange, purple autumn tones. Ideal
shade or specimen tree. Deciduous. 4 x 3 m

Prunus yedonensis
Large almond scented pearly white flowers with edges shaded pink. Weeping habit. Autumn hues of gold, orange and red.
Hardy. Deciduous. 5 x 4 m

Prunus yedonensis ‘awanui’
An erect, vase-like shape makes this cherry suitable for planting in restricted situations. Masses of large, fragrant, single white
flowers open from soft pink buds during mid spring. Hardy. Deciduous. 4 x 3m

Pseudopanax arboreus (South Island Five Finger)
A very hardy plant which tolerates coastal conditions and strong winds, poor soils and frosts. It also has attractive dark green
foliage. Native. Evergreen. 5 x 3 m

Pseudopanax “Crassifolius” (Lancewood)
A distinctive tree with incredibly long, spear-like leaves on a branchless trunk. Can be grown in pots. 6m

Pseudopanax “Crassifolius Hybrid”
A fine leaved native with interesting foliage. Hardy but avoid frost when young. Evergreen. 4 x 2 m

Pseudopanax “Cyril Watson”
A NZ native evergreen shrub with compact bushy habit, thick leathery glossy green leaves with prominent mid rib veins.
Pseudopanax discolour
A handsome shrub with yellow-green or bronze foliage and a neat compact habit. Evergreen. 2 x 2 m

Pseudopanax “Ferox” (Savage Lancewood)
Similar to crassifolius, but with slightly smaller spear like leaves on a branchless trunk.

Pseudopanax ‘Gold Splash’
A lovely variegated plant with glossy green leaves that revert to splashes of yellow. An erect habit. Hardy evergreen. 2 x 2 m

Pseudopanax laetus (Broad Leaf Five Finger)
Bold leaves with a fine purple line around the edge, much larger and shinier than those of the common five fingers. Tuis take
the nectar in spring and the fruit in autumn. 3 x 2 m

Pseudopanax lessonii hybrids
Grown for their unusually coloured and shaped foliage that becomes deeper in colour during the colder months. Will grow
well in tubs. Withstands winds and exposed conditions. Evergreen. 3m

Pseudopanax lessonii “Adiantifolius”
Distinctive glossy bright green, three lobed, leathery foliage. Much life a maiden hair fern. Native. Evergreen. 3.5 x 3 m

Pseudopanax lessonnii “Nigra”
An evergreen shrub with red-black leaves. Leaf colour deepens with colder weather. Excellent for container growing. 3 m

Pseudopanax tana
An attractive native shrub with foliage that turns almost black with frosts and cold. Summer foliage is green. 3 x 2 m

Pseudopanax toru
A lessonii hybrid, toru has slightly triangular shaped thick, leathery leaves. Can be grown in tubs. Evergreen. 2 m

Pyrus salicifolia “pendula” (Weeping Silver Pear)
Attractive semi-weeping habit with silvery leaves make a great contrast. Excellent specimen and focal point tree. Hardy.
Deciduous. 3 x 3 m

Quercus coccinea (Scarlet Oak)
Brilliant autumn tones of crimson-red and large rounded head make this an imposing specimen. Very hardy. Deciduous.
10 x 8 m

Quercus Ilex x ballota (Holm Oak)
A very versatile tree tolerating heat, dry, coastal conditions and even clips well for hedging. Very hardy, broadly spreading
evergreen oak. 8 x 6 m

Quercus palustris (Pin Oak)
Large strong growing tree of even pyramid shape and brilliant autumn tones of scarlet, red and orange make a brilliant
specimen. Tolerates a wide range of conditions including wet and wind. Hardy. Deciduous. 10 x 8 m

Quercus petraea x robur (Sessile Oak)
A 2nd generation hybrid which has a broadly spreading crown with a strong central leader. Very hardy. Deciduous. 10 x 6 m

Quercus robur fastigata (Upright English Oak)
An upright form of Q. robur which is deep rooted and works well as a screen or shelter. Deciduous. 10 m

Quercus rubra (Red Oak)
A broadly spreading deciduous tree with large lobed leaves with turn red and brown in autumn. More cold hardy than Scarlet
Oak. 10 x 8 m

Rhododendron “Alice”
Deep pink flowers with lighter centres. One of the best pinks available. Flowers mid season. Hardy dense foliage. Evergreen.
1.8 x 1.5 m
Rhododendron ‘Bud Flannagen’
(ponticum) Mid - Late flowering. Deep mauve with a large flash of deep chestnut in large conical trusses of 18-20 florets. A
strong grower with handsome foliage. 2.5 x 2 m

Rhododendron ‘Bibiana’
Early flowering deep red waxy flowers with a dark eye. Vigorous compact shape and free flowering. Hardy. 3 x 2.5 m

Rhododendron 'Bumble Bee'
Deep purple flowers with a large almost black eye. Erect habit with dark glossy foliage. Late flowering. Evergreen. 2.5 x 2 m

Rhododendron 'Cornubia'
Early flowering with bright blood red bell-shaped flowers. Very long flowering season, vigorous but sparse foliage. Evergreen.
2.5 m

Rhododendron ‘Cornubia Ilam Form’
Rich red bell-shaped flowers with compact trusses. This cornubia form is more compact than that above. Early flowering.

Rhododendron “Cotton Candy”
Tall conical trusses of pastel pink with small maroon blaze. Enormous flowers with dark green foliage. Grows well in full sun.

Rhododendron ‘Countess of Heddington’
Sweetly scented trumpet shaped white flushed pale rose flowers open from deep pink buds. An open spreading habit. Early to
mid flowering. 1.5 x 1.5m

Rhododendron ' Grace Seabrook'
Deep blood red blooms with currant coloured margins. Early-mid flowering. Evergreen. 2 x 2 m
Rhododendron ‘Johnny Bender’
Mid season flowers are a bright deep red and borne in tight trusses with some darker spotting. 2 x 1.5 m

Rhododendron 'Kaponga'
Scarlet red flowers in large compact ball trusses. Erect grower with tall vigorous habit. Light green foliage. Evergreen. 3 m

Rhododendron “King’s Cerise”
Large bright cerise pink flowers blooming late season. A hardy and vigorous variety which flowers well.

Rhododendron ‘Lavender Sensation’
Sensational lavender coloured flowers borne mid season. Evergreen. 2 x 2 m

Rhododendron “Mrs G W Leak”
Bright pink flowers, heavily blotched deep maroon. Hardy, mid season. Does well in sun or shade. 2m

Rhododendron “Mt Everest”
Pure white flowers, speckled at throat. Mid season flowering. Evergreen. 1.8 m

Rhododendron “Rainbow”
Beautiful pink and white flowers with a two tone effect. Tall open upright habit. Mid season flowering. Evergreen. 2.5 m

Rhododendron “Red Eye”
A reliable sun-tolerant variety with deep red purple flowers with an unusual eye. The eye starts off as green gold, and deepens
to red. 2 m

Rhododendron Susan
Flowering over a long period this attractive plant bears smokey blue flowers. Mid season. 2 m

Rhododendron Van nes Sensation
Elegant dome shaped trusses of pale lilac, shading to a paler centre. Frilled florets which are slightly scented. Superb mid
flowering variety. 2 m
Rhopalostylis sapida (Nikau)
New Zealand's only native palm. Very slow growing, taking 20 years to produce a trunk. Red fruit in late summer to autumn
attract wood pigeons. Best planted in a rather deep rich soild with shade and shelter.

Robinia “Lace Lady”
Delightfully different! A highly ornamental dwarf selection with distinctive contorted branches and small twisted and curled
leaves. Ideal for containers and architectural planting. Deciduous. 3.5 x 1.5 m

Robinia pseudoacacia Frisia (Golden Robinia)
The best small golden foliage tree for any garden. Allows dappled light through making it excellent for the lawn or border.
Hardy. Deciduous. 5 x 4 m

Robinia ‘Round Top’
The traditional lollipop tree, forming a dense head of soft green foliage. Can suit the smallest of gardens and used for avenue
planting. Responds well to annual trimming. Hardy. Deciduous. 4 x 4 m

Salix x sepulcralis “Chrysocoma” (Golden Weeping Willow)
Broadly spreading, long, very pendulous branches.

Schinus molle (Peruvian Pepper Tree)
Small evergreen tree with character. Weeping soft branchlets and stout gnarly trunk is quite unique. Establishes quickly and
tolerates dry, wind and coastal conditions. Evergreen. 6 x 5 m

Sequoia semperiverns (Californian Redwood)
A large, narrowly conical tree with pendant branches. Has a spongy reddish brown bark. Very long lived tree. Evergreen.
10+ m

Sophora godleyi (Rangatikei Kowhai)
Graceful grey green foliage which hangs on long pendulous branches. Bold display of golden yellow flowers in spring. Hardy.
Evergreen. 6 x 4 m

Sophora japonica (Japanese Pagoda Tree)
A hardy medium sized tree tolerating wind and dry. Pale creamy-green pea shaped flowers early summer. Will stand coastal
conditions. Deciduous. 6 x 6 m

Sophora microphylla ‘longicarinata’ (Golden Bay Kowhai)
A broadly upright evergreen, multi stemmed tree. Spectacular lemon yellow flowers in spring. Hardy. 4 x 2.5 m

Sophora microphylla (Kowhai)
A delightful semi-evergreen native tree. Produces masses of golden yellow flowers in spring which attract the birds. 5 x 3 m

Sophora tetraptera (Northern Kowhai)
Selected form which establishes quickly and produces masses of large flowers from an early age. Attracts native nectar birds
especially wood pigeons and tui's. Hardy. Semi-deciduous. 5 x 4 m

Sophora tetraptera “Goldies Mantle” (Kowhai)
Seedling selection. A vigorous shrub with weeping branches of fine leaves. A shower of golden yellow flowers. Semi-
evergreen. 3 x 1.5 m

Sophora “Dragons Gold” (Kowhai)
Covered in bright yellow clusters of flowers in mid winter, although it has occasional flowers through the year. Hardy to cold
and wind, excellent container or garden plant. 1 x 1 m

Sorbus aria lutescens (Silver Whitebeam)
This compact small tree is noted for its long bold leathery leaves covered in white hairs giving a silver colour which turns gold in
autumn. White flowers become orange red fruit in autumn. Deciduous.            4x2m
Styrax japonica (Japanese Snowbell Tree)
Extremely attractive small tree with horizontal branches laden with white fragrant snowbell like flowers hanging in great
profusion in early summer. Attractive, smooth bark and gnarled-contorted trunk makes this is a very attractive specimen.
Prefers loose moist soil. Hardy. Deciduous. 4 x 3 m

Syagrus romanzoffiana (Queen Palm)
A fast growing palm with a slender trunk and long, leathery fronds. Suitable for coastal conditions and will cope with light
frost. 6 m

Syringa ‘Charles Joly’ (French Lilac)
A fabulous cut flower with deep purplish-red, double flowers in October. Strongly perfumed. Hardy. Deciduous. 3m

Syringa ‘Edward Andre’ (French Lilac)
Double claret-pink buds opening to a lighter shade. An early lilac. Prune after flowering. Hardy.       Deciduous. 2.5 x 1.5 m

Syringa 'Katherine Havemeyer' (French Lilac)
Lovely huge scented trusses of double lavender blossom in late spring. Prefers rich deep soil with lime. Prune after flowering.
Hardy. Deciduous. 2.5 x 1.5 m

Syringa ‘Mme Lemoine’ (French Lilac)
Lovely scented trusses of double creamy white blossom in late spring. Prefers rich deep soil with lime. Prune after flowering.
Hardy. Deciduous. 2.5 x 1.5 m

Taxodium ascendens (Pond Cypress)
Soft green foliage which turns a rich brown in late autumn, this tree can grow in swamps but thrives on drained soils. Columnar
in habit. Deciduous. Hardy. 7 x 4 m

Taxodium distichum (Swamp Cypress)
A stunning tree at home in very moist sites. Forms a deeply buttressed trunk and has soft green ferny type foliage which
becomes reddish brown in the autumn. Deciduous. 10 x 5 m

Taxodium v mexicana (Montezuame cypress)
Broadly conical evergreen tree bronzing in winter. Develops deep roots, useful for gully planting.

Taxus baccata fastiagata (Upright Irish Yew)
A slow growing evergreen tree with bright, golden yellow new spring growth and subtly yellow margined leaves year round.
Good for containers. Hardy. 3 m

Thuija occidentalis 'Smaragd' (White Cedar)
An evergreen shrub which slowly forms a narrow pyramid. Emerald green foliage. Excellent for hedging. 4 x 1 m

Thuija occidentalis ‘Holmstop’
A stunning, tidy, small conifer, compact and pyramidal with a lovely dark green colour. Great for hedging in small spaces.
Evergreen. 2 x .5 m

Tilia cordata “Spring Glow”
Wonderful striking spring foliage of golden yellow which changes to lime green in summer. Ideal for the smaller garden.
Deciduous. 5 x 3 m

Trachycarpus fortunei (Chinese Windmill Palm)
One of the hardiest palms, coping with considerable neglect. Has tall shaggy trunks and fan shaped fronds. Evergreen. 6 m

Ulmus carpinifolia "Variegata" (Silver Elm)
The soft delicate appearance of this hardy vigorous tree is misleading. Tolerating wind and dry it is excellent for street and
avenue plantings. Large upright growth becomes broader in maturity. Deciduous. 8 x 5 m

Ulmus hollandica dampieri aurea ‘Wredei’
A distinctive narrowly conical tree with foliage a lovely mixture of green and gold. A very hardy tree suitable for smaller
gardens providing a good colour contrast. Deciduous. 1.5 m
Ulmus glabra “Horizontalis” (Horizontal Elm)
The largest of the spreading shade trees. Very hardy and strong growing, it quickly covers large areas. Deciduous. 7 m

Ulmus glabra “Pendula” (Camperdownii Weeping Elm)
A very hardy weeping tree, forming a truly unique shape of gnarled, contorted main branches and weeping branchlets to the
ground. A lot of character. Deciduous. 2 metre graft. 3 x 4 m

Ulmus luctescens (Golden Elm)
Large growing with lime green spring foliage turning yellow over summer. Grown on the non-suckering, very hardy root stock,
this quick growing tree establishes well in most situations. Deciduous. 6 x 5 m.

Ulmus parvifolia (Chinese Elm)
Beautiful, graceful tree with weeping new growth and rounded to spreading shape. Is semi-evergreen when young and in
milder climates. Will tolerate very tough conditions. 5 x 7 m

Ulmus “Frontier” (Hybrid Chinese Elm)
An attractive young tree with drooping branchlets and bronzy red autumn colours. Upright habit.      Deciduous. 6 x 4 m

Ulmus pumila 'Den Haag' (Siberian Elm)
A stunning tree. New spring foliage is creamy white turning lime green then deep green. Very hardy in dry, poor soils. Can
tolerate wind and frost and is resistant to Dutch Elm disease. Deciduous. 5 x 4 m

Vitex lucens (NZ Puriri)
An evergreen native, maintaining a shrubby form when young. Dark green glossy leaves. Cup-shaped dull red flowers,
followed by bright orange red berries. Requires shelter when young, tolerates only mild frosts. 5 x 5 m

Washingtonia robusta (South Washington Palm)
A tall relatively hardy palm with bright green fronds. Relatively fast growing. Evergreen. 10m.

Weinmannia racemosa (Kahami)
Handsome plant with reddish foliage when young. Whitish flowers late spring-early summer. Protect from frost when young.
2.5 m

Wisteria Ameythist
A vigorous climber with sweetly scented reddish violet flowers. New growth is bronze tinged. Better on a wall or fence.

Wisteria Lavender Lace
Bears large fragrant pale and dark violet flowers in the spring. Ramames are 50cm long Best planted where flowers can hang
down. Deciduous

Wisteria Blue Sapphire
Climber with bronze coloured new leaves. Has fragrant soft blue flowers about 80 cm long in the spring. Also has a flush of
reddish blue flowers in the summer. Deciduous.

Zelkova serrata (Japanese Elm)
An extremely hardy tree tolerating poor soils, wind, drought and cold. New growth weeps gracefully with rich autumn tones
especially in tougher conditions. Deciduous. 6 x 7 m

Zelkova serrata 'Kiwi Sunset' (Golden Japanese Elm)
A stunning small tree with wine red to bronze new leaves which turn golden as they mature then return again in the autumn.
Very hardy to wind and cold. Deciduous. 6 x 5 m

Yucca elephantoides (Giant Yucca)
This large growing plant has attractive bright green foliage and creany white flowers borne on spikes. Makes a great container
plant. Grows inside or out Tolerates light frost only. Evergreen. Mexico, Guatemala

Fruit Trees
Apple “Bramley”
A popular “cooker” with firm, tart and acid flesh yet sweet with a good flavour and plenty of juice. Large sized round fruit.
Skin is pale yellow with red cheek when fully ripened. Hardy, vigorous tree.

Apple “Egremont Russet”
A classic russeted apple with rich sweet nutty flavour. Firm flesh and thick olive green skin. Tree has upright compact habit.
Self fertile. 1872.

Apple “Liberty”
Exceptional flavour for an early variety. Bred for disease resistance. Has attractive red blushed apples with crisp, juicy flesh.
Has a well balanced sweet, tart flavour. Heavy bearer. Self fertile.

Apricot “Trevatt”
Large, sweet juicy golden fruit – mid to late season. Self fertile

Apricot “Royal Rosa”
An early freestone fruit. Has firm gold flesh, yellow skin and a pink blush. Disease hardy Large, sweet juicy golden fruit. Self

Avacado “Haas”
The most commonly grown avocado variety in the world. Has a high oil content with a smooth texture.

Cherry Lapins
Large, firm, dark red, sweet fruit with excellent flavour. Late season. Reliable producer needing little maintenance. Excellent
choice for both home garden and commercial orchards. Self fertile and a good pollinator for other cherries.

Citrus Grapefruit “Golden Special”
A juicy, sweet and tangy New Zealand selection. Has few seeds and is a heavy cropper. Evergreen. 4 x 3 m

Citrus ‘Lemonade’
Very juicy, lemon-like fruit with mild-refreshing grapefuit-like flavour. Heavy cropper. Can be eaten fresh or juiced. Evergreen.

Citrus Lemon "Meyer"
A medium sized shrub which produces sweetly scented white flowers, followed by juicy sweet lemons. Ideal for small gardens.
An early and prolific bearer. Evergreen. 1.5 x 1.5 m

Citrus Lime "Bearss Tahitian"
A medium sized juicy fruit, ideal for drinks or culinary purposes. Plant in well drained soils in a warm position and protect from
heavy frost. Evergreen.

Citrus Lime “Kaffir”
A popular culinary variety with aromatic leaves. A small shrub with yellow fruit (harvested green). Protect from frosts.

Citrus Mandarin "Miho"
A superior Satsuma selection, this medium sized tree produces a heavy crop of sweet, juicy, easy to peel fruit in winter. Prefers
free draining soils, sunny site and regular watering during dry weather. Evergreen. Protect from frosts.

Citrus Mandarin "Silverhill"
This compact growing shrub produces seedless, easy peel fruit. A cold tolerant plant which requires free draining soils and
regular watering. Evergreen.

Citrus Orange “Harwards Late”
NZ selection of valencia orange with high yields of juicy, thin skinned fruit with excellent flavour. Larger grower. Evergreen.

Citrus Orange “Parent Navel”
An evergreen shrub which produces sweet juicy fruit ripening in spring. Normally seedless unless planted near a meyer lemon.
Feijoa “Unique”
A heavy cropping variety fruiting at an early age. Sweet flavoursome fruit. Self-fertile. 1.8 m

Fiejoa “Wiki Tu”
Huge fruit on a dwarf growing, easily managed tree. Sweet and meaty flesh. Firm texture and keeps well. Ideal for home
garden. Mid-late season. Evergreen.

Fig “French Sugar”
Ripens over a long season. Medium sized fruit with a green-red skin and red flesh. Phenomenal cropper in warm districts.
Deciduous. 3 m

Loquat Mogi
Japan's most popular Loquat selection. Smallish, easy to peel light yellow sweet fruit are borne early in the season. Self Fertile.
Evergreen. 4 x 4 m

Olive Frantoio
Main Tuscan oil variety, performing well in most areas. Exceptionally high quality oil and high yields. Pickles well when green.

Olive Leccino
A superb Tuscan oil selection, suitable for oil production and as a table fruit. Vigorous plant, tolerant of the cold once established.

Peach ‘Blackboy’
Late season port wine skin fruit and wine red melting flesh. Good for both eating and bottling. Deciduous.

Peach “Peacherine”
Nectarine/peach cross. Smooth skins with sweet and juicy yellow flesh. Excellent eating and great for bottling.

Peach “Pixzee”
A large, proven late season nectarine with a sweet flavour. Deep red skin with gold blush and a deep yellow flesh that easily
separates from the stone.

Peach “Yumyeong”
Very large, white crunchy fleshed peach with distinctly tropical flavour. Deciduous.

Pear “Beurre Bosc”
Fantastic eating brown pear with sweet and juicy large fruit. Mid season cropping. Deciduous.

Pear “Doyenne du Comice”
The classic gourmet pear Has green skin with white, melting juicy flesh. Mid to late season. Needs another pear for pollination.
Dwarfing rootstock. Deciduous

Pear “Nashi”
Medium apple shaped Asian pear. Has smooth yellow-green skin and moderately crisp, tangy flesh. Mid season. Self-fertile
and useful pollinator for pears. Great for espalier. 4 x 3 m

Pear “Winter Nellis”
A very late russet covered fruit. Smooth, very juicy and sweet creamy flesh. Very good keeper. A healthy, hardy and productive
tree. Needs another pear for pollination. On a dwarfing rootstock. Deciduous.

Persimmon “Fuyu”
Main commercial variety. Medium to large deep orange fruit that is sweet and excellent quality. Late producing. Deciduous.

Persimmon “Matsumoto Wase Fuyu”
Earlier ripening form or fuyu. Prolific fruiter. Medium size, round flattened fruit with sweet, crisp                flavour. Deciduous.

Plum “Billington”
Cropping around Christmas this plum has dark red skin and flesh. All purpose plum with good flavour. Self-fertile.
Plum “Black Doris”
Mid to late season variety. Medium to large fruit. Very dark red flesh, skin purple/black. Freestone. Dessert, jam or bottling.
Vigorous upright growth. A heavy cropper. Pollinate with Billington or Santa Rosa.

Plum “Fortune”
Late season, medium to large rounded, heart-shaped fruit with bright red and yellow skin. Yellow flesh is very firm with a fine
texture. Fully freestone when ripe. A vigorous, upright to slightly spreading tree. Polinate with Santa Rosa.

Plum “Purple King”
Very large, puple skinned fruit with yellow flesh. Juicy and sweet. Mid season. Pollinate with Billington or Santa Rosa. 5 x 4 m

Plum “Santa Rosa”
Among the highest flavoured plum in the world. Medium to large purple skinned fruit with yellow tinged pink, juicy, tangy
fruit. Partially self-fertile and excellent pollinator. Early to mid cropping.

Pomegranite “Wonderful”
The best known fruiting pomegranate producing purple-red fruit with deep crimson juicy flesh. Good for juicing or eating. A
vigorous and productive tree.

Prune “Richard Early Italian”
Early season plum with sweet, rich amber flesh and dark purple skin. Excellent for fresh eating, drying or bottling. Freestone.
Best with full sun, good soil and drainage. Pollinators include Stanley.

A small fruiting tree which bears red egg shaped fruit, high vitamin C. Listed among the lost foods of the Incas. Requires
protection from frost. South American. 4 x 3 m

Walnut “Rex”
A selection from the NZ tree crops. Crops well through most parts of the country and is compact in size. Deciduous.

Walnut “Meyric Seedling”
NZ Tree Crops selection. Large nuts on a large tree. Sought after for commercial plantings but also good for home growing.

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