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									                       Wine Country Classic
            P.O Box 2890
         Fair Oaks, CA 95628
(916) 813-6214 |

Directions to Brookside Equestrian Park
                                                                                                      to R
                                                                                           y 80

                                                                                                                                       Sunrise Blvd.
                                                           Bus 80

                                                                                                             y 50
                                                                                                           Hw                                                      .
                   Hwy 80                                                                                                                                        Rd
                 San Fra nc to                                                                                                                             tL
                           isco                                                                                                                          an


                                                                                Elk Grove


                                          Interstate - 5
                                                                                                                  le                                   N
                                                                                           Hw                                h
                                                                                             y                                    Ro

                                 From HWY 99:
                    Take the Grant Line Rd. exit. Head EAST on
                             Grant Line for 6.1 Miles.
                       Turn RIGHT on Bradley Ranch Road.
                       Brookside is at the end of the road.

                                From HWY 50
                Tale the Sunrise Blvd. exit. Head SOUTH on
                       Sunrise for approx. 15 minutes.
               Turn RIGHT on Grant Line and travel approx.
                                   3.5 miles.
               Turn LEFT on Bradley Ranch Road. Brookside
                          is at the end of the road.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Enter online at


     USEF, PCHA, NorCal “B” Rated
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     August 18-21, 2011
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Welcome to the 16th Annual

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Jumper Classic

  SAHJA Rated Thursday, Friday & Sunday
                                                                                                                                                              Pony Hunter Breeding
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  d Mw Sch

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             BROOKSIDE EQUESTRIANS - ELK GROVE, CA

                                                                                                       Wine Tasting Parties Every Night!!!

                                                              Close of Entries July 28, 2011
                                                                                                      Join Us For Our Traditional Evening
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Wine Country

                                                                                                                                                                                             Jake’s Place Equitation Challenge
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     on edul

                                                                                                                                                         Two Sections of Hunter Breeding &
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       $1,000 C.R. Star Low Children’s/AA

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 $1,000 Children’s/AA Hunter Classic
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            $5,000 Wine Country Jumper Classic
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ey e!
                  Wine Country Classic
Dear Exhibitors,
Welcome to the Sixteenth Annual Wine Country Classic Horse Show.

The Wine Country Classic returns to Brookside Equestrian Park and our
host Bill Madden. Brookside has always been know as an exhibitor friendly
facility and we are fortunate to have our event at this great location. It is
personally rewarding to produce this once a year event and keep seeing all
the familiar faces as well as welcoming the new faces to the experience of
the Wine Country Classic.

As always, our purpose has been to produce a “B” rated horse show with
the amenities and feel of an “A” rated show. To that end, we have been
rewarded by you, the exhibitor, with your increased participation and
loyalty. I would like to thank everyone involved in this success: Trainers,
exhibitors, parents, sponsors, officials and staff.

     Major changes in our schedule for 2011 include
        New Classes - More Prize Money
             Same Great Parties
New classes for 2011 include the $5,000 Royal Riders/Wine Country Classic
Grand Prix, $1,000 C.R. Star ‘a trois pieds’ Ch/AA Jumper Classic, $1,000
Jr/Am Hunter Classic and the Jakes Place Flat Equitation Challenge. A party
every evening is our motto and 2011 is no different. Wine, Food, Music
and Fun continue due to the sponsorship of Debbie Stone / Nighthorse
Farms and Bill Madden.

The WCC again thanks Sue Lightner and Lightacres Ranch for their generous
sponsorship of the hunter breeding division.

Please note that downloads of the entire prize list, index of classes, schedule
and entry blank are available at WWW.MDCCORPORATION.US. The Staff
of The Wine Country Classic looks forward to seeing you at Brookside for
another fun horse show in the Sacramento Wine Country!
                   Wine Country Classic
                            August 18-21, 2011
                          HORSE SHOW OFFICIALS
                     Hunters, Jumpers & equitation
The honorable liz Fraser                             laguna niguel, CaliFornia
The honorable lindsay CosTigan                             linColn, CaliFornia
The honorable Peggy FaCkrell                           CarmiChael, CaliFornia

                              Course Designers
The honorable marTin d. Cohen                               seaside, CaliFornia
The honorable ben Chisholm                               elk grove, CaliFornia

                               useF stewarD
The honorable aliCe Calhoun                               raymond, CaliFornia

                               sHow oFFiCials
marTin d. Cohen, horse show manager                        seaside,   CaliFornia
nanCy gannon, show seCreTary                           CarmiChael,    CaliFornia
lauren wasserman, oFFiCe                                     davis,   CaliFornia
ryan Polli, exeCuTive assisTanT                        saCramenTo,    CaliFornia
leslie ross, hosPiTaliTy                               saCramenTo,    CaliFornia
riCk JaCobs, evenT CoordinaTor                           monTerey,    CaliFornia
Chloe kurzon, sTarTer                                  saCramenTo,    CaliFornia
Chelsea sTone, announCer, sTarTer                         sonoma,     CaliFornia
CusTiC wolosin iii, announCer, sTarTer           souTh lake Tahoe,    CaliFornia
arT Fingerle Jr., mediCal FirsT aid                     elk grove,    CaliFornia

                                  sHow Vet
             CaPiTal equine - sara barTholomew - (916) 997-8444

                              sHow Committee
     marTin d. Cohen, Jake gray, nanCy gannon, ryan Polli, Joe boyle esq.

                        sHow approVals
               useF, pCHa, anD nor Cal ‘B’ rateD
              saHJa rateD tHursDay, FriDay & sunDay
       Classes or divisions eligible For sahJa PoinTs are marked wiTh a

       For FurTher inFormaTion Call: (916) 813-6214 or (831) 393-0588

                        during The show (916) 688-7804

               Close oF entries / July 28, 2011
        Enter online at
   The Wine Country Classic                                                    tHank     you to
         -HOST HOTEL-                                            leslie ross & enCHanteD Farms
                                                                                  For sPonsoring
                                                                 $1,000 C.R. Star Low Children’s/AA Jumper Classic
                                                                                         The Class is dediCaTed To
                                                                                         C.r. sTar “ChrisToPher” a
                                                                                         Truly sPeCial JumPing Pal.
                                                                                         This Class is sPonsored For
                                                                                         all horses and riders ThaT

                                                                                         JumP For The Pure Joy and

                                        $                                                enJoymenT oF The sPorT, as
                                                                                         our PreCious genTle gianT
                                                                                         did wiTh us aT   enChanTed

                                                                                              The Wine Country
             - Free Continental Breakfast                                                          Classic
         - Under 18 yrs stay free w/Parents                                                    wishes to thank
         - Free High-Speed Internet Access                                                   Saddlery for their
                 - Outdoor Heated Pool                                                       continued support.
              - BBQ on-site for guest use
                                                                        3690 Taylor Road - Loomis, CA 95650
     - Rooms with Refrigerators & Microwaves                              916/652-4592 1-800-40-HORSE
                    - Business Center
   - 2 restaurants located in the hotel parking lot
 Conveniently located off of Highway 50 at the Zinfandel exit.               a huge Thank you To
        Take Highway 50 to Zinfandel and exit South.
              Take first right on White Rock Rd.                  Brookside equestrians, inc
          (916) 631-7500                                            For making Their wonderFul FaCiliTy

10713 White Rock Road - Rancho Cordova, Ca 95670                  available For The   wine CounTry ClassiC
    A Very Special Thank You To

                Jake and Julie
               For Sponsoring
               The Jake’s Place
             Equitation Challenge!

              It wouldn’t be a horse show
                     without you!!
          (Thanks for the coffee and candy too!)

                 Phone Orders: (707) 763-2532

    Mobile truck will be on the grounds throughout the show!

                         ---Local Motels---
  Larkspur Landing           Hyatt pLacE         courtyard by Marriott
   (916) 355-1616           (916) 635-4799          (916) 638-3800
Vagabond inn ExEcutiVE         Marriott
    (916) 631-7500          (916) 638-1100       goLd riVEr rV rEntaLs
     rEsidEncE inn       LaQuinta inn & suitEs   brucE - (916) 531-9912
    (916) 851-1550          (916) 638-1111
Wine Country Classic Horse Show   6717
18. SCHOOLING: Schooling will be allowed in all arenas on Wednesday at approximately 1:00 p.m.
and at the end of each show day with time permitting. NO SCHOOLING IN ARENAS AFTER COURSES                                                        HUNTERS
HAVE BEEN SET FOR THE FOLLOWING DAY. Mandatory schooling fee for all horses: $30.                                  To be judged on performance & soundness. Manners will be emphasized and
                                                                                                                           extreme speed penalized in Junior, Amateur & Pony classes.
19. RINGS AND FOOTING: Arena 1 250x150’, Sand Footing; Arena 2 290x150’ - Sand Footing;
Lower Arena 240x130’ - Sand Footing; Grand Prix Arena 220x265’ - Sand Footing                                          MISCELLANEOUS HUNTERS                       JR/AM MODIFIED HUNTERS 3’3
                                                                                                                            Open to horses & ponies                 No cross entry restrictions. No rating.
20. MOTORIZED VEHICLES: In accordance with GR1301. : Minors who do not have a valid driver’s
                                                                 7                                                1.   Beginning            2’3         $30                   Not to be jogged.
license which allows them to operate a motorized vehicle in the state in which they reside will not be            2.   Beginning            2’3         $30     80. Jr/Am Hunters                         $30
permitted to operate a motorized vehicle of any kind, including, but not limited to, golf carts, motorcycles,     3.   Training             2’6         $30     81. Jr/Am Hunters                         $30
scooters, or farm utility vehicles, on the competition grounds of licensed competitions. Minors who               4.   Training             2’6         $30     82. Jr/Am Hunters                         $30
have a valid temporary license may operate the above described motorized vehicles as long as they are             5.   Schooling            2’9         $30
                                                                                                                  6.   Schooling             3’         $30     83. Jr/Am Hunters U/S                     $30
accompanied by an adult with a valid driver’s license. Violations of this rule will be cause for sanctions
against the parent(s), guardian(s) and/or trainer(s) who are responsible for the child committing the offense.    7.   Schooling            3’3         $30
Penalties may include exclusion of the child, parent(s), guardian(s), and/or trainer(s) from the competition      8.   Schooling            3’6         $30
grounds for the remainder of the competition and charges being filed against any of the above individuals         9.   Schooling            2’9         $30            JR/AM OWNER HUNTERS 3’6
in accordance with Chapter 6. Wheelchairs and other mobility assistance devices for individuals with             10.   Schooling            2’9         $30     90. Jr/AO Hunters                                $30
disabilities are exempt from this rule.                                                                          11.   Schooling             2’         $30     91. Jr/AO Hunters                                $30
                                                                                                                                                                92. $100 Jr/AO Hunters                           $35
21. NON-SHOWING HORSES: For any horse on the grounds and not officially entered, owner or trainer                                                               93. Jr/AO Hunters U/S                            $30
of said horse must complete a “Not to Show” form, sign a release at the Horse Show Office, and pay a                   BABY GREEN HUNTERS 2’9
$25 facility fee plus a $30 schooling fee.                                                                               Open to horses & ponies.
                                                                                                                        No rating. Not to be jogged.                ADULT AMATEUR HUNTERS 3’
                                                                                                                 35. Baby Green Hunters                 $30     18 & Over Open to horses & ponies ridden by
                                                                                                                 36. Baby Green Hunters                 $30     an adult. Horses or riders may not cross enter
                                     MAIL ENTRIES TO:                                                                                                           into any Amateur/Owner class at this show or
                                                                                                                 37. Baby Green Hunters U/S             $30
                                WINE COUNTRY CLASSIC                                                                                                            classes with fences 3’6” or higher that offers
                                  Nancy Gannon - P. Box 2890                                                                                                    prize money except Am/Adult jumpers. No Jog.
                                      Fair Oaks, CA 95628                                                               PRE-GREEN HUNTERS 3’                    100. Warm-Up                             $30
                    ENTRIES CLOSE: JULY 28, 2011                                                                 Open to horses that are not Green or Regular
                                                                                                                         Hunters under USEF rules.
                                                                                                                                                                101. Adult Amateur Hunter
                                                                                                                                                                102. Adult Amateur Hunter
                                                                                                                         No rating. Not to be jogged.           103. Adult Amateur Hunter                $30
                                                                                                                 40. Pre Green Hunters                   $30    104. A/A Hunters U/S                     $30
                                                                                                                 41. $100 Pre Green Hunters              $35
                                                                                                                 42. Pre Green Hunters U/S               $30
                                                                                                                                                                        CHILDREN’S HUNTERS 3’
                                                                                                                                                                17 & Under Open to horses & ponies ridden by a
                                                                                                                   PERFORMANCE HUNTERS 3’3’                     Jr. Exhibitor. Horses & riders may not cross enter into
                                                                                                                 No cross entry restrictions. Divison counts    the Jr. Hunter division. Riders may not show in any
                                                                                                                             for SAHJA Points.                  class with fences 3’6” or higher except equitation,
                                                                                                                 50. 3’3 Perf. Hunters                   $30    medals & Ch/Adult jumpers. Horses may be ridden
                                                                                                                 51. $100 3’3 Perf. Hunters              $35    by another in Amateur or open classes with fences
     The Mike Murphy Sportsmanship Award                                                                         52. 3’3 Perf. Hunters U/S               $30    3’6” or higher. Fences 3’. Not to be jogged.
                                                                                                                                                                100.   Warm-Up                                   $30
                                                                                                                                                                110.   Children’s Hunter                         $30
       The wine CounTry ClassiC sPonsors This annual TroPhy                                                         PERFORMANCE HUNTERS 3’6                     111.   Children’s Hunter                         $30
         eaCh year To a Trainer or exhibiTor whose aTTiTude,                                                             No cross entry restrictions.           112.   Children’s Hunter                         $30
                                                                                                                 60. 3’6 Perf. Hunters                  $30     113.   Children’s Hunter U/S                     $30
          demeanor and aCTions besT demonsTraTe The sPiriT oF                                                    61. $100 3’6 Perf. Hunters             $35
      sPorTsmanshiP.The CharaCTerisTiCs oF sPorTsmanshiP are                                                     62. 3’6 Perf. Hunters U/S              $30
                                                                                                                                                                       JR/AM HANDY HUNTERS 2’9
     oFTen overlooked, buT They Can be easily viewed by Taking                                                                                                              Open to horses & ponies.
          a momenT To noTiCe The namesake oF This award:                                                                    GREEN HUNTERS                                  No rating. Not to be jogged.
                                                                                                                         1st Yr. - 3’6, 2nd Yr. - 3’9           180.   Jr/Am Handy                               $30
                          Mike Murphy                                                                            70. Green Hunters                      $30     181.   Jr/Am Handy                               $30
                                                                                                                 71. $100 Green Hunters                 $35     182.   Jr/Am Handy                               $30
                                                                                                                 72. Green Hunters U/S                  $30     183.   Jr/Am Handy U/S                           $30
        JR/AM HANDY HUNTERS 2’6                                        CHILDREN’S PONY HUNTER                      a $5 transaction fee and 2) Adds will be accepted at management’s discretion and will be charged a
                 Open to horses & ponies.                                          S/M 2’, L 2’6”                  $5 transaction fee. All Adds & Scratches need to be done in the office prior to the class starting. No
                No rating. Not to be jogged.                                 No cross entry restrictions.          credit will be given for classes not scratched prior to the beginning of the class entered . Exhibitors
190.        Jr/Am Handy                            $30                    Nor Cal Rated. Not to be jogged.         competing in a class without first entering at the horse show office will pay a $15.00 penalty in
191.        Jr/Am Handy                            $30          220.     Children’s Pony Hunter              $30   addition to the Entry Fee. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to notify the office. Adding a class at
                                                                                                                   the back gate does not relieve you from completing the paperwork in the office.
192.        Jr/Am Handy                            $30          221.     Children’s Pony Hunter              $30
193.        Jr/Am Handy U/S                        $30          222.     Children’s Pony Hunter              $30   8. CONDITION OF ENTRY: Every horse entered for competition will be under the control of the
                                                                223.     Children’s Pony Hunter U/S          $30   Horse Show Management, but management will, in no case, be responsible for any loss or damage
      LOW CHILD/AA HUNTERS 2’6                                                                                     that may occur, and it shall be a condition of entry that each exhibitor shall hold the Horse Show,
                Open to horses & ponies.                           SHORT STIRRUP 2’ - 11 & Under                   its directors and employees, MDC Corporation, and Brookside Equestrians, Inc harmless for any
              No rating. Not to be jogged.                        Riders may not cross enter into any rated        loss or accident to his horse(s) or equipment which may occur from sickness, fire or otherwise.
200.        Low Ch/AA Hunters                      $30           over-fence class. Not be jogged. No rating.
                                                                                                                   9. MINOR EXHIBITORS: Parent(s) or guardian(s) of minor exhibitors shall hold Horse Show
201.        Low Ch/AA Hunters                      $30          224. SS Hunters                          $30
                                                                                                                   Management and the Facility harmless for any injury to such minor. No child’s entry will be accepted
202.        Low Ch/AA Hunters                      $30          225. SS Hunters                          $30       or number issued unless the entry is signed by a parent or LEGAL guardian.
203.        Low Ch/AA Hunters                      $30          226. SS Hunters                          $30
204.        Low Ch/AA Hunters U/S                  $30          227. SS Hunters                          $30       10. PRIZES: Awards to 1st place in all classes, 1st - 8th to Open, Jr, Am, and Pony Hunters. 1st - 6th
205.        Low Ch/AA Hunters Warm-Up              $30          228. SS Hunters U/S                      $30       in all other classes. In all money classes prize money will be paid through 5th place with the money
206.        Low Ch/AA Hunters Warm-Up              $30          229. SS Flat Equitation                  $30       split 30%, 25%, 20%, 15%, 10%. Prize money will be made payable to the owner listed on the
                                                                230. SS Equitation/Fences                $30       entry blank and mailed within 30 days. NO PRIZE MONEY WILL BE PAID UNLESS THE OWNER’S
                                                                231. Short Stirrup Warm up               $30       SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER IS LISTED ON THE ENTRY BLANK. NO PRIZE MONEY WILL BE PAID
                         PONY HUNTERS
                                                                                                                   IF THERE IS INDEBTEDNESS OUTSTANDING. CHECKS MUST BE CASHED WITHIN 60 DAYS. In
All ponies are required to possess a current USEF                                                                  all classes with add-back, prize money is computed from the number of horses that actually show.
Measurement card or valid measurement form                                         LONG STIRRUP 2’
issued by the USEF. It must be shown at the show                   12 & Over Riders may not cross enter            11. MANAGEMENT: The Horse Show Management reserves the right to interpret all questions
office before numbers are released.                                into any rated over-fence class. Not be         & conditions in regard to or arising out of or incident to the show without claims for damages or
RIDERS: Small-12 & under, Medium-14 & u,                          jogged. No rating. Cl 247 does not count         recourse of any kind. All questions not covered in these rules & regulations shall be decided by Horse
Large-17 & u. FENCE HEIGHTS: Small (Not                                       towards division                     Show Management, their decision to be final. The Horse Show Management reserves to itself the
to exceed 12.2) 2’3”, Medium (Over 12.2 Not to                  240. LS Hunters                          $30       right to refuse, accept conditionally, or to cancel any entries, disqualify rider or exhibitors, prohibit
exceed 13.2) 2’6”, Large (Over 13.2 Not to exceed                                                                  exhibition of entries and cancel awards and prizes, without claim for damages; to cancel or combine
                                                                241. LS Hunters                          $30       any unfilled classes; to change rings or rotate judges; to change specifications in jumper classes in
14.2) 3’. Division will be split if entries warrant.            242. LS Hunters                          $30       order to facilitate the time schedule. Management reserves the right to limit entries at its discretion.
214.        Pony Hunter Warm-Up                    $30          243. LS Hunters                          $30
215.        Pony Hunter Warm-Up                    $30          244. LS Hunters U/S                      $30       12. STABLING: Stalls and tack rooms will be available for $150 each. No bedding included. Stalls
216.        Pony Hunter Warm-Up                    $30          245. LS Flat Equitation                  $30       are of portable construction, 12’ x 12’ with top and bottom doors. A stall charge will be collected if
217.        Pony Hunter Warm-Up                    $30          246. LS Equitation/Fences                $30       stalls are used for any purpose ie: feed, camping, braiding, etc. Stalls will not be available prior to
210.        Pony Hunter                            $30          247. Long Stirrup Warm up                $30       8:00 AM, Wednesday, August 17th. unless specific arrangements are made with show management.
211.        Pony Hunter                            $30
212.        Pony $100 Stake 25% Conf.              $35                                                             13. GROUNDS FEE: All horses entering the show and not using a stall will pay a $40 per day
213.        Pony Hunter U/S                        $30                                                             grounds fee, used to offset facility costs, clean-up, and amenities.

                                                                                                                   14. FEED & BEDDING: Before the show, feed may be ordered directly from Brookside Equestrians,
                          Special Hunter Classes                                                                   Inc. (916) 682-1403

             To be eligible for classes 250 & 252, horse must have shown in at least two other over-fence          15. RV PARKING: Please See RV Order form. Parking in RV lot ONLY. Before the show, RV
                                             classes in the same division.                                         reservations may be ordered directly from Brookside Equestrians Inc. (916) 682-1403
250. $1,000 Children’s/AA Hunter Classic                     252. $100 Pony Hunter Championship
At least 13 entries needed to fill. Entry $75                     Riders 17 & Under        Entry $35               16. RETURNED CHECKS: Checks returned by the bank for any reason are regarded as a most
                                                                                                                   serious offense and will be handled as follows: ALL RETURNED CHECKS WILL BE CHARGED
                                                                                                                   AN ADDITIONAL 10% PENALTY ($50 MINIMUM). Accounts will be given 10 days to be paid in
                    Hunter Breeding Division                                                                       full with cash or money order, or they will be turned in to the sanctioning organizations for further
                                                                                                                   disciplinary action. If further action is needed, additional penalties will be incurred with a minimum
                                        Both divisions count for SAHJA
                                                                                                                   of an additional $50 or an additional 10% at management’s discretion. Any exhibitor leaving the
                 HUNTER BREEDING                                       PONY HUNTER BREEDING                        show with an unpaid balance of entry fees will be billed for these charges and a $50 billing fee will
Section 1    Section 2                                     Section 1   Section 2
                                                                                                                   be added to the total due.
600.         604.        Yearling              $25         700.        704.        Yearling          $25
601.         605.        Two Year Old          $25         701.        705.        Two Year Old      $25           17. UNSPORTSMANLIKE BEHAVIOR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND MANAGEMENT RESERVES
602.         606.        Three Year Old        $25         702.        706.        Three Year Old    $25           THE RIGHT TO FILE CHARGES AND HOLD A SHOW COMMITTEE HEARING WHICH MAY RESULT
603.         607.        Best Young Horse      -----       703.        707.        Best Young Pony   -----         IN FORFEITURE OF ALL ENTRIES, PRIZE MONEY AND RIBBONS.
                     RULES & GENERAL INFORMATION
                                                                                                                                    Pleasure Classes
                                                                                                              360.   Childs Pony 17 & Under     $30                              USEF Rated
2.   LIFE, SENIOR ACTIVE AND JUNIOR ACTIVE MEMBERS SHALL BE ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE IN                        361.   Pony 17 & Under            $30              362. Open                  $30
ALL CLASSES AT REGULAR COMPETITIONS, EVENTING COMPETITIONS AT THE PRELIMINARY LEVEL                           369.   Pony 17 & Under Champ.     $30              363. Amateur               $30
OR ABOVE AND COMBINED DRIVING COMPETITIONS AT THE ADVANCED LEVEL, DRESSAGE, REINING                           372.   Short Stirrup              $30              364. Junior                $30
AND VAULTING COMPETITIONS AND ENDURANCE RIDES. A NONMEMBER MAY PARTICIPATE AS A                               373.   Long Stirrup               $30              365. Maiden                $30
HANDLER, RIDER, DRIVER, OWNER, LESSEE, AGENT, COACH OR TRAINER AT REGULAR COMPETITIONS,                       374.   Pony Pairs             $40/Pair             366. Novice                $30
EVENTING COMPETITIONS, DRESSAGE COMPETITIONS, REINING COMPETITIONS AND COMBINED                                                                                  367. Limit                 $30
DRIVING COMPETITIONS UPON PAYMENT OF A $30 NONMEMBER REGISTRATION FEE. PARTICIPANTS                                                                              368. Geldings              $30
IN THE FOLLOWING CLASSES ARE EXEMPTED FROM THE REQUIREMENTS OF THIS RULE: 1) LEADLINE;                                                                           370. Mares                 $30
2) EXHIBITIONS; 3) GAMES AND RACES; 4) CLASSES FOR 4-H MEMBERS; 5) WALK TROT AND ACADEMY                                                                         371. Ladies to Ride        $30
CLASSES (ACADEMY CLASSES ARE CLASSES LIMITED TO HORSES USED REGULARLY IN A LESSON                                                                                375. Gentleman to Ride     $30
PROGRAM); 6) USDF INTRODUCTORY LEVEL TESTS, PAS DE DEUX AND QUADRILLE CLASSES; 7) NRHA                                                                           376. Championship          $30
SPORT HORSE BREEDING CLASSES.                                                                                                          Special Classes
                                                                                                                 Riders in classes 380 through 384 may not cross enter into any class that requires cantering.
3. ENTRY PROCEDURE: For each horse entered send a $35 Entry Deposit Fee, plus fees for any
stalls/tack rooms requested. Send with your completed entry blank on or before the closing date. If           381.   Walk/Trot Equitation              $25       385. Walk/Trot 8 & U Eq.                   $25
entries are post-marked not later than the closing date and are properly filled out, the $35 will be          382.   Walk/Trot Equitation              $25       386. Walk/Trot 8 & U Pleasure              $25
credited towards your entries.                                                                                383.   Walk/Trot Pleasure                $25       380. Lead Line 10 & Under                  $15
                                                                                                              384.   Walk/Trot Pleasure                $25
     The entry form MUST include:
     Horses name and complete description.
     All divisions or classes entered.
     All mandatory signatures, including legal guardian in the case of a minor exhibitor.
     Organization membership numbers - non-member fees will be assessed if membership
                                                                                                                                Hunt Seat Equitation
        numbers are not listed.
                                                                                                                To be judged on hands, seat & general horsemanship. MAIDEN/NOVICE/LIMIT:
     Social Security numbers must be listed on the entry form before prize money will be paid                              Not to have won 1/3/6 blue ribbons at a recognized show.
     **Online entries MUST have a deposit check postmarked by or before the closing date of entries.             HUNT SEAT EQUITATION - FLAT                     HUNT SEAT EQUITATION - FENCES
                                                                                                              320. Pony 17 & Under          $30                  340. Childs Pony 17 & U     2’ - 2’6  $30
     No entries will be accepted without a check, nor by facsimile, nor by E mail, nor with any               321. Pony 17 & Under Champ    $30                  341. Pony 17 & U           2’3/2’6/3’ $30
form of hand cancelled postage. Online entries require deposit check postmarked by the closing                325. Junior 17 & Under        $30                  342. Pony Champ.           2’3/2’6/3’ $30
date of entries. Any entry not meeting these criteria, or whose check is non-negotiable for any               326. Maiden 17 & Under        $30                  343. Junior 17 & Under         3’     $30
reason, will be returned with no status in the entry procedure. It is the responsibility of the entrant       327. Maiden 18 & Over         $30                  345. Maiden 17 & Under        2’6     $30
or their agent to adhere to these policies.                                                                   328. Maiden Champ. Jr/Am      $30                  346. Novice 17 & Under        2’9     $30
                                                                                                              329. Novice 17 & Under        $30                  347. Novice 18 & Over         2’9     $30
4. LATE ENTRIES: Entries postmarked after the closing date will be assessed a $35 late fee. This              330. Novice 18 & Over         $30                  348. Limit 17 & Under         2’9     $30
deadline will be strictly enforced. The post office official date of cancellation will be the only evidence   331. Novice Champ. Jr/Am      $30                  349. Limit 18 & Over A/A      2’9     $30
allowable for charging late fees. No hand canceled or metered mail marking will be accepted. No               332. Limit 17 & Under         $30                  350. A/A Equitation 18 & O     3’     $30
Exceptions. Entries will not be accepted by facsimile or E mail. If there is a local delay specific           333. Limit 18 & Over          $30
to your city or county, please plan to mail your entries early to avoid a late fee. Post entries will be      334. A/A Equitation 18 & O    $30
accepted with a processing fee of $5.00 per class.

5. POST ENTRIES: Entries made or classes added at the show will be considered “Post Entries”.
Post entries may be limited or not accepted based on show schedule. It is to your distinct advantage                                          Introducing the
to enter all the classes that you expect to ride in on your original entry. Substitutions & class
changes will be treated as post entries                                                                              Jakes Place Equitation Challenge
                                                                                                                A comprehensive flat equitation competition with the top four placing riders
6. REFUNDS: Before the closing date of entries full refunds will be given. After the closing date,              in each section advancing to the final round. Tests may include questions on
with a Veterinarian’s or doctor’s certificate, full refunds will be given less a $35 office charge, and             horsemanship, all riders are equal in the final ride off. Entry fee:$30
less fees for classes held prior to notification at the Horse Show Office, whether exhibited in or not.
During the show, only the show Veterinarian’s report will be accepted. Stall deposits will be refunded
if canceled by July 28, 201 1.
                                                                                                                                  Three sections available. No cross entry.
                                                                                                                             388. Ponies    389. 18 & Over 390. 17 & Under
7. ADD / SCRATCHED CLASSES: Adds and Scratches may be made at no extra charge prior to                         Top 10 scores from all combined sections come back for a championship workoff.
picking up your number. After picking up your number: 1) Scratches will receive a full refund less
                            MEDAL CLASSES
     USEF, PCHA & NORCAL Medals, please see specifications in their respective
                   rulebooks. Must be a member to compete.

290. Hudson & Co. Jr/Am                3’3    $40      off is required. 5 points (7-5-4-3-2-1) qualifies for
To be shown over a course of Hunter/Jumper type        the finals. At least 4 riders must finish.
fences approx. 3’3”, with flat work incorporated
into the course. NO work-off is required, but          297. Cloverleaf Medal                   3’0     $40
further testing is at the judge’s discretion. Points   Class is open to Junior & Amateur riders not
awarded to the top 8 riders (8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1) points   showing in any classes over 3’6 in height. To be
will be doubled in classes with 15 or more. Eight      judged over a Jumper course of not less than 9
points required to qualify a rider for Finals. Five    fences at 3 feet in height. To be judged on hands,
riders must complete the course.                       seat, guidance & control of the horse on a Jumper
                                                       type of ride. There will not be a time allowed; a
291. NorCal Jr.                        3’6    $40      tone will be used to signal the rider to start the
Open to Junior members of NorCal. Trainers of          course. Any Jumper type bit or equipment is
contestants must also be members. To be shown          allowed. Jumping penalties will be considered
over a course of not less than 8 fences 3’6” in        in accordance with USEF Equitation rules.
height. See specs in NorCal rule book.                 Additional work-offs after the initial round will
                                                       be at the Judge’s discretion, and any number of
292. NorCal Sr.                        3’6    $40      riders may be asked to test. At least 3 riders must
Open to Amateur members of NorCal. See Jr.             enter & show in the class. First & second place
Medal specs.                                           winners will be qualified for the finals. Winner of
                                                       the finals will receive an Antares saddle & a cooler,
293. NorCal Pony               2’3/2’6/3’     $40      Second place a bridle & prizes to 8th place. Finals
Open to current junior members of the NorCal           October 7-10, 2010 at Brookside Equestrian Park.
Hunter Jumper Association. Trainers of contestants
must also be members of NorCal. No Jr. over 12         298. Horse & Hound
years may compete on a sm. pony, and no Jr. over            Jr./Am Medal                         3’    $40
14 years may compete on a med. pony. Riders in         Open to all junior and amateur riders who have not
this class may not enter a NorCal Junior Medal         competed in a 3’6” medal finals in the previous 3
class at the same show. Fence heights will be          years and who are not showing 3’6” or higher at
according to USEF specifications for sm., med. and     this show. To be shown over a hunter or jumper
lrg ponies. Course will incorporate a work-off of at   course of 3’ fences with 2 tests included. 5 riders
least two tests. 5 riders must complete the course.    fill. Points awarded 7-5-4-3-2-1. If only 4 finish,
One rider per pony.                                    points will be awarded 5-3-2-1. 5 points qualifies
                                                       for the finals in Oct. Classes with 15 or more entries
294. NorCal 3’                          3’    $40      will be pointed 10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2.
May be offered in the Hunter or Jumper ring. Open
to all juniors and amateurs who have not won a         299. Horse & Hound Pony Medal                   $40
3’6” medal in the preceding 5 years and who are        Minimum 6 fences, Two USEF tests
not showing 3’6” or higher at this show. Trainers      1-9 in course, No Work off.
of competitors must also be members.
                                                       300. PCHA Jr. 14 & Under                3’3     $40
295. Almaden Farms Jr/Am Medal 2’9            $40      This class is designed as an intermediate equitation
Open to Jr / Am riders. To be shown over a course      class for riders 14 years of age and under who
of Hunter or Jumper fences. Course must include        are current PCHA members. See further specs in
a combination; two changes of direction and            PCHA rule book.
two tests will be incorporated in the course. At
least three riders must enter and two riders must      301. PCHA Adult 35 & Over               3’3     $40
complete. Free entry to Finals.                        This class is open to riders 35 years of age and
                                                       over (horse show age) who are current PCHA
296. WCC Jr./ Am                       3’3    $40      members. See further specs in PCHA rule book.
To be shown over a minimum of 8 fences 3’3”
with 2 changes of direction and one combination        302. Onondarka 12 & Under                 3’    $40
which must include an oxer.. 2 or more tests will be   For riders 12 years of age and under, current
incorporated in the original course, and no work-      members of the PCHA, who will not be
                       older than 12 (USEF horse show age) when               308. USEF Adult Equitation               3’3      $40
                       Final is held. Three (3) contestants must              Open to Amateur Members of the USEF. To
                       complete the course in order for points to             be shown over a course of not less than eight
                       count. See further specs in PCHA rule book.            obstacles at 3’3”. Two or more tests of the top
                                                                              four competitors are required. To fill a class six
                       303. Foxfield 18 & Over                3’3     $40     competitors must complete the course. Only one
                       Open to amateur members of PCHA. See specs             rider per horse. See specs in USEF rule book.
                       in PCHA rule book.
                                                                              309. Art Gottfried Medal             2’9 $40
                       304. Christensen’s Jr/Am Medal 3’3 $40                 Open to Jr. and Am. riders 85 & under not
                       Two or more tests within the course. No work           showing in medal classes of 3’6 or higher.
                       off is required.                                       Individual testing optional at the Judge’s
                       305. Pickwick Jr/Am                    3’3     $40
                       To be shown over a jumper course of not less than      310. SAHJA Pony Medal                    2’3      $40
                       8 fences 3’3” in height. To be judged on hands,        Open to Junior riders showing ponies (14.2 hands
                       seat, guidance & control of the horse. Jumper          and under). To be judged over a course of fences
                       type horses are encouraged & jumper equip. is          ranging from 2’0 to 2’6” in height, with two USEF
                       allowed. Jumping penalties are to be considered        tests (1-9) incorporated in the course. There is
                       in accordance with USEF hunter seat equitation         no work-off. Open scoring must be used. Points
                       rules. There will be no work-off. A time allowed       awarded based on number of riders in the class.
     ial sh
                       of 382ypm/350mpm will be used. One point               Five points to qualify for finals.
Spec elow              deducted from score for each second over posted
 rate b ale!           time allowed. At least 5 riders must start the class   311. SAHJA Mini Medal                    2’6      $40
  whole e Wine         and points will be awarded 7-5-4-3-2-1. If only 4      Open to any Junior or Amateur rider who has not
            t th       finish, points will be 5-3-2-1. Classes with 15 or     won a rated 3’6” medal class or any medal finals,
     ours a        !
Get y ntry Classic
  Cou                  more will be pointed 10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2. 7 points        except the SAHJA Pony Medal. Riders to be
                       qualifies for the finals in Sept. Gold, Silver &       judged over a course of fences 2’6” in height, with
                       Bronze medals will be awarded to the top 3 in          at least two USEF tests (1-19) incorporated into
                       each qualifying class.                                 the course. There is no work-off. Open scoring
                                                                              must be used. Points awarded based on number of
                       306. USEF Pony Medal           2’3/2’6/3’      $40     riders in the class. Five points to qualify for finals.
                       Open to junior members of USEF who have
                       not reached 18th birthday on ponies 14.2 hands         312. SAHJA Child/Adult Medal               3’     $40
                       under. Riders in this class cannot cross enter the     Open to any Junior or Amateur rider. Riders to
                       USEF Jr. Medal at same show. Two tests included        be judged over a course of fences 3’0” in height.
                       in the course. For class to count six riders must      At least the top four will return for a flat work-off.
                       complete the course.                                   Open scoring must be used. Points awarded based
                                                                              on number of riders in the class. Five points to
                       307. USEF Hunt Seat Medal              3’6     $40     qualify for finals.
                       Open to junior members of USEF. Fences 3’6”.
                       Two or more tests of top 4 required. For class
                       to count, 6 riders must complete the course. See
                       specs in USEF rule book.

                                                                    The Wine Country Classic
                                                                       misses our friends
                                                                             Carolyn Day,
                                                                            Art Gottfried,
                                                                          Victor Hugo-Vidal,
                                                                        Dr. James Steere, DVM,
                                                                         & Bryce Schollmeyer
Ties involving 1st place will jump off. All others will be decided by time taken in the 1st round. Jump orders will be
drawn & posted per USEF rules. In all classes fence heights and widths are approximate. Tables may be changed at
  management’s discretion. Divisions labeled with          are eligible for SAHJA points excluding Saturday classes.                       Championships
               Jumper Heights                                                $1,000 C.R. STAR
        .75meters  Fences 2’5” in height                           LOW CH/AA JUMPER CLASSIC
                                                                                                                                Baby Green Hunters                 .85m Jumpers
       .80meters   Fences 2’7” in height                     521. 2.2a/b                                 $75
        .85meters  Fences 2’9” in height                        Fences 3’ - .95m. All horses or ponies must                      Pre-Green Hunters                 .90m Jumpers
       .90meters   Fences 2’11” in height                     have been entered in two other jumper classes                  3’3 Performance Hunters               .95m Jumpers
        .95meters  Fences 3’1” in height                      at 3’3” or lower. Horse or Rider may not cross                 3’6 Performance Hunters              1.00m Jumpers
     1.00meters    Fences 3’3” in height                            enter in any classes 3’6” or higher.
     1.05meters    Fences 3’5” in height
                                                                                                                              Green Working Hunters               1.05m Jumpers
                                                                     Jumper equipment may be used.
      1.10meters   Fences 3’7” in height                                                                                      Pony Working Hunters                1.10m Jumpers
                                                                    HUNTER ATTIRE REQUIRED.
       1.15meters  Fences 3’9” in height                                                                                     Children’s Pony Hunters              1.15m Jumpers
     1.20meters    Fences 3’11” in height                                                                                 Children’s Hunters 17 & Under           1.25m Jumpers
      1.25meters   Fences 4’1” in height                                    1.00M JUMPERS
                                                             450.   Table 2.2b                             $35                Jr/AO Working Hunters            Children’s Jumpers
                                                             451.   Table 2.2c                             $35            Adult Amateur Hunters 18 & O       Adult Amateur Jumpers
            2’3” LOW JUMPERS                                 452.   Table 2.2,1                            $35                Modified Jr/Am Hunters        Modified Child/AA Jumpers
400.   Table 2.2b                             $35            453.   Table 2.2c                             $35                   Handy Hunters 2’6             Junior-A/O Jumpers
401.   Table 2.2c                             $35                                                                                Handy Hunters 2’9           Modified Jr/Am Jumpers
402.   Table 2.2,1                            $35                          1.00M MODIFIED                                Short Stirrup Hunters 17 & Under         Pony Equitation
403.   Table 2.2c                             $35                     CHILD/ADULT JUMPERS                                       Long Stirrup Hunters             Junior Equitation
                                                             460.   Table 2.2b            $35
                .75M JUMPERS                                                                                                         Low Jumpers                Maiden Equitation
                                                             461.   Table 2.2c            $35
404.   Table 2.2b                             $35            462.   Table 2.2,1           $35                                       .75m Jumpers                Novice Equitation
405.   Table 2.2c                             $35            463.   Table 2.2c            $35                                       .80m Jumpers              A/A Equitation 18 – O
406.   Table 2.2,1                            $35
407.   Table 2.2c                             $35
                                                                            1.05M JUMPERS
                 .80 JUMPERS                                 470.   Table 2.2b                             $35
410.   Table 2.2b                             $35            471.   Table 2.2c                             $35
411.   Table 2.2c                             $35            472.   Table 2.2,1                            $35
412.   Table 2.2,1                            $35            473.   Table 2.2c                             $35
413.   Table 2.2c                             $35
                                                                            1.10M JUMPERS
                .85M JUMPERS                                 480.   Table 2.2b                             $35
420.   Table 2.2b                             $35            481.   Table 2.2c                             $35
421.   Table 2.2c                             $35            482.   Table 2.2,1                            $35
422.   Table 2.2,1                            $35            483.   Table 2.2c                             $35
423.   Table 2.2c                             $35

                .90M JUMPERS                                        1.10M CHILDREN’S JUMPERS
430.   Table 2.2b                             $35             Open to riders 17 & under. Horses or Riders may
431.   Table 2.2c                             $35            not cross enter into any Jr Jumper class at this show.
432.   Table 2.2,1                            $35               In addition, riders may not cross enter into any
433.   Table 2.2c                             $35             jumper class at this show that offers prize money,
                                                                   except in one (1) special class or classic.
                .95M JUMPERS                                 490.   Table 2.2b                             $35
440.   Table 2.2b                             $35            491.   Table 2.2c                             $35
441.   Table 2.2c                             $35            492.   Table 2.2,1                            $35
442.   Table 2.2,1                            $35            493.   Table 2.2c                             $35
443.   Table 2.2c                             $35
                                                             1.10M ADULT AMATEUR JUMPERS                                  1.25M JR/AM OWN JUMPERS

                  Join us for our
                                                           Open to amateur riders 18 & over. Horses or Riders     570.   Table 2.2b             $35
                                                            may not cross enter into any A/O Jumper class at      571.   Table 2.2c             $35
                                                            this show. In addition, riders may not cross enter    572.   Table 2.2,1            $35

                 evening parties!                          into any jumper class at this show that offers prize
                                                            money, except in one (1) special class or classic.
                                                                  Table 2.2b
                                                                  Table 2.2c
                                                                                                                  573.   Table 2.2c             $35

                                                                                                                           “JUST FOR FUN JUMPERS”
                                                           552.   Table 2.2,1                        $35          Table 2.1, Speed once around. To be eligible horse
                                                           553.   Table 2.2c                         $35          must have entered and shown in a preceding class on
                     WEDNESDAY EVENING                                                                            the same day at the same height.
                                                                                                                  530. Jr/Am                       2’             $30
                                                                          1.15M JUMPERS
  sponsored by                                                                                                    531. Jr/Am                     2’6”             $30

                        Welcome Party
                                                           500.   Table 2.2b                         $35
                                                           501.   Table 2.2c                         $35          532. Jr Pony                   2’3”             $30
                                                           502.   Table 2.2,1                        $35          533. Jr/Am                       2’             $30
 and                       at the Pub                      503.   Table 2.2c                         $35          534. Jr/Am
                                                                                                                  535. Jr Pony
                                                             1.20M MODIFIED JR/AM JUMPERS                         536. Jr/Am                       2’             $30
                                                           510. Table 2.2c           $35                          537. Jr Pony                   2’3”             $30
                                                           511. Table 2.2c           $35                          538. Jr/Am                     2’6”             $30
                      THURSDAY EVENING                     512. Table 2.1            $35                          539. Jr/Am
                                                                                                                  540. Jr/Am
                                                           513. Table 2.1            $35
                                                                                                                  541. Jr Pony                   2’3”             $30

sponsored by

                     Pool Party!                           560.
                                                                          1.25M JUMPERS
                                                                  Table 2.2b
                                                                  Table 2.2c
                                                                  Table 2.2,1

                       and Mexican Fiesta!                 563.   Table 2.2c                         $35

                                                                                               Introducing the
                        FRIDAY EVENING                                          $5,000 Wine Country
sponsored by                                                                       Jumper Classic
                       Join us arena side for the                             Class 520. $250 entry fee. 4’ Table 2.2A
                                                            At least 13 entries needed to fill. Need to have entered and ridden 2 other 1.10m,
                      Wine tasting and                                         1.15m, 1.20m or 1.25m classes at this show.

                       hors d’ouevres                                                           A complimentary wine
                      SATURDAY EVENING                                                           glass will be given to
sponsored by
                       Join us arena side for the                                                    each entry.
    and                Wine tasting and a                                                   Additional wine glasses may be purchased and
                      BBQ Chicken Dinner                                                    reserved on the Entry Blank for $2 a piece.
               Corn on the Cob, Potato Salad, Watermelon
                                                WINE COUNTRY CLASSIC - TENTATIVE SCHEDULE
                   THURSDAY                                                 FRIDAY                                              SATURDAY                                                      SUNDAY
             JUMPER RING - 8:00AM                                    JUMPER RING - 8:00AM                               JUMPER RING - 8:00AM                                        JUMPER RING - 8:00AM
  400	    Low	Jumpers	                         2’3        401	   Low	Jumpers	                         2’3    402	   Low	Jumpers	                                2’3      403	   Low	Jumpers	                           2’3
  404	    .75M	Jumpers	                        2’5        405	   .75M	Jumpers	                        2’5    406	   .75M	Jumpers	                               2’5      407	   .75M	Jumpers	                          2’5
  410	    .80M	Jumpers	                        2’7        411	   .80M	Jumpers	                        2’7    412	   .80M	Jumpers	                               2’7      413	   .80M	Jumpers	                          2’7
	420	     .85M	Jumpers	                        2’9      	421	    .85M	Jumpers	                        2’9   	422	   .85M	Jumpers	                               2’9     	423	   .85M	Jumpers	                          2’9
	430      .90M	Jumpers	                       2’11      	431     .90M	Jumpers	                       2’11   	432    .90M	Jumpers	                              2’11     	433    .90M	Jumpers	                         2’11
	440      .95M	Jumpers	                        3’1      	441     .95M	Jumpers	                        3’1   	442    .95M	Jumpers	                               3’1     	443    .95M	Jumpers	                          3’1
	450      1.00M	Jumpers	                       3’3      	451     1.00M	Jumpers	                       3’3   	452    1.00M	Jumpers	                              3’3     	297    Cloverleaf	Equitation	                3’11
	460      Modified	Child/Adult	                3’3        305    Pickwick	Jr/Am	Medal	                3’3   	462    Modified	Child/Adult	                       3’3     	453    1.00M	Jumpers	                         3’3
	470      1.05M	Jumpers	                       3’5      	461     Modified	Child/Adult	                3’3   	472    1.05M	Jumpers	                              3’5     	463    Modified	Child/Adult	                  3’3
	480      1.10M	Jumpers	                       3’7      	471     1.05M	Jumpers	                       3’5   	482    1.10M	Jumpers	                              3’7     	473    1.05M	Jumpers	                         3’5
	490      Children’s	Jumpers	                  3’7      	481     1.10M	Jumpers	                       3’7   	492    Children’s	Jumpers	                         3’7     	483    1.10M	Jumpers	                         3’7
	550      Adult	Amateur	Jumpers	               3’7      	491     Children’s	Jumpers	                  3’7   	552    Adult	Amateur	Jumpers	                      3’7     	493    Children’s	Jumpers	                    3’7
	500      1.15M	Jumpers	                       3’9      	551     Adult	Amateur	Jumpers	               3’7   	502    1.15M	Jumpers	                              3’9     	553    Adult	Amateur	Jumpers	                 3’7
	510      Modified	Jr/Am	                     3’11      	501     1.15M	Jumpers	                       3’9   	512    Modified	Jr/Am	                            3’11     	503    1.15M	Jumpers	                         3’9
	560      1.25M	Jumpers	                       4’1      	511     Modified	Jr/Am	                     3’11   	562    1.25M	Jumpers	                              4’1     	513    Modified	Jr/Am	                       3’11
	570      Jr/Am	Own	Jumpers	                   4’1      	561     1.25M	Jumpers	                       4’1   	572    Jr/Am	Own	Jumpers	                          4’1     	563    1.25M	Jumpers	                         4’1
	    	                                                  	571     Jr/Am	Own	Jumpers	                   4’1   	380    Leadline                                            	573    Jr/Am	Own	Jumpers	                     4’1
                                                        	                                                   	374    Pony	Pairs
                                                        	    	   	                                          	520    $5,000 Wine Country Jumper Classic, Tab 2.2a 3’11

            HUNTER RING 1 - 8:00AM                                   HUNTER RING 1 - 8:00AM                            HUNTER RING 1 - 8:00AM                                      HUNTER RING 1 - 8:00AM
	    1	   Beginning	Hunters	                   2’3      	100	    Children’s/AA	Warm	Up	             3’      	 9     2’9	Schooling	Hunters	                       2’9    	 10    2’9	Schooling	Hunters	                 2’9
	    2	   Beginning	Hunters	                   2’3      	110	    Children’s	Hunters	17	&	U	         3’       180    Jr/Am	Handy	Hunters	                         2’9     181    Jr/Am	Handy	Hunters	                   2’9
	    3	   Training	Hunters	                    2’6      	101	    A/A	Hunters	18	&	O	                3’      	348    Limit	Equitation	O/F	-	17	&	U	               2’9     182    Jr/Am	Handy	Hunters	                   2’9
	    4	   Training	Hunters	                    2’6      	343	    Eq	Over	Fences	17	&	U	             3’      	349    Limit	Equitation	O/F	-	18	&	O	               2’9     295    Almaden	Jr/Am	Medal	                   2’9
	    5	   2’9	Schooling	Hunters	               2’9      	350	    Eq	Over	Fences	18	&	O	             3’      	309    Art	Gottfried	Medal	                         2’9    	183    Jr/Am	Handy	Hunters	U/S
	   35    Baby	Green	Hunters	                  2’9      	312     SAHJA	Child/Adult	Medal	           3’      	334    Am	Eq	Flat	-	18	&	O                                  346    Novice	Eq	-	17	&	U	                    2’9
	   36    Baby	Green	Hunters	                  2’9        294	   NorCal	3ft	Jr/Am	Medal	            3’      	102    AA	Hunters	-	18	&	O	                          3’    	347    Novice	Eq	-	18	&	O	                    2’9
	   37    Baby	Green	Hunters	                  U/S      	 80     Jr/Am	Modified	Hunters	          3’3       	111    Children’s	Hunters	17	&	U	                    3’    	113    Children’s	Hunters	U/S
	    6	   3’	Schooling	Hunters	                 3’      	 81     Jr/Am	Modified	Hunters	          3’3       	302    Onondarka	Medal	12	&	U	                       3’     104    A/A	Hunters	U/S
	   40	   Pre	Green	Hunters	                    3’        296    WCC	Jr/Am	Medal	                 3’3       	 82    Jr/Am	Modified	Hunters	                      3’3    	112    Children’s	Hunters	17	&	U	              3’
	   41	   $100	Pre	Green	Hunters	               3’      	 90     Junior/Am	Owner	Hunters	         3’6       	 83    Jr/Am	Modified	                              U/S    	103    A/A	Hunters	-	18	&	O	                   3’
	   42	   Pre	Green	Hunters	                   U/S      	 91     Junior/Am	Owner	Hunters	         3’6       	304	   Christensen’s	Jr/Am	Medal	                   3’3    	250    $1,000 Children’s/AA Hunter Classic     3’
	    7	   3’3	Schooling	Hunters	               3’3      	307     Pessoa	USEF	Jr	Hunt                        	308    USEF	Adult	Eq	-	18	&	O	                      3’3     298    Horse	&	Hound	Jr/Am	Medal	              3’
	   50	   Performance	Hunters	                 3’3      	    	   Seat	Medal,	17	&	U	              3’6       	 93    Jr/Am	Owner	Hunter	                          U/S    	363    English	Pleasure	-	18	&	O
	   51	   $100	Performance	Hunters	            3’3      	371     English	Pleasure	Ladies	to	Ride            	 92    $100	Jr/Am	Owner	Hunters	                    3’6    	364    English	Pleasure	-	17	&	U
	   52	   Performance	Hunters	                 U/S      	375     English	Pleasure	Gentleman	to	Ride         	291    NorCal	Jr	Medal	-	17	&	U	                    3’6     376    English	Pleasure	Champ.,	Open
	    8	   3’6	Schooling	Hunters	               3’6      	362     English	Pleasure,	Open                      292    NorCal	Sr	Medal	-	18	&	O	                    3’6     290    Hudson	&	Co	Jr/Am	Medal	               3’3
	   60	   Performance	Hunters	                 3’6                                                           365    English	Pleasure	Maiden,	Open                       	300    PCHA	Horsemanship	14	&	U	              3’3
	   61	   $100	Performance	Hunters	            3’6                                                          	367    English	Pleasure	Limit,	Open                        	301    PCHA	Horsemanship	35	&	O	              3’3
	   62	   Performance	Hunters	                 U/S          Jake’s Place Equitation Challenge                                                                           	303    Foxfield	Medal	-	18	&	O	               3’3
	   70	   Green	Hunters	                   3’6-3’9                           388. Ponies
	   71	   $100	Green	Hunters	              3’6-3’9                        389.	18	&	Over
	   72	   Green	Hunters	                       U/S                        390. 17	&	Under
                                                                           Final	Work	Off
          Hunter Breeding - 4pm Start
HORSE                        PONY
600-604	 Yearlings	          700-704	 Yearling
601-605	 Two	Year	Old	       701-705	 Two	Year	Old
602-606	 Three	Year	Old	     702-706	 Three	Year	Old
603-607	 Best	Young	Horse	   703-707	 Best	Young	Pony

            HUNTER RING 2 - 8:00AM                                   HUNTER RING 2 - 8:00AM                            HUNTER RING 2 - 8:00AM                                      HUNTER RING 2 - 8:00AM
	247	     Long	Stirrup	Warm	Up	                  2’     	242	    Long	Stirrup	Hunters	                 2’   	231	   Short	Stirrup	Warm	up	                2’            	325    Eq	17	&	U	Flat
	240	     Long	Stirrup	Hunters	                  2’       243	   Long	Stirrup	Hunters	                 2’    224	   Short	Stirrup	Hunters	                2’            	382    Walk	Trot	Eq
 241	     Long	Stirrup	Hunters	                  2’     	246	    Long	Stirrup	Eq	O/F	                  2’    225	   Short	Stirrup	Hunters	                2’             384    Walk	Trot	Pleasure
 530      Just	For	Fun	Jumpers	                  2’       533    Just	For	Fun	Jumpers	                 2’    536    Just	For	Fun	Jumpers	                 2’             385    Walk	Trot	8	&	Under	Eq
                                                          244	   Long	Stirrup	U/S                            228	   Short	Stirrup	Hunters	U/S                            386    Walk	Trot	8	&	Under	Pleasure
	373      Long	Stirrup	Pleasure	
                                                                                                             216    Pony	Warm	Up	             2’3	-	2’6	-	3’            	204    Low	Child/Adult	Hunter	U/S
	245	     Long	Stirrup	Eq	Flat	                         	223     Childs	Pony	Hunters	U/S
                                                                                                            	222    Childs	Pony	Hunters	          2’3	-	2’6             	206    Low	Child/Adult	Warm	Up	            2’6
	360      Child’s	Pony	Pleasure                           215    Pony	Warm	Up	             2’3	-	2’6	-	3’
                                                                                                            	340    Childs	Pony	Eq	O/F	       2’3	-	2’6	-	3’            	202    Low	Child/Adult	                    2’6
 320      Pony	Eq	Flat	17	&	U                           	310     SAHJA	Pony	Medal	                   2’3
                                                                                                            	212	   $100 Pony	Hunters	        2’3	-	2’6	-	3’            	203    Low	Child/Adult	                    2’6
	361      Pony	Pleasure                                 	221     Childs	Pony	Hunters	          2’3	-	2’6    	213	   Pony	Hunters	U/S                                    	191    Jr/Am	Handy	Hunters	                2’6
	214      Pony	Warm	Up	              2’3	-	2’6	-	3’     	306     Equisport	Insurance/                       	537    Just	For	Fun	Pony	Jumpers	          2’3             	192    Jr/Am	Handy	Hunters	                2’6
	220      Child’s	Pony	Hunter	           2’3	-	2’6      	    	   USEF	Pony	Medal	          2’3	-	2’6	-	3’   	381    Walk	Trot	Eq                                        	540    Just	For	Fun	Jumpers	               2’6
	293      NorCal	Pony	Medal	         2’3	-	2’6	-	3’     	211     Pony	Hunters	             2’3	-	2’6	-	3’    383    Walk	Trot	Pleasure                                  	311    SAHJA	Mini	Medal	                   2’6
	299      Horse	&	Hound	Pony	Medal	 2’3	-	2’6	-	3’      	341     Pony	Eq	O/F	              2’3	-	2’6	-	3’   	326    Maiden	Eq	17	&	U	Flat                               	 11    2’	Schooling	Hunters	                 2’
	210      Pony	Hunters	              2’3	-	2’6	-	3’     	535     Just	For	Fun	Pony	Jumpers	          2’3    	328    Maiden	Eq	Jr/Am	Champ	Flat                          	226    Short	Stirrup	Hunters	                2’
	532      Just	For	Fun	Pony	Jumpers	           2’3      	534     Just	For	Fun	Jumpers	Jr/Am	         2’6    	329    Novice	Eq	17	&	U	Flat                               	227    Short	Stirrup	Hunters	                2’
	531      Just	For	Fun	Jumpers	                2’6      	327     Maiden	Eq	-	18	&	O	                Flat    	331    Novice	Eq	Jr/Am	Champ	Flat                          	230    Short	Stirrup	Eq	O/F	                 2’
	370      English	Pleasure	Mares,	Open                  	330     Novice	Eq	-	18	&	O	                Flat     332    Limit	Eq	17	&	U	Flat                                	539    Just	For	Fun	Jr/Am	Jumpers	           2’
	368      English	Pleasure	Geldings,	Open                                                                   	333    Limit	Eq	18	&	O	Flat                                	229    Short	Stirrup	Eq	Flat
	366      English	Pleasure	Novice,	Open                                                                     	193    Jr/Am	Handy	Hunter	U/S                              	372    Short	Stirrup	Pleasure
                                                                                                            	205    Low	Child/Adult	Warm	Up	            2’6             	217    Pony	Warm	Up	             2’3	-	2’6	-	3’
                                                                                                            	200    Low	Child/Adult	Hunters	            2’6             	252    $100	Pony	Hunter	Champ.	 2’3	-	2’6	-	3’
                                                                                                            	201    Low	Child/Adult	Hunters	            2’6             	342    Pony	Eq	Champ	O/F	        2’3	-	2’6	-	3’
                                                                                                            	190    Jr/Am	Handy	Hunter	                 2’6             	541    Just	For	Fun	Pony	Jumpers	          2’3
                                                                                                            	345	   Maiden	Eq	17	&	U	                   2’6             	321    Pony	Eq	Champ	Flat
                                                                                                            	538    Just	For	Fun	Jumpers	Jr/Am	         2’6             	369    Pony	Pleasure	Champ	

       Parties Sponsored by Linda & Debbie Stone and Nighthorse Farm * Sue Lightner and Lightacres Farm
                 Bill Madden Brookside Equestrian Park * The Wine Country Classic Horse Show
                    FEDERATION ENTRY AGREEMENT                                                                          FEDERATION RELEASE, ASSUMPTION OF RISK, WAIVER and INDEMNIFICATION
                                                                                                                                                  This document waives important legal rights. Read it carefully before signing.
     By entering a Federation-licensed Competition and signing this entry blank as
                                                                                                    I AGREE in consideration for my participation in this Competition MDC CORPORATION DBA WINE COUNTRY CLASSIC to the following:
  the Owner, Lessee, Trainer, Manager, Agent, Coach, Driver, Rider, Handler, Vaulter
  or Longeur and on behalf of myself and my principals, representatives, employees                  I AGREE that “the Federation” and “Competition” as used herein includes the Licensee and Competition Management, as well as all of their
  and agents, I agree that I am subject to the Bylaws and Rules of The United States                     officials, officers, directors, employees, agents, personnel, volunteers and Federation affiliates.
  Equestrian Federation, Inc. (the “Federation”) and the local rules of the competition.            I AGREE that I choose to participate voluntarily in the Competition with my horse, as a rider, driver, handler, vaulter, longeur, lessee, owner,
     I agree to be bound by the Bylaws and Rules of the Federation and of the                            agent, coach, trainer, or as parent or guardian of a junior exhibitor. I am fully aware and acknowledge that horse sports and the Competition
  competition. I will accept as final the decision of the Hearing Committee on any                       involve inherent dangerous risks of accident, loss, and serious bodily injury including broken bones, head injuries, trauma, pain, suffering,
  question arising under the Rules, and agree to release and hold harmless the                           or death. (“Harm”).
  competition, the Federation, their officials, directors and employees for any action              I AGREE to hold harmless and release the Federation and the Competition from all claims for money damages or otherwise for any Harm to
  taken under the Rules.                                                                                 me or my horse and for any Harm of any nature caused by me or my horse to others, even if the Harm arises or results, directly or indirectly,
     I represent that I am eligible to enter and/or participate under the Rules, and every               from the negligence of the Federation or the Competition.
  horse I am entering is eligible as entered.                                                       I AGREE to expressly assume all risks of Harm to me or my horse, including Harm resulting from the negligence of the Federation or the Competition.
     I also agree that as a condition of and in consideration of acceptance of entry, the           I AGREE to indemnify (that is, to pay any losses, damages, or costs incurred by) the Federation and the Competition and to hold them harmless with
  Federation and/or the Competition may use or assign photographs, videos, audios,                       respect to claims for Harm to me or my horse, and for claims made by others for any Harm caused by me or my horse while at the Competition.
  cable - casts, broadcasts, internet, film, new media or other likenesses of me and
                                                                                                    I have read the Federation Rules about protective equipment, including GR801 and, if applicable, EV114, and I understand that I am entitled to
  my horse taken during the course of the competition for the promotion, coverage or
                                                                                                         wear protective equipment without penalty, and I acknowledge that the Federation strongly encourages me to do so while WARNING that
  benefit of the competition, sport, or the Federation. Those likenesses shall not be
                                                                                                         no protective equipment can guard against all injuries.
  used to advertise a product and they may not be used in such a way as to jeopardize
  amateur status. I hereby expressly and irrevocably waive and release any rights in                If I am a parent or guardian of a junior exhibitor, I consent to the child’s participation and AGREE to all of the above provisions and AGREE to
  connection with such use, including any claim to compensation, invasion of privacy,                    assume all of the obligations of this Release on the child’s behalf I represent that I have the requisite training, coaching and abilities to safely
  right of publicity, or to misappropriation.                                                            compete in this competition.
     The construction and application of Federation rules are governed by the laws of               I AGREE that if I am injured at this competition, the medical personnel treating my injuries may provide information on my injury and treatment
  the State of New York, and any action instituted against the Federation must be filed                  to the Federation on the official USEF accident/injury report form.
  in New York State. See GR908.4.                                                                        BY SIGNING BELOW, I AGREE to be bound by all applicable Federation Rules and all items and provisions of this entry blank

t__________________________________________________________________________________      t__________________________________________________________________________________           t__________________________________________________________________________________
    EXHIBITOR A (RIDER/DRIVER/HANDLER/VAULTER/LONGEUR) SIGNATURE                                                        TRAINER SIGNATURE                                                                      OWNER/LESSEE/AGENT SIGNATURE

_____________________________________________________________________________________    _____________________________________________________________________________________
                    PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE OF MINOR                                                          COACH SIGNATURE (IF APPLICABLE)
                                                                                                                                                                                      PRINT NAME: _______________________________________________________________________

PRINT NAME: _______________________________________________________________________     PRINT NAME: _______________________________________________________________________           STREET: ____________________________________________________________________________

STREET: ____________________________________________________________________________    STREET: ____________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                                                      CITY: _______________________________________________________________________________

CITY: _______________________________________________________________________________   CITY: _______________________________________________________________________________         STATE/ZIP: __________________________________________________________________________

STATE/ZIP: __________________________________________________________________________   STATE/ZIP: __________________________________________________________________________         PHONE: ____________________________________________________________________________

PHONE: ____________________________________________________________________________     PHONE: ____________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                                                      USEF#: _________________________________     USHJA#: _______________________________

EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBER: ________________________________________                      USEF#: _________________________________     USHJA#: _______________________________          PCHA#:_________________________________      NORCAL#: ______________________________

                                                                                        PCHA#:_________________________________      NORCAL#: ______________________________          SS OR TAX ID #: ____________________________________________________________________
t__________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                         (PAYMENT OF PRIZE MONEY MAY BE DELAYED IF SS# NOT INCLUDED)
_____________________________________________________________________________________        EXHIBITOR C (RIDER/DRIVER/HANDLER/VAULTER/LONGEUR) SIGNATURE
                    PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE OF MINOR                                                                                                                                                      PRIZE MONEY CHECK PAYABLE TO:
                                                                                         _____________________________________________________________________________________                                 (MANDATORY INFORMATION)
                                                                                                             PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE OF MINOR
PRINT NAME: _______________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                                                      PRINT NAME: _______________________________________________________________________
STREET: ____________________________________________________________________________    PRINT NAME: _______________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                                                      STREET: ____________________________________________________________________________
CITY: _______________________________________________________________________________   STREET: ____________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                                                      CITY: _______________________________________________________________________________
STATE/ZIP: __________________________________________________________________________   CITY: _______________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                                                      STATE/ZIP: __________________________________________________________________________
PHONE: ____________________________________________________________________________     STATE/ZIP: __________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                                                      SS OR TAX ID #: ____________________________________________________________________
EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBER: ________________________________________                      PHONE: ____________________________________________________________________________               (PRIZE MONEY WILL NOT BE ISSUED IF INFORMATION IS NOT PROVIDED)
                                                                                                          Please Stable with (Trainer)
                      Wine Country Classic
                      August 18-21, 2011 Brookside Equestrian Park - Elk Grove, CA                                                                                              #
Horse Name                                                              Age       Color      Sex       Height         USEF/USHJA REQUIRED                    1st yr    2nd yr   Pony   S    M     L

Trainer                                              Address                                                                     City/St                        ZIP

Home #                                    Barn #                                Fax #                                 Barn Name
(    )                                    (      )                              (     )

USE F#                                    PCHA#                                 NorCal#                               E-Mail

Owner                                                Address                                                                     City/St                        ZIP

Home #                                    USEF#                                 NorCal #                              PCHA#                         E-Mail
(    )

Rider A                                              Address                                                                     City/St                        ZIP                    Date of Birth

                                                                                                                                                                                                 /       /

Home #                                    USEF#                                 NorCal #                              PCHA#                         CPHA#
(    )

Rider B                                              Address                                                                     City/St                         ZIP                   Date of Birth

                                                                                                                                                                                                 /       /

Home #                                    USEF#                                 NorCal #                              PCHA#                         CPHA#
(    )

Classes for Rider A

Classes for Rider B

    Entries must be postmarked                                 USEF FEES:                                    MISCELLANEOUS FEES:                             DEPOSIT FEES:
          by July 28, 2011
 All exhibitors must have their current member-                o USEF Horse                $8 _ 8_
                                                                                               __            o PCHA $3, NorCal $3,                           o Nominating Fee                             35_
                                                                                                                                                                                                     $35 _ _
 ship cards with them or a copy thereof, or send                                                                     CA Drug $5                    11
   a copy of their card with their entry. OFFICE               o USEF Drug                 $7 _ 7_
  MUST SEE PONY or HORSE MEASUREMENT                                                                         o PCHA Non Member                      __
                                                                                                                                               $10 _ _       o Horse Stall                             __
                                                                                                                                                                                                 $150 _ _
 CARDS. Back of entry must be signed by owner,                 o USEF Non Member                __
                                                                                           $30 _ _
 rider and trainer. No Entry Number will be given
          out with incomplete signatures                                                                     o Grounds Fee                          __
                                                                                                                                           $40/Day _ _       o Tack Stalls                             __
                                                                                                                                                                                                 $150 _ _
                                                               o USHJA Non Member               __
                                                                                           $30 _ _              For horses not using a stall
                Make checks payable to:
                                                               o USHJA Zone Fee            $2 _ 2_
                                                                                               __            o Late Fee                        $35 _ _
                                                                                                                                                    __       o Schooling                          $30 _ _
     and mail with entries to: Nancy Gannon
         Nancy Gannon - P.O Box 2890
              Fair Oaks, CA 95628                                                                                      FOR OFFICE USE ONLY
                  Please note:
      No fax or email entries accepted                         Total Enclosed                      Check #

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