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        We’ll depart from New Orleans and visit these four ports:
       Costa Maya & Cozumel, MX; Belize City; Isla Roatan, Honduras
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School Of Transformative Coaching
                                                        • Did you know that coaching
                                                          is the fastest growing field
                                                          in the world?
                                                        • Are you interested in a career
                                                          that will serve others while
                                                          allowing you to create your
                                                          ideal lifestyle?
                                                        • Would you like to work from
                                                          anywhere in the world?
                                                        • Are you interested in facilitating
                                                         personal transformation for
                                                         yourself and others?

   Join us at the School of Transformative Coaching for a spiritually-
   oriented and communication-based life coach training program.
   Our programs are approved by the International Coach Federation
   (ICF) and facilitated by leading experts in Transformative
   Communication, empathic listening and spiritual life coaching.

 Principles & Practices Of Transformative Coaching
  An Accredited 72-Hour Coach Training Tele-Course Offered In A Flexible Format

       Course Start Dates: September 2011 & January 2012
       Contact Information: coachtraining@satvatove.com

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        Approved Coach Specific Training Hours
        International Coach Federation
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Natural Awakenings is your guide to nutrition,

                                                      ~ Features ~
fitness, personal growth, sustainable building,
“green” living, organic food, Buy Local, the
Slow Food and Slow Money movements,
creative expression, wholistic health care,
and products and services that support a
healthy lifestyle for people of all ages.            14   Yin & Tonic ~ Hot and Bothered
                 Publisher                                by Melody Murphy
       Carolyn Rose Blakeslee, Ocala
               Managing Editor                       16   Pharma-Free Kids
               Clark Dougherty                            Natural alternatives to common medicines
                     Editors                              by Lisa Marshall
               Sharon Bruckman
              S. Alison Chabonais                    18   Natural Approaches to ADHD
                 Kim Marques                              by Lisa Marshall
                 Linda Sechrist
              Design + Production                    20   Dietary Supplement Industry At Risk
             Stephen Gray-Blancett                        Opinion editorial, and Action plan
            Carolyn Rose Blakeslee                        by Jonathan Emord, Esq.
    Jessi Miller, www.LittleBlackMask.com
                Contact Us                           22   Raising a Healthy Child in an Unhealthy World
               352-629-4000                               by James Lemire, M.D.
             Fax 352-351-5474
     P.O. Box 1140, Anthony, FL 32617
                                                     23   Sauteed Spinach Squared
                                                          by Clark Dougherty
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online at www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com.                    by Dr. Paula Koger, DOM
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is published every month in full color.                   by David Wolf, Ph.D.
20,000 copies are distributed to health food
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Coming in the september issue:
n Practical Green living: easy, affordable
ways to “go green” now and save money
n september is National Yoga month
n bicycling: september 22 is National
Car-Free day
n Natural beauty
n Gluten-Free baking
n Permaculture
n ... and much more!

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NewsBriefs                                       This unique coach training is
                                            founded in universal principles of
                                                                                           Dragon Rises College
                                            spiritual growth, and empowers coach-
                                            es to assist clients with all areas of life,
                                                                                           Herbal News
Citizens Co-Op                              such as relationships, career goals,
                                            finance, spiritual discovery, and more.
Market Opens                                     Approved by the International
                                            Coach Federation, the course is taught
                                            by David B. Wolf, Ph.D., developer
                                            of the transformative communication
                                            approach to self-realization and author
                                            of Relationships that Work: The Power
                                            of Conscious Living. Find out more and
                                            register at www.satvatove.com/life-
                                            and read the course syllabus at http://
                                            satvatove.com/syllabus.pdf.                    H     erbs are grown all over the world,
                                                                                                 and the U.S. recently expanded
                                                                                           the definition of Good Manufacturing
                                                                                           Practices to include herbs and herbal
                                            Free Workshops:                                     Herbal medicine is nature’s phar-
                                                                                           macy. It is the ancient equivalent of
A    fter years in planning, the Citizens
     Co-Op Market has opened. Lo-
                                            Relationships                                  modern pharmaceuticals, but with the

cated at 435 S. Main St. in Gainesville,                                      o you        biochemical balance that occurs natu-
the store is open Tuesday-Saturday 9-8                                        want         rally and is usually not found in current
and Sunday 10-7 (closed Mondays).                                       to improve         prescription and over-the-counter medi-
Although the Co-op is membership-                                       relation-          cations and supplements. Working with
supported, it is a full-service grocery                                 ships in all       this balance of “active” ingredients in
store, and everyone may shop there.                                     areas of           natural products allows the well-trained
     The store operates on a Local First                                your life?         practitioner to create formulas that are
policy by purchasing from local pro-                                    Would you          tailored specifically to each individual
ducers and vendors first, supplemented                                  like to            with minimal to no side effects.
“with the best, most wholesome, envi-                                   learn to                Side effects are often experienced
ronmentally sensitive” foods and prod-                                  communi-           with prescription medications due to
ucts available.                                                         cate so that       the processing that occurs in which the
     For more information, visit www.                                   you feel           active ingredients are separated from
citizensco-op.com.                                                      heard and          the passive substances that balance
                                            understood? What about becoming an             them. Manufactured drugs can only be
                                            empathic listener yourself?                    customized by adjusting the dosage.
                                                 A life-changing workshop, based           Greater customization is a real advan-
Become a                                    on the popular book Relationships              tage to taking herbs. No two people
                                            that Work: The Power of Conscious              are alike, and even common symp-
Certified Coach                             Living by Dr. David Wolf, will be held         toms occur in different people for
                                                                                           different reasons.
                  T   he Satvatove          from 5-8 at the Sacred Earth Center in
                                            Gainesville, FL three evenings: Sunday,             Although Chinese herbs are
                      Institute School                                                     natural, they are no less powerful
                  of Transformative         August 7; Thursday, Aug. 18; and
                                            Sunday, September 4.                           than “conventional” medications
                  Coaching is now                                                          and should only be taken as directed
                  accepting applica-             This is a hands-on, experiential
                                            workshop in which participants will            by a licensed professional who has
                  tions for the Septem-                                                    the ability to diagnose, formulate,
                  ber semester. “Prin-      practice effective communication skills
                                            that can then be taken into your life.         and prescribe what is best for you.
                  ciples and Practices                                                     Generally it is safe to combine Chinese
                  of Transformative              Admission is free with a ticket—
                                            preregister at www.satvatove.com/              herbs with prescription medications;
Coaching” offers students cutting-edge                                                     however, you should always let your
transformative tools for personal devel-    register or call 352-538-0376.
                                                                                           practitioner know of any medications
opment and high-level                                                                      or supplements you take.

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     The accredited master’s degree
                                            Events at Amrit
offered at Dragon Rises College of Ori-
ental Medicine requires students to take
460 hours of herbs, and more than 800       T   he Mayapuris Kirtan Yoga Week-
                                                end, “Expressions of Love,” will be
hours of diagnosis. Herbal study includes   held Aug. 5-7 at the Amrit Yoga Insti-         Gentle Yoga Studio
individual herbs and herbal formulas,       tute. Workshops will include vocal
formula preparation, and herb-drug          training, basic melody and rhythm                    Gentle Yoga
interactions. Graduates are well pre-       training (harmonium and mridanga),                   Chair Yoga
pared to responsibly prescribe individu-    classical temple dance, mantra medi-
alized Chinese herbs and formulas.          tation and kirtan. The $300 tuition
     For more information, call 352-371-    includes program, lodging, and meals.
2833 or visit www.DragonRises.edu.               Reiki I and Reiki II will be held Aug.
     Photos: Page 6: Sheila Miller and      26-28. This workshop includes tradi-
Linda Barbour prepare a formula in the      tional Usui Reiki Ryoho I and II Attune-
student clinic. Below: Chinese Herbs are    ments (Shoden and Okuden) hands-on
tracked with batch number and date.         curriculum, and the Amrit Integrative
                                            Methodology. Participants will receive
                                            three traditional Japanese Reiki sacred
                                            symbols and learn to use Reiki to heal
                                            and transform yourself and be empow-           Claudia Saldarriaga
                                            ered to offer Gendai Reiki to others.         Certified Yoga Instructor
                                            Teachers: Devdasi and Mohan. The              www.gentleyogabyclaudia.com
                                            $350 tuition includes manual, certifica-
                                            tion, meals, and lodging.                       352-362-2791
                                                 Contact Amrit Yoga Institute 352-
                                            685-3001 or visit www.amrityoga.org.

www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com                                                                        August 2011          9
Are Fit Kids Smarter? is it that kids engage in
                   ow important
                                         H      physical activity? Very, according to a
                                           recent study published in the journal Brain
                                           Research. Kids who are more physically
                                           active tend to have a better-developed
                                           brain, which in turn helps them perform
                                           better on memory tests.
                                                The study involved 49 children, ages 9
                                           and 10, who ran on a treadmill to measure
                                           their oxygen intake, a standard measure of
                                           fitness. Subsequent MRI data of the chil-
                                           dren found that the more physically fit kids
                                           tended to have a larger hippocampus—
about 12 percent bigger, relative to total brain size—than their out-of-shape peers
                                                                                          Meditation Eases
and outperformed them on relational memory tests. The hippocampus is known to
be important in learning and memory.                                                      Anxiety in Kids
     The new findings suggest that interventions to increase childhood physical
activity could have an effect on brain development. “We knew that experience
and environmental factors and socioeconomic status all impact brain develop-
                                                                                          M indfulness meditation is good
                                                                                                 for kids, too, especially those
                                                                                          with high levels of anxiety. Research-
ment,” says Art Kramer, the University of Illinois psychology professor and Beck-         ers from the University of Cambridge
man Institute director who led the study. “It’s not easy to do something about            analyzed 155 boys from two indepen-
your economic status, but here’s something we can do something about.”                    dent United Kingdom schools, before
     Source: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2010                             and after a four-week crash course in
                                                                                          mindfulness. After the trial period, the
                                                                                          14- and 15-year-olds were found to
                              Nutrition Detectives                                        have increased well-being, defined

                              According to a recent study conducted by the                as the combination of feeling good
                                   Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, it takes      (including positive emotions such as
                              less than two hours to turn students and their parents      happiness, contentment, interest and
                              into “Nutrition Detectives,” able to identify better-       affection) and functioning well. Best
                              for-you foods quickly and reliably.                         of all, the youth enjoyed the exercises
                                  Nutrition Detectives is a 90-minute program for         and said they intended to continue
                              elementary school children and families, developed          meditation, a good sign that many
                              by Drs. David and Catherine Katz and a team of nutri-       children would be receptive to this
tion and education experts, in response to the current childhood obesity crisis.          type of therapy.
     The study included more than 1,200 Missouri students in grades two through
four and their parents. Students in all three grades increased their food label lit-
eracy scores by 18 percent, with third grade students showing the most improve-
ment (23 percent). The overall gain in scores among students was retained three
months after their initial exposure to the program.
     Download or order free program materials from NutritionDetectives.com.

    Junk Food Babies
Noresearch published online in the Federation of American Societies for
     Experimental Biology Journal suggests that pregnant mothers whose diets
are high in sugar and fat deliver babies who are more likely to become junk
food junkies themselves. According to the report, such diets lead to changes in
                                                                                                 Children need models
the fetal brain’s reward pathway, altering food preferences. The results may of-
                                                                                                  rather than critics.
fer insight into the ever-increasing rate of human obesity and help explain why
                                                                                                     ~Joseph Joubert
some people easily resist junk foods, while others seem hopelessly addicted.

10                                                        Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
          Are you the
                                        All Marion County Senior boys graduating in 2012
                                        are eligible to enter the contest. Submit a photo
                                        of yourself on Cindi with an eye Photography’s
                                        Facebook wall. In the caption put your school’s
                                        name and why you think YOU are this year’s “Ocala
                                        Stud.” Then tell people to vote for you by leaving a
                                        comment under your photo entry! One Grand Prize
                                        winner will be chosen by Cindi with an eye.
                                        GRAND PRIZE- $50 gift card Gatzby’s, one-hour
                                        massage at Angienius, $75 Mojo Grill gift card, One
                                        YEAR of haircuts at Polished Salon, Portrait session
                                        with Cindi, GO Bananas Print Package, and the
ENTER NOW until September 15th, 2011.   Digital Collection    VALUED at $911
Winner will be announced on Facebook
September 26, 2011!                              www.cindi-withaneye.com
                                               Cindi with an eye Photography
   www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com                          352.598.0271
                                                                   August 2011         11
GlobalBriefs                                                                      Stirring Giants
                                                                                  Green Homebuilding
                                                                                  Progress Report
Campus Life
Going Back to School
in the Golden Years
                                                                                  A    merica’s
                                                                                       10 largest
                                                                                  publicly traded

R   etirement communities, typically nestled near beaches or                      homebuilders have
    golf courses, are beginning to emerge somewhere else:                         started to improve
near university campuses. Educational opportunities and cul-                      their environmental
tural activities there are among the perks for those who feel                     policies and prac-
most alive in active, intellectually stimulating and inter-                       tices, but much prog-
generational settings. Alma maters are a special draw for                         ress remains to be
sports fans.                                                                      achieved, according to
     About 50 campus-oriented retirement communities                              the latest Survey of
exist around the country, estimates Andrew Carle, an industry expert and found-   Sustainable Practices by the Home-
ing director of the Senior Housing Administration program at George Mason         building Industry, by Calvert Asset
University, in Fairfax, Virginia. Another 50 are planned.                         Management Co. KB Home, based in
                                                                                  Los Angeles, and Pulte Homes, of
                                                                                  Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, were
                                                                                  ranked as the top industry firms.
Green Marketplace                                                                      Calvert reports that out of 42 pos-
Environmentally Conscious Behavior Is Encouraging                                 sible green data points, the average total
                                                                                  score was just over six points, or 15

W      ith more organic foods and sustainable products be-
       coming available, it’s a bit easier to go green these days,
and consumers are responding. The latest annual study by
                                                                                  percent. Without the top two companies
                                                                                  in the mix, the average overall score
                                                                                  would have been less than 6 percent.
the Natural Marketing Institute finds that we are increasingly                         Green building represents a major
taking bags with us to the store, avoiding brands that don’t                      industry opportunity. “Whereas two
reflect our values and making better transportation choices,                      years ago, the industry had not yet
including carpooling and using public transit.                                    begun to embrace sustainability as a
                                                                                  core part of building design and con-
                                                                                  struction, companies today have taken
Vital Signs                                                                       many meaningful steps toward devel-
                                                                                  oping greener and cleaner homes,”
Lifetime Educational Achievement Is Up Worldwide                                  says Rebecca Henson, a sustainability

W      orldwatch Institute reports                                                analyst at Calvert and co-author of the
       that people all over the                                                   report. “However, given the environ-
world are completing more years                                                   mental impact that homebuilding has,
of schooling than ever before,                                                    the industry has significantly more
according to the latest data out of                                               progress to make.”
Austria. Just over 3 billion, or 61                                                    Companies are most active in
percent of the global population                                                  energy efficiency and conservation,
15 years or older, had finished                                                   paying more attention to sustainability
at least some secondary school-                                                   issues that can offer short-term finan-
ing during their lifetime as of                                                   cial benefits to operating costs and
2010. That’s up from 36 percent                                                   customers, such as building material
in 1970 and 50 percent in 1990,                                                   recycling and energy and water effi-
and includes those who went on                                                    ciency measures. Issues with long-
to even higher education. Having                                                  term benefits, such as climate change,
advanced to secondary school or                                                   are not well addressed.
beyond indicates that individuals
are better prepared for the future.                                               For more information, search Green
                                                                                  Homebuilder at Calvert.com. To assess
Sources: International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis                     a home’s energy efficiency score, take
and Vienna Institute of Demography                                                the quiz at EnergySavvy.com.

12                                                         Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
EcoTip                                                             n Independent laboratory analysis in the NRDC study
                                                                   showed that about one-third of the bottled waters tested
                                                                   contained significant contamination in at least one test.
                                                                   That means the levels of chemical or bacterial contaminants
Water                                                              exceeded those allowed under a state or industry standard
Why Tap Water                                                      or guideline.
                                                                   n The Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate
Is a Better
                                                                   water bottled and sold in-state, effectively exempting 60 to
Choice                                                             70 percent of U.S. bottled water from FDA standards. Even
                                                                   when its rules apply, they are weaker in many ways than
D     id you know
      that Americans
now drink more
                                                                   Environmental Protection Agency rules governing big-city
                                                                   tap water. The majority of the country’s tap water passes the
                                                                   EPA standards.
bottled water than
                                                                   n Tap water test results and notices of violations must be
milk or juice? We
                                                                   reported to state or federal officials. There is no mandatory
buy 30 billion bottles a year, 80 percent of which ends up in
                                                                   reporting for water bottlers; manufacturers have recalled
landfills for hundreds of years. That’s why Earth-friendly folks
                                                                   bottled water 100 times, without letting consumers know
use refillable bottles these days.
                                                                   about it two out of three times.
      In addition to being eco-savvy, consumers have plenty of
                                                                   n City water systems must issue annual “right-to-know”
reasons to avoid bottled water. According to a four-year study
                                                                   reports, telling consumers what is in their water; bottlers
by the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), we can-
                                                                   successfully killed such a requirement for bottled water.
not assume that the bottled water we purchase is necessarily
                                                                         Every American has a right to safe, good-tasting water
any better regulated, purer, or safer than most tap water. Here
                                                                   from the tap. If we choose to buy bottled water, we deserve
are some revealing facts:
                                                                   the same assurances that it too, is safe. Whether our water
n People typically spend from 240 to 10,000 times more
                                                                   comes from a tap or a bottle, we have a right to know what’s
per gallon for bottled water than for tap water.
                                                                   in it. If bottled water is so pure, why not prove it, with full
n According to government and industry estimates, at least
                                                                   disclosure on the label?
25 percent of bottled water (some say 40 percent) is tap wa-
ter, sometimes with additional treatment, sometimes not.           Source: National Resources Defense Council (nrdc.org)



www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com                                                                           August 2011             13
                              Hot and Bothered

    hate August. It is a wretched month      an August is. Anyone who has spent a         piece was set to Stravinsky’s Rite of
    with no reason to exist.                 summer in Florida and tells you there        Spring; I know August when I see it.
      Nothing good ever happens in           is a crueler month than August is a liar.          I’m pretty sure more crimes hap-
August. There are no holidays. Nothing            Bad things happen in August, here       pen in August, too. I should probably
worth celebrating, other than National       and elsewhere. Hurricanes. Lovebugs.         look it up to be certain, but I’m too hot
Goat Cheese Month. You know what             Heatstroke. Terrible action-adventure        to care. The phrase “hot and bothered”
“awarenesses” the month is designated        movies. In history, we had the atomic        was coined in August. I’m not fact-
for? Immunization. Psoriasis. Cata-          bombs. Other bad things occurred, but        checking that either, but it’s true.
racts. Spinal muscular atrophy. Well,        I’m too hot and tired to look them up.             It seems to be perpetually August
yippee-ki-yay.                               A lot of really wretched people were         in Southern crime dramas. There’s
      August is 31 endless days of heat      born in August; you can look that up,        always the obligatory courtroom scene
and misery, waiting in a prolonged           too. August is when they make you go         at the height of summer, always in an
agony of dread for school to start or a      back to school. It’s bad times all around.   antebellum courthouse filled with folks
hurricane to strike, praying for the              August is the noisy, obnoxious          in seersucker suits and floral chintz,
sweet release of death. I imagine it is      drunk of a party guest who has to be         almost getting their heads chopped off
the equivalent of being two weeks            thrown out at 3 a.m., still slurring the     by those frantically whapping ceiling
overdue with a ten-pound baby: Oh,           punchlines to bad jokes, long after he       fans up in the balcony rafters. Every-
dear God, is there no end to this???         has worn out his welcome. August is a        body’s sweating to beat the band and
      Nothing should happen in August.       blowzy harridan with cheaply dyed            fanning themselves with those old-
Certainly no rites of passage. If you        orange hair and cartoonish red lipstick,     school funeral-home fans, and the
decide, against all reason, to get married   like a clown in a third-rate circus or       prosecutor has a pitcher of ice water,
in August, especially in an outdoor cer-     Miss Hannigan from Annie: loud and           and the defense rests because it has
emony, I believe this is grounds for your    tipsy and bad-tempered, lurching             heatstroke and can’t summon the will
wedding party to rise up and kill you.       around in a tacky housedress, abusing        to do anything else, and the judge’s
      I believe couples should be chaste     orphans and swigging hooch out of a          favorite hound dog is lying in mute
in November, so that no babies are           hip flask in the middle of the after-        suffering next to the witness stand
born in August. I know it’s tempting,        noon. August is both a lurid shade of        because it’s too hot for Bocephus to be
but hold out, or use extreme precau-         orange (the hue of Miss Hannigan’s           outside, even in the shade of the old
tion. You’ll thank me in nine months.        hair), and a heat-bleached, sun-             lynching tree. They call August “the
      If you have the bad taste to die in    parched white. Not a crisp, cool white;      dog days of summer” for a reason, but
August and leave instructions to be          white as in colorless, faded, drained.       it is a nasty rabid dog and should be
buried at a graveside service, I believe     Bled dry. Wilted. White-hot.                 shot and put out of its misery and ours.
you should be soundly punished for                August makes me think of the                  All John Grisham novels and the
this in the afterlife. If there were to be   scene in Fantasia where the dinosaurs        entire run of “In the Heat of the Night”
stars in your crown, they should be          stumble through the shimmering heat          seem to be set in August. (However,
revoked.                                     of the desert on their futile trek in        “In the Heat of the Night” also offers
      T.S. Eliot was incorrect when he       search of water, dropping like flies in      the refreshment of Carroll O’Connor’s
said April is the cruelest month. It is      the primordial dust along the way.           drawling snark, and, more important,
August. I assume that, being British,        Every time I see that stegosaurus rear-      of Bubba and his biceps. I submit that
the man didn’t know any better. Unless       ing his head toward the glaring orange       with a different hairstyle, Bubba could
you have spent all the Augusts of your       sky in his death throes, I think, “Yep.      still be fully relevant today. Bubba’s
life in Florida, you do not know what        That was in August.” I don’t care if the     biceps are always relevant.)

14                                                        Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
     I think people in other parts of the country believe it’s
always summer in the South, and that all gainful activity
shuts down until the kickoff of football and hunting sea-
son. Like all we do all summer is lie around the house in
a lacy slip, high on honeysuckle fumes, drinking whiskey
out of Mason jars and languidly uttering nonsensical
aphorisms about magnolias, and pigs in mud, and dawgs
which will not hunt, waiting for something to come along
so we can either sleep with it or shoot it. I cannot speak
for the entire region, but if I did that more than once a
week, I would never get anything done.
     I do own a full slip and several of those funeral-home
fans, but it puts me in a bad temper to exert that much
energy to cool myself. Instead, thankfully, I have central
air. However, I also have an old, energy-guzzling house,
as well as a hot-blooded nature, so August leaves me
especially ill-tempered when the electric bill comes roll-
ing in. “Ill as a hornet” is an excellent old phrase of my
grandmother’s. It suits August perfectly.
     August makes everyone ill as a hornet. That is why
there is more crime then. (And I’m still not going to look it
up. I’m right and you know I am.) Heat makes people
mean. They get into more fights when it’s hot. You hear
them tiredly say things like, “Come here so I can slap you.
I’m too tired to move.” And then the other person says, in
equally exhausted tones, “Never mind. Just shoot me. You
can do that from right there. Put me out of my misery.”
     There are, I suppose, some good things about August.
I grudgingly allow that I enjoy the lingering light that lasts
well into the evening hours, fireflies and citronella can-
dles at blue dusk. I do like the frequent rain, and the
Perseid meteor showers are nice, if you like to sit up late
and star-gaze. And of course there are the ripe tomatoes
and fresh corn and juicy watermelons, the iced tea and
lemonade, the pool parties and cookouts and beach trips.
     But you know what? I did those things in June and
July, too. I’m all done now. Thanks. I didn’t need August
for any of those things. August is extraneous. August
doesn’t know when to quit. It has jumped the shark.
     I propose we do away with August altogether. I say
we extend June by 16 days and July by 15, for 46 days per
month, then go straight to September. I realize this means
we would now celebrate Independence Day on June
34th, as well as my birthday on June 35th, but you know,
that’s just the kind of person I am. Willing to reschedule
my own birthday for the greater good. See what I’m will-
ing to do for you all? For the good of the nation, the
world, all the boys and girls and the fishes in the deep
blue sea. And, if there were no August—joy to you and

Melody Murphy has to go find her Mason jar now. She
would quote a proverb about hornets and honeysuckle,
but she’s too hot to be folksy. She can be contacted at
yinandtonic12@yahoo.com, but she will not feel like
answering until September at the earliest.                       * excluding manicures/pedicures

www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com                                                        August 2011     15
KIDS Natural Alternatives
  to Common Medications
                      by Lisa Marshall

            ant to keep your kids off drugs? The place to start
            is with your own medicine cabinet. So say a grow-
            ing number of health practitioners who are view-
ing the recent proliferation of medications being targeted at
kids with alarm and urging parents to turn first to common-
sense home remedies or natural alternatives when possible.
     “We tend to be a nation of pill-takers, who turn to med-
ication whenever we need relief for anything,” says Dana
Point, California, pediatrician Robert Sears, co-author of the
new book, The Portable Pediatrician. “If we can increase the
use of our skills as parents in using time-tested home rem-
edies to help our kids feel better, we can rely less on pills.”   from $191 million in 2005 to $250 million in 2010. Despite
      Because children metabolize drugs differently than          three years of government warnings about potential dangers,
adults do, cases of lingering side effects, such as grogginess,   including seizures and death, of giving over-the-counter cold
hyperactivity, and accidental overdoses are widespread.           and flu medications to children under age 2, 61 percent of
Poison control facilities nationwide received 30,000 calls        parents do it anyway, according to a recent national poll by
regarding pediatric acetaminophen alone in 2009, and              C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
roughly 7,000 kids end up in emergency rooms each year                  Meanwhile, new ad campaigns marketing drugs for
due to cough and cold medicine overdoses. Between 2000            kids continue to proliferate. Publisher Scholastic, Inc. was
and 2010, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) re-         criticized recently for distributing coupons for the allergy
ceived reports of 14 deaths and 74 non-fatal adverse events       medicine Children’s Claritin in its elementary school news-
due to acetaminophen-dosing errors.                               letter distributed to kids.
      According to a 2010 report by Orlando, Florida-based              “I find it very concerning,” says pediatrician Hilary
Medco Health Solutions Inc., children’s drugs now con-            McClafferty, a clinical assistant professor at the University
stitute the fastest growing segment of the pharmaceutical         of Arizona College of Medicine. “Some drug companies are
industry, with sales increasing by 10.8 percent in 2009 over      exploiting parents at a vulnerable time, preying upon their
2008, and usage by children rising four times faster than for     feeling that they need to do something to make their child
the general population during the same period.                    feel better immediately.”
      One in four children younger than 10 and one-third                Why shouldn’t a worried, sleep-deprived mom or dad
of adolescents ages 10 to 19 take at least one prescription       reach for a quick fix to placate a miserable little one in the
medication on an ongoing basis, according to the report.          middle of the night? At times, medications are warranted, says
The number of minors taking drugs for respiratory prob-           McClafferty, particularly in the case of strep throat, which can
lems is up 42 percent since 2001 and those medicated for          lead to serious health problems when left unchecked.
the chronic heartburn of gastroesophageal reflux disease                But routinely medicating away symptoms can interfere
(GERD) is up 147 percent.                                         with the body’s natural protective mechanisms, McClafferty
     Market research firm IMS Health reports that spending        says. For instance, cough medicine can inhibit the body’s
on non-prescription pain medication for children spiked           natural effort to clear mucous from the lungs, prolonging

16                                                       Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
congestion; also, suppressing mild fevers with drugs can         degrees. Herbalist Brigitte Mars, author of The Country Al-
sabotage the body’s own defense against infection.               manac of Home Remedies, suggests diaphoretic herbs like
     “Even the conventional medical world has begun to           peppermint, ginger and elderflower, in teas, which prompt
focus on this. They are realizing many of these drugs are not    perspiration and enable the body to cool down naturally.
very effective and they can cause toxicity in young patients,”
says Matthew Baral, a doctor of naturopathy and president of     Cough and Congestion
the Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians.
                                                                      Apply an herbal vapor rub of menthol and tea tree oil
      For example, according to a 2011 review in the on-
                                                                 to the bottom of the child’s feet and put their socks back
line journal of the American College of Osteopathic Pedia-
                                                                 on. The decongesting menthol vapor will help them to
tricians, antihistamines can lead to sedation, constipation,
                                                                 breathe and the antimicrobial properties of the tea tree oil
drying of the mucous membranes and at higher doses,
                                                                 will be absorbed through their skin, says Mars. For nasal
hallucinations in kids. Decongestants can increase heart
                                                                 decongestion, try irrigating the child’s nose with a cleans-
rate and lead to “rebound congestion,” or a worsening
                                                                 ing neti pot. Sears recommends kid versions of herbal
of symptoms after a child stops taking the drugs. Proton-
                                                                 remedies Sinupret and Bronchipret.
pump inhibitors, approved in 2008 for GERD in babies as
young as 12 months, have been shown to boost levels of
harmful intestinal bacteria and may increase fracture risk
                                                                 Diarrhea and Constipation
later in life, according to a study recently published in An-         “Probiotics are the most extensively researched rem-
nals of Family Medicine.                                         edy we have out there for diarrhea,” says Baral. Studies
      In 2008, the FDA advised that cough and cold medi-         in the journal Pediatrics have shown probiotics to shorten
cine should not be used for children under 2, and called         bouts of diarrhea in infants and school-age children, and
on companies to revise their dosage instructions to indicate     prevent the onset of antibiotic-induced diarrhea in kids.
this more clearly. In March, 2011, it went so far as to pull     Look for yogurt, powder or capsules containing 10 billion
hundreds of prescription cold medications off the market,        colony-forming units (CFU) of Lactobacillus GG. Sears
with FDA spokesperson Deborah M. Autor telling The New           suggests the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and
York Times that, “We don’t know what’s in them, whether          toast) to quell diarrhea. For constipation, reach for apri-
they work properly or how they are made.”                        cots, peaches, pears, plums and vitamin C.
      While McClafferty is pleased with the FDA’s recent
actions, she remains leery, saying, “I approach all over-the-    Earache
counter medications for children with great caution and               Drop four drops of warm mullein garlic oil into the ear.
rarely recommend their use.”                                     Sears says the warm oil will calm the inflamed eardrum and
      Here are some alternatives to try. Remember that many      the antibiotic in the garlic will get to work on the infection.
herbs have not been tested for safety specifically for chil-     Olive oil will work in a pinch.
dren, so check with a health practitioner first.
                                                                          Growing Pains
Bug Bites                                                                             While it’s common for kids between the
     For quick relief, grate a potato or some                                 ages of 3 and 5 or 8 and 12 to complain of dull
leaves of plantain to create a poultice and                                    aches deep in their legs, there is little consen-
place it on the spot of the bite. “It will                                      sus about what causes them. Mars has found
draw off some of the itching and swell-                                           that it helps to supplement their diet with
ing,” says Baral. Don’t forget two of                                              calcium and magnesium supplements in
the lowest-tech and natural remedies,                                               kid-friendly powdered form, or foods that
mud and ice.                                                                        contain these nutrients.

Fever                                                                               Heartburn
      “It’s important to know that most                                                          Deglycerrhizinated licorice
fevers don’t need to be treated un-                                                      (DGL), slippery elm and aloe all may
less they are really bothering the                                                        be able to help soothe inflamed
child,” advises Sears. “Fever helps                                                        esophageal tissue, says Baral, “But
the body to fight off infection and                                                          they need to be given under a
may keep the child subdued so                                                                 doctor’s supervision.” Also take
she can rest and recover.” He                                                                 a hard look at dietary triggers:
recommends tepid baths, cold                                                                Common culprits include dairy,
cloths on the forehead, and call-                                                         chocolate, tomatoes and mint.
ing the doctor if a fever persists for
three days or if it rises above 103                                                                  ... Continued on Page 19

www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com                                                                          August 2011              17
     Natural Approaches to ADHD
                                                            by Lisa Marshall

D                                                                     Buy Organic
         rugs for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
         (ADHD) are among the hottest-selling medications
                                                                           A 2010 study of 1,100 children, published in the
         today, garnering 13 percent of children’s prescription
                                                                      journal Pediatrics, found that the more pesticide residue
dollars, with sales soaring so quickly that the U.S. Food and
                                                                      children had in their urine, the more likely they were to be
Drug Administration (FDA) recently had to declare a national
                                                                      diagnosed with ADHD.
      That worries naturopathic doctors Matthew Baral and
David Deichert. “People have gotten in the bad habit of               Check the Iron
going to medication first, without trying natural therapies,”               Studies in the Archive of Pediatrics & Adolescent Med-
states Baral, a pediatrics professor at the Southwest College         icine and elsewhere have shown that children diagnosed
of Naturopathic Medicine, in Tempe, Arizona.                          with ADHD are more likely to have lower iron levels, and
      In some cases, prescription medication is warranted,            when those that are deficient take iron supplements, their
says Deichert, an ADHD specialist with Bastyr University,             symptoms either subside without medication or they react
in Kenmore, Washington. But in most cases, he sees it as              better to lower doses of medications. As a precautionary
a stopgap measure as the longer-term benefits of diet and             measure, Deichert suggests that kids be checked for their
lifestyle changes slowly kick in.                                     ferritin levels before beginning iron supplementation.
      The two naturopaths offer these natural wellness ap-
proaches.                                                             Consider Safer Supplements
                                                                           Clinical research is still inconclusive, but in their
Minimize Food Additives                                               practices, Deichert and Baral have both seen ADHD pa-
      After decades of parents’ suspicions that additives             tients benefit from zinc, ginkgo biloba, acetyl-carnitine and
like food coloring and artificial flavors may fuel behavioral         omega-3 supplements.
changes in kids, several recent studies have bolstered such
claims. A 2007 study of nearly 300 kids ages 3 to 8, pub-             A final note: While it helps that research has been stepped
lished in The Lancet, found that those given drinks contain-          up to address the epidemic of attention-related disorders,
ing artificial dye showed significantly higher hyperactivity          that doesn’t mean that all valid solutions need to carry a
within a few hours. The British government now requires               company trademark.
labels warning that children’s products containing dye may
impair attention.

Consider an Elimination Diet
                                                                        A   DHD is the most commonly diagnosed
                                                                            behavioral disorder for kids in the United
                                                                        States, with at least 4.5 million diagnoses among
     A first-of-its-kind 2011 study, also in The Lancet,                children under age 18, according to the Centers
showed that when 50 kids with ADHD were put on restric-                 for Disease Control and Prevention. A Michigan
tive hypoallergenic diets free of allergens like gluten and             State University (MSU) study now reports that
dairy for five weeks, their symptoms improved far more
                                                                        20 percent are potentially misdiagnosed simply
than those in the control group. When the eliminated foods
were reintroduced, symptoms returned in 63 percent of the               because they are the youngest—and most imma-
children. Deichert says that ADHD patients with digestive               ture—in their class.
problems, recurring ear infections, or skin problems—all                    Among kindergarteners, the youngest were
symptoms of possible food sensitivities—are particularly                60 percent more likely to be diagnosed with
good candidates for elimination diets.                                  ADHD than the oldest children in the same
                                                                        grade. Similarly, when that group of classmates
Curb Screen Time and Get Moving                                         reached the fifth and eighth grades, the youngest
     “Very large studies have associated TV and video game              were twice as likely to be prescribed stimulants.
use with a worsening of ADHD symptoms,” notes Deichert.                 MSU Economist and researcher Todd Elder puts
He recommends that for each half-hour of screen time a                  the cost of the unnecessary medication at $320-
child gets outside of schoolwork, they get a half-hour of               500 million per year.

18                                                           Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
... Continued from Page 17

Seasonal Allergies
     One of the most commonly recommended natural
treatments for addressing seasonal allergy symptoms is
stinging nettle, believed to modulate the production of the
histamine that prompts noses to run and eyes to water and
has been shown to be safe in adults. It comes in tincture,
tea and capsule form. Mars also likes Allergena region-
specific homeopathic allergy medicines, which deliver
traces of local pollen to help the body develop immunity
to them. Alternately, substitute citrus juices for milk during
allergy season. Vitamin C has been shown to normalize
histamine levels, while dairy products can boost mucous
                                                                                                     Intuitive Touch Reiki and
                                                                                                              Massage Therapy
Sore Throat                                                                                     Specializing in Therapeutic/medical and
     Stir one teaspoon of salt into eight ounces of water and                                        relaxation massage, intuitive Reiki
gargle. “It is antiseptic and will make the pain go away,”                                              sessions and lymphatic drainage
counsels Mars. She also recommends using the infection-                                                             1294 SE 24th Road
fighting herb Isatis root, in tincture or capsule form. McClaf-   Susan Domfort LMT/COTA                                Ocala, Florida
ferty says to try a spoonful of honey; it has antimicrobial       Licensed Massage Therapist,                           352-804-7617
                                                                  Reiki Master Teacher and
properties and may act as a cough suppressant.
                                                                  Certified in Holistic Manual           Now accepting PIP and BC/BS
                                                                  Lymphatic Drainage                          insurance for medically
                            Teething Pain                         MA #53889 MM #22664                             necessary massage.
                               Oil of clove contains a com-
                                pound called eugenol that
                                serves as a natural pain
                                  killer and antibacterial
                                 agent. Baral recommends
                                 mixing no more than one
                                 drop of clove oil with
                                    honey and rubbing it on
                                      the gums (not recom-
                                       mended for children
                                       under 12 months).
                                       Or, saturate a clean
                                       cloth with calming
                                           chamomile tea or
                                            wintergreen tea,
                                            a natural analge-
                                            sic, and let the
                                           baby chew on it.
                                                                                                       Mosswood Farm Store
                                              When children                                            703 NE Cholokka Blvd
                                  suffer from common ail-                                              Micanopy, FL 32667
           ments, it is natural for parents to wish to soothe                                          (352) 466-5002
their suffering as quickly as possible. Just be aware that,                                            www.MosswoodFarmStore.com
along with the physician and the pharmacist, there is still an
important role to play for “Doctor Mom.” In fact, many of         Organic coffee and pastries,
Doctor Mom’s remedies will work a lot faster than Pharma.         sustainable living books and
                                                                  earth friendly supplies, crafts,
Lisa Marshall is a freelance health writer and mother of four     soaps, homemade bread, much
who lives near Boulder, CO. Connect at Lisa@LisaAnnMar-           more. Open every day 10-6.

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ActionAlert                                                                            Call for Action
                                                                                             Public outcry has helped stem
                                                                                       FDA moves to eliminate dietary sup-
                              Opinion Editorial                                        plements from the market on dozens

  Dietary Supplement
                                                                                       of occasions in the past, but has failed
                                                                                       to reach a fever pitch in response to
                                                                                       the latest round of regulatory efforts.

    Industry at Risk
                                                                                       Perhaps that is because the most
                                                                                       recent efforts have arisen under a more
                                                                                       palatable public interest justification:
                                                                                       The argument that consumers must
                        by Jonathan Emord, Esquire                                     be protected from potentially unsafe
                                                                                       products by permitting the FDA to
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is poised to remove                              run companies it thinks may threaten
                                                                                       public health out of existence.
20 to 30 percent of existing food supplement companies                                       The FDA’s current approach, using
from the market, force a rise in prices and eliminate the                              allegations of adulteration, contamina-
                                                                                       tion and misbranding—combined with
availability of most, if not all, herbal supplements.                                  cessation of distribution and recall of
                                                                                       unapproved supplements—appears to
                                                                                       be far more acceptable to the public

       he most                                              tered with the federal     than the argument that supplements in
       basic of hu-                                           government for the       general should be removed from the
       man rights                                               first time, deprives   market. It seems that the lesson FDA
is that of self-                                                those companies of     regulators have slowly learned is that
government over our                                           access to the courts     people generally appear to be will-
own bodies, especial-                                          in favor of admin-      ing to permit regulatory abuses in the
ly regarding individ-                                         istrative tribunals,     name of public safety.
ual choice over what                                          and forces those               Moreover, under the Food Drug
nutrients to ingest and                                      companies to pay          and Cosmetic Act (FDCA), as interpret-
treatments to receive to                                    for mandatory federal      ed by the federal courts, any promotion
sustain optimal health.                                    investigations.             that associates a dietary supplement
Today, federal and state                                         With passage of       with a disease treatment claim is pro-
regulatory agencies                                                FSMA, which         hibited. That is so even if the claim is
constrict those rights by                                            made every        demonstrably true. Censoring informa-
limiting our choices. Those                                          food and          tion concerning the potential benefit of
restrictions on freedom are destined                                dietary supple-    dietary ingredients shrouds the market
to continue.                                              ment company oper-           in ignorance, depriving consumers of
     Recent examples include state        ating in the United States subject to        helpful, life-extending or life-saving
dietitian licensing bills, global cen-    Food and Drug Administration (FDA)           information. Just one example is the
sorship of health information, and        licensing, the regulators’ decades-old       FDA’s censorship of the association
the Food Safety Modernization Act         dream of ridding the market of supple-       established in peer-reviewed scientific
(FSMA; S. 510/HR 2751). Dietitian         ments and leaving the field to FDA-          literature (some 6,000 articles) between
licensing bills designate those li-       approved drugs is closer to realization      Vitamin D and a reduction in the risk of
censed by the American Dietetic As-       than ever before. The FSMA comes             certain kinds of cancer. All Americans
sociation as nutritionists and the sole   atop aggressive FDA implementation           could experience a reduction in cancer
dispensers of nutritional advice and      of new and costly current good manu-         risk were that association made known
recommendations. Global censorship        facturing practice (cGMP) regulations,       at the point of sale, but FDA’s prior re-
of nutrient-related disease treatment     positioning the agency to regulate ev-       straint (its ban on all claims associating
information by all Western govern-        ery aspect of supplement production.         a nutrient with a disease, even provably
ments that regulate drugs works to        Will the public awaken to the threat         true claims) keeps consumers in the
preserve a monopoly on therapeutic        and compel the FDA to back down, or          dark.
claims for drug companies. The Food       will the agency succeed in eliminating             Unfettered by a groundswell of
Safety Modernization Act requires         safe supplement products, to the detri-      public opposition, the FDA is proceed-
that all companies that make food         ment of the consuming public?                ing at an accelerated pace in inspect-
and dietary supplements be regis-                                                      ing facilities, issuing citations and

20                                                     Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
ultimately driving supplement manu-        truly active, engaged participants in
facturers out of business. Companies       their own health care.
incapable of affording the associated                                                TAKE ACTION
costs have no choice but to dissolve.      Jonathan W. Emord is a constitutional
To reverse this course, consumers must     and administrative lawyer in Wash-           HERE
contact their elected representatives in   ington, D.C. The author of The Rise
congress and demand an immediate           of Tyranny and Global Censorship of     Check these websites regularly
repeal of both FSMA and GMP regula-        Health Information, he has defeated     to keep abreast of pending
tions. Then, vote wisely in the 2012       the FDA in federal court eight times.   state legislation and to sign
elections to defeat candidates that        Visit Emord.com.                        helpful petitions.
voted in favor of limiting our freedoms
in these areas.                                                                    Elected Officials,
Worldwide Trend                             One current petition fighting          Alliance for Natural Health USA,
     Many governments around the            to protect natural health-             anh-usa.org
world currently prohibit essential          care options challenges                Citizens for Health,
health claims backed by credible sci-
entific evidence. For example, claims
                                            the Federal Trade Commis-              Citizens.org
that glucosamine and chondroitin            sion’s illegal move to restrict        Freedom of Health Foundation,
sulfate may eliminate symptoms of           health-related claims. Sign            thefhf.org
osteoarthritis are forbidden in Europe,     the petition at anh-USA.org:           The Health Keepers Alliance,
as well as in Australia, Canada and         Search FTC, then open April
the United States.                                                                 HealthKeepers.net
     Groups have formed to protest
                                            26, 2011 post and click This
                                                                                   National Health Freedom Action,
such censorship and restrictions on         Link at bottom of page.                NationalHealthFreedom.org
access to dietary supplement ingre-
dients. For a global view, consult
information provided by the Alliance
for Natural Health, which is active in
Europe and America. In the United
States, take action via the Alliance
for Natural Health USA, Citizens for
Health, Freedom of Health Founda-
tion, The Health Keepers Alliance and
National Health Freedom Action.
     The way back to liberty lies not
only in allowing the marketing of all
dietary ingredients that are being used
without serious adverse effects, but
also in stripping countries of the power
to censor nutrient-related disease
treatment information. When well-
informed consumers make dietary
ingredient choices that minimize dis-
ease risk and maximize longevity, their
improved health reduces their depen-
dence on costly drug therapies which
too often carry unwanted side effects.
     Imagine a world in which fruits
and vegetables, as well as dietary
supplements, could lawfully be ac-
companied by labels summarizing
the dietary ingredients present, their
effects and their potential for protect-
ing against or fighting disease. In
such a world, consumers would be

www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com                                                                  August 2011              21
                                 Raising a                                           of life is recommended to have 35
                                                                                     immunizations. A great resource is
                                                                                     a book by Mayer Eisenstein MD, JD,
                                 Healthy Child                                       MPH called Don’t Vaccinate Before
                                                                                     You Educate. He has also written Make
                                 in an Unhealthy                                     an Informed Vaccine Decision for the
                                                                                     Health of Your Child: A Parent’s Guide

                                                                                     to Immunizations.
                                                                                          Younger children are encouraged
                                                                                     to be fed organic fruits and vegetables
                                 by Dr. James Lemire, M.D.                           as well as free-range organic meats.
                                                                                     Vitamin supplementation with a
                                                                                     multivitamin, Vitamin D-3, and

   n my 35 years of practice as a         pregnancy—to be aware of their             probiotics is recommended. If we
   family physician, I have seen the      exposure to such chemicals, and to be      don’t change our children’s eating
   health challenges of our children      proactive with a form of detoxification     habits away from the standard
increase each year. It is now more        to prevent this from being passed on to    American diet, 50% of children born
urgent than ever for parents to focus     their infants. Mothers need to be aware    today will develop Type 2 diabetes
on their children’s health in order for   of their vitamin and nutritional status    before the age of 30, according to the
them to survive in an unhealthy world.    as well as toxic chemical exposure         World Health Organization’s statistical
     The challenges of children begin     such as mercury fillings in their teeth.    predictions.
before birth with the health of the            Mothers need to abandon the                We must continue to be vigilant
mother. In a study published July 21,     standard American diet (SAD) and           to search out the chemicals in a child’s
2005, the Environmental Working           adopt a diet with a variety of fresh       environment and reduce their ongoing
Group (www.ewg.org) reported that         organic fruits and vegetables, organic     exposure. For example, Bisphenol-A,
tests measuring the cord blood from       free-range meats, and plenty of pure       found in children’s and adults’ plastic
10 randomly selected newborn infants      water. Mothers need to have adequate       bottles, is a xenoestrogen, which
detected 287 chemicals. Of these          levels of vitamins, fish oil, and vitamin   disrupts normal hormone function in
chemicals, 180 are known to cause         D-3 to provide a healthy environment       children. Today we are seeing boys
cancer in adults, 217 are linked to       for the newborn.                           and girls develop premature puberty
brain and nervous system damage,               Mothers are encouraged to breast-     before the age of 10, because of the
and 208 have been shown to effect         feed their infants to help enhance their   synthetic xenoestrogen and other
fetal or child development in animal      immune system. This also strengthens       hormones found in milk and dairy
studies. And, a stunning 209 of the       mother/infant bonding and reduces the      products as well as processed meats.
contaminants represented brand-           potential for future allergies.            These chemicals include fluoride,
new appearances—it was the first                Parents need to reconsider the        chlorine which disrupts thyroid
time researchers had identified the        whole issue of vaccinations. My            function, and mercury found in “silver
chemicals in the blood of newborn         purpose is not to condemn the              fillings.”
babies.                                   concept of vaccinations, but to look            As children grow, we must
     It is paramount for mothers—         at how the system has evolved:             educate them on how to live a healthy
before, during, and after their           today, an infant in the first 18 months     lifestyle, make good choices in diet
                                                                                     and nutrition supplements, and
                                                                                     develop healthy lifestyles that will

     Homegrown Organics
                                                                                     serve them into their old age. We must
                                                                                     educate them that the pharmaceutical
                                                                                     industry does not have the answer for
     Organic buying club.                                                            every problem. Educate them on the
     Start eating right today!                                                       hazards of legal and illegal drugs and
                                                                                     help them to make wise choices. As
     n Fresh organic fruit and veggies                                               parents and grandparents, we have the
     n Organic and free-roaming poultry                                              responsibility to educate our children
     n Grass-feed beef                                                               to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle—
                                                                                     emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
     Doreen, 352-598-4184
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                                                                                     lemireclinic.com or call 352-291-9459.

22                                                    Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
                                                                     Ingredients for 6-8
                                                                     generous portions:                   Sauteed
                                                                     2 tbsp. extra virgin
                                                                        olive oil                                 2
                                                                     ½ medium Spanish (red)
                                                                        onion, julienned
                                                                     1 medium Vidalia (sweet)             by Clark Dougherty
                                                                        onion, julienned
                                                                     ¾ cup mushrooms,
                                                                        coarse chopped                    Preparation (sequence is important):
                                                                     1 tbsp. unsalted butter              In a large skillet, at medium heat, add oil;
                                                                                                          briefly saute red and white onion. Add
                                                                     2 large garlic cloves,
                                                                                                          mushrooms; cook about 2 minutes. Create
                                                                        fine chopped                       space in center of skillet, add butter and
                                                                     3 “baby” sweet                       garlic. Add sweet peppers to center of
                                                                        peppers, julienned                skillet, then lemon juice; stir rapidly. Sim-

   n defense of the recipe’s name, this is      1 fresh lemon, juiced                                     mer 2 minutes. Add bacon pieces, basil,
   more than sautéed spinach. With attention    6 slices cooked, drained bacon, chopped                   toasted pine nuts, tarragon, lemongrass
   to preparation, this dish can stand alone    6-8 fresh basil leaves, medium chopped                    paste. Mix well; cook about a minute. Add
as the primary course for lunch or dinner,                                                                one package of spinach, folding and mix-
                                                ¼ cup toasted pine nuts
or be served as a bed for fish, or be used                                                                 ing until the spinach is turning dark and
as the filling for a quiche, omelet, or heavy    4 tbsp. fresh tarragon leaves, fine chopped
                                                                                                          wilting well. Add second package of spin-
crepe. Besides observing the prep methods,      2 tbsp. lemongrass paste
                                                                                                          ach, again folding and mixing well. (Op-
note also the sequence of execution for a       2 9-oz. packages fresh baby spinach leaves                tional: add tomatoes.) Remove from heat,
more attractive appearance and esoteric feel    3-4 Roma or sun-dried tomatoes (optional)                 put into serving bowl. Add scallion if
on the palate. Enjoying food, after all, is a   ¼ cup chopped scallion (optional garni)                   desired, and sprinkle individual servings
combination of look, smell, feel, as well as    ¼ cup Feta cheese (optional garni)                        with Feta cheese (optional). Enjoy!
taste. You will be rewarded.

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                      therapeutic Massage Clinic                                                                                            MM 9718

                                                   Relieve tension headaches and eye strain.

          Did you know?                            Relax spasmodic muscles and prevent atrophy due to illness or injury.
                                                   Increase joint flexibility and/or range of motion.
                                                   Improve circulation, cleansing the body.
                            therapeutic            Improve posture by stretching chronically tight muscles.
                            massage can:           Promote deep relaxation and stress reduction.
                                                   Provide healthier and better nourished skin.

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                                      PIP, WorkComp, Group and Private Insurance* accepted
                                           Physician and Chiropractor referrals accepted

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                                      Deficient Drainage:
                                                  There Is But One Disease
                                               by Dr. Michael J. Badanek, DC, BS, CNS, DACBN, DCBCN, DM(P)

                                           Therefore, weaker patients can experi-       therapies such as Manual Lymphatic
                                           ence a rather major healing crisis—          Drainage. MLD, originated by two
                                           that is, an increased intensity of their     physical therapists, Emil and Estrid
                                           symptoms—when detoxification mea-            Vodder from Austria, is an exception-
                                           sures are too rigorous for their more        ally effective massage technique that
                                           depleted constitutions.                      mechanically releases and directs
                                                In contrast, the field of drainage,     toxins out through the lymphatic chan-
Introduction                               originating in Europe at the turn of the     nels of the body. Additionally, the
     The school of healing known as        twentieth century, represents a modality     therapeutic use of saunas, steam baths,
“drainage” in these toxic times is often   more focused on the entire individual.       douches, and wet sheet packs are
necessary to begin treatment with          This holistic school of healing is based     another form of effective drainage via
remedies that most effectively cleanse     on the belief that true cleansing is only    hydrotherapy (water therapy), through
and purify. A leading physician in the     accomplished through the stimulation         the process of sweating toxins out
field of drainage teaches in his courses   of the body’s organs and tissues to          through the skin. In fact, broadly
that first you have to “open the door”     release toxins at their own unique pace      speaking, any product or technique—
and release toxins in the body before      and within their own metabolic limits.       from a massage to a multiple vita-
attempting any repair or regeneration      Thus, drainage remedies are prescribed       min—can be considered to be a form
of tissue. And in light of the fact that   very carefully, according to the patient’s   of drainage, as long as it effectively
essentially everyone has been exposed      particular level of functioning, whereas     stimulates the body’s tissues and or-
to significant levels of toxic metals,     detoxification protocols are more often      gans to discharge poisons from the
petroleum chemicals, prescription          simply generalized recipes touted as         body. However, the most common
drugs, devitalized foods, and other        suitable for everyone.                       forms of drainage that have been em-
poisons of modern civilization, more            This assessment of a patient’s          ployed over the past two centuries
and more holistic physicians and           health is not an arbitrary matter, but is    have been homeopathic and herbal
practitioners are describing these         based on one’s inherited or genetic, as      remedies.
unique remedies at the beginning of        well as acquired or environmental,
each patient’s treatment protocol.         disease potential. Under stress—             Homeopathic Remedies
Further, the use of drainage remedies      whether physical, biochemical, or            Used for Drainage
insures that toxins are not only effec-    psychological—one person may react                Homeopathy, the system of medi-
tively discharged from the body, but       with anxiety, another may get a blind-       cine that uses minute quantities of
are released as gently as possible.        ing headache, while another may              specially prepared plant, animal,
     In some holistic circles, the words   succumb to the flu. Each type of illness     mineral, and other substances to stim-
“drainage” and “detoxification” are        exemplifies the preexisting weakness         ulate healing in the body, originated in
used interchangeably. However, these       in a specific tissue or organ system         1789 through the astute observations
two terms, although quite related, are     characteristic of each individual’s          and careful research of the German
not synonymous. “Detoxification” is a      particular tendency.                         physician Samuel Hahnemann (1755-
general term that is usually focused on                                                 1843). Dr. Hahnemann’s specialty,
cleansing a specific area of the body,     The History of Drainage                      constitutional homeopathy, is the use
such as the liver or colon—or a specific       The term “drainage” has been             of a single remedy to treat the overall
toxin, such as mercury, parasites, or      used in various contexts. It is used         mental, emotional, and physical make-
Candida (intestinal yeast overgrowth).     primarily to describe remedies that are      up of an individual. Homeopathic
     Unfortunately, in many popular        employed to gently and naturally             remedies have also been employed
detoxification protocols, the ability of   discharge toxins from the body. How-         over the years, however, not only in a
each individual patient’s excretory        ever, this term has also been used to        constitutional manner, but also for the
organs to discharge these accumulated      describe techniques that do not utilize      purpose of specifically draining toxins
poisons is rarely taken into account.      remedies at all, as with structural          from the body.

24                                                      Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
Homeopathic Remedies                         years of clinical trial and error, Dr.          residing in a patient’s lung, genital and
Reduce Healing Crisis                        Nebel concluded that the tubercular             joint tissues that were stimulated by
     The use of homeopathic remedies         nosode remedy itself was not pre-               the tubercular nosode represented the
for drainage purposes was pioneered          scribed incorrectly, but that strong            formal birth of the use of drainage
by a Swiss physician named Antoine           reactions from the use of these very            remedies. Some examples of these
Nebel (1870-1954). Around 1910, Dr.          potent homeopathic nosodes was a                secondary homeopathic remedies
Nebel noticed that after giving a tuber-     common, and actually appropriate,               include Antimonuim tartaricum to
cular nosode—a strong homeopathic            response. In order to address these             clear inflamed lungs, Cantharis vesica-
remedy made from a diseased product          discomforting and often painful symp-           toria to expel toxins from the bladder
that stimulates an immune system             toms, Dr. Nebel began to use other              mucosa, Chimaphila umbrellata to
response to protect the body from            homeopathics as secondary remedies              stimulate prostate drainage, and Rhus
succumbing to that disease—his pa-           to augment the release of accumulated           toxicodendron to discharge toxins in
tients would often have extreme reac-        toxins in the tuberculinic-sensitive            the joints. All of these homeopathic
tions. Common responses included             tissues. This use of a secondary, or            remedies were prescribed in a low
respiratory ailments such as nasal           satellite, homeopathic remedy to chan-          potency such as 6C, in order to act at a
congestion, sore throats and coughing;       nel and purge the internal poisons              very specific physical level on these
inflammatory genital reactions such as
bladder or prostate infections; and
inflammation of the joints resulting in
arthritic aches and pains. Although
these bodily healing crisis or aggravat-
ing reactions were quite disturbing and
sometimes debilitating to the patient,
to Nebel they were understandable,
since tuberculosis bacteria have an
affinity for producing disease in the
lungs, genitals and joints. Thus, the
body was simply responding to the
homeopathic tubercular nosode by
releasing its burden of accumulated
microbes and toxic waste products in
these tissues. The problem was that the
response could often be excessive.
     After witnessing these reactions
repeatedly in his practice and through

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particular tissues in the body. Later,      sprouts, and rootlets. He found that the     milligrams in the bud as compared to
one of Dr. Nebel’s most exceptional         growth factors, as well as the strong        .77 milligrams in the adult leaf—since
students, Leon Vannier, embraced            active essence of life he experienced        this amino acid stimulates the release
Nebel’s idea of “channeling the toxins”     energetically in these freshly harvested     of growth hormone necessary for
and actually coined the term “drain-        young herbs, rendered them much              healthy plant (and human) maturation.
age” around 1920.                           more potent than other botanical             As a result of these constituents, Ribes
                                            (plant) remedies traditionally extracted     nigrum has potent anti-inflammatory
Combination Homeopathic                     from the dried adult parts of plants.        properties through its action of drain-
Drainage Remedies                                Henry, a brilliant physician and        ing toxins from arthritic joints and
     A few years later in 1927, a Bel-      innovator, further augmented the en-         other inflamed tissues, as well as in the
gian dowser named George Discry and         ergy of these remedies by diluting           treatment of allergies and chronic fatigue
a Professor Reutter from the University     them at a ratio of 1 to 10—that is, 1        through its adrenal stimulating effects.
of Geneva collaborated to formulate a       part plant to 10 parts water, glycerine,
line of remedies to stimulate drainage      and alcohol. This process rendered           The Benefits of
in the body. In contrast to Nebel’s use     these remedies still within the phyto-       Gemmotheraphy Drainage
of a single homeopathic remedy, Dis-        therapy or medicinal plant category of            All three of the aforementioned
cry and Reutter’s remedies combined         healing, but also gives them a gentle        therapies—single satellite homeopath-
several homeopathics together in one        energetic influence through the 1:10         ic remedies, combination homeopath-
bottle. These formulas were innovative      dilution. In his clinical practice, Henry    ic remedies, and gemmotheraphy
in that they were the first known to        found that these young, embryonic            remedies—have drainage and cleans-
combine homeopathic plant and metal         remedies in small dilutions were supe-       ing effects in the body. However, in
remedies together. Further, the metals      rior at awakening and activating con-        clinical practice, the author has found
in these remedies were potentized at a      gested organs and tissues to gently          that the gemmotherapy botanical
specific 12X potency for the purpose of     release and drain toxins from the body.      remedies have proven to be the most
crossing cell membranes in order to         This new and unique form of drainage         optimal. The reasons for this are three-
stimulate deeper intra-cellular detoxifi-   through phytotherapy (botanical medi-        fold. First, in clinical practice these
cation. In 1949, the UNDA company           cine) was called blastotherapy or            remedies are the most effective in the
in Belgium began to manufacturer            embryophtotherapy, but over the years        treatment of ill patients through gently
these remedies called the “Numbered         it has come to be primarily referred to      stimulating congested and depleted
Compounds,” which are still being           as gemmotherapy.                             organs and tissues to release their
produced today according to Discry’s                                                     accumulated toxins. Second, using
and Reutter’s original formulations.        Laboratory Research                          energetic testing methods (kinesiology,
Combination (or complex) remedies           Confirms the Effectiveness                   reflex arm length testing, etc.), gem-
consisting of several homeopathics          of Gemmotherapy                              motherapy remedies consistently test
mixed together in a single bottle are            Modern research studies have            superior to homeopathic drainage
also available from other homeopathic       borne out what Dr. Henry found clini-        remedies. Finally, both of these forms
companies and sold at many health           cally—that the strong active essence of      of homeopathic therapies have the
food stores. Although these combina-        live and growth factors contained in         potential of antidoting—that is, cancel-
tion remedies are not as effective in the   the young parts of plants renders these      ing out—a patient’s constitutional
long run as the use of accurately pre-      gemmotheraphy remedies much more             homeopathic remedy, in contrast to
scribed single homeopathic remedies,        potent than herbals traditionally de-        the gemmotherapy botanicals, which
they are often helpful in the treatment     rived from older adult plants. For ex-       do not antidote homeopathics. There-
of acute diseases such as colds or flu      ample, in one French study, seven            fore, in order to avoid this possibility,
that come on rapidly and generally          types of antioxidants (vitamin C, an-        as well as the fact that the gemmo-
don’t last more than a few days.            thocyanidins, flavonoids, etc.) were         therapy botanicals have clinically
                                            isolated in the young bud of the Ribes       stood the test of time for almost a
Herbal Remedies for                         nigrum (black currant) plant, versus         century, these remedies are featured in
Drainage Purposes                           only three found in the more mature          the remainder of this article as the
    In 1947, a Belgian physician            leaf portion of this plant. Further, the     primary mode of drainage therapy.
named Pol Henry (1918-1988) made an         young buds in this plant were found to
important discovery. Instead of utilizing   have substantially higher levels of          Natural Drainage in the Body
a mature adult plant to prepare an          amino acids (the building blocks of               In a healthy body, what might be
herbal remedy, as herbalists had tradi-     proteins) than in the adult leaf. In fact,   termed “organic drainage” occurs auto-
tionally done in the past, Henry began      the vitality of this young black currant     matically every day. Through the excre-
to experiment with using the parts of       bud is most dramatically illustrated by      tion of bile, feces, urine, sweat, as well
very young plants such as the buds,         its high content of arginine—5.7             as carbon dioxide simply through

26                                                       Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
breathing, the body is constantly in the     because of their removal of carbon           react to nutrients with deficient drain-
process of draining and purifying itself.    dioxide from exhalation; and the skin,       age issues.
However, when defecation, urination,         because of the removal of waste via
perspiration, or respiration is disturbed    perspiration. In a healthy functioning       Dr. Michael Badanek has been serving
in any manner—overloaded from toxic          body, toxins are expediently transport-      the Central Florida area for more than
stressors such as mercury and amalgam        ed to these emunctories through the          30 years in active clinical practice. Dr.
fillings, inflamed from a dental or tonsil   blood, and more slowly through the           Badanek is a licensed Chiropractic
focal infection, or chronically congested    lymph fluid and the tissues (the extra-      Physician with extensive training in
from dysfunctioning metabolic pathways       cellular matrix). When these five pri-       Alternative Complementary Medicine
in the liver—drainage becomes less           mary emunctories fail to function            including nutrition, applied kinesiology,
efficient, and illness ensues over time.     optimally, however, the body utilizes        functional and traditional medicine,
                                             its next line of defense to drain tox-       and electrodermal screening, with
The Five Primary                             ins—the secondary, but less efficient,       three board certifications. His real love
Emunctories                                  emunctories, including but not limited       and zeal is treating patients with all
     Natural organic drainage is real-       to the mucous membranes, musculo-            types of conditions with alternative/
ized through the body’s emunctories.         skeletal system, and more intense skin       functional medicine, especially people
This term derives from the Latin word        activity such as rashes and other            with a problem or ailment which has
emungere, meaning “to cleanse,” and          inflammations.                               not responded to traditional or alterna-
refers to the organs and tissues that                                                     tive treatments. Dr. Badanek’s website
excrete toxins in the body. The primary      Conclusion                                   is www.alternativewholistic.com. For a
emunctories in the body are thus the               If you or a loved one is experienc-    consultation, call 352-622-1151.
major excretory organs—the liver and         ing chronic, long-term conditions with
gallbladder through bile excretion, the      little or no relief, consider being evalu-   PUBLISHER’S NOTE: In the July issue,
kidneys through urination, and the           ated for these underlying chronic            Dr. Badanek’s credentials were pub-
intestines through bowel movements.          conditions. In many instances, there is      lished incorrectly in the title section of
Also included in this list are the lungs,    an inability for the body to absorb or       his article. We regret the error.

                                                               New Patient Special:
                                                           $25.00 off one-hour massage.

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      What’s Really
                                                                                         defecate can result in this infection.
                                                                                               Spiro P is unclassified and is the
                                                                                         second most-frequent spirochete infec-
                                                                                         tion. The source seems to be mainly

     Making You Tired?                                                                   insect bites. Spiro T is the Treponema
                                                                                         genus. The species Treponema Palli-
                                                                                         dum is syphilis, which is uncommon.
                                                                                         Most of the time we are dealing with
                         by Dr. Paula Koger, DOM                                         insect-vectored infection.

                                                                                               The most frequent spirochete
           ne of the biggest causes of            Here is what I learned about Lymes.
                                                                                         infection is unclassified and we call it
           fatigue and many other dis-            The spirochete bacterial infections
                                                                                         Spiro X. This type has been linked to
           eases is not being identified     are one of the most, if not the most,
                                                                                         animal waste products. However,
and treated: Lymes.                          destructive infections. These large,
                                                                                         theoretically, all of the spirochetes can
     In life we are guided to follow a       corkscrew-shaped bacteria destroy
                                                                                         be transmitted by insect bites.
path that is best for us. Sometimes it is    tissue wherever they attack. Much of
                                                                                               The signs and symptoms are wide-
hard to understand and follow that           the damage is not reversible—there-
                                                                                         ly varied, depending where the infec-
guidance. This is the case for me. I was a   fore, it is important to diagnose and
                                                                                         tion is active. If it attacks the brain,
nurse, professor of nursing, and coun-       treat early. Unfortunately, the usual
                                                                                         then there is destruction of brain tissue
selor before I was beckoned very clearly     diagnostic tests are not reliable. These
                                                                                         resulting in dementia, and/or bipolar
to acupuncture training and a PH.D. in       bacteria can be recognized by use of a
                                                                                         or manic-depressive disorder. Every
Alternative Medicine. That has been the      dark field micro- scope; however, few
                                                                                         case of bipolar disorder which I have
second-best calling in my life—yet it was    doctors have them. Furthermore, there
                                                                                         evaluated has been traced to a spiro-
hard for me to follow, because it seemed     are a number of types of these bacteria
                                                                                         chete infection. Research has shown
so far removed from my upbringing and        and the most common ones are
                                                                                         that this infection destroys subcortical
mainstream career experience.                unidentified.
                                                                                         brain tissue that controls affect. This
     I am thankful I stepped out of that          In the system that I use, the spiro-
                                                                                         bacterium has also shown up in
stream and followed my flow to a way         chetes are classified on a genus level.
                                                                                         schizophrenia, although my sample is
of helping myself and others find            Spiro L is for Lymes disease, which is
                                                                                         much smaller.
solutions for health achievement. I          prevalent in the Northeast and spread-
                                                                                               If the spirochetes attack the heart,
have had to look beyond our standard         ing thru the Southwest. The deer tick is
                                                                                         then the person gets congestive heart
assessment and treatment tools to get        a major source of this infection. The
                                                                                         failure because it destroys the heart
the results. I thank Dr. Whitaker, MD,       Lepto Spirochete infection is attributed
                                                                                         muscle. If the infection attacks the
Dr. Marc, MD, and many more bril-            to contact with animal waste products.
                                                                                         arteries, then the person is likely to get
liant pioneers who guided me.                Inhaling dust from where animals
                                                                                         a dissecting aneurysm. This infection
                                                                                         frequently attacks the muscular-skele-
                                                                                         tal system, resulting in rheumatoid
                                                                                         arthritis and fibromyalgia. There can be
                                                                                         collapsing of the spine resulting in
                                                                                         severe pain.
                                                                                               These bacteria can attack most any
                                                                                         part of the body. I call it the silent
                                                                                         killer because of its insidious nature. I
                                                                                         find it often in patients who have
                                                                                         diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue.
                                                                                               Because I have found laboratory
                                                                                         tests do not always show Lymes when
                                                                                         it is there, I have relied on Dr. L.J.
                                                                                         Marx, MD’s training in neuro-kinesiol-
                                                                                         ogy testing which I have found to be
                                                                                         highly reliable if done correctly. The
                                                                                         herbal formula and homeopathy have
                                                                                         been very effective for those who meet
                                                                                         the criteria.
                                                                                               One of the remarkable recoveries
                                                                                         was a 14-year-old girl who had been

28                                                       Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
diagnosed as OCD. Her mother was
desperate, as the girl was behaving
insanely and missing 2-3 days of
school each week.
In my office, she tested positive for
Lymes using neuro-kinesiology testing.
Her mother and she could not believe
it, so they had her blood tested. The
doctor who did the test said she did
not have Lymes because she tested
positive to only one type of spirochete.
She agreed to take the herbs for Lymes
anyway. Shortly after starting them, she
improved in all ways, including that
she stopped cutting her wrist. She is
volunteering at a summer camp as a
counselor this summer with no
      Other things need to be addressed
such as diet and stress-causing atti-
tudes and traumas, which are stored in
the tissues and block the healing.
Again, herbs and homeopathy is a big
      I have had children as patients
who were labeled autistic and became
normal after this Lymes protocol was
implemented. The list of symptoms
Lymes can cause includes: Insomnia,
depression, hyperactivity, muscle pains
and loss of function, GI distress, car-
diac symptoms, and many more.
      My favorite example of a patient
who had a miraculous recovery is a
25-year-old man whose mother just
about carried him in because he was
so weak. He could not eat anything
but coconuts. Within days, he was on
the path to recovery when neuro-kine-
siology testing showed he had Lyme
disease. He’d had thousands of dollars’
worth of testing of blood and urine,
with no significant findings. In a few
weeks, he was completely well and is
now working as a pianist, composer,
and massage therapist.
      I would say it has become a spe-
cialty for me, as I have found it to be
what is necessary to get the results and
has proven to be very effective for me
and my patients.

Dr. Paula Koger, DOM, can be reached
at 941-539-4232, or visit www.
wealthofhealthcenter.com. She prac-
tices in Sarasota and Dunnellon.

www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com                August 2011   29
                    Coaching as                   I am especially inspired to coach
                                            coaches, supporting them to build
                                                                                           excellence. That is why it is important
                                                                                           to follow a rigorous, high-quality
                    Career, Way             their careers. When I began coaching           coach training course, and to get certi-
                                            Marie Glasheen, for example, she was           fication with a recognized organiza-
                    of Life, and            working at a fairly satisfying job, but        tion, such as the International Coach
                    More                    was also eager to create a career path         Federation (ICF).
                                            that aligned with her sense of higher               To maintain your enthusiasm for
                    by David B. Wolf,       purpose. Soon after establishing her           developing your coaching practice,
                    Ph.D.                   coaching practice, Marie received              realize that it may take some time.
                                            comments such as these: “I feel like           Cultivate patience as you build your

    play tennis, and I boldly assert that   we moved mountains this morning,”              practice, and consider developing an
    in the game of tennis, I don’t need a   “Thanks for reminding me about the             area of focus or specialization to help
    coach. That’s because in tennis I’m     power that is me,” “My relationships           you attract the right clientele for you.
satisfied with mediocrity. Federer, Nad-    on all fronts have never been more             Many coaching professionals become
al, and Roddick play at an extraordi-       clean,” “I so much appreciate how our          known in their communities by offer-
nary level of excellence, and they want     work ranges from the everyday (better          ing value in forms such as workshops,
top coaches because of their dedication     eating habits, improved time manage-           articles, and newsletters, with no
to constantly refining their game.          ment) through practical and emotional          expectation of reimbursement.
      Life coaching is primarily for peo-   challenges (work-life balance, asser-               This creates trust that naturally
ple who are devoted to excellence in        tiveness, conflict resolution), to pro-        leads to reciprocal relationships that
their lives, whether in emotional intel-    found questions of who I am, how I             attract abundance. Many coaches also
ligence, financial freedom, spiritual       want my life to be, and how best to get        tap into the power of the internet and
realization, health, or career. I am        there,” and “Some of my sessions bring         social media, where the coaching
enlivened by clients who are commit-        dramatic insights, others bring subtle         services offered are placed in front of a
ted to high levels of distinction. Such     shifts, but all take me to unexpected          constantly growing, limitless audience
dedication challenges me to coach and       places, to seeing my life with fresh           of people who want to be coached.
live at top quality in service to others.   eyes.”                                              Personally, I view coaching not as
                                                  “Every day, each client, I get a sense   a job, or even a career, but rather as
                                            of really making a difference,” Marie          integral to achieving life purpose. Most
                                            said of her vocation. “I love playing a        effective coaching sessions result in a
                                            part in supporting people to thrive, to        client moving from point A to point B
                                            live from inspiration and courage.”            in some area of their life. All successful
                                                  A career in coaching offers flex-        coaching sessions raise awareness and
                                            ibility, with possibilities to conduct         nurture self-realization. Meaningful
                                            sessions in person, by phone or Skype,         human relations involve supporting
                                            and to offer correspondence coaching           and challenging each other towards
                                            to complement the sessions. Also there         growth, in the direction of knowing
                                            are ever-expanding opportunities to            the self. To quote St. Francis, “What we
                                            develop coaching with various popula-          are looking for is what is looking.”
                                            tions including executives, parents,                If you’re excited about facilitating
                                            college students, people seeking life          the spirit of discovery for “what is
                                            purpose, and those eager for satisfying        looking,” consider coaching as a ca-
                                            relationships. Coaching has emerged            reer, way of life, and much more.
                                            as a crucial human services profession
                                            of the 21st century, as increasing num-        David B. Wolf, Ph.D., founder and
                                            bers of people are seeking coaches to          director of the Satvatove Institute
                                            enhance their lives.                           School of Transformative Coaching,
                                                  I encourage trainees to receive          has trained coaches, counselors, and
                                            personal coaching themselves, so that          psychotherapists for more than 30
                                            they directly experience what they             years. He is the author of Relationships
                                            intend to give to others. Also, while          That Work: The Power of Conscious
                                            each of us has talents, skills, and expe-      Living: How Transformative Communi-
                                            riences that will naturally serve us to        cation Can Change Your Life, and has
                                            be professional coaches, there is also a       developed and facilitated seminars in a
                                            knowledge base and vital set of skills         dozen countries. Satvatove’s accred-
                                            that is unique to coaching, and essen-         ited coaching course begins in Septem-
                                            tial for our journey towards coaching          ber; visit www.satvatove.com.

30                                                       Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
August Garden
by Jo Leyte-Vidal, UF/IFAS
Marion County Master Gardener

         s your gardens and lawns
         flourish, so do the weeds.
         According to the Weed
Science Society of America (www.
wssa.net), some weeds are becom-
ing resistant to glyphosate, the
herbicide found in products such
as Roundup. Constant use builds
resistance in the weed, just as insects
will become immune to a pesti-
cide. Once the herbicide becomes
ineffective, weeds have the potential to
invade and compete with crops.
      The WSSA recommends dealing
with weeds the old-fashioned way:
pull weeds by hand, use mulch or
landscape fabric to keep weeds down,
and rotate organic weed controls if
additional maintenance is necessary.
      Our night-time temperatures are
climbing as summer progresses. Once
the temperature is consistently higher
than 70 degrees, your tomato plants will
begin to slow down production. They          Reeser’s Nutrition Center, Inc. / ReesersNutritionCenter.com
might also drop blossoms. Though the          Do you suffer from any of                     Free Initial Consultation
tomato is slowing down, you can plant
new peppers, watermelon, and late             the following symptoms?                       with CNHP. Offering:
                                             l A.D.D.          l Cirrhosis of the Liver     l   Nutritional Analysis   l   Enzyme Therapy
crops of eggplant, okra, and southern        l Parasites       l Immune Disorder            l Adrenal/Thyroid          l Blood Analysis
peas. Those beds that have been cleaned      l Sinusitis       l Impotence/Prostrate        l   Metabolic DHEA         l Alkaline Water
out of spent plants can benefit from the     l Candidiasis     l Chronic Fatigue Syndrome   l REAMS Analysis           l Hair Analysis
                                             l Crohn’s Disease l Osteoporosis/Arthristis    l Oral Chelation           l Weight Loss
addition of compost and organic mat-         l Substance Abuse l Menopausal Syndrome        l Gluten Free Foods        l Homeopathic
ter. This will enhance your fall planting,   l Insomnia        l Multiple Sclerosis         l Hormone Testing          l Saliva Test
which may begin after August 15th.           l Fibromyalgia    l High Blood Pressure        l Detoxification           l Drug Tests
                                             l Shingles        l Irritable Bowel Syndrome   l Vitamins / Herbals       l BMI Analysis
      The act of growing vegetables
creates a positive attitude toward veg-      10% Every Day Discounts on Vitamin Supplements (Restrictions Apply)
gies on children’s plates at dinner time.       3243 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala / 352-732-0718 / 352-351-1298
Watching a seed grow into something
good to eat is exciting and wondrous to
a child. Those of us with young chil-
dren can involve them in the joy of
growing their own food. Designate a
row of your vegetable garden for a
child, or create a new row.
      Scented plants add another dimen-
sion of pleasure. Take a tour through
your local nursery and follow your nose
to butterfly ginger, night-blooming
jasmine, moonflower vine, Natchez
crepe myrtle, little gem magnolia, tea
olive, almond bush, wax myrtle, and
the herbs rosemary, mint, and basil.
www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com                                                                                 August 2011                     31
Acupuncture                                          Fitness                                                James E. Lemire, M.D., FAAFP
                                                                                                            Nuris Lemire, MS, OTR/L, NC
Dr. Paula Koger, DOM, BS Nursing, MA Counseling      Hip Moves Fitness Studio                               The Lemire Clinic
941-539-4232 / Dunnellon and Sarasota                Rona Bennett, BS, CPT                                  11115 SW 93rd Ct. Rd., Suite 600
www.WealthOfHealthCenter.com                         Holistic Health, Personal Fitness Coaching             Ocala, FL 34481 / 352-291-9459
                Dr. Koger has a long history of      708 N.W. 23rd Ave., Gainesville                        www.LemireClinic.com
                success with people who are          www.hipmoves.com / 352-692-0132                                      Dr. Lemire has been in practice for
                receptive to multiple ancient                      An intimate fitness studio focus-                      32 years. He follows a Functional
                and high-tech healing tech-                        ing on creativity and holistic                         Medicine approach, utilizing up-to-
                niques. 20 years’ experience                       health. Classes and private les-                       date techniques such as: Chelation,
                including Professor and school                                                                            Detoxification, natural hormone
                                                                   sons in Belly Dance, Yoga,
                                                                                                                          replacement, nutrition, Prolo/Bio-
health nurse; more than 17 years in Alternative                    Pilates, and Personal Training.
                                                                                                                          puncture, acupuncture, anti-aging,
healing practices with training from experts                       Rental space available.                  among others. Dr. Lemire along with his staff are
worldwide.                                                                                                  dedicated to a joint partnership with their pa-
                                                                                                            tients—a partnership that seeks to maximize the
Biologic Dentistry                                   Gluten Intolerance                                     God-given life potential of each individual. We
                                                                                                            believe that true wellness for the whole person
Dr. Cornelius A. Link, DDS                           Gluten Intolerance Group / Gainesville                 includes a healthy body (physical self), a healthy
352-629-0700 / Ocala / www.drlinkdds.com             352-215-1078 / GIGgainesville@gmail.com                mind (emotions and intellect), and a spiritual
There must be a biologic balance in the mouth as     www.glutenintolerancegroupgainesville.blogspot.com     peace. For this life-changing goal, Lemire Clinic
             part of total body health. This means                      The Gluten Intolerance              commits their energy, their compassion and their
             being concerned about infections in                        Group of North America              skills.
             the teeth and gums, the relationship                       proudly announces a new
             of the teeth to the jaws, the teeth                        branch in Gainesville. Please       Hanoch Talmor, M.D.
             to each other, saliva pH and metal                         call or email for information       Gainesville Holistic Center
             toxicity. As a member of the Interna-                      about our monthly meetings.         352-377-0015
tional Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicolo-        Share your stories, or give/get support! Gluten        www.betterw.com
gy, we follow a recommended safety protocol for      intolerance is more common, and more seri-                         We support all health challenges
removal of amalgam fillings, if necessary. Dental    ous, than most people know.                                        and the unlimited healing poten-
materials compatibility testing available.                                                                              tial of God’s miracle: your body.
                                                                                                                        Chelation, Nutrition, Cleansing,
                                                     Holistic Medicine                                                  Homeopathy, Natural Energy
Colonics                                                                                                                Healing, Detoxification, Wellness
                                                     James F. Coy, M.D.                                     Education and more.
Gentle Waters Healing Center                         Life Family Practice Center
352-374-0600, Gainesville                            1501 U.S. Hwy. 441 North, The Villages
info@gentlewatershealing.com                                                                                Michael J. Badanek, BS,DC,CNS,DACBN,DCBCN
                                                     352-750-4333 / www.LifeFamilyPractice.com              3391 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Suite #B
               The therapists at Gentle Waters                    More than 20 years in the General
               Healing Center will assist each                                                              Ocala, FL 34470 / 352-622-1151
                                                                  Practice of medicine, with a focus        www.alternativewholistichealth.com
               individual with detoxing using                     on allergies, and treatments using
               colon hydrotherapy, Far Infrared                                                                             30+ years in clinical practice with
                                                                  environmental bio-nutrition and                           alternative wholistic complemen-
               Sauna, and/or Aqua Chi Lymphat-                    other natural methods includ-
               ic Drainage. We also carry pro-                                                                              tary health services. Treating the
                                                                  ing N.A.E.T. and acupuncture.                             body to support all health chal-
biotics, digestive enzymes, and other products       Providing detox therapies including chela-
for overall health. Proud sponsors of Barley                                                                                lenges with Wholistic Integrative
                                                     tion, anti-aging treatments, natural hormone                           Medicine. Treatments include Au-
Life Nutritional Products. Call Dawn Brower          replacement, and alternative testing.
for more information or visit www.gentlewater-                                                              toimmune disorders, Lyme disease, Autism, ADD/
shealing.com. MA41024, MM15426.                                                                             ADHD, Musculoskeletal conditions, Heavy metal
                                                     Nelson Kraucak, M.D., ABCMT, ACAM                      toxicity, Cardiovascular and endocrine conditions,
                    352-694-6044                     Life Family Practice Center                            Nutritional deficiencies/testing.
                    535 NE 36th Avenue,              1501 U.S. Hwy. 441 North, The Villages
                                                     352-750-4333 / www.LifeFamilyPractice.com
                    Ocala, FL
                                                                    For 15 years in The Villages, Dr.       Holistic Psychotherapy
                    A Wellness Center for
                    10+ years conducive to                          Kraucak has been committed to
                                                                    bridging the gap between clinical       Diane Alther, LCSW, RN, CHt
                    healing the whole person.                                                               Traditional and Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher
Educating and empowering a healthy lifestyle                        medicine and complementary ther-
                                                                    apies to promote the body’s natural     Ocala and Dunnellon locations / 352-425-1992
through detoxification. Offering “State of                                                                  www.emdrtherapistnetwork.com
the Art” FDA registered colonic equipment,                          healing mechanisms. Embracing a
                                                     medical approach to alternative treatment and by                     Combining conventional
Farinfrared sauna, Aqua-Chi ionic cleanse,                                                                                counseling with body, mind,
lymphatic drainage. Pain relief and relax-           using cutting-edge technologies, he is able to treat
                                                     chronic auto-immune and degenerative disorders.                      energy therapies including
ation massage. Automobile insurance and                                                                                   EMDR, EFT, hypnosis, full
Workers Comp. Gift certificates. Call our            Providing treatments such as Immune Biomodula-
                                                     tion, Chelation, Bio-Identical Hormone Replace-                      wave breathwork, meditation
happy staff for more information. MA28872,                                                                                and Reiki to facilitate change
NCTMB156725, MM11062.                                ment, PRP, Prolozone and much more.
                                                                                                            and mental and emotional balance.

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Hypnotherapy                                            Piano Services
Christine Green CHt Hypnotherapy
Gainesville Hypnotherapy
                                                        Hendrix Piano Service
                                                        352-895-5412, Serving north central Florida
1212 NW 12th Ave., Suite C-3                            Tuning, repairs, cleaning, fine custom maintenance      Business Opportunities
Gainesville FL 32601 / 352-339-6078                                              of your acoustic piano.
                                                                                                               CURRENTLY PUBLISHING NATURAL
www.OneStepDeeper.com                                                            Pianist: accompaniment,
                                                                                                               AWAKENINGS MAGAZINES - For sale
              Invite amazing changes into                                        weddings, other church
                                                                                                               in Birmingham, AL; Cincinnati, OH;
              your life through Hypnosis.                                        services, concerts. Experi-
                                                                                                               Lexington, KY; Louisville, KY; Manhattan,
              The powerful process of Hyp-                                       ence: churches, cabarets,
                                                                                                               NY; North Central, FL; Tulsa, OK;
              notherapy guides you naturally                                     Marion Chorale, Duelling
                                                                                                               Northeast PA; Southwest VA; Wilmington,
              and easily to the life you truly          Divas, much more. Fine used pianos available.
                                                                                                               NC. Call for details 239-530-1377.
              deserve. Free consultation:
www.onestepdeeper.com and 352-339-6078.
                                                                                                               Professional Advanced
                                                        Rolfing                                                 Continuing Education
Life Coaches                                            Carol L. Short / Certified Advanced Rolfer™,            Meeting all of your Massage educational
                                                        Craniosacral Therapist, Gainesville and North          needs. Private classes available. FL #50-
Cynthia Christianson, M.A., CCC                         Central FL / 352-318-0509                              1551. National Provider #450863. 352-
ThetaHealing™ Advanced Practitioner                                Rolfing® is a system of body restruc-        625-1665, wildseed@embarqmail.com.
352-374-7982 or 352-284-1107                                       turing through systematic manipula-
www.thetahealingworks.net                                          tion of muscle and fascial tissues. It      Radiance Skin Care
                ThetaHealing™ coaching is us-                      promotes the release and realignment
                ing the Belief and Feeling Work                                                                The Radiance System replaces soap and
                                                                   of long standing patterns of tension        expensive skin-care products. Diminishes
                to empower people with the                         and dysfunction, bringing the body
                ability to remove and replace                                                                  or eliminates acne, smooths wrinkles and
                                                        to greater balance, mobility, vitality, and ease.      scars, moisturizes. Fast, easy, all natural.
                negative emotions, feelings             A holistic approach to mobility, vitality and
                and thoughts with positive,                                                                    $19.95/two-month supply. 352-286-1779.
                                                        balance. MA16337/MM18921.
beneficial ones. Change your negative beliefs
and you will heal on the physical, emotional,                                                                  Ads: $25/up to 30 words, $1/each
mental and spiritual levels thus really seeing                                                                 additional. Fax ad with credit/debit
this relief show up in your life.                       Veterinary Care                                        card info to 352-351-5474, or email to
                                                        Medicine Wheel Veterinary Services
                                                        Shauna Cantwell DVM, Ocala, FL
Massage                                                 www.shaunacantwell.com / 352-538-3021
                                                                         Holistic veterinary medicine
Tiara L. Catey, LMT                                                      for small animals and horses.
Center for Balance                                                       Preventative health, arthritis,
1705 N.W. 6th St., Gainesville                                           neurologic and hormonal
352-642-4545 / www.tiaracatey.com                                        dysfunction, skin, aller-
               Relieve pain, manage stress and                           gies, cancer, pain, immune
               cultivate joyful relaxation and          and chronic disease, more. Certified Veteri-                  “Like” our Natural
               balance by including massage             nary Acupuncture, certified cAVCA animal
                                                        chiropractic, herbal therapy, tui na medical
                                                                                                                    Awakenings Facebook
               as an essential part of your
               self-care practices. Therapeutic         massage, functional neurology, postural re-                page for breaking news
               massage, relaxation massage              habilitation, ozone therapy, homotoxicology,               about health, the earth,
and lomilomi. Includes aromatherapy. Holistic           nutrition. Available for workshops.
                                                                                                                    and upcoming events.
approach. Some insurance accepted. Visa/MC.
See www.tiaracatey.com for details. MA41831.                                                                              HEALTHY LIVING
                                                                                                                          HEALTHY PLANET

                                                                                                                          feel good
                                                                                                                          live simply
                                                                                                                          laugh more

Clark Dougherty Therapeutic Massage Clinic

                                                              Grow Your Practice
                                                                                                                        Live Simply
                                                                                                                             & Enjoy
850 N.E. 36th Terr., Ocala                                                                                               Relax and Refresh

352-694-7255 / www.ClarkDougherty.com                           Naturally with                                           HOLIDAY
               Offering a variety of therapeutic                                                                         3 Easy Poses

               massage techniques for pain relief,            Natural Awakenings!                                       BREATHE
                                                                                                                        INTO BEING
               improved flexibility, and other won-
                                                                                                                        The Ins & Outs of Better Health

               derful benefits. PIP and WorkComp                 The cost of an ad in the
               always accepted, also group/private
               insurance in some instances. All
                                                           “Community Resource Guide”
credit cards accepted. Gift certificates are available         is less than a daily cup of
                                                                                                                     Keywords: Natural
now for Mother’s Day and birthdays with 25% dis-             Starbucks. How much is it
count on a second session. MA27082, MM9718.                                                                        Awakenings Gainesville,
                                                            costing you not to grow your
                                                                                                                     Ocala, The Villages
                                                            business? Call 352-629-4000.                       Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.

www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com                                                                                                                    August 2011            33
                                       Monday, August 1
                                            Open House. Meet Dr. Lemire and learn about the prac-
                                       tice’s philosophy and protocols. Free, 6pm. Lemire Clinic,
                                       11115 SW 93rd Court Rd, Suite 600, Ocala, 352-291-9459,

                                       Wednesday, August 3
                                           HGC weight loss: safe homeopathic solution. Detox
                                       coaching and support. FREE consultation; call for appointment.
                                       Reesers Nutrition Center, 3243 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala,
                                       352-732-0718, 351-1298, www.ReesersNutritionCenter.com.

                                       August 4-7
                                            Stansted-in-Florida, Psychic/Medium Spiritual Develop-
                                       ment Course with Eamonn Downey, Jan Marshall. Held at San
                                       Pedro Center, Winter Park. Cost varies by accommodations.
                                       International Foundation for Spiritual Knowledge, www.ifsk.
                                       org, 407-673-9776.

                                       August 5-7
                                           The Mayapuris Kirtan Yoga Weekend: Expressions of Love.
                                       $300 includes program, lodging, meals. Amrit Yoga Institute,
                                       352-685-3001, www.amrityoga.org.

                                       Saturday, August 6
                                           Reiki Healing with Crystals with Joan E. Knisely, Reiki
                                       Master. 12-5pm, $20/session. Call to sign up. High Springs
                                       Emporium, 660 NW Santa Fe Blvd, 386 454-8657, www.

                                       Sunday, August 7
                                           Relationships Workshop with David Wolf, Ph.D. Free,
                                       5-8pm, Sacred Earth Center, Gainesville. Pre-registration re-
                                       quired; call 352-538-0376 or visit www.satvatove.com/register.

                                       Wednesday, August 10
                                            Metabolic balance. All natural weight loss. FREE consulta-
                                       tion; call for appointment. Reesers Nutrition Center, 3243 E.
                                       Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala, 352-732-0718, 351-1298, www.

                                       August 12-13
                                           Initiation Healing® Meditation: Awakening to Soul Work-
                                       shop with author Ojela Frank, Ocala Inner Center, 205 S.

     Buy into the                      Magnolia Ave., Ocala, FL 34471. $95 pre-paid, 352-239-9272,

      community                        Saturday, August 13
                                           Rocks for Kids with Travis Hetsler. 1-3pm, $20. Call to sign
                                       up. Parents welcome. High Springs Emporium, 660 NW Santa
     … Support our advertisers         Fe Blvd, 386-454-8657, www.highspringsemporium.net.
                                           Spiritual Development, Psychic/Mediumship Class.
                                       2-4:30pm, includes meditation, lesson, hands-on practice, $25,
                                       at Unity of Gainesville, 8801 NW 39th Ave. International
                                       Foundation for Spiritual Knowledge, www.ifsk.org,

34                               Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
Monday, August 15                              August 26-28
     Dream Work seminar. Presented by                Reiki I and Reiki II workshop in-
Nuris Lemire. Free, 6pm. Lemire Clinic,        cludes traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho I and
11115 SW 93rd Court Rd, Suite 600,             II Attunements, (Shoden and Okuden)
Ocala, 352-291-9459, www.LemireClin-           hands-on curriculum, manual, certifica-
ic.com.                                        tion, meals and lodging. $350. Amrit
                                               Yoga Institute, Salt Springs, FL, 352-685-
Wednesday, August 17                           3001, www.amrityoga.org.
     Cleanse your body of toxic buildup,
repair G.I. tract, support immune system,      Saturday, August 27
weight loss, anti-aging nutrition, proto-           The New Lemurian Crystals for the
col for radiation detoxification. FREE         2012 Gateways Workshop with Sharron
consultation; call for appointment. Rees-      Britton. 1-3pm, $20. Call to sign up.
ers Nutrition Center, 3243 E. Silver           High Springs Emporium, 660 NW Santa
Springs Blvd., Ocala, 352-732-0718,            Fe Blvd, 386-454-8657, www.high-
351-1298, www.ReesersNutritionCenter.          springsemporium.net.
                                               August 27- 28
Thursday, August 18                                Reiki I Certification Training with
    Are You Digging Your Grave With            Rev. Ojela Frank, LMT, Ocala, FL, $100
Your Fork? Nutritional evening offered by      pre-paid, 352-239-9272, www.initiation-
Nuris Lemire. Free, 6pm, Franck’s Com-         healing.com.
pounding Lab Training Room, 1210 SW
33rd Ave. To register, call 352-622-1814.      Wednesday, August 31
    Relationships Workshop with David              Signs and Symptoms Analysis. Any
Wolf, Ph.D. Free, 5-8pm, Sacred Earth          time any of the organs/systems of the
Center, Gainesville. Pre-registration          body are out of balance, there are signs
required; call 352-538-0376 or visit           and symptoms. FREE. Call for appoint-
www.satvatove.com/register.                    ment. Reesers Nutrition Center, 3243 E.

Saturday, August 20
     Reiki Healing Circle/Session Ex-
change, Silver Springs (Ocala), Free.
352-239-9272, www.initiationhealing.
     The Rainbow Bridge: Connecting
with Your Animal Companion on the
Other Side, with Melodye Gaskin, PhD.
1-5pm, $20. Bring a picture or item your
pet used life. High Springs Emporium,
660 NW Santa Fe Blvd, 386-454-8657,

Tuesday, August 23
     Raw Food Potluck. Learn about the
benefits of raw foods. Bring a raw dish to
share with 5-6 people, copies of your
recipe, serving utensils and plates for your
dish. Free, 6pm. Lemire Clinic, 11115 SW
93rd Court Rd, Suite 600, Ocala, 352-
291-9459, www.LemireClinic.com.

Wednesday, August 24
      Wellness Consultation on Irritable
Bowel Syndrome. FREE consultation; call
for appointment. Reesers Nutrition Cen-
ter, 3243 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala,
352-732-0718, www.ReesersNutrition-

www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com                                                                 August 2011   35
CalendarofEvents                                                                              ONGOING EVENTS

Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala, 352-732-      Sunday, September 4                             Farmers Market, 12-4. Mosswood
0718, www.ReesersNutritionCenter.com.          Relationships Workshop with David      Farm Store, 703 NE Cholokka Blvd,
                                           Wolf, Ph.D. Free, 5-8pm, Sacred Earth      Micanopy, 352-466-5002, www.moss-
                                           Center, Gainesville. Pre-registration      woodfarmstore.com.
                                           required; call 352-538-0376 or visit            Master Mind Prayer Circle, 9:30;
                                           www.satvatove.com/register.                Healing Hands Circle, 10; Sunday Ser-
                                                                                      vice and Youth Education, 11; NGU,
                                           Saturday, September 10                     12:30. Unity of Gainesville, 8801 NW
                                               Reiki Healing Circle/Session Ex-       39th Ave., 352-373-1030, www.unityof-
                                           change, Silver Springs (Ocala), Free.      gainesvillefl.org.
                                           352-239-9272, www.initiationhealing.            Meditation and Spiritual Lesson,
                                           com.                                       10am. Unity of Ocala, Unity of Ocala,
                                                                                      101 Cedar Rd., Ocala, 352-687-2113,
                                           Thursday, September 15                     www.unityocala.org.
                                                The fall session of the certified          Science of Mind and Spirit Medita-
  n Psychic/Medium Spiritual               Transformative Coach training program      tion 9:45am, Celebration /Message
    Development Course, Aug. 4-7,                                                     10:30am, Youth and Children’s Celebra-
                                           begins. Information: call 386-418-2037
    San Pedro Center, Winter Park.                                                    tion 10:30am. Love offering. OakBrook
                                           or visit www.satvatove.com.
    Tutors: British Mediums, Eamonn                                                   Center for Spiritual Living, 1009 NE 28
    Downey and Jan Marshall.                                                          Ave, Ocala, FL 352-629-3897, www.
                                           September 24-25
  n Private readings available.                Reiki II Certification Training with   oakbrookcsl.org.
     Check Web for complete 2011 program   Rev. Ojela Frank, LMT, Ocala, FL, $300
                                           pre-paid, 352-239-9272, www.initiation-    Monday-Friday
                                           healing.com.                                  Organic Food Pickups. Monday,
                                                                                      Ocala; Tuesday, Eustis and Mt. Dora;

36                                                     Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
Wednesday, Ocala and Gainesville; Friday, Oxford/The Vil-
lages. Homegrown Organics by Doreen, 352-598-4184, http://
www.homegrownorganics.vpweb.com. Recipes: http://home-
     Yoga with Joe Ferrara. Monday, 7-8:30pm, Amrit Yoga
Institute. Tuesday, 12-12:45pm, Serenity of Central Florida, 301
Skyline Dr., Ste 1, Lady Lake. Wednesday, 8:30-10am, Ocala
Inner Center, 205 S. Magnolia; and 5-6pm, Serenity of Central
Florida, Lady Lake. Thursday, 6-7:30pm, Ocala Inner Center.
Friday, 7-8am, Premier Medical Center of Ocala, 7960 SW
60th Ave. prakash@amrityoga.org.

    A Course in Miracles, 7pm. Unity of Ocala, Community House,
2 Cedar Course, Ocala, 352-687-2113, www.unityocala.org.
    Understanding How to Heal Yourself: Empowerment Medi-
cine. 6:00-700. Call for reservations, Dr. Paula Koger DOM,

     A Course in Miracles, 7-8:30pm. Amrit Yoga, Salt Springs,
352-685-3001, ganga@amrityoga.org.
     Meditation and Visioning, 6pm, followed at 7:15 with
Speaker, Spiritual Craft, Drumming, or Spiritual Film, depend-
ing on the week. Love offering. OakBrook Center for Spiritual
Living, 1009 NE 28 Ave, Ocala, FL 352-629-3897, www.oak-
     Pilates with Ana. 5:30-6:30pm, $55.00 for 5 classes. Space
is limited. Lemire Clinic, 11115 SW 93rd Court Rd, Suite 600,
Ocala, 352-291-9459, www.LemireClinic.com.

Wednesdays and Fridays
     “Words of Peace.” Free, 7-8 pm. Videos shown from the
award-winning TV series. 1208 NW 6th St., Suite A, Gaines-
ville, 352-373-5578, www.wopg.org.

     Amrit Yoga w/Veda, 5:30-6:30pm every Thursday. Down-
town Public Library, 401 E. University Ave, Gainesville. Free.
Dress warmly, bring light blanket. vedalewis@aol.com.
     Healing Yoga with Marque. Movement class combining yoga,
Pilates, body alignment, breathing. Bring a mat. $25/4 weeks,
Feb. 3-24 every Thursday, 12:30-1:30pm. To register: 352-867-
9660. Class held at Unity of Ocala, 101 Cedar Rd., Ocala.

    Farmstead Saturdays. Free, 9-3pm. Crones Cradle, 6411 NE
217 Pl, Citra. 352-595-3377, www.cronescradleconserve.com.

Seven days/week
     Abraham, yoga, breathwork, reiki, much more—something
every day. Unity of Gainesville, 8801 NW 39th Ave., 352-373-
1030, www.unityofgainesvillefl.org.
     Bellydancing, fitness, yoga classes, personal training as
early as 5:30am, as late as 7:30pm. Hip Moves, 708 NW 23rd
Ave, Gainesville, 352-692-0132, www.hipmoves.com.
     Yoga classes as early as 5:30am, as late as 8:30pm, beginners
(including “Stiff Guys”) to experienced Hot Yoga. Big Ron’s Yoga
College, Gainesville, 352-367-8434, www.bigronsyoga.com.

www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com                                          August 2011   37
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www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com                                             August 2011                       39
     Restore energy
     with                  natural
     For decades, Americans have increasingly turned to “alternative” forms of medicine and natural treatments.
     They have sought help for all kinds of diseases and conditions that were not helped by traditional Western medicine, which is
     often characterized by surgery and narcotics.

     Lemire Clinic focuses on “functional natural medicine,” which does not rely only on invasive procedures or drugs. It combines
     modern science with ancient healing wisdom from different parts of the world, including traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

     At Lemire Clinic, we combine various natural therapies with safe, proven medical treatment to help remove stress, reduce
     pain and anxiety, manage symptoms and promote well-being. Using these non-traditional pain management techniques and
     detoxification therapies, we can cleanse the body of chemical, heavy-metal and environmental toxins. We have successfully
     reduced pain and symptoms and improved the overall condition for many patients.

     •	 Physician	Assisted	Heavy	Metal	        •	 Electrical	Dermal	Screening             •	 Hydrogen	Peroxide	Therapy
        Detoxification                         •	 Hydrogen	Peroxide	Therapy               •	 Colon	Hydrotherapy
     •	 Bio-Identical	Hormone	                 •	 Prolotherapy                            •	 Microdermabrasion	Patient	
        Replacement	Therapy                    •	 Far	Infrared	Sauna	Therapy                 Information
     •	 Ionic	Foot	Bath	Detoxification	        •	 Live	Blood	Analysis                     •	 Voice	Mapping/Emotional	
        Therapy                                •	 Occupational	Therapy                       Clearing	Technique

                              Call for your free consultation today
                                  11115 SW 93rd Ct Rd, Suite 600, Ocala, Florida 34481

                               www.lemireclinic.com                                                           Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri 8 – 5
                                                                                                                     Tuesday 9-6
                                                                                                              Closed everyday from 12-1

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