aSilent Stride= by jizhen1947


									::aSilent Stride=:: 
                             A Premium Underlayment for Laminate & Floating Engineered Wood Floors

     BETTER SOU 0:

     of creating a "d'c e 0
      owe er Si e t Side
     deaden it, not deflect it.                                                                                                          Silent Stride's
                                                                                                                                         absorption of
                                                                                                                                         sound waves
     Silent Stride's filaments are randomly air laid
     creating a capillary affect to cus hion the floor,
     absorb sound, and help make floating fl oors
     sound more like fastened wood.

              Laminate or Wood Flooring

              Silent Stride" Sound
              Absorbing Underlayment

     Subsurface moisture or sweating from high-humidity on concrete can cause real problems for laminate or
     floating wood flooring. Silent Stride<!> can absorb over 5 times it's own weight in water without sweliling or
     deterioration, wnlle the vapor barrier keeps water away from your floor.

     Since Silent Stride® and concrete are both "breathable" capil l'ary products,                                            Base TrimlWall Board/Stud
     moisture levels and evaporation w illi fluctuate with changing atmospheric 

     conditions and water tables. 

                Laminate or Wood Flooring        -------------==___Ti/me_______vapor____....;;..
                                                                   __-Released E____ati~                                .......,

                Silent Stride's Vapor Barrier­

                Silent Stride's Absorbent        pa~·

                                                                 * In geographic areas where concrete slabs are subject to excessive moisture, a calcium
                                                                 chloride test is required. Vapor emission readings in excess of 3 Ibs. per 1,000 square feet in 24
                                                                 hours will require additional protections such as a concrete sealant or polyethylene sheeting.
                                                                     - -    -      -                                                                            .           ...-­
                  .....,   •              ....   ~~                  #                                                          ,-        ~                                         ..

• 95~ post-manufocfurer. pre-consumer recvcled fibetcQntent~ ~  -J   :                                                       j( .' ~,. )                                                 .
• WiI COJaibute to Leadership in Energv and Envlronrgelifol Design:(tEED) MRc4.1-4.2 credits             .                           ~J       _            .              ' ,..
•           • ir       .       'r e f r o rnlive·. h Po or              ce Sol      HP       d f'                                    .                                .
 eSilent Stride~                                                                           A Premium Underlayment for Laminate & Floating Engineered Wood Floors

                                                                                          PROTECTION FROM EAKS:
            Accidental leakage fram faulty icemakers, leaky plumbing, spills, etc. can cause problems for some laminate,
            engineered and floating hardwood floors. Silent Stride® floating floor underlayment helps protect flooring
            from potentially harmful moisture by drawing it in and slowly releasing it while keeping it away from the
            bottom surface of the floor.

            When installed properly, Silent Stride® can wick water and disperse it through the pad until it can eventually
            evaporate or escape through the subfloor.

            The vapor barrier will protect your                                                                                                                                       Base TrimlWall Board/Stud
            laminate or wood floor from harmful
            moisture.                                                                                                               Water Leaking from Top Side

             Silent Stride's Vapor Barrier

             Silent Stride's Absorbent Pad

             Moderate amounts of moisture will eventually dissipate over time, provided that the source of water such as
             a leak is stopped.
                                                                                                                                                                                      Base TrimlWal/ Board/Stud
             Laminate or Wood Flooring

             Silent Stride's Vapor Barrier

             Silent Stride's Absorbent Pad
                                                                                                                                Time-Released Evaporation

                  SCI£NTIFIC CERTIFICAtiON SYSTEMS     SC 1E~ 1lflC CERT1'JtAfjON   S"fSlBtlJ
                                                                                                    r" --   .... ... ,-       .....        -   -..               ..,..        "       ..         -        -             ....., ,.

        • • >.:

                             =.1"'. r,o', ..recycted fiber. cO!ltent~_~ - -
.;--.-~ ...... ~--...'i--';;C-'-~""",
                                                   -~ ·"0 ", ..-.(:
                                                     -. ~I"":_"--_w,~-
                                              ,., ,_J,~._~         ~'-:'..:
                                                                                                -                         ~
                                                                                                                                                      . •'.
                                                                                                                                                                                           ;' . ~$.

                                                                                                                                                                                      ,-- ~.r - '.            ....'
· '95% post· \llOrtu(ocfurer. pre-consumer                                            . -      , ••           • ,    , r.·                                                                                                   ,!"
·~ Wifl co.ntllb~te I~ Lead~rshlp i!l Energy one! EI\Vr~l!I~n~al Deslgnl.(tE~P) t ~IIRC4 ~ 1-4,2' crecliis . .•   .".'                                                                    •    ] !.            .~ " .         '. t,
•          e      h     t      e r e ' rC               ro I . h r ,          c S          Is      PO                                                                             ,          r        •       ..        ,-   l.·
SilentStride® is a unique, sustainable, insulating laminate and

floating wood floor undenayment that smoothes out little subfloor

imperfections while quieting impact sound and floor to ceiling noise.

SilentStride dampens ambient sound in the room it's installed in

and helps minimize impact and airbome sound from traveling into

the room below. SilentStride's unique manufacturing process and

recyded fiber composition allows it to dissipate moisture; from

both below and above,while retaining it's exceptional compression

resistance over the lifetime of the floor.

A 0 V ANT AGE S                                                         SUSTAINABLE                                  ATTRIBUTES
    Sound absorption. 
                                                     Contains 95% recyded fibers and is certified by SCS
    SilentStride's filaments are randomly air-laid creating a 
             Passed the most rigorous indoor air quality test (Section
    capillary affect to cushion the floor, absorb sound, and help 
         01350), and is SCS-certified Indoor Advantage Gold
    make laminate floors sound more like real wood. 
                       Makes contribution to LEED® MR Credit 4.1 and 4.2
    Impact Insulation Class (IIC) = 68 & 60 
                               Is a CHPS-listed (Collaborative for High Performance
    Field Impact Insulation Class (F-IIC) = 60 
                            Schools) product.
    Sound Transmission Class (STC) = 66 & 54 

    Moisture protection. 
    When installed properly, SilentStride can wick sub-floor 
          SilentStride is not suitable for use as underlayment for:
    or incidental perimeter moisture and disperse it through 
              Ceramic tile 

    the pad. Moderate amounts of moisture will eventually 
                 Glued-down wood 

    dissipate over time by perimeter or sub-floor evaporation, 

    provided the source of water such as a leak is stopped. 

    Smoothing out minor sub-floor imperfections. 
                      Installations over concrete in high moisture areas (Vapor
                                                                        emission rate above 6 Ibsl 1000 sq ftI 24 hrs) will require
    SilentStride is finm enough (density=13.3Ibs/ft 3; 

                                                                        additional protection such as aconcrete sealant or polyethylene
    compression resistance @ 25% = 9.5 psi) to support the 
            vapor barrier.
    overlaying floor, but flexible enough to form around sub­

    floor surface roughness that may otherwise cause laminate 

    panels to "rock" or lay unevenly. 

    Adding insulation value. 

    SilentStride will add an R-Value of .50 to the floor system. 

    Economical Alternative to Rubber and Cork. 

    SilentStride is ideally priced as a quality upgrade from 

    2 in 1 polyethylene or polystyrene products and is less 

    costly than most froth foam , cork or rubber undenayments 
                      SCJENTI FIC CERTlFI(ATION SYSTEM S 

                                                                                               SCS· IAQ · 0 14 99 

                                                                                                                            SCIENTlAC CERTIFICATION SYSTEMS
                                                                                                                                    SCS· MC·015S4
    with similar sound numbers. 

APPROVED                  SUBSTRATES                                    TECHNICAL                             DATA
    Dry, completely cured concrete (at least 28 days old)                Physical Properties 

                                                                         Blended synthetic fibers and polyethylene film. 

    Concrete and masonry blocks 
                                        Inert hot-melt adhesive. 

    Cement backer units (CBU) 
                                          Weight ......... .... ................. .......... 20 oz 1sq yd (2.22 oz 1sq tt) 

    Cementitious screeds, leveling coats and mortar beds                 Thickness ..................... .... .............. ..... ................ .... .......0.125" 

    Waterproofing and crack-isolation membranes                          Density ...................................... ............................ 13.3 Ibs 1ft3 

                                                                         Compression Resistance @25% ................................. 9.5 psi 

    Double layered exterior-grade plywood 1 % (32 mm) total
    thickness, for residential floors and in dry areas only.             Compression Resistance @ 30% ............................... 16.6 psi 

                                                                         Compression Resistance @50% ............................... 85.5 psi 

    Cement terrazzo floors
                                                                         Breaking Strength .... ............. Length 72.1 Ibs; Width 100 Ibs 

PREPARING                   THE        SURFACE                           Compression Set @25% ................................. ...... ........18.8% 

                                                                         R-Value (@0.125") ................ 0.52 hr-ft2-degF/Btu (4 .191 inch) 

1. 	 Be sure the subfloor surface is clean and dry.

2. 	 In geographic areas where concrete slabs are subject to             Meets or exceeds Federal Flammability Standard: 

     excessive moisture, a calcium chloride moisture test ~ s            CPSC FF 1-70 (Pill Test) 

     required. Vapor emission readings in excess of 6 Ibs. per
     1,000 square feet in 24 hours will require additional protection    Testing in accordance with ASTM E1333 resulted in NO detected levels of
     suoh as a concrete sealant or polyethylene sheeting.                fonnaldehyde.
                                                                         Product Emissions
INSTALLATION                                                             Passed the most rigorous emissions test: Section 01350 for CHPS and
1. 	 Roll SilentStride underlayment over the subfloor with the           Standard Office.
     vapor barrier film (logo imprinted side) facing up to allow the     Sound Properties
     laminate flooring to slide easily over the surface.                 Impact Sound Transmission . The method is designed to measure the impact
                                                                         sound transmission performance of a floor-ceiling assembly in a controlled
2. 	 The perimeter edges of SilentStride need to be 1/2 to 3/4           laboratory environment.
     inches away from the wall.
                                                                             IIC                 Flooring                       Sub-floor
3. 	 Seams need to be butted together flush , do not overlap                                                                    6" concrete with
     the pad. Tape the seams with water and tear resistant,                  60                  Laminate                       ceiling assembly
     utility-grade, poly-coated cloth backed tape that has a very            57                  Floating                       6" concrete with
     aggressive adhesive (duct tape) .                                                           Engineered Wood                ceiling assembly
                                                                                                                                S" concrete with suspended
4. 	 Install laminate flooring according to the manufacturer's               68                  Laminate
                                                                                                                                gypsum board assembly
     installation instructions.                                                                                                  "
                                                                                                                                S concrete (no
                                                                             60 (Field IIC)      Laminate                       ceiling assembly)

                                                                         Sound Transmission Loss. The sound-insulating property of a partition
                                                                         element is expressed in terms of the sound transmission loss.
                                                                             STC                 FlOOring                       SUb-floor
                                                                                                 Floating                       S" concrete with suspended
                                                                             66                                                 gypsum board assembly
                                                                                                 Engineered Wood
                                                                                                                                S" concrete (no
                                                                             54                  Laminate                       ceiling assembly)
                                                                                                                                Wood frame and
                                                                             52                  Laminate                       gypcrete

                                                                         Delta Test. 

                                                                         EN-ISO 140-8 Delta Test ~Lw~19dB SS & laminate. Subfloor: 150 mm 

                                                                         (approx. 6") concrete. 

                                                                         Moisture Absoption Properties 

                                                                         Moisture Absorption Approx. 650% by weight 

                                                                         Moisture Statement. SilentStride 1\1 will absorb and allow dispersion 

                                                                         throughout the product of water moisture in accumulations not exceeding one 

                                                                         gallon per 24 hrs per 300 square feet of product and/or allowed to continue to 

                                                                         accumulate for more than 7 days. Actual in-house tests have shown results 

                                                                         up to 5 times that amount. 


                                                                         SilentStride is available in 3' x 33.4' (100 sq tt) do-it-yourself size rolls and 6' 

                                                                         y   nn' (~n ~n fI\ N1nt~Mnr ~i7~ rnll5: 

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