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									                                VENDOR MODIFICATIONS & APPROVALS

VENDOR MODIFICATIONS: If a vendor was inquired upon and an error noted or obsolete information found, a
vendor modification may be necessary. The following will assist you in this process:

An unapproved vendor (a vendor with the status of N) may be modified by the person that entered the new vendor. For
example; Smith John L should be Smith James L, simply type over the original information with the new. This can only
be done at the agency level if the vendor is unapproved.

Approved vendors (a vendor with the status of Y) may only be modified by the WVFIMS Support Staff. A request for
modification must be on agency letterhead and be accompanied by appropriate documentation. This information is to be
sent to:

                          Joan Chapman
                          Finance Division
                          Financial Accounting & Reporting Section
                          Building 17
                          2101 Washington St E
                          Charleston, WV 25305

                          Phone: 304-558-0013 or 304-558-4587
                          Fax:   304-558-9173

If a modification request was made by telephone, please follow the same procedures and mail a confirming request on
your agency=s letterhead with documentation to the above contact and address.

Modification requests must include the following:

1.      WVFIMS vendor number and/or Tax Identification Number

2.      Vendor name

3.      Proposed modification

4.      Documentation to substantiate the modification may include:

        a. Vendor invoice with new remit to address
        b. Vendor notification of correction
        c. Employee notification of correction
        d. Notification from the United States Post Office of a new or obsolete address
        e. Internal Revenue Service Form W-9 completed by the vendor
VENDOR APPROVALS: If the vendor was not found through the inquiry process and had to be added to the WVFIMS
Vendor System, the unapproved vendor (N) may only be approved (Y) by the WVFIMS Support Staff. All unapproved
vendors will appear on a report the following day. The WVFIMS Support Staff will review the vendor information for
accuracy before approval.

The WVFIMS Support Staff may request additional information from the Agency before a vendor is approved. This
request may include but is not limited to the following:

        a.   Vendor invoice
        b.   Purchase order
        c.   Travel voucher or expense report
        d.   Internal Revenue Service Form W-9 completed by the vendor

Please note that some new vendors or modifications for existing vendors may have to be confirmed with the
vendor before the approval or correction can be made. The WVFIMS Vendor System is used to produce the tax
form 1099, therefore, the information must be accurate. If a modification is requested that may have an effect on
the 1099 process, the WVFIMS Support Staff may either contact the requesting agency or may contact the vendor

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