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									                                     Social Investment Application
                                                  2012 Application

Name of organization:
Name / title of main contact person:
Phone number:
Email address:
Mailing address:
Organization website (if available):
FMI Operation community served:
Total (annual) organization budget:

Proposed program name / title:
Grant amount requested:
Total program budget:

Briefly summarize the proposed program, the clients it serves and its major objectives.
Please limit your response to no more than 5 – 7 sentences.

ALL APPLICANTS MUST USE THIS FORM. Please respond to all questions and complete in no more than 5-
pages (please do not use a font smaller than 10 or change the margins). The maximum page count does not
include this page or the support documentation required. Please be sure to complete each section of the

     SECTION 1: Program Information
     SECTION 2: Community Sustainability
     SECTION 3: Impact / Outcomes and Evaluation
     SECTION 4: Costs/Resources

On the following page, please check the community issue/priority that the proposed program addresses.
     Education & Training
      *Please note that individual school/classroom funding is available through our STEM Innovation and Mini Grants for
      Education grant programs. Applications can be found on our website.
     Community & Economic Development
     Community Safety, Health & Wellness
     Environment
     Cultural Preservation & the Arts
ELIGIBILITY CHECKLIST – FOCUS AREAS                                                                                      page 2
Please check the Focus Area your project will address and highlight the result(s) you hope to attain.

         Education & Training                                                 Community & Economic Development

Results we seek in this issue area include:                          Results we seek in this issue area include:
 Increases in general knowledge of mineral and mining                  Increases in the number of jobs available in the
   education, specifically related to copper, gold and                   community.
   molybdenum.                                                          Increases in the number of businesses developed,
 Increases in the number of youth that improve their                    expanded/retained or attracted.
   academic achievement or skills.                                      Increases in economic revenue for the area through
 Increases in the number of teachers effectively trained or             increased tourism or business development.
   the number/quality of professional development                       Creation of opportunities to stimulate economic
   opportunities offered to improve academic achievement of              success, diversification, growth and/or sustainability.
   their students.                                                      Increases in the community’s ability to solve local
 Increases in the number of adult learners that obtain,                 concerns, foster cooperation among residents and
   retain or better their employment through advanced                    leaders, encourage participation in planning public
   learning and/or applying improved workforce readiness                 policy and access best practices in development.
   skills.                                                              Stimulation of new sources of capital or innovative
 Increases in the number of youth able to demonstrate                   community development tools.
   leadership and critical thinking skills in the community, at         Enhancement of an organization’s ability to function
   school or in the workplace.                                           more effectively.
 Increases in the use of technology to support improved                Upgrades in community infrastructure or amenities
   learning and access to information. (Technology requests              that lead to increased access and use by community
   must be tied to broader curricular improvement).                      members and/or tourists.
 Increases in parental involvement in education.
 Increases in the number of students pursuing or
   graduating with mining industry-related degrees at the
   university level
 Improvements in the quality of mining-related and/or
   business education at the university level achieved through
   faculty support/development; curricula development;
   facility or teaching resources/tools; or research projects.

         Community Safety, Health & Wellness                                  Environment

Results we seek in this issue area include:                          Results we seek in this issue area include:
   Increases in the availability and use of social services to         Increases in the number of community members that
    stabilize the lives of at-risk individuals and families and/or       take actions to address environmental sustainability in
    encourage healthy development.                                       their daily lives.
   Increases in the number of individuals that engage in               Measureable improvements in land, water or air
    improved health behavior/practices as a result of health             quality or conservation through community-based
    awareness efforts.                                                   efforts.
   Increases in access to basic healthcare and prevention /            Improvements in community appearance that
    wellness services.                                                   contribute to increased economic or other
   Increases the awareness of social issues that impact                 opportunities.
    safety of children and families.                                    Increases in opportunities for young people to have
   Decreases in the number of injuries at home, school, or in           positive environmental education experiences.
    the workplace.

*Please note that funds will not be provided to disease specific
programs/projects (such as heart disease, diabetes, etc.); or to
address an individual’s health issues or treatment needs.

                                                                     General Program Considerations Related to
          Cultural Preservation & the Arts                           Sustainability

Results we seek in this issue area include:                             Capacity-building activities based on education,
   Increases in cultural and arts in education activities               training, organizational and small business
    available to children.                                               development.
   Increases in economic benefits to communities realized              Activities that enhance the capacity of community and
    through cultural preservation initiatives                            economic development organizations to function more
   Provision of cultural opportunities to citizens in rural             effectively.
    communities                                                         Focus on initiatives or outcomes that will be sustainable
                                                                         beyond the life of Freeport-McMoRan.
                                                                        Benefit the community as a whole and not a single
                                                                         organization or individual.

Briefly describe the community problem / need (related to the priority issue(s) selected on page 2) that the
proposed project will address.

Summarize the proposed program including how the program will decrease or “fix” the problem / need and benefit
the overall community.

Specify the target population and / or geographic areas to be served and how many people will benefit.
Please limit response to no more than 1 paragraph.

Describe how you currently, or will, collaborate with organizations that serve the same population. Please include
any description of how collaboration reduces costs or increases effectiveness.

Describe the capacity / ability of the organization to deliver / implement the proposed program. Please describe
staffing requirements and existing staff availability to support the program. Attach a list of current Board

Attach a program timeline for implementation. (Please do not paste the timeline here. Please provide as a
separate document attachment when you submit your application electronically).
The Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Foundation strives to support programs and projects that demonstrate a
strong focus on capacity-building, community development and sustainability.

Capacity refers to an organization’s ability to achieve its mission effectively and to sustain itself over the long
term. Capacity also refers to the skills and capabilities of individuals.

Capacity building refers to activities that improve an organization’s ability to achieve its mission or a person’s
ability to define and realize his/her goals or to do his/her job more effectively.

Community development is the process or effort of building communities on a local level with emphasis to
improve various aspects of the communities.

Sustainability refers to the ability of an organization, program or project to help the community continue to exist
and prosper into the future without dependency on one particular industry, business or source of economic

What capacity (skills and/or capabilities) for the community or community members/target population will be
enhanced by the program?

What will be gained by the community that doesn’t currently exist or is not currently being accomplished?
Complete the following program impact statement: We plan to have [identify type of] impact [on whom] by doing
[what]. Please complete only this sentence – do not add additional commentary.

In the table below, please identify the community benefit that will be created / realized as a result of the program
or project by selecting no more than 3 benefits that your program will create. If you select more than 1,
please put them in priority order with “1” as the highest/most significant. Note: If awarded funding, you will be
asked to evaluate and report on the measureable results of the community benefit(s) selected.
Select Community Benefit                                       Comments
                                                               (Please use this section to provide details on the
                                                               anticipated or estimated results. Examples are
                                                               provided of potential measurement indicators. Please
                                                               delete example prior to including your indicators.)
_____ Cost savings                                             How much? For whom?
_____ Improved process(es)/operating efficiency                What will be improved? To what degree?

          Increase in capacity of staff/faculty implementing   What or how much will the degree of increase be?
_____ programming                                              What is the anticipated effect?

          New / enhanced skills or higher levels of            What skills? For how many people? To what degree
_____ education                                                will skills developed or enhanced?
          Increase in measureable positive outcomes /
          trends (i.e. - increase in high school graduation
_____     rates, improvement in math/science test scores,      What or how much will the degree of increase be?
          increase in college graduates, increased
          community-wide recycling, etc.)
          Reduction in negative behaviors / consequences
                                                               How much or to what degree? What will the
_____     / events (e.g. fewer drop-outs, lower
                                                               reductions be in?
          unemployment, fewer obese children)
          Increase in number of clients served and
_____     effectiveness of reach
                                                               How many? Outcome from this increase?
          Increase in resources / services / programs
_____     available to the community
                                                               How much or to what degree? What will they be?

_____ New jobs / # anticipated _____                           How many?
          New businesses (in particular, new businesses
_____     that help diversify the economic base of the         How many?
          Increase in the number of existing businesses
_____     retained or expanded
                                                               How many?
          Increased revenue or capital available in / to
_____     community
                                                               How much?
          Increased community participation or civic
          engagement (i.e. -participation in community         By how much? What will the increase be in
_____     organizations, youth/adult leadership                specifically?
          More effective / efficient community
_____     infrastructure
                                                               How much or to what degree?
          Improvement in community appearance &                What will this achieve? (e.g.,decrease in code
_____     usability                                            violations?, etc.)
_____     Other                                                Please specify expected benefit and outcome/result
SECTION 4: Costs/Resources

Attach a program / project budget. This should include current and / or pending sources of funding as well as
annual expenses (real or projected). (Please do not paste the budget here. Please provide as a separate
document attachment when you submit your application electronically).

Describe plans to secure additional and / or future funding if the program plans to continue after funding through
this grant program comes to an end. If the program goals will be accomplished through this grant and will not
require additional funding, please state as such.

Support Documentation Required (please check the boxes to ensure these items are attached)

       Board of Directors list
       Project Timeline
       Detailed Project Budget (including other sources of funding/income)
       Annual Operating Budget
       Copy of 501c-3 or other proof of tax exemption from the IRS


If awarded, grant funds must be used for developing and implementing the project as described in the award letter
received at time of funding. An evaluation report format will be distributed and is required for additional funding
consideration. The Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Foundation has the right to disseminate information and
materials developed as a result of the project.

Signature: _________________________________________________________________________________
(Electronic signature is allowable)

Please return this application (and attachments) via e-mail:

Via e-mail:


Angie Harmon, Social Investment Manager

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