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									                                                        Issue No 8 – Summer 2010
  KingsCare League of Friends
                                                    check us out on line at
                                                    Opening hours:
Welcome                                             Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri - 10-4
                                                    Weds, Sat             – 10-1
… our Summer newsletter.
Sorry that it has taken so long to                  Improving our transport services
produce but we’ve been a bit busy                   In the last newsletter we talked about
                                                    raising money to buy a disability vehicle.
lately.                                             Some of you might have noticed that we
                                                    took delivery of our new Fiat Doblo on
The KingsCare Hub                                   18th March. We were thrilled to have
We have taken over the lease of the old             raised enough money not only to buy it
carpet shop at 27 Fore Street,                      but also to cover its running costs for,
Kingsteignton for 18 months from 1st June           hopefully, the next 2 years. It is enabling
this year. After a tremendous effort from           us to help the patients who are in
some wonderful friends and volunteers,              wheelchairs to come to appointments in
we finally opened for our first day's trading       the surgery, to come to our Luncheon
on Saturday 24th July.                              Club and Tea & Chats and to engage in
                                                    other activities. Thanks go to all those
                                                    individuals and trusts that have made this
                                                    On Friday 4th June I was invited to
                                                    Larkbeare House in Exeter by Devon
                                                    County Council’s Community Transport
                                                    Team to be presented with an award for
                                                    the best fund raising campaign at their
                                                    annual prizegiving ceremony. The award
                                                    is in respect of the fund raising we did to
                                                    purchase this vehicle.
The Hub is primarily a charity shop but it's
a lot more besides. We offer tea and
coffee, information, use of the computers           KingsCare Chorus
and, in due course, we hope to be                   By the end of the year we had decided it
running computer courses in eg digital              was time to change the name of our
photography. We could also hire the                 singing group and the day in which we
premises out for early evening meetings
                                                    meet. We are now called the KingsCare
for small groups.
                                                    Chorus and meet on Monday afternoons
We have an extensive range of second
                                                    from 2.30-4 at the OAP Hall, Oakford. We
hand books for sale at reasonable prizes
                                                    like to sing in public and, so far this year,
and an ever changing range of bric-a-
                                                    have sung for the Christian Aid walk at
brac. We do not, however, sell clothing or
                                                    the racecourse, at Penns Mount
electrical goods. The shop is manned
                                                    residential home, the Newton Abbot
entirely by volunteers.
For further information just pop into the
                                                    Festival and for the Time for Life project.
shop or telephone 01626 438004 or                   We are just investing in rather snazzy tee
                                                    shirts to wear at future performances.
                                                    Public performances are not compulsory
                                                    but they are great fun! It costs £2.50 per

week to sing and that includes a free cup       received the Chairman’s Special
of tea and a biscuit (or two).                  Award at the 2008 Teignbridge Sports
The Autumn term starts on Monday 6th            Personality of the Year awards and,
                                                by 2009, was officially recognised by
                                                Natural England as the oldest walk
                                                leader in the country. He died last
                                                month, 2 weeks before his 92nd
Walk This Way
Our walking groups go
from strength to
strength but always
welcome new members. No                         Tai Chi
costs are involved
(unless the group goes out in our               The Tai Chi classes
minibus to walk on the moor or walk             continue to run
out from here and need to be picked             every Friday
up from wherever they end up).                  morning, again at
How about becoming a Walk Leader?               the OAP Hall. The
Training is arranged by through                 class costs £2.50
Teignbridge District Council and                and new members are
consists of a day’s First Aid and a             always welcome.
day’s walk leader training. These               The Autumn term starts on
are both free to volunteers. For more           Friday 3rd September.
details, contact Maggie, the
KingsCare Co-ordinator.
                                                Bus trips
John Gully
On the subject of                               We create new
walking it is                                   bus lists every couple of months, the current
with great                                      list runs through to the end of September. Do
                                                pick one up from our table in Reception or at
sadness that I                                  the Hub. Places on the list include:
have to report                                         the National Trust property at Killerton
the death of John                                      Otter Nurseries
Gully, a wonderful man, a walking                      Sidmouth
testament to the benefits of fresh              We can always arrange a second trip if one is
                                                sufficiently over subscribed to warrant it.
air and exercise. After a life where
he spent much of his spare time on
the sea, he was wise enough to know
when he should no longer be sailing             Carer Support
so concentrated on upping the amount            Don’t forget that I am
of walking he did. He came to us in             available on the 2nd
2005 and became a totally committed             Thursday of every month
leader of our Monday group. The group           at the surgery for
became his ‘family’ and he cajoled              information and support
them and protected them in equal                for carers. Just pop in from 2-
measure. We were very proud when he             3.30.

                                              You will get tips on;
                                                 The best exercises to do to
                                                    keep your body mobile and
                                                    flexible enough to drive safely
    Carers Support Programme                     Practical tips on aids to safer
TO START IN TEIGNMOUTH ON                           driving
TUESDAY 28TH SEPTEMBER 2010                      What effects medication can
St John Ambulance Devon in                          have on your ability to drive
collaboration with Volunteering in               When it’s time to think
Health, Teignmouth are offering a free              about giving up
four-session course (over 4 weeks)
aimed at providing practical skills and           The course will be held on:
information for Carers.                              Thursday 2nd September
Suitable for all Carers who look after                     from 2-4pm
relatives, friends or neighbours; the           At the Surgery, Whiteway Road
course runs over four, morning sessions
with a FREE lunch provided.                   A joint initiative between Devon County
The course covers the Carers’ role,              Council and the Devon & Cornwall
managing continence issues, basic first                       Constabulary
aid, stress management, safer moving
and handling, preventing falls and                 Kingsteignton Art Group...
coping with dementia.                                   are holding an
‘A very enjoyable course, a breath
of fresh air’                                       ART AND CRAFT SHOW
                                               at the URC Church Hall in Church
‘A truly excellent course with plenty                Street, Kingsteignton on
of time for discussion and
                                                   Friday 3rd Sept from 2-7pm
questions, it made me feel valued
                                               Saturday 4th Sept from 10am-6pm
as a Carer’
                                               For full details look out for orange
For further information or to book a                posters around the town.
place please contact Emma Healey
by ringing 01392 822646 or email                    Fund raising proceeds to                           Rowcroft Hospice

                                              Memory Café
                                              Our Memory Café is now becoming
                                              well established at the Avenue
                                              Church on the 3rd Thursday of every
Are you up to date with all today’s           month from 2.30-4.30. We are
   rules of the road?                         fortunate in having a Psychiatric Nurse
                                                available each month to give
                                                professional advice and support.
If not (or not sure) then                       We also offer a chance to chat with
do come along to a FREE                         the trained volunteers, to have tea
course –                                        and cakes (sometimes a cream
                                                tea) and engage in some games or
 Driving Safer for Longer                       music designed to stimulate the

The afternoon is very informal. No              feeling a bit lost. Now that we have a
charges are made and transport can              shop, the plants can be sold on to raise
be arranged.                                    money to keep the project running.

Awards                                          …and before we go

KingsCare                                       KingsCare Regular Activities Diary
had a                                              1. Monday & Wednesday mornings at
double                                                10.30 – walking groups meet at
                                                      the surgery
                                                   2. Mondays at 2.30 – Singing at the
at the
                                                      OAP Hall, Oakford
Devon County Council Community
                                                   3. Friday at 10am – Tai Chi at the
Transport Awards this June. Fred                      OAP Hall, Oakford
Lang, one of our volunteer drivers,                4. 2nd Monday – Lunch Club at the
also got an award.                                    Royal British Legion, Longford
                                                      Lane. Booking essential
   The Teignbridge Strategic                      5. 2nd Thursday at 2pm – Carers
    Partnership has awarded us                        Group meets at the surgery
    £500 to pay for our new                        6. 3rd Thursday from 2.30-4.30pm –
    website.                                          Memory Café at the Avenue
   Councillor Joan Lambert has                       Church, Newton Abbot
    given us £500 from her                         7. Last Thursday – Tea & Chats at
    Teignbridge Councillors' Fund                     the Church Hall, Chudleigh Road
    to support the Tai Chi Classes                    at 2pm
    and the KingsCare Chorus
   Councillor Ann Lonsdale has                 For further details on any of the items
    given us £200 to build the                  above or to join our band of volunteers or
                                                register an interest in our activities, please
    disabled ramp at the shop. The
                                                contact Maggie Bonnell, the KingsCare
    money covered the cost of the
                                                Co-ordinator, who can be found in the
    materials and Fred Lang built it            surgery and on 01626 357090.
    for us, with Mike Rowe laying               Email:
    the carpet.
   Councillor Beryl Austen, the                This newsletter is now available on line at
    Mayor of Kingsteignton, has             
    named our shop as her charity
    of the year and is also
    donating some money from
    her councillor’s fund.
Many thanks to everyone

Garden project
We have finally submitted a planning
application to Teignbridge so that we can
erect a greenhouse in the garden to the
rear of the surgery. The idea is to
encourage patients to engage in the
process of growing plants on, a process
that is very rewarding and has proven
benefits for people who are a bit shy or


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