Richter Recreation Center Practices and Procedures

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					Richter Recreation Center Practices and Procedures
The Richter Recreation Center (RRC) encourages all members to use the Richter Center
as a way to improve their well-being and socialize as a respectful and unified campus

The campus community strives to assist students in their education as integrated
individuals. This involves, through its varied functions, the tools by which students are
challenged to make appropriate decisions about their personal values, lifestyles and
individual responsibilities. While the primary emphasis should rightly be on each
student’s intellectual and cognitive development, similar emphasis and attention is given
to affective, spiritual, physical and psychological domains.

Fr. Dominic Monti, O.F.M. stated during the Richter Center grounds breaking, “this
should be a place for everyone to Re-create and Recreate”. This magnanimous gift in
the form of the Sandra A. and William L. Richter Center promotes the gift of health and
life focusing on the student as a whole person grounded in respect for all life as witnessed
in our Franciscan tradition.

The St. Bonaventure University publication, The NATURE of St. Bonaventure, reflects
upon our Franciscan heritage: “Why we’re here”… “We pursue knowledge for the sake
of truth”, “investigation and wonder”, “reflection and wisdom”.

May the Richter Center be one of the many bridges you travel toward truth, investigation,
wonder, reflection and wisdom.

Front Desk (716) 379-5000
Rob DeFazio, Director: 375-2190
Carrie Fidurko, Campus Recreation Assistant 375-2294
Fax - 379-3893

The Sandra A. and William L. Richter Center opened September 30, 2004. The center
offers 3 basketball courts, a climbing wall, 2 racquetball/squash courts, an indoor track,
locker rooms, an aerobics room and 5,000 square feet of cardiovascular and weight
equipment. Only recreational and intramural activities will take place in the Richter
Center. The Richter Center is open to the University community exclusively. Please
become familiar with the Richter Center’s policies and procedures.

The RRC is a controlled access facility. Students, Faculty and Staff must present their
SBU ID’s at the front desk to gain access to the facility. The Campus Recreation office is
responsible for the operation of the Richter Center. A wide variety of intramural,
recreational and wellness activities are offered throughout the year. Participants in the
programming aspects of the RRC will become stronger socially, physically and mentally.
The Richter Center brings the University community closer and helps change the culture
of the University.

All full-time SBU undergraduate students have access to the RRC by virtue of paying the
student fee. Full-time Graduate students can purchase RRC Access at the Campus
Recreation office located in the Richter Center between the hours of 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.,
Monday through Thursday. All applicants are required to complete an application,
including waiver of liability, prior to being authorized for access. Graduate Assistants
receiving aid through financial aid are considered students and must pay the Graduate fee
or their department may pay the fee for them.

All full-time and part-time employees, (including: Dining Services, Bookstore and Mt.
Irenaeus) and members of the St. Bonaventure University Franciscan community, will
receive access to the Richter Center. Part-time staff, as well as Faculty Adjuncts, will
have access to the Richter Center while their employment is current.

Family days will be designated throughout the year for employees’ immediate families
who are either spouses or dependent children 16-18 years old. Spouses may purchase
access to the Richter Center from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. weekdays, at the cost of $75 per year.
Employees must accompany authorized children at all times in the center. Family
members who wish to use the RRC are required to be issued and present ID cards.
Additional RRC Access Information:

 SBU ID cards must be presented at the front desk when entering the RRC. (No ID No
 Authorized Access is not transferable or refundable. The use of another person’s
  identification and/or permitting another person to use your identification will result in
  immediate loss of privileges.
 Everyone must enter and exit through the main doors of the Richter Center.
 The misuse of a RRC ID card, or the facilities and equipment, will result in
  suspension or termination of access.
 Damaged, Broken or ID cards must be replaced immediately at the cost of the
  student, faculty, staff or family member.
 Participants assume responsibility for all risks whether participating or spectating any
 Campus Recreation and the RRC are not responsible for lost or stolen items
 Facilities and services may need to be altered due to scheduling, major maintenance
  projects or unforeseen circumstances. The Access fee is not prorated due to the
  alterations of schedules.
 Only authorized department personnel are permitted in the equipment and supply
 Posted regulations governing the use of the facility must be followed at all times.
 Everyone must bring a clean pair of sneakers with them in order to use any area of the

Academic Year Semesters
May 15th – August 15th   6am to 7pm
           th         th
August 16 - Dec 20       6am to 1am or until the last participants exit
Dec 21st - Jan 15th      6am to 7pm (closed Dec 24th – Jan 1st)
      th           th
Jan 16 – May 14          6am to 1am or until the last participants exit

The gymnasium, racquetball courts and walking track will be open 24hrs a day.

Hours of the fitness areas and climbing wall will be posted at the front desk and on the
web site.
Please note that hours of operation are subject to change based upon staffing/maintenance
concerns, special events and/or the amount of usage.

The Richter Center will be closed on days the University is officially closed. Hours will
vary or be modified on holidays, University break periods, summer sessions, and will be
posted in advance.

    1. Accessed employees, students and guests assume all risk for personal injury
         sustained while participating in or spectating athletic endeavors inside the RRC.
         They must also sign a waiver of responsibility on the RRC application prior to
         using the center.
    2. A physical exam and/or doctor’s permission is encouraged prior to starting
         physical fitness.

Emergency Procedures
     1. In case of fire or other emergency, alarms will sound throughout the building.
     2. Call Security Services at x2525
     3. Exit the RRC through the nearest door
     4. Campus Recreation staff may give evacuation instructions.
     5. Fire alarms and extinguishers are located throughout the building.
     6. Emergency call boxes are located near the front desk and on the front of the
     Richter Center.
     7. Do not use the elevator in an emergency situation involving fire alarms.
     8. Until instructed by Security, no one may re-enter the building.
     9. Re-entry must be through the main doors only.

Accident Procedures
     1.    When an accident occurs in the RRC, the Campus Recreation staff person on
           duty must be alerted so they can take charge and implement the appropriate
     2.    If necessary, contact Security Services at extension 2525.
     3.    First aid supplies are located at the Front Desk.
            An Ice machine is also located at the front desk.
     4.    Document all injuries on the Accident form that involve treatment from a campus
           recreation staff member, MERT or Security and submit the form to the Office of
           Campus Recreation. Copies should then be made and distributed to Health
           Services and Security.
           a. Accident Reports are located in the Campus Recreation office and front desk.
           b. Fill out the form completely including witness’ names and phone numbers.
     5.    If the accident involves an injury, the appropriate procedures are as follows:
           a. Protect the victim.
           b. Stop all activity in the immediate area of the victim.
           c. Keep the victim in a position best suited to the injury.
           d. Do not leave the victim alone.
           e. Enlist the help of bystanders.
           f. Use good judgment in assessing the injury
           g. If the injury is serious enough to require medical attention, immediately
                contact Security Services @ extension 2525. (ex. broken bones,
                concussion, bleeding)
           h. The RRC staff member will remain in charge until the victim is turned
                over to qualified personnel, such as Security or MERT. It will then be up
                to the injured person to notify us if he/she wants us to contact their
           i. An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is located on the wall behind
                the front desk.
           j. For blood or any other bodily fluid on floors, walls, door handles, etc
                security is it to be called to then notify the housekeeper on duty to clean
                up the fluid.

Incident Reports
       1. In the event of a discipline problem:
          a. Never get involved in a physical altercation with a student or University
          b. In the event of non-cooperation or physical threats, contact the Director of
              Campus Recreation and Security Services at ext. 2525 immediately.
          c. Complete an incident report and submit it immediately to the Director of
              Campus Recreation.
          d. Fights
               In the event of a physical altercation between participants or abuse of
                  employees, ASK and then tell the offender(s) to leave the center.
               If the offender(s) refuses to leave, call Security Services (2525) to
                  report the situation.
               DO NOT become physically involved.
               Fighting will not be tolerated!!

    1. All cars parked on campus must carry a SBU parking decal.
    2. All SBU parking policies will be enforced. Please refer to the parking
       regulations manual located in Security Services or online at
    3. Illegally parked cars will be ticketed.
    4. Bicycles are not permitted in the building. Any bicycle locked to (or blocking)
       a doorway or obstructing passengers’ entrance into the building will be
       ticketed and/or confiscated. Bike racks are provided adjacent to the center.
    5. Students with commuter parking passes may park behind the Richter Center
       24hrs while using the facility. They must park north of the roadway. Parking
       is allowed south of the roadway from 6pm to 2am.


The RRC is a great place for individuals of common and different interests to come
together to play, work and learn from each other. The Richter Center promotes a positive
learning environment for everyone. During activities, competition may get intense or
fierce. There may be differences of opinion. We ask that all participants maintain
respect for others in their words and actions and refrain from causing an unsafe and
unwelcoming environment.

Loss of privileges
               -anyone suspended from a recreational program will lose privileges to all
               Richter Center programs and facilities for an extended period of time. The
               Director of Campus Recreation will determine the length of any

Maintenance of Public Order
            – Any one exhibiting abusive behavior, either, verbally or physically,
            toward another person or a recreation employee will be asked to leave the
            facility immediately. The individual(s) may be suspended from using
            recreation facilities for abusive behavior. Students are subject to further
            disciplinary action through the student judicial process. Fighting or
            abusive language will not be tolerated in the Richter Center

Thefts and Vandalism
             – Privileges will be suspended for any individual found to be vandalizing
             or damaging University property or personal property (kicking, hitting,
             graffiti, etc.). Patrons are financially responsible for all damage to
             University or personal property, including basketball rims or backboards.
               a. If anyone is caught stealing or destroying RRC property, request their
                   ID and contact the Director of Campus Recreation and Security
                   Services (2525).
               b. DO NOT TRY TO DETAIN THEM!
               Complete an incident report for thefts/vandalisms reported by member or

 The Campus Recreation staff has the authority to eject students and University staff
  and faculty from the RRC who:
   Engage in actions that pose a significant risk or substantial harm to the health and
     safety of the individual or others.
   Use profane language.
   Misuse equipment.
   Engage in actions, which disrupt the operations or activities of the RRC.
   Engage in actions which violate University or RRC practices and procedures
   Are not authorized members or guests.

   Security Services will attend to students, guests and University staff and faculty who
   do not cooperate with Campus Recreation Staff members. The Director of Campus
   Recreation, along with Student Life, will handle conduct issues involving students.
   University staff may have their access to the Richter Center revoked or suspended.

           –   Pets are not permitted in any University facility. In accordance with
               section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the 1990 Americans
               with Disabilities Act, modifications will be made to allow the
               presence/use of service animals.

Weapons and Firearms
            – The use and/or possession of firearms, weapons or hunting materials,
            other than by authorized police agencies, is prohibited on the campus
            grounds or in facilities of St. Bonaventure University. This includes the
            illegal possession of explosives and dangerous chemicals as well as
            fireworks of any kind.

Tobacco products of any kind are prohibited. The Richter Center is smoke free inside
and 50ft around the outside of the facility. Anyone suspected to be under the influence of
alcohol or other drugs would be asked to leave the facility immediately.

Alcohol is prohibited in the Richter Center. NOTE: On occasion St. Bonaventure
University may host University social functions within the Richter Center, in which the
legal use of alcohol may be permitted.
Food, drink, and chewing gum are not permitted in activity areas. Please deposit cans
and garbage into trash cans located throughout the building.

     1.     SBU policies regarding alcohol/drugs and tobacco are in full effect and
            disciplinary action will be taken.
     2.     Water is permitted in all activity areas if contained in a sealable, sports squeeze
             Glass containers are not permitted in any part of the facility.

For safety purposes, appropriate attire is necessary to gain access to the RRC.

           Full athletic shirts, shorts, sweat/wind pants are required to be worn in all
            activity areas. Those wearing jeans and studded clothing will not be allowed
            to participate in activities. Hats are prohibited in the gym and racquetball

Athletic Footwear
               – Non-marking court shoes (closed-toe) must be worn in all activity
                  areas. Any person wearing shoes that mark the court will be asked to
                  change their shoes before he/she may continue the activity. Patrons
                  may not participate in socks or bare feet. (Exception: yoga & Pilates
                  class). Clean, closed-toe shoes must be worn at all times.

    1.      A clean 2nd pair of sneakers is mandated in order to use the cardio equipment.
    2.      Muddy/dirty shoes are not permitted in the facility.
    3.      Roller blades, skates, and bicycles are not permitted in the building.

  1. The RRC staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items. It is the responsibility of
     each person to secure his/her own valuables. You must bring your own locks.
  2. Individuals are responsible for any equipment checked out from the RRC
     Equipment room that is lost, stolen or damaged.
  3. Campus Recreation Team members are not permitted to hold or watch valuables
     for students, patrons or visitors.
  4. Items, which have been found in the RRC or removed from lockers, will be stored
     for 3 days at the Campus Recreation office.
  5. Owners may claim their possessions by presenting personal identification and a
     description of the missing article(s).
  6. Items will be stored for a period of time before they are given to a local charity.

  1. Radios with headphones are permitted, provided that the volume does not disturb
  2. Other media is prohibited in the facility, unless approval is requested and received from the
      Office of Campus Recreation.
   3. Campus Recreation Staff will have the final determination of the music played and
      the channels the TV’s are on in the RRC.

  1. All advertising material (flyers and posters) must be submitted to the Campus
     Recreation office.
  2. The Director of Recreation must approve all posters and advertising.
      Recreation staff will post any appropriate materials. (No one is permitted to
         post his or her own information.)
      Flyers may not be hung on windows, walls or doors.
      Materials will be posted on a space-available basis and only on bulletin boards
  3. No advertising materials will be posted for more than a week prior to the event
     and will be removed immediately following completion of the event.
  4. No personal needs or items for sale will be posted in the RRC.
  5. Advertising material specifications:
      All materials must display the name of the sponsoring organization
      Flyers not associated with campus recreation will be no larger than 8 ½ by 11.

  1. Undergraduate student who have RRC access are eligible to request one student
     guest pass within a 24-hour period; Limited to two guest passes per week. (one
     seven day week). Guest passes are issued strictly for the purpose of
     accommodating individuals who are visiting campus as overnight guests of
  2. Faculty and staff friends and family members will NOT be granted guest passes.
     Local area residents are not eligible to use guest passes.
  3. Guest passes must be obtained and paid 1 day in advance of guest arrival and are
     issued upon authorization of the Director, and may be denied at the discretion of
     the Director.
  4. Guest fees are $5 per day.
  5. Guests must sign the Assumption of Risk waiver form.
  6. The availability of guest passes will vary throughout the year.

   1. Alumni, parents and prospective students are encouraged to tour the Richter
   2. Offices hosting these groups should fill out the Visitor Registration form to ensure
      a welcoming and safe environment.
   3. All visitor forms should be submitted 2 days in advance.
   4. Visitors will not be allowed use of the Richter Center.
   5. Special guests of the University (e.g. visitors giving lectures, Morning Call, or
      presentations to students may use the Richter Center. Those hosting the special
      visitors must submit a visitor application 2 days in advance. ** This special guest
      must fill out an Assumption of Risk waiver form. Faculty and Staff will not be
      issued guest passes for personal visitors.
   6. Director of Campus Recreation will have final say on all visitor approval.

                        CAMPUS RECREATION SERVICES

  1. Sports and fitness equipment is available for use in exchange for an SBU ID card.
  2. Only Richter Center equipment will be used inside the facility. No outside
     equipment will be brought into the center. (Exception: racquets for squash or
     racquetball which must be checked in at the front desk)
  3. Students/staff are solely responsible for all equipment signed out for themselves
     and their guest(s).
  4. Participants will be billed for lost or damaged equipment. Privileges will be
     revoked for non-payment thirty days after notification.
  5. Available equipment that can be checked out while using the RRC:
     *basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, walleyball *whiffle bats and balls
     *badminton racquets and shuttlecocks *jump ropes * kickballs
     *floor hockey equipment *racquetball/squash racquets and balls
  6. Sports/fitness equipment must be utilized in authorized activity areas only.

      Locker rooms are provided for participants use only!
   1. Student and University staff clothing, shoes and bags must be stored in available
      day lockers or cubicles.
   2. Day lockers and cubicles are available in the locker rooms and throughout the
   3. Participants must supply their own locks. Locks will be cut off if left on lockers
   4. Photographic devices such as cellular phones, cameras, video cameras or anything
      similar are prohibited in the locker rooms.

Recreational Programs and Classes
   1. A variety of self-sustaining (fees assessed) programs and classes will be offered.
   2. If applicable, program and class fees must be paid at the time of registration.
   3. Programs and classes are subject to cancellation if enrollment is insufficient.
   4. Program and class descriptions, fee schedules and registration dates are available
      at the RRC front desk, Campus Recreation office, and on the web

   1. An elevator is located off the front desk area for use by disabled and injured
   2. The Director of Campus Recreation will grant accessibility on a needed basis.
   3. The elevator may only be used through the card access system.

   1. A call box is available at the main entrance of the Richter Center.
   2. All other RRC phones are for Campus Recreation staff use only.

                        Richter Recreation Center Facilities

Climbing Wall
   1. Climbing is permitted only when supervised by a Campus Recreation Supervisor.
   2. Only climbing shoes or athletic shoes are allowed on the wall. Street shoes or
       hiking boots are prohibited.
   3. The use of helmets is mandatory.
   4. Spectators are not permitted on the climbing area landing surface.
   5. All problems with the facility and/or equipment should be reported to a member
       of the staff immediately.
   6. Loose chalk is not permitted. Chalk balls are allowed for use in a chalk bag.
   7. A climbing wall supervisor may only perform belaying or an RRC certified
       belayer (This is a free course for any RRC member).
   8. Bouldering is not permitted in the RRC.
   9. The use of a gri gri is not permitted.
   10. As a general rule, do not belay someone who weighs more than 75 pounds than
       you do or anyone that you do not feel comfortable belaying.
   11. The Rock Wall is closed whenever the routes are being reset.

Cardio and Weight Activity Areas
   1. Students and Employees that have access along with guests must be 18 years of
      age or older to utilize this area. (17yr old SBU freshman have access)
   2. Appropriate attire, as listed earlier in this publication, is required.
   3. Participants are encouraged to warm up prior to exercise, and to cool down at the
      conclusion of the workout.
   4. Consult with the fitness area staff for instructions and safety measures when
      utilizing exercise equipment. Please use a spotter when necessary. RRC staff
      will not be used as spotters.
   5. Students and patrons must practice proper gym etiquette, rack weights and allow
      others to work in between sets. Weight belts may not be worn while leaning
      against or lying on the exercise machines or benches. Standing on benches while
      working out is also prohibited.
   6. Upholstery and handles must be wiped off with disinfectant when finished using
      each piece of equipment.
   7. Cardiovascular equipment is limited to 30-minute time slots when others are
       Sign-up sheets may be used if popular pieces of cardio equipment are backed
   8. Broadcast Vision is available on selected pieces of equipment on the 2nd level.
      Students and patrons can bring their own headsets or may check out a headset at
      the front desk if they are available.
   9.   Power lifts are not allowed, including power clean, clean and jerk, and snatch
   10. All bags and clothing must be in lockers and cubicles and not left on the floor.
   11. Photographic devices such as cellular phones, cameras, video cameras or anything
       similar are prohibited in the fitness areas. Media may bring in cameras at the
       Directors approval.

Basketball and Multi-purpose Courts
The gymnasium offers three playing areas, two hardwood courts and a multipurpose
court. Basketball can be played on all courts. The multi-purpose court is primarily for
floor hockey, soccer and badminton. All courts are available on a first-come, first-serve
basis with the exception of regularly scheduled Campus Recreation or Intramural events.

   1. Changes in court set-ups must be approved and made by a Campus Recreation
      staff member.
   2. Club sport and varsity activities are generally prohibited from practicing in the
      RRC. Possible exceptions are subject to the approval of the RRC Director.
   3. Dunking and hanging on basketball rims is not permitted.
   4. Only clean, closed-toe athletic shoes with non-marking soles are allowed.
   5. Full-court play will be permitted whenever feasible. Half-court play may be
      enforced at specific times.
   6. Challenge rules apply when courts are full and groups are waiting to use a court.
      Games will be played to 10 points.
   7. All bags and clothing must be in lockers and cubicles and not left on the floor.

Running Track
  1. The indoor track is for runners, joggers and walkers.
     Faster runners need to use the outside lane while joggers and walkers must use
        the inside lane.
     To improve safety, spectating from the track is prohibited.
  2. Appropriate sports shoes must be worn.
     Spikes, turf shoes and cleats are prohibited.
  3. A directional sign specifies daily clockwise or counter-clockwise pattern.
  4. Stretching area is located at the corners of the track. Please do not stretch in other
      track areas or use track walls or railings as stretching aids.
  5. Distance: 10 laps around the outside lane of the track equal 1 mile.

Multipurpose Room
      This room is for movement exercise classes such as Aerobics, Cardio Kickboxing,
      Yoga and so forth will be offered in this room.
      When the room is not in use, it is open for individual or group video exercise
      University employees may purchase a Group Exercise pass. This pass can be
      used for any exercise activity. All formal classes will require a sign-
      up/registration and fees for all University employees.
  1. Clean closed-toe sneakers must be worn during movement classes.
   2. Bare feet or socks are permissible if the activity calls for it. (Ex. Pilates)
   3. All bags and clothing must be in lockers and cubicles and not left on the floor.
   4. Aerobic passes are non-refundable or transferable and may be only used during
       the current academic year.
   5. Payment will not be collected at the multipurpose room door. Passes must be
       obtained in advance through the Campus Recreation Assistant.
   Please note: No University faculty/staff member will be admitted without a Group
Exercise pass.

Racquetball/Squash Courts
   1. These courts are for racquetball, squash and wallyball only.
   2. During prime hours, reservations must be made to book a court. This can be done
      by calling or signing up at the front desk.
   3. Various days will be designated as squash or racquetball days if need be.
   4. Eye guards are recommended when playing racquetball or squash.
   5. Individuals may bring their own racquets, but must notify the front desk upon
   Note: The outside humidity must be below 65% for the moveable wall to be set up for

All facility policies apply to Family Recreation, as well as those listed below.

   1. Family Access is defined as a spouse and/or children age 16 to 18.
      *** Children under the age of 16, and over the age of 18 are prohibited from the
      Richter Center
   2. A single guardian may bring children into the Richter Recreation Center to utilize
      the facility on designated family days.
   3. Employees must always be present when their children are in the Richter Center.
   4. Family members must present ID upon entering the facility.
   5. Children have access to the gym, track, and racquetball/squash courts only.
   6. SBU employees only, may check out equipment for their child.
   7. Children may not use the cardiovascular equipment (bikes, treadmills, stair
      climbers, elliptical, etc) or weight equipment located in the facility.
   8. Family Days, when announced, will be designated as 6am to 2pm Saturdays and
      Sundays and Friday nights from 6pm to 9pm. Days and times will vary during
      semester breaks. Spouses may purchase access from 6am to 11am weekdays at
      $75 per year.

Video Surveillance
               - Video surveillance cameras are located in strategic areas within the RRC
              for the safety and security of everyone. The Security Service and the
              Campus Recreation Offices monitor the cameras.
All St. Bonaventure University policies including those listed in the SBU Student
Handbook are in effect at all times!

Continuous Improvement
Comment Forms – Constructive comments are welcome! The staff invites patrons to
voice constructive comments or suggest corrective actions that may assist in the care and
administration of the Richter Center.

Please be courteous to others in the Richter Recreation Center. Department of Campus
Recreation staff has the final say in rule interpretation and enforcement. Failure to
comply with any of the rules may result in temporary or permanent loss of privileges.

Policies and procedures will be reviewed at the 3 month, 6 month and 1 year mark.
Continuous revision will take place.

The University reserves the right to change any provision or requirement at any time.

Visit our Web Site at
Richter Recreation Center
St. Bonaventure University
St. Bonaventure, NY 14778
(716) 379-5000

St. Bonaventure University provides equal opportunity without regard to race, creed,
color, gender, age, national or ethnic origin, marital status, veteran status, or disability in
admission, employment, and all of its educational programs and activities. Any
grievance pertaining to discrimination should be directed to the Advocacy Officers.

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