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					    HES                     Hanover Excess & Surplus, Inc.                                                       HES

     Hanover                                                                  Hotline
P.O. Box 12450 Wilmington, NC 28405 Phone:1.800.672.9006 Fax:1.800.426.5566         Fourth Quarter 2004

                                   Product of the Quarter - New!
                                   SOUTH CAROLINA HO-3 ONLINE
                                       Hanover Excess & Surplus, Inc. is pleased to announce a new Homeowners market
    624 Matthews-Mint Hill Rd.
                                   for South Carolina! Balboa Insurance Company, an A.M. Best “A” rated carrier, is
           Suite 232               writing an admitted non-standard HO-3 for eligible South Carolina homes as described
      Matthews, NC 28105           below:
     Phone: 1.800.910.8151
      Fax: 1.800.910.8153           •    Coverage A $30,000 - $500,000 (determined by entry in online rating)

                                   •    Built in 1900 or newer

     Keep this Newsletter          •    Up to 5 claims in 5 years accepted
    handy for an updated
          listing of:              •    Protection Classes 1-10

•      Extensions and e-mail       •    Primary, Secondary or Seasonal are eligible
                                   •    Direct link to Balboa Insurance Company
•      Departmental fax
       numbers!                    •    2% Wind Deductible for Territory 61 and remainder of State
•      Valuable product            •    Windstorm Excluded for Territory 62 and areas less than 2 miles from the
                                        ocean (entry of address in online rating will determine eligibility)

      Inside this issue:
                                       This program is available at in the “Online Rating” section of

SC Homeowners Online           1   our website. If you have not already received your USERID and PASSWORD, please
‘Tis The Season...             1   contact your HES Personal Lines Underwriter!

Auto Service Operations -      2
Garage Packages

Boats & ICAP Online            2   ‘Tis The Season For Special Events And Festivals
Departmental Notables          2

Recent Accounts Booked         3                  The last        We have the markets for       Give our
                                                  quarter of      Pumpkin Patches,              Commercial
                                                  the year is     Haunted Houses,               Lines Under-              3                  full of spe-    Turkey Shoots, Bazaars,       writers a call
                                                  cial events     Festivals, Christmas          to get more
PROvision Underwriters         3   and festivals. And, with                     Tree Lots       details or to
                                   each one of them, comes                      and many        simply get a
                                   an opportunity for you to                    more!           quote! And as always,
Extensions and E-mail          4   keep your client safe and
Addresses                          financially responsible.                                       Happy Holidays!
PAGE 2 H AN OVE R HO TLI NE   P .O. BOX 1 245 0 WIL MI NGT ON, NC 284 05 P HO NE:1 .80 0.67 2.90 06 FAX :1.8 00 .426 .556 6 WWW. HA NOVE RXS.C OM

Auto Service Operations - Garage Package
    Now we have two Garage                      •    Auto Accessories Installation                 •    Mobile Repair Shops
Markets to choose from! One,                    •    Auto Body Shops                               •    Paint Shops
CGL based and the other on the                  •    Auto Detailing                                •    Parking Facilities
original Garage Liability/Keepers               •    Auto Glass Repair, Replace-                   •    Quick Lube & Oil Change
form. We have the right market to                    ment & Tinting                                     Shops
suit your non-dealer, auto service              •    Auto Repair Shops                             •    Radio/TV/Video Installation
operations needs. Minimum                       •    Brake Specialists                             •    Tire Sales/Repairs - New/Used
premiums for Garage Liability                   •    Cell Phone/Car Stereo                         •    Transmission Specialists
only, start as low as $665!                          Installations                                 •    Upholstery Shops
                                                •    Convenience Stores with                       •    Window Tinting
Eligible risks include, but are                      Garage Operations                              ***APPLICATIONS AVAILABLE
not limited to:                                 •    Gasoline Service Stations                             ON OUR WEBSITE***
•   Alarm System Installation &                 •    Mobile Equipment Service                          Call Renee, Stephanie or
    Repair                                           Repair                                        Jeanne for a quote today!

Don’t Forget - Boats and ICAP Available Online Too!
   Our Personal Lines Underwriters              •    Up to $75,000 (boat and motor                 Coastal America Plan) coastal
want to remind you that among the                    combined)                                     mobile home program. This is a
seven online rating programs avail-                                                                very popular program for our NC
able on our website, are Watercraft             •    Maximum speed of non-bass                     and SC coastal agents, and we want
and ICAP.                                            boats, 60 MPH                                 to make sure that you know you can
                                                                                                   access it online as well as by contact-
   The Watercraft program allows                •    Maximum speed for bass boats,
                                                                                                   ing an underwriter.
you to quote and write:                              80 MPH
                                                                                                      If you have any problems navi-
•   Boats up to 32 feet in length               •    Available for NC and SC                       gating the programs the first time
                                                    Also online is our ICAP (Insure                through, call Judy Nicoll at #6123.
•   Maximum 20 years old

Departmental Notables
        Claims Department                       With all of us working together, we                •    When sending an agent’s check
                                                have been able to survive another                       for a direct bill policy, please pay
   From Dale Hart - With hurricane              season! Thanks again!                                   the Gross premium. We’ll send
season winding down, I would like to                                                                    you the commission.
take this opportunity to say thank                     Accounting Department
you to all the agents for your sup-                                                                          Commercial Lines
port and understanding during such                  A couple of reminders:
a trying time. Being faced with so                                                                    Dwelling - Lessor’s Risk Only
                                                •    HES does not bill mortgage                    policies written through American
many hurricanes and storms within
                                                     companies.                                    Southern Insurance Company are
such a short period of time really
tested all our nerves and patience.                                                                now Direct Bill.
P .O. BOX 1 245 0 WIL MI NGT ON, NC 284 05 P HO NE:1 .80 0.67 2.90 06 FAX :1.8 00 .426 .556 6 WWW. HA NOVE RXS.C OM   H AN OVE R HO TLI NE   PAGE 3

Recent Accounts Successfully Booked
   Following, is this quarter’s list of          •     Real Estate Firm EPL - $7,750                •     Premise Liability - $500K House
some of the accounts we’ve recently                                                                       and vacant lot at beach - $345
put on the books, by department.                 •     Advertising Agcy. E&O - $7,995
     PROvision Underwriters                                 Commercial Lines
                                                                                                    •     Garage Repair & Towing - $1M
•    Real Estate E&O - $4,295                    •     Warehouse Legal Liability                          Excess Policy - $19,237
                                                       $500,000 limits - $14,500
•    Real Estate Abstractor E&O -                                                                   •     Inexperienced CDL - $3,951
     $1,750                                      •     Indoor Children’s Play Center
                                                       $1,000,000 GL - $5,040                       •     Sand & Gravel - $2,902
•    Land Surveyor E&O - $2,500
                                                 •     Metal Erection Contractor                    •     Portable Storage Unit Service -
•    Sexual Abuse/Molestation Reim-                    $1,000,000 GL - $18,882                            $8,932
     bursement - $3,300
                                                              Personal Lines                        •     Tractor Trailer Driving School -
•    Retirement Home Not-for-profit                                                                       $14,198
     D&O/EPL - $12,862                           •     Inland Marine $220K Diamond
                                                       Ring - Original premium                      •     Garage Repair Service - $2,872
•    Community Service Org. E&O/                       $11,000 - remarketed at $3,700
     GL/Non-owned Auto - $9,311                                                                     •     Buffer Policy 250 x 750 - $1,500

   Most of you are aware that HES                   In addition to those important                  5.    Renters (HO-4)
has developed a very functional web-             items, we have made sure that we                   6.    ICAP (Coastal Mobile Home)
site to help quote and write business            are progressing with the industry
in the most effective and efficient              and the times by providing the fol-                7.    South Carolina HO-3
manner possible.                                 lowing online rating programs:                           (Balboa)

                                                 1.    NC Coastal Homeowners                            We have also added an auto-
   We have listed the more common
                                                                                                    mated quote and contract for your
classes of business we write, links to           2.    Artisan Contractors
industry specific websites, links to                                                                Hanover Premium Finance business
                                                 3.    Watercraft                                   to our list of services. So check us
our staff, company listings and the
                                                                                                    out at and
most current edition of the Hanover              4.    Condominium Unit Owners
Hotline.                                                                                            let us know what you think!

PROvision Underwriters - Professional Lines With Vision
   PROvision Underwriters, the                               For-Profit D&O                              Minimum Premium - $1,000
Professional Lines division of HES                    Minimum Deductible - $2,500                               EPL Coverage
wants to thank you for your business
                                                      Minimum Premium - $2,500                          Minimum Deductible - $2,500
and remind all agents of the types of
coverage we have to offer.                                Not-For-Profit D&O                             Minimum Premium - $2,500
   Many of you have gotten to know                    Minimum Deductible - $1,000                             Group Homes
our Program Manager, Paul Sult,                       Minimum Premium - $1,000                          Minimum Deductible - $2,500
and have come to appreciate his
                                                              E&O Coverage                               Minimum Premium - $7,500
expertise in this field. Call Paul at
1.800.910.8151 for details!                           Minimum Deductible - $1,000


 Post Office Box 12450 (HES)
 Post Office Box 12268 (HPF)
 4715-B Market Street
 Wilmington, NC 28405
 Phone: 1.800.672.9006

 Toll Free Faxes by Department:

 Personal & Claims:              1.800.426.5566
 Commercial:                     1.800.910.8157
 Transportation:                 1.800.910.8136
 Accounting*:                    1.800.910.8160
 * Includes Certificates of Insurance, Cancellations and

 For over 30 years, the service you expect,
the name you know, the markets you need.

 Extensions and E-mail Addresses
           PERSONAL LINES                        CRYSTAL VANDERGRIFT—6107               HANOVER PREMIUM FINANCE
 CRYSTAL WATTS, Manager—6121                                                           JESSICA DICKERSON—6100                                TRANSPORTATION         

 LORI COX HALL—6108                              RENEE DAVIS, Manager—6099                      ACCOUNTING                  
                                                                                       DONNA TAIT, Manager—6098
 CAROL GREGORY—6109                              STEPHANIE MORGAN—6119                               
                                                                                       JESSICA PAULTER—6116
 BRENDA KELLER—6126                              JEANNE HALL—6117                                    
 JUDY NICOLL—6123                                          PROvision Underwriters                                                            JAMES ALEXANDER, Manager
                                                 PAUL SULT—phone      1.800.910.8151          mobile 704.779.5225
        COMMERCIAL LINES                                     fax      1.800-910.8153
 MELISSA O’REILLY, Manager—6104                                                        MARY SPEAKER                         CLAIMS & CERTIFICATES                  mobile 336.509.7887
 AMY KESSLER LEIGH—6115                          DALE HART—6111 Claims                              FAX 1.800.426.5566                     ADMINISTRATION
 SUSIE SLIVA—6105                                                                      DAVID PARKER, President—6097                     TRACEY JONES—6124 Certificates     
 BRENDA THIGPEN—6106                                                                   MATT LETSON, Vice-President—6101                                                       

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