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									                                   Finance & Office Manager
                                        Job Description
Cook Inletkeeper is a citizen-based nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting water quality and
salmon habitat in the Cook Inlet watershed. Inletkeeper seeks a fulltime Finance & Office Manager to
play a central role in the organization’s fiscal and operational management. Job requirements include:
minimum four (4) years Quickbooks and Excel experience; strong work commitment and interpersonal
skills; and proven ability to work well in teams and alone on a broad range of activities. This position is
located in Homer. Salary $35,000-40,000 D.O.E., with generous leave, insurance and retirement package.
The position is responsible for the following duties:

       Maintain Inletkeeper's day-to-day financial affairs, including accounts payable and receivable,
        according to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) using Quickbooks and Excel;
       Manage and reconcile Inletkeeper checking, savings, petty cash and credit card accounts;
       Issue bimonthly payroll and file corresponding tax deposits and tax reports
       Oversee personnel time management records and benefits package, including sick leave, vacation,
        retirement and health insurance;
       Track, allocate and report on expenses and income by program using fund accounting;
       Complete month-end and year-end closing of financial records;
       Provide and interpret monthly financial reports for board/staff, including cash flow, balance sheet
        and profit and loss;
       File tax and other financial reports with appropriate federal, state and local agencies in a timely
       Work with Inletkeeper’s accountant to assure accurate financial statements, audits and tax
       Work closely with Inletkeeper’s Development Director to record, invoice and report on grants &
       Work closely with program staff to develop, implement, track and revise Inletkeeper's annual
        programs, projects and operating budgets;
       File and track necessary corporate and business records and files with appropriate agencies and
       Manage vehicle and boat insurance, registration, repairs and related items;
       Manage and oversee telephone, credit card, photocopying and related office systems;
       Serve as point of contact for office building scheduling, maintenance and contractors;
       Ensure appropriate office and merchandise supply inventories;
       Serve as a point of contact and information source for members and the general public;
       Assist with public events and informational outreach activities; and
       Perform other duties as may be required to fulfill organizational mission and needs.

To apply, send resume, cover letter and contact information for three references to: Hiring Committee,
Cook Inletkeeper, P.O. Box 3269, Homer, AK 99603 or Position open until
filled. Cook Inletkeeper is an equal opportunity employer.

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