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					                            Kairos Prison Ministries International
                              Minutes of the February 12, 2011
                            International Council Winter Meeting
                                       Orlando, Florida

Steve Gabriel, the outgoing International Council (IC) President called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM
on February 12, 2011, and after several administrative announcements asked the Secretary, Bill Young
to open the meeting with a prayer and to then do the roll call.

The following 46 IC members were present:

Name                State             Name                 State            Name                    State
Marjorie Poggas     AK                Paul Jensen          MD               Jim Templeton           VA
Bill Adams          AL                Fred Yosua           ME               Chuck Chahanovich       WA
Michael Miller      AR                Joyce Page           MO               Jim Key                 At-Lg
Ken Perduyn         AZ                Bob Neill            MS               Lauren Wiebe (VP)       At-Lg
Marilyn Elkins      CA                Greg Moser           NC               Rosemary Hamel          At-Lg
Jackie Cuneo        CA                Lucy Rickman         NM               Sukey DiCesare          At-Lg
Jeff Holly          CO                Phyllis Doane        NY               Beverly Hankins         At-Lg
Ellen Coe           CT                Bonnie Hambor        OH               Bill Young (Sec)        At-Lg
Rey Bonachea        FL                Bob Dana             OH               Steve Gabriel (Pres)    At-Lg
Harold Smith        FL                Vicki Spurgeon       OK               Harry Horton            At-Lg
Alice Dickerson     GA                Jerry Bode           SC               Larry “Buck” Rogers     At-Lg
Lee Turner          GA                Gene Coe             TN               Bev Seppenwoolde        CAN
Marie Caronti       IL                Julie Cole           TX               César Belén             DR
John Miller         IN                David Ross           TX               Brian Hosking           So Af
Paul Hubbard        IN                John Kennell         TX
David Palmer        KS                Kay Wright           VA
The following 12 IC members were absent and 3 State representative positions were open as of
February 12:

 Name              State          Name                     State        Name                State
 Beth Bellner      FL             Coraine Sopru            AUS          Mike Miller         HON
 Carol Spisak      LA             Carlos Cunningham        CR           Leroy Alleyne       UK
 Ed Davis          TX             Mario Reyes Mendoza      NIC           Open               ID
 Tim Connelly      WV             Juan Camacho             PERU          Open               PA
 Reuben Rattray    AUS            Andre Potgieter          So Af         Open               NH

There was a quorum.

Remembrance of the late Dick Hunter who passed onto the Lord a few weeks earlier.
Various IC members in the room spoke of their memories of Dick.
Lauren Wiebe then offered a prayer of our collective memory.

1. Election of At Large IC Members
   Steve Gabriel offered an explanation of the method of selecting At Large IC members to balance the
   proportional representation of the several programs on the Council.

   Ed Keefer, Vice President of the Board and Chair of the Governance Committee, then presented the
   method followed by the Governance Committee to develop the list of nominees. The nominees
   then offered a short presentation on their backgrounds and Kairos involvements. Their profiles are
   in the Blue Meeting Binder:
         Dan Dowling (Florida) was unable to attend at the last minute
         John Gravlin (Florida)
         Jack Overton (Florida)
         Dan Preston (Tennessee)
         Ron Rice (Louisiana) was unable to attend
         Mike Stumbaugh (Texas)

   Ed Keefer discussed nominations from the floor explaining that no additional profiles were received.
   Therefore there were no nominations from the floor. The ballots were distributed and the voting
   proceeded to elect three At Large IC members

2. New Mission Statement - While the votes were being counted, Chuck Pollak, Board Vice President
   and Chair of the Long Range Planning committee, presented and discussed new mission and vision
   statements and the process of developing them. He asked for feedback and advice via a survey
   form from all the IC members as guidance to the Long Range Planning committee. This will assist in
   strategic planning.
3. International IC Members Present Developments in their Country
   Steve asked the international IC members speak.
        Bev Seppenwoolde spoke of the ministries in Canada and how the government is going
           through a re-evaluation of their volunteer programs which is currently going on and may
           result is some changes where Kairos can serve.
        Brian Hosking brought greetings from South Africa and spoke on the growth into new
           institutions. He discussed the impact agape was having. Steve spoke of the significant gift
           to Project Goliath from South Africa.
        César Belén spoke about the new Kairos start in the Dominican Republic and how he was
           touched to be part of this new start.

4. At-Large Vote Results
   The three persons elected to three-year terms as At-Large IC members were:
        Jack Overton
        Dan Preston
        Mike Stumbaugh

    Steve Gabriel offered a prayer for the newly elected members. The new members were seated.

5. Changes to State Chapter Committee Operating Procedures (SCCOP)

           Motion IC-2010-11: Modify SCCOP to Update Executive Committee Membership.
            Recommends to the Kairos Board changes to SCCOP to add the State Secretary as a
            permanent member of the Executive Committee.
            The motion was passed unanimously.

           Motion IC-2010-12a: Modify SCCOP to Clarify IC Rep Information.
            Recommends to the Kairos Board changes to SCCOP to:
                o Enable the International Council to remove an IC representative to reflect the By-
                   Laws, and
                o Enable the State Chapter Committee to remove its IC representative.
            The motion was passed unanimously.

            Both motions will be presented to the Kairos Board for approval of the policy changes.

6. Election of new Advisory Members to the IC

        Ed Keefer, Chair of the Governance Committee, presented the rationale for why the Advisory
        Member position was created at the San Antonio 2010 Summer Meeting. By creating this new
        IC position, the IC can invite non-voting members from outside organizations to be part of Kairos
        and be reciprocal to organizations that have the Kairos Executive Director on their
       boards/councils. The Governance Committee nominated two individuals to fill Advisory
       Member position. They are:

              Greg Engroff of the Walk to Emmaus Fourth Day Community (John Thompson is an
               advisory member of the Walk to Emmaus)
              Ronan Dillard who is a former IC representative from Maryland and has been leading
               the Kairos After Care Pilot program is nominated to a two year Advisory Member

7. Election of Board Members from the IC
   The candidates for the two positions were introduced by Steve Gabriel (IC President) and given an
   opportunity to present their qualifications. Full profiles were in the Conference binder.

          David Garmus (incumbent).

          Ed Keefer (incumbent).

          Rev. Greg Moser.

       The results of the results of the vote for the two KPMI Board of Director seats (each for a three-
       year term) from the IC were Ed Keefer and the Rev. Greg Moser.

8. Motion IC-2010-10: Modify SCCOP to Add Mandatory Excellence Initiative Program and
   discontinue the Observer Program

   This is a recommendation to the Board of Directors from the IC Program Evaluation Committee
   chaired by John Kennell. Steve Gabriel introduced the motion and the background. The intent is to
   provide feedback on how well Kairos is doing in implementing the program at the many institutions
   and communities. It is a way to assure consistency and compliance, and that we are offering the
   highest quality program possible.

   Steve discussed the current Observer Program which was a voluntary program. It was decided at
   the San Antonio 2010 Summer meeting to develop a mandatory plan by the Program Evaluation
   Committee. The committee developed three Excellence Initiatives, one for each ministry program.
   Steve further pointed out that the procedures and tools to execute the Excellence Initiative program
   such as the procedures and check lists to be used would be developed by the KPMI Executive
   Director and staff. This motion is only to recommend to the Board of Directors that this policy be
   adopted and that the SCCOP be changed to reflect this new policy.
The motion was introduced and John Kennell then explained the Program Evaluation Committee
and the makeup of the committee drawing on three persons from each ministry program. The
committee was divided into subcommittees with the following chairs for each;

      Kairos Inside - Paul Hubbard
      Torch - Brian Wheeler
      Kairos Outside – Lucy Rickman

They were charged to come up with a plan for implementation for each ministry and a process for
each State Chapter Committee Chair to follow which is titled the Path to Excellence.

If the Board approves this recommendation the SCCOP will be changed accordingly and it will go into
effect only after the procedures and check list are developed and approved by the KPMI Executive

Discussions followed the presentation. Each of the Program Subcommittees reviewed the proposed
plan and motion and the Chairs reported out:

      Kairos Inside Sub-Committee – Lynn Holmes (Chair) – Reviewed the suggested procedures
       and checklist and the members of the sub-committee were satisfied with them.
      Kairos Outside Sub-Committee – Lucy Rickman – The proposed motion was received
      Kairos Torch Sub-Committee – Fred Yosua (Chair) – The Torch program being different
       looked at how it would fit. There needs to be care at looking at what you measure. They
       feel the most important thing to measure is the mentor/mentee relationship after the Torch
       weekend. Did see benefits for the tool. They are happy with the tool that has been
       developed but expect changes as it is implemented. They had concerns about how the
       results of the evaluation are presented. If used as intended to make improvements that is
       good, but if it is used as a score that would be a negative. They are ready to implement the

Ministry Coordination Committee – Vicki Spurgeon (Chair) – Things that are critical:
    How it is presented and communicated.
    We need to be careful of the language used – it should be positive get away from the
    That there is no we or them.

There followed feedback and discussion from IC members. Areas of concerns include:

      Be careful what you measure
      Care in communications
          Be careful about the language
          Should be presented as a way to improve the programs and not as a disciplinary tool
          Concern that the procedures and check list be developed by a broader group than the
           executive staff to avoid the appearance of they versus us.
          Need to continue to focus on core values
          As KPMI expands more and more into the world, we need to be able to demonstrate that
           we have success and that we have quality controls on the program.
          Question of who the State Chapter chairs are responsible to in reporting the results of the
           measurement process. The reply was the Executive Director.
          When you use numbers it becomes a score card and may be used in ways not intended.
          We need to rely upon the Executive Director to do his job when developing the procedures
           and score cards.
          Need to provide for a way to not penalize Weekends for things out of their control such as
           lack of Ezra in Spanish.

   Steve Gabriel then wrapped up the discussion pointing out the key common points which included:
        Need to take great care in how it is presented
        The language is important
        With the use of numbers it can appear as a scorecard with a judgmental feel
        How do we make sure we get a feel across the ministry for what goes into the checklist.

   John Thompson, Executive Director, then shared his views and said that the checklist will be
   developed in a collaborative manner with input from the State Chairs. John also indicated he will
   get input from the IC committee structure.

   Steve took a sense of the gro0up using the colored cards and the group indicated a positive position
   about going forward.

   A vote was then taken on the motion. The motion was passed unanimously.

Greg Moser then said a luncheon meal prayer. There was a break for lunch.

The meeting was re-convened after lunch by Steve Gabriel

Due to schedule and personal issues there was a deviation from the agenda and the first IC committee
report was presented
9. Communications Improvement Ad Hoc Committee Report – Lee Turner (Chair)

   Lee reported on the survey on KPMI communications that the committee conducted per their
   committee charter. The committee provided a report which was included in the Blue Meeting
   Binder. A summary of the survey was:

          Websites are important. They are lacking and need improvements. Most at the state and
           the national level are done by two people, Lee Turner and Ann Kreller. They will receive the
           comments to make improvements.
          Newsletter has issues both in terms of content and distribution methods.
          Fund raising messages were a problem – there are too many.
          E-mail attachments are in formats that people can’t read. The recommendation was that
           thought be given to the applications formats and use ones that are fairly universal.
          Information is not flowing down for various reasons. There are bad e-mail addresses.
           People who receive the information don’t forward it.
          There is an education and awareness problem. People made comments about things they
           wish they had that already exist

   The committee has designed an education piece that will be sent to all IC members and State Chairs.
   The committee will continue to work on other methods to communicate such as social media. Steve
   Gabriel indicated that the committee’s charter will be updated to reflect the findings and provide
   guidance going forward.

10. Election of the Remaining Four Members to the Board of Directors

   Ed Keefer, Chair of Governance Committee, ran the election. The four candidates are coming from
   the community at large. They were identified from people who submitted personal profiles. The
   top three vote getters will have three year terms. The fourth will fill out the remaining time of
   George Brown’s term. George has decided to step down from the Board and take on a new and
   different role.

   Prior to the introductions of the nominees from the Governance committee Bev Seppenwoolde
   nominated Dave Garmus as a candidate from the floor and since he met all the requirements,
   including having a personal profile on record, his nomination was accepted.

   The six candidates were introduced and each who was in attendance presented their qualifications.
   The candidates were:

          Charles Belitz
          Priscilla Durkin (incumbent)
          Michael “Lynn” Holmes
          Mary Ketter (was unable to attend – Priscilla spoke in her behalf)
          Larry D. Rogers
          David Garmus (incumbent)

   The vote was taken.

11. George Brown Chair of the Board spoke to the IC Members

   He introduced the current Directors. He spoke about the mission that the Board has set to enhance
   the quality of program and to grow the ministry. He then discussed the interconnectedness of the
   five groups of KPMI – the Board and its committees, the IC and its committees, the Foundation, the
   staff, and the State Chapters and the body of volunteers.

   He reviewed his efforts over the last seven years. He then announced his resignation and his future
   plans to serve as a financial consultant to the Excutive Director, John Thompson, and the CFO, Brett

12. The KPMI Foundation - Bill Pockus, Executive Director
    He thanked those in attendance for their support. He reviewed his involvement with the KPMI
    ministry over the past 20 years. He thanked those supporting Project Goliath.

13. Steve Gabriel Announced the Board of Director Election and IC Advisory Member Results

   Both of the IC Advisory Member candidates, Greg Engroff and Ronan Dillard were approved by the
   IC in the vote taken in the morning session.

   The Board of Directors were as follows:
          Three Year Terms
          Priscilla Durkin
          Michael “Lynn” Holmes
          David Garmus

           Completing the Remaining Two Years of the Term of George Brown
           Charles Belitz

14. Motion IC-2011-01a: Modify the Financial Policies and Procedures (FP&P) document for
    Consequences of Non-compliance

   Jim Templeton (Chair of the Financial Accountability Council) presented this motion to recommend
   to the Board of Directors that the FP&P document be modified to add consequences to State
    Chapters who continue to fail to comply with reporting requirements to submit their financial
    reports in a manner prescribed by the FP&P. It will give the Executive Director, after all efforts fail
    to get corrective behavior, to decertify the Advisory Council that doesn’t comply if the State Chapter
    fails to take action.

    After it was indicated by color cards that the IC was ready, the vote was taken. The motion was
    passed unanimously.

15. Ministry Operations - John Thompson, Executive Director

    John Thompson discussed the annual staff plan in the Conference Binder. He identified a book in
    the Conference Binder that discusses offender rehabilitation and the criminal justice system. He
    pointed out it was an excellent source of information.

    There are two areas that are of highest priority:
        Getting a qualified audit and the many ramifications of getting it. We need to impress the
            State Chapters and the AC of its importance. It impacts how organizations view Kairos and
            the willingness to work with and fund KPMI.
        The program. KPMI was asked to leave two federal institutions because they didn’t see any
            value that could be measured. John is looking into evidence based programs where there
            are measurable results. He is contacting and meeting with people who have been doing
            research and writing on such programs. John is committed to making sure the KPMI
            programs will meet this new approach.

    John encouraged the attendees to read his annual staff plan in the Conference Binder.

16. Election of New IC Officers

    Ed Keefer (Governance Committee Chair) led the election process to elect the three IC officers of
    President, Vice President and Secretary.

    Candidates for President, who made a brief presentation about their background and candidacy,
        Lauren Wiebe
        Jim Key
    Candidates for Vice President, who made a brief presentation about their background and
    candidacy, were:
        Jim Templeton
        Bill Young
    Candidates for Secretary, who made a brief presentation about their background and candidacy,
          Rosemary Hamel
          Rey Bonachea

   There were no nominations from the floor. The vote was taken.

17. IC Committee Reports

      Program Evaluation Committee – John Kennell – no further report beyond the Excellence
      Volunteer and Guest Recruitment Council – David Ross – not as far along as the other
       committees. Developing a process that will encourage and promote outreach that is trackable.
       It will have four elements:
            o It will be simple
            o It will be regional
            o It will be done on a quarterly basis
            o It will be voluntary

      Financial Accountability Council – Jim Templeton – Meets regularly by telephone as most
       members are Financial Secretaries in the field who don’t come to the semi-annual meetings.
       They conducted a survey of the Advisory Council Financial Secretaries and were disappointed
       that they got only 20% return. Responses showed a lot of people not using Donor or having
       problems with it. Responses are in the Conference Binder. The Council is planning various
       training and help programs some of which are already in place but the financial Secretaries
       don’t know about them. Need better communications. They are looking at changing the title of
       the Financial Secretary in Model #1 and #3 states as they don’t use Donor and are more involved
       in fund raising.

      Fund Raising Activity – Bob Neill – The fund raising activity is a book and CD’s that Bob has
       produced that are for sale and the profits will be for Kairos.

      Ministry Coordination Committee – Vicki Spurgeon – Had meeting with members from the three
       programs. They reviewed the committee charter and three members from each program will be
       appointed as committee members. They are working to help persons involved in the different
       programs (KI, KO, and KT) to have a better understanding of the other programs. They reviewed
       the Excellence Initiative and stressed the need to be careful how it is communicated. Vicki
       stressed the need to provide the answer to “Why” for many program changes. The KO and KT
       manuals are being updated to include the new policies.

      Kairos Inside Sub-committee – Lynn Holmes – Nothing new to report
   Kairos Torch Sub-Committee – Fred Yosua – They had a number of guests attending their
    meeting so they changed the agenda to explain the Torch ministry. They did a rewrite of the
    Torch manual to reflect the Excellence Initiative. They discussed the State of Washington pilot
    program for the children of incarcerated parents, plans for the second year of the pilot, what
    the next steps will be and how to measure its success. The results of the grant program which
    provides mentors for children of incarcerated parents was also discussed. There is a report on
    the grant program is in the Blue Meeting Binder. Over 1500 children were referred to the
    program. Other subjects discussed included the public service announcements and the bill
    boards in Orlando. They are working on other grants they are trying to get. There is a mentor
    certification program in the development stage.

   Aftercare Pilot Program Advisory Committee – Ronan Dillard – Presented an overview of what
    the committee has done. This included the workshops at the 2010 summer meetings in San
    Antonio. Members of the IC who are interested in aftercare were invited to join the committee.
    They are going to Colorado to assist them with setting up an aftercare pilot. They are continuing
    to work with Prison Fellowship that is moving further into aftercare and trying to find ways to
    partner with them. They participate in the Exconvention. They had two successful mentor
    events and one failure. They are now starting three new ones and have five more in the
    pipeline. A large alcohol and drug rehabilitation program in Baltimore, MD has offered them 50
    beds to use in the ministry for use of the men for six months each.

    Steve Gabriel reported that the pilot program is now being reviewed to determine how to go
    forward with this ministry. The results of the past two years will be presented to the Board for
    their deliberations.

   Board Long Range Planning Committee – Had made their report earlier.

   Board Governance Committee - had reported their activities throughout the meeting.

   International Committee – Ruben Garcia – Reported on Kairos #1 which will occur in May in the
    Dominicann Republic and an upcoming weekend in a women’s prison in Peru. There is good
    progress in Columbia and they expect Kairos #1 there next year. They are looking at other
    countries to include new countries in Africa with the help of the South Africa Chapter. A report
    on the International Development plan was available for distribution

   Kairos Outside Sub-Committee – Marilyn Elkins (for Connie Prendergrast) – They worked on the
    Excellence Initiative. They think it is a good tool and there should be a positive presentation of
    the tool and give it to the weekend leader to use in planning the weekend. They worked
    extensively on the confidentiality issues which are critical to KO. They are working on the KO
    Program Manual.
18. Approval of the Minutes of the IC November 4, 2010 Teleconference Meeting

       The minutes of the meeting which are in the Conference Binder were moved for approval by
       Sukey DiCesare and seconded by Jackie Cuneo. They were unanimously approved.

19. Administrative issues and Closing Survey

       Steve asked that two surveys on the meeting and the progress of the last year be completed by
       all in attendance. He then reported on the results of the elections of new IC officers for 2011.

                Lauren Wiebe – President

                Bill Young – Vice President

                Rey Bonachea – Secretary

20. Prayer for Jean Mares and Closing Prayer – Jeff Holly and Bev Hankins

       Jeff Holly offered a prayer for Jean Mares (former IC member).

       Bev Hankins offered a closing prayer.

       Steve Gabriel thanked everyone

       The meeting was adjourned.

Respectively Submitted by

Bill Young 2010 Secretary

March 14, 2011

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