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					         JAY M. COGGAN, (SBN 86107)
         BRANDON M. TESSER, (SBN 168476)                     \
         JESSICA N. TROTTER, (SBN 251457)               a
         12100 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 220
                                                                                  JUL Ml^
         Los Angeles, California 90025                                                      iUllW9 " Deputy
CD \ 4

            torneys for Plaintiff
         Joseph F. Pesci p/k/a Joe Pesci



         JOSEPH F. PESCI p/k/a JOE PESCI, an                 ) Case No.        BC466198
                                                             ) COMPLAINT FOR:
                                                             ) (1)     BREACH OF ORAL CONTRACT;
                          vs.                                ) (2)     FRAUD;
                                                             ) (3)     MISAPPROPRIATION OF NAME
         FIORE FILMS, LLC, a California limited              )         AND LUCENESS (Civ. C. § 3344);
         liability company; and DOES 1through 50,            ) (4)     COMMON-LAW
         inclusive,                                          )         MISAPPROPRIATION OF RIGHT
                                                             )         OF PUBLICITY;
                                 Defendants.                 ) (5)     UNJUST ENRICHMENT

                 Plaintiff Joseph F. Pesci ("Plaintiff') alleges as follows:

                    1.    Plaintiff is, and all times relevant hereto was, an individual and Academy Award
          winning motion picture actor. Over the course of his film career hehas appeared ino^ear 20* s
                °                                                                                    o
                                                                                                          -< -h £? ~-.
                                                                                                          ac rn m

          major motion pictures which have collectively grossed in excess of$2 billion at the ^ojficpfj;
                                                                                    o   o   o   r> <=>
                                                                                     i?> 3- ^  2E
                                                                                    Vs® ^>. V* *7>
          Plaintiff is widely recognized for his many memorable film roles such as Hfs^oEtriyal of                       g
                                                                                                          •   sv. r^i Kr*
          neophyte attorney Vincent "Vinny" Gambini in "My Cousin Vinny", fast talking sidekiokXeo 5
                                                                                                ~o            >—   -.1   r*

          Getz in the Lethal Weapon film series (three films), and ruthless mobster Nicky Santoro in t$eS>
          mafia film "Casino". Plaintiff is perhaps best known for is his iconic portrayal of crazed and :?
          violent mafia gangster Tommy DeVito in the movie "Goodfellas", a role for which he earned an

       1.                   d.      Plaintiff was not required to attend the April 12,2011 pressconference.
       2            13.     On or about April 12,2011, Defendant held a press conference at the Sheraton

       3    Hotel in New York. During the pressconference Defendant's representatives formally
       4    announced that Plaintiff had agreed to performthe role of Ruggiero in the Picture. That same
       5 day, in reliance on the Contract, Plaintiff issued the following statement to the press: "I'm really
       6    happy to be makingthis picture        It's going to be greatexperience and a rare opportunity to
       7    look inside the life of Gotti."

       8            14.    Thereafter, Defendants went to great lengths to publicize and tout Plaintiffs
       9    involvement in the Film. For example, shortly after the press conference Defendant posted the
      10 following on its website xxxxxxxxxx                      "Fiore Films announced today thatAcademy
      11    Award-winning actor Joe Pesci has joined their independent production of the mobster tale Gotti:

      12 Three Generations." To this day, Defendant's web site continues to tout and publicize Plaintiffs
      13    role in the Film.

      14            15.    Plaintiffs engagement to play Ruggiero in the Film was also widelyreported by
      15 the press, both in print and on the internet. On its website, Defendant provides links to dozens of

      16    articles all of which mention Plaintiffs role in the Film.

      17            16.    Plaintiffs reported involvement in the Film has brought it great attention and
      18 publicity. There are few, if any, actors alive today who are more closely associated with, and

      19    renowned for, playing Italian-American and mafia roles than Plaintiff. Plaintiffs acclaim in this

      20    genre is all but unmatched with perhaps the exception of fellow actor Al Pacino, who has also

      21    been hired by Defendant to star in the Film. Pacino is well remembered for his critically
      22    acclaimed performance as Michael Corleone in the Godfather trilogy. Pesci's "Goodfellas" and
      23    Pacino's"Godfather" are both regarded as seminal and iconic films in this genre.
      24           17.     On informationand belief, Defendants sought to capitalize on the goodwill and
      25 notoriety associated with having both Pacino and Plaintiffin the same Film; two actors perhaps
      26    best known for their memorableand iconic performances playing mafia characters. The

I"!   27 inclusion of these two actors, as well as JohnTravolta, was intended to generate sufficient pre-
      28    sales and financing to finance the production of the Picture. At no time has Defendantever

      1.   portrayal of him.

      2            33.    As a direct and proximate result of Defendant's conduct, Plaintiff has suffered
      3    damages in an amount to be determined at trial, but in excess of $1 million.
      4           34.     In doing theactsalleged herein, Defendant acted willfully, maliciously,
      5    fraudulently, oppressively, and despicably, with the wrongful intention of injuring Plaintiff, with
      6    an improper andevil motive amounting to malice, and in conscious disregard of Plaintiffs rights.
      7    Said actions were done with the intent to vex, harass, annoy and injurePlaintiff. Punitive and
      8    exemplary damages should therefore be assessed in an amount to punish and make an example of
      9    Defendant.

     10                                      THIRD CAUSE OF ACTION

     11            (Misappropriation of Name and Likeness (Civ. C. § 3344) Against all Defendants)
     12           35.     Plaintiffre-alleges and incorporates by reference each and every allegation in
     13    Paragraphs 1 through 34 above.

     14           36.     Defendant is knowingly using Plaintiffs namefor purposes of: 1)generating
     15    publicity and "buzz" for the Film in the public marketplace in order to increase the profitability
     16    of the Film; 2) attracting investors, lenders and financiers to finance the production of the Film;
     17    3) enhancing the value of the Film to sell to buyers in foreign territories and using the proceeds
     18    of such foreign pre-sales to partially finance the production of the Film; and 4) attracting other
     19    high-caliber talent to the Film project.

     20           37.     Among other things, Defendant has actively touted Plaintiffs involvement in the
     21    Picture and has informed members of the public and pressthat Plaintiffis playing the role of
     22    Ruggiero in the Film. Defendant has also posted a picture of Plaintiff on its web site with an
     23    announcement regarding Plaintiffs involvement in the Film. Literally hundreds of articles have
     24    been published or broadcast over the internet which mention Plaintiffs involvement in the Film,
     25    including but not limited to the authoritative motionpicture web site (the internet
     26    movie database). Defendant has provided links on its web site to many of these articles. Further,

     27    on information and belief, Defendant has used Plaintiffs name and likeness in marketing
     28    materials, promotional materials, and other materials submitted to potential investors, financiers,

1.   and other third parties. It is now widely known by the public that Plaintiff is involved in
2    Defendant's Film, yet Defendant isconcurrently denying to Plaintiff that the Contract exists and
3    further denying that Plaintiff hasany role in the Film.
4           38.     Defendant does not have Plaintiffs consent to use his name and likeness to

5    promote the Picture absent Defendant's full performance under the Contract, which Defendant
6    has repudiated.

7           39.        Defendants, in violation of Civ. C. § 3344, have infringed upon and

 8   misappropriated Plaintiffs name, likeness and identity for Defendant's commercial purposes,
 9   without Plaintiffs consent or authorization. Defendantknowingly misappropriated Plaintiffs

10   name and likeness for the purpose ofadvertising and selling and promoting the Film. Defendant
11   thereby caused and is causing injury to Plaintiff.
12           40.       As a direct and proximate result ofsuch infringement and misappropriation by
13   Defendant, Plaintiff has been damaged in a sum (including profits from Defendant's
14   unauthorized use) exceeding the jurisdictional minimum of the Court, such sum to be precisely
15   determined according to proof at trial. Plaintiff will amend orseek leave ofCourt to amend the
16   Complaint to state the precise amount ofsuch damages when the same has been ascertained.
17           41.       Defendant's misappropriation was intentional (not accidental), deliberate, willful
18   and/or in reckless disregard of the likelihood it would injure Plaintiff.
19           42.       Defendant committed and engaged in the above-described acts with oppression,

20   fraud and malice, with a conscious disregard for Plaintiffs rights, and with the intent to vex,

21   injure and annoy Plaintiff. Defendant's acts therefore warrant the assessment ofpunitive
22   damages in a sum appropriate to punish and set an example of Defendant.
23           43.       Plaintiff has been compelled to retain legal counsel to enforce his rights and has
24    incurred, and will continue to incur, legal fees and costs which Plaintiff is entitled to recover
25   pursuant to Civ. C. § 3344, at or following trial orother judgment in Plaintiffs favor.
26   ///

27   ///

28    ///

     1.           52.    As a direct and proximate result of Defendant's acts of misappropriation and
     2    unjust enrichment, Plaintiff has suffereddamages in the form of profits, investments and sales
     3    Defendant hasearned from the exploitation of the Film, which monies should be disgorged to
     4    Plaintiff.


     6                                         PRAYER FOR RELIEF

     7            WHEREFORE, Plaintiff prays for judgment on his Complaint as follows against all

     8    Defendants:

     9            1.     For compensatory damages, including general and special damages, in a sum to be

    10    determined according to proof at trial, but in an amount not less than $3 million, plus interest

    11    thereon at the maximum legal rate;

    12            2.     On the Second Cause of Action only, for punitive and exemplary damages in an

    13    amount appropriate to punish and make an example of Defendants;

    14            3.     On the Third and Fourth Causes of Action only, for an order requiring Defendants

    15    to disgorge and pay to Plaintiff all monies and profits earned through Defendants'

    16    misappropriation of Plaintiffs likeness;

    17            4.     On the Third Cause of Action only, for all attorneys' fees incurred by Plaintiff, if

    18    allowed by the Court, whether by contract, statute or otherwise;

    19            5.     For costs of suit incurred herein; and

    20            6.     For such other and further relief as the Court may deem just and proper.


    22    Dated: July 27,2011                           TESSER & RUTTENBERG


    24                                          By:
                                                        Brandon M. Tesser
    25                                                  Attorneys for Plaintiff
3                                                       Joseph F. Pesci




    -Brandon M. Tesser, Esq. (SBN 168476)
                                                                                                                              ^AnJetesSui^nor Court
      Tesser & Ruttenberg                          .,.„„.
      12100 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 220, Los Angeles,CA 90025
         xxxxxxxxxx                                                                                                                       JUL 27 2im
      attor                                Pesci, etc.
     SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF LOS AngeleS                                                                                               icutivei fleer/Clerk
                                                                                                                           John                                   .Deputy
         STREET ADDRESS        111 N. Hill Street
         MAILING AOORESS       111 N. Hill Street                                                                           By
        CITY AND ZiP CODE      Los Angeles. CA 90012
               BRANCH NAME     Stanley Mosk Courthouse
      CASE NAME:
CD Pesci, etc. v. Fiore Films, LLC
                                                                                                                           CASE NUMBER:
         CIVIL CASE COVER SHEET                                               Complex Case Designation
(X. I"/! Unlimited                 •       Limited                       |     I Counter        •         Joinder
o        (Amount                           (Amount                                                                          JUDGE:
         demanded                          demanded is                  Filed with first appearance by defendant
              exceeds $25,000)             $25,000 or less)                 (Cal. Rules of Court, rule 3.402)                OEPT:

                                  Items 1-6 below must be competed (see instructions on page 2).
        Check one boxbelow for the case typethatbest describes this case
                                                                    Contract                                         ProvisionallyComplex CivilLitigation
        Auto Tort                                                                                                    (Cal. Rulesof Court, rules3.400-3.403)
                                                                   | / I Breach ofcontract/warranty (06)
        BAuto (22)
                                                                    rn Rule 3.740 collections (09)                   CD Antitrust/Trade regulation (03)
          Uninsured motorist (46)
                                                                    I        I Other collections (09)                I   I Construction defect (10)
        Other PI/PD/WD (Personal Injury/Property
        Damage/Wrongful Death)Tort                                  I        I Insurance coverage (18)               CD Mass tort (40)
        r~1 Asbestos (04)                                           CD Other contract (37)                           I   l Securities litigation (28)
        | I Product liability (24)                                  Real Property                                    I   I Environmental/Toxic tort(30)
        I      I Medical malpractice (45)                           I        | Eminent domain/Inverse                I   I Insurance coverage claims arising from the
                                                                               condemnation (14)                            above listed provisionally complex case
        I      I Other PI/PD/WD (23)                                                                                        types (41)
         Non-PI/PD/WD (Other) Tort
                                                                    I        I Wrongful eviction (33)
                                                                    I        I Other real property (26)              Enforcement of Judgment
        I       I Business tort/unfair business practice (07)                                                        I    I Enforcement of judgment (20)
        I I Civil rights (08)                                       Unlawful Detainer

        I I Defamation (13)                                         I        I Commercial (31)                       Miscellaneous Civil Complaint

        •   Fraud (16)                                              IZD Residential (32)                             •      RICO (27)
        EZU Intellectual property (19)                              •   Drugs (38)                                   I    I Other complaint (not specified above) (42)
        I I Professional negligence (25)                            Judicial Review                                   Miscellaneous Civil Petition
        Pi Other non-PI/PDAMD tort (35)                             'I       I Assei ronenure luoj
                                                                             [ Assetforfeiture (05)                  I    I Partnership and corporate governance (21)
         Bloyment                                                   •           Petition re: arbitration award (11) r—] other petition (not spwrffiedaoove; (43)
                    Wrongful termination (36)                       | I Writ ofmandate (02)
         I      I Other employment (15)                             I | Other judicial review (39)                                        .
            Tni8case | |is ETiTnot                            complex under rule 3.400 of the California Rules of Court. If the case is complex, mark the
            factors           exucfjuui iai judicial ,„<•••»„«....-....
            racrais requiring exceptional iuuiwh management
            a•         Large number of separately represented parties d. •                              Large number of witnesses
            b•         Extensive motion practice raising difficult or novel e. •                        Coordination with related actions pending in one or more courts
                       issues that will be time-consuming to resolve                                    in other counties, states, or countries, or in afederal court
             c. •       Substantial amount of documentary evidence                           f. •       Substantial postjudgment judicial supervision
             Remedies sought (check alt that apply): a.[Zl monetary b.O nonmonetary; declaratory or injunctive relief c. EI punitive
             Number of causesof action (specify): 5
             This case CZJ is              E3 is not      aclass action suit.
             If there are any known related cases, file and serve anotice of related case. (You may use form CM-015.)
       Date: July 27,20ll
                        Brandon M. Tesser
                                                                                                                     (SIGNATURE OFPARTY ORATTORNEY FOR PARTY)
                                       (TYPE OR PRINT NAME)
        . Plaintiff must file this cover sheet with the first paper filed in the action or proceeding (except small daims cases or cases filed
             uSJKlKKcate. Family Code, orWelfareand Institutions Code). (Cal. Rules of Court, rule 3.220.) Fa.lure to file may result
        • File this cover sheet in addition to anycoversheet required by local court rule.
        • If this case is complex under rule 3.400 et seq. of the California Rules of Court, you must serve acopy of this cover sheet on all
             other parties to the action or proceeding.                                                                                  ,,.....,                             •
        . Unless this is acollections case under rule 3.740 or acomplex case, this cover sheet will be used for statistical purposes on^^
                                                                                                                                  Cal. RdM OfCourt,rum 3.40O-3.403.3740:
       FomiAdopud MrMwddoy Uw                                            CIVIL CASE COVER SHEET                                          Cal.Standardiof Judicial Administration, aid.3.10
        Judicial Cound of California                                                                                                                       
         CM-O10(R«. July1.2007]                                                                                                                                  AtnaricanLagalNM. Inc.
         SHORT TITLE*
                        Pesci, etc. v. Fiore Films, LLC
                                                                                                              casehumber             BC466198

                                                       CIVIL CASE COVER SHEET ADDENDUM AND
                                                               STATEMENT OF LOCATION
                  This form is required pursuant to Local Rule 2.0 in all new civil case filings in the Los Angeles Superior Court

v—' Item I. Checkthe types of hearingand fill in the estimated length of hearing expected for this case:
C—J Item II. Indicate the correct district and courthouse location (4 steps - If you checked "Limited Case", skip to Item III, Pg. 4):

             Step 1: After first completing the Civil Case Cover Sheet form, find the main Civil Case CoverSheet heading for your
             case in the left margin below, and, to the right in Column A, the Civil Case Cover Sheet case typeyou selected.

             Step 2: Check one Superior Court type ofaction in Column B below which best describes the nature ofthis case.

             Step 3: In Column C, circle the reason for the court location choice that applies to the typeof action you have
             checked. For any exception to the court location, see Local Rule 2.0.
                                    Applicable Reasons for Choosing Courthouse Location (see Column C below)

                1. Class actions must be filed in the Stanley Mosk Courthouse, central district.     6. Location of property or permanently garaged vehicle.
                2. Maybe filed in central (other county, or no bodilyinjury/property damage).         7. Location where petitioner resides.
                3. Location where cause of action arose.                                              8. Location whereindefendant/respondent functions wholly.
                4. Location where bodily injury, death or damage occurred.                            9. Location where one or more of the parties reside.
                5. Locationwhere performance required or defendant resides.                         10. Location of Labor Commissioner Office

             Step 4: Fill in the information requestedon page 4 in Item III; complete Item IV. Sign the declaration.

                                       A                                                                                                                   s
                            Civil Case Cover Sheet                                         " Type of Action                                      Applicable Reasons •
                                 Category No.                                                (Check only one)                                         See Step 3 Above

                                   Auto (22)               O   A7100 MotorVehicle - Personal Injury/Property Damage/Wrongful Death               1..2..4.

            <    I-
                            Uninsured Motorist (46)        D A7110 Personal Injury/PropertyDamage/Wrongful Death - Uninsured Motorist 1..2..4.

                                                           D A6070 Asbestos Property Damage                                                      2.
                                 Asbestos (04)
                                                           D A7221 Asbestos • Personal Injury/Wrongful Death                                     2.


            e                 Product Liability (24)       D A7260 Product Liability (not asbestos or toxic/environmental)                       1.,2.,3.,4..8.
                                                           D A7210 Medical Malpractice - Physicians & Surgeons                                   1.,4.
                            Medical Malpractice (45)
            ft                                             a   A7240 Other Professional Health Care Malpractice                                  1„4.
                                                           O A7250 Premises Liability (e.g., slip end fall)
    3             IT
                                 Personal Injury           D A7230 Intentional Bodily Injury/Property Damage/Wrongful Death (e.g.,
                  i            Property Damage                         assault, vandalism, etc.)
                                Wrongful Death                                                                                                    1..3.
                                                           D   A7270 Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
                                      (23)                                                                                                       1..4.
                                                           D   A7220 Other Personal Injury/Property Damage/Wrongful Death

           LACIV 109 (Rev. 03/11)                        CIVIL CASE COVER SHEET ADDENDUM                                                      Local Rule 2.0
           LASC Approved 03-04                              AND STATEMENT OF LOCATION                                                            Page 1 of 4
    SHORT TITLE:                                                                                       CASE NUMBER
                    Pesci, etc. v. Fiore Films, LLC

                                   A                                                                                                             C
                        Civil Case Cover Sheet                                          Typeof Action"... V                             Applicable Reasons -
                             Category No.                                              (Check onlyone)                                    See Step 3 Above

                           Business Tort (07)         O    A6029 Other Commercial/Business Tort (not fraud/breach of contract)          1..3.

       *s                                             D    A6005 Civil Rights/Discrimination                                            1..2..3.
                            Civil Rights (08)
                            Defamation (13)           D    A6010 Defamation (slander/libel)                                             1..2., 3.

       n        P
                               Fraud (18)             •    A6013 Fraud (no contract)                                                    1..2..3.

     •i*                                              a    A6017 Legal Malpractice                                                      1.,2„ 3.
       I*             Professional Negligence (25)
                                                      D A6050 Other Professional Malpractice (not medical or legal)                     1,2., 3.
                               Other (35)             D A6025 Other Non-Personal Injury/PropertyDamage tort                             2..3.

                       WrongfulTermination(36)        •    A6037 Wrongful Termination                                                   1..2., 3.

                                                      D A6024 Other Employment Complaint Case                                           1..2..3.
                        Other Employment (15)
           E                                          D A6109 Labor Commissioner Appeals                                                10.

                                                      •    A6004 Breach of Rental/Lease Contract (not unlawful detainer or wrongful     2., 5.
                      Breach of Contract/ Warranty                                                                                      2., 5.
                                                      •    A6008 Contract/WarrantyBreach -Seller Plaintiff(no fraud/negligence)
                            (not insurance)                                                                                             1.,2., 5.
                                                      D A6019 Negligent Breach of Contract/Warranty (no fraud)
                                                      O A6028 Other Breach of Contract/Warranty (not fraud or negligence)

                                                      D    A6002 Collections Case-Seller Plaintiff                                      2., 5., 6.
                            Collections (09)
                                                      D A6012 Other Promissory Note/Collections Case                                    2„5.

                        Insurance Coverage (18)       D A6015 Insurance Coverage (not complex)                                          1..2..5..8.

                                                      0    A6009 Contractual Fraud                                                       1 ?      3   5.

                          Other Contract (37)         D    A6031 Tortious Interference                                                  1.,2.,3..5.

                                                      D    A6027 Other Contract Dispute(not breach/insurance/fraud/negligence)          12 3          8.

                        Eminent Domain/Inverse                                                                                          2.
                                                       n   A7300 Eminent Domain/Condemnation                  Number of Darcels
                           Condemnation (14)

                         Wrongful Eviction (33)        Q   A6023 Wrongful Eviction Case                                                 2.. 6.
                                                       D A6018 Mortgage Foreclosure                                                     2., 6.

           1            Other Real Property (26)       O   A6032 Quiet Title                                                            2., 6.

                                                       D A6060 Other Real Property (not eminent domain, landlordAenant, foreclosure)    2.. 6.

                      Unlawful Detainer-Commercial
                                                       D   A6021 Unlawful Detainer-Commercial (not drugs or wrongful eviction)           2., 6.

           a          Unlawful Detainer-Residential
                                                       •   A6020 Unlawful Detainer-Residential (not drugs or wrongful eviction)          2., 6.
           &                      (32)
5          •3
                           Unlawful Detainer-
                                                       D   A6020FUnlawfuJDetainer-Post-Foredosure                                        2., 6.
                          Post-Foredosure (34)

                      Unlawful Detainer-Drugs (38)     D A6022 Unlawful Detainer-Drugs                                                   2.. 6.

      LACIV 109 (Rev. 03/11)                          CIVIL CASE COVER SHEET ADDENDUM                                                 Local Rule 2.0

      LASC Approved 03-04                                AND STATEMENT OF LOCATION                                                      Page 2 of 4
                                                                                                     CASE NUMBER
                   Pesci, etc. v. Fiore Films, LLC

                            '?     A
                                                                    •:••?>•>••'.•             b                    ";.             c
                       Civil Case'Cover Sheet                                          Type of Action                     Applicable Reasons-
                            Category No.                                            . (Check only one)                     See Step 3 Above

                        Asset Forfeiture (05)        D    A6108 Asset Forfeiture Case                                     2., 6.

                      Petition re Arbitration (11)   D A6115 Petition to Compel/ConfimWacate Arbitration                  2., 5.

     2                                                                                                                    2., 8.
     ee.                                             O    A6151 Writ-Administrative Mandamus
     "o                 Writ of Mandate (02)         O    A6152 Writ - Mandamus on Limited Court Case Matter              2.

                                                     D    A6153 Writ - Other Limited Court Case Review                    2.

                      Other Judicial Review (39)     D    A6150 Other Writ /Judicial Review                               2., 8.

                    Antitrust/TradeRegulation (03)   O A6003 Antitrust/Trade Regulation                                    1.,2.,8.

                       Construction Defect (10)      D    A6007 Construction Defect                                        1,2,3.
                      Claims Involving Mass Tort     O    A6006 Claims Involving Mass Tort                                 1..2..8.
     u                 Securities Litigation(28)     D A6035 Securities Litigation Case                                    1..2..8.
                              Toxic Tort                                                                                   1..2..3..8.
                                                     D    A6036 Toxic Tort/Environmental
                          Environmental (30)
         1            Insurance Coverage Claims      D A6014 Insurance Coverage/Subrogation (complexcase only)             1..2..5..8.
                        fromComplex Case (41)

                                                     O    A6141 Sister State Judgment                                      2., 9.

                                                     D A6160 Abstract of Judgment                                          2., 6.

                                                     0    A6107 Confession of Judgment (non-domestic relations)            2„9.
                           of Judgment (20)          D A6140 Administrative Agency Award(not unpaid taxes)                 2., 8.

                                                     D A6114 Petition/Certificate for Entry of Judgment on Unpaid Tax      2., 8.

                                                     •    A6112 Other Enforcement of Judgment Case                         2., 8.. 9.

                                 RICO (27)           •    A6033 Racketeering (RICO) Case                                   1., 2,8.

                                                     O A6030 Declaratory Relief Only                                       1., 2., 8.
     «        E                                      O A6040 Injunctive ReliefOnly(notdomestic/harassment)                 2., 8.
                           Other Complaints
                       (Not Specified Above) (42)    D A6011 Other Commercial Complaint Case (non-tort/non-complex)        1..2., 8.

                                                     D A6000 Other Civil Complaint (non-tort/non-complex)                  1., 2., 8.

                        Partnership Corporation      O A8113 Partnership and Corporate Governance Case                     2.. 8.
                           Governance (21)

                                                      D    A6121 Civil Harassment                                          2,3.9.

     i -                                              D    A6123 Workplace Harassment                                      2., 3., 9.

                                                      D A6124 Elder/DependentAdultAbuse Case                               2., 3.. 9.
                             Other Petitions
     •        °-
     u        s          (Not Specified Above)        D    A6190 Election Contest                                           2.
    .2 .2
    X         O                     (43)                                                                                    2., 7.
                                                      D A6110 Petition for Change of Name
                                                      D    A6170 Petition for Relief from Late Claim Law                    2., 3.. 4., 8.

S                                                     •    A6100 Other Civil Petition                                       2., 9.

    LACrV 109 (Rev. 03/11)                           CIVIL CASE COVER SHEET ADDENDUM                                     Local Rule 2.0

    LASC Approved 03-04                                    AND STATEMENT OF LOCATION                                       Page 3 of 4-
                                                                                          CASE NUMBER
                  Pesci, etc. v. Fiore Films. LLC

    Item III. Statement of Location: Enter the address oftheaccident, party's residence orplace ofbusiness, performance, orother
    circumstance indicated in Item II., Step 3 on Page 1, as the proper reason for filing in the court location you selected.

     REASON: Check the appropriate boxes for the numbers shown        N/A
     underColumn C forthe type of actionthat you have selected for
     this case.

             • 1. 02: D3. D4. D5. D6. D7. D8. D9. D10.

     CITY:                                    STATE:     ZIP CODE:

    Item IV. Declaration ofAssignment Ideclare under penalty ofperjury under the laws ofthe State ofCalifornia that the foregoing is true
    and correct and that the above-entitled matter is property filed for assignment to the Stanley Mosk                 courthouse in the
    Central                     District ofthe Superior Court of California, County ofLos Angeles (Code Civ. Proc, §392 etseq., and Local
    Rule 2.0, subds. (b), (c) and (d)].

    Dated: July 27.2011
                                                                                       (SIGNATURE OF ATTORNEY/FIUNG PARTY)

             1. Original Complaint or Petition.
             2. If filing a Complaint, a completed Summons form for issuance by the Clerk.
             3. Civil Case Cover Sheet, Judicial Council form CM-010.
             4   Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum and Statement of Location form, LACIV109, LASCApproved 03-04 (Rev.
             5. Payment in full ofthe filing fee, unless fees have been waived.
             6. Asigned order appointing the Guardian ad Litem, Judicial Council form CIV-010, if the plaintiff or petitioner is a
                 minor under 18 years of age will be required by Court in order to issue a summons.
             7. Additional copies ofdocuments tobeconformed by the Clerk. Copies ofthe cover sheet and this addendum
                 must be served along with the summons and complaint, orother initiating pleading in the case.


     LACIV109 (Rev. 03/11)                    CIVIL CASE COVER SHEET ADDENDUM                                            Local Rule 2.0

     LASC Approved 03-04                            AND STATEMENT OF LOCATION                                                Page 4 of 4

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