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                                                                     WHAT’S UP in 2010?
 *Galen Garretson     472-0019
Vice-President                                    RASCAL aims to offer courses which keep up with
 *Ron Willing         474-2993                           current trends and also to offer basic instruction
Secretary                                                      for members new to computer use.
 *Velma Gustafson 472-0233                                 Take a look at just some of what is coming up
Treasurer                                                             early in this new year:
 *Naomi Carlson                                                                     February
Education Director                         January                                                      Excel, Beginning
 *Lou Garrotto        955-1950            Email Basics
Membership Director                                                         Introduction to Computers             Internet Basics               Photo & Document File Management
  *Patricia Hentges                Introduction to Computers                    PowerPoint Basics
Communications and                        Vista Basics
  Facilities Director                                                           Windows Live Mail                Windows 7 Basics                       Windows Media Player
  *Murray Johnson     291-8684       Word 2007, Beginning                       Windows 7 Basics

Administrative Assistant                        One of our highly regarded teachers, Tom Crittenden,
  Vivian Dagnan       582-0824                will be out of our area for much of the year but
Community Relations
  Bob Cartmell        476-9437
                                     he will be here in March to offer some great new classes, such as:

Data Base                    indows 7 for XP and Vista Users: A timely class for those
  Mark Simonds
  Audrey Williams     955-4720
                                              who are thinking of upgrading to Windows 7, or for those who
  Betty Buskirk       474-1381                have this operating system on their computer and want to feel
Facilities                       more comfortable with it. Tom will review what is new in Windows 7, how
  Henry Cotter        471-0750
                                 to do old tasks, where to find things, and how to take advantage of the new
  Vivian Dagnan       582-0824   features. For beginners, he will modify his handouts to cover the beginning
Hospitality                      tasks in both Vista and W7.
 T. & B. Buntin       472-1549
  Mary Hoffman        479-5119
Human Resources                  Tom adds: “The more I use W7, the happier I am with it. My poor wife has
  Lannie Harkins      479-5174   my hand-me-down Vista PC, but I will upgrade it for her when we return this
Membership Greeters
  Marie Hutchins      476-3783
Newsletter                                See Tom’s article on “What’s New in Windows 7?”                            in the November 2009 issue of this newsletter.
  Joan McDowell       472-0377

Social Director
   Jeannette Daily    471-1904           andboxie Isolation Software: This program helps to protect your PC
Speaker Scheduler                        from malware while you are surfing and downloading files. It works
   Ken Mitchell       476-1883
Sunshine - Artistic Design               something like a mini Virtual PC so that your browser or email
  Lee Cathcart        479-5778   downloads are isolated from the rest of your PC. Sandboxie builds a box
Webmaster                        where you can run your browser or email inside. You can download and
  Ginny von Gal       218-6633   look at files (pictures, etc.) while keeping them isolated. If you wish to save
                                 a file (after viewing it in Sandboxie), it’s only a click away.

                                                           Some class formats will remain the same, such as
                        RASCAL EDUCATION                   Microsoft PowerPoint. This is due to the amount of
                          HAS SURPRISES                    information and necessary hands-on time required to
                                                           develop skills for using the program.
                             for YOU in
                           The NEW YEAR                    Several new classes are in development for free
                                ~ by Mike States           programs or applications being offered by Micro-
                                                           soft or included with Windows 7 or Vista. Future
                                                           topics will include: Gadgets, Photo Gallery, Writer,
                                                           Word Pad and Note Pad, Windows Live Essentials
    Our Education Director for 2009 and her team of        and Windows Accessories.
    instructors (including myself) have been busy          These new topics and other classes already being of-
    working to develop classes and formats that reflect    fered should provide something for almost every
    club member requests and our busy lives. With the      member’s interest. If you don’t see what you want,
    New Year many members may find a new com-              contact the Education Director or an instructor. You
    puter with the new Windows 7 operating system          can also use the comments area on the instructor re-
    under the Christmas tree. With this in mind, new       view form at the end of a class to request other classes.
    classes and re-designed formats will be offered.
                                                           RASCAL offers some of the best community educa-
    Beginning in January and February, RASCAL              tion, low-cost computer training courses available. It
    will be offering classes on Windows 7 Basics.          works because the membership works at it. In-
    Since the Vista operating system is currently in-      structors are wanted and needed. Step up to the chal-
    stalled on the computers at the RCC and Business       lenge. You can make a difference. You’d be amazed
    Development Center computer labs, these classes        at how good it makes you feel.
    will be limited at this time to a lec-
    ture/demonstration format. The instructors teaching
    this and other lecture courses encourage those with
    laptops or notebook computers with Windows 7 to                                WATCH for THIS NEW
    bring them to class.                                                            CLASS in FEBRUARY
                                                                                  Instructed by Judy Engel
    The class format for Windows 7 Basic and Vista
    Basics has changed. There will be only two ses-
    sions rather than the usual four, and each session
    will be three hours long. This is being offered in                    Photo & Document
    order to make it easier for participants to schedule                File Management Class
    their time.
                                                           If you think of a pile of files (documents or pictures)
    The new format will focus on the core elements of      on a table top, you can imagine how difficult it
    these two Windows-based operating systems.             would be to sort through that pile in order to find a
    These classes will lay the groundwork for working      particular document or picture. This is why we've
    with and using other program applications, allow-      used filing cabinets in the past to organize our files
    ing users to better understand what, how, and why a    into folders.
    computer does what it does.
                                                           Well, your computer has many documents and pic-
    What is coming is a new approach to teaching           tures located in the filing cabinets named My Docu-
    tighter, program specific courses. For example, in     ments and My Pictures. To keep things organized
    the past, Beginning Email and Internet was one         you must create folders to hold those documents and
    course. It has now been designed as two separate       pictures.
    courses. Email Basics will focus on the essentials
    common to virtually all email applications. Inter-     In this class you will learn how to make Folders to
    net Basics will focus on the tools and essentials      organize your documents and pictures so that similar
    used to navigate the World Wide Web. The separa-       items are kept together making them easier to find.
    tion of topics will allow participants to focus on     You will also learn how to move files from one
    their interests and needs.                             folder to another, make sub folders within a folder,
                                                           and how to delete unwanted folders.

                                        The Q & A Show
                               Featuring Media Players & YouTube

    The following questions appeared recently on The        close the converter box. After the download is fin-
    RASCAL-Technical Help List Serve which is               ished, you will see a message telling you that the files
    open to all members by subscription. If you would       have been converted. Now you may close the con-
    like to participate with your questions or just learn   verter box. From the Start Menu, go to My Docu-
    from others, go to our website at         ments, then My Videos. Double click on the video
    and click on Help * ISP.                                and watch it whenever you like and as many times as
                                                            you wish.
    Q: What do I need to do to download a video
    from YouTube and save it on my computer? It
                                                            Q: Which is the best media player software?
    takes too long to download each time I want to
    view it. I am using Windows XP and the Win-             A: This depends upon what you want from the
    dows FlashPlayer.                                       player and how you intend to use it. The site below
                                                            describes and compares three major players and what
    A: I have successfully downloaded video clips           they do best: Real Player,       Windows Media
    from YouTube using the Real Player rather               Player, and VLC Player.
    than Windows Flash Player. Here is my sug-
    Before you do any of this, you have to have Real
    Player on your computer with the latest updates. I
    had an older version of Real Player on my PC and         Q: What is the difference between Real Player
    it would not play the video clip. I uninstalled the      SP and Windows Media Player 11? I have in-
    older version and installed the newest version by        stalled both in the past and have downloaded differ-
    typing Real Player into Google and downloading           ent clips onto both of them. Is there an easy way to
    the free version : Real Player SP            transfer files from one program to the other if I
    When going through the steps on the set up of            choose to use only one?
    Real Player, be sure to check the box where it            A: The short answer: No one, single multi-
    says to enable “download this video.” If you             media player program can do it all. There are
    don’t check that box, you won’t be able to               too many different multi-media formats for any one
    download any videos.                                     program application to handle and do a good job.
    Now you are ready! After viewing the film clip on        And, no, there isn’t a quick and easy way to convert
    YouTube, hover your mouse just above the video.          one video file format to another.
    A button appears to download this video. Click                  The expansion on this answer (below)
    that button and the Real Player Downloader pops                   does not appear on the ListServe.
    up. You will see the title of the clip(s) you want to
    download. You may download more than one clip            The long answer: Both Real Player SP and Win-
    at a time. Click the “Convert All” button.               dows Media Player will play and allow you to
                                                             download, edit, save, modify, and convert audio
    The Real Player Converter box comes up show-             and video media imported from websites such as
    ing the title of the film clip(s). Next choose           YouTube. Real Player has more utilities for doing
    “Convert to,” then click “Computer to,” then             this than does Windows Media Player (WMP).
    click “Computer PC or MAC” from the drop-                Understanding and being able to use all of Real
    down menu, then click O.K. Just below you will           Player’s features and functions does require a mod-
    see the “Save In” area; choose “My Videos.”              est learning curve. Clicking the Help button on its
    Now click on the green “Start” button. The               main menu bar provides an extensive internet-based
    movie will then download to My Videos on your            resource.
    computer. It will take a minute or two, so don’t
                                                                                            continued on page 4

        THE Q & A SHOW — continued from page 3
                                                                                 CURIOUS ABOUT CHROME?

    Windows Media Player is somewhat limited by the
    types of files it recognizes and can play, such as           Google says the following in describing its new
    MP3, WAV, WMA, WMV, etc. Media files not                     browser:
    recognized by WMP have to be converted in order
                                                                 Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design
    to be utilized. WMP does not have a file converter
                                                                 with sophisticated technology to make the web faster,
    utility. While Real Player can convert most media
                                                                 safer, and easier. Use one box for everything; type in
    files to a suitable format for WMP, it is often a
                                                                 the address bar and get suggestions for both search
    time-consuming process.
                                                                 and web pages. Thumbnails of your top sites let you
    What I found while experimenting with Real Player            let you access your favorite pages instantly with
    is that it can play almost any media format found on         lightning speed from any new tab. Desktop shortcuts
    the internet, including Microsoft format WMA and             allow you to launch web apps straight from your
    WMV files. For this reason alone it has become one           desktop.
    of the many tools I use for processing audio or
    video media files. As for Windows Media Player,                  Following is a CHROME review from
    it is still my default media player. The reason is                     
                                                                                                ~ by Seth Rosenblatt
    simple: WMP is an integrated part of Windows and
    does what it does well. Both Real Player and
    Windows Media Player have their uses. So I will             Chrome is Google’s attempt to make the web browser dis-
    continue to use both until something better comes           appear and to focus on the applications and pages users are
    along.                                                      viewing, rather than on the border with its tools. Some of
                                                                Chrome’s basic underpinnings are quite novel, but people
    If you are looking for a simple, easy-to-use, pro-          will recognize other features as they exist in other open-
    gram for downloading YouTube files or similar               source web browsers on the market today.
    content, you might try YouTube Downloader,                  Chrome is blazingly fast and is easily the quickest browser
    available for free at This applica-           available. Based on Webkit (the same open-source engine
    tion can be configured to save or convert multi-            that powers Apple Safari, Google’s Android mobile plat-
    media files to several different formats. Be sure to        form, and several other web-browsing tools), Chrome’s
    read the CNET editor’s review and watch their short         interface is a drastic departure from other browsers. In-
    video first.                                                stead of the traditional toolbar, Chrome puts its tabs on top.
                                                ~ Mike States   Moreover, the tabs are detachable: “tabs” and “windows”
                                                                are interchangeable here. Detailed tabs can be dragged and
             The YouTube Downloader                             dropped into the browser, and tabs can be rearranged at
                                                                any time. By isolating each tab’s processes, when one site
    The direct link to this free download is:                   crashes, the other tabs do not.
                                                                The search box and the address bar have been fused into a
    D o w n l o a d e r / 3 0 0 0 - 2 0 7 1 _ 4 -               hybrid “Omnibox,” which includes suggestions for URLs
    10647340.html?tag=mncol CTRL-click will take                culled from your browser’s history and search suggestions
    you there if you’re reading this on the RASCAL              from your search engine. It also remembers site-specific
    website. You may go there also by this route:               search engine results. There’s also Application Shortcuts,
                                                                a feature that lets you create desktop icons for web-only | YouTube Downloader. For
                                                                applications, such as Gmail or Calendar. The stealth mode,
    more information, scroll past the “Download                 Incognito, lets you surf without the history recording cook-
    Now” button to the CNet Editors’ review and                 ies. With version 3, themes have been introduced to
    open their video. Read also the Publisher’s de-             Chrome and users can reskin the browser with more than
    scription just below.                                       30 choices—not quite the depth of Firefox, but they don’t
    Click Download Now and follow prompts. Read                 seem to negatively affect performance. A developer’s ver-
                                                                sion of Chrome supports extensions, which haven’t made it
    closely and uncheck all boxes except the Desktop
                                                                into this stable release yet. If you’re addicted to web apps
    Icon option. After installation close all programs          and a need for speed, though, Chrome just might be the
    and restart your computer.                                  shine your browsing experience has been looking for.

                      Course Descriptions - January/February 2010

                         JANUARY                                                    FEBRUARY

                     EMAIL BASICS                                                 EXCEL, Beginning
    (PRE-REQ: Introduction to Computers and/or                (PRE-REQ: Beginning Windows or equivalent; ability
    XP/Vista/Windows 7 Basics.) Create, send, and             to load data from a folder; basic math.) Learn to locate
                                                              and name the elements of this spreadsheet program, with
    receive email over the internet. Participants are ex-
                                                              emphasis on the Standard, Formatting, and Formula menu
    pected to complete assigned exercises.                    bars. Apply basic number and cell formatting, simple for-
                    INTERNET BASICS,                          mulas, open and close workbooks correctly, print, and save
                                                              to a drive. Students with XP on their laptops should
                    Using Internet Explorer
                                                              bring their laptops to class. Bring a flash drive or two
    (PRE-REQ: Introduction to Computers or Begin-             3.5 floppy disks or a CD to class to save class examples.
    ning XP/Vista or Windows 7 Basics.) Learn to use
    the internet: including security guidelines, changing a              INTRODUCTION to COMPUTERS
    homepage, using search engines, etc.                      (PRE-REQ: REQUIRED for FIRST TIME COM-
                                                              PUTER USERS.) A fun class. Learn the proper method
           INTRODUCTION to COMPUTERS                          to turn a computer on and off. Learn to use the mouse and
    (PRE-REQ: REQUIRED for FIRST TIME COM-                    keyboard. Get acquainted with hardware, software, and
    PUTER USERS.) A fun class. Learn the proper               computer vocabulary.
    method to turn a computer on and off. Learn to use
                                                                PHOTO & DOCUMENT FILE MANAGEMENT
    the mouse and keyboard. Get acquainted with hard-         (PRE-REQ: Introduction to Computers.) One two-
    ware, software, and computer vocabulary.                  hour session. Learn to organize your files and folders.
                       VISTA BASICS                                          POWERPOINT BASICS
    (PRE-REQ: Introduction to Computers.) This                (PRE-REQ: Introduction to Computers or Beginning
    class is a continuation of basic computer skills.         XP or Vista or the equivalent.) Learn this program’s
    Learn the difference between system software and          layout and primary tool functions, organization, and slide-
    application programs. Learn how to use the basic          show concepts.
    controls, menus, icons, and toolbars on various win-                       WINDOWS 7 BASICS
    dows and the desktop. Windows XP users are wel-           (PRE-REQ: Introduction to Computers and XP or
    come to take this class.                                  Vista Beginning.) Learn the basics of Microsoft’s newest
                                                              operating system.
                  WINDOWS 7 BASICS
    (PRE-REQ: Introduction to Computers and XP                               WINDOWS LIVE MAIL
    or Vista Beginning.) Learn the basics of Microsoft’s      (PRE-REQ: Beginning Windows, Beginning Email.)
    newest operating system.                                  Learn the difference between Outlook, Outlook Express,
                                                              Windows Mail, and Windows Live Mail (WLM) WLM is
                   WORD 2007, Beginning                       a free download for either XP or Vista. Explore
    (PRE-REQ: Beginning Windows.) Learn to navi-              downloading and installing WLM, its email account setup
    gate the newest version of this word processing pro-      and basic functionality. Class includes how to integrate
    gram. Get acquainted with the Ribbon which takes          your Hotmail, Gmail, and AOL mail accounts into WLM.
    the place of the menu bar. Enjoy easier tool applica-     Set up the WLM manager and back up WLM.
    tions, and more colorful and interesting graphic edit-                    WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER
    ing.                                                      (PRE-REQ: Introduction to Computers or Beginning XP or
                                                              Vista or Windows 7 Basics. Bring to class: (1) a commer-
                                                              cially recorded music CD; (2) a 1 gig or larger USB Flash
                                                              Drive; (3) projects to save to this Flash Drive; (4) one blank
             THE SCHEDULE of EVENTS,                          CD-R media disc for making a custom audio CD..) Learn the
        MEETINGS & CLOSURE DATES for                          primary features and functions of this free program included in
                                                              all Microsoft’s current operating systems, with regard to music
                         2010                                 and video file management. Learn how to play and copy (rip)
       will appear in the February newsletter.                music, create playlists, and create custom music. Topics include
                                                              media management and creating custom audio CD’s.

                                  ARE YOU THINKING of BUYING A NEW COMPUTER or
                                            UPGRADING to WINDOWS 7?

        You may be aware that the price range for the Windows 7 Operating System is from $120 for a Home
                    Premium upgrade to $320 for a fully licensed copy of Windows 7 Ultimate.

    Some say that good, legal options are available so that you don’t have to pay that much. For details go to; click on News & Blogs and select Ed Bott, the author of “Seven Perfectly Legal Ways to
    Get Windows 7 Cheap.”
    The chart below is from this site and lists Windows 7 Installation Choices and Features available to: (1)
    OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers); (2) a System Builder; (3) upgrades you may install from
    your computer; (4) retail upgrades; and (5) a retail “Full Package Product” you receive when you pur-
    chase a new computer.

                                                          1            1

                                                           2            2            3            4

        1 - Choice must be made at time of                  3 - Must reinstall original Windows 7 edition, then
                purchase /installation.                            re-run Anytime Upgrade.
        2 - Reinstallation procedures vary by manufacturer. 4 - Requires telephone activation.

                                              THOUGHTS on CHANGE

          “If you’re in a bad situation, don’t worry,            “Decide what you want. Decide what you are
          it’ll change. If you’re in a good situation,                    willing to exchange for it.
                   don’t worry, it’ll change.”                     Establish your priorities and go to work.”
          ~ John A. Simone, Sr., Contemporary Writer                ~ H.L. Hunt, Entrepreneur, 1889-1974

                                          Need Help? - Dial-A-Helper
                                             “Seniors Helping Seniors”
                    Support for simple computer problems is available by telephone or email.
                 Some Dial-A-Helpers listed below may charge a nominal fee for in-home service.*
                       On-line help can be accessed from the Technical Help ListServe.**

              Most Areas of Computering                        APPLICATIONS & OTHER SPECIFIC HELP

    *Bob Booth       474-2993
    Tom Crittenden [phone n/a]
    *Galen Garretson 472-0019           Mark Simonds      955-4810
    *Chris Oman      474-0161
    Len Richardson 866-2541          DIGITAL CAMERAS & PHOTOS - For Beginners
    Gerry Tank       476-7667           Nancy Kain    955-4800
    *Wally Zittle    476-9800         Ken Mitchell 476-1883
                     BEGINNER’S HELP                          Ron Willing     582-9694
Laura Dunwald         479-9076       Laura Dunwald    479-9076
*Judy Engel           476-9018
Ginny von Gal         218-6633     GRAPHICS
                                                              Bill Porter     [phone n/a]
Ken Mitchell          476-1883
Gordon Rendall        955-1000        INTERNET, General
Gerry Tank            476-7667        Laura Dunwald 479-9076
Marv Wilson           471-1867
                                                             MACINTOSH OS
                                                              DeVerne Jacobsen 479-3262
            VISTA - Intermediate or Advanced
                                                             OUTLOOK EXPRESS, Beginners
Tom Crittenden [phone n/a]             Lou Garrotto 955-1950
*Wally Zittle    476-9800            Jean Kraft   664-8197
                          WINDOWS 7                           George Steffensen 474-4305

    *Bob Booth       474-2993          WEB PAGE HTML BASIC
    Tom Crittenden [phone n/a]         Mark Simonds 955-4810
    *Galen Garretson 472-0019          WORD PERFECT & MS WORD (for beginners)
    *Chris Oman      474-0161           Karen Janssen 956-6067
    *Wally Zittle    476-9800

              The free-to-all RASCALs Technical Help ListServe is here to help all members with any
                                  problems they may be having with their computer.
         For information on how to subscribe go to our website: and click on Help * ISP.

       Smartwire is The RASCAL Internet                                         301 NE 6th Street at ‘E’, Grants Pass
              Service Provider &                                                      Telephone: 955-6930
           Website & ListServe Host
RASCAL                                                                                                                   Non-Profit
COMPUTER CLUB                                                                                                           U.S. Postage
214 SW 4th STREET                                                                                                        Permit #22
                                                                                                                      Grants Pass, OR

Return Service Requested

   PLEASE NOTE: Your month of membership renewal is located in the upper right corner of your mailing label.
  Please mail yearly dues: $15 Single Membership, $20 for Couples, $100 Single Lifetime; $150 Couples Lifetime,
                       to the RASCAL address listed above, or submit at a General Meeting.

                                                           RASCAL meetings are held in the Floral Building at the
                   KEEP in TOUCH                           Fairgrounds in Grants Pass. Weekly meetings are on Tuesdays,
                                                           except holidays. The General Membership meets from 9:30 a.m.
                                                           to 10:30 a.m. The Beginner’s Meeting is held from 10:40 to 11:30
             Let RASCAL know when you change               (or to 11:45 for Q&A). All members are welcome to attend both
             your e-mail address, your telephone           meetings. Come early for coffee and chat with friends.
             number, or your residence address.                            We also invite you to visit our website:
              Contact the Data Base Manager at                                        w w w .r as ca l . cc
             <>                   for up-to-date information about our club, our members, classes,
                                                            meetings, and links to other websites. Our website is managed by
                                                                    Ginny von Gal and hosted by Smartwire Internet.

                                                                              BIT OF A RASCAL STAFF
                      RASCAL regrets the
                                                             Editor………………………...………….……….….........................….Joan McDowell
                           passing of                                                                          e-mail:
                                                             Assistant Editor…………………………..……….……….………….…….Nancy Kain
                          Mary Porter,                       Columnists……………….…..….Bob Booth, Vince Ceriello, Tom Crittenden,
                                                             …………………………...…………...Laura Dunwald, Galen Garretson, Jane Frincke,
                      a RASCAL member                        ………………………………..……….Patricia Hentges, Nancy Kain, Phyllis Wilkey
                                                             Copy Editors…..…………….……......Laura Dunwald, Jane Frincke, Patricia Hentges,
                         and the wife of                     ………………….……………….……..….…………. DeVerne Jacobsen; Nancy Kain
                                                             Photos……………..……………….………...….Merle Glenn, Nancy Kain, Bill Porter
                      instructor, Bill Porter.               Graphics Artist……....………………….……….………….....……....Patricia Hentges
                                                             Printing……………….…….……………....….……......….......MacGraphically Yours
                                                                                                      Seventh & ‘L’ Streets, Grants Pass

          We extend condolences to                                        ____________________________________________

             family and friends.                                            We reserve the right to edit and/or omit submissions.
                                                                          Items received after the newsletter deadline may appear
                                                                                              in the next issue.


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