The Look by xiuliliaofz


                                                                                                        The Look
                                                                                                        Photographed by Tomas Muscionico

                                                                                                        NIcoLE MoffAtt, 24
                                                               Sneak attack                             Director, Centerpiece Gallery
                                                     Master sneaker maker Creative Rec-
                                                    reation has teamed up with Saks Fifth
                                                    Avenue to release the Turino as part of             Style Icon: Model Agyness Deyn, because
                                                    its high-end Italian line, Collection.              “she wears things with such spirit.”
                                                      This recently-released shoe packs a
                                                   stylized punch with hidden laces, elastic            What She’s Wearing Now: Forever 21 sweater;
                                                    gore panels, a slim silhouette and fine             3.1 Philip Lim blouse; J Brand skinny jeans; Vince
                                                     Italian leather. $295, Saks Fifth Avenue           belt from Scoop NYC; scarf from Nordstrom;
                                                                 at Fashion Show.                       vintage necklace; Miu Miu handbag; Prada wedges.

                                                                                                        Moffatt divines her fashion inspiration from GQ rather
                                                   Be like Haan                                         than Vogue: “Men just have this ease about the way
                                                   Footwear powerhouses                                 they dress—clean, simple and always comfortable.
                                                   Nike and Cole Haan partner                           My boyfriend’s closet is a dream,” she says. Still, Mof-
                                                   again to launch a new                                fatt is all woman when it comes to shoes, from comfy
                                                   hybrid line, FLX.                                    Converses to sky-high heels. Her must-buy pair for
                                                   The aerodynamics                                     spring: platform studded clogs from Miu Miu.
                                                   of Nike crossed
                                                   with the supple                                      – Amy Schmidt
                                                   style of Cole Haan
                                                   won’t cause a flex
                                                   in your pocket-
                                                   book. Shoes $78-
                                                   $138, accessories
                                                   Cole Haan, avail-
                                                   able April 2010.
Backpack photo by Sean Reynolds / Swanson Studio

                                                         Ode tO tHe alligatOr
                                                        The laughing alligator and the
                                                    clothing it emblematizes comes to life
                                                     in Lacoste: The Element of Style
                                                   (Assouline Publishing, 2010) by Olivier
                                                      Margot. With 150 illustrations, this
                                                      hardcover chronicle illuminates the
                                                   legacy of René Lacoste and the “demo-
                                                   cratic luxuriousness” of his brand. $50,
                                                        Assouline in Crystals at CityCenter.

                                                                                                                              February 18-24, 2010 Vegas Seven 25

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