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                                         A Note From The Boss Man: Matt Leible
     Spotlight On:
                                 It's been an amazing past          mieres to eye-catching               efforts (focused mostly
                              few months both person-               promotions... From great             around fashion, television,
 ABC Family—Havaianas
  ABC Ent.— Cole Haan         ally and professionally.              new media to cool oppor-             and tourists), the holidays
       RARE—Talbots           Spring and Summer                     tunities...                          have quickly come upon
Nat’l Jewish—Kenneth Cole
                              seemed to fly by.                        It's been quite a ride. We        us! So until the new year
                                 Outstanding programs               are changing things up a             (look for our next issue in
 What’s “Out” There:          with some wonderful cli-              bit with this being our first        2011!!), please have a
  EnVu—Life Base Media        ents and vendor partners              newsletter after a bit of a          great Thanksgiving and
   Supermarket Media
                              help press things along.              hiatus - we are now going            Holiday season. Be safe
 Westfield Opportunities
                              You will see, as you make             to be putting out a quar-            and be well. Thank You for
                              your way through our lat-             terly that will have more            all that you do for us.
   Over And “Out”
                              est installment, that we              information to sink your
 •Various OOH Research        have been quite busy and              teeth into.                                     Sincerely,
                              are so proud of the success
                              of our clients...                       With all of the planning
                                                                                                                  M.P. Leible
   Get “Outta” Here
Atheists, Smokin’ Creative,      From phenomenal pre-               that has gone into our Fall                        MPL
    Grandpa Bandit?                                                                                      President - Generation Outdoor
                                  Thoughts From The Desk Of The Editor: QR Codes..A Cool Way To Incorporate Mobile
Getting To Know You
     •Matt Leible                Mobile marketing has long          Home creative as well. These         existence today that do not have
                              been discussed for its application    codes can be scanned by con-         the built in capabilities to scan
                              and use in conjunction with Out-      sumers’ mobile phones, and in        and read these codes. However,
Word On The Street:           of-Home, though for the most          doing so, can bring a consumer       companies such as The Ace
                              part we never really saw this         to a specific end result depend-     Group, which create QR codes
    •Industry Buzz
                              marriage “blow up” in the indus-      ing on the digital back end that     and the digital back ends that
   -Clear Channel News        try. Sure, some advertisers may       an advertiser has created. For       correspond with them, also pro-
   - America Likes Digital    have used Keywords and Short          instance, after scanning a code, a   vide a downloadable Code
       -Zoom Expands          Codes in their creative from time     consumer can be connected to a       Reader App for QRs for those
 -JCDecaux Keeps Airports     to time (text “NOW” to 99999!)        branded website or to a social       without a reader in their phones.
  -Show Media’s New Tops      but we never really saw this take     network, they can be prompted        In addition, they also allow ad-
•Creative Campaigns           off as much as originally thought.    to dial a phone number or can        vertisers to have branded QR
                                 However, if we might indulge a     even receive a video or audio        codes (see below, right).
     -AMC’s Dead Walk         prediction or two now, we’d like      clip. In essence, the end result        Overall, while there is no way
    -Honda Goes CRA-Z         to look into our crystal ball and     whatever it may be is immedi-        to definitively predict how popu-
  -Jamba Juice Spin Cycle     comment on the introduction of        ately placed into the consumer’s     lar scanable bar codes such as
-Fairy Job Mother Jag Tags    scanable bar codes into the Out-      hands once the code is scanned.      QRs will be when used with OOH,
                              of-Home niche. Scanable bar              However, in the spirit of true    we can’t deny their ingenuity and
                              codes such as QR codes may very       analysis of this platform, we        overall “coolness” factor. It will
  Inside Generation           well be the next “it” thing to in-    must always seek cons, just as       be interesting to see how this
       Outdoor:               corporate into Out-of-Home.           much as we seek the pros. One        grows over time!
                                 For those who are not too fa-      con that must be pointed out is
  •What’s Goin’ On?
                              miliar with QR codes, these are       that while most phones today
                              those interesting little black-and-   have the built in technology to
 What To Look For:            white pixilated boxes you may         scan the codes (Blackberry, An-
                              see from time to time in Print        droid, Droid, LG, Nokia, etc.)
  •Future Features
                              ads, and now on some Out-of-          there are still some phones in

                                                         437 Madison Avenue 38th Floor | New York, NY 10022
                                                                 Contact: Matt Leible (212) 328-2186
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                                           ABC Family:
                                        Pretty Little Liars

                     Above: The lovely ladies of Pretty Little Liars adorned billboards in Los Angeles.

         As that old schoolyard saying goes— “Secrets,
secrets are no fun; Secrets, secrets hurt someone” —
and the ladies of one of ABC Family’s new series, Pretty
Little Liars, which premiered this past summer, have
been learning just that.
         In order to promote this new series, Generation
Outdoor teamed up with Wieden + Kennedy to spread
the word about this show like an un-kept secret and did
so using select Out-of-Home media in New York and Los
Angeles.                                                                            Pretty Little King Size Bus Posters
         In New York, the prettiest little King Size Bus                             graced the streets of Manhattan.

Posters on the streets were undoubtedly those for
Pretty Little Liars (seen right). In addition to this, Bus
Tails for the show were also found spreading the word
about this great new series.
         On the western front in Los Angeles, several
Bulletins with extensions displayed these lovely liars
across the market.
         All in all, this was a pretty awesome campaign!

                                            437 Madison Avenue 38th Floor | New York, NY 10022
                                                     Contact: Matt Leible (212) 328-2186
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                                         FIFA World Cup

                       Above: Havaianas creative dominated Dedicated Sites in New York City.

         When FIFA Fever hit the US, and especially in
NYC, it felt as though it had been popping up every-
where - on TV and even on the many people running
around in their prized soccer jerseys. If you happened to
be in NYC when the World Cup was taking place, you
may have also seen creative for the games on the
        Generation Outdoor teamed up with the creative
                                                                      Havaianas creative showed off their branded
agency Cunning New York for a World Cup promotion                     flip flops while also promoting actual World
for the Brazilian flip flop company Havaianas. This pro-              Cup games and local bars they could be viewed
motion included a select few Dedicated Wild Posting                   at!
sites throughout New York City which showed off Ha-
vaianas’ new World Cup line of flip flops in a fun way.
         Flip flops for certain countries that were set to
play against each other in World Cup soccer matches
were placed next to each other in the poster creative,
and highlighted when and where these upcoming
matches could be viewed in NYC. This created a very
cool visual but also helped people get excited about
these flip flops!

                                            437 Madison Avenue 38th Floor | New York, NY 10022
                                                     Contact: Matt Leible (212) 328-2186
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                                   ABC Entertainment:
                                                  Fall Launch

    Above: A mind-blowing projection for No Ordinary Family displayed on the El Capitan Theatre wowed crowds in Los Angeles.

        While many broadcast networks geared up for their
Fall Launches this year, none seemed to have a launch as
widespread and interesting as ABC Entertainment did this
year. Generation Outdoor teamed up with Wieden + Ken-
nedy to promote ABC’s Fall Launch on a variety of tradi-
tional and non-traditional media across the country.
        Traditional Out-of-Home efforts focused mostly on
Bulletins, Bus Shelters or King Size Bus Posters in a majority
of markets. Other markets such as LA and NY also included
additional media in their Out-of-Home mix, including Queen
                                                                             Creative for No Ordinary Family is displayed on
Size Bus Posters and Premiere Panels in LA as well as Brand                  King Size Bus Posters in LA (above) and
Trains, Subway 2-Sheets, Taxi Tops, Phone Kiosks and Ur-                     Branded Pizza Boxes for The Middle were found
                                                                             in both NY and LA.
ban Panels in NY.
        Non-traditional media really ran the gamut, includ-
ing Bar Media, Pizza Boxes, Branded Sandwich Wraps and
Food Court Tables in Malls. Aerial banners and Jumbotron
spots at sports arenas were also executed for Detroit 1-8-7
in the Detroit market. Perhaps one of the most interesting
non-traditional formats was a 3D projection executed in LA
for No Ordinary Family, which created many illusions, in-
cluding the collapse of the El Capitan theatre!
        Overall, a great launch for great shows!

                                             437 Madison Avenue 38th Floor | New York, NY 10022
                                                      Contact: Matt Leible (212) 328-2186
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                                           Cole Haan:
                         Fall Launch—The Inspired Life

                 Above: Cole Haan creative dazzled Commuter Rail Two-Sheets along the MetroNorth.

       As we moved into the colder season of Fall, Cole
Haan knew just how to warm up everyone’s style in pro-
moting some of their hottest items for the season!
         Generation Outdoor teamed up with the folks
over at Cole Haan to help promote Cole Haan’s Fall line
on various Out-of-Home media formats in NYC, upstate
NY and CT—and this was our very first program with
Cole Haan! The creative, which included some of Cole
Haan’s hottest Fall fashions, also included real life indi-
viduals who live their lives “inspired”. For instance,               Cole Haan creative also graced Urban Panels in
                                                                     NYC (above), as well as an eye-catching Station
while creative such as what is seen in the Urban Panel               Domination in SoHo (below)!
photo (right) shows off an awesome pair of boots for
guys, it also shows Jonathan Roquemaure, Proprietor of
The INDEX, Ltd.
        When it came to Out-of-Home formats used for
this campaign, Cole Haan creative was found on Com-
muter Rail Two-Sheets along the MetroNorth, hitting
areas of upstate New York and Connecticut, as well as
on Urban Panels throughout Manhattan. In addition,
Cole Haan dominated a SoHo subway station, draping
the location with beautiful imagery of its Fall line.
        Overall, this was a great program with our
friends at Cole Haan!

                                            437 Madison Avenue 38th Floor | New York, NY 10022
                                                     Contact: Matt Leible (212) 328-2186
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                     RARE Conservation Society:
                                       World Animal Day

               Above: RARE creative let’s the public know who needs to evolve, and it’s not sea turtles!

         When it comes to utilizing Outdoor Advertising
and it just so happens that your client is a conservation
society, there is only one way to go—GREEN. That is
why when Generation Outdoor teamed up with DiMas-
simo Goldstein to help RARE Conservation Society in
their efforts for World Animal Day, GREEN was the only
thing on all of our minds. Green, not as in money, but as
in environmentally friendly Out-of-Home formats.
         While a few different options were considered,
the decision came down to a branded Pedicab in NYC to                   The front and back of an NYC pedicab was
promote this effort. A beautiful red Pedicab was selected               branded with Sea Turtle creative for the first
to bring the RARE messaging around Manhattan, and                       half of the flight (above) and featured Tiger
                                                                        creative for the remainder of the flight (below).
had featured two different creative concepts, both of
which focused on endangered species. For the first half
of the flight, the Pedicab featured creative to bring
awareness to Sea Turtles and the certain danger that
awaits them due to fishermen. For the second half of the
flight, the creative was switched out to bring light to the
dangers suffered by Tigers brought on by poachers and
        We are proud to have been a part of such a great
cause, and wish RARE success in their efforts to save the

                                            437 Madison Avenue 38th Floor | New York, NY 10022
                                                     Contact: Matt Leible (212) 328-2186
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                                               Fall Launch

                   Above: Talbots creative stands out and stands tall in a Bus Shelter in Washington DC.

        We worked on a ton of Fall Launch programs
this year, and in addition to what you have already seen
for ABC Entertainment and Cole Haan, we also worked
on a Fall Launch campaign for Talbots!
        This Fall Launch campaign for Talbots was our
very first with this client, and we were excited to have
the opportunity to work on this program with them.
        The Out-of-Home media selected for this cam-
paign included Mall Dioramas and Bus Shelters in Texas
                                                                           Talbots creative was also displayed in malls in
and Washington DC. The creative featured model Linda                       Texas. Yee haw!
Evangelista in a leopard print coat, and featured differ-
ent tag lines such as “You Think You Know Someone,
And Then They Surprise You”. Creative also featured
tag lines such as “We Believe In Tradition Transformed”
and were seen on Bus Shelters such as those seen in the
photo above!
        Overall, this was a great campaign to work on
with our friends at Talbots!

                                            437 Madison Avenue 38th Floor | New York, NY 10022
                                                     Contact: Matt Leible (212) 328-2186
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                          National Jewish Health:
                                        Branding Effort

                      Above: The picture of National Jewish Health—a billboard in Denver, CO.

       When the #1 Resipiratory Hospital in the U.S.
wants to do some Out-of-Home, who they gonna call?
Not Ghostbusters. Naturally, they are going to call on
Generation Outdoor and DiMassimo Goldstein—that’s
        This Out-of-Home branding effort took place in
Denver, Colorado, and focused on core Southern and
Metro areas of the market. In order to provide more
reach for National Jewish and really make their pres-
                                                                      Additional National Jewish creative featured a
ence felt within the market, a rotary bulletin program                young girl in a meadow, as well as an older man
was executed, allowing for National Jewish creative to                riding a bicycle.
be rotated onto different bulletin faces throughout the
contracted flight (which is live through the end of De-
cember of this year).
        Creative featured everyday people doing every-
day things, like riding bicycles and doing yoga, and fo-
cused on the respiratory health of these individuals by
providing an x-ray snapshot of their chest and lungs.
      This was another great program we were glad to
work on with our friends at DiMassimo Goldstein!

                                            437 Madison Avenue 38th Floor | New York, NY 10022
                                                     Contact: Matt Leible (212) 328-2186
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                                     Kenneth Cole:
                   Reaction Men’s Sportswear Launch

                           Above: Brand Ambassadors strike a pose with DJ Irie in Miami!

        Thought we were done mentioning launches
from this Fall? Not even close. We also worked with our
good friends at Kenneth Cole Productions to help
launch the Kenneth Cole Reaction Men’s Sportswear
line in Macy’s retailers in select markets!
        This program was strictly non-traditional, as
the “formats” used to help spread the word about this
launch were real live people—Brand Ambassadors of
course! These Brand Ambassadors helped draw traffic                    Brand Ambassadors helped spread the word
                                                                       about the launch of the Kenneth Cole Reaction
to the events at select Macy’s retailers by handing out                Men’s Sportswear line in Macy’s!
promotional cards and informing consumers about a
special offer—a free pair of Kenneth Cole Reaction
speakers received after spending $75 or more on men’s
Kenneth Cole Reaction merchandise.
        These Brand Ambassadors could be seen pro-
moting these events in major markets such as San
Francsico, Miami and Chicago, and really helped spread
the word about the launch!
        This one may have just been for the guys, but
was a great program to have worked on!

                                            437 Madison Avenue 38th Floor | New York, NY 10022
                                                     Contact: Matt Leible (212) 328-2186
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VOLUME         2,    ISSUE       13                                                                                                 PAGE      10

                                               What’s “Out” There
The “We’re Not Reactrix But Think Of Reactrix To Get What We Do” Company
                                                    (EnVu), the brilliant minds that                 discuss in regards to how it functions
                                                    worked behind the scenes for the                 as an advertising and content plat-
                                                    Reactrix company when it existed                 form. In general, this technology runs
                                                    have now come together to reintro-               on a programming loop like many
                                                    duce the concept through this new                other Digital Out-of-Home platforms
                                                    company.                                         do. The programming loop for this
                                                       So how does the EnSpire platform              opportunity is a total of six minutes
                                                    work? If you recall how the Reactrix             in length, consisting of five minutes
                                                    technology worked, then it won’t be              of advertising where brand messag-
                                                    too hard to understand, but for those            ing is separated by short content
                                                    of us hearing about this for the first           pieces such as local news and sports.
                                                    time, here is a general breakdown.                  While this opportunity is not nec-
                                                    An HD projector is installed overhead            essarily “brand new”, it is certainly
   Once upon a time, in a mall near
                                                    onto a ceiling in the mall, and is               something to consider when explor-
you, there lived a magical technology
                                                    placed over a 6’ x 8’ floor mat on the           ing future mall programs!
called “Reactrix,” so named because it
reacted to human gesture. This tech-                ground. This mat acts as a “screen”
nology allowed for advertisers to                   onto which interactive creative is
bring their creative to life, while en-             displayed through projection. As con-
gaging consumer interaction in a fun                sumers pass by, certain elements of
and interesting way. One day, a big                 the projected creative become inter-
bad monster called the Recession                    active. Take for instance, the creative
came down from the skies and gob-                   shown in the top left photo. With this
bled Reactrix up, and the concept                   creative, as consumers passed by,
was never seen again. That is, until                soccer balls bounced around within
now, sort of.                                       the creative and could be “kicked”.
   While the concept for the gesture-                  While that is just a basic rundown
based mall platform now lives under                 of how the technology itself is set up
a new name (EnSpire) and company                    and functions, there is more detail to

    EnVu: It’s good to know...                                                                                                      “EnSpire will

                                                                                                                                    be found in
     Where can I see a sample video of           Which mall properties will have
                                                   How many locations are                Will spot lengths available in
                                                                                         WhatMallways be are accepted
            this opportunity?                         EnSpire platforms?                       on this platform?                    Simon,
                                                       currently available?                         Simon Malls?
    - Please visit EnVu’s website to see how    - Quite a few mall properties will be   - Typically :30 and :45 second spots will   Westfield,
                                                home to the EnSpirecurrentlyinclud-
                                                  - Mallways are platforms, avail-        -While there is run once per each
                                                                                        be accepted, and willno signed con-
    this platform functions:
                                                                                        six minute loop.
                                                ing Simon Malls, Westfield Malls, CBL
                                                    able in 36 locations total, di-       tract with Simon Properties,              CBL and        Malls and GGP Malls.
                                                   vided amongst the markets            InWindow does hope to expand
                                                                                                                                    GGP Malls.”
                                                          listed (left).                their inventory to include those
                                                                                                  from Simon.                       Some of the

                                                                                                                                    best around!
                                                                 SOURCES: EnVu.

                                                             437 Madison Avenue 38th Floor | New York, NY 10022
                                                                     Contact: Matt Leible (212) 328-2186
           All we are saying, is give trees a chance. Please consider the environment before printing this newsletter.
VOLUME         2,   ISSUE         13                                                                                              PAGE         11

                                              What’s “Out” There
Maternity & Hardware Media:
Reaching The Mommies And Daddies Of The World
                                                   can be offered at each respective                 a lot of nuts and bolts!). There are
                                                   venue, might you ask? Well here is a              quite a few advertising opportunities
                                                   breakdown.                                        within this network, and include op-
                                                      Within their Maternity network                 tions such as Die Cut Standees (see
                                                   (which includes 650 stores from re-               photo, right) and Floor Graphics. In
                                                   tailers such as A Pea In The Pod, Des-            addition, Branded Shopping Bags,
                                                   tination Maternity and Motherhood                 Counter Cards/Take-Ones and even
                                                   Maternity) they have a few core me-               Product Demos with Street Team set-
                                                   dia offerings including Dressing                  ups can be offered.
                                                   Room Wall Boards, Product Sampling                   Maternity and Hardware opportu-
                                                   and Giveaways. The Dressing Room                  nities are certainly new frontiers for
                                                   Wall Boards are located within the                Out-of-Home, but interesting none-
                                                   Dressing Rooms of each retailer                   theless considering venue types and
   Here’s some new frontiers for non-
                                                   (DUH) and are framed units that are               demographics reached—Mommies
traditional Out-of-Home advertising
                                                   sized 16” x 20” (see photo, left). Len-           and Daddies. Though this may not be
for ya: Maternity Retailers and Hard-
                                                   ticular creative can be permitted on              a fit for every brand, for the right
ware Stores. So which brave media
                                                   these units (ooh, fancy!) if it suits an          advertiser and effort, these networks
company out there is getting adver-
                                                   advertiser’s liking. Product Sampling             can provide unique coverage.
tisers into these venues? A new me-
dia company known as Life Base                     and Giveaways would be distributed
Media, a sister company to the estab-              at the check out counters, as one
lished Encompass Media that offers                 might expect.
a variety of opportunities from Pizza                 When it comes to the Hardware
Boxes to Wrapped Ice Cream trucks                  network, advertisers can expect to
and everything in between.                         gain access to retailers such as ACE,
   As you might have guessed, the                  TrueValue and Do It Best. The com-
media opportunities and demograph-                 bined coverage offered by all three
ics reached at each venue type are                 retailers blankets the U.S. with ap-
drastically different. So what exactly             proximately 12,600 locations (that’s

    Maternity/Hardware Media: It’s good to know...                                                                                “Median Age

                                                                                                                                  of Maternity
      Ok, Maternity Networks reach                How go to locations are
                                                Daddies manyHardware Stores.             What else does be Base Media
                                                                                         Will Mallways Lifeavailable in           Shoppers?
       Mommies. Specifics please?                 We get it. Specifics please?                   have to offer?
                                                      currently available?                       Simon Malls?                     26-35.” I
    - A Pea In The Pod:                        - Snapshot of the Hardware consumer:     - Good question. The answer to that is,
                                                 - Mallways aremen aged 35-60
                                                          Married currently avail-        -While there newsletter for more
                                                                                        check out the nextis no signed con-
    -Median Age: 26-35 | Avg. HHI: $75-125K
                                                                                        information. Life Base Media is cur-      guess the
                                                   able inHome value of $200K+ di-
                                                           36 locations total,             tract with Simon Properties,
                                                                                        rently working on a new network of
    - Destination Maternity:                              Individual income of $100K+                                             girls from
                                                   vided Owns pets the markets           InWindow does hope to expand
                                                                                        opportunities set to be released in the
    -Median Age: 25-34 | Avg. HHI: $65-90K                                              next couple of months, and we will be
                                                           listed (left).                their inventory to include those
                                                                                        ready to share the news when it does!     “Teen Mom”
    - Motherhood Maternity:                                                                         from Simon.
    -Median Age: 25-34 | Avg. HHI: $50-75K                                                                                        don’t shop

                                                                                                                                  there huh?
                                                          SOURCES: Life Base Media.

                                                             437 Madison Avenue 38th Floor | New York, NY 10022
                                                                     Contact: Matt Leible (212) 328-2186
           All we are saying, is give trees a chance. Please consider the environment before printing this newsletter.
VOLUME        2,   ISSUE      13                                                                                       PAGE           12

                                          What’s “Out” There
Grocery Stores:
In Your Hand, On Your Carts, New Opportunities Are On Their Way
                                               seen by other shoppers due to this           the underside of the Grabb-It as it is
                                               placement. While cart ads are not a          placed on a bag (seen where the fin-
                                               “new” concept since they do exist            gers touch the Grabb-It below).
                                               through News America Marketing,                 Additionally, the “inside” of the
                                               those ads are much smaller in com-           Grabb-It can be printed on to include
                                               parison and placed in different posi-        further information including web-
                                               tions when compared to Cart Art              sites or calls to action. If you happen
                                               America’s ads.                               to be advertising a product sold in a
                                                   Another opportunity making its           supermarket, you can perhaps print a
                                               way into supermarkets is the Grabb-          redeemable code or coupon, but for a
                                               It. This is a small device that is placed    non-endemic advertiser, you could
                                               onto the plastic handles of typical          print a promotional code redeemable
                                               supermarket shopping bags by                 by visiting your website!
   When in the supermarket, you
                                               checkout cashiers (below, right).               All in all, these seem to be some
may at times see different advertis-
                                               These little devices make it easier to       new and “super” interesting opportu-
ing formats, whether they are floor
                                               grab shopping bags while also pro-           nities to consider for your next cam-
graphics or coupon machines down
                                               viding relief for your hands, as they        paign to be executed in the super-
shopping aisles. While these are
                                               would typically feel pain/pressure           market environment.
some great opportunities in super
markets, they are not the only oppor-          due to weight in the bags.
tunities that exist. Two new opportu-             The Grabb-Its are made from
nities are beginning to roll out in            100% recycled materials, and allow
these venues, each unique in their             for branding on two sides. The
offerings.                                     “outer” side, which is seen by the
   The first new opportunity comes             consumer as they pick up their bags,
by way of Cart Art America, which is           allows for full color branding, which
offering large format ad space in              is also accompanied by the specific
shopping carts (above, left). The ads          store chain’s logo which would be on
are placed on the sides of the carts,

    Supermarket Media: It’s good to know...                                                                            “Grabb-Its help

                                                                                                                       keep items from
      What other opportunities are         What supermarkets are Grabb-Its
                                             How many locations are               Will are some be available of
                                                                                  WhatMallwaysother benefits in        spilling out of
     available outside of Cart Ads and       and Cart Art Americas ads              Grabb-Its for consumers?
                Grabb-Its?                      currently available in?
                                                currently available?                       Simon Malls?                shopping bags”.

                                                                                   -While there is no signed con-      That means no
    - Most other opportunities are of-     - - Mallways are currently avail-
                                             Grabb-Its: Ralph’s, Krogers, Al-    - As aforementioned, Grabb-Its
    fered through News America Mar-        bertson’s, Shop Rite, Pathmark,          tract with on the Properties,
                                                                                 relieve strain Simonhands that is     more “little
                                               able in 36 locations total, di-   commonly felt when carrying heavy
    keting, and include Floor Graphics,    Waldbaums, Food Emporium, A&P
                                              vided amongst the markets           InWindow does hope keep the
                                                                                 bags, but since they also to expand   surprises” under
    Coupon Machines, Static Shelf Ads,                                            their handles together, they help
                                                                                 plasticinventory to include those
                                           - Cart Art America: Greatest pres-
                                                       listed (left).                                                  your car seat a
    Entrance Ads, etc.                     ence in Rite Aid, but also includes   to keep the items from spilling out
                                                                                             from Simon.
                                                                                 of the shopping bags.                 week after food
                                           Super King Markets
                                            SOURCES: Cart Art America; FDM Marketing.

                                                        437 Madison Avenue 38th Floor | New York, NY 10022
                                                                Contact: Matt Leible (212) 328-2186
          All we are saying, is give trees a chance. Please consider the environment before printing this newsletter.
VOLUME        2,   ISSUE       13                                                                                      PAGE         13

                                         What’s “Out” There
Westfield Malls:
A Tale of New “City”...Opportunities
                                               gantic Target.                                nity is also being provided on an HD
                                                  Some of the largest opportunities          screen that has been installed in the
                                               are actually located on the outside of        mall. This is a 10’ x 32’ HD screen
                                               Culver City and include towering              that airs content from KTLA such as
                                               spectaculars that face the 405. These         recent news every 15 minutes, while
                                               units are sized 80’ x 35’ and were            also offering advertising opportuni-
                                               approved by the city for entertain-           ties in the form of full motion video
                                               ment advertisers on the condition             creative. Contrary to the more com-
                                               that Westfield also build out a “media        mon spot lengths of :15 or :30 second
                                               lounge” within the mall for its pa-           spots, this opportunity sells spots at
   If you are considering Out-of-              trons to visit (see bottom right              7.5 seconds in length, however more
Home opportunities in any Westfield            photo.)                                       than one can be bought to achieve a
malls in the Los Angeles area, there              So what exactly is this media              spot length of :15 or :30 seconds if
are a few opportunities that you               lounge you ask? This lounge, set up           needed.
should be aware of. In comparison to           with seating for a quick break during               As aforementioned, these op-
standard mall media such as Dio-               shopping, also allows advertisers to          portunities are larger in comparison
ramas, these opportunities may be a            run videos and promotions for their           your standard mall media, but if you
bit larger in scale and spend, but are         efforts, and is offered to them on a          want to make a big splash at this
definitely worth some consideration.           complimentary basis after buying              malls, consider diving into one of
   What’s going on at Culver City?             one of the aforementioned spectacu-           those offerings for your next cam-
   As you may know, Culver City                lars. In essence, this provides an            paign!
went through a “rejuvenation” where            automatic “bonus” opportunity that
it had nearly the same amount of               allows for branding not just outside
work done as Heidi Pratt (ok, maybe            the mall, but inside it! Not to mention
she had more work done). $180MM                that this is a great way to get your
was spent rejuvenating this property,          spots in front of the public in a differ-
which also included the build out of           ent and non-invasive manner.
some new media opportunities aside                Aside from this, a digital opportu-
from a slew of new stores and a gi-

    Westfield Opportunities: It’s Good To Know...                                                                      “Other

    Are other opportunities offered in        Are any other Westfield Malls        What does the Culver City digital   Westfield
            Westfield Malls?                   available in the California?               screen look like?
                                                                                                                       malls in CA
     - Opportunities in Westfield malls      - Yes! Other Westfield malls in CA               -Here it is!             include Plaza
     are not limited to larger scale op-    include: Century City, Plaza Bonita,
    portunities such as those mentioned     West Covina, Mission Valley, Fashion                                       Bonita”.
     above. Many Westfield malls also        Square, San Francisco Centre, etc.
     have standard media such as Mall                                                                                  I’ve heard
    Dioramas, while also offering exhibit
          space for special events.                                                                                    that place is

                                                                                                                       very pretty.

                                                  SOURCE: Westfield.

                                                        437 Madison Avenue 38th Floor | New York, NY 10022
                                                                Contact: Matt Leible (212) 328-2186
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                                         Over And “Out”:
                    Findings In The World of Out-of-Home
EYE Malls released another “Shopper Profile” study on visitors to their malls, and CBS Outernet also released
a customer intercept study through which they gained insight into consumer reaction to their GameStop TV
                         network. Here are a few findings of these studies below!

               EYE Shopper Profile 2.0                                          GameStop TV Research

 •     41% of Shoppers visit EYE malls 3 or more                   •   90% of interviewees said that they had an
       times each month                                                interest in GameStop TV

 •     60% of Shoppers said that they spend over an                •   84% said that they felt GameStop TV was in-
       hour at the mall each time they visit                           formative

 •     29% said that mall advertising does influence               •   81% said that they felt GameStop TV was en-
       their purchasing decisions                                      tertaining

 •     57% of Shoppers reported having children                    •   72% of interviewees wanted to find out more
       under the age of 18 living in their household                   about GameStop TV advertisers

 •     EYE Shoppers are shopping at: Department                    •   69% said that they felt that advertising aired
       stores (78%); Apparel stores (57%); Foot-                       on GameStop TV made them want to buy the
       wear stores (53%) & Electronic stores (44%)                     products being advertised

 •     Shoppers reported shopping at specific De-                  •   60% felt that even products that are non-
       partment stores such as Macy’s (31%),                           endemic/not sold at GameStop would be good
       JCPenney (20%) and Sears (20%)                                  to advertise on the GameStop TV network

                                 SOURCE: EYE                                                     SOURCE: CBS Outernet

                                                   437 Madison Avenue 38th Floor | New York, NY 10022
                                                           Contact: Matt Leible (212) 328-2186
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                                       Over And “Out”:
                     Additional Findings In Out-of-Home
 The previous page may have updated you on research for individual Out-of-Home companies, but the below
                  will update you on research or data that relates to the industry overall.

             Digital Billboard Study                                             OOH On The Rise

           If there have been any negative                                 Up, up and away! The Outdoor Adver-
    thoughts about the impact of digital bill-                      tising Association of America announced that
    boards on traffic safety, then a recent re-                     the outdoor advertising industry has seen an
    search study commissioned by the Founda-                        increase in revenue of 3.6% to $1.88 Billion
    tion for Outdoor Advertising Research and                       dollars in spending for the Q2 of 2010.
    Education (or FOARE) should put the                                    While this just goes to show you how
    “kabash” on that.                                               one sector of the advertising industry is mak-
           This study, which was conducted by                       ing its way out of the recession, experts also
    Tantala Associates, covered eight years of                      say that this increase is, in part, due to the
    data including 35,000 traffic accidents in                      outdoor advertising industry’s investment in
    Reading, Pennsylvania. Specifically, they had                   new audience measurement and technologies
    reviewed records of past traffic accidents                      (Eyes On anyone?)
    that occurred in close proximity to 26 digital                         However, not to be forgotten is the
    billboards that were located on state and lo-                   ever expanding digital niche of outdoor ad-
    cal roads.                                                      vertising, which, according to MediaBuyer-
           The findings of this study were that the                 Planner, also has something to do with the
    presence of digital billboards along these                      bump in outdoor spends. Furthermore, Medi-
    roads had no statistical relationship to traffic                aPost has also mentioned that PQ Media has
    accidents that occurred, which echoes similar                   predicted an annual spending growth rate of
    results from studies in New Mexico, Ohio and                    9.4% for digital out-of-home, growing from
    Minnesota. Overall, this continues to dis-                      $2.47 billion in 2009 to $3.8 billion in 2014.
    prove the notion that the presence of digital
    billboards can be hazardous or distracting for

                  SOURCE:                         SOURCE: OAAA;;

                                                 437 Madison Avenue 38th Floor | New York, NY 10022
                                                         Contact: Matt Leible (212) 328-2186
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                                       Get “Outta” Here
The Funny, The Interesting & The Quirky In Out-of-Home
 The Every now and then a campaign hits the streets that is a bit, well, odd. Other times we just can’t believe
what we are seeing. You might think we are pulling your leg with some of these campaigns mentioned below,
                           (hence the title of this section) but these are all real.

Atheists and Billboard Companies: At Odds Over GOD                    That Creative Is Smokin’! Literally...

          An Atheist group in Oklahoma felt that                           A Clear Channel unit in Sioux Falls defi-
    Billboards would be a great idea to help pro-                   nitely got a lot of attention, some of it un-
    mote their foundation, however, a Billboard                     wanted. Why do you ask? Because it was
    company the group reached out to didn’t                         smoking. A smoke machine was built behind
    think the same. When Whistler Outdoor Ad-                       the machine to give an added effect to the
    vertising was approached by the Freedom                         creative (which showed a smoking car), and
    From Religion foundation to post their crea-                    while it wowed a lot of people, it did not go
    tive promoting Atheism, the Outdoor com-                        over well with the local fire department, who
    pany opted instead to post “God-friendly”                       had it removed after just two days.
                   SOURCE: Don Bishop, 9/22/10;                       SOURCE: Steve Hall, 9/17/10;

                               Grandma Steals Sweet ‘N’Lows, Grandpa Robs Banks

            Apparently the FBI sees the value in Outdoor Advertising too. When trying to catch the
      “Granddad Bandit” who was believed to have held up 25 banks in 13 states, the FBI turned to
      Digital Billboards to splash this bloated Grandpa’s face across 40 states.

                                                                  SOURCE: Dena Potter, 8/2/10;

                                                 437 Madison Avenue 38th Floor | New York, NY 10022
                                                         Contact: Matt Leible (212) 328-2186
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                     Getting To Know You: Matt Leible
Company: Generation Outdoor
Position: President

1. What did you do prior to advertising?
- Social Work - worked with emotionally disturbed children.
                                                                                                                      Boy is
2. Where did you grow up?                                                                                             one of
- Born in NYC and raised in Glen Rock, NJ .                                                                           Matt’s
3. What is your favorite food?
- Lobster .

4. What is your favorite movie?
- Field of Dreams, Billy Madison, The Natural, Tommy Boy.

5. What is your favorite book?
- "An American Life" - Ronald Reagan.

6. Who is your favorite superhero?                                                                                  is Matt’s
- Superman - is there any other?                                                                                    superhero!

7. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall?
- Summer.

8. Dog or Cat?
- Dog.

9. If you could have dinner with anyone in the world (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
- Jackie Robinson. Just to learn about what he went through, what he was expecting, and what he thinks now - after breaking the
color barrier in baseball - changing not only baseball but arguably the world. I believe he is one of the most underrated figures
in American history.

1.   If you won $1 Million dollars in the lottery, what would you do with the money?
- I am not even sure I would feel the check in my hand... "Um, sweetheart, what just happened?"

                                                        437 Madison Avenue 38th Floor | New York, NY 10022
                                                                Contact: Matt Leible (212) 328-2186
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                                Word On The Street: Industry Buzz
                 Clear Channel Outdoor Figures Out “How Out-of-Home Advertising Works”
                   Clear Channel Outdoor and MarketShare partners came together to do a research
         study to compile some findings on how exactly outdoor advertising works. This research is
         said to provide marketers with proven models to demonstrate that OOH yields direct sales
         lift and an increase in brand awareness. Key findings concluded that OOH can yield an in-
         crease in sales lift when used in conjunction with TV and when the messaging is coordinated
         across multiple platforms. Overall it showed that OOH is an effective marketing vehicle. DUH.

                                                                              Source: Clear Channel Outdoor.

     Americans Give A Thumbs Up To Digital Billboards                               Speaking of Digital Billboards...
      A survey commissioned by the Outdoor Advertising                        Did you hear about Clear Channel trying to get
   Association of America concluded that most Americans                   these approved along major Dallas expressways? It
   are in favor of Digital Billboards. Many of those inter-               will be interesting to see how this turns out, since a
   viewed felt that Digital Billboards are help-                          ban on the introduction of new billboards has ex-
   ful to drivers, and contrary to what might be                          isted since 2000. Even more interesting is the talk
   said by Carmen Trutanich’s followers, a                                surrounding the deal to get these approved—take
   large percentage of the interviewees dis-                              down 20 static boards for every 1 digital unit that is
   agreed with the idea of efforts to put a ban                           erected. Sounds crazy to me!
   on Billboards.

Source: Christopher Hall, 9/29/10;                                     Source: Harvey Grund, 10/3/10;

                     Zoom Media & Marketing Expands Their Fitness Footprint, Again
                  Oops, they did it again. Zoom Media & Marketing has once again expanded their
         footprint in the area of Fitness, inking a deal with the L.A. Fitness chain of health club ven-
         ues. This deal offers a long term advertising and media agreement between the two parties,
         and the addition of L.A. Fitness (a chain with over 330 locations in the U.S. and Canada) to
         Zoom’s list of Fitness properties, brings the company’s total venue count to 1,600+ venues
         in the United States and 2,500+ across the globe.

                                                                                  Source: ZOOM Media

    JCDecaux Awarded A New Contract For DC Airports                                       POP Goes the Taxi Top
      JCDecaux Airports has been awarded a new 9-year                        Taxi tops in New York City are getting re-vamped
   advertising contract at the Washington Reagan National                 in more ways than one. Show Media, which has re-
   and Washington Dulles International airports after a                   cently unveiled a newer, slimmer taxi top format, is
   grueling competitive process for this opportunity. JCDe-               also lighting their tops in a different way. They will
   caux, who has offered advertising opportunities at these               be illuminating these tops using LED technology,
   airports since 1996, felt that their                                   making these taxi tops 200% brighter than other
   proven track record of success in the                                  tops in the market. Watch out lights on Broadway,
   airport environment lead to their                                      you might just have some bright
   new contract with the airports.                                        competition.
     Source: 9/9/10;                                                             Source: Stephen Williams, 10/7/10;

                                                             437 Madison Avenue 38th Floor | New York, NY 10022
                                                                     Contact: Matt Leible (212) 328-2186
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VOLUME       2,   ISSUE      13                                                                                       PAGE   19

                  Word On The Street: Creative Campaigns

    This one is for all of you    holiday, AMC sent out             However, the dead did
 ZombieCon lovers out             floods of the dead to roam     not just walk the streets of
 there. You may have              the streets and stir up        the good ol’ USA. Cities
 heard some buzz about            some scares and stares.        overseas had also wit-
 AMC’s new series called          While an “army” of these       nessed the ghoulish pa-
 Walking Dead, but if you         zombies were spotted in        rade in major cities such
 haven’t, then maybe you          New York City around ar-       as Taipei, Hong Kong and
 happened to see their            eas such as the Brooklyn       Buenos Aires. All in all, it
 “Damned Ambassadors”             Bridge and Madison             seemed that 27 cities
 walking and slumping             Square Garden, other cities    across the globe had been
 across the streets in a few      in the US such as Washing-     subjected to their own real
 cities.                          ton DC and Los Angeles         versions of Walking Dead.
    To promote the series         also experienced a simi-
 around the Halloween             larly creepy invasion.

                                                                 Source: Steve Hall, 10/27/10;

    If there is one thing that    cials for the car on the
 can be said for certain          Clear Channel Spectacolor
 about the way Honda feels        HD screen which could
 about its new CR-Z hybrid        only be seen by using 3-D
 coupe, it would be that          glasses of course.
 they are CRA-Z about it.            On top of this, a per-
 How can we be so sure?           formance by N.E.R.D was
 Well if you hadn’t heard         held, Maxim models were
 about their Times Square         on site to hand out a 3-D
 promotions for the vehicle       Maxim issue which had 3-
 this Fall, then let us be the    D Honda print ads, and
 first to say that the proof is   Sony was on site to let con-
 in that Times Square pud-        sumers test out Gran Tur-
 ding.                            ismo 5 in 3-D!
    To get people excited            Yeah, it is safe to say
 about this new coupe,            they went a little CRA-Z!
 Honda ran 3-D commer-

                                                                    Source: Eleftheria Parpis, 9/24/10;

                                                      437 Madison Avenue 38th Floor | New York, NY 10022
                                                              Contact: Matt Leible (212) 328-2186
                   Trees have feelings too. Please consider the environment before printing this newsletter.
VOLUME      2,   ISSUE     13                                                                                      PAGE    20

                 Word On The Street: Creative Campaigns

    You may have heard of       the “Hot Blends Spin         But where does the “Make
 “Make Your Own” food           Tour”, which brought sam-    Your Own” situation come
 situations such as “Make       pling opportunities to the   in to play you ask?
 Your Own Sundaes” at a         public in San Francisco,        Well, Jamba Juice had
 birthday party. Yet, per-      Sacramento, Los Angeles,     set up a few “blender
 haps the most interesting      San Diego and New York.      bikes” at these events,
 “Make Your Own” situation         At these events, the      which allowed the public
 is one that was introduced     public was able to meet      to not only make but blend
 last month by Jamba Juice      Jamba Juice’s infamous       their own Original Spiced
 in order to promote a new      Bananaman as well as         Chai beverage! As indi-
 line of beverages.             sample the organic “Hot      viduals pedaled in away,
    This new line of bever-     Blends” beverages, which     they were actually power-
 ages known as “Jamba           include flavors such as      ing blenders attached to
 Juice Hot Blends” was re-      Original Spiced Chai Tea,    the bikes which churned
 cently introduced to the       Perfectly Chocolate Chai     their drinks! Very cool
 public via a traveling pro-    Tea, Heavenly Green Tea      (and eco-friendly!)
 motional event known as        and Classic Hot Chocolate.

                                                      Source:; Photos: Jamba Juice Fan Page:

      Lifetime Television is       Two-Sheets, Bus Shelters
   getting “jaggy” with their      and Mall Dioramas which
   promotional efforts for         have been rolling out in
   their new show The Fairy        markets such as New York,
   Jobmother by incorporat-        Chicago, Los Angeles,
   ing a mobile marketing          Philadelphia and Atlanta.
   platform known as JagTags       JagTags were included in
   into their creative. These      all creative so that con-
   JagTags are found in just       sumers could take a pic-
   about any and all adver-        ture of these 2D barcodes
   tisements for the show,         with their phones, and af-
   ranging from TV and Print       ter doing so would receive
   ads to even their Out-of-       a video from the career
   Home creative. Amongst          specialist featured on the
   the Out-of-Home formats         show, Hayley Taylor!
   selected were Subway

                                                             Source: 10/26/10;

                                                   437 Madison Avenue 38th Floor | New York, NY 10022
                                                           Contact: Matt Leible (212) 328-2186
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                   Inside Generation Outdoor: What’s Goin’ On?
 James & GOI Turning 6!                    Happy Anniversary!                         From The Legal Department:
  James Stewart, son and apple of         Mira Almonor celebrated her 17th
                                                                                   The Los Angeles City Council recently voted
Keith Stewart’s eye, celebrated his     wedding anniversary with husband
                                                                                     13-0 to enact a ban on new supergraphic
sixth birthday on October 3rd.          Carl on October 24th.
                                                                                      advertisements in the Hollywood area.
                                                                                   Digital Wallscapes of up to 300 square feet
  Generation Outdoor, Inc. cele-          Tracey Marshak Blank celebrated
                                                                                     will still be permitted on buildings in cer-
brates its sixth birthday as well in    her 2nd wedding anniversary with
                                                                                    tain areas, but new Supergraphics will not
December of this year!                  husband Mark on November 15th.
                                                                                           be permitted moving forward.

              SpotCo: The Neon Lights Are Bright On/Off Broadway
                                   Some Current On/Off Broadway Productions:

                 Avenue Q - Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson - Billy Elliot: The Musical - Chicago
                              Elling - HAIR - In the Heights - La Cage aux Folles
                                        Memphis - Million Dollar Quartet
                                       Pee Wee Herman Show (Closes 1/2)
                                  Rain: A Tribute To The Beatles (Closes 1/9)
                               Radio City Christmas Spectacular (Closes 12/30)
                                               Time Stands Still
                                          West Side Story (Closes 1/2)
                                              Wintuk (Closes 1/2)

What To                                For: Future Features
              The New Face of Wildposting?                                             Life Base Media & Night Clubs:
              Switchit Communications And Their Famed Frames                           New Opportunities To Target The Night Life

                                                   New Street Level Media In NYC

                                                    See you next year!
                                                       -Ashley Carlo

                             Have Something Specific You Want Us To Cover? Contact Us!
                        Ashley Carlo | (212) 328-3653 |

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