CPA Boot Camp by gdf57j


									                                                                    “Firms are actively pursuing JMU graduates because they know they’re tak-

CPA Boot Camp                                                       ing this boot camp course; and many of them have already sat for parts of
                                                                    the exam before they come into the firm, which means the firms don’t have
                                                                    to deal with the uncertified staff issues they’re currently dealing with.”
                                                                                                                                 Monica G. Callahan
JMU's Answer to Exam Prep                                                                                             regional manager, DC, MD, VA
                                                                                                                        Becker Professional Review

JMU’s College of Business ranks              Review during the weeks following gradu-             The innovative program, taught by
                                             ation. Four hours a day, four days a week,         Riordan and other faculty, has positioned
25th on the National Certified               they drill in preparation for the exam.            JMU as a trendsetter among colleges and
Public Accountants’ Exam                                                                        universities. And it’s catching on. Becker is
                                               The results speak for themselves: after          teaching its material in Boot Camp form at
   Professor Michael Riordan and his         the first review course in 2005, 46.3 per-         other universities.
students are serious about basic training.   cent of the students who took the exam
In the summer following graduation from      passed.                                                According to Travis Lohr, senior manag-
the James Madison University College                                                            er at Ernst & Young, the CPA designation is
of Business Accounting program, these           JMU now ranks 25th in the nation in per-        paramount among top-rated accounting
future accountants enter six weeks of CPA    formance on the exam when compared                 firms. Graduates fresh out of college who
Boot Camp.                                   with undergraduates at 2,000 colleges              pass the exam enter the job market with a
                                             and universities, according to the 2006            competitive edge over most of their peers.
  Endorsed by Becker, the Illinois-based     edition of Candidate Performance on the            “You don’t get promoted in our company
company that has been preparing stu-         Uniform CPA Examination, published by              if you don’t have your CPA designation.
dents for the CPA exam for 50 years, JMU’s   the National Association of State Boards of        And the more responsibility you get at
College of Business teaches the Becker CPA   Accountancy.                                       work, the harder it is to prepare.”

                                                                        Reprinted with permission. Appeared in BusinessWeek Dec. 28, 2007.

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