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                                 YEAR OF ENTRY 2012

Information in this booklet is designed as a guide – we hope it is as accurate as possible, but you
may need to check on the UCAS web site, university web sites, Student Finance and other web
sites for clarification of dates, financial and other information.

Please check on a regular basis.
JUNE – FUTURES 18                   Register on UCAS via UCAS Apply
JUNE - AUGUST                                 Complete PERSONAL DETAILS, ADDITIONAL
                                               INFORMATION, EDUCATION, and EMPLOYMENT
                                              Continue research, visits and other investigations
                                               regarding subject and university choices
                                              Write a first draft of Personal Statement (in Word to
                                               cut and paste into application at a later stage)
SEPTEMBER                                     Check personal statement through with tutor
                                              Complete application as soon as possible for checking
                                               with tutor
                                              Completed and checked applications can then be sent
                                               off (the sooner an application is received by the
                                               University, the more time they will spend reading it!)
MID SEPTEMBER                              Oxbridge/Medical/Law/Dentistry/Vet Science
                                           UCAS forms completed ( internal deadline)
15 OCTOBER                                 Application deadline for the receipt at UCAS of
                                           applications for all medicine, dentistry, veterinary
                                           medicine and veterinary science courses and for all
                                           courses at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.
BEFORE OCTOBER HALF TERM                   Students submit tutor approved UCAS application using
                                           Apply online system
15 JANUARY 2012                            Final UCAS deadline for first consideration
24 MARCH 2012                              Application deadline for the receipt at UCAS of
                                           applications for art and design courses except those listed
                                           with a 15 January deadline. Go to Course Search to check
                                           application deadlines for courses.
31 MARCH 2012                              If UCAS receive your application by 15 January, the
                                           universities and colleges should aim to have sent UCAS
                                           their decisions by this date (but they can take longer).
Please make sure that your tutor, as well as Miss Haine/Mrs Morris and Mr Houghton/Mrs O’Connor
are aware that you are intending to apply for early applications i.e. 15 October. We need to know this
before the end of term – 21 July 2011.

By the end of Futures 18, you should have registered on

How to register on UCAS?

       Go to
       Click on Apply (left hand side of the screen)
       Under ‘Applicants’ - click on Register / Log in to use Apply 2012
       Click on ‘Register’
       Follow the instructions screen by screen and complete the sections carefully (make sure
        you include an appropriate email address. This is a quick and easy way for UCAS, your
        universities as well as us to contact you).
       Make a note of password, user name and personal ID (these will be given at different
        steps of the registration process)
       Your user name and password will enable you to log on to ‘Apply’ and complete your
       When asked ‘How you are applying’ select ‘Through my school/college’
       When prompted enter the buzzword (available from Miss Haine/Mrs Morris)
       When asked if applying through Redland Green School/Cotham School – select yes
       At this point the Personal ID is generated –make a note of this number and keep it
        handy. This number needs to be quoted when speaking to UCAS Customer Service Unit.

These details are confidential to you and the Centre will not be able to supply these details if
mislaid. You will have to phone the UCAS helpline should this happen on 0871 468 0 468.

If you are applying for a university or college place, you will need to complete your application
online by using website “Apply” application system.

Once logged on (using the username and password generated during registration) you should
immediately start to complete the relevant sections of the Application Form. You should be able
to complete the first four sections straight away and at the latest these should be finished by
your return to the Centre in early September.

Don’t forget to verify your email address. You application can’t go anywhere until this has

The application form is divided into the following sections:

1       Personal details

       Check this section carefully for spelling and correct use of capital letters e.g. Robert
        Smith not rob smith.
       Make sure you provide an up-to-date telephone number and email address – this is how
        UCAS will contact you when the status of your application has changed, e.g. when a
        university has sent UCAS their decision. Don’t forget your email address will be seen by
        UCAS and the universities and colleges you apply for, so please make sure that it does
        not cause offence.
        The ‘Area of permanent residence’ relates to where you live. For most students at the
        centre this is generally ‘Bristol’
       Residential category is generally ‘UK Citizen or EU National’
       Any section marked with an * must be completed
       If you don’t understand what information is being asked, click on the ?. On many
        options, a drop down list of options is provided.

        Reference numbers
        N/A. You can leave this section blank.

        Student support

        You must select ‘fee code’ as this affects financial arrangements. You must complete this
        section even if you are planning to finance yourself through university. Most applicants
        from the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and the EU will be in category 02. You should
        use that code if you are eligible for assessment under student support arrangements,
        even if you think your family income will be too high for you to receive it.

        Fee code                             02 UK, CHI, IoM, or EU student finance services

        If you are opting for an NHS funded course your fee code is: 05 DH/Regional Health

        For more information on NHS bursaries, go to

        Student support arrangements         This related to the local authority in which you live.
                                             This is generally ‘Bristol’ for most students at the

        Mailings from UCAS

        This section enables you to tell UCAS how you would prefer to be contacted. We
        recommend you tick at least 1 box!

        Nominated access

        You can choose to nominate someone, e.g. parent/guardian/carer, who can discuss your
        application with UCAS and the universities if you are unavailable.

        Criminal convictions

        Please detail here if you have any criminal convictions.

        Disability/Special Access

        You should indicate here if you have a physical or learning difficulty. If this isn’t relevant
        you must select ‘No disability’.

        Section complete

        When leaving a section please click 'save' to avoid losing any information. When you
        have finished all the entries please click on 'section completed' and 'save'. If you have
        done something wrong, you will see warning messages and you won’t be able to tick
        ‘section completed’. Please pay attention to these.

2       Additional information

        This section is only available in Apply to applicants who are permanently resident in the
        UK. You will need to enter the following details.

       Ethnic origin and national identity - you can also select a dual national identity
       Activities in preparation for higher education - you can enter details of up to two
        activities such as summer schools, Access to Bristol, or taster courses. Open days do not
        count. If you have not taken any courses, leave the related sections blank
       Care, parental education and occupational background – you can choose your
        responses from the drop-down lists or enter the details in the boxes.
       The occupational background question is compulsory but, if you prefer not to give this
        information, you can enter 'I prefer not to say' in the text box. This information will not
        be passed to your chosen institution until they have given you an unconditional offer
        that you have accepted as their firm choice. This information will be used for statistical

3       Student finance

        If you will be applying for student finance for your course and living costs, you can make
        the process easier by allowing UCAS to share some of your details with Student Finance

        We recommend you do this and select ‘Yes’ to the 3 related questions.

4       Choices

        You can make up to five choices on your application. Applying for a selection of courses
        (in the same/similar field) should increase your chances of receiving an offer.

        You will need to click on ‘see list’ to enable you to select the correct information.

        You should be aware of the following restrictions:

                  No more than four choices in any one of the following areas: medicine,
                   dentistry, veterinary medicine or veterinary science.

                  No more than one choice at either University of Cambridge or University of

Please also note:
    University choices are listed alphabetically – you cannot give a preference of order
    If taking a gap year, you should select ‘Deferred entry’ for each choice

    Some courses require admissions tests e.g. BMAT, UKCAT, LNAT and some of these need to
    be taken before applications are made. It is your responsibility to find this out and check
    courses carefully to see if you need to register for these – more information about this can
    be found on the Admissions tests section of the UCAS website. Some admissions tests such
    as the BMAT are run in the centre – students must speak to Mr Houghton/Mrs O’Connor or
    Miss Haine/Mrs Morris.

5       Education

        This is the section most students get wrong.
        Universities need to know where you have studied and which qualifications you are
        taking/have taken. You must fill in details of schools or colleges, then list qualifications,
        one by one. You must include all schools and colleges attended since the age of 11, even
        if you withdrew from the course. There is space to enter up to 10 centres.

       You will be asked to state the highest level of qualification you expect to have before you
        start your course – select ‘Below honours degree qualification’

       You will need to know exact course title and exam boards. Start with your secondary
        school and GCSEs. You will need to refer to your certificates for this information. If you
        are retaking GCSEs at the centre, these will need to be added under ‘Redland Green
        School’ or ’Cotham school’ and will appear under your A levels/BTECs.

       When entering your A levels/BTECs, enter them under ‘Redland Green School’ or
        ‘Cotham school’.
       You must enter your AS subjects separately to your A2 subjects:
         Under the heading AS Level, you must list all of your AS subjects (generally 4 AS) with
            the result achieved in August. Do not enter U grades. If taking a resit in January of
            y13, you have 2 options:
                       1. Only enter the AS subject with a future date of March 2011 and the
                           result as ‘pending’. OR
                       2. Enter the AS subject with the August result and then enter it again
                           with a future date (March 2012) and the result as ‘pending’.

           The qualification date is the date you receive your result – either August or March
            not the date the exam was sat.

           You must also enter all of the A2 subjects (generally 3) you are studying under the
            heading GCE Advanced Level and select ‘pending’ from the result/grade option. For
            A2s put a date in the future - August 2012.

    Entering unit details for AS or A levels is optional - either show them all or none at all.

           If taking a BTEC make sure you select the correct heading. Ask your subject teacher if
            you are unsure.

See Appendix A for 1 example of how the Education section could look on your application.

6      Employment

       You can enter details of up to five employers, including company name and address, a
       description of your job, and start and finish dates. You will also be asked to say whether
       you worked full- or part-time. This includes weekend and holiday jobs. If you have not
       had any paid work experience, you can leave this section blank, but you will need to
       mark it as complete.

7      Personal statement

       We strongly recommend that you create your personal statement in a word document
       to discuss with your tutor on your return to year 13 in early September. Once approved
       you can copy and paste into Apply.

       Don’t forget you only have 1 personal statement which your choices will see.

       Please see separate document ‘Personal statement guidance’.


Please make sure your tutor has approved a hard copy of your FULL application form including
your personal statement before you pay and send. This process should start in September.

   When the Application Form is complete you should print out a copy and check it with your
    tutor in the first instance.

   At any time up to the point “pay/send” is pressed you can re-enter a section and change

   You should check and recheck for errors with spelling, punctuation, grammar and capital

   When you are happy with your application form and your tutor has approved it you will
    need to pay before you are able to submit it to the centre:

If you apply to more than one course, university or college, the cost is £21.

If you only apply to one course at one university or college, you pay £11. The application fee
includes VAT.

You must pay online by debit/credit card. The centre does not pay.

Once you have paid, you can submit your application to the centre’s UCAS team. Once the
centre receives your application, we will double check everything is correct, attach the
reference and enter the predicted grades provided by subject teachers before submitting it to
UCAS. This takes time! If we find a mistake, we will return it to you to rectify, however, this
could significantly delay the submission of your application to UCAS. Please note that this
process can take between 2 – 4 weeks so please get your applications forms in early.

Please remember that you can only complete one application in each cycle. If you send a second
application, it will be cancelled and you will not receive a refund.

Redland Green School (50459, 09/2009 – 07/2010, FT)
GCE Advanced Level
Biology                    08/2012                        Edexcel
Physical Education         08/2012                        AQA
Religious Studies          08/2012                        Edexcel

GCE Advanced Subsidiary (first award 2001)
Biology             B        08/2011                      Edexcel
Geography           C        08/2011                      Edexcel
Physical Education C         08/2011                      AQA
Religious Studies   B        08/2011                      Edexcel

Bristol School (51234, 09/2005 - 06/2010, FT)


Additional Science                        A     08/2010             AQA

Art and Design (Unendorsed)               B     08/2010             AQA

English                                   B     08/2010             WJEC

English Literature                        A     08/2010             WJEC

Geography                                 B     08/2010             Edexcel

Information & Communication
                                          C     08/2010             AQA

Mathematics                               C     08/2010             Edexcel

Physical Education                        A     08/2010             Edexcel

Religious Studies                         B     08/2010             WJEC

Science                                   A     08/2010             AQA

GCSE Short Course

Citizenship Studies                       C     08/2010             AQA

Religious Studies                         B     08/2010             WJEC


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