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              “What You Don’t Know Can’t Help You!” … Eddie K. Emmett, Editor / Publisher

 When First We Practice
      to Deceive
                                                                                               You could even make it into a
In This Issue                                                                               game to while away the hours
                                                                                            waiting for new prospects to call
Click on the topic to be                                                                    your agency.
taken directly to that page                                                                     For example, do you ask for
                                                                                            and list all relatives and residents
                                                                                            of a certain age, licensed or not
WHEN FIRST WE PRACTICE TO                                                                   and living in the insured’s
DECEIVE ........................................ 1                                          household as drivers or excluded?
                                                                                            The same goes for all regular non-
FROM AN ANONYMOUS TSM........... 3                       Oh what a tangled web we           resident     drivers.     Do     your
DUSTIN WALSEY ............................ 8          weave,                                companies require the insured’s
                                                         When first we practise to          unmarried       children,    residing
CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE ......... 10                 deceive!                              elsewhere while at school or in the
WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE AN                                   Sir Walter Scott, Scottish         military must also be listed as
AGENCY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ... 12                       author & novelist (1771 - 1832)       drivers or excluded?

SIUPREM DONATES $42,000+ TO                               Material    misrepresentations       So     what     is    material
AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY FOR                           made on applications, which the       misrepresentation? There is no
THE FIGHT AGAINST BREAST                              company deems fraudulent, are         standard answer, so ask your
CANCER....................................... 31      grounds for rescission of coverage,   company rep or underwriter.
                                                      cancellation and / or denial of a          Most companies define it as a
FYI EXPRESS EMAILBAG .............. 34                claim.                                risk they wouldn’t insure if they
IMPLEMENTING      AN         EFFECTIVE                   When, if ever, was the last time   knew the facts. Others expand that
INFORMATION SECURITY PROGRAM                          you read and fully comprehended       definition to include any risk they
IN YOUR AGENCY .......................... 34          the underwriting guidelines for       would cover but rescind the policy
LIABILITY FOR LEAVING YOUR KEYS                       each company represented by           if the truth generates and exceeds
IN THE CAR .................................. 34      your agency?                          a monetary threshold additional
                                                                                            premium, say 10%.
HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF                                You might be surprised at how
“LOCAL SEARCH” IN 2011 ............ 35                many underwriting procedures are         But in any case, a lie is a lie.
                                                      violated on a daily basis, some          In preparation for this cover
WHEN YOU START GIVING OUT,                            through ignorance, and some by
YOU’LL SOON BEGIN TAKING IN. ..... 35                                                       story I asked my “Movers &
                                                      design.      Gather        updated    Shakers” for their input. And I got
                                                      underwriting guidelines from your     plenty …:
                                                      carriers and see how many you
                                                      can spot.                                     Continued on page 3

                      FYI EXPRESS                                  Page 1                           February, 2011
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   Tangled Web                                                              And yet another will take the same stance and say
                                                                         “Oh, if I can tell that this is a bad risk, I won’t give him to
   Continued from page 1                                                 you…I’ll send that one to my ‘garbage’ company! You
                                                                         really don’t want that policy!” Now I’ve got two thoughts
   From an Anonymous TSM
                                                                         on that last one. Why would an agency have a ‘garbage’
   OK Eddie, here’s a few of our favorite little things that             company to begin with? And second, does he simply tell
agents do and drive us crazy.                                            every company the same line and in the end, we all
                                                                         share the garbage?
    We should begin by defining “Agency Underwriting”.
That is a term that is used by carriers and maybe should                     OK...back to the topic…Agency Underwriting. Maybe
not be used. When people think of underwriting, they                     we should just simply change it to Agency Processing
think of underwriting...kind of obvious, yes?                            Quality…because in the end, that’s what we’re really
Underwriting in the general sense is evaluation of a risk                expecting with Agency Underwriting. Simply follow our
to determine acceptability, correct pricing, or conditions               underwriting/processing rules and don’t find such
that will make the risk acceptable. Of course, in our auto               creative ways to get around them. OK, on to our most
world, underwriting is all about the creation of a class                 problematic “Agency Processing Quality” issues. The
plan that clearly defines all of the variables and rules that            issues are many, but most can be found with the
govern pricing and acceptability. As such, the product                   following items.
manager is truly the underwriter and he is underwriting a
                                                                                 Proof of Prior
book of business vs. an individual risk.
                                                                            o    I wonder how many agency owners would be
   So when a TM admonishes an agency for poor
                                                                         OK with one of the CSRs or Agents taking a partial down
underwriting, their first response is “I have no control
                                                                         payment from the customer knowing that the company is
over what rates you charge or what you accept…don’t
                                                                         going to draft for the complete amount. He may say to
expect me to evaluate an individual buying a policy as to
                                                                         the owner…it’s OK, he told me he would bring the rest
whether I should place them with you or not.” Or
                                                                         back! This is what we face with POP (Proof of Prior)
another may say “If it is obvious to me that this guy is
                                                                         every single day.
going to commit fraud or I really suspect that he might,
then I simply won’t write him”.                                                              Continued on page 5
                FYI EXPRESS                                     Page 3                                February, 2011
   Customer Satisfaction. Producer Tools. Claims Service.
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              First means giving the best available           We work hard to forge the most complete
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  Its time to come First. Call for your profitable agency appointment now.

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                              Phone: (800)282-4151 · Fax: (770)438-7228

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                                                                         o     When critical signatures are not obtained, claims
                                                                      defenses are gone. In fact, when we have an
   Tangled Web                                                        application without signatures, we’re essentially
                                                                      providing the maximum coverage that could have been
   Continued from page 3
                                                                      obtained on that policy.
    o    Policies are sold with proof of prior discounts
                                                                         o    What’s really good is when we get contradictory
that can be as much as 30 to 35% discounts with no
                                                                      signatures that indicate they both want and reject certain
proof that the customer maintained a continuous policy
with no lapse as required by the underwriting guidelines.
The usual story we get? Oh, the customer was going to                         Household Driver Omissions
bring the proof back in to us! In other cases, they simply
provide      un-acceptable     documentation,      altered                o    When agents intentionally direct the insured on
documentation (outright fraud) or documentation with                  which drivers to include or not include in order to reduce
dates that don’t support the proof required.                          the premium, they have now essentially bought the claim
                                                                      themselves. The carrier will pay those claims (at least
   o    Even with proof required to be faxed into us                  they should) and the agent’s E&O will be brought to the
100% of the time now, we still have a leakage of over                 discussion. This scenario can occur in many fashions,
20%...simply amazing! And this leads to an 85%                        but probably the most egregious on the agent’s part is
cancellation rate when the inevitable uprate occurs!                  when the customer is already with the agency. Here’s
                                                                      how it goes…agent quotes the customer through
        Proper signatures
                                                                      another carrier at renewal and moves the policy to the
    o    Failure to secure all the signatures from the                new company, proof of prior of course. But the agent
customer (in front of the agent). The agent’s signature               needs to provide a more competitive risk so he leaves
attests to the named insured’s signature and you know                 off a driver that was on the previous policy that is driving
as well as I do how often the application is filled out by            the premium higher. Now, most of us pull Household
someone else, signatures are obtained through faxes,                  Driver reports and prompt the agent at point of sale to
mail, etc. and then an agent signs the application after              identify the driver…but of course, it always comes in
doing a cursory review of the information to insure it’s              “unknown” or “moved out” or something that will keep
completely filled out. Not the way it’s supposed to work.             him off the policy.               Continued on page 7
               FYI EXPRESS                                   Page 5                                 February, 2011
  T H E F R O N T- R U N N E R I N P E R S O N A L A U T O I N S U R A N C E I S


Are you ready to join the championship team?

Hundreds of Georgia agents have taken the green flag with us.          To learn more and apply for agent
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Since driving into Georgia in 2009, GAINSCO Auto Insurance has
established a strong presence in the Peach State. Our Georgia agent
partners say what they appreciate about GAINSCO is our competitive
product, ease of doing business, and commitment to long-term growth.
Established in 1978, GAINSCO offers:
    „ NO CREDIT SCORING                „ Competitive rates
    „ Non-U.S. licenses accepted       „ Low downpayments
    „ Bilingual customer service       „ Credit cards accepted
    „ SR-22s

Apply now for agent appointment at
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                                                                   Tangled Web
RSThomas Training Associates, Inc.                                 Continued from page 5
   Let us help you prepare for an exciting career in                    Ignoring Critical Underwriting Data
the Insurance and Financial Services Industry, as we               o     Could tie in with the above, but this includes
have for thousands of others for 26 years in Georgia,           CLUE data (prior accidents), household drivers, MVR,
Alabama and across the nation.                                  etc. that is used to determine past activities that impact
   We prepare you to pass the Insurance Agents Exam             the rate to be charged. The simple approach is to simply
for Property & Casualty as well as Life, Accident and           note on the application that the violation was dropped or
Sickness, Claims Adjusters, Excess Surplus Lines                insured was found not at fault on accident, etc. We do
Broker, Georgia P&C Counselor, and the Limited Sub              require proof of this, but seldom get valid proof. The
Agent Qualification                                             worst is when an agency has a carrier that does not pull
                                                                CLUE. I can tell you that we have many policies that are
  We Offer the 20/40 Hour Pre-Licensing Classroom               bound at Point of Sale, underwriting reports ordered that
and Online School for                                           indicate accidents through CLUE and then the agent
       Property & Casualty Agents/Claims Adjusters              VOIDS our application and simply goes to another
                                                                carrier who does not pull CLUE. And in those agents’
       Life, Accident and Sickness Agent                        minds? They’re doing nothing wrong and it’s the
       20 Hour Limited Sub-Agent                                company’s fault for not pulling the reports. I simply
                                                                laugh at this one…Eddie; this is where you and I could
       Excess Surplus Lines Broker                              have some really good discussion about commissions
       Georgia P&C Counselor Exam                               and order takers and agent’s responsibilities, etc…LOL!

       8 Hour Variable Products                                         Falsifying Inspections

       8 Hour Long Term Care Partnership                            o   This is a good one…the question is how many
                                                                agents actually perform an inspection period? My
       Series 6 & 63                                            experience tells me that the number who don’t is greater
       Continuing Education                                     than the number who do. I actually sat in an agent’s
                                                                office one time and had this discussion. He said to me
     (Training Materials Also Available In Spanish)             and I quote “Do you really expect me to get out from
                                                                behind my desk and go outside to see that car? I’m
            Class Schedule                                      sorry but my time is more valuable than that. If you want
                                                                the car inspected, do it yourself”! Did I mention his
                   ATLANTA SITE                                 appointment was terminated the next day?
  Weekday: P&C / LAS Feb 7-11 & Feb 21-25                           o   The end result of this is challenges at claim time
                                                                arguing about possible old damage vs. that which
  Weekday: P&C / LAS Mar 7-11 & Mar 21-25                       occurred from the current accident, the buying of prior
           Weekend Classes for 2 Weekends                       damage with a new policy sold, and the newest fun one
                                                                is glass. Glass companies are actively soliciting
  Weekend: P&C / LAS Feb 4-6 + 12-13                            customers to get their windshields fixed by telling them
  Weekend: P&C / LAS Mar 4-6 + 12-13                            to add the coverage etc and then simply file the claim. It
                                                                goes deeper than that, but you get the gist.
                                                                   Eddie, the acts of intentional fraud, as I’m sure you
     FEB 11, MAR 11, APR 8, MAY 20, JUNE 10, JULY 15            know, can run the gamut. I don’t think we have that
                       SERIES 6 / 63                            many agents who are committing “intentional fraud” or at
                                                                least their definition of it. They really don’t realize that
      FEB 12-13, MAR 12-13, MAY 21-22, JUNE 11-12               when they slide around underwriting rules in order to
                                                                “get the sale”, they are still committing fraud. That group
                   DULUTH SITES                                 I’m afraid is much bigger. And we’ve yet to mention the
                                                                number of personnel who simply don’t care enough to
  Weekday: P&C         Feb 14-18, Mar 28 - Apr 1                learn how to properly execute their jobs so their
  Weekend: P&C: Feb 19-20 & 26-27, Mar 18-20 & 26-27
                                                                “mistakes” create the same problem. I know how you
                                                                coach the agents on how to maximize their commissions
    Contact us at or                           and it does require them to create some loyalty to a 770.933.4199 or Toll                          smaller number of companies.
  Free 1.877.345.9237 Fax 770.933.4195                                             Continued on page 8

              FYI EXPRESS                              Page 7                                 February, 2011
                                                    FOX News had a very interesting
                                                       story on February 9, 2011 –
                                                    one that definitely struck a chord …

      Road to Recovery: Bringing Customer Service Back to America
                                                And, we say……

         Bring It Home! Back to the good ‘ole USA!
       It’s where the heart is, it’s where the jobs should be.
              Don’t you want your dollars kept here?

                                   When you think of outsourcing…
 Think of InSite Support Services, Inc…2 centers in the USA providing 24/7 customer
 service and support to the Insurance Industry- taking claims, supporting agencies, as well as technical
          support to ISP’s, Telephone Service Providers, Cable & Satellite Companies & More!

Follow this link to FOX News to read their story………….Road to Recovery: Bringing Customer
Service Back to America

    AND, keep in mind the proposed tax by Senator Chuck Schumer of NY to place a $0.25 excise tax on
              companies that transfer domestic customer service calls to foreign call centers.
                          The bill's chief aim is to stem the outsourcing of jobs.

  "If we want to put a stop to the outsourcing of American jobs, than we need to provide incentives for American
  companies to keep American jobs here," Schumer said in prepared remarks. "

  This bill will not only serve to maintain call center jobs currently in the United States, but also provide a reason for
  companies that have already outsourced jobs to bring them back." Under the bill, companies would incur a $0.25
  excise tax for any domestic customer service call that is transferred overseas. Companies must also disclose to the
  caller that their call is being transferred overseas and name which country is receiving the call. In addition,
  companies would have to certify to the Federal Trade Commission that they are complying with this requirement.
  Taken from The Hill Newsletter (


                                  INSITE SUPPORT SERVICES, INC.
                   Home Office: 203 Cash Control Road, Newberry, SC 29108
                 Redundant Facility: 345 North Osage Blvd., Nevada, MO 64772
                     Toll Free: 1-866-446-3555 / Fax: 803-405-7272
        / email:
           More “News, Satire & Opinions for Independent Agents from Independent Agents” at

      Tangled Web                                                        door offering to inspect their roof and poof they got a
                                                                         new roof paid for by insurance companies. Based on a
      Continued from page 7                                              10 second hail storm that had dime sized hail that my
                                                                         wife and I laughed about when it happened. Roofers are
    I would say that if we could eliminate the loss cost
                                                                         still going around all over Marietta area telling people
that are directly attributable to poor “Agency
                                                                         about the March 2009 hail storm.
Underwriting” (back to that word again), then agents will
not find themselves on the other side of the commission                     A call to my home last night at 9 pm from a local
battle lines. Their results will speak for themselves and                Roofing & Restoration company in Alpharetta, Ga.
companies (at least some of us) will definitely reward                   wanted to know if we wanted a new roof that would be
highly profitable business!                                              paid for by insurance.
                                                                           I just hope the new Commissioner would look at
                                                                         some of this type fraud claims.
                                                                            The beat goes on as they say.
                                                                            Hugh B. Watson
                                                                            Good morning, Hugh.
                                                                            I was having lunch yesterday with my business
                                                                         partner Vance Turner.
   I had lunch with one of my biggest competitors last
                                                                            We were discussing my cover story ("When First You
week and asked for deceptive practices that he has seen
                                                                         Practice To Deceive").
or heard about. Not only did he fill my ears but he has no
problem publishing his name. Here ‘tis …                                    Vance brought up the fact that he has received
                                                                         numerous letters from roofers asking if he wanted a new
    ‐   Changing the DL # if someone has many points
                                                                         roof compliment of his insurance company.
to get an invalid license which is worth less points
                                                                           I'll make sure Commissioner Hudgens reads your
  ‐   On a 4 pay premium finance policy, taking the
 th                                                                      message.
5 payment [and pocketing it]
                                                                            Insurance Fraud is high on his list.
      ‐   Charging fees for a certificate of insurance
                                                                            Happy Valentine’s Day to y'all,
   ‐   Charging fees or a motor club for a zero dollar
endorsement                                                                 eke
      Dustin Walsey                                                         Hello [DOR],
      President                                                             I am an Independent Insurance Agent. I recently had
                                                                         a customer receive a "notice of pending vehicle
      ATI Auto Town Insurance                                            registration suspension" on a vehicle he had traded in
                                                                         at a Lexus dealer. He received the notice because we
                                                                         had removed the insurance on the vehicle however that
    Billy Griner tells me about                                          was because he had traded it in and no longer owned or
the one where someone you                                                had insurable interest.
have insured signs for a car,
adds it to his policy, gives it to                                           When we called the local DMV office they indicated
a child that live in a higher rated territory and says at the            that the owner of a vehicle is required to notify the DMV
time of a claim that the child’s auto quit on him and he                 directly on the date of the sale, even to a dealer, to avoid
just borrowed this one until he could get it fixed. Then                 this situation. Does the dealer not send proof of title
you find the child has a bad driving record.                             transfer to the DMV? This is a matter of great
                                                                         importance for my customers and I would like to publish
      Hugh Watson sez:                                                   your response in my customer news letter so that I can
    I have been in the insurance business one way or                     educate my customer if this is now required by law.
another for nearly 40 years and your recent subject                         Thank you,
always causes me to rise up. One of my company whom
we have written many millions of dollars premiums and                       Denny Putlak AIC, Owner,
collected contingencies from for good business, wrote                       Denny Insurance Group of Dawsonville, GA
me this year about the high loss ratio on our home
owner business. There were an inordinate number of                
claims for roofs. In my own neighborhood, almost every
                                                                                            Continued on page 9
home got a new roof, because the roofers went door to

                  FYI EXPRESS                                   Page 8                                 February, 2011
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Tangled Web                                                           Commissioner Hudgens had a busy afternoon on
                                                                   January 10 after being sworn in as Commissioner of
   Continued from page 8                                           Insurance & Fire Safety.
   Good afternoon, Denny.                                                                      He issued a Departmental
   Thanks for including me in your e-mail to GA DOR.                                        Directive (Directive 11-EX-1)
                                                                                            that withdrew Directive 10-EX-
   Let me know if the DOR responds and I'll print the                                       1,     signed    by     former
response.                                                                                   Commissioner Oxendine on
     You may find out that the dealer didn't transfer the                                   April 21, 2010.
title in a timely fashion.                                                                     Then       he     issued     a
                                                                                            Departmental            Directive
    GEICS is supposed to be notified as soon as a
                                                                                            (Directive 11-EX-2) regarding
vehicle's insurance is terminated and the state computer
                                                                                            the scope and purpose of
spits out the notice.
                                                                                            Certificates of Insurance.
   eke                                                                                          Download both in PDF at
   GA DOR responds quickly!                              

   Dear Mr. Putlak,
                                                                       E&S Marketing
    The customer service representative to whom you
spoke with is correct. Anytime an individual decides to               I want to encourage everyone to keep Strickland
sell their vehicle to either a private party or dealership, it     General Agency, Inc. in mind for the next quote request
is the seller’s responsibility to notify either their county       you have going out to your E&S markets. We want
tag office or the DMV that they wish to cancel the                 doing business with SGA to be quick and easy for you.
vehicle’s registration by completing the attached MV18J            We offer phone quotes on many types of risks for those
(Insurance Relief Request Affidavit) form and mailing or           times when an immediate quote is needed. We also
walk in in-person to their local county tag office.                welcome submissions by e-mail and fax.

    The seller must also cancel the insurance on that                  Email submissions to:
vehicle to avoid our system generating a lapse in                  Commercial Transportation:
insurance coverage if indeed the vehicle has been sold
to another party.                                                  Commercial     Property               and       Casualty:
    The dealer does not assume responsibility for
notifying the DMV that a vehicle has been traded in and            Garage:
is not in the possession of the seller any longer.                     You can also fax to: 678-259-3701
   Jewell Smith                                                        SGA Markets:
   Information Specialist II                                          •    Property, Package, General Liability, Inland
   Georgia Department of Revenue                                   Marine, Vacant, Builders Risk - Target Classes: click
                                                                   here: Specialty Classes
   1200 Tradeport Blvd/Hapeville, Georgia 30354
                                                                       •   Used Car Dealers, Non Dealers, Car Wash
   P: 404.968 3800 f: 404 675 4903
                                                                       •   Long Haul, Cargo, Business Auto, Public Auto
   Editor’s note: I posted the MV18J in PDF for
everyone to download at                        •   Professional Liability – E&O, D&O, EPL
                                                                       •   Workers Compensation

   Certificate of Insurance                                           •    Personal Lines (Mobile Home, Dwelling DP-1
                                                                   and DP-3, Primary Residence, Seasonal, Rental and
    Representative Howard Maxwell of the 17th District             Rental Sch)
introduced HB 66 that will require Certificate of
Insurance forms to be approved by the DOI. Any person                  Thank you and Have a Great Day!
who violates this Code section may be fined up to                      Rob Sherwood, Marketing Manager
$5,000 per violation. Here’s a summary of the bill:
                                                                       Strickland General Agency, Inc.
US/display.aspx?Legislation=32114                                      800-825-5742 / 678-259-3700 ext-125

                FYI EXPRESS                                  Page 10                            February, 2011
                      Strickland General Agency, Inc.

                                   Your Garage Risks

            Used Auto Dealers
                                                          Auto Repair Shops
              Auto Auctions
                                                             Body Shops
               Car Washes
                                                             Tire Shops
              Valet Services
                                                            Storage Lots
               Gas Stations
                                                         Mobile Auto Repair
            Motorcycle Dealers
                                                           Tow Operations
           Truck / Trailer Sales
                                                      Lube & Oil Change Shops
            Plus Many Others
                   Multiple Carriers Rated "A-" or better by A.M. Best


              Garage Liability                       Dealers Open Lot (DOL)
         Garage Keepers (GKLL)                     Broadened Garage Coverage
      Legal Liability - Direct Primary                    Personal Injury
            Medical Payments                                Fire Legal
        Truth in Lending Liability               Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist
            Property (Building)                     Federal Odometer Liability
               Excess Limits                      Property (Business Equipment)

Larry Lietch (Manager) Ext126
Robin Mote Ext1023

Strickland General Agency, Inc.
4800 River Green Parkway
Duluth GA 30096
678-259-3700 * 800-825-5742 * Fax 678-259-3701

"Think Strickland First""
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        Why You Should Have an Agency                            I could spend a lot time talking about increasing
            Management System                                 business with the same staff, cutting inefficiencies, etc.,
                                                              but you have heard that before.
                        - Ken Butler
                                                                 I think there are some much better reasons to think
   Agency         Management      systems   are    often      about a management system. Let’s talk about some of
misunderstood in the normal functioning of an agency.         those reasons.
Agents are told they must "automate or die", which does
not fit in with their experience.                                 The Joy of Having Everything in One Place

   I have heard many agents say "I have gone this long             It is hard to imagine the ease it brings to your
without a management system, why should I move                workday to always have everything in one place,
now?" While I was thinking this topic over, it came to me     available without even having to stand up. Your client
that I have never heard an agent who has a system say         contact     information,   the  associated     company
"This is worse than having no system, so I am going to        information, policy schedules and coverages, all
drop it." Even those with systems that provide more           important documents, letters, emails, pictures, and the
power than they need with costs that they cannot afford       list goes on and on. You can even have the Pizza Hut
do not opt to go back to nothing. They look to find a         number available in that same central place.
system that fits their needs better.                              That means that when you need to know anything at
   So why is it so important to be automated? Some of         all about a client or a policy or any other aspect of your
the answers might surprise you.                               business, it is at your fingertips. Need to call your client
                                                              and ask a question? Need to send your underwriter an
   The Old Reasoning                                          email on behalf of this client? Need to see a signed
                                                              copy of the application? It is all there with a couple
   In the past, most of the justification for having a
                                                              clicks of the mouse.
management system has focused on costs.             But
particularly in a small office, it might be hard to see                          Continued on page 14
where those cost savings are going to come from.

               FYI EXPRESS                              Page 12                             February, 2011

                     Thank you for your Business !!
                       We take Great Pride in the service we Provide.

                                         Our Priority is YOU.

                     Our Average Hold Time is only 30 Seconds!
                                         Benefits of doing business with Aggressive

     •   Commission paid Twice Monthly - Direct Deposit to your account
     •   Down-Payments with Credit Card or E-Check
     •   Multiple payment options for customers including recurring EFT
     •   Roadside Assistance Coverage - 80% commission
     •   Web enabled Point-of-Sale and Policy Administration System
     •   Quote, Bind and Issue directly from our Live System
     •   Rates on AccuAuto - Bridge to our Live System for policy issue
     •   Real Time Agency Reporting
     •   Real Time Endorsements
     •   POS Endorsement Issuance
     •   Competitive Rating Structure
     •   Fast and Friendly Customer Service
     •   Reliable In-Office Claim Service
     •   KnightBrook Insurance Company - A- A.M. Best Rated Company
     •   Our commitment is to provide quality products with a State-of-The Art processing and claims service

Helpful Hints
Rewrite your policies up to 30 days with NO additional paperwork NO new signatures!!
You have 2 options once a policy is in cancellation status:

     •   Day 1-10 No Loss
     •   Day 1-30 you can elect to rewrite. Located in the "Status" tab of the Insured's policy you will find a "rewrite"
         button. At this time you can leave the policy as is or make any necessary changes.

         Janice Cantrell, CPIW                         H. David Emmett                             Jill Contarino
          Marketing Representative                SouthEast Director of Operations              Marketing Representative
           Office: (972) 827-3651                      Office: (972) 827-3668                    Office: (972) 827-3651
           Cell:   (912) 398-5295                     Cell:   (770) 490-7861                     Cell:   (404) 625-4505    

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       Why You Should Have an Agency                                  Legal Benefits
            Management System                                         An often unrecognized benefit of storing all your
   Continued from page 12                                         information together in a management system, along
                                                                  with contemporaneous notes on phone calls, personal
   I am sure that this is going to save you some money,           conversations, memos and emails, is that you build a
but I doubt you will ever be able to put your finger on           good system of legal protections for yourself. A properly
exactly how much. The greater benefit in my mind is the           designed management system provides defenses for
ease of doing your job, feeling on top of things, and             many E&O situations. (Talk to your lawyer about this if
looking good in front of your clients and your company            you have legal concerns.) Your E&O premium may be
people.                                                           lower, and of course, your exposure to E&O risk is lower.
   Going Paperless                                                    Finding Your Ideal System
    As an extension of the concepts of having everything             There are a lot of systems out there, all claiming to
in one place, consider going paperless.                           be very user friendly, with robust features (whatever that
                                                                  means), and all at a low cost. Well, some more than
   The idea is to scan all of your paperwork into the
management system and attach it to the proper client
and policy. Then, all of your documents are always                     If you already have a management system, then you
available from anywhere you are, almost instantly.                know what it can do for you. If you are dissatisfied with
                                                                  it, you already know why.
   Now I am not telling you to actually do away with your
paper, although you certainly can if you want to. If you             If you do not have a system, you should think about
want to continue filing it, that is perfectly alright. Or you     what things you want your system to do for you and then
can file it organized loosely by date to minimize filing          ask around as to what systems offer the features you are
expense.                                                          looking for.
    Going paperless does not have to mean throwing                   Talk to some of your friends in the business, and
your paper away. It just means you don't have to                  those you know through the PIA, and find out what their
depend on it any more, or spend countless hours trying            experiences are. What kinds of benefits are they
to track it down.                                                 experiencing? How much does it cost them?
    Imagine never having to go look for that paper again.            Some vendors offer a free trial period whereby you
You can just sit at your desk and click a couple of               can evaluate the system in a non-pressured
buttons, and you will be looking at that application, or          environment, and determine for yourself whether this is
letter, or photograph, or spreadsheet - anything at all -         something that would be good for you before you take
almost instantly.                                                 on any financial commitments.
     And no more chasing around finding out who has the               A good management system should make your life
file.                                                             easier. It should help you provide better service to your
                                                                  clients, and to raise the level of pride you have in your
    Better yet, if you are working from home one rainy
                                                                  own business.
Saturday afternoon and your client gives you a call, you
can hop on to your laptop from home and still be looking             Once you find the right system, you will never go
at that same document in a few seconds.                           back.
    Again, the same list of benefits apply, the ease of              Ken Butler is the founder of
doing your job, looking good in front of customers and            Evolution               Agency
clients, lowering the overall stress level.                       Management, LLC. We hold
   Real Time Interface                                            core beliefs that the agent has
                                                                  certain rights in selecting his
   More and more companies offer online policy service,           systems,              managing
ranging from a simple inquiry to full endorsement                 deployment, and ownership of
processing, payment inquiry, and claims management.               his information. These are
                                                                  documented in writing in the
   A good management system will give you one-click
                                                                  Agent’s Bill of Rights, which
access to the real time data on your company system.
                                                                  are detailed on the company
   This is the best of both worlds. Your own information          website at
that you collect and store locally, combined with instant
                                                                      Reprinted from the PIA Professional Agent
access to information collected and store by your

                FYI EXPRESS                                 Page 14                            February, 2011
At Last…
An Agency Management System with full features and
excellent reporting — built on modern technology —
all at a price YOU can afford!
eVo has been successfully operating in select agencies for 3 years.
Now we are pleased to announce general availability to all agencies.
eVo provides your agency with traditional tools — forms, download,
T-filing, full general ledger — with the modern Outlook style
calendaring, integrated e-mail, robust document management,
and real time company integration. Your total client and
policy information base are now only a click away.
                                                                       • Multi-Office Support
Built on the most modern technologies, eVo is perfect for
                                                                      • Full Accounting System
the small office as well as a large agency with hundreds of
users. All for $200 a month for a single agency.                       • Commercial Support
                                                                        • Full Policy Details
                                    —Ken Butler, Founder
                                                                         • Optional Hosting

                                                                            Partial Feature List
                                                                             • Diary • Notes • History
                                                                                • Policy Download
                                                                           • Document Management
                                                                     • Real Time Company Interface
                                                               • Direct Bill Commissions Download
                                                         • Searchable User Defined Fields
                                                • E-Mail with Diary Integration • Claims Management
                                          • Word Processing/Mail Merge • Hot Links to other Systems
                                                 • Calendaring/Scheduling • Transactional Filing
                                                               • Rating Integration

                  For more information, please visit our web site:
                           or contact us directly:
                 Evolution Agency Management, LLC ®
                       4555 Mansell Road, Suite 300, Alpharetta, Georgia 30022
                        770-521-4380 •
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   Opportunity Knocking!                                         • A new agency environment where you can thrive
                                                              and grow
   We are looking for commissioned professional
property and casualty agents (full or part-time) who             • Ability to utilize our office, conference room and
have:                                                         phone system
   • An active Georgia Property and Casualty Insurance            • Branded email, marketing and internet presence
License (would consider someone who needs education              • Flexible hours you set, since this is an independent
credits)                                                      contractor position
   • Agree to background and credit check (required by            • E & O coverage as an independent contractor
                                                                 • Potential for profit sharing in addition to
   • A minimum of one year successful P&C sales               commissions (percentage of commission will be
experience and a stable employment history                    determined by experience)
   • Strong phone sales and prospecting skills                    • Continuing education credits covered each year
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills             • Potential for group insurance benefits once agency
combined with strong customer focus                           is established
   • Ambition, Motivation and Drive                             Please email your resume to
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications with own     Thank you!
computer                                                          Carla Keaton
   We offer:                                                      All About Insurance, LLC in Sugar Hill, GA

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                                           With just a few questions, we can provide you an Instant Quote for:

                                           Multi Line Products
                                           • 1-4 Family Dwelling
                                           • Apartments
                                           • Artisans (over 30 classes)
                                           • Beauty/Nail Salon/Barber Shop
                                           • Clothing Store
                                           • Concessionaires
                                           • Convenience Stores/Delicatessens/Grocery
                                           • Child Care – Commercial
                                           • Child Care – Residential
                                           • Electronic Store
                                           • Fitness Centers
                                           • Janitorial Services
                                           • Laundromats
                                           • Lessor’s Risk Only
                                           • Liquor Stores
                                           • Main Street Mercantile
                                           • Mobile Home Parks
                                           • Office Product
                                           • Residential Condominium Units Owners
                                           • Restaurants
                                           • Specialty Training Schools
                                           • Truckers
                                           • Vacant Building
                                           • Vacant Land
      for immediate appointment            Personal Lines
                                           • Personal Umbrella
                                           • Excess Comprehensive Personal Liability
      call us at 800-567-3010              • Excess Personal Umbrella Liability
                                           • Comprehensive Personal Liability
      for instant Phone Quotes             • Dwelling Package
                                           • Home Based Business

      call us at 888-246-8371              Professional Lines
                                           • Non Profit Directors & Officers Liability
                                           • Employment Practices Liability
                                           • Community Association Professional Liability
                                           • Real Estate E & O

                                           Specialty Products
                                           • Special Events (General Liability/Liquor Liability)
                                           • The Long Shot (Hole in One Coverage) 

                                           Non-Profit Products                 • Community Associations
                                           • Condo Mini


               Our underwriters are available from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST, Monday-Friday
                            Quote On-Line 24/7 at
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     Take Online Card and E-Check Payments
                   For Free!
    Your Customers want to pay online anytime. When they pay at your carrier's site you lose the
ability to stay in front of them, build an email list and cross sell.
  Our service lets you take online payments, send electronic invoices with a link to pay online, take
card payments over the phone and take card payments in your office All at no cost to you.
   As more of your customers pay online and with credit and debit cards, we give you the tools to
provide the service they expect.

                                To get started call Calvin or Strickland at 800-768-0907

   Sey What?                                                       Did you hear about the fellow whose whole left side
                                                                 was cut off? He's all right now.
   To write with a broken pencil is pointless.
                                                                    If you take a laptop computer for a run you could jog
   When fish are in schools they sometimes take                  your memory.
                                                                     A bicycle can't stand alone; it is two tired.
   A thief who stole a calendar got twelve months.
                                                                    In a democracy it's your vote that counts; in
   When the smog lifts in Los Angeles, U.C.L.A.                  feudalism, it's your Count that votes.
   The professor discovered that         her     theory   of         When a clock is hungry it goes back four seconds
earthquakes was on shaky ground.
                                                                     The guy who fell onto an upholstery machine was
   The batteries were given out free of charge.                  fully recovered.
   A dentist and a manicurist married. They fought tooth            He had a photographic memory which was never
and nail.                                                        developed.
   A will is a dead giveaway.                                       Those who get too big for their britches will be
                                                                 exposed in the end.
   If you don't pay your exorcist you can get
repossessed.                                                        When she saw her first strands of gray hair, she
                                                                 thought she'd dye.
   With her marriage, she got a new name and a dress.
                                                                     Acupuncture: a jab well done.
   Show me a piano falling down a mineshaft and I'll
show you A-flat miner.                                             The fattest knight at King Arthur's round table was Sir
                                                                 Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi.
   You are stuck with your debt if you can't budge it.
                                                                     A sign on the lawn at a drug rehab center said: 'Keep
   Local Area Network in Australia: The LAN down
                                                                 off the Grass.'
                                                                     She was only a whiskey maker, but he loved her still.
   A boiled egg is hard to beat.
                                                                    No matter how much you push the envelope, it'll still
   When you've seen one shopping center you've seen
                                                                 be stationery.
a mall.
                                                                     A dog gave birth to puppies near the road and was
   Police were called to a day care where a three-year-
                                                                 cited for littering.
old was resisting a rest.

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                                    Insurance Company

      Become an Agency Partner Now!
 No Credit Scoring! Great Commissions!
• Low Down and                                          • Automated Phone
  Monthly Payments                                        and Postcard Payment
                                                          Reminders for
• Agent-Friendly                                          Retention
  Website for Policy
  Management and                                        • Earn Additional
  Agency Download                                         Commission with
  Available                                               Smart Choice Auto
                                                          Club Program and
• Superior Customer                                       Accidental Death
  Service and 24-Hour                                     Coverage
  Claims Service
                                                        • Free Agency Website
• Bridge to MaxRater                                      and Weblink to Write
  and Issue the                                           Business 24/7 365
  Policy, Print Dec                                       Days a Year!
  Pages, ID Cards and
  Application, All at
  Point of Sale

               Gary Ardoin       Contact
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         1-877-858-4100 ext. 2100
                          To become a producer, visit
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                                                                 We have an excellent opportunity specifically for an
        A+ Agency Location in                                 Insurance Agency. For years this building has always
            Athens, GA                                        been a central location for many insurance agencies.
                                                              Two long term Insurance Agents have relocated out of
    Advertise your business to 30,000 cars a day.             town which leaves a huge book of customers that will
Referred to as the Harris Webster Cottage, this               need new policies.
Magnificent Milledge property has always been a very             Every day dozens of customers come to the building,
popular Athens commercial office and retail building.         unaware that their agents moved, and have a check in
Located at the intersection of Milledge Ave. and              hand. If another agent could set up an office they could
Broad/Atlanta Hwy., diagonal to the Varsity, the property     potentially capture all of these old customers.
offers great exposure and convenience. Everyone knows
the corner, now they will know where you are too. The            Are you looking for a location that offers you better
office space available currently ranges from a single         exposure? Would your business benefit from walk in
office for $525/mth. to an Executive Suite for $1600/mth.     customers?
    All utilities are included, Men's and Women's                Please call me if you are interested in moving your
restrooms, ample parking, and your business sign on           business to an A+ Location with customers waiting.
Milledge and Broad for everyone to see.                       Adam Blatt 404-403-5969.

               FYI EXPRESS                              Page 21                           February, 2011
         More “News, Satire & Opinions for Independent Agents from Independent Agents” at

                                                                    Gatta hauled in $22 million in a massive Ponzi
                                                                scheme. He prepared applications for premium financing
                                                                for clients who didn't need or ask for the loans. They'd
                                                                already paid their premiums in full. In Ponzi style, Gatta
                                                                repaid the loans with the proceeds of more loans. The
                                                                ruse unraveled last May, when a premium-finance
                                                                company notified an insurer that it was financing a
                                                                policy, only to be told the policy was financed by another
                                                                lender. Employees of another premium financier, First
                                                                Insurance, lost income because their compensation was
                                                                tied to the firm's profitability. Gatta's crooked behavior
                                                                started in part because he was a manic depressive,
                                                                according to news reports. He bought luxury cars, had
                                                                them detailed, never drove them, then quickly sold them
                                                                at a big loss. Gatta received 48 months in federal prison.
                                                                    * A fire broke out in Robert Carter's home, near the
                                                                entertainment center in his living room. The blaze came
                                                                from an electrical mishap that started behind some
                                                                cabinets. The Sellers, S.C. man gave Travelers a long
                                                                list of more than $10,600 worth of items he said were
                                                                damaged or destroyed. Carter said he lost a tanning
                                                                bed, electronic gear, shoes, books, clothing and other
                                                                goods. He submitted receipts for many of the goods.
                                                                Travelers investigated to determine the value of the
                                                                goods, and whether he actually had bought them. But
                                                                Carter had returned many of the items shortly after
                                                                buying them, and received cash or credit card refunds.
                                                                He'd never purchased many other of claimed
                                                                possessions. The receipts also were crude, little more
                                                                than Word documents. Conveniently, one of the stores
                                                                was owned by Carter's obliging relatives. He received a
                                                                year of deferred prosecution and a fine. No restitution
                                                                was ordered because Travelers hadn't paid his claim.
                                                                   * Basel El-Bathy's tank con has tanked. The
                                                                Dearborn, Mich. man tried to illegally avoid paying
                                                                required pollution liability coverage on several
                                                                underground storage tanks for two BP gas stations he
   Reports of Convictions From the Coalition Against            owned. He presented premium checks to an insurance
   Insurance Fraud –             agency from many checking accounts for several straw
                                                                corporations he'd set up. The accounts had little or no
    * Christina Korbe shot and killed an FBI agent in a         money. He received certificates of insurance, and
drug raid. Samuel Hicks was hit right above his                 presented them to the state as proof of coverage.
bulletproof vest, and left behind his wife and toddler son.     Insurers then cancelled the coverage when the checks
Korbe said she feared the agents were burglars, since           bounced for insufficient funds. El-Bathy received five
her home had been robbed several months earlier. But            years of probation Tuesday.
that was a lame defense because the so-called burglary              * Ismael Rodriguez can share taco recipes with his
was an insurance scheme by her hubby, officials say. He         cellmates. The owner of two Pensacola, Fla. Mexican
was convicted of filing a false $20,000 insurance claim         restaurants received five years in prison for faking his
for the so-called theft of his motorcycle and other items.      death for $2 million in life insurance money. He and his
He actually wanted to unload the bike and had a friend          wife Maria travelled to Mexico, where she said her
take it. Christina was expected to plead to federal             husband was kidnapped and murdered. She obtained a
charges and be sentenced this week.                             death certificate, but customs records proved Ismael
   * New Jersey broker Gavin Gatta will trade a fleet of        crossed the border during the time Maria said he was
fancy cars for a jail cell. The Monmouth County man             dead.
submitted bogus applications for premium financing. He                            Continued on page 24
used the loot to buy several Ferraris, an Aston Martin,
Mercedes, Porsche and jewelry.

                FYI EXPRESS                               Page 22                            February, 2011
2   The Underwriter’s Insider
        More “News, Satire & Opinions for Independent Agents from Independent Agents” at

   Insurance Fraud                                                Gichon was ordered to pay restitution of nearly $5
                                                              million for organizing a health-care and tax fraud
   Continued from page 22                                     scheme. He was also ordered by U.S. District Judge
    * Eddie Mann told Travelers that his 2005 Dodge           Manuel L. Real to serve three years of supervised
Ram truck was stolen. The Dyersburg, Tenn. man said           release after serving his prison sentence. Court records
he thought the truck had been repossessed then                showed that from January 2003 through March 2009,
discovered it hadn't been. But the Highway Patrol             Gichon obtained beneficiary information needed to bill
already was investigating the suspected theft before          Medicare for durable medical equipment. In his plea
Mann had even reported it stolen. An informant said           agreement, Gichon admitted that he employed co-
Mann had hired him to unload the truck. Mann didn't           defendants Christopher Hill and Feliciano Dy to work as
know the Highway Patrol was investigating, and was            marketers and recruit beneficiaries for the medical
convicted. He pleaded guilty and received three years of      supply company.
probation.                                                       Hill and Dy were each indicted on multiple counts of
   Health Insurance Fraud                                     health-care fraud. According to the Internal Revenue
                                                              Service, Gichon's scheme resulted in a total loss to
       V.A. Retiree Convicted – 23 Months Prison              Medicare of about $5 million.
    Fawzi Saleh, 70, of East Brunswick New Jersey was            Gichon also admitted that, for the years 2004, 2005
sentenced in January in Newark by U.S. District Judge         and 2006, he received more than $3.8 million in receipts
Faith Hochberg to 23 Months in Prison, who also               from Medicare through AMS that he did not report on his
ordered him to pay $253,727 in restitution to Blue Cross      personal income tax returns. Gichon's failure to report
& Blue Shield which provided coverage to the Federal          the income to the IRS resulted in taxes due of more than
Employees Health Benefits Program. The judge also             $1.4 million.
ordered Saleh to have two years of supervised release
                                                                 Dy was sentenced in September to five years
after he serves his sentence and imposed a $10,000
                                                              probation and ordered to pay restitution of about
                                                              $193,000. At the conclusion of the sentencing hearing,
    Saleh, who was arrested in February 2010, pleaded         Judge Real ordered Gichon to begin serving his
guilty to one count of defrauding a health care benefits      sentence on March 14, 2011.
program on Oct. 1, 2010, admitting that from June 2001
through June 2009 he submitted numerous false claims              Three Years in Prison for Health Insurance Fraud
to the health care program for medical expenses that he          Lawrence Saks, 59, of Rolling Hills, California was
and his wife had purportedly incurred while in Egypt,         convicted a year ago of 16 federal counts of health care
according to a statement from U.S. Attorney Paul              and mail fraud, making false statements related to health
Fishman. In those claims, Saleh said he and his wife had      care matters and aggravated identity theft for using the
received the medical care at a hospital in Cairo on           names of other doctors while submitting claims to
numerous occasions between June 2000 and October              insurance companies. The previous year, another
2008, Fishman said. Investigators determined the              federal jury deadlocked 11-1 on the same charges.
hospital in Cairo did not exist so the Salehs could not
have received any of the claimed treatment, he said.              The U.S. Attorney told U.S. District Judge Consuelo
                                                              B. Marshall that the defendant "has demonstrated he is
    Saleh was employed from July 1995 until his               a danger to the community." Saks apologized to the
retirement in January 2008 at the Veterans                    court, telling the judge that he suffered from an addiction
Administration Medical Center in East Orange. He began        to painkillers when many of the offenses took place. He
as a program support clerk and held the position of           said he should have sold his medical practice and retired
financial accounts technician when he retired, Fishman        in 2003. Judge Marshall sentenced Saks to three years
said.                                                         in prison.
     51 Months in Federal Prison for Tax &                        Saks' two-week trial included testimony from patients,
            Health Care Fraud                                 insurance company representatives and medical
                                                              experts. At his Madison Park Cosmetic Surgery and
    Eli Gichon, a 73-year-old Encino, California man who      Laser Center, which had offices in Torrance and San
owned a medical supply company was sentenced to 51            Pedro, patients paid thousands of dollars for elective
months in federal prison in January after pleading guilty     procedures like face-lifts and tummy tucks. Saks then
to tax and health-care fraud charges.                         filed claims with their insurance companies, stating they
   According to court records, Gichon was a certified         had medically necessary surgeries, such as tumor
public accountant who operated Airport Medical Supply         removals and hernia repairs according to the
(AMS) from within the premises of Eli's Airport Cleaners,     prosecutors.
a dry cleaning business he owned and operated in Van                            Continued on page 26

               FYI EXPRESS                              Page 24                             February, 2011   9
        More “News, Satire & Opinions for Independent Agents from Independent Agents” at

   Insurance Fraud
                                                                         Other Convictions
   Continued from page 24
                                                                    Ten Years for One and Two Years Two
   The former physician, whose medical license was
revoked two years ago, billed the insurance companies                Months for Life Insurance Fraud
more than $80,000 for procedures that no one is certain            Danny Marks, 41, from Chesapeake, Va., was
he did or were necessary.                                      sentenced in Norfolk federal court in January 2011 to
   Saks pleaded guilty last year to further charges that       two years and two months in prison for conspiring to
he collected disability insurance while continuing to          commit mail and wire fraud. The charge relates to a
work. Along with the prison term and restitution, Marshall     scheme to defraud life insurance companies out of
ordered Saks to serve three years of supervised release        millions of dollars.
upon his release from custody.                                     Neil H. MacBride, United States Attorney for the
                                                               Eastern District of Virginia, made the announcement
   Probation & House Confinement Only for                      after Marks was sentenced by United States District
             Health Plan Fraud                                 Judge Raymond A. Jackson. Marks and co-defendant
    Lee Ballard, 55, of Middletown, NY, a former state         Mitchell Marks both pled guilty on October 4, 2010.
Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) youth            Mitchell Marks was sentenced on January 5th, to 10
aide was sentenced only to six months home detention,          years in prison by United States District Judge Raymond
400 hours community service and five years probation.          A. Jackson.
Ballard defrauded the state health plan in a $709,000              According to court documents, Danny Marks
scheme to obtain narcotics. His sentencing followed a          conspired to take out multiple life insurance policies on
joint investigation by the Inspector General's Office with     older and sicker family members. In order to obtain the
the U.S. Attorney's Office and the Department of Health        policies, material misrepresentations on the insurance
and Human Services' Inspector General.                         applications were made. The misrepresentations
    Ballard admitted that he engaged in a fraudulent           included the number of life insurance policies that were
scheme beginning in 1999 to feed his prescription              in force on the proposed insured, relationships, and the
addiction and that he faked ailments at more than 75           health and condition of the proposed insured. Court
hospital emergency rooms, using his Empire Plan                documents also showed that imposters were sent to take
benefits, to acquire an array of drugs including               insurance medical examinations, so they could pass the
morphine, Demerol and oxycodone, according to a                exam and get the best rates on the policies. Attempts to
report released today by Inspector General Biben.              obtain life insurance policies with an aggregate value
Ballard was assigned as a youth division aide at the           greater than $16 million were made and payouts from
Goshen Secure Residential Center to monitor youthful           multiple policies in excess of $3.5 million on the deaths
offenders until he resigned in 2010 as a result of this        of two individuals were received.
investigation.                                                    This case was investigated by the United States
   The investigation determined that Ballard:                  Secret Service, the United States Postal Inspection
                                                               Service, and the Office of Inspector General for the
   •    Filed more than 2,200 insurance claims from            Social Security Administration. Assistant United States
2000 to 2010 to defraud the state's Empire Plan and            Attorney Joseph L. Kosky is prosecuting the case on
doctors in a $709,000 scheme to obtain narcotics. He           behalf of the United States.
also kept $52,000 in medical reimbursement checks but
never paid the providers.                                          Workers' Compensation Fraud
    •   Visited hospital emergency rooms in New York,               Robin Mallory, a Lancaster, Ohio, woman was
New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Vermont,             sentenced in the Franklin County Common Pleas Court
often several times a day, and frequently absconded            after pleading guilty to workers' compensation fraud, a
once he was medicated.                                         fifth degree felony. The plea came as a result of an Ohio
                                                               Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) investigation
   •    On one day, for example, was able to obtain            that revealed Mallory was working while receiving
oxycodone, hydromorphone, Demerol, Toradol, as well            benefits for a workplace injury.
as Vicodin and Percocet prescriptions from three Orange
County hospitals.                                                 The investigation revealed Mallory received wages
                                                               from six different employers during the same period she
                                                               was receiving Temporary Total Disability benefits and
                                                               she intentionally concealed her employment in order to
                                                               continue receiving benefits.
                                                                                 Continued on page 28

               FYI EXPRESS                               Page 26                            February, 2011
                                                                Motorcycle Insurance
                                                                    On Your Terms.

                              We insure most types
                              of Motorcycles
                              We Also Insure
                              ATV’s, Boats, and Personal Watercrafts

     Agent Appointments
     Agents interested in an appoinment can visit
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     U.S. Insurance Services is a part of American Reliable Insurance
     Company, an Assurant Specialty Property company. American
     Reliable Insurance has a Best’s Rating of “A” (Excellent) by
                                                                               U.S. Insurance
     A.M. Best Company,* an organization that rates insurance
     performance. This rating is 3rd highest out of 16 categories.
     *A.M. Best Company ratings range from A++ to F. The A.M.
     ������������������������������������������������������������       PO Box 47000, Jacksonville, FL 32247-7000
     Reliable Insurance Company.                                        Phone (800) 874-1738 Fax (800) 342-9156
     A AD 1007 1210
16                                                                                        The Underwriter’s Insider
A AD 1007 1210-Full Page-USIS MC AD.indd 1                                                                    2/1/2011 3:58:17 PM
        More “News, Satire & Opinions for Independent Agents from Independent Agents” at

                                                                                  due to on-the-job injuries and are truly
                                                                                  unable to perform any work. A small
                                                                                  percentage, however, abuse the
                                                                                  system and cost the Postal Service
                                                                                  millions of dollars in fraudulent
                                                                                   Jamell Shabazz pled guilty to one
                                                                               count of Theft by Deception (F3) and
                                                                               one count of Conspiracy (F3) in
                                                                               Montgomery        County.     Shabazz
                                                                               submitted a claim to the Allstate
                                                                               Insurance Company stating that his
                                                                               vehicle was vandalized and personal
                                                                               items were stolen from inside the
                                                                               vehicle. At the time of the claim,
                                                                               Shabazz and his girlfriend, Faithe
                                                                               Jackson      were    insured    under
                                                                               automobile and renters' insurance
                                                                               policies. Allstate paid $6,394.40 for
                                                                               the damages to the vehicle and
                                                                               $4,815 for the stolen items. An
                                                                               investigation revealed that Jackson
                                                               had been the one who vandalized the vehicle and that
   Insurance Fraud                                             Shabazz knew at the time the claim was made that
                                                               Jackson had caused the damage to the vehicle.
   Continued from page 26
                                                                  On December 17, 2010, Jamell Shabazz was
   Mallory was sentenced to six months incarceration,          sentenced to serve 3 to 23 months incarceration, 3 years
suspended for a 30 month term of community control,            consecutive probation and ordered to pay restitution of
and 25 hours of community service. She was also                $6,394.40 and all court costs. On December 7, 2010,
ordered to pay BWC $15,353.48 in restitution and               Faithe Jackson received ARD and was placed on 2
$2,000 in investigative costs.                                 years probation, ordered to perform 50 hours of
   On the other hand, Former U.S. postal employee              community service and to pay the costs of the ARD
Norman J. Motko, Jr., 61, of Cleveland, was sentenced          Program and all court costs.
to five months in prison and must pay $116,980.34 in              Juan Coreas pled guilty to one count of Insurance
restitution after pleading guilty to worker's compensation     Fraud (M1) in Dauphin County. Coreas, a New York
fraud, according to U.S. Attorney Steven M. Dettelbach.        resident, obtained a Pennsylvania driver's license,
    U.S. District Judge Lesley Wells also sentenced            registered his vehicle(s) in Pennsylvania and provided a
Motko to three years of supervised release following his       Pennsylvania address to obtain lower rates on his
prison term.                                                   automobile insurance. On December 20, 2010, Juan
                                                               Coreas was sentenced to serve 5 ½ (time-served) to 12
    Motko was a truck driver with the U.S. Postal Service      months incarceration and ordered to pay a fine of $500
and received worker's compensation payments between            and all court costs.
December, 2004 and February 2008. He misrepresented
his medical condition when he was, in fact, able to work.          Thomas Ambrosia pled guilty to two counts of
He represented that he was unable to walk from the             Criminal Attempt/Theft by Deception (M1) in Adams
parking lot to the post office, according to court             County. Ambrosia filed a claim with the Nationwide
documents. In fact, he operated snow removal and lawn          Insurance Company for injuries from a slip and fall in a
care businesses at the same time he was collecting             hotel parking lot on December 24, 2008, at 5:30 a.m.
worker's compensation, according to court documents.           and also filed a workers' compensation claim with the
                                                               Zurich Insurance Company for the same injuries from a
   "The U.S. Postal Service pays over $1 billion               slip and fall on the icy parking lot of his employer on the
annually in workers' compensation costs," said Eastern         same date at 6:45 a.m. Moreover, after filing a disability
Area Special Agent in Charge Elizabeth A. Farcht, U.S.         claim with the Assurity Life Insurance Company in April
Postal Service Office of Inspector General.       "The         2009, Ambrosia failed to report that he returned to work.
majority of postal employees who collect federal
workers' compensation benefits have legitimate claims                            Continued on page 30

               FYI EXPRESS                               Page 28                             February, 2011
 AssuranceAmerica Invites our Georgia Agents to Partner with Us in
 2011 by Making it Easier to Quality for our Top Commission Level!
Again, in 2011 your commission will be based on the amount and quality of business you write. Earn up
to 14% on new business in our top commission level! To establish your commission level for 2011, we
will evaluate your average monthly new business production during the last quarter of 2010 based on the
                           following personal automobile production criteria:

Commission Level                            Qualifying Criteria                        Commission

       1                                    20 + new applications monthly              14%/ 13%
                                            and a loss ratio of 65% or less            New/Renewal

       2                                    4 + new applications monthly               12.5%/ 12.5%
                                            and/or a loss ratio of 65% or less         New/Renewal

       3                                    Less than 4 applications monthly           12%/10%
                                            or a loss ratio greater than 65%

           We will continue to evaluate production throughout the year and adjust your commission level based on
                                                       above criteria.

           If you have any questions please contact your AssuranceAmerica Territory Manager:

                                                   Tim Quint

                                            Metro & North Georgia



                                               Michelle Mercer

                                                 South Georgia


         More “News, Satire & Opinions for Independent Agents from Independent Agents” at

Insurance Fraud                                                      The charges initially were felonies. However, they
                                                                  were amended to gross misdemeanors in the plea
   Continued from page 28                                         agreement, according to court records.
    On December 20, 2010, Thomas Ambrosia was                         In 2007, the Minnesota Department of Commerce
sentenced to serve 2 ½ years probation on each count              Insurance Fraud Division began investigating an
to run consecutively, and was ordered to serve 75 hours           allegation that Borrell used false information to give a
of community service and to pay a fine of $1,500,                 customer a better insurance rate, according to a criminal
restitution and all court costs.                                  complaint. The investigation found that Borrell
    From the Attorney General: Sentenced in PA                    misrepresented street addresses on at least 41
                                                                  insurance applications and gave the wrong Social
    Christian Vittone pled guilty to one count of Drug Act        Security numbers or used another person's Social
Violations (F) and Insurance Fraud (F3) in                        Security number on applications.
Westmoreland County. Beginning in 2005, Vittone, a
medical doctor, wrote scripts under the names of his                 He also gave the wrong age of home electrical
girlfriend and ex-wife, without their knowledge or                systems and misrepresented or changed the conditions
consent, and then obtained the pills which were paid for          of a dwelling, roof ratings, vehicle identification numbers
by Highmark and Caremark. Additionally, in 2006,                  and miles driven in order to give customers better
Vittone prescribed controlled substances, Oxycodone,              insurance rates, the complaint said.
Diazepam and Lorazepam, to a patient. Between 2006                   In total, Borrell committed fraud on a total of 58
and 2008, Vittone and the patient conspired to obtain             insurance policies, costing his employer, Farmers
more pills by passing scripts written in the names of the         Insurance, $15,764, according to the complaint.
patient's family members and employees. On December
20, 2010, Christian Vittone was sentenced to serve 5                  The February 1, 2011 issue of Zalma's Insurance
years intensive supervision with 18 months house arrest,          Fraud Letter is now available with insurance news, news
5 years consecutive probation and ordered to perform              of convictions for insurance fraud and another
1000 hours of community service, pay restitution and              installment of the Novel, "Arson for Profit."
costs.                                                               The pdf version is available at
   Shanice Eilam pled guilty to one count of Criminal             by clicking on the link for Zalma's Insurance Fraud Letter
Attempt/Theft by Deception (M1) in Fayette County.                near the bottom of the page.
Following a deer strike accident, Eilam obtained
coverage from the Infinity Insurance Company and filed
a claim wherein she falsely reported that the accident
occurred after the coverage was in place. On December             INSURANCE OFFICE / BLDG FOR LEASE
20, 2010, Eilam was sentenced to serve 1 year                     Insurance agency occupancy for over 10 years
probation and ordered to pay a $300 fine and all court
costs.                                                            Agency has been sold and moved to another
   Rose Milkovich pled guilty to one count of Drug Act
Offense (F) in Allegheny County. Milkovich forged nine            2 private offices, furnished reception area, file and
prescriptions for Vicodin, each with refills, filled them and     work room, break room for staff
had the cost billed to her former employer's personal             Former Independent Agency had Travelers, Amtrust,
Highmark health insurance plan. On December 20,                   Infinity, Encompass, Farmers, Progressive, GMAC,
2010, Milkovich was sentenced to serve 1 year probation           Omni, Zurich, etc.
and ordered to pay restitution and all court costs.
                                                                  Major artery in Alpharetta with access from Hwy 9
   20 Days in Jail for False Insurance applications
                                                                  Address: 372 South Main Street, Alpharetta, 30009
   Charles Bernard Borrell, 31, of Shakopee, Minnesota,
a former insurance agent will serve 20 days in jail for           Monthly rent $1,500 per month
providing false information about contracts and                   Owner pays for lawn and shrub maintenance
applications, costing Farmers Insurance more than
$15,000.                                                          Contact owner: Ken or Carol Vordermeier

   Borrell, pleaded guilty this in January at Dakota                              Office: 770 448 9331
County District Court to two counts of insurance fraud. In                        Cell:   404 394 7722
addition to jail time, District Judge Joseph Carter
sentenced Borrell on Wednesday to two years'                                      e-mail:
probation. Borrell is to begin serving his jail sentence
Feb. 8.

                FYI EXPRESS                                 Page 30                             February, 2011
          Siuprem Donates $42,000+ to American Cancer Society
                  For The Fight Against Breast Cancer

ATLANTA (January 20, 2011) – Siuprem Inc, a full-service independently owned
premium finance company, today presented the Atlanta-based American Cancer Society
with a check for more than 42,000 for its breast cancer research and programs. The
donation of $42,080 came at a presentation ceremony at the company’s Alpharetta offices
as part of its Siuprem Cares program.

The donation was based on a contribution of $5 for every commercial premium finance
agreement funded by Siuprem from March 1, 2010 through December 31, 2010.
John LaMay, president of Siuprem, said the company chose to support the Society’s fight
against breast cancer because the disease affects so many women and their families. He
said the company made the decision to contribute to the Society because of its
“commitment to eliminate breast cancer as a major health problem throughout the United

“Our Siuprem Cares campaign has been successful due to the support of our customers
and partners, said LaMay. “On behalf of them, we are very proud to contribute to the
American Cancer Society in an effort to help find a cure for breast cancer. We look
forward to continuing our campaign in 2011.”

Randal Redner, the American Cancer Society’s Vice President for Georgia, said, “We are
deeply grateful to Siuprem for its generosity. Breast cancer is a devastating disease that
strikes more than 200,000 women in the United States every year, including 6,130
women in Georgia. While we are making progress against breast cancer with improved
detection and treatment, there is much more work to be done to create a world with less
breast cancer and more birthdays for more women. The donation from Siuprem will help
us make progress toward a cure.”

LaMay pledged that in 2011, Siuprem and its independent insurance agent partners will
continue their commitment to breast cancer awareness and research by expanding the
timeline of the campaign. With the goal of maximizing future donations to the cause,
Siuprem Cares’ commitment of donating $5 of the proceeds of every commercial contract
funded will be effective with contracts dated January 1 through December 31, 2011.

About the American Cancer Society
The American Cancer Society combines an unyielding passion with nearly a century of
experience to save lives and end suffering from cancer. As a global grassroots force of
more than three million volunteers, we fight for every birthday threatened by every
cancer in every community. We save lives by helping people stay well by preventing
cancer or detecting it early; helping people get well by being there for them during and
after a cancer diagnosis; by finding cures through investment in groundbreaking
discovery; and by fighting back by rallying lawmakers to pass laws to defeat cancer and
by rallying communities worldwide to join the fight. As the nation’s largest
nongovernmental investor in cancer research, contributing more than $3.4 billion, we turn
what we know about cancer into what we do. As a result, more than 11 million people in
America who have had cancer and countless more who have avoided it will be
celebrating birthdays this year. To learn more about us or to get help, call us any time,
day or night, at 1-800-227-2345 or visit

About Siuprem, Inc
Siuprem, Inc. is a full service independently-owned premium finance company serving
insured’s and independent agents since 1969. With over 40 years of experience in
financing commercial and personal lines, Siuprem combines industry leading
technologies with personalized customer service, creating finance solutions for any
application. Siuprem Cares is helping to find a CURE…one contract at a time! Visit for further information.
   More “News, Satire & Opinions for Independent Agents from Independent Agents” at

                                                                      Implementing an Effective Information
                                                                       Security Program in your Agency
                                                                    ACT's recent webinar, "Implementing an Effective
                                                                Information Security Program in your Agency," is now
                                                                available for listening at Click on
                                                                the "Security & Privacy" quick link in the gray shaded
                                                                area on the left of the page to access more information,
 Get your Certificate of Completion & Study Online              download a PDF of the PowerPoint slides, and follow
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    Having to drive to a classroom to complete your 40              Liability for Leaving Your Keys in the Car
hour pre-licensing certificate for Property & Casualty or
                                                                    The Tennessee Court of Appeals has ruled that the
Life & Health is now a thing of the past.
                                                                operator of a motor vehicle who leaves the keys in the
   GA DOI has         approved    "Virtual   Pre-Licensing      car may be held liable for the subsequent use of the
Classrooms".                                                    auto:
   Never leave the office and learn at your own pace!
    The "Virtual School Bus" Online Classroom combines
                                                                   In this case, the operator left the keys in the vehicle
rich multimedia instruction, interactive exercises, always-
                                                                which was stolen and, following a high speed chase,
on reference tools, and powerful self-assessment
                                                                resulted in injuries to a third party.
features, with concise and easy-to-understand text-
based material.                                                     Opportunity Knocking
   The "Virtual School Bus" presentation engine is built            Eddie,
around the idea that your best learning occurs at the
pace that's right for you.                                          We’ve added a motor club product to our line that you
                                                                may have an interest in. The program is underwritten by
   The "Virtual School Bus" employs the latest web              Road America and benefits are provided on a “dispatch
technologies to provide a dynamic learning environment          – reimbursement” basis. The two main advantages to
that is fast, flexible, and easy to use.                        this program over a traditional reimbursement program
20 hour Limited SubAgent Prelicensing only $129.95              are, (1) the service provider is dispatched to the disabled
                                                                vehicle, and (2) the service provider charges the
   Info at                               member a pre-negotiated discounted rate (typically 30 %
                                                                - 50% below rack retail rates). The member then
                                                                submits the receipt for prompt reimbursement. Road
   PAY IT FORWARD: I'm sure at least one person you             America’s network consists of more than 30,000 service
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                                                                    Until next time.
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                FYI EXPRESS                               Page 34                              February, 2011
access from anywhere      Your integrated rating,
                          agency management, and
                          online document storage
                          system is just a mouse-click
                          away. Wherever you have
                          internet access, you can:

                          ¡ personal auto quickly
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                          manage multiple lines of
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                          ¡ receipts, ACORD
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                          email documents to
ü Rating
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   How to get the most out                                     of your agency.

  of “local search” in 2011                                       Increase exposure: Add your agency to other free
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   By Matthew Marko                                  ,, and your local
                                                               Chamber of Commerce website.
    By now, you’ve probably heard how creating a
website or using social media can help increase visibility        Add content: Post additional content like photos and
and generate leads for your agency. But you may not            videos to your listing.
have heard about a faster, easier way to reach
                                                                  Learn from others: Study the listings of high-ranking
thousands of people in your local area who are shopping
                                                               agencies in your area and adopt their best practices.
for insurance right now - and it’s free.
                                                                  Monitor your listings: Assign one person in your
   It sounds too good to be true, but “local search” can
                                                               agency to monitor listings on a monthly basis.
give your agency excellent visibility at the same moment
consumers are looking for a local agent on the internet.          The local search environment is constantly changing.
                                                               By acting before your competition, you’ll get the greatest
   What is local search?
                                                               impact and value from your listing. You have nothing to
     Quite simply, local search is the name used to            lose - it’s easy. It’s fast. It’s free.
describe search engine results that show local business
                                                                   About the Author
listings when a consumer searches for products or
services in their area. For example, if a consumer enters          Matthew Marko is a Marketing Process Manager
“insurance + Savannah, GA” the results page will include       for Progressive Insurance. He works to provide local
a map and a list of the top ranking local agencies. By         marketing strategies and tools to help independent
claiming your agency’s free local listing, you’ll open the     agencies grow their business, and has developed
door for additional exposure and new business leads.           several online marketing webinars for Progressive
                                                               agents on
   How to get started
    The easiest way to claim your local listing is by
visiting, a free service that checks
your current listings and helps you claim them with major
search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing.                    When you start giving out, you’ll
   For each search engine, just register for a free                     soon begin taking in.
account, and then provide the following information               There's an old folk song about a thirsty traveler who
about your agency:                                             comes across a pump in the desert. An attached note
        Business address                                       explains that there's a jar of water buried nearby to
                                                               prime the pump. You've got to give before you get, the
        Local phone number                                     note says.
        Website (if applicable)                                   It is up to the traveler to decide whether to drink the
        Business hours                                         water from the jar or take a chance that the small
                                                               amount of water invested will result in an unlimited
        Insurance products                                     supply of cold, clear water.
        Special services                                          So it is with going the extra mile. You've got to give
   Making the most of local search                             before you get. You cannot expect to receive generous
                                                               rewards and then decide what to give in return. You
     After you claim your listing, adding more relevant        must give freely and have faith that the rewards will
information will likely help your agency move up on the        eventually come.
list of local results. Here are some ways to enhance your
local listing:                                                    As clergyman Frank Crain once said, "You may be
                                                               deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in
   Include     keywords: Update        your     business       torment if you do not trust enough."
description and categories to reflect your offerings (ex:
auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance). If            This positive message is brought to you by the
you represent carriers with recognizable brands, include       Napoleon Hill Foundation. We encourage you to forward
carrier-approved keywords such as “Authorized                  this to friends and family. They can sign up for this free
Progressive Agent.”                                            service at our web site:

               FYI EXPRESS                               Page 35                            February, 2011
 Is Your Agency
  Web Site a
                     I’m Gary Savelli of      like mine, that SELLS INSURANCE!
                     Web Sales, Inc.
                                              What makes a web site SELL insurance?
                      I’ve been an            That is what I have spent the last 15 years
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                      have been selling
                      insurance online from   If your current web site is a “dead horse”,
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speak at conventions nation wide, and I
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I got into the design busines after I wrote   a PLAN that WORKS. It does require a
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               FYI EXPRESS                            Page 36                                February, 2011
                                         GIAA Conference of Champions 2011
                                     October 20th – 22nd on St. Simons Island, GA

                                Where: Sea Palms Golf & Tennis Resort (
                                When: October 20 - 22, 2011
   GIAA Member:         1 day (up to 9 hours CE) = $35.00        2 ½ days (up to 15 hours CE) = $50.00
   Non-GIAA Member: 1 day (up to 6 hours CE) = $69.00            2 ½ days (up to 15 hours CE) = $99.00
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   Register Online at
                                           It’s a Beautiful Day at Sea Palms
                                           Come relax in the lush oasis that is Sea Palms Resort. Take a walk under
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                                        beach, play golf, tennis or just relax on your balcony overlooking the island’s
                                        natural beauty.
                                           Deluxe Guestrooms as low as $89.00! Golf only $59.00!
   GIAA has arranged a special room rate at Sea Palms Golf & Tennis Resort (
   Online Room Registration Information at

                           GIAA Conference of Champions 2011 Agenda
                                                                    Friday, October 21st
   Thursday, October 20th
                                                                    Agency Owner Training Seminars
   Internet Marketing Seminar
                                                                    8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.: 3 hours P&C CE
   1:00 p.m – 2:30 p.m. : (Part 1 of 3 hrs Ethics CE)
                                                                    11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.: Luncheon & Trade Fair
   2:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.         Free Trade Fair
                                                                    1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.: 3 hours Ethics CE
   4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.: (Part 2 of 3 hrs Ethics CE)
                                                                    4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.: Poolside Tiki Bar
                                                                    Enjoy St. Simons Island …    Dinner on your own
   5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.: Poolside Tiki Bar
   Enjoy St. Simons Island …     Dinner on your own
                                                                    Saturday, October 22nd
    Come Coast Awhile amid all the delights and                     CSR / Producer Training Seminars
discoveries of Brunswick & The Golden Isles of Georgia.
                                                                    8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.: 3 hours Ethics CE
                                                                    11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.: Luncheon
   GIAA Membership has its Advantages!
                                                                    1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.: 3 hours P&C CE
  Earn 3 hours Ethics CE from the comfort of your desk
                                                                    4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.: Poolside Tiki Bar
… for free. Details are being e-mailed to current
members                                                             Enjoy St. Simons Island …    Dinner on your own

   Much more information at

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